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Group Name: Blackmores Toddler Milk

*Registrations are now closed - watch for reviews*

Support your busy toddlers nutritional needs

Blackmores is Australia's leading natural health brand in vitamins and mineral supplements. More than 80 years of scientific research into health and nutrition goes into their range of vitamins and mineral supplements. They are now applying the same care to their Infant Formula range.

With your little one running wild on a daily basis, it's important to make sure your tot is getting all of their recommended daily intake of nutrients to keep their energy going.

Blackmores great tasting Toddler Milk drink is specifically formulated to support busy toddlers nutritional needs and is suitable from 12+ months. Full of great nutrients, Blackmores new Toddler Milk is a great supplement to your toddlers diet.

So why should you use it?

  • Contains iodine which contributes to cognitive function
  • With iron, zinc and vitamins C, A and D to support healthy immunity
  • Plus vitamin D & calcium for growing bones

Serving Suggestion:

  1. Wash hands and all equipment before preparing Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink
  2. Measure the required amount of water and powder consulting the feeding guide on the product label
  3. Using ONLY the scoop provided, lightly fill one measurement of the powder and use levelling blade on tin. Pour powder into the water and stir or shake until the powder is dissolved.

Please note: Breast is best. Blackmores supports breastfeeding as the best nutrition for babies. If you are considering an alternative to breastfeeding, please consult your health care professional.

This product is only intended for children aged 12+ months and should not be given to children any younger.

For more information and to see a list of the products ingredients, please click here.

30 Mums Say members are being given the opportunity to trial the new Blackmores Toddler Milk.

Each selected reviewer will receive:

  • 1x Tin of Blackmores Toddler Milk 900g (26 serves)

If you are selected to trial, the product will be sent to the address on your profile. Please check your address now to ensure that it is up to date. Click here for full instructions on how to check your address.

Kidspot Terms and Conditions: You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected. Your name and postal address will be given to the supplier for the purpose of delivery of the product only.

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ZoeA - 4:39 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2016 reply | message
We have just finished our formula punnet - a nice looking can at that! It is loaded with information in regards to all the goodness on the can which helps when you are choosing from such a massive range nowadays - spoilt for choice so you want to know why some stand out from the others. My 15 month old devoured this and she is also on cows milk so I was glad she didn't turn her nose up at it. My older son thought the tin looked cool (4 years old) so I made a banana smoothie with it and that was devoured just as quick - he quite liked that he could have something of his sisters as so much of what she has is just for her. And to think of all the goodness it is packed with makes me pleased to load them up on it. I would buy this if it was on special or priced comparably with the other brands because we do use formula more for when we are leaving the house and don't want to take milk. I would rather give her a boost in her immune that a cheaper brand that doesn't promise as much. Apologies for the late review - I thought it had gone through when posting via my iPhone but obviously not so I thought it was good to give a review on completion of the product. Cheers Blackmores very much appreciated!
Neia - 10:25 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2016 reply | message
I made one bottle and he drank it like there was no tomorrow, and said that he loved it. So the only thing is that it's not within my budget, so if it's on special then yes I will buy it otherwise I will have to give up a few things in order to get it since it has more fat which is much filling then his normal formula. So thank you for picking me for this trial and sorry again for the late reply.
Neia - 9:43 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2016 reply | message
Hi, sorry for the really late reply. When I got the Blackmore's formula, I was reading the ingredients and saw that you can make smoothie with it so, seeing as my son loves to make smoothie's, I waited till I picked him up from daycare. When we got home, I told him that we're going to make smoothie's. We had banana with frozen strawberries and it taseted more filling then just a normal smoothie and he really liked it so we put the rest into a iceblock container to freeze. It's so much better using the formula then normal milk, my son was hesitant to use formula milk in a smoothie but he was OK with it when I showed him the picture
Emmies - 1:29 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2016 reply | message
I was very excited to be chosen for this trial. Sorry my review is a bit late but we received the formula just before we were due to go on an overseas holiday and I didn't want to start this before we left or take away with us as didn't want to upset my wee ones diet/routine so saved till we got home.
Miss 16 months had no problem drinking this. She is already on formula and didn't seem affected by the change in brand. One feed she was on old formula and the next she was on Blackmores. I didn't worry about trying to mix it. She drunk this 2-3 times daily and we also used it to make porridge. She drunk it all no problem. She was a bit constipated but I don't believe I could blame it on the formula. She started sleeping through the night again which she hasn't done in a few months which was great. Perhaps this was because the Blackmores Formula has more fat & protein and filled her up more? I loved the levelling blade on the tin. This is alot better than the tin of the other brand we use. It was really easy to get a level scoop. I like that it has more Energy, Protein & Fats than my usual brand, however my usual brand has higher %'s of all the Vitamins and Minerals. So not really sure what's better. Blackmores is a lot more expensive than our usual brand so I'm not quite sure if I could justify buying it - maybe if it was on special. Blackmores is a really trusted brand and I love the fact that the milk used to make it can be traced back to the exact farm it came from. This is amazing traceability.
I loved the smoothie recipe on the can too. I never would have thought of making that so will give that a try.
tessa771 - 12:37 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2016 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us for this trial. I wasn't sure how my son would like the change but he was ok! Wouldn't drink it from a sippy cup for the first couple of times but I put it in his weetbix and in his smoothie and he got used to the taste.
As he normally drinks cows milk I think it must have had a very different taste. I personally thought it tasted and smelt horrible but I'm an adult!
Loved the tin and the packaging and the easy use of it all. Also loved how on the side it suggested to try it in a smoothie as I probably wouldn't have put it in otherwise.
I don't know if I would buy it again but I would recommend it as it seemed to tick all the boxes. Thank you for the trial )
kelznz - 12:26 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2016 reply | message
We were looking forward to trying this formula for my 23 month old son as he is getting to a fussy stage with eating and often only wants milk!
The first time I gave him the Blackmores formula just made up as usual with water in his normal cup. My son has been drinking cow's milk for over a year now and it was obvious he wasn't fussed on the formula - he refused to drink it saying 'no milk no milk' !
The next time I used a scoop of the formula in his usual green smoothie instead of almond milk. This was much more successful and the smoothie was gobbled up as per usual.
I've tried to give him the formula on it's own again and still no success so for us the way forward will be using it in smoothies, mashed potato/veges, omelettes/fritattas and in any other way we can utilise the formula and get the most out of all the great vitamins and minerals it contains.
I think if we had gone straight on to this toddler formula from baby formula my son would have had no problem with the taste and consistency but after a gap year of only cow's milk I'd say the taste was far too different, especially for a fussy near 2 year old!
xjayloux - 1:23 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2016 reply | message
I was very excited to try this new formula for my 16 month old. Blackmores has been a company that I could honestly say I "trust" for quite some time now as I use their products myself and find that they are wonderful.. Being as my daughter was pretty much a formula baby from the start of her life I have always had concerns that she may be missing out on important vitamins and nutrients that other children get from their mums supply.. So was actively looking for a product that could offer us more than just a bottle for bed time!

My daughter has a very very healthy appetite and is not usually affected by formulas or foods.. However before I tried this toddler milk I had tried her on a popular formula and it was just awful.. It smelt disgustingly sweet and we had major issues with her naps and sleep times when trying that so its easy to say that formulas are definitely not created equal..

Onto the product review:

Appearance - I really like the tin and scoop. Between brands they are not all created equal. This one is great the lid seals well and is easy to get on and off.. And especially put back on one handed when holding a toddler haha. The scoop is wonderful and allows for a pretty easy mess free scooping experience.

Formula - I liked that this formula did not have a sweet smell or excessively milky smell. It was pleasant with a light "scent" which made me think that this was already better than other milks I had tried for my daughter. This formula shakes up really well, doesn't clump, doesn't excessively fizz up or swell. Has a very pleasant smell when mixed.

Taste - (Obviously this was left up to my daughter haha) she LOVES the taste. She took this bottle with ease and pleasure and is now often asking for a bottle / excited for her bottle now that she is on this formula. There has been no constipation, disruption to her behavior or routine whilst switching to this formula and I have found that she is starting to eat less at meal times (she had a HUGE appetite) as I think she is satisfied and getting what she needs from this great formula.

The only thing I had a bit of a concern with was price.. But that was before we were lucky enough to be selected to trial. It is substantially more expensive than what she was on before (at least $10 different) but I feel like it is worth it. I just allow for it in my budget now as I feel like its a product that is essential for my daughter!

Over all opinion..

We have actually switched to this formula for good now. I feel like she is definitely getting more of what she needs and is satisfied. She enjoys this formula and adjusted to it nicely. I would highly recommend this formula/brand to my mum friends. This is exactly the sort of product I was looking for, for my daughter and I am so grateful to have been able to give this a go and experience the benefits for my toddler.

Overall rating 10/10.

Apologies for the late review its been a chaotic few weeks in our house.

Bundlebucket - 7:32 AM on Sun-14-Aug-2016 reply | message
So we received our toddler milk in the mail. Please excuse
Us for a our late review. My daughter has been really ill the last few weeks and hasn't eaten or drank much. I though it wouldn't be a fair representation of this product to review it during this time.

Finally she's back to her normal appetite and thirst. So it couldn't have come at a better time when she's in need of nourishment and abundance of it!
Her first impressions were to be expected when you first try something for the first. You could see her trying to make up her mind and having to try it several times. So in the end I think she didn't mind it but didn't drink more than half her glass.

We did however go with the serving suggestion on the side of the toddler milk tin. We put several scoops in a smoothie (she has a smoothie everyday like me) so she never tasted the difference and I knew she was getting all the right essential nutrients. This seemed to be the winner!

Thank for giving us the chance to trial and review this product. I would definitely recommend this to my other mother friends

SugarBlossomDays - 11:52 AM on Fri-12-Aug-2016 reply | message
I was very excited to try this new toddler formula, Blackmores is a well-known and trust worthy brand, so I had confidence in its quality from the outset. Also being a company that is based in health and nutrition my expectations were for a formula mix that bought the best of this to a toddler milk to support a young child’s wellbeing and development. My 16 month old daughter has been suffering this winter with numerous colds, and other bugs, so I was particularly hopeful that a vitamin based milk would help support or even boost her immune system.

Our first impressions were that the tin had a very nice design, clear and clean information on it, and included a recipe which is a great idea of how to use formula outside of the standard preparation. In our tin the scoop was half way down the tin, so made it awkward to get out, and although others have commented that the scoop is a better design it is actually identical to the one in our current brand Nurture. I found that the formula, although mixed relatively well, seemed to mix a little slower than our current brand to mix from cold water, but did come up smooth and was fine in warm water.

The taste of the formula was a little different too, my daughter had to have a second go before she drank it. After tasting myself (yes I try what I give my kids!) I thought it was quite sweet, and a little vanilla flavoured, and not as ‘real milk’ flavoured as the one we use. So bearing this in mind I was actually pleased to see it contained less sugars than Nurture, so not sure why it tastes so sweet, must be a naturally occurring flavour due to ingredient mix.

And now for the nutritional breakdown and comparison (to our current Nurture formula): overall energy per 100ml is equivalent, protein content was higher so feel that is a good point, and fats were also higher, but this due to the inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids DHA, ALA, and ARA, which are essential for the growth and functional development of brain in infants, and in its maintenance as we grow. ALA and Linoleic Acid are the two essential fatty acids necessary for health that cannot be produced inside the body so must be acquired through diet.

The Blackmores formula also includes galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) which are prebiotics that stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, helping to support a healthy immune system, and can also help with the absorption of other nutrients. They are also helpful in aiding constipation which can be a good thing in infants!

Interestingly Lutein is also an included ingredient, this is a carotenoid antioxidant that is often known as the ‘eye vitamin’ as its known for protecting eye health, but is also beneficial to skin and heart health. The formula also includes other beneficial antioxidants.

When comparing the other listed vitamins and minerals the Blackmores blend generally had less per 100ml in all but a few (Vit B12, C and E were higher, calcium was equivalent), however when looking at % of RDI per serve they still all sit between 25-50% which means if you happen to give your child two bottles a day then they are receiving 50-100% of these through the formula, in addition to whatever other dietary intake they have. The only one I would like to have seen higher would be iodine, as it is harder to acquire through diet, but is important for growth and development, and why it is often added to pregnancy supplements.

Lastly I liked the fact that the milk can be directly traced back to the source farm, a sign of thorough systems and quality control.

Overall I liked this new toddler milk formula, the added nutritional aspects are well balanced and a great mix for developing bodies and brains. It contains a great cross-section of essential vitamins and minerals, as well as added benefits of anti-oxidants, GOS, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. You can tell this has been produced by a leader in natural health and nutrition, and can see that they have used their research to develop a great product. It is a premium product, which means it comes at a premium price. However if you have a fussy eater, or are concerned about your child’s nutritional diet, or their health and development then this formula could well be worth the investment.
nessieok - 9:31 PM on Thu-11-Aug-2016 reply | message
Thanks for being able to try this toddler milk. My one year old happily enjoyed her bottles of Blackmores Toddler Milk. My three year old was not so keen on a different milk from her usual cows milk. She would drink it in a smoothie though. Great to have the recipe on the back of the can, a great way to add extra nutrition. Thanks! :)
laynz - 6:05 PM on Thu-11-Aug-2016 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us for this trial. Miss 19 months is very fussy when it comes to milk drinks, but this was a hit! she lapped up formula and even asked for seconds on occasion. Normally she would either have food and refuse a drink or refuse food to have a drink, but since using Blackmores I haven't had this issue with her, she is willingly having both, which is rather a relief as she is underweight and seeing nutrition services at the hospital 2-3 monthly. I have trusted Blackmores for a long time so knowing the brand made me feel at ease with trying this new product. Highly recommend!
sailormoon - 3:41 PM on Thu-11-Aug-2016 reply | message
I was a little bit nervous trying the Blackmores formula on my 2 year old as I had tried a couple of times to move her onto other brands then the one she was used to and it was to no avail... just a flat YUK.
Imagine my relief when she took to this formula easily she didn't bat an eyelid. and when I asked her that night if she would like one of her new milk drinks I got a firm Yes mummy its yum.
I really like this milk it has all the right goodies, vitamins and nutrients which my fussy eater needs. I really liked the scoop it is the best on the market no spillage and easy to use. It also mixes really well there are no clumps and you can make it with warm or cold water and it still mixes really well.
I love the tin ..... not important I know but still I prefer it on the bench and I love that it is Blackmores I have been using their products for years and I trust them now I can also trust them with helping to nourish my precious 2 year old.
Thanks Blackmores and Kidspot this is our formula of choice now.
chloerarity - 10:33 AM on Thu-4-Aug-2016 reply | message
thanks again for choosing us so glad you did
chloerarity - 10:32 AM on Thu-4-Aug-2016 reply | message
we seemed to love this milk i have 3 children drinking it they are all 2 years old, 2 of them are my foster children and their sleeping did improving so i used the tin super fast and went to buy more they enjoyed it and i liked the scoop it was easy to use aswell
nani123 - 8:14 PM on Tue-2-Aug-2016 reply | message
My 1 year old didn't notice any change in formula (finished her bottle without hesitation) which was great. I gave some to my 4 year old as well and he loved it. The scoop of this formula is the best part, it is mess free and the best scoop design I've come across and we've tried a few different formulas. The 50ml water to scoop ratio is similar to most other formulas making it really easy. Only drawback woukd be the price as it is a bit more expensive than others I've used. I'll definitely look out for specials.
JeniP - 8:46 PM on Fri-29-Jul-2016 reply | message
Master 2 loves the taste. he is going through a not wanting to eat a lot stage so was great to have something that he would drink and that I knew was good for him and gave him the essential nutrients that he needed. Love having it in a tin also as is easy storage. Also instructions on making it up and how much were clear and easy to understand .
Alex25 - 7:09 PM on Fri-29-Jul-2016 reply | message
Miss 17 months LOVES this formula and as she is still being breastfed, I feel reassured that she is getting enough calories and nutritious ones at that. She looks forward to her bottle in the morning and she has been sleeping better at night - I think it is because of the extra calories she's getting during the day seeing as she's not a great eater! I used to buy an organic formula from a health shop and she loves this one more. It mixes well and is easy to prepare, being a simple 50ml per scoop - no great maths to work out how much to put in a small bottle or a bigger bottle (unlike the organic formula I usually purchase)! Anyway we love this product and will highly recommend to others! Thank you Healtheries and Kidspot for the opportunity to try this new product out. I hope others try it.
nholt2552 - 5:37 PM on Thu-28-Jul-2016 reply | message
My 13 month old little one actually likes this formula! We had tried her on all different kinds and this is the 1st 1 that she hasn't spat out straight away! She has a bottle about an hour before bed (other than this she is boobie fed)... I'm finding that she is not waking quite as much during the night! I will definitely be looking out for Blackmores when we run out of this tin! Thank you soo much Kidspot and Blackmores for letting us trial this toddler milk!
ValerieL - 11:02 PM on Wed-27-Jul-2016 reply | message
When the package came, my little girl excitedly claimed it, "My goodie is here!" She's not quite 3 years old yet, but is already a very enthusiastic reviewer. She watched carefully as I made cups of formula for her and my boys. First, she smelled it. "Mmm, it smells good!" she exclaimed. Next, she sipped it. It was clear that she liked the taste because she proceeded to down the entire cup of milk. She then asked for more. It does smell delicious.

Price-wise, it costs about $5-7 more than our usual formula, but we will look out for it when it goes on special. Thanks very much for this nutritious trial!
Stephjoy - 2:41 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2016 reply | message
We have been trialling this milk with our 18 month old for a week now. It is incredibly easy to make and I like how the dispensing spoon has holes in the handle to get rid of excess powder. Unlike other formula powders, this one dissolves without lumps and the residue left in the bottle at the end is just like normal milk rather than sticky and powdery. Our son took to it straight away and obviously likes the taste as he downs it faster than any other milk. We will definitely be recommending this formula for other toddlers.
HeyLittleSweetThing - 2:02 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2016 reply | message
Thanks Kidspot and Blackmore’s for choosing us to be apart of the trial! The kiddo was incredibly excited to get a “present” in the mail just for her and was walking around telling anyone that would listen about the new milk she gets to try. 

After a week and a bit of thorough testing, I am very pleased to say that the Blackmore's milk gets a double thumbs up from Miss I and according to her "it makes her tummy very funny and happy!". She is a creature of habit so usually when we change things (especially in her diet) we have to slowly introduce whatever it is we are changing but she took to it straight away, even asking me if it was “real milk” in her cup. I’ve found that in the past when we have switched formulas for whatever reason, it upsets her tummy for a few days, but this one didn’t which we were rather pleased about!

Compared to the other tin of toddler formula we use, the Blackmore’s packaging stands out. I’m loving how all of the nutritional information is laid out, is super easy to read and not all crammed on the back. It’s also great how there is a smoothie suggestion as well. We mixed in cacao powder (1-2 tsp for taste) with our banana smoothie and the choccy-nana milk was a huge hit. Our kiddo can be a bit of a fussy eater on the best of days and with her just starting preschool, it’s great to be able to supplement her nutritional needs with a brand that we trust. While it is missing a couple of nutritional components that our other formula has, it is lower in sugar so i’m happy with that trade off.

Aside from Miss I loving it and it being nutritious, my favourite thing about this formula is the powder dissolves incredibly easily (i’ve found that other ones clump as soon as you add them to the water). I’m not standing there with a fork for a minute or two mixing it all about to get rid of the lumps! It doesn't have that artificial powdered milk smell or taste, it doesn’t smell sickly sweet like the others, is delicious (even my hubby and I were taste testing) and best of all, the kiddo loves it!

Like everyone else, I hate having to fish for the wee scoop purely because 90% of the time, its right in the middle or at the bottom and I end up wasting formula in the process which is not something I want to be doing! What would be a real game changer is if the wee scoop could be attached either to the foil somehow or the inside of the lid.

In terms of pricing, it is a bit more expensive than the one we currently use but as we only go through one tin of formula a month, I’m happy to pay extra for quality of a brand that we already support and incredibly happy to recommend to others. A fresh tin of Blackmore’s toddler milk drink has already been added to next months shopping list! 

Double thumbs up from us all in this house!
shorrty4life - 10:44 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2016 reply | message
So it's been a week now and my son seems to be alot more full and has alot more energy during the day after having this formula in his first Milo of the day instead of normal blue top milk. I have found it has had a great effect on my son. And at nights he will have a Milo before bed with this formula in it also and it is making him sleep through the night also with being so much more full from it

. I will definitely be buying more as soon as I run out. This is amazing stuff. I even made banana chocolate berry smoothies with this formula as the milk in it and the kids loved it. Thanks again kidspot
Alezandra - 7:44 PM on Fri-22-Jul-2016 reply | message
In terms of the Blackmores' packaging, at first glance, it looks like a premium brand. It's interesting to see a drink recipe in the can for a smoothie. Although I'm not sure if other brands do it as well, as this is our first time to try a toddler milk.
Alezandra - 7:40 PM on Fri-22-Jul-2016 reply | message
It's now a week since we've tried the Blackmores Toddler Milk. My 15 month old's first reaction was something of a curiousity. We've been topping up with regular milk at night and he usually just drinks it straight. The first time for Blackmores, he took a few sips and he kept looking at his bottle as if there's something different. I looked at him closely for any allergic reactions (like red cheeks and what not) - there wasn't. We've been drinking it once every night an hour after dinner. I've also tried mixing it with regular milk a few times and it still worked for him. We've been mixing it in his bottle and not a sippy cup yet. Maybe our next try would be during the day in his sippy cup. We still breastfeed during the day and one before sleeping (more for comfort feeding) but it's good to know that there are no adverse reactions to his tummy. His bowel movement is still the same and no constipation (as the usual worry for formula use). This product sounds promising.
Vickybijal - 12:35 PM on Thu-21-Jul-2016 reply | message
Sorry blackmore... my 2.5 year old girl didnt like the taste of blackmore formula. I have tried her giving her few times but each time she taste the formula she just said "it's yucky"!! However, I tried mixing formula with cow milk and she likedid it! I think it's because she now knows the taste difference betwn formula and cow milk!!
Suzy89 - 4:15 PM on Wed-20-Jul-2016 reply | message
Very impressed with this, as is Mr20m. He hasn't noticed the change in formula. Love the large nutritional panel, also the scoop ration is easy to adjust if we need a smaller bottle
Kiwi79 - 12:36 PM on Wed-20-Jul-2016 reply | message
When introducing something new to a toddler it can be met with open arms, or point blank refused. Mr 20 months was suffering his first illness (turned out to be pneumonia) and wasn't eating or drinking. Our tin of Blackmores arrived and he opened it up with great anticipation. On glance of the nutritional value I was impressed. He seemed to enjoy the taste and had half his cup on the first try. We have had it for 5 days now, he is getting his appetite back and happily drunk the full cup and asked for more. Having used Blackmore's during pregnancy it is a brand I would recommend. I noted the cost at the supermarket and it seemed when it was on special it is something I would buy for him. The packaging was subtle yet stood out of the shelf. My only reservation was the size of the spoon (which i am sure when the tin is empty might be useful), I found the handle slightly too long and needed to be angled to fit in the tin.
Keryn247 - 7:04 PM on Tue-19-Jul-2016 reply | message
My son is 2 and a half and still loves having a "milky" when he is tired and grumpy, generally when I pick him up from daycare, 3.30itis. He usually has cows milk, so it was great to try something different with lots of nutrients. He loved it, it was a novelty for him to make it up and to shake it up. He didn't hesitate and drank it straight down, and has happily had it for the last 2-3 days. He has snapped out of his funky really quickly after drinking it which is great. Blackmores is a brand I trust so would happily give this to my family. Thanks or letting my wee man try it, I think its a winner!
Swainston - 10:51 AM on Tue-19-Jul-2016 reply | message
I'm pregnant right now and nausea yesterday was oooooongoing so it didn't take much more than the suggestion of a banana smoothie on the side of the Blackmoores tin to decide that we will ALL try the first taste of Blackmoore toddler milk drink in the form of a banana smoothie. Five scoops, 300mls water and 1.5 bananas, a quick whizz and boom - 3 cups of smoothie for afternoon tea. It was thick, creamy, sweet and... yum, basically. I still feel nauseas though, I've given up on trying to relieve it. The teenage niece liked it but she is lactose intolerant, and the powder is made from milk products with lactose - something to remember should you need to. Most importantly, and for whom the milk is actually for, my two year old son LOVED it. What kid doesn't love smoothies?! Mine definitely does and he lapped it up requesting the left overs from my nieces cup. Next he tried the milk on its own, and in his porridge. Did I try it too? Of course I did, maybe porridge would help the nausea, it didn't, nothing did. I made up some milk and added it to the porridge making process. It was creamy, sweet and... yum basically. The sweetness it brings to the party means less to no additional sugar when using it as a cow milk alternative. Porridge, weetbix, smoothies and milkshakes can be enhanced by the sweetness, vitamins and minerals in the formula. As a drink of milk on its own there was no stopping him here either, he is a milk fiend I must confess so I'm not surprised and I'm lucky in that he will switch between the sweeter milk drink and the more milk like milk of cows milk easily. So far as the taste he loves it. Easy.
It is on the pricier end of the toddler milk drink market so you'd have to decide on the worth of the vitamins and minerals in comparison to others. It's a handsome tin, not that aesthetics really matter but functionally I do like its foil seal instead of tin for my clumsy fingers and the tin lip to level off the scoop is handy. Its ratio is one scoop per 50 mls which is a good jump at this toddler stage with their bigger needs and appetites and their nauseas mums joining in on the smoothie action!
Tamsen94 - 2:05 PM on Mon-18-Jul-2016 reply | message
While i much prefered this over our normal formula for many reasons. Smell, taste, information given on tin, not so generic as the brand we do use.. but again my daughter wasnt a fan.. keep in mind this is probably more my daughter then the product because she did same as everytime we try new.. couple big gulps, realises its different, starts to gag on every sip she has. Will keep trying because i believe this is better then our cheap heinz that we only use coz i was clueless on how to choose and now i cant gt her off it!!
Tinakiri84 - 5:31 PM on Sat-16-Jul-2016 reply | message
I have also noticed that the powder is silkier and not as grainy as some, it does mix in alot more easily, no lumpy bits. The price compared to others I am unsure of, but if it was within a couple of dollars of what I usually spend, I can happily say I would change- as we buy weekly, though if it was more than $3-$5 extra, I probably would not change.
bumblebee1988 - 11:29 AM on Sat-16-Jul-2016 reply | message
Soo this week I received my tin of Blackmores Toddler Milk Drink
Upon opening the post bag with the tin inside I was pleasantly surprised at the information that is on the tin. There is a long clear list of nutritional information that is easy to ready and set out nicely (makes a difference when I never carry my glasses on me and I could read the tin straight off) the ingredient list is easy to read and there are clear concise instructions on how to prepare (which helps coz every brand is different and it gets confusing). What I found to be a pleasant surprise is that under the general information about the product and its advantages there is a recipe for a smoothie. Now I had never thought to use toddler milk in the making of the smoothies etc., so this I found as a nice surprise.
Upon opening the tin my biggest peeve with all formula and toddler milk containers is the unfortunate need to dig for the scoop, ( in my opinion there needs to be some way of fasting it to the top so that you can retrieve it without getting fingers involved or a spoon) however I don’t know about others but this is just one of my personal grievances with formula tins. I was surprised about the smell of it. I have found in the past some milks have a weird smell about them that is off-putting however I found this one to be ok. (I know the smell has nothing to do with it but for me it makes a difference)
The instructions on the pack are simple to follow which made making it up a breeze. My girl is 18 months old and currently on normal cow’s milk. Her initial reaction was that it was something different however this was shortly lived as a smile on her face replace it. she loves the taste and seems to enjoy it. (as much as a 18 month old can tell you how much they like things)
In comparison to other brands I’ve used there was the same initial game of hide and seek trying to find the scoop but that is normal with any milk from a tin. Compared to other brands I found if didn’t clump up and dissolved easy and didn’t have the usual powdered milk smell which was nice. My daughter reacted well to it and it didn’t upset her stomach or make she phlegm or wheezy like other have ( dairy products tend to make her wheezy and phlegmy) and her stomach tolerated it well, there was no constipation or other similar side effects that can sometimes happen.
In short yes I would change from my normal product. The long answer to this is in reviewing the cost of Blackmores in the supermarket, the price of the Blackmores toddler milk is higher than some others. Although still good quantity for the quality of this product and a decent price, it still makes this a product that I could not afford to purchase on a regular basis. But as I only buy toddler milk once a month and normal milk is used in-between it makes the cost more affordable.
Yes I would defiantly recommend this product to others, not only family and friend but I would stand behind in and recommend it to anyone else that was asking. What aids this recommendation is that Blackmores is a known and trusted brand and I use other products of there’s as well.
Hope this helps anyone else in there decision on whether this product is for them or not. 
Tinakiri84 - 8:00 AM on Sat-16-Jul-2016 reply | message
So on trying this, my son didn't seem to notice any change in the taste which is good. I was thinking he might. Drank as usual- the whole lot. :-) The guide on the back told me that the nutrient component of this is quite different to my usual brand- there were a few things that the Blackmores has less of , but it has more vitamin c, and some of the b vitamins. And less sodium than my current brand.
Tinakiri84 - 2:33 PM on Fri-15-Jul-2016 reply | message
Received the Blackmores Toddler milk drink just now- the packaging is very smart and easy on the eye- it will be easily distinguishable from the current brands. It has the same preparation as my current formula, which is good, I don't need to change the way I make my son's bottle.
chloerarity - 3:58 PM on Tue-12-Jul-2016 reply | message
awesome so excited to finally review a product!
Alezandra - 11:31 PM on Wed-6-Jul-2016 reply | message
Would love to try out this toddler milk for my active 15-month old boy. He's still breastfeeding but we top up with regular milk at night. I would love to see how the nutritional add-ons that Blackmores listed will help with his health and appetite for food. Hope we'd get to trial this.
smar - 9:09 PM on Wed-6-Jul-2016 reply | message
Miss 2 would love to try this. A comforting drink of milk in the evening is the perfect way to fill the tummy and relax them for bed. Would love to see if this aids in slept and for winter health.
rmaree - 7:37 PM on Tue-5-Jul-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this formula for my 1 year old. Thank you.
Palindrome - 4:37 PM on Sun-3-Jul-2016 reply | message
Hi, I would love to try this for our wee 16m boy! He's (usually) a very active toddler, weaned from breastfeeding, and really loves his bottle. Bub hasn’t been too well lately though – a spot of flu and not long after that several days of high temperature and now a persistent cough, which has made him lose his appetite and his joie de vie. I didn’t know that Blackmores made toddler’s milk and I am VERY keen to trial this with Bub. Blackmores has always been a trusted brand in our household and I hope starting Bub on Blackmore’s formula will help build up his immunity. Always keen to try a new product to see if it keeps Bub happy and healthy!
nessieok - 9:16 PM on Sat-2-Jul-2016 reply | message
I have a one year old already on formula but my three year old has recently turned extra fussy so I am thinking it might be worthwhile trialling a formula for her to help get extra nutrients that her diet could be lacking. Thanks!
HeyLittleSweetThing - 11:30 AM on Fri-1-Jul-2016 reply | message
We would LOVE to be apart of the trial for the Blackmores Milk! Our three year old is a milk MONSTER and with her being sick and off her food for the last few weeks thanks to a double ear infection, she could do with a wee boost in vitamins and minerals. We are regular uses of Blackmores products so rather excited to see they have come out with this!
Bundlebucket - 1:54 PM on Wed-29-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to review this product. My girl is almost two next week. She's can be afussy eater and gets sniffly often so I worry she isn't getting enough nutrients. This would be awesome to try her on this before I commit to buying it as they can be pricey.
Swainston - 12:10 PM on Wed-29-Jun-2016 reply | message
Would love to trial this Blackmores milk! The king's just turned two and can't get enough of everything! We're avoiding cows milk at the mo so this could be a great supplement to his diet and get to have his milk at nursery school with the rest of the kids. Happy King happy mother of King 😆
TANYAMACKISACK - 9:06 AM on Wed-29-Jun-2016 reply | message
Love to be part of the trial... my daughter still loves her milk!! She is currently just 3 years old. I believe toddlers lead such a busy life that they need extra vitamins and minerals. Love to try this product.
serina21 - 9:27 PM on Tue-28-Jun-2016 reply | message
My toddler 13 months could benefit from the extra vitamins and minerals, plus the can looks pretty smart!
Tamsen94 - 2:23 PM on Sat-25-Jun-2016 reply | message
Please i would love to try this for my 15month old. We have been trying to switch 2 stage 3 but havnt found a brand her tummy likes. Not even the stage 3 or the formula she is on. So we would really really love 2 try plz
kat555 - 9:57 PM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this Blackmores toddler milk. It's great to see Blackmores making a toddler milk because I would guess that they would have an excellent knowledge of good nutrition and the vitamins and minerals that toddlers need. It's great to see zinc included in the vitamins as I recently read about how effective it is for colds. My kids have been pretty snotty so far this winter so I'd love to give them this to see if it helped improve their wellness. It's also pretty difficult to get vitamins or minerals into my littlest guy so this is a definite plus. I'm sure my older two would love to help trial this too.
JeniP - 7:09 PM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
he is weaning himself and I feel would really benefit for this as an extra goodness. it sounds great and would be great energy booster for his preschool days I would love to trial this
campleader - 5:05 PM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love the opportunity to trail this new toddler milk.She is on 2 milk drinks a day .Blackmores is a known trusted brand so know for sure they have done their research on providing a great product with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Would be interesting to see if her night feed keeps her satisfied and sleeps better through the night.I love Blackmores products hope I can give this one a try.
annan7 - 1:32 PM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
My son loves his milk and we are always looking for different ways to increase his required vitamins
bevik1971 - 11:12 AM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
My 3 year old loves toddler milk - we give her Organic cows milk or water only to drink but she prefers the toddler milk - we are currently trying a few different brands to see which is the best. As we know littlies can be very fussy so buying a tin can sometimes be a waste of money as they won't always like it. Would love to trial this product, have heard about this brand and would love to give it a go :)
mariya1985 - 10:50 AM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial this for my 22 months old. My daughter loves drink milk in the morning and in afternoon. I like Blackmore`s products - I was taking pregnancy supplements from Blackmore. Thank you for this opportunity.
tessa771 - 10:06 AM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial this for my 22 month old. He loves nothing more than a bottle of warm milk before bed. I would love to give this brand a try and see how much he enjoys it. Thank you for the opportunity :)
Mellisa - 7:03 AM on Fri-24-Jun-2016 reply | message
My 20 mth old son currently has cows milk. Have been thinking about changing to a toddler milk for added vitamins and minerals due to him becoming fussy with his food. Would love to try this out.
nholt2552 - 11:25 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My daughter is turning 1 next week and I have been looking for a suitable formula for her... she is a very fussy eater so I am looking for something that is going to give her the nutrients she needs and fill her up!
bigam4 - 10:41 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Hi there, my baby just turned 1 years old a couple of weeks ago and we are in the process of weaning and transitioning to toddler formula and trialling different products- would love to give this one a go.
mum2khm - 10:41 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I have a 2 year old going on 3 and he loves his milk but he is not a very good eater so he has been lacking in alot of nutrients and need to add something to get him healthier. I would really like to trial this. I am a fan of Blackmore's pregnancy and breastfeeding supplements so keen to see how this product stack up against other formulas.
Neia - 10:34 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Hi I would love to trail this for my little one, as I'm always wondering weather he is getting enough nutrients from the formula as I've tried other formulas and is not liking it at all, so I'm hoping this will be the one he'll like.
Vickybijal - 10:30 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Blackmore is a trusted Brand I know. I would really like to try the formula baby. Who loves drinking 3 times a day..she loves to try new food so m.pretty sure she ll like this one too and will.give an honest opinion! Can't wait to try this one out.
sarinak - 9:57 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
As a mum I am always searching for newer and better products for my children. I would be honnored to trail this product and give my honest feedback as a mother and consumer. I look forward to it :)
Dul - 9:42 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to try the Blackmores toddler milk because my 2 year old son is very active and always on the go. So sometimes I'm bit worried that if he is getting enough nutrients. I think he will benefit from this formula a lot since it contain more nutrition . I have used Blckemore product before so I know I can trust their products. It would if we get chance to try Blackmores toddler formula because I know that my little one will benefits from it more and also it will keep him healthy .
ValerieL - 9:12 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I have a 2-year old daughter who loves drinking a cup of good, warm formula milk each and every morning, and in the evening too, after dinner. She loves climbing on all the furniture, jumping, swinging around, and playing with the moon hopper, and talks a lot. A bit unstoppable, really. I'm sure she would love to try Blackmores formula, and she will give a very honest opinion.
shorrty4life - 8:55 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Would love to try this as we are just giving my son normal blue top milk at the moment. But my son is very fussy so I'm worried he's not getting all the nutrients he needs. And when it comes to night he won't even touch his meal at night and goes to bed on an empty stomach with just a bottle of blue top milk before bed. Would be good to see if this helps as he also gets up during the night because he's hungry and wants more milk in a bottle so something like this may be the thing that will give my son more nutrition and make him more full. And maybe I may even get a night of no interrupted sleep. This would be great to trail. Thanks kidspot

ZoeA - 8:52 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My recently turned 1 year old girl would benefit from this Blackmores toddler milk because she is at her extremely active stage and just learning to stand by herself. Walking is just around the corner and to know she is getting the nutritional balance she needs makes me much more at ease...especially when it is hard to get her sit still and eat food!
chloerarity - 8:35 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
yes please i would love to trial this i have 2 foster girls aged nearly 2 and nearly 3 also have my own son aged 2 also this would be a great option for the growing children i have here they love milk
xjayloux - 8:16 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I saw this on the tv ad and thought it sounded wonderful. I would love to try this for my 15 month old. I'm always concerned that she may not be getting all that she needs but this product sounds fantastic and I think would give me peace of mind. I like Blackmores products for myself so I imagine this product is great. My daughter still wants a bottle 2-3 times a day and I am always open to trying a new product that will benefit my little one! Would love to be on this trial!
sailormoon - 7:49 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Hi I have a 2 year old who is a fussy eater I need to have a formula so that I know she is getting all the goodies that she needs. I love Blackmores products so am so happy that they are now doing a formula.
lmonty - 7:17 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to review this product. My 2 year old has been on regular cows milk for several months now as the toddler milk we had previously switched to gave her a tummy upset after a few weeks. Would love to give Blackmores a try and see if it works for us to get all those extra vitamins in to my busy toddler!
timmytime - 7:14 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Would absolutely love to give this Blackmores toddler milk a try. My daughter still loves her bottle and drink of milk in the morning and I'd love to move her to a toddler milk that has nutrients added like Blackmores. She is a fussy eater so I try to get extra nutrients in as well and this would be the perfect way if she does take to it!
GemsMum2013 - 7:01 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
We would love to try this product. My 3 year old is a fussy eater so he has a bottle of toddler formula before bed. It's important that we try and make sure he has an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. This formula sounds as if it would be a perfect dietary supplement.
Alex25 - 6:57 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My 17 month old daughter is still breastfed and doesn't like milk so I thought this might be a nice top up option to fill her up during the day with her food as she is still up in the night and I think it may help her to sleep through the night with the extra calories she'd be getting in this product :)
Nixie - 6:57 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My 22m old daughter is on formula twice daily for the added benefits (on her doctor's advice) as she gets sick so easily. We'd love to trial as money's tight and it's good to have several trusted brands to choose from when shopping :)
rainbow - 6:41 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
We would love to trial Blackmores toddler milk my 14 month old was prem and has just started daycare in the last few months so I am giving her a toddler milk to give her extra nutrients. Would love to try this one to see how she likes it.
Angel1orr - 6:31 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Would love to trials this toddler milk for my 18 month old. He is such a fussy eater i need all the extra nutrients i can packed into his meals and milk! I have always used your womens multi so this is already a brand i trust.
LivyDoll - 6:26 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to review this product, my girl that's 20mths old can be picky and when i saw that Blackmores have brought a milk out i have been very interested as they are a well known company for health, even more so because my girl has been really sick lately i want to know she is getting everything she needs as has been off her food a bit lately, would also like to try prevent future colds coughs and flu this winter
bumblebee1988 - 6:25 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I have an 18 month old who is currently on normal cows milk. would love to try a toddler milk would do better for her. she had 2 bottles a day currently. other toddler milks havnt agreed that's why she doesnt have them
gonzze - 6:11 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to see if my 2 yr old son would like this as he can be a fussy eater so he is not getting all the nutrition he needs so we would love to review this Toddler milk
Suzy89 - 6:07 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to be considered for this trial for my son. He has his bottle and story time with daddy before bedtime.
Keryn247 - 6:05 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My 2 year old loves milk, he will ask for a bottle at least 3-4 times a day, + he has a bottle before bed. I am trying to cut out too many bottles so that he gets all the nutrition he needs from food, as per plunkets suggestions. This could be a great substitute for cow's milk to give him some extra vitamins and minerals
Kiwi79 - 5:56 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
Would love to try this for my 19 month old who has recently discovered the love of formula. And is going through his fussy phase!
Emmies - 5:48 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I'd love to try this formula on my 14mth old. She loves snacks but is hard to get lunch into and is starting to wake in the night. I'm worried that she's not getting enough nutrients during the day which is why she's waking hungry. Blackmores is a reputable brand so would be great to give it a try and if she sleeps thru the night I'll switch to their formula
gianni11 - 5:41 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My toddler is still breastfeeding and she is 27mths i would like to try her on domething that will benefit her so i can concentrate on breastfeeding her 10 wk old brother
Roguetuz - 5:41 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I don't think I am making much breastmilk now that my daughter doesn't breastfeed as often, so would like to know that she is getting all the nutrients that her growing body needs by supplementing with formula
Tinakiri84 - 5:39 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My son who is two in december, still has 3 "bottles" a day. Hes a bonny boy would love to try him on this
laynz - 5:35 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My almost 18 month old daughter loves her food and drink but she is under nutritional services at the hospital due to her small size and as of yet they have not found a cause for this issue. They have given her Fortini to try and put on weight. Maybe a new formula will help with this issue.
Stephjoy - 5:33 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I'd love to try this with my 17 month old. He is slowly getting fussing and I'm concerned that he is not getting the nutrients he needs to fight off the winter bugs.
Haylenriver - 5:29 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
My 18 month old is full of energy but snacks and prefers a bottle instead of food. He plays as soon as he wakes up, all day at preschool up until bed time. Hopefully this would provide him with all he's missing out on.
SugarBlossomDays - 5:28 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this with my 15 month old daughter. It feels as though the poor thing has been going through bug after bug this winter, and knowing that Blackmores is a leader in the wellness and supplement industry it makes sense that this will be a good formula blend for building immunity. Funnily enough I just saw this advertised online earlier today and had thought it might be worth trying as I hadn't been aware of it before, so this seems like perfect timing for a trial!
nani123 - 5:23 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this for my 1 year old and not worry that she is getting everything she needs nutritionally.
kelznz - 5:22 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to give this a go with my 22 month old son - he is getting to be a very fussy eater so would be great to know he's getting nutrients from his milk at least!
melrothman - 5:19 PM on Thu-23-Jun-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this on my toddler. I'd like to know he is getting enough iron and extra nutrients that he may not be getting from his food.

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