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Group Name: Cold Power Sensitive
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Sensitive skin? Cold Power has you covered!

Every mum knows the peril of having to wash dirt stains out of sports uniforms, spit up out of bubs clothes and the mountains of washing that seems to appear from no where. Add a family with sensitive skin in the mix and it can sometimes feel like you are fighting a losing battle.

Cold Power have been helping mums tackle their laundry one wash at a time for years. To help continue their support of your family, Cold Power have launched a NEW Sensitive liquid and powder laundry detergent that delivers an outstanding clean, and is gentle on skin.

The formula now contains Almond Milk and has been dermatologically tested. It is gentle on the skin while delivering an outstanding wash performance in cold water. The best part? You can now cater to those with sensitive skin without compromising on the great washing performance of the Cold Power Regular range.

Cold Power Sensitive contains a light fragrance (almond milk) and is therefore not designed for people with severe skin problems or people seeking products not containing fragrance.

Available for top loader machines, you can find the NEW Cold Power Sensitive range at Countdown, New World and Pak N Save.
  • 1 Litre - RRP $7.50
  • 500g - RRP $2.50
  • 1kg - RRP $4.50

For more information, visit the Cold Power Sensitive website.

We are giving 30 Mums Say members the chance to trial NEW Cold Power Sensitive laundry detergent.
Be sure to check back shortly to see what our mums have to say...

Each selected reviewer will receive:

  • 1x 1 Litre bottle of Cold Power Sensitive Top Loader


If you are selected to trial, the product will be sent to the address on your profile. Please check your address now to ensure that it is up to date. Click here for full instructions on how to check your address.

Kidspot Terms and Conditions: You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected. Your name and postal address will be given to the supplier for the purpose of delivery of the product only.

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Samantha0304 - 11:28 AM on Wed-23-Aug-2017 reply | message
Thank you so much for this product to trial.
My kids not only suffer from extremely sensitive skin but asthma also and this product was great that smell was so nice to but not strong like alot washing powders which doesn't trigger there asthma.
My kids get sensitive skin especially from soap and this doesnt leave a soapy feeling on your clothesite there skin has even alot there since trying this and there not scratching as much will defiantly be buying this product from now on
Mahmatesrulez - 10:09 PM on Fri-23-Dec-2016 reply | message
I loved using this!! My daughter has rather sensitive skin and I need to be careful what I use in our washing of clothes, as she can get quite itchy! This did not irriate, so soft on the clothes and the smell was amazing! Thank you for letting us review!
Suzy89 - 5:15 PM on Thu-22-Dec-2016 reply | message
This product is amazing. It smells so fresh and clean, easy to use and measure, and it is true to its name of sensitive. Tha ks for the trial :)
AnnaES - 12:02 AM on Wed-23-Nov-2016 reply | message
I loved this product! The smell was gorgeous and my daughter noticed it straight away when she put on her clean clothes. Easy to use, smelt great and the added benefit of being gentle on the skin. It made doing washing a pleasure :)
nzchick - 2:58 PM on Mon-21-Nov-2016 reply | message
This is exactly what I've been looking for! Is it available in all supermarkets?
Pommiegotlost - 10:04 AM on Wed-16-Nov-2016 reply | message
I love the smell, I started with just washing the baby clothes with this but loved the smell and the way it cleaned so much that I threw all my clothes in the wash with babies stuff.
LindaPato - 10:23 AM on Wed-9-Nov-2016 reply | message
My hubby tried this product on a black wash and I noticed the clothes came out without any of those annoying white marks you get with some other brands of washing liquid. Yay, now I only need to buy one kind of washing liquid instead of filling up my cupboard with a special black wash liquid as well.
reema - 10:01 AM on Wed-9-Nov-2016 reply | message
Thanks for letting me trial the product. I love the smell of the almond milk on the clothes. And, the liquid wash did a great job with the washing in cold water. The bottle is designed easy to use as well.
The pricing for the product seems reasonable too, so will definitely look out for it when I'm shopping again.
JMRoberts - 11:33 PM on Tue-8-Nov-2016 reply | message
Thanks you for the opportunity to trial this product. I really love the gentle scent. Nice that even sensitive washing liquids can have nice scent, leaving laundry smelling nice! I like having liquid as not as messy as the powder, and pours well into the washing machine. Washing liquid seems as effective as similar products. Would recommend. Thank you.
Katy1 - 1:03 PM on Tue-8-Nov-2016 reply | message
Thankyou for the opportunity to try this.
While I was growing up, my mum always used Cold Power - and she still does.
However, it's not usually a brand I go for.
Firstly, I loved the smell - it filled my laundry room and left the clothes smelling really nice. I liked that it has an easy pour top which meant no spills - I've used other laundry liquids which don't have this and they are really difficult to pour.
It seemed to wash our clothes as well as other brands I've used but I didn't find it as good for dirty things like bibs and face cloths.

Overall I would definitely buy it again for use on lightly soiled laundry but I'd need something a bit stronger for the dirtier stuff.
corinne33 - 8:44 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2016 reply | message
Thanks for the chance to try this, it's the first time I have used a liquid clothes wash. I think I prefer the ease of a powder but I am happy to say this suited our family's sensitive skin! I like the measuring lid & the fact that there is not a strong smell to it. I think I will mostly stick to powder as I find the scoop a tad easier to use but I like the brand after using Surf religiously for the past couple of years so will definitely buy again (;
gillian246 - 9:53 PM on Sun-6-Nov-2016 reply | message
I really like that when you take the lid off this liquid there is very little smell. Having washed several loads of clothes in it there has been no reaction from the sensitive itcher to a change in laundry washing product. This is a big change from previous attempts at changing product. I like that it is a liquid as I have been using a powder that I dissolve before adding to the wash so this makes putting the washing on in the morning one step quicker. One step closer to getting out the door on time. Would buy when trial bottle is finished.
tayjasmine - 4:29 PM on Sat-5-Nov-2016 reply | message
Thank you very much for letting me try this product and writing a review about it. I've always used sensitive laundry powder with my daughters clothes (3 years old / 3 months old). I love the smell of the almond milk. Once the clothes are dry, the clothes smell nice and fresh. The smell rubs off on my girls too which is refreshing. My 3 month old developed a bit of a rash on her chest but I'm not 100% sure whether it's from this product - as it is only on her chest and no where else on her body. Other than that, the bottle design is good and easy to hold. I like how you know your clothes will be nice and fresh and you don't have to worry about washing it again (powder excess). Works well with cleaning stains off their clothes too. Definitely will buying this product for future use.
Silverbabe - 4:22 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2016 reply | message
I often try washing powders and other things which say they are for sensitive skin and then I come up in a rash. After about a week now of using Cold Power Sensitive with Almond Milk I'm happy to say that I and no one else in our family has come up in a rash.

I like the smell of Cold Power Sensitive its got just the right amount of fragrance. A nice smell is left on the clothes when they washed and dried. It is in an easy to use pour bottle. I normally use powder and I'm enjoying the change to a liquid. It is getting the dirt/stains off the clothes for the most part, even paint from kindy.
Mrskay - 2:54 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2016 reply | message
I was a wee bit skeptical of this product when I received it, the smell was quite strong -not a horrible smell - it was pleasant, but in the past nice smelling laundry liquid/powder normally equaled rashes etc for myself and kids. So I was surprised when after a week of using this neither myself or 2 girls developed any reaction - Which I am oh so happy about! The bottle is nicely designed, easy to handle and easy to measure out the right amount, it also seems to do a decent job of removing stains from my kids clothing (paint/mud/general mess). In the past I have mostly stuck to sensitive powders - which can be a bit hit and miss as to how good they clean your clothes - Having to do a double wash to get rid of excess powder - not the worlds funnest thing to do! .. Having used Cold Power Sensitive Liquid tho I am happy to report that I will be changing over - Nice smell, no residue on clothes and best of all no skin reactions! Would I recommend? Yes I would..
micht - 1:42 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2016 reply | message
Thank you So very much for the chance to try this on my little ones clothing as well as our own. Firstly, the bottle is very attractive and the Almond Milk Bit Caught my eye immediately, It has a pleasant mild smell that i would be happy for my clothes to smell of. I have alway seen it in store but was a bit apprehensive at trying something that used just cold water as to me, hot water cleans, not cold. but boy was i pleasantly surprised when i found that this washing liquid cleans better than my usual powders and did not require hot or warm water, clothing came out clean and smelling fresh, which is exatly what i needed. I will for sure be using this produce in the future again and will think twice about judging a name... Thank you for opening my eyes to a new product i can now add to my laundry cupboard. I have posted pics above :)
chefettenz - 12:55 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2016 reply | message
This product is amazing, I will be buying it more often my clothes smelt amazing and was very gentle on the skin as one family member has psoriasis, which is a great test of this product.
1st time using a liquid washing powder and loved how easy it was.
Highly recommend this product :)
sarahhndy - 7:44 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2016 reply | message
I love the smell, it's not to strong and doesn't smell like a cleaning product like some do. 2 out of my 3 kids have issues with washing liquid/powder and we have been using this for a week now and no itches or fair ups👌. I like the fact that I don't have a build up of washing powder in the washing machine or any powder marks on the cloths.
Such a nice product to use, I've done sooo much washing in the last week I'm just about due for a new bottle. Highly recommend this, great with the kids, love the smell and extra love the fact it's not over the top and hubby doesn't feel like he has sprayed himself with flowers 😂👌👍
Pearlywhite - 2:44 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2016 reply | message
We are super impressed with Cold Power Sensitive after using it for an entire week now. No skin irritations whatsoever and all our clothes are beautifully clean with a gentle fresh fragrance. I have already purchased my second bottle as it was on special at Countdown and will definitely continue using it. Highly recommend this product, best liquid we've used to date.
jenniferlorenb - 2:42 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2016 reply | message
Thank you very much for the opportunity to trial Cold Power Sensitive Liquid. It is literally very new to me in being liquid... I usually only buy powder.

I love the shape, the handle is comfortable and easy to hold and pour. I like how you just pour the amount you want straight into the cap and then in your wash and you screw the cap back on without a drop being wasted! I cannot stand wastage and there was not a single drop wasted any time that I did my laundry.

I love the smell, I could sniff my washing all day haha. Not overpowering, just right. Nice clean smell and the clothes all feel fresh and soft.
We had no allergic reactions and in general found the liquid a great product

I have used it at least several times now and will continue to use it and purchase more and most likely when it is on special. I have also tried the powder version and found it's also brilliant, it's just the price difference that would make me stick to powder on most occasions. In saying that, the liquid is most likely better for your machine and I do think it has a better smell overall.

We do a lot of washing every day and I definitely will be recommending Cold Power Sensitive Liquid to my friends and family, I know a lot of people will love it as much as we do. Does the job and more!
bevik1971 - 10:30 AM on Mon-31-Oct-2016 reply | message
Thanks for the chance to try the Cold Power Sensitive liquid! Firstly I really like the shape of this bottle and that it has a separate handle as I really don't like the bottles without the handle as they have a tendency to slip out of my hand.

The measuring cup is very handy with the 2 measurements as a guide for your washing. I love the smell! Although it is sensitive it still smells lovely! I don't really like some of the other washing liquids as they are just too "stinky" and make your clothes smell. The Almond milk is just lovely :)

I have been using the Cold Power Sensitive since receiving it and I really think it has cleaned my clothes better than my old powder - it seems to have a good stain removal quality also and having a nearly 4 year old at Kindy this is great!!

My daughter and I haven't had any adverse reaction to the liquid which is fantastic! I really like this liquid and I'm going to continue to buy it and keep using it - I think you have found a believer!!

All in all a great liquid thanks again Kidspot and Cold Power :)
BJW - 11:12 AM on Sun-30-Oct-2016 reply | message
Absolutely love the Cold Power Sensitive with Almond Milk which doesn't leave any residue on the clothes unlike the different powders I have been using for years'.

The 1 litre bottle is easy to hold, easy to pour and easy to measure. The liquid flowed off the cap easily.

I have used the Cold Power Sensitive every day now with hot and cold water, finding results are the same with stains, smells etc. Definitely love the fresh smell of the clothes with the liquid whereas with the powders, I had clothes which I put on in the morning still smelling like soap powder all day which was ghastly & so overpowering that I had to wear a strong perfume.

My children have always been fine with the different powders I've tried, but my husband has sensitive skin and he's certainly finding there are no problems with his skin using this sensitive liquid.

I'm going to give my washing powder away to my Mum and start on Cold Power Sensitive until a better product comes along. Recommendations to my friends and family will definitely be a heads up for Cold Power Sensitive liquid.
timmytime - 6:39 PM on Sat-29-Oct-2016 reply | message
Thank you for letting me try Cold Powder Sensitive! I have now done several full loads using it so here are my findings:

As a child I had severe eczema so have always used a sensitive wash for my families washing. I have never tried Cold Power Sensitive before this trial.

I am thoroughly impressed by Cold Power Sensitive - I love that it comes in a liquid and am pleasantly surprised at how little (1 capful) you need to use each time so the 1L bottle will last for lots and lots of washes (22 or so!). This is great value for money.

I love that there is a soft and gentle scent so clothes come out smelling fresh but nothing overpowering and am impressed that almond milk is used as this makes it such a lovely gentle formula for our children's young skin.

The bottle is great, the cap acts as a measuring cup so you don't have to guess and it's inbuilt spout means no mess in the laundry.

Another bonus from this coming in a liquid is that there is no powder residue! Always get it on black trousers and they came out clean and fresh like everything else!.

Some Sensitive washing powders/liquids I have tried before don't seem to clean as well as the regular formula. I haven't had this problem at all with Cold Power Sensitive and it managed to get out food stains with ease without having to soak them.

Best of all there is no itchy skin and this truly seems to be a lovely, gentle formula.

Can thoroughly recommend Cold Power Sensitive and will definitely be purchasing this again!

tallsonn - 3:59 PM on Sat-29-Oct-2016 reply | message
Thank you for my Cold Power Senstive! I have just finished with my usual Saturday clothes lines full of washing, this time using Cold Power Sensitive. I love the mild scent as most sensitive products have no scent and like some other mums I have missed that since I changed to sensitive wash powder. Product easy to dispense - no mess, unlike powder which I manage to get everywhere especially when I first open a new box! My dark load of washing came out clean with no residue. I had to give the washing 10 minutes in the dryer to finish off and I was pleased to notice that there was no static which is always a bonus in our house where the socks always end up stuck to everything else! The usual price for this product seems to be around the $7.50 mark so I would be keen to hear if anyone has seen it on special anywhere as I would be keen to purchase regularly if it was a bit cheaper. Thanks kidspot and Cold Power for the trial.
HomeOfChaos - 3:38 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2016 reply | message
I got to try out our new Cold Power Sensitive liquid as soon as it arrived thanks to someone wetting the bed. I'm a little embarrassed to say I've never used liquid detergent before, so I was really interested to see how it worked. The sheets felt super clean, without any powdery residue and no sign of wee-stain! I instantly noticed the lovely fresh smell, which made me skeptical at first as I thought it might be a bit harsh for her skin, but I've given it a few days and am happy to say that she's had no reaction! I actually kind of missed that lovely clean laundry smell with the detergent I've been using so I'm keen to start using Cold Power instead!
Jaybird - 12:53 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2016 reply | message
I really like this product, I have tried many different brands of detergent that claimed to be for sensitive skin, but didn't work. Cold power sensitive has been great so far. NO itchy skin or rashes. I also liked that the fragrance is suttle and refreshing and it cleaned the clothes very well.
I like that the brand and product design is simple, yet bold enough to stand out on the shelf at the supermarket.
I would definitely recommend to family and friends.
LisaMarie - 12:45 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2016 reply | message
I was really excited to try Cold Power sensitive. I was interested to see how this product would affect on my sons sensative skin. He gets rashes quite easily on his arms and face and some fragrances in products make him really itchy. I am careful about what brands I use due to this, so usually stick to the same old brands I've always used. I tried Cold Power sensitive to wash all our sheets and blankets and waited to see how my sons skin would react. I am happy to say that he had no irritations at all! I really like the smell that Cold Power sensitive has as well. Its not too strong and has a soft but fresh and clean smell. My clothes smelt really good for longer, and felt nice and soft too. I will definitely be buying Cold Power sensitive from now on! Thanks for the opportunity to try it, I was very impressed.
MummySpice - 10:48 AM on Wed-26-Oct-2016 reply | message
Super excited to receive our Cold Power sensitive bottle and put it straight to use! I absolutely loved the more subtle fragrance - while still pleasant smelling, it wasn't overpowering or harsh like a lot of other laundry detergents. I have washed and dried 3 loads of washing now and every item has been cleaned beautifully (actually better at removing stains than I thought it would be) and the clothes feel soft and fresh. Both my children have sensitive skin and there has been no complaints or any hint of skin irritation. This is a clear winner in our house and I will definitely continue to purchase!! Thanks so much for the opportunity - I'm not sure I would have tried it as I tend to automatically go for our standard brand and I would recommend Cold Power Sensitive highly to anyone and everyone and will definitely tell other mums how good it is.
leodenelle - 9:40 AM on Wed-26-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this! As I have moved to using reusable nappies, I have found that my daughters bottom has been far more rashy and have been looking into getting a more sensitive detergent for when I was them to see if that helps. Would be great to see if this worked or not :) thanks!!
MummySpice - 3:46 PM on Tue-18-Oct-2016 reply | message
Oh I saw this in the supermarket the other day and wasn't sure whether to try it or not. This would be a perfect opportunity! Our family all prefer to use products that are better for sensitive skin so would be great to try this. Thank you!
reema - 3:16 PM on Tue-18-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial this. We are currently using a regular washing powder and would be interested in swapping to this sensitive brand.
diamante2004 - 3:03 PM on Sat-15-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this when washing my grand-children's clothing as my Miss 2 grand-daughter has really sensitive skin and comes out in rashes if she gets near anything that makes her sking itch. and I have using Cold Power on my family for years and haven't had any trouble...
Babynanny - 2:05 PM on Fri-14-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this product on my grandson who has eczema and see how good it is
Cheekybabes - 11:33 AM on Fri-14-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this product to compare to the normal washing powder we use. Would be great to find a product that actually works as well as being gentler on my kids skin. Thanks!
Vin1Tique - 10:18 AM on Fri-14-Oct-2016 reply | message
We would love to try this! My two youngest have sensitive skin so this is perfect! I've tried using other sensitive brands before but they just weren't right for our family - Cold Power is a great brand so am really interested in trying out their Sensitive range. It looks budget friendly too so could be a keeper.
LindaPato - 10:14 AM on Fri-14-Oct-2016 reply | message
I'm interested in trying this new product especially on all the black clothes our teenager has.
jamesmaxmum - 6:50 PM on Thu-13-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to try and see the difference between our normal washing powder and this - would be awesome to use a more sensitive detergent that does the trick and removes dirt and grime - especially with two messy boys!
Whovian - 4:02 PM on Thu-13-Oct-2016 reply | message
My daughter and I are both suffering with eczema and itching. Would be great to have a sensitive washing liquid that didn't cost the earth.
Nipper - 1:56 PM on Thu-6-Oct-2016 reply | message
Both of my kids and husband suffer from eczema but I can't justify the price of some of the more sensitive washing powders.
sarinak - 12:07 PM on Thu-6-Oct-2016 reply | message
Wow id really like to trial this as my son Cael has super sensitive skin. Hes come out in rashes from washing powders and soaps before so id love to find something that doesnt aggravate his skin.
hoollypoolly - 10:22 AM on Thu-6-Oct-2016 reply | message
Anything that is gentle on bubs skin is great as it's so sensitive. We'd love to put it to the test
corinne33 - 9:23 AM on Thu-6-Oct-2016 reply | message
My kids & I both have sensitive skin, I use Persil or Surf Sensitive Powder but have always thought it would be good to try the liquid. I would really appreciate being chosen for this trial! (:
Annaz - 8:56 AM on Thu-6-Oct-2016 reply | message
This would be fantastic to be able to give a try. My two young girls both have sensitive skin, and one of them 4 yr old gets really dried out skin. I also suffer from eczema also. Thanks for considering us.
Coring - 11:41 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial these product because my daughter has sensitive skin and sine she was born she has experiences eczema. So, these products will do good her in terms of not inflaming her eczema as no nasty chemicals will remain on her clothes when I washed them. thanks.
annette - 9:05 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I am mum to 4 boys aged 9 and under. Our youngest two in particular suffer from Eczema, worsened by irritations from detergents and soap. We try to opt for plant and mineral based laundry detergents however these are much more expensive, an option in this price range would be fantastic.
piglet - 8:49 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
My daughter has sensitive skin and can not use any products with fragrances etc. I would love try Cold Power sensitive on her clothes. My current sensitive powder just doesn't cut it, still leaves marks. Thank you.
tayjasmine - 6:52 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this detergent as I currently use another brand for sensitive skin for my toddler and newborn. It would good to find another good brand so there are more options. Thanks
keades - 6:44 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love love love to trial this laundry detergent! My daughter has super sensitive skin, a lot of fragranced products set her off in a rash, and she gets eczema a lot as well due to her lactose intolerance. I am also quite sensitive to laundry products and some powders make me itchy like crazy. Would love to find a detergent that doesn't set my girl off scratching like a mad woman
peneh - 4:04 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I am always looking for products that are both good for my family and the environment. I also have a three month old and am extra cautious about what I wash her clothes in. I would love to try this product and review it. Thanks.
shorrty4life - 3:18 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
Me and my children have very soft skin prone to allergys. We are forever itching bit can't seem to find the right laundry powder or liquid to help with sensitive skin so for now we are forever moisturising twice daily to try and fight the dry sensitive skin. Would love to give this a go and see if it helps.
Thanks kidspot
nicoleskiv1 - 3:18 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have a top loader washing machine. I have two small children and a baby on the way so I always look for products for sensitive skin. Being pregnant too i have been extra cautious lately as what products I buy as my skin has got very itchey. I would love to be chosen to try this product.
JLFern - 2:29 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
We have a top loader washing machine. This product would be ideal for us since I always use cold water when doing the laundry. As I have a toddler who has sensitive skin (eczema), it's harder for me to find a product that is sensible to our needs especially if it is non irritant for my toddler's skin as well as it can be tough for any stains. I hope I get to try this product, that would be awesome knowing it has the benefits I need for my laundry needs. Thank you.
vgh372 - 12:46 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
Both my son and I have sensitive skin
Lulubelle - 11:06 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have sensitive skin and prefer to use unscented products for our laundry to minimise irritation. I also do all my washing in cold water so the Cold Power Sensitive sounds like the perfect product for me to try.
sjakl - 10:35 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial this. My daughter and husband suffer from eczema, an my son and I are generally sensitive. We struggle to find anything suitable but this sounds like it might just do the trick! Cheers
heyhay18 - 10:04 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
This would be great for our family of 6. We have 4 children 9 years and under and two of them get a bit of eczema so I have to be careful about the laundry powders etc... I use. My husband is very sensitive to certain washing powders as well. It would be awesome to trial this product and see if there's improovment in their skin irritations. Thanks : )
Cass71 - 9:09 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I'd love the opportunity to sample the Cold Power sensitive and then review it so other families can see the endorsement from a real person.
lilblondee6 - 8:37 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
This would be fantastic, as my 3 kids and I have very sensitive skin, we also have a wee bit of eczema. Some washing powders don't suit our skin types, they can irritate and make us all itch. We would ❤️ to trial this.
BJW - 8:29 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I'd love to try the Cold power sensitive for my family. I have been using washing powder which seems to have a fine powder over some of the clothes after washing as if it hasn't dissolved and I'd love to try a liquid instead of the powder.

The children seem to be fine with washing powder, but my husband's skin sometimes reacts to the new powders I use.
jenniferlorenb - 8:10 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
Yes please, I have sensitive skin, always have and my toddler has sensitive skin too, would love to try this. We normally only use eco or sensitive brands.
nessieok - 6:43 AM on Wed-5-Oct-2016 reply | message
I get the itchiest skin (drives my husband mad when I'm in bed!). I always use sensitive washing powder but would love to try this to see if a sensitive liquid is even more gentle. Thank you!
JMRoberts - 10:32 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to have the oportunity to trial this product. We tend to use pesil sensitive, though always open to trialling other products on the market.
canterburyange - 10:19 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My family would love to trial this. It sounds great! Currently we are using Cold Power Sensitive laundry powder. Would love to try the liquid to see how it compares. My son has always had skin problems to do with eczema he's had since he was three years old. I would love to see if this product could help him with his itchiness. Thank you.
amber - 9:54 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
We would love to trial the new formula cold power sensitive. I currently purchase Coldpower Sensitive powder, but this product sounds even better. Maybe with this even more sensitive laundry detergent there will be no itchy skin, not even one bit. That would be great!!
vsheary - 9:35 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
1/3 of my kids have sensitive skin- always spend a lot of time ready backs of packets to check what I can use on her clothes and skin - I have never tried the liquid.
Mahmatesrulez - 9:25 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to trial this as my daughter and I both have senstive skin and sometimes even have our skin that ends up itchy!!
aitutaki - 8:59 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I am the one in the family who suffers the most with skin issues. I was diagnosed with eczema as a young child and as there was not much in the way of products designed for skin sensitivity i definitely bore the brunt. It is horrid wanting to literally scratch your skin off. So far my children seem to have escaped skin problems but i am also very aware that it can show up any time. To be able to try out this product would be marvellous. Please, and thank you.
KellyCarr - 8:58 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message

Myself and my family would love to trail this product. Myself, husband and our 2 young children all have sensitive skin so would be nice to trial a product designed for sensitive skin to see if this helps with our itchy skin and eczema issues
Nita - 8:42 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
It took ages for me to work out why my daughter was always complaining of itchy skin. I tried eliminating foods thinking it was our diet, removed carpets thinking it might be dust or allergens. Finally a friend asked what i used to wash our clothes in.... then the lightbulb came on. Have tried another brand that was tooted as being good for sensitive skin but my poor girl still came out all itchy. Would really appreciate trying this to see if it makes any difference to her.
nicsters - 8:06 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My family would love to trial this. I use a powder and have never tried liquid before and would love to see the difference. A sensitive option would be fantastic too, I am guessing it wont be as fragrant as normal powders, my daughter and I are quite sensitive to some of the smells and it plays with our sinus.
Joys - 7:41 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
This would be great to have when I have grandchildren as they have allergy issues and their parents all use a detergent for sensitive skins.
JeniP - 7:19 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have a daughter and foster child who both suffer from skin problems and this would be amazing to trial and see if it helps. Please consider me to trial this
steff - 6:59 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to trial this. We all suffer from contact dermatitis with my eldest having the worst skin and my daughter not far behind. Both also have mild eczema and with summer coming up it tends to be worse. Thanks.
eeyore - 6:58 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this new product as I have really bad psoriasis and I get really itchy when I wash my clothes and am trying to find a product that can help me.
Charmedmum - 6:35 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this! I'm always on the look out for laundry detergent for sensitive skin as my oldest daughter suffers from eczema and has terrible reactions to ordinary washing powder. The sensitive products really do help but I do find the smell for most of the sensitive range is almost non-existent. I'd love to give this a go.
Silverbabe - 6:25 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have sensitive skin and get rashes and start itching from a lot of washing powders and other products. I can only use a few washing powders. Not sure if my kids have the same allergies as I stay away from the ones I can't use. Even some of the products that say the are for sensitive skin don't work with me.
AmandaB - 6:18 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Both my daughter and I suffer from dermatitis and using a sensitive washing powder is always a top priority. It would be great to try out the new cold power liquid, especially with it being so well priced!
Kiwi79 - 6:08 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this for my toddler son who has skin allergies and Eczema, and for myself who has sensitive skin. It sounds fantastic and the one we have been using doesn't seem to work anymore and his skin is flaring up
jnili - 5:52 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to try this for my young daughter is has sensitive skin :)
Dul - 5:34 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My 2 year old has eczema since he was born. It always been very important that I choose right type of products other wise it always makes his eczema worse. He love to play outside and his cloth is full of dirt stains and washing them is bit of a hard work. Love to trail the Cold power sensitive detergent Please.
tcmmum - 5:09 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
As a family of 5 with 3 children we average 2-3 loads of washing per day, all 3 children have eczema of varying levels, my husband has psorasis and other skin conditions and I have sensitive skin and am allergic to many body/skincare products, we currently use a sensitive washing powder but would love to try a washing liquid as have often wondered if this might be a more suitable option over powder for us. We would love to try this product out please!!! :)
bigam4 - 5:03 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Hi there, would love to give this a try as my son often gets dry itchy skin and often wonder if he has a sensitivity to different laundry detergents. Worth a try .
bassplayer - 4:25 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Both of my kids and myself have eczema and are sensitive to clothing, products our clothing is washed in, so would love to trial it. I'm always on the look out for products that are best for our skin and give a top performance in cold water .
wince192 - 4:19 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have 2 kids, one only 10 months, so Im always trying sensitive products for their skin. Would love to give this a go!
Pommiegotlost - 4:13 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
With a new bubba on the way I would love to try something for the most delicate and sensitive of skin!
JulieCHCH - 4:05 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My husband has very sensitive skin and gets itchy with normal washing powder. My 3 month old son breaks out in a rash anytime he comes into contact with stuff washed in normal detergent and when we are using reusable diapers it gets very uncomfortable for him. He also sneezes at the perfume in them. He has bad reflux too so we have a LOT of washing
comfy - 3:59 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
It would awesome to try this product, as there are 4 people in a household of 8 who are sensitive to various washing powders and liquids and it would heaven if I could just buy one product (cost effective) to use instead of 2 or 3 different products.
cnikb - 3:57 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
We'd love to try this as my daughter has a history of eczema
Neia - 3:56 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Hi, I would love to trial this as my second baby has quite sensitive skin as he tends to get rash's on his face so I'm always cautious in what I feed my son and products that I use on him.
eega - 3:56 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
We would love to try this product. My husband gets rashes from normal washing powder, and we only have a few we can use. This could be another option for us.
micht - 3:52 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would so love to try this as now with a newborn and toddler my load of washing has increased but need to be careful with sensitive skin.. this would be great to try
LisaMarie - 3:45 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this product as both myself and my son suffer from allergies. I am very selective of which products I use in my home, and would really like to try Cold Power to see if this could be our new go to for clothes washing. :)
linkingirl - 3:31 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
We would love to trial this product. Both my husband and daughter have eczema which causes a lot of itching - especially at this time of year. We usually wash on cold to save power but an issue we have is powder residue so it would be great to try a liquid detergent.
HomeOfChaos - 3:21 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Oh wow, I would love to try this! We've noticed our youngest starting to react a little to allergens and having grown up with sensitive skin myself, I know how careful we need to be if she also has sensitive skin. I've never tried liquid detergent either so would love to see if it leaves less residue on our clothes.
Palmymum - 3:13 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Both of my kids have sensitive skin. I've always used powder with them but would love to try the liquid wash.
cherrytf - 3:10 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Ooh... my daughter and I both have very sensitive skin and cannot use ordinary laundry detergent. It would be fantastic to try this out and solve our problem (itching and rashes from newly laundered clothes and linen washed with normal detergent or brands that claim to be okay for sensitive skin but really aren't).
Jaybird - 2:59 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love too be considered for this trial. Everyone in my household including myself suffer from sensitive skin, and i am yet too find a brand that is good for us
Angelgirl081 - 2:59 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
We would love to try the new Cold Power Sensitive laundry detergent in our house. Both myself and my 3 year old suffer from Eczema. Mine is playing up especially bad at the moment due to being pregnant so I would love to see if what I use with my washing makes a difference to both mine and my daughters skin.
Tinakiri84 - 2:44 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have 3 kids, but only my 3 and my 2 year old suffer from a light, constant itch, all over their bodies excluding their face. I have used sensitive products before but it hasn't made much difference , so I would be very keen to try, :-)
Holly13 - 2:41 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to be considered for this trial, my daughter suffers badly from normal washing powder/liquid and we are always try to find a sensitive top loader powder/liquid that won't make her itch as she gets covered in red marks as she has eczema all over.
tallsonn - 2:41 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would like to trial this product as we all suffer from sensitive skin which is easily irritated by certain laundry products, notably those which are heavy on the fragrance, which is why I always use a "sensitive" product. I am wanting to change from a powder product to a liquid as I don't like the powder residue which gets left on my black loads of washing.
reblye15 - 2:40 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Finally! We use Cold Power Sensitive in powder and have been wanting a liquid for a long time. We all have crazy sensitive skin, including eczema, and this would be perfect. I hate how powder clings and clumps.
gillian246 - 2:29 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would be keen to try a sensitive laundry detergent as one member of the family gets really itchy from most laundry powders and the one that we have found that doesnt itch is not the best at taking dirt spots and marks off clothes. Would be keen to see if this worked better at the cleaning and also at not making the skin itch.
Joeyjo - 2:15 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to try this but we have a front loader. Lots of sensitive skin and excema in our house. Oh well!
raz - 1:48 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I will be happy to try this and see if this is going to work out with my kids, as recently my 6 month baby has been diagnosed with eczema so this is will best way to try and stop doing any guess work as if this product will be good for him or not. thanks
kirsty8 - 1:37 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this, we all have sensitive skin in our household!
poffsa - 1:34 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Have three children all prone to itchy skin so this would be wonderful to trial!
sarahhndy - 1:31 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to try this out, always looking for new washing powders/liquids one that's sensitivie enough for the kids but also smells nice and actually washing them well, as we all know kids it rather grubby
bevik1971 - 1:29 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have to be careful about the laundry powder/liquid I use as I tend to get rashy around my arms and legs, I would love to trial this and too for our nearly 4 year old as I don't like her using some of the other types of smelly powder etc. We wash every day, try to keep small frequent loads and buy the normal Cold Power as it's cheaper :)
mary110370 - 1:26 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Yes please. I would love to trial this. I'm the one with sensitive skin in my house with a rash on my feet, hands, elbows and through my hair as well. Numerous creams and potions from the doctor control it but never quite cure it. I also have a littel boy who comes every 2nd weekend for respite care who has terrible skin problems. Alwasy convered in spots and dots and rashes. I cant do separate washes for everyone in the house and usually find washing powders for sensitive skin don't get the stains out of clothes so I have to soak the kids clothes in nappysan type products which then gets through my clothes in the wash. I'd love to try this one and see how well it works
Gemmma - 1:20 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My family would love to try this new laundry product. Myself as an active gym bunny I am washing clothes daily but suffer from intchy skin (all night because of our sheets as well) I would love to see if it's from our powder we use. My two girls suffer from terrible mozzie bites which the season is now among us, it would be wonderful to use something on their clothes that isn't going to irritate their skin anymore then it needs to be. It would be amazing to try something that is soft and gentle on our skin yet tough and strong to get our clothes and sheets nice and clean. Thank you Kidspot
ke11y - 1:18 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I have always looked at liquid products but never gone out of my comfort zone and actually bought one. I would love to give it a try, it may very well change my shopping and usage habits. We also have a household of people with eczema and sensitive skin.
timmytime - 1:13 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial this. With little ones in the house I am careful to always purchase a Sensitive washing powder. I have found that the one I am currently using isn't being very effective with getting stains out so I would love to try a new brand.
Suzy89 - 1:13 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My son has inherited his fathers sensitive skin, so would love to try this product. Sensitive washing products are wonderful and so delecate on the skin. Would not go back to normal.
tassierach - 1:07 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
After a year of numerous visits to my optometrist to figure out why my eye sight was changing so drastically, trying desperately not to scratch my eyes out, antihistamines every day and trialing numerous new contact lenses, we finally realised it was the washing powder I was using that was causing a severe allergic reaction, so I'm now on the hunt for one that doesn't cause this reaction which is proving expensive and tricky, so I would love to trial this washing powder.
teen29 - 1:05 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Good afternoon. My 8 year old son and I both have sensitive skin. His is always dry. I suffer from eczema, on my hands mostly that crack and bleed. I would love to trial this product please to see if it makes a difference to our skin.
dolphindeep2k - 1:03 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Since it is specially developed for sensitive skin, I would like to be considered for this trial. My 2 year old has bad eczema and at times has trouble sleeping because of itchy skin. I'm pregnant with my no. 2 and I've also developed eczema during my pregnancy AND ITS NOT FUN(being pregnant and have itchy skin :( ). I've tried a few options from supermarkets, none of those have worked on either of us so far. I hope this one works :)
bumblebee1988 - 1:03 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
i would LOVE to trial Cold power sensitive because i have 1 child that has terrible Eczema from washing detergents. we currently are buying an organic one that i don't particularly like and is expensive. so this would be an awesome product to try. personally i also suffer from skin that is sensitive to chemicals. and i have 2 babies who im cautious about chemicals and there skins. so washing powder is always on my mind. i would love the chance to trial this product to see how it goes.
Glenfelik - 12:50 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Master 8 has eczema, and I am always up for trying something different that will work in harmony with his skin instead of against it.
scottishlass - 12:49 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Please pick me ,I have very sensitive skin,a daughter very prone to eczema and a granddaughter also with sensitive skin,I would love to try this product and if it's as good as it says it is recommend to those who could well benefit from it .
natalierex - 12:41 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to try this. With little ones with allergies and eczema, we are always looking for the best product to wash with that won't irritate.
hellyp - 12:40 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Yes please!! We are a house full of sensitive Sallys. My youngest has dermatitis which gets super aggrivated depending on what I use to wash his clothes. I also have hideous allergies and some detergents send me in a sneezing fit. This would be awesome to try out on the tribe:)
Kazzam - 12:26 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would like to try this product as we currently use a competitors product. My son has at times severe eczema and we have to be very careful with what we use but I am always open to a new product to try if it is for the benefit of him and the rest of family if it is not so hard on skin and better on clothes.
chefettenz - 12:23 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
we would love to try this as we have very sensitive skin in our house and im always on the look out for things like this to try.
Cazper - 12:20 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
We have seborrheic dermatitis in our household and powders irritates it. Maybe this could be more gentle.
Mermaid32 - 12:13 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I'd love to try the Cold Power sensitive liquid. My daughter and I both suffer from eczema and currently use sensitive washing powder, however I'm not particularly happy with the results. We get a lot of white marks on our clothing. I'd like to see what kind of a wash we get with the liquid.
mjchase - 12:11 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My older son has eczema, so it would be nice to trial a new sensitive washing product!
Katy1 - 12:10 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Perfect timing, I've just been telling some friends that I think my 9 month old may have small patches of excema. I'd love to give cold power sensitive a try to see if it makes a difference.
MartaA - 12:10 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to be picked to try this product for myself and my family. We all have sensitive skin (eczema and contact rash)and have been using only delicate detergent for our washing needs for a while but never tried Cold Power Sensitive. It sounds like it is cheaper than our current detergent so I am really keen to compare the results.
calypso122 - 12:04 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Mr 2 has patches of Eczema and I have found liquid detergents last longer so would love to trial this product.
nadia528 - 12:02 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try these as the Eczema season for me is fast approaching.
raz1984 - 12:02 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Yea I would love to trial this please!!! It looks like our wee 13 month old may have eczema on her belly and I've heard a sensitive washing powder or liquid may help. I've never had to worry before!
2cbear - 12:00 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
In our house we have two members with eczema (child and husband!) so sensitive skin products are really important to use and we have a top loader. We'd love to give feedback on this product.
Deanneb - 11:59 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Yes please my six year old daughter is covered in eczema she gets so upset about it especially when it comes to summertime and wearing togs, school swimming was a disaster with kids commenting on her skin 😥 We would love to be considered for this trial please as any improvements would be fantastic 👍🏼
Pearlywhite - 11:58 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I only ever use liquid detergents and would love to trial this new sensitive range. I have very sensitive skin and there are a lot of detergents that my skin reacts to so it would be fantastic to try a new one. Thanks so much!
Kelsey - 11:55 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I also second mamabear's comment that residues from bath and body oils for eczema (we are not able to use soaps) are notoriously difficult to remove from clothing so this would be a great trial to take part in :)
Louise - 11:54 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My son and I are both super sensitive to laundry powder so we have to be careful what we use in our house. Always keen to try another brand as some of the sensitive products don't wash the clothes very well and still iritate our skin. My son has asthma and is prone to excema due to various allergies so making the right choice in our cleaning products is really important.
jude21 - 11:53 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial this for our top loader as my teenage daughter has eczema really bad on her arms and hands and I have found that some laundry detergents cause flare ups. It would be nice to find a good detergent that does not affect her and cleans our clothes well too.
Kelsey - 11:51 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Hi I would love to trial cold power sensitive with almond milk. I always buy sensitive powder (usually cold power sensitive powder or another leading brand whichever is on special as I find there are very FEW sensitive products on the market which are not fragranced, wash properly and don't leave residue on clothing). My toddler has eczema and also I get insufferably itchy if I use fragrance washing powder/liquid. I would love to trial this product as am likely to buy it again if it washes well and with it being liquid will get washed away and the water which is great. Also almond milk is nourishing for the skin and I have a brand new washing machine so would look forward to reviewing this product if I got the chance. Thanks for your consideration :)
Mamabear - 11:48 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My 7 year old girl has severe eczema which she has had since birth. I have trouble getting stains out of her clothes and uniforms as products that seem mild on her skin are not that effective on the clothes! Haven't heard of almond milk in a laundry detergent before, would love to test and see the difference.
JacqIAm - 11:47 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Our household currently uses another brand of liquid laundry to help with our sensitive skin so it would be nice to compare the difference :-)
Jammy16 - 11:46 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
This sounds fantastic. I have sensitive skin and im very limited to what washing powder i can use. Also, my 6 month old daughter has recently started getting exzema so would like to see if changing to this would make a difference.
Kayeaye1 - 11:45 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Please consider my 3 boys and I, my eldest son has had severe eczema and multiple allergies since birth (14yrs) and the rest of us have really sensitive skin too. It would be great to trial a new product that could potentially positively impact our daily lives. We would greatly appreciate being considered for this trial... many thanks
stepanka - 11:45 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to try this as our little one got eczema prone skin, sensitive (just like her mummy) but we have got a front loader so here is me hoping Cold Power will develop the same formula for front loaders as well.
Mrskay - 11:43 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Would love to try this for my two young daughters. Both have sensitive skin, would be great to find another product that agreed with them and didn't cause them to itch etc (and didn't cost the earth like our current brand)..
alessandramummy - 11:43 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Yes please I would love to be considered to review the sensitive cold power washing powder
With a child and husband that both suffer severely with eczema I am always on the lookout for sensitive good products that won't flare up their condition
I would absolutely love to be given the chance to trial yes please
Haylenriver - 11:42 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
My 22month old boy has eczema on his chest and Miss 3months has cradle cap so hopefully this product is gentle enough on their skin but strong enough to clean their clothes. You can imagine the mess these two would make.
Michelle87 - 11:42 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I notice a difference when I use gentle products on my skin. Especially while pregnant, and with my son. Please consider us for this review. Thanks, Michelle
acollins - 11:41 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
Brilliant! Would love to try it, as my girls have sensitive skin, and I have tried several already. It sounds very promising!
Subimp555 - 11:40 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would like to try this product having to wash clothes by person due to been allergic to different things in different detergents be good to see if this would suit all and make washing easier.
Ange1210 - 11:39 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love the opportunity to try this product. My 5 year old has suffered with eczema and I have noticed my 1 year olds skin is has started to dry quite easy and is sensitive to creams.
Jojo17 - 9:59 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2016 reply | message
Being that I suffered from eczema as a child & both my boys do too I am always after fabric softeners that cater for sensitive skin would absolutely love to give this a go!
AnnaES - 8:06 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2016 reply | message
Always prefer to use products that are gentle for my daughters skin like we use a sensitive skin soap and another brand sensitive laundry powder.
rachaelsfun - 5:15 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2016 reply | message
would love this have neices and nephews with exzema and sensitive skins ranging from age from 11 months (twins) to 5 and 13 yrs (boys) and some adults with similar probs
boys always staying here so would be well tested !
JReynolds - 4:02 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2016 reply | message
I was so excited when I saw this trial! I can only use sensitive soap on my skin as I get eczema and I seem to have passed this on to my daughter. Since I was little, Persil has been the only option and to see that Cold Power has come out with a sensitive option makes me relieved that there will be another out there! I would really really love the chance to try this product!
kat555 - 2:14 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2016 reply | message
Ooh yes please! I would love to try this out. All 3 of my children having varying degrees of sensitive skin (we have to be very careful swimming with all the pool chemicals!). We only use the sensitive washing powders and soaps. My kids all get eczema and often other little rashes from washing powders so I'd really love to try this out. It's also a real pain when you get a sensitive wash and it doesn't do a great job. This sounds great. We have such varying degrees of dirt and grime in our house with a 1 year old, 4 year old and 6 year old. Please consider us to try this product.
caseyraskew - 1:23 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial this. I notice a difference in the laundry liquid i use and the soap i use on my 7 year olds skin. We only use liquid laundry detergent now. If it irritates his skin his knee-pit gets really itchy and red. We have found a cream to get rid of it but prevention is always the key. I would love to review this.

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