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Group Name: Fisher Price Play Date
**Registrations are closed - watch for reviews*

Through play, babies and toddlers are learning about the world around them and developing a wide range of important skills. Fisher-Price® understand that this is an important part of growing up, so they have developed a wide range of toys to help your little one learn and grow.

Kidspot and Fisher-Price
® have given three Mums Say members with children aged 12+ months the chance to become Mumbassadors and host a play date with four of their friends and their little ones. Each Mumbassador will receive only one of the below products (not one of each) along with a few additional toys.

Mumbassador #1 - Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Table

Who likes to move? BeatBo does! Get the dance party started by pressing BeatBo’s tummy or any of the buttons on his feet to activate fun songs, learning content and dance moves. This futuristic friend even allows mommy or baby to record a phrase, and he’ll remix it into his favorite song. Three modes – Dance ‘n Move, Learning & Games, and Customized Sing-Along – “grow” with baby to make him a forever friend for years to come. And through all the play, BeatBo’s introducing baby to letters, colors, counting, music, cause & effect and much more.

Mumbassador #2 - Smart Stages Greetings Globe

With this interactive globe, little ones can hold the whole world in their hands and take it for a spin. Pressing the 7 animal buttons on the globe introduces budding explorers to the continents, animals, greetings and music they’ll find along the way! When they flip the travel book pages, they’ll learn how Puppy & Sis travel the globe. And when they spin the globe, they’ll hear fun songs & phrases all about exploring new places. There are over 100 sounds, songs, tunes & phrases to make learning about the world fun and interactive for your toddler! Every toddler learns & plays in different ways. Smart Stages™ technology lets you select the stage that’s best for your child on any given day!

Mumbassador #3 - Learn with Me Zebra Walker

From teaching first words to encouraging first steps, the Fisher-Price® Learn with Me Zebra Walker is the kind of first friend you want for your little one! Spin, flip, roll, twist. This zebra’s full of busy, hands-on activities for sitting babies. Your baby can turn the book page or press the light-up buttons to hear all about ABC’s & 123’s through sing-along songs and phrases with new animal friends! And when baby’s learning to walk, the easy-grasp handle and sturdy 4-wheel base help steady those wobbly first steps. “Keep going!” Lots of fun phrases, music & songs invite and reward even more moving & grooving – helping little ones get even steadier on their feet! (And letting moms breathe easier.)

Please read the below notes for Mumbassador expectations:

  • Mumbassadors will be allowed to keep the toys after the trial is completed
  • Mumbassadors and their attendees will need to share a minimum 1x photo of their childs favourite toy on their own social media using #mumsdayin #fisherprice
  • Mumbassadors will need to share 4-6 photos in a gallery Facebook post with an overview of the play date using #mumsdayin #fisherprice
  • Mumbassadors will need to host their play date as soon as possible after receiving the toys
  • Mumbassadors will need to have their reviews posted back to this group by 16th October with links to their Facebook posts

Each selected reviewer will receive:

  • One of the above mumbassador toys
  • 3 - 4 additional Fisher-Price® toys for the children coming to your play date

If you are selected to trial, the product will be sent to the address on your profile. Please check your address now to ensure that it is up to date. Click here for full instructions on how to check your address.

Kidspot Terms and Conditions: You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected. Your name and postal address will be given to the supplier for the purpose of delivery of the product only.

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jlaidlaw - 11:32 AM on Wed-14-Dec-2016 reply | message
Seventeen months into my new role as a mom, and there isn't a day that I am not learning something! It might be Murphy's Law or maybe it is just called parenting - but it figures that as I put up my hand to hold a wicked fun Fisher Price playdate courtesy of Kidspot NZ, my mum squad would start on a journey of reinvention I guess you could call it. In the last two months we have transitioned from regular flexible meet ups to a Facebook/text message cheerleader squad that now books playdates well in advance. In between surviving our zillionth cold or gastro ailment of the season, we had mums returning to work part time or full time and even juggling toddler parenthood while going into labour with gorgeous number two! So needless to say, a new level of chaos has washed over all of us and I can't actually remember our last group playdate now... But there's always next year...bring on 2017!

That being said, as I committed so earnestly to Kidspot to put on a stellar playdate...and seemingly failed. I wanted to at least share the opinion of one wee lad, and his mum and dad. And that is, that Fisher Price still rocks after all these years. They are a classic, tried and tested brand that has maintained a balance of tradition (ie. farm trucks and hammering pegs) while introducing the unavoidable present (ie. tablets) and always with a focus on education and learning (see globe that teaches animals, geography AND different languages)! So here goes:

Laugh & Learn - Smart Stages Toolbox
We have a boy. Let's call him E. He loves to smash things. This is perfect. End of review. Just kidding, sort of. I feel it is a bit limited, as you can't remove the pegs, but E is sure happy to take that hammer to it. He does a bit of double hammering with another toy hammer he has (one in each hand) and it has stood up very well! Great toy for relieving tantrum energy. Haha. E has troubles getting it back open if the top snaps down, but he'll figure that out eventually. He can learn coordination and colours (in English and French) with this one.

Baby's First Blocks
The lid comes off this toy really easily, which is good in some ways, as children obviously like buckets and putting all sorts of objects into them (not just the ones that come with it), but for us the lid seems to spend more time off than on. But E has taken to putting the lid on the ground and putting the shapes into it that way and then using the bucket for other things. So it has become very versatile out of his own doing - which is just fine with us. Key learnings are colours, shapes, coordination and problem-solving.

Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tablet
We had mixed feelings about this one - my husband is keen to ensure our child keeps up with the technologies of the world, while I am a bit cautious with introducing them too young (whenever that is...) - although of course E sees us on our own devices, so who am I kidding right?! But so far this toy has been used the least by our little guy. He does love to push the buttons but I think at this stage, the buttons and the corresponding images on them (alphabet related) are quite small and probably not vibrant and loud enough for him. I do see this being very good in the coming months though, as we progress through learning the alphabet! The one thing that annoyed me is that for "S" they have a picture of the Fisher Price puppy character Sis - which doesn't really translate for a child learning the alphabet, ie. - "Why is the puppy under S mummy?...I have no idea." So I am not sure that was really the best use of branding, but the kids will live. Key learnings - alphabet, words, songs, focus and coordination.

Smart Stages Greetings Globe - This is by far, the fan favourite in our home! It helps that we are travel addicts and spend a lot of time looking at maps. (We have a giant one on a wall that we use to point out where various family members live around the world). But the combination of movement (spinning globe), sound (animals noises, greetings in several languages and songs) and buttons on this is just ace. We spend a lot of time playing with this. And while it was definitely my fave right off the bat, I have let our wee man decide for himself what he thinks of this toy, and I have been thrilled to watch him keep going back to it again and again. At seventeen months E is quite a busy bee constantly on the move running around, but I'll find him squatting down in front of the globe singing and pushing the buttons and spinning it around pretty much every day. We'd highly recommend this to everyone! Key learnings - coordination, animals, songs, geography, language...

Farm truck
This would have to be next in line as our son's favourite. He loves movement and the farm truck is quite a good size for pushing around the house. E loves dancing to the song after he pushes down on the driver's seat button and he takes all sorts of his toys for rides in the boot of the truck, not just the pig and cow that came with it. Our only worry is that he has decided it can also double as a skateboard by putting one foot in the back of the truck and then trying to push himself across the kitchen floor. (We have no idea where he got that idea - honest!!) So now he might just be getting a helmet for Christmas. Key learnings - coordination, animals.

Smart Stages Driver
This one seems to come in and out of popularity around here. He'll wander past and beep the horn or steer the wheel for a second, but I feel like it would maybe suit a younger tot. He played with something similar about six months ago and loved it then. Especially because it is quite low to the ground. We put it up on a chair in the kitchen and he interacts with it more that way. Although, he gets really frustrated that Fisher Price Puppy is stuck on a moveable track on the top of the Driver and he really, really wants to pull him off! Key learnings - coordination, left and right, colours...I think it said there were something like 90 songs and noises but I do feel a bit like we have heard the same handful over and over.

Overall we think these are a pretty good selection of interactive learning toys. And like all toys there is a bit of trial and error to find out what your own child is interested in and at what stage!
Swainston - 11:46 AM on Fri-9-Dec-2016 reply | message
So we've planned our wee play date, kids are due later, healthy snacks prepared, and most importantly the Fisher Price toys have arrived!! Our collection of various Laugh and Learn Smart Stages and Early Learning Fisher Price toys await their playmates and are hopefully as eager as my son whose eyes popped at the sight of them!

The good thing about Fisher Price toys is they're lighter and smoother than say a wooden toy but they're tough and durable, they can take the wear and tear, the drops.. and let's be honest... the throws on the floor when they've been discarded for a moment while another toy grabs our toddlers attention. My niece has a Fisher Price puppy who is waaaaay older than she is, and he's still barking a rolling by her side! They're also easily wiped free of multiple sticky chocolate fingers prints - it's Christmas, that time of year I find chocolate fingerprints on everything. These toys are just as you'd expect, solid, light, wipeable, and while I don't think every toy needs to have a specific lesson to learn from it, these Laugh and Learn and Early Learn toys are a fun way to learn movements, sounds, language, songs, skills and explore at your kids level, plus entertaining for them, no matter how many times they've pushed the lion sound, repeatedly.

The toys didn't seem nervous, they knew exactly what was in store for them when the kids arrived, they were up for the job and clearly knew what their purpose is. The kids seemed to know their job too!
Watching them play we get to glimpse their imagination, for instance, the Fisher Price Remote doubles as a phone, I wonder if Apple is on to it like these kids, a remote that can turn almost anything on and off can also be answered. The Rumble Driver popular with any kid who wants to take the wheel and beep the horn. The smart Tablet with all these buttons and sounds must definitely be smart when it teaches you the ABCs and be as inticing as my own tablet is to me when it's Netflix and chill time. The Toolbox of course a winner for the ones who like to fix, and bash, then bash again, then fix things. All the while as I was saying these toys are a treasure trove of sounds, songs, buttons and beeps, lights and colours, stimulating creativity, motor skills, language and laughter. Educating and entertaining.

My boy loves anything with wheels, anything that turns so it's no surprise he took to a truck and the Greetings Globe.
The globe wasn't out of its box and my kid not out if his pyjamas before it was claimed, basically for the rest of the morning and throughout the playdate. That big spinning ball that pays music and songs when it's spun, or teaches you the different ways to say "hello" around the world, or the different animals, their sounds and where they're found depending on the smart stage level you choose. You know I don't think I knew he knew all the animals and where to find them when prompted, but he excitedly showed me time and time again that he did indeed know. I'm hoping before long he'll know the different "hellos" and continents too! For now the songs, spinning, and animal sounds has kept him thoroughly engaged.

After all snacks devoured, floor vacuumed, toys wiped and pleased with a successful playdate, happy kids gone home, happy son, happy mum, maybe now I get and actual hot cuppa tea!

Thanks Fisher Price, thanks Kidspot. I'd definitely recommend 👍🏽

(Pics to come!)
legna - 12:01 AM on Sat-26-Nov-2016 reply | message
Photos are here :) With some more being added soon :)
legna - 9:02 PM on Tue-22-Nov-2016 reply | message
I was very excited for my kids to be given the opportunity to review a few pretty fantastic Fisher-Price toys, along with some of their friends! Unfortunately due to a pretty horrible bug going through the group, our play date had to be put off multiple times and in the end we had multiple play dates with friends. But everyone got to have a play with the toys and they have been well tested by ages from 10 months - 4 years.

We got to try out the following toys

Laugh and Learn Around the Town Learning Table
My 19 month old has really enjoyed this. I was impressed by the amount of things to do on the table. It is bright and colourful and attractive. It is recommended for 6-36 months and I can see how this would continue to interest a child up to 36 months. There are doors and switches, things to turn and buttons to push, there is music to dance to and lights, enough to entertain 2+ kids at the same time! All the buttons, doors and switches helps with their fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. The smart stages technology continues to extend on the child's knowledge as they grow. i love it! Encouraging their vocab and understanding of colours and animals with songs and phrases. So much fun to be had here and a valuable tool!

Laugh & Learn - Smart Stages Toolbox
This one has been the least used of the toys we received. This is again designed for 6-36 months but it didn't hold the interest of any of the children for long. The hammer is loose but everything else is fixed, you are meant to hammer the shape pegs and you learn about colour, shapes and numbers. I think it would be great for children under 1. It is a solitary toy, designed for 1 child to play with alone and there isn't really a way for a second child to interact.

Baby's First Blocks
This is my 19 month olds absolute favourite toy of the lot! Every chance she gets she is playing with it! I love it because it doesn't require sound or lights to attract or hold her attention! She persists, developing hand eye co ordination, recognising and exploring shapes, size and fit. The lid is nice and easy for them to remove and put back on, allowing independence in their play! I LOVE this toy almost as much as my daughter does!

and the School Bus.
Initially this was a favourite toy of the older children during play and they spent a long time with it together, enjoying the wobbly motion, the people and the sounds. The size of the bus and the people make it great for hands of all sizes to use easily. The music keeps my 19 month old dancing!

All up, the quality of the Fisher Price products is high, as you expect. They toys are great for their ages and the Smart Stages technology keeps them interesting as the child grows. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their products to friends. Thank you for giving us the chance to test out these toys!
GemsMum2013 - 6:10 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2016 reply | message
View photos from my Fisher-Price playdate here -
GemsMum2013 - 6:09 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2016 reply | message
My little boys, Hunter aged 3 and Mason aged 1 years were very excited that we were selected to trial the Fisher Price toys!

We had our play date with a group of our friends on Wednesday and it was so much fun.

We got to trial the following toys:

The Rock-a-Stack
This toy is targeted towards the 6-36 month age group. It helps develop hand/eye coordination and can be used as a tool to learn colours. The top ring can also be used as a rattle as it contains several small balls. It encourages curiosity and discovery – baby can sort and stack all 5 rings, thinking and problem solving – stacking rings on the base from biggest to smallest helps baby understand the concept of relative size, Balance and coordination – Sitting up for play exercises baby’s developing balance. Overall, I thought this was an excellent toy for younger children.

Little People Lil’ Movers Aeroplane
This toy is targeted towards the 1-5 year age group. It particularly interested the older members of the group. It lights up, has fun sounds and phrases. It has passenger pop up action and a catchy sing-along song. The children quickly learnt that if they pressed the pilot’s seat it activated the sounds, lights and phrases.

This was my 3 year old’s favourite toy. We talked about going on a big plane to see his family over the in the UK and he has enjoyed talking about where the people are going and opening the door and loading them all into the plane. I really enjoyed seeing how this toy helped to extend his imagination and take him on a journey of discovery. The easy-carry handle means it can be easily transported, while the wheels make it fun to push along.

Learn with Me Zebra Walker
This toy was the most popular with those members of the group who are just starting to walk. This was the favourite toy of my 14 month old. He really enjoys pushing it around the lounge and listening to the music. My 3 year old has enjoyed using the page-turning function that plays a song counting from 1 to 10 and also an ABC song. This is an excellent toy to develop a younger child’s gross motor skills, while encouraging sensory development and taking them on a journey of discovery and encouraging curiosity.

It can initially be used by a younger child to sit and press the buttons, turn the ball, flip the switch, twist and turn a dial and lift a flap. This is a fun toy that can be used through a variety of stages. One Mum commented that it would be good to have a brake on it so that when a child is sat playing it doesn’t move. The recommended age for this toy is 6 to 36 months.

Smart Stages Toolbox
This toy is targeted to an age group of 6-36 months. It teaches numbers, shapes, colours and also French words! This was my favourite toy. I especially liked that it introduces another language and may foster a desire for a child to learn other languages.

My 14 month old has enjoyed being able to carry the toolbox by the handle around the room. There is an easy-grasp hammer that has made bashing the colourful light up pegs a big hit, while teaching shapes and colours.

The ruler on the front of the box can be slid along and counts from 1 to 5. The roller can be spun for fun sounds and songs. In fact, this toy contains 40+sing-along songs, sounds, tunes and phrases! Level 3, aimed at 18 months+ encourages baby to pretend, imagine and play with puppy and his toolbox.

Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tablet
This toy appeared to be the most popular amongst the group. It is targeted to an age group of 12-36 months. It has three different levels enabling a child to explore and pretend, whist encouraging them to learn. It’s also a great size, which would make it handy to use while travelling, either in a car or perhaps on a plane or while spending time in an airport. This toy teaches letters and the alphabet, first words and objects and also colours. In fact, this toy is just like the real thing but even more fun! The realistic flat screen tablet encourages imitation and imagination.

In my opinion, Fisher Price toys have an excellent reputation for quality and also their ability to support a child’s learning. This is why this brand is my preferred choice when purchasing children’s toys. In fact, I can recall having Fisher Price toys when I was a child many years ago!

One of the biggest advantages of the toys we trialled is that they can be used through several different stages, meaning that these are toys that can be used for a number of years, making then excellent value for money.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Fisher Price toys to friends and family. We have decided to loan out the toys we received to our friends so they all get the opportunity to trial the toys and experience the fun and the benefits of learning!

Thank you to Fisher Price and Kidspot for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to trial these toys.
brookeybrooke - 7:24 PM on Fri-30-Sep-2016 reply | message
would love to try the laugh and learn smart stages table. It looks like it has some awesome features and looks like a lot of fun, especially the part where it says that we can record something! My 3 young kids and i get together with a few girls i went to school with who all have kids around similar ages and think this would be perfect for one of our catch ups!!
rachaelsfun - 9:47 AM on Fri-30-Sep-2016 reply | message
would love this my sister has twins that are nearly a yr old soon :D and she often has mums coffee days around her place so would be nice for the coffee mums to bring their kids to play with something new as well :D
LivyDoll - 1:12 PM on Wed-28-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to be considered for this review, my girl will be two next month and i would love to try Smart Stages Greetings Globe #2 my girl loves animals music and also i think its a great time to start learning other languages, i love fisher price products and this would be a great opportunity! =)
tessa771 - 7:17 AM on Wed-28-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to trial the laugh and learn smart stages table for my little guy. He would love this table and I know he would love to have some of his little friends over to give it a go also. Looks like a really great product and would definitely give my honest opinion of the product. Thanks Kidspot
Cathy27 - 3:44 PM on Tue-27-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to try Smart Stages Greetings Globe. My son will be 1 in 3 weeks. He started walking from 9 and half months. He used fisher price walker and he loved it
atasfairys - 8:56 PM on Mon-26-Sep-2016 reply | message
holly wow!!! As if i need a excuse to get with the gals to have a play date!!!
But to trial a new toy, little master would be super excited to show the gang!
any of these toys would be put threw their paces but most of all thoroughly enjoyed by little hands while us loving mothers "Drink coffee" um i mean" look on" :)
Ange1210 - 2:35 PM on Mon-26-Sep-2016 reply | message
We would love to try the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Table. My wee one loves to dance away and is becoming so interactive with music. If he hears music he stops what he is doing and his head starts going and the legs start bouncing. It would be great to encourage his love of music with some fun learning!
Peepo - 10:12 AM on Mon-26-Sep-2016 reply | message
My 14 month old would love the Mumbassador #2 - Smart Stages Greetings Globe. She is a curious, happy little girl who has all her family overseas so this would teach her about the world while having fun doing it. I would love to host as my little one is such a social butterfly and any excuse to have people over would be welcome. Thanks for the chance to win such an opportunity.
Jessica100 - 8:41 AM on Mon-26-Sep-2016 reply | message
Our 9 month old would love to try out the Learn with Me Zebra Walker. As a Mumbassador I'd represent a focussed learning experience and generously share information about the great attributes Fisher-Price toys to my local Mum community through social media and play dates. We have a super toy library locally and when my little man has finished I'd love to donate the Fisher-Price toys on for other kids to enjoy.
madieddy - 7:21 AM on Mon-26-Sep-2016 reply | message
We would love to try the Smart Stages Greetings Globe, we have friends and family all over the globe and it would be a great way to teach my daughter (almost 2) about the different places and how the world works. I have several friends with toddlers who would get a lot of enjoyment out of a play date, it would also give some time for myself and the other mums for a coffee and catch up :)
jlaidlaw - 6:29 PM on Sun-25-Sep-2016 reply | message
Hi! I would love to explore the Smart Stages Greetings Globe with my son "E". We have a giant map on our living room wall and my husband and I always point to where he lives and and where other people in our family live around the world. We really want him to learn about the world and appreciate our global community. It has randomly worked out that our core group of baby friends all have one parent from NZ and one from abroad and we have a mix of languages including Mandarin, Swiss, German, French, and English. It would be really neat for the babies to be able to explore the world together. I think I'd be a pretty cool Mumbassador because I love to share! I love connecting people to awesome things and I work in the social media world. It would be a really great opportunity for myself, my bubs and our friends! :)
Tinakiri84 - 5:05 PM on Sun-25-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would like to try the smart stages greetings globe. I would be a super-great mombassador, as I am 100% behind anything and everything which benefits my little ones, ( 1.5, 3 and 8)
I believe a good play is as important as ever- and sneaking some learning into the fun is good too :-). My main life focus is my kiddies, and if my kids like something, I am all for letting mums far and wide in on the secret :-)
GemsMum2013 - 3:42 PM on Sat-24-Sep-2016 reply | message
Mumbassador #3 - Learn with Me Zebra Walker please. I'd love to take part in this product trial. We have a wide circle of friends who are a similar age to my 13 month old and I'm sure they would all enjoy this product. It would also be a great opportunity for Mummy to have a get together while encouraging my little boy, Mason to walk.
sarinak - 3:19 PM on Sat-24-Sep-2016 reply | message
Mumbassador#3 please :) Id love to be a part of this product trail and have my friends and their children benefit by playing with the additional toys as well. I absolutely love trialing new things on kidspot and always brag to me about the products I trail. fingers xd i get picked ;)
emmzip - 1:23 PM on Sat-24-Sep-2016 reply | message
Mumbassador #1 - Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Table - I have a 3 year old, 2 year old & 1 year old child who would all love to play with the laugh & learn table. We love to host playmdates so would be the perfect toy to pull out for all their friends!! We'd love to be selected to trial this awesome fisher price toy.
dolphindeep2k - 10:35 AM on Sat-24-Sep-2016 reply | message
Mumbassador #2 - Smart Stages Greetings Globe <br>My daughter is 2 yesr old. Not only me, but her daycare educators believe thattshe's truly gifted , when it comes to learning new things. She is a very quick learner. I believe that if she gets to use and play with this toy, she would be able to learn things that even her parents dont know :).<br><br>We are huge fans of Fisher toys and know how good they are at helping kids learns things that are age-appropriate. And we have a lot of friends that have kids her age, so having the interactive sessions with other kids would even be a fun activity for us as parents and a learning experience for kids.Hope we get considered for this opportunity :)
chefettenz - 10:24 AM on Sat-24-Sep-2016 reply | message
Mumbassador #2 - Smart Stages Greetings Globe
Im sure Mr Active 2 would love to give this ago, we are already big fans of fisher price toys and would i would make a great Mumbassador, I also work with lots of other people with children or grandkids so i would be encouraging them all to get one as well
butlerbecks - 9:01 AM on Sat-24-Sep-2016 reply | message
Please consider me for mumbassador #1 Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Table, My daughter who is 11 months is very active and loves to play standing up next to a small table. We will be having her first birthday in a couple of weeks so this will be a great time to showcase the table to a number of children and their parents. Thank you.
aimeevisser - 7:58 AM on Sat-24-Sep-2016 reply | message
My 17month old and her friends would love to play with the laugh and learn table! We are huge Fisher Price fans here and would enjoy showcasing this product for you. Miss 17months has recently started walking and worked out her best dancing bop to groove along to the music :-) thanks for offering the chance to share some Fisher Price love
Nixie - 8:30 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Please consider me for Mumbassador #2 - Smart Stages Greetings Globe :) My 2 year old daughter would love it! We have a play-date tomorrow with ages 18m - 3yrs and they'd love to test Fisher Price toys at the next one! My daughter loves her singing Fisher Price puppy and growing up with it means that she now tries to sing along with it. The globe would be a fantastic way to teach her about different countries and phrases; helpful for me as well with the multi-ethnic multi-lingual play centre that we visit each week!
kymmage - 7:54 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Miss 4 would love to have a play date with the globe 😊 this would be an amazing opportunity. And a good excuse to invite some friends to play 😊
JReynolds - 7:21 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Wow! What an awesome trial, I would love the chance to do this and have a few friends that I know would be very keen to come along to the playdate! Please pick me!! :)
laynz - 7:19 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
This would be such a great trial for my daughter, she loves new things and is a social butterfly who regularly has play dates with the kids in our neighbourhood. An extra excuse to organise another playdate is always welcome. Charli would love the smart stages greetings globe. Fisher and Price is such an amazing brand, I love how education is incorporated into fun for children.
mumjess - 7:07 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
What a fun idea! I'd love the excuse to plan a playdate for my baby ( he always seems to miss out) he is 1 on Monday!! I think my boy would love the activity table, and he has afew wee friend who'd enjoy Sharing it too. I think 2 year old sister would probably really enjoy it also!! Please consider me!:-)
RRPRWallace - 7:07 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I'd love to trial the table! I have two young girls who love music and buttons so the table means they could share and it would last for both ages :)
Me and my friends love a reason for a play date with all our kids so we'd be thrilled to be chosen please
sarymaclary - 7:03 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Please consider us. In particular for the globe toy as my kids are part Japanese, my 5yr old loves learning about parts of the world, and my 2yr old loves animals and copying sounds.
RosieG - 6:44 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
i would love to trial one of these toys! (i'm not even fussy of which because i think they'd all help). Mr nearly 2 is very behind with his speech (only just starting to say words that aren't articulated too well yet) thanks to hearing issues recently sorted due thanks to grommets. I would love some toys that encourage learning - he's just started to try and sing along to the Paw Patrol theme song so i know that repetitive sounds are key to helping in his development. I'm sure his little friends would love him to be picked too - and what better time for this than the school holidays!
timmytime - 6:35 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Would love to be a Mumbassador #2 the Globe. We have a strong playgroup of 2 year olds who would love to try it out and report back. Big fans of Fisher Price toys here because of the long lasting quality, which is so important with little ones and the tough time they put their toys through!
marianne - 6:31 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
We are also firm favourites of Fisher and Price toys because of their educational qualities - plus, they're colourful, innovative and fun! Our two year old would love to hook up with his local friends ( most live in our street) to explore some fabulous toys. The Smart Stages Greeting Globe is especially appealing because our little boy has a keen interest in music.
kylieA - 6:13 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to be a mumbassador for Fisher Price. We love the Fisher Price toys and we love to have our friends over to play!! Tommy loves playing with Toys and seeing how they work. He just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago and has a great group of friends around the same age. And i love to take photos... some say too many!!
We would like to play with the Smart Stages Greetings Globe as he is super interested in animals at the moment, and is picking up so many new things.
legna - 6:06 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to be considered for the trial of the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Table (Though the BeatBo described in the description would be even more perfect! lol). I have a 18 month old who I would love to see how she uses it and what she can get out of it! Because the description doesn't actually describe the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Table, I'm not sure of it's functions, but if it is anything like the other Fisher and Price toys described, I know there is a lot of learning that would be going on while she was having fun!

I also have great friends who have children (at least 2 each!) between the ages of 15 months-4years and it sounds like a great reason to get together for a big play date!
IceKiwi - 5:50 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I'd love to be a mumbassador I love the look of #2 Smart Stages Greetings Globe.
We have a fantastic group of parents and little ones that would make great toy testers for these products. What a fantastic reason to get a group of friends together and let the children show us through play what they love most. Neat idea Fisher Price and Kidspot.
lmonty - 5:05 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would absolutely love to become Mumbassador #2 and have a good play with the Smart Stages Greetings Globe.

We belong to a playgroup with 4 other toddlers (all are between 24-36 months old), which we have had going since we met at Antenatal class when we were pregnant! The children love to have a play with their toys while the mums have a chat and a play too, so having some new Fisher Price toys would be very welcome amongst our little professional toy reviewers!

This Globe looks perfect for the stage my toddler is at where she is wanting to learn about animals, where in the world they come from, and explore the continents together.

I'd love to host our playgroup with this wonderful surprise and get the kiddies to really test out the toys and report back as your Mumbassador!!
bumblebee1988 - 4:56 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would LOVE to hold a play date with the Mumbassador #2 - Smart Stages Greetings Globe. this looks like such an amazing toy. i have a toddler who is always looking to learn and so keen on learning new things that this seems like the a really cool toy to both play with but most importantly use play to learn things from. i Love fisher price toys <3
RuthT - 4:47 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I'd love to host a play date with my youngest. He absolutely loves animals and music so the Greetings Globe would be perfect for him. He is almost two so he and his friends are beginning to talk more and would love to hear the greetings from around the world. I'd love to hear them all talking back to the globe - what fun! It'd be great to be able to share some Fisher Price toys and fun times with our friends.
wackymum - 4:23 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to be considered as a mumbassador to Fisher Price. I have an almost 2 year old daughter who absolutely loves to dance so we would love to try the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Table. Although almost two, she says very little so I'm hoping that the fun songs and the ability to record phrases will enhance her verbal skills. We also meet with her other "girl friends" (ages 5 months, 12 months and 3 yrs old) almost daily so it would be the perfect opportunity to share other Fisher Price products with them. Would definitely make an awesome playdate (and might make me a hero amongst the mums!) Thanks Kidspot and Fisher Price for this opportunity.
hunibuni - 4:11 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to participate in this trial. I am a mum of 4, Aunty of 7 and porse educator of 4 children aged 13 months to 4 years old.
Katy1 - 4:11 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old. I'm sure my 2 year old would love to have some friends over for a play date! (And I'm sure my 8 month old would love to crawl over and get in on the action too).
I recently saw the Smart Stages Globe online and thought it looked like a great educational toy - an important factor when choosing to us for my children. I'd love to trial and review it.
Fingers crossed :)
silasandroman - 4:07 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to please be considered to be a Mumbassador alongside my lititles est man Mykah who will be 2 in October. Every Friday we have play dates here at home (my day off work) with several of my dear friends as we were lucky to have our kids all pretty close to one another...we are all social media (Facebook and Instagram)pheens so would share this experience far and wide if lucky enough to be picked.
I reckon I'd make an awesome Mumbassador as love taking pics. Looovvveeee Fisher Price toys and deff into playing alongside my Lil man as truly believe this is where they do their best learning. ..when playing :)
sonjab - 4:07 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Would love to try the laugh and learn smart stages table as my little 9mth old has just started standing alone and loves dancing with her 12mth old friends
Juliereidnz - 3:58 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
My 2 kids (4 and 2) would love to try the smart stages globe. They would definitely be able to test if it is robust as they are "passionate " players with toys
Mumof2Girls - 3:54 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I'm a little bit different as my children are older, BUT I work at a playgroup 2 days a week with children from 0 to 4 yrs old along with their parents. I would love to introduce one of these toys to them to give you their feedback... I think the Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Learning Table or the Smart Stages Learning Globe would be great to trial.
vivacat - 3:53 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I'd love to host a play date - our darling wee daughter is 20 months old and she has Down Syndrome - most of our little buddies we've met through various special needs support groups - actually these special wee people would be the kids we'd invite to our playdate :) Any of the toys available would be great, but the smart stages table might be the most appropriate for our kiddies.
helen3 - 3:49 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to become a Mumbassador for Fisher & Price - we are expecting number 4 and have a 3yo with a large network of young children to play with :-)
Lizzy24 - 3:47 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to be a mumbassador for Fisher Price, I have a 9 month old son who is getting very active and woul love to try these toys out. I love the range of toys Fisher Price have to offer kids.
MsButton - 3:39 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
We would love to be Mumbassadors for Fisher Price! We have a 20 month old and a 3 year old. Daddy comes from Africa & Australia, so the opportunity to discover more about their world with their friends and the Smart Stages Greetings Globe would be amazing! Thanks for the opportunity 😍🌍
JulieKidspot - 3:36 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Don't forget to let us know when you register your interest, which product you'd like to try and why you'd be a great Mumbassador!
jennybeetle - 3:31 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to do this as I have a 16mth old boy and a 3yr old girl. We would love to try the smart stages greeting globe. We have lots of little friends who could also review the toys and I'm a photographer so would take great photos for the review.
I spend lots of time playing with my kids so think I would make a great Mumbassador. We love Fisher price toys and have several at home, a few even from my childhood!!
Haylenriver - 3:30 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I have a tutu little 21month year old boy who's slowly picking up on new words all the time. He loves copying others and the smart stages greeting globe would be a winner in our house hold as I know it would prove beneficial for his development.
gopat - 3:16 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
Would love to be a Mumbassador for FP. My 3.5 yr old boy and my not-yet-walking 13 month old girl are the perfect subjects for any of the above toys. Thanks Kidspot and Fisher Price!
Apele12 - 3:14 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I would love to be a Fisher Price mumbassador . Your toys are educational as well as fun for all ages no matter what stage the toy is. I would be very keen to try out the LEARN WITH ME ZEBRA Walker for my daughter who is 11 months just starting to learn how to stand on her own not yet confident in walking I believe this product will help with that milestone. Thanks kidspot for the opportunity.
MummySpice - 12:05 PM on Fri-23-Sep-2016 reply | message
I'd LOVE to be a Fisher Price Mumbassador! Their toys are fantastic and I'm sure my coffee group friends would be very keen to have a playdate and enjoy playing with some new toys. What a cool idea! Thanks Kidspot :)

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