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Group Name: Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks
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Veggies just got a lot tastier!

Do you sometimes find it hard to get veggies into your child's lunchbox?

As parents, we know how important it is for our kids to have fruit and veggies in their diet, but with housework, sports games, jobs and the little ones running around, it can be tough to find time to sneak veggies into their lunches. Luckily the team at Mother Earth are coming to the rescue with their yummy NEW Vege Fruit Sticks.

Using real Vegetable Puree combined with real fruit Puree, wrapped in a soft dough and then baked, these tasty snacks are a great lunchbox addition. With no artificial colours or flavours, Vege Fruit Sticks are available in 3 delicious flavours:

  • Spinach, Apple, Blueberry & Banana
  • Carrot, Apple and Orange
  • Beetroot, Apple & Berry

Not only are they a convenient lunchbox solution, they are individually wrapped and perfect for little hands. The best part? They TASTE delicious so even the fussiest eater won't be able to resist!

Please note that these products are not suitable to children allergic to Gluten, Sulphites or Milk. Please be cautious of children sensitive to egg, peanuts, sesame seeds, soy or tree nuts (potential traces found in the bars).

* Coming soon to supermarkets nationwide.

We are have given 20 Mum Say Members with children aged 3 - 12 years old the chance to trial each delicious flavour of NEW Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks.

Each selected reviewer will receive:
  • 3x products (one unit of each flavour - each unit had 8x bars)


If you are selected to trial, the product will be sent to the address on your profile. Please check your address now to ensure that it is up to date. Click here for full instructions on how to check your address.

Kidspot Terms and Conditions: You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected. Your name and postal address will be given to the supplier for the purpose of delivery of the product only.

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Alicejones - 1:54 PM on Mon-20-Mar-2017 reply | message
My son (7) seemed to like the Spinach, Apple, Blueberry & Banana the best. I have asked him if he wants me to buy them and he does. We have told a lot of friends about them that said they would look at them as well. Thanks for Choosing us to trial them was great and my son loves trying new things
Joanne - 8:10 PM on Thu-9-Mar-2017 reply | message
Thanks for choosing my kids to review the Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks and being so generous with gifting us with some.

The packaging is well presented and easy to see what the flavour of the Fruit Sticks are. My three kids tried these with my 2 year old the biggest fan out of my three kiddies (my other kids are aged 5 and 9). All kids enjoyed the bars though and it didn't seem like they had a stand out Fruit Stick as all got devoured without any complaints. These Fruit Sticks were perfect for the kids for a snack and in their lunch boxes. Each box had a good amount of bars in them (8) that were individually wrapped. It's great that they have the veges in them. I would recommend them and purchase them knowing that they will be well received by my children. Thanks again.
oneonly - 1:35 PM on Thu-2-Mar-2017 reply | message
I was a little concerned when the package arrived as it had suffered some damage, but the contents were all intact and fine.
Initially my girl was hesitant to try them thinking they would taste odd because of the vegetable content but that has proven to not be the case. All three flavours have been tried and rated.
The beetroot is the stand out favourite, she says - and I agree that it has a sweet taste of berries and is enjoyable to eat.
The spinach ones are great too, I was interested to note no taste or hint of the banana in this one as neither of us are banana fans, so this is a great way to get both spinach and banana into kids and adults alike.
Our least favourite was the carrot. We both found it has a bit of an odd aftertaste for us.
All in all though we have totally enjoyed trialing these bars, we really appreciate the opportunity and I have told several friends to add them to their shopping lists. We will be purchasing the beetroot and spinach flavours on an ongoing basis.
Alicejones - 12:09 PM on Thu-2-Mar-2017 reply | message
Thanks for Choosing us. My son has so far had the Beetroot, apple and berry - which we was disappointed he could not taste the beetroot ( Yes he loves beetroot) also the carrot, Apple and orange which he quite likes, Yummy he said. Have told our friends about the trial and posted on Facebook and share the link about the bars on Facebook
Mspinkness - 11:57 AM on Thu-2-Mar-2017 reply | message
Thanks for choosing my family to trial the new vege sticks.
My kids liked them all but there favourite was the carrot, apple & orange. They have since told me I have to keep buying that flavour. Such a good idea to help get in extra veges. Thanks heaps
AvaLily - 11:31 AM on Tue-28-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thanks for choosing our family to trial your vege sticks! My 4 year old told me she thought they were "yum mummy" and had a massive preference for the beetroot, apple and berry flavor. That was the first box to disappear! The biggest fan is our smallest member at only 10 months old! There was no way his sister could have one and not him, so he got to sample one too! He is able to effortlessly hold the sticks and gum them down with ease! They are an excellent addition to the kids lunch boxes and I have added these to the shopping list! Thanks again.
2ndtimeround - 3:51 PM on Sun-26-Feb-2017 reply | message
Wow! What a real treat!! Thanks firstly for the generous amount of samples to try. There were heaps of each type to try. So very impressed with the amount that you sent for us to sample. I have in the past bought the fruit sticks and felt that they were a good healthy snack for the three kids. But now that we have had these, i definately will change to these instead. All three flavours were very well received by the children. My 2yr old just gulped them down, so I dont think that she had a favourite, she ate all the types. The two older boys Mr 9 and Mr 7 really liked the beetroot, apple and berry ones, but found it hard to pick a favourite, so guess they liked them all too. Not much help there, with flavour. But you know you are on a winner when they will eat veges that quick and not moan about it!! I particularly liked the spinach, apple, blueberry and banana ones. I loved the idea of eating spinach and not noticing it too much. They were great to have on the run as a snack and going into the lunchboxes as a healthy alternative. Good work on making them. Now all we need to do is work on the packaging. My school and kindys are both "Litterless lunches" so that means no packaging, so I have to take everything out of the packages and warpers. If only some one would invent a way to keep food fresh and not have it stored in for thought. Thanks again for choosing us to trial this, it was a real winner, and I will buy it.
Mermaid32 - 3:30 PM on Wed-22-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thanks so much for selecting our family for this product trial! A very generous box of Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks arrived while the kids were at school and preschool, so I had to do a taste test myself ;)<br>Theres no doubting that they taste delicious! They were a total hit with the older kids who were pleased to have a treat in their lunch boxes for the week. In saying that, reading the ingredients list, I would only use them as a treat. Sugar listed 6 different ways, and a whole teaspoon of sugars in each little bar. I was hoping for more of the veggie component, but I guess it has to be sweetened to be more palatable and attractive for the kids. Definitely a better option than similar fruit only bars out there, but still a treat food only. Despite the sugar content, my 3 year old still wouldn't touch them, but I wouldn't use that as a gauge of the product as that child can sniff a vege out anywhere I swear!! <br>The box was huge compared to the product inside, which was a bit wasteful, but the packaging itself was appealing with the cute little bug characters. It had a very fresh and natural vibe with the green packaging and images of whole fruit and vege. <br>The Spinach, Apple, Blueberry and Banana were the most popular flavour here.
BrendensMum - 12:44 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us to review these yummy vegetables sticks. My son opened the box on the doorstep and saw the packaging and informed me he didn't like vegetables. I put one in his lunchbox each day for the week and I only got empty packaging in his lunchbox. I asked him at the end of the week if he the 'new' sticks in his lunchbox and was told they're very yummy and can I keep buying them. They're definitely a winner here as long as Mr6 doesn't see the box hehe
sarahb - 8:01 PM on Mon-20-Feb-2017 reply | message
These were so good! My kids often have the fruit sticks so I was keen to see if they would notice that these had added veges in them. Each child had their flavour preference and they have all been eaten so safe to say that they liked them! Mr 5 is pretty fussy but he ate the apple, blueberry banana and spinach ones and didn't even realise they weren't his usual blueberry! I tried a bite of each one and thought they were all nice but the orange carrot apple flavour had the most 'vege' taste out of them all, Miss 8 was more than happy to eat them though. Will definitely buy these over the straight fruit ones from now on, anyway to get extra veges into them is a bonus! Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these, much, much appreciated! πŸ˜ƒ
hellsbelle - 3:36 PM on Sat-18-Feb-2017 reply | message
Well, these were fantastic. I had already been buying the regular fruit sticks so looked forward to giving these a go.
They were well recieved by both (7&8) with spinach, apple, blueberry, banana scoring first equal with beetroot, apple, berry. Carrot, apple, orange definitely had flavour which took a bit more getting used to but they came home with empty wrappers so they still got gobbled.
I like that they are small, so great for a wee sweet snack and 8 in the box means they last a bit longer also.
As many have already commented on, my 7 year old also found them difficult to open even with the serrated ends being utilized - perhaps a thinner plastic is needed?
Over all a fantastic result, I will be looking out for these next shop.
Krys5 - 3:14 PM on Sat-18-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thank you for given the opportunity to review this product all 4 of my kids loved them their favorite was the spinach and beetroot one they found the carrot to be a bit to sweet they got the big thumbs up from fussy miss 5 great for their lunch boxes, Mr 8 says these are yum yum can't even taste the vegetables in them mum, I like, miss 4 loved them all and miss 2 kept asking for more. I found them a good pick me up snack being pregnant my favorite was the beetroot, carrot was a bit too sweet for me. Thanks again for the chance πŸ’™
Kazzam - 8:12 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thanks for choosing us to review these products. Mr 5 struggled opening them would be handy to have a coloured green lift print at an easy to open end maybe. He liked all the flavours although wasn't as keen on the carrot one. I like the size good snack size and awesome with 8 in a box nearly enough for 2 weeks of school which is great and so handy. All up a thumbs up here.
rachaelkeach - 6:00 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2017 reply | message
I was sooo excited to try these. I have two sons with autism and my youngest (5) is a picky eater. However he loves Mother Earth fruit sticks. Will eat them every day. So when I saw the vege ones I got so so happy! Is this a way to get veges into him? The packet shows just over a teaspoon of sugar which isn't tooooo bad, I love the fact that they use vege purΓ©e not vege juice. That's a big plus. However both my boys didn't like them!!! Sigh. I thought they were fine tasting and will keep getting them to try them and hope they end up liking them. Verdict? Yup try them!!
MartaA - 2:27 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2017 reply | message
What can I say? My 3 year old boy absolutely loves them all!!! Such a fun and easy way to inject some extra veggie goodness into his diet,especially on those days when he decides to be picky. I found the flavour combinations very adventurous and exciting which makes them unique on the market at the moment. Will definitely be buying them for my boy in the future! The only slight criticism would be the amount of sugar as I watch my child's sugar intake very closely. This is the only thing that stops me from using the Vege Fruit Sticks as a daily treat. None the less I highly recommend them!
linkingirl - 2:09 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2017 reply | message
These arrived a few days ago and the kids (8&5) were naturally apprehensive about bars with spinach, carrot and beetroot in them! However I managed to convince them to give them a try and they loved them. The fruit flavours completely outweigh the vege ones, so these are just as yummy as the Mother Earth fruit sticks we usually get.
The packaging is bright and easy to see what they are and what flavour you are getting.
The box is easy to get into but I find the packaging of the individual bars a little tricky for my 5 year old to open himself. I can't seem to give any solutions to this though, as I do believe it is just because they are quite small bars and little fingers haven't quite got the required fine motor skills to open them yet.
These are so easy to just chuck in the lunchbox and as a mum I am happy that these offer a little nutrition packed in a yummy bar that kids love. I will definitely be getting these when I see them in store from now on and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get some vegetable goodness into their fussy kids.
gonzze - 2:08 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thanks for giving us the chance to try the Mothers Earth Vege fruit sticks. I like how there is 8 bars in the box as lots of other brands of bars only come with 6 in the box so 8 is good. my younger 2 found the rapper hard to take of . Its good that there is no artificial colours or flavours in the bars. We liked the Beetroot and Apple the most The names of them made my lot think that they would not taste that good like spinach and apple my son thought that would not taste that good but he was surprised how good they taste. I would have liked the bars to have had less sugar in them over all we liked them
UKmumlivingNZ - 12:00 PM on Mon-13-Feb-2017 reply | message
What a surprise we have just received the Mother Earth Vege Fruit Stick pack this morning 11.30 am. I will make sure I will take the Vege Fruit sticks to school, this afternoon when I collect my 8 year old, as her favourite words are "Did you bring any afternoon tea I am hungry" she will be suprise. My daughter been making her own lunch the past 2 weeks for school and and the novelty this morning was low. Receiving the Mother Earth Fruit Stick packs and being selected as a reviewer thank you very much.
rocholt - 2:42 PM on Sun-12-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review the Mother Earth Vege Fruit Stick packs. As soon as these arrived (7.30am) the kids were ripping the parcel open so they each had one for breakfast. My 6 year old said they were "delicious" and my 4 year old was too busy scoffing it to comment (so that's a good thing). I was a bit worried they might see the big bright vegetables on the front of the packet and be put off eating them but they didn't seem to notice and they never questioned it. They liked all three flavours and I think it is a fabulous new idea by Mother Earth as my kids will eat carrot, broccoli and cauli but they won't eat spinach or beetroot if put in front of them so to be mixed up with fruit in the form of a bar is a great idea. They think they are having a real treat. Little do they know there is some goodness in there for them. Thanks again - they were a real hit and will definitely be buying more when I see them on the supermarket shelf.
caseyraskew - 2:17 PM on Sat-11-Feb-2017 reply | message
Thank you for the Mother Earth Vege Fruit Stick pack!!! My kids all enjoyed having these in their lunchboxes. These are really tasty. My 10 year old really hates beetroot but absolutely loved the Beetroot, Apple & Berry. The overall favs were the Beetroot one and the Spinach one but the Carrot, Apple & Orange box is empty.

Love the boxes as they stand out. Love that they are made with real vegetables. The kids love the texture and how easy they are to eat.

The wrapping is hard for my 5 year old to open and he's very capable of opening most things. I would suggest having a TEAR HERE on the wrapper.

These are definitely great for lunchboxes as I'm not sure that any teacher would be able to say they aren't healthy.

They are made in New Zealand so that is always a bonus.

Thank you and I will tell other parents about these. Can't wait to see them in the supermarket.
annette - 2:20 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2017 reply | message
We have 3 boys within this age range (9, 7, 4) all of whom could consume more vegetables in their diet. I would love to add these to their lunchboxes.
paulaw84 - 12:04 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these. I have two boys aged 8 and 6 and although my youngest is good at eating fruit and veges at home, I find it very tricky to get him to eat them in his lunchbox because he likes them cold. I am looking for healthy alternatives but have found them tricky to find. I would love to give these a go please.
DANICATS940 - 12:44 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2017 reply | message
Would love to give this a try trying to get verges into my girl is a nightmare. I add them to mince and pasta and have started making savoury muffins and scones to try and get more vege intake
tessa771 - 12:39 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2017 reply | message
My older 2 are easy to get Veges in, I put carrot sticks with hummus. Cut up fruit, dried fruit. Savoury muffins. But again I would love to give them something new to try that I knew was going to be good for them but also taste delicious! My 2 1/2 year old is the one who is the main struggle in our house. Would be great to see how these bars go on all 3 kids :)
k1nz - 11:15 AM on Wed-1-Feb-2017 reply | message
At the moment my daughter's loving grated carrot in her sandwiches or wraps. I've tried little baked savoury muffins or scrolls with veges in, but she hasn't been keen on those. She loves the fruit sticks, so it would be great to try her on the vege fruit sticks - if she likes them, I'd certainly chose them over the plain fruit ones to help up her vege intake!
arti - 8:37 AM on Wed-1-Feb-2017 reply | message
The easiest way to fit veggies into my childs diet is either on a sandwich or through baking pastries with them and it mostly works. Would love to see how my child reacts to this.
HandyAnd - 10:18 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
My six-year-old daughter likes carrots and cherry tomatoes in her lunch box, but the mini-chips and popcorn are usually eaten first. This sounds very interesting. I know that beetroot and carrot juices are yummy, so I'm hoping for great thinge here!
michbooth - 9:49 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
Wow these sound too good to be true!!! This would make an amazing snack for their lunch boxes, it's so hard getting the good stuff into them sometimes, so it would be nice to have an easy alternative :)
Countrygirl22 - 9:23 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
Something that isn't a french fries sign me up would love to try this fr my daughter please
amyduff - 8:39 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 3 boys aren't huge fruit and veggie eaters unfortunately so I always put carrot sticks and grapes in their lunches and hope for the best so these bars would be so great to try!
jafaj - 6:06 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
I am lucky and my son and daughter loves their fruit and vegetables. They even eat the broccoli raw when at supermarket walking around. I worry about sugar content in bars because son reacts badly to sugar high. Be interested to see how these works out
bankrupt - 5:52 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
Oooo these look yummy. My daughter and I would love to try these!!
hellyp - 5:44 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have one daughter who will eat almost anything and my youngest daughter is a little fuss pot when it comes to school lunches. I've tried cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks and they always come home with her. These would be an awesome way to sneak some veges into her lunch, and I bet they would go down a treat ;)
butlerbecks - 5:43 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2017 reply | message
My son loves bars similar to this so I would love him to try these. As per most kids he is pretty hard to get veges into, we do vege sticks that look like chips for dinner. Funnily enough he eats his veges when he is out at other peoples places. What a great product. Look forward to seeing there instore.<br>
bumblebee1988 - 2:23 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2017 reply | message
as much as i hate to admit it, my kids are fussy eaters. this would be a delicious way to help them get more fruits and veges into there diet, i would love to test these out because as a busy mum of 4 sometimes i dont get it right and the kids refuse to eat whats in front of them
hellsbelle - 8:39 PM on Sun-29-Jan-2017 reply | message
One of my boys is a great vegetable eater, loves cherry tomatoes and cucumber and really enjoys his fruit - easy. The other however is quite difficult. Loves guacamole but not in his lunchbox so it is usually boring old carrot sticks that rarely get eaten anyway. ..
Agentsteel - 7:37 PM on Sat-28-Jan-2017 reply | message
My two primary girls like sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes in their lunchbox. Mini carrots are good if there are no wiggly teeth. Using avacado in chocolate muffins is a little sneaky. Plus 'what now tv show' suggested marmite and lettuce as a sandwich filling so that's helpful too.
kerryn79 - 10:48 AM on Sat-28-Jan-2017 reply | message
Chunks of cucumber and cherry tomatoes are a usually in their lunchboxes, they love the Mother Earth grout bars so it would be great if they also loved these new ones :-)
olga - 10:23 AM on Sat-28-Jan-2017 reply | message
our two girls would like to try please
Godzgirl - 8:59 PM on Fri-27-Jan-2017 reply | message
We will put things like cherry tomatoes or little carrot sticks into the lunch boxes. Some times they find the carrot sticks too hard though, which is where these would be great. We have 3 girls 8,10 and 13. They will sometimes eat a bit of lettuce and tomatoe if I put it with some corn chips or something fun.
rocholt - 8:44 PM on Fri-27-Jan-2017 reply | message
This is a great idea. I find it hard to smuggle vegetables into the kids lunchboxes in fact they very rarely eat vegetables at lunch time. I have tried muffins with spinach which they won't touch. On the odd occasion they will eat carrots though. My kids love the Mother Earth fruit bars. They have one every day in their lunch box so I reckon I could switch the bars over to these vegetable ones and they probably wouldn't know the difference. From looking at the photo on the box they look exactly the same as the fruit bars. This could be perfect way for the kids to eat more veges without even realising!
Heather29 - 8:34 PM on Fri-27-Jan-2017 reply | message
Wow what a great idea - I would love to trial this product please! My 4 year old daughter loves the Mother Earth fruit bars and with her just starting kindy this would be perfect to add in to her lunch box. Normally great with fruit but not so much with veges, I like to think this will be a winner!
emmar2319 - 1:55 PM on Fri-27-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'd love to try these for my almost 5 year old girl who is off to school next month. She's great at eating fruit, but veggies is the problem area! I can only really sneak in grated carrot into pasta/mince dishes, i give her veggies to try every single day but she refuses to even try some veggies :( We have the Mother Earth fruit sticks already which she has 3 times a week, would love to switch these over to the Vege ones. Also my almost 3 year old girl loves the fruit sticks too, but again veg is the issue, she'll only eat sweetcorn. Thank you :)
jennybeetle - 7:43 AM on Wed-25-Jan-2017 reply | message
I sneak extra veggies into muffins and smoothies in my childs lunchbox. She is pretty good at eating fruit and loves lots of vedge just chopped up raw with a little dip.
Suzcamshane - 8:43 PM on Tue-24-Jan-2017 reply | message
We currently buy the fruit sticks and they're so great, would love to try the veggie ones, always love the idea of extra goodness for the little one and making it easy to sneak it to them is even better!
heytez - 8:40 PM on Mon-23-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'm so keen to try these! My almost 4 year old loves the fruit bars! He's fussy with vegetables so I add them in by blending them into smoothies and ice blocks, grating or pureeing them into baking or homemade gummy bears or getting out the food processor to make hummus or pesto!
madieddy - 10:10 AM on Mon-23-Jan-2017 reply | message
Currently we buy the fruit ones and they are great and go down like a treat in our house! we really struggle to get veggies into our kids especially our littlie she picks through her food and pulls out the bits she wants to eat! so I attempt to grate veggies and hide them in mince dishes or cut them into fun shapes to encourage them to eat. (not always successful!)
ivory - 9:31 AM on Mon-23-Jan-2017 reply | message
These bars look great, what an interesting idea to add vegetables to the already popular fruit stick range! I dont have any issues getting my 11 year old to eat his vegetables, he loves cucumber in his lunchbox
Kitty32 - 8:11 PM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
I stuggle to get my 2 & a half year old to eat vegetables, but he loves pumpkin bread and Heinz Little Kids fruit & veg shredz and he is a big fruit eater these isn't one fruit that Iv offered him that he doesn't like. He also loves the Mother Nature fruit sticks that you can currently buy at the supermarket.
Coring - 4:46 PM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
With the coming school opening just around the corner, I have got no problems with integrating vegetables into the lunchbox of my daughter because she eats everything. She likes carrots, cucumber, capsicum and celery. Since she was little I would almost and always give her boiled broccoli every morning. So, there is no problem at all. These fruit sticks would be amazing.
tinaanne - 4:27 PM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
I find it difficult to add veges to a lunch box. My son (7) will have lettuce in his sandwiches with avocado or ham. My daughter (4) picks everything out of her sandwiches and prefers to eat just bread and butter!! Even jam or cheese gets left behind <sigh> But I'm guessing she would love these little bars. We have 3 veges with each dinner to fill them up and they eat 1-2 pieces of fruit in lunch boxes which is so much easier.
niknik - 3:57 PM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
We love the current mother Earth fruit bars and are a lunch or snack item we all enjoy. The kids love fruit but raw vegetables in there lunch boxes is alot hardersome will eat carrot stick or cucumber. So sneaking in the odd vegetable grated into spag boll has worked for us. It would be interesting to see which children would eat these we have 14yrs, 4yrs and 2, Oh and of cause myself. Getting a extra vegetable into our family diet would be a great bonus
bexandpaul - 2:27 PM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
These look interesting, our 3 boys, 10, 7 and 4 already enjoy Mother Earth fruit sticks, im sure they would love to try these and i bet they wont even know there is vegetables in them!
nessee - 8:59 AM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
Ooh ooh finally a company has stepped out of the square and come up with a clever design of Veg and Fruits together to create a Bar for kids.. no its not a cop out for parents to get slack and not try to feed their kids with vegetables etc, sometimes it's just hard to get my two to eat vegetables on a very regular basis, they are getting much better as they get older, but at times it is hard. Miss 6 is better than Miss 5 but texture is a BIG thing for her, hopefully once she gets her Tonsils and adenoids out things will improve, as Miss 6 was a bit like that and had her Tonsils and adenoids out and we had a totally different child, more happier and became a better eater.. I would soooo love to review these for lunchbox, snacks when out n about, travelling in the car, Nana's and every opportunity and make them a treat for great behaviour.. also love the flavour combinations, well done Mother Earth think you have just made lots of Kiwi parents life just that bit easier for the hard rough times!!!! Yessssss yessssss yessssss pleaseeee to trial these yummmmy bars
kahlansmum - 8:50 AM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
I must admit I'm a little sceptical about the flavour of these.... would be keen for Miss 8 and Mr 3 to try them though - would be a great way to encourage some healthy eating. Getting vegies into the lunchbox can be such a mission - and most often they come back home again (and into the bin when mums not looking). Fruit is easy - vegies not so much!
routtrim - 8:27 AM on Sun-22-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would so love to try these! I have one little 8 year old who is very into healthy eating and won't eat packaged food if he thinks it isn't good for him. And my daughter (10) is the opposite, loves junk and I struggle to find things which she will eat, that ARE good for her! This snack looks like the ideal solution for us. At the moment I give the kids their favourite vegies (cucumber, carrot, peas) as one of their school snack breaks every day, use a partitioned lunchbox to ensure they get 1 fruit, 1 vege, protein, grains and dairy, and bake veges into all my sweet baking (pumpkin, carrot, zucchini etc). But the kids have one "packet lunch day" per week, it would be great to give them a vege choice for that day too!
ugnz - 11:04 PM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
Um, not a lot. My 7yo likes seaweed, she gets that sometimes. My 4yo still eats baby food pouches with veges in, and get one of those from time to time. Hmm, veges? Nah, I'm struggling too much to just get anything into their lunchboxes so far.
UKmumlivingNZ - 10:02 PM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
My fussy vegetarian 8 year old daughter would like to try the bars. She takes cucumber and carrots sticks to school. She been a vegetarian since birth and loved all types of vegetables from 6 months and I have photos of my daughter eating broccoli but she will only eat 2 pieces of broccoli these days. My daughter and I look at recipes in books and on the Internet for new ideas for lunch and she try them once and doesn't like them the 2nd time. I just want my daughter lunch to be colourful and different and I will no longer get comments I want something new for lunch but I don't like this and that.
Lulubelle - 9:55 PM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
My three year old loves her raw veges so her kindy lunch box usually has a selection of capsicum, carrot, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. It gets a bit trickier in when they are not in season so it would be great to try another vege option.
Picky14 - 6:55 PM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
Finely cut up in a savoury muffin or zucchini slice. I've seen vegetables in muesli bars in other countries and thought it was a brilliant idea, we'll done Mother Earth!
Mautopia - 2:49 PM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
My children's school has just gone zero waste so they now have a bento type box each... they love their lunches since this change has been made... I try and give them an equal balance of fruit and vege that they can eat with their fingers, a treat item and a sandwich or quiche etc filled chocca with hidden veges also. I'd love to try adding these as their "treat" item with that extra hidden veges as well. :D
nadia - 10:13 AM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to try. I put slices of cucumber and carrot sticks in the lunchbox sometimes. Also do wraps with grated carrot, cucumber slices, ham and cheese. Would be great to try something new and different.
Jaqui - 8:11 AM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
Oh wow these look great! We already buy the mother earth fruit sticks...but these look even better!
I try to put a lot of effort into my 4 year old girls kindy lunch box...eating well is important to us!
we pack veges in by sending her quite often with carrot sticks and hummus...she loves this but won't eat the likes of capsicum sticks, so I often make cheese muffins with added capsicum, corgette and onion...she demolishes them! Yay!
Would love to try these vege sticks!
Many thanks
Sonja567 - 4:25 AM on Sat-21-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughter was really fussy when it came to veges, and wouldn't eat them unless they were in a spaghetti bolognese or something similar as long as they were well cooked and soft so you couldn't feel the texture of them and had to be covered in some kind of sauce. I was getting really frustrated as she loved them when she was a toddler. We decided to create her a vege garden - starting from growing them from seeds, watering, nourishing etc, and she now eats lettuce, tomato, rocket, onion, mushroom, broccoli, cauli, carrots, and so many more!!! She now picks the veges for her lunch box and for dinner. If she's going thru a phase of not eating them in her lunch, I put a small container of ETA Light Mayonnaise in her lunch box, and she dips the veges in it - it works every time!!!!!
Countrygirl22 - 11:53 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughter doesn't eat vegies as far as she knows but if i make them small enough when i put them in a casserole or soup she doesn't even know, to be able to give her vegies in her lunch in a way she would eat them would be awesome id love to give these a try.
braindead - 11:42 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
These sound great! My 10yo daughter usually has a piece of fruit and some tomatoes, yellow capsicum, carrot or cucumber in her lunch. I'd love to get her to try other flavours, particularly spinach and beetroot.
steff - 11:13 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these as my daughter is not fussed on veges. Most things put in the lunchbox end up coming home. She even picks her sandwiches to bits so she doesn't eat any veges in it.
irinap0595 - 7:07 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
For my 12 years old daughter it was always challenge to give the veggies. She eats only carrots and gets tired of this . It would be awesome to have some veggie bars. She doesn't want to try fruits as well . She is very selective , picky eater . It is drive me nuts . I would like to try this and hope she would love it.
Kazzam - 6:47 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
With Mr nearly 5 starting school next month these would be great to try in his big boy lunchbox and I love the fact these bars have some veggies in them as well. My son is rather picky he will eat most fruits but veggies I struggle with he will do carrot sticks with dip so I am hoping to try celery with dip fir a win too. I also grate veggies in mince meatballs and have them cold in his lunch too.
SarahBlair - 3:05 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I used to do carrot celery sticks, and salad sandwiches but after they kept coming home again I gave up, Id love to try these and see if my kids will eat them!
HayleyS - 1:57 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
My kids love hummus so I sometimes do carrot sticks with hummus in their lunch...mostly they just eat the hummus and leave the carrot sticks!
2ndtimeround - 1:17 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
PS to last comment, Have 3! lunchboxes to do this year ahhhhh!
2ndtimeround - 1:16 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Hi there, So we do the usual vegs things for lunchboxes currently, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, choped up capsicum and a variety of fruit. Its really hard thou to get them to EAT it. So often it comes home, as they are just board of them I guess. Sometimes a dip of hummus or something like that helps to get them to eat them. So this trial would be GREAT for a change and if they are as healthy as they seem.,,,,,,,well awesome!! Thanks for the opportunity.
Ange1210 - 1:11 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
This would be amazing. My boy loves his fruit and veges but I feel that I am giving him the same thing over and over again. This would be a nice way to change it up. In his lunchbox we often put carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes as well as different fruits depending on the season
Devilgal - 1:01 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these for Mr 11and Mr 4.
My 11yo is more open to eating fruit and veges but my 4yo actively tries to avoid them, but does like his fruit bars.
Having recently had surgery also makes it that much harder to provide healthier alternatives for them, so these would be great!
astewart - 12:29 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to trial these with my 10 year old son as I am always on the lookout for healthy alternatives to make his lunchbox more interesting so he will actually eat whats given to him! He tends to leave any fruit or veges til last if eaten at all - often comes back home untouched so would be great to see how he likes these.
Steph31 - 12:25 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these in my girls lunchboxes. Even though they are great at eating fruit and veges it would be nice to pop these in so I don't have to worry about keeping things cold and fresh by lunch time.
Joeyjo - 12:16 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
We would love to try these for our 3 childrens lunch boxes. Currently we cut up veges they like (which sometimes get eaten) or hide them in baking which sometimes works.
GemmaV - 12:14 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Always on the look out for something quick to put in my 3 and 5 year olds lunchbox, being busy with three kids i am not always able to make stuff so would be good to try this product. I try and sneak veges in muffins and also have been making fruit smoothies which I hide veges such as beetroot, celery and kale into them x My fussy kids dont know the difference teehee
dayauon - 12:05 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Anything rolls that they cannot see what's inside, they like to eat. They like the crunch, not knowing that there's veggies inside. Hope we'll be chosen. I have 2 kids in the age range and they're both picky eaters.
bevik1971 - 11:30 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I know like a lot of parents out there how difficult it is to get your young kids to eat veggies! It is also difficult finding foods that are reasonably priced and not full of sugar or other nasties :( I love Mother Earth products - the fruit bars are great and I'm sure these are delicious, especially as made up of veggies! These types of food are more of a treat for our 4 year old daughter, but also great for the kindy lunchbox. We would love to trial these yummy bars :)
Ruth4 - 11:18 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
The only bars my kids will eat are the Mother Earth fruit bars so these would be great for the kids to try, they sound really yummy. I try to put cut up veges like carrot, celery and cucumber in their lunches but often it will come back at the end of the day.
druryl - 10:55 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yes please I would love to try these. My girls love the fruit ones so I'm hoping they will love these ones aswell.
Mandsc - 9:47 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these mother earth vege fruit sticks for my 3 children as it is hard enough to pack there lunch boxes with healthy food these would be great to try
diamante2004 - 9:42 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I am always trying to give my 3 grand-children a variety of things to eat that are good for them. We are trying to introduce more flavours into their diets and we are just starting to get them interested in different fruits and vegetables mixed. We tried them yesterday on chocolate and Beetroot cake and they loved it and came back for a second piece..
KellyCarr - 9:37 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to trail this product my 3 year old loves the fruit ones we buy them all the time so would love to see if he loves these ones too.
krm - 9:24 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I struggle getting my son to eat vegetables, he will nibble corn on the cob, but it is a struggle always to get him eating vegetables, we had a little success with cherry tomatoes in his lunch box, but he has now decided they aren't for him, so i would love to try these and see what he thinks, these look like they would be a great idea for a child like mine.
sarinak - 8:56 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I cut up celery and carrots and provide onion dip. I pack whole cherry tomatoes and blueberries and strawberries that way my kids think cherry tomatoes are a berry :P haha im soo cruel lol
kristyc - 8:38 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Unfortunately my children won't eat vege's unless they don't know its there - I have to hide vege's in things like muffins, quiche or bacon and egg pie. These bars would be perfect for my kids!
MommytoKandR - 8:23 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 5 year old is super easy with most foods and loves his fruit and veg. I usually cut up fresh carrots and oranges for his lunch box or add an apple / banana but when he gets a fruit stick or other packaged treat, he loves it. But my 3 year old is a bit more fussy and I'm constantly thinking of new ways to hide fruit and veg in muffins, yoghurt, breads, etc. So I'm always looking for easy treats but making sure they contain healthy ingredients. This would be a great trial to test out.
Donsmith75 - 8:19 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Carrot sticks and hummus is used in our household but I haven't found much else that works. Would love to try these!
richally - 8:18 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
im always trying to find ways to sneak them in.. bliss balls... muffins.. im not always successful
shorrty4life - 8:11 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughter loves Spinach salad in her lunch so we put some in a wee pottel for her. She also loves carrot sticks and cucumber wheels. We also put peas in a pod in there too as they are nice and juicy. At least one of these vegetable treats are added to her lunch each day to benefit her health. Would love to trial these bars also what a great way to get veges into kids. Thanks kidspot
cnikb - 7:39 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
We occasionally put cherry tomatoes in our nearly 6 year old's lunch box but would love to make veges a more regular occurrence
nessie07 - 7:30 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
We try to put a carrot in my 4 year olds lunch box but it doesn't always work. I'd definitely be interested in seeing if a fruit and vege stick would work. I know my kids all like the fruit only fruit sticks already
serina21 - 7:25 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
I make savoury muffins these look yummy and quick easy for the lunch box, i have a 6 year old and 2 year old who current have the apple ones of these in their lunchboxes
kirsty8 - 3:18 AM on Fri-20-Jan-2017 reply | message
Little miss and I would love to try these! Quick healthy on the go snacks are a must for us
JMRoberts - 11:56 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
These look good. One of my girls loves these fruit bars. I would be keen to trial these new flavours πŸ˜„
fefifofum - 11:40 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Umm at the moment I don't think we get any veges into my son's lunchbox, it is mostly fruit, salami, rice crackers, corn thins etc. We did use to slice up carrots and cucumber but that died a slow death, never to be repeated....My youngest, has lunch provided at daycare although is a constant snacker especially in the car to and from daycare. Again no vege related goodies, mostly muesli bars, raisins, pretzels. It would be fantastic to try something different that promotes alternative goodness.
TillysMum - 11:40 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Oh. My. Goodness! Miss Nearly 6 LOVES her veges (we are a lolly-free home) and Mother Earth are her favourite brand of Fruit Sticks! This is the perfect meld of both of these! These would be a winner in our house especially with the back-to-school rush!
Abzstar - 11:35 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Ooh yes please my girl used to love the fruit ones but has gone off them due to too sweet/bored of them /both lol she's loving her veges atm and I dear say these could be the answer πŸ˜€ it would be fantastic to get to try them on her before buying yet another pack that has a nose turned up to it lol she loves all those veges and am interested to see if this is the answer
Alex25 - 11:19 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My busy family with three children would love to try these - the flavours look good and while I'd be interested to know the exact sugar content, they would make ideal snacks for car rides and to keep in my handbag for 'hungry child emergencies'! We do a bit of running around to sports games and practices, music lessons and just the usual family lifestyle activities and they would be a lifesaver to throw in my bag on my way out the door! I'd love to try them :)
suzielizabeth - 10:57 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I give my son Matthew carrot sticks, celery with peanut butter in, and cherry tomatos which he eats and enjoys. These verge fruit sticks look good and I would love to try them please :-)
skirts - 10:44 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I actually really struggle to get veges in to my kids lunchboxes. At the moment, they will eat cherry tomatoes, and carrot sticks (sometimes pack in hummus or something to dip them in) but other than that we don't have a lot of veges in their lunchboxes, so I try and make sure dinner time has lots of veges.
Be so good to have an easy lunchbox item like this to pop in the lunchboxes
Flutterbye - 10:40 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to trial these for my kids lunchboxes for the beginning of the new year. Healthy Variety what more can you ask for.
jthorne - 10:09 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these with my two girls as they love the fruit ones and it would be good to have more variety. They usually have vegetables in their lunch box a couple of times a week, usually carrot sticks with hummus and sometimes cucumber slices.
MichelleCen - 10:08 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
It will be good for lunch box
raz1984 - 10:06 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
A sneaky way of getting extra veges into Miss 5... Would love to try these for her!! They sound much better than other bars on the market which we only get as treats due to too much sugar and not enough nutrients. She's not fussy...but know what she likes and what she doesn't!
2littleboys - 10:05 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Sounds interesting. I sometimes buy the mother earth fruit sticks as they are not too sweet, they are the perfect lunchbox size and taste good. I'm curious about the vege sticks and have a Kindy aged and school aged boy who would let me know what they think :o)
bigam4 - 9:42 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yes please would love to try the products on my toddler. My son has recently become very picky with eating his dinner and has become impossible to get him to eat his veges. These products look like a genius way of getting the nutritional value of veges incorporated into a yummy snack!
helen3 - 9:36 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
These look really interesting, the kids love the fruit versions so would be really keen to try on my 3 boys and see if they eat them!!!
jennasteer - 9:36 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Buy cool we containers, chop them in cool shapes! Make yummy snacks
peneh - 9:36 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yum these Flavours sound so tasty. I try and add veges to my daughter lunchbox by putting carrot sticks and dip in. Sometimes I slice cucumber and add this to her lunch. Can't wait to see these in the supermarket.
karlee - 9:16 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I am so intrigued. What AMAZING flavour combinations. My three primary school aged daughters would love these in their lunch boxes. I don't often buy muesli bars but when I do my kids love the fruit sticks made by Mother Earth.
Nww - 9:07 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 3 year old is not consistent with which veges he will eat - I'm pretty sure he would consistently eat these 'treats'! Would love to give them a try.
carolinef - 9:06 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My girls love the mother earth fruit sticks so I can see them loving these too. My children love fruit but are not keen on veges so getting them in their lunch boxes is tricky. They'll eat cucumber sticks and baby carrots and tomatoes in their lunch boxes but that's the extent of it. Luckily for dinners I can hide vegetables in mince dishes or give them a plate of leaves (that's what they call spinach lol!) These vege fruit sticks would be great to try with my two.
Tinakiri84 - 9:00 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughter likes carrots so I usually put carrot sticks in her lunch but she doesn't always eat them , frustrating.
Xanie - 8:59 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I couldn't be more excited about these Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks! Getting the kids to eat veges is hard at the best of times. I'm pretty sure the veges I pack into their lunch box are there just to travel to school and home again! My kids LOVE the Mother Earth Fruit Sticks so getting them to eat these would be a cinch!
MichelleH - 8:57 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
We are all huge Mother Earth fans and my girls usually take one of their fruit bars as a 'treat' for their school lunches. My eldest (8 years old) is not a huge fan of veggies so I would love to surprise her with these and see how well they go down!!
Jhereal - 8:53 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My son will start Year 1 this coming school year and it will be great to try these on his lunch box!
emmzip - 8:49 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would absolutely love to trial this product with my children. They love the mother earth fruit sticks and are fussy fussy esters!! I'm sure miss 4 would love these as well as Mr 2 and miss 1!!
JReynolds - 8:46 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughter loves the fruit sticks! Would absolutely love the chance to try the veggie sticks!
Libbee - 8:43 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Its so hard to fit veges into lunch boxes... my eldest will eat carrot sticks but middle won't eat any veges for lunch so sometimes send her to kindy with soup! She loves muesli bars so would be great to trial these!
kateverry - 8:22 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
We would love to be a part of this, with 3 kids who all eat veges but where 2 of my kids adore fruit I have 1 that does not. It would be awesome to find something good for her that contains real fruit. We have a boy 8, and two girls 7 & 4. 😊
lmonty - 8:20 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Veges is a struggle with Miss 3 for sure! She is good with fruit but veges are always left in the lunchbox after kindy! Would love to try and review these vege fruit bars to see if these do the trick, they sound fab!!
michellewhaley - 8:16 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Luckily i don't have too much trouble, but if i did i would be grating the veges and sneaking them into quiches or meat patties :) She loves the fruit sticks and we are very keen to try the vege sticks, what a fantastic idea. Thanks for the opportunity.
ke11y - 8:11 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
It's hard enough getting my 3 year old son to eat anything let alone vegetables. He loves any food that comes in the form of a stick. Very keen to give them a try as he likes the mother earth muesli bars.
littleone - 8:10 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Miss 3 loves her fruit I have no problems getting her to eat it but veggies on the other hand are almost mission impossible !!! I would love to try out the Vege fruit sticks and sneak some veggies into her lunch ( Shes already a big fan of the fruit sticks )
oldmamma - 8:07 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My son will only eat veggies if they're in a Chinese dish. Otherwise he turns his nose up at it. So I have to hide tiny bits of veggies in Meatballs and meat pies. These would be perfect to put into his lunchbox, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
lornamoa - 8:05 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I put carrot sticks, cucumber slices, edamame beans, cherry tomatoes all in my kids lunch boxes. Most of the time they come back uneaten but I keep trying. I would love to try these!! Maybe we would get more success
aimeevisser - 8:02 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
YUM! We already love the fruit range and these vege fruit sticks look great! We would love to trial them (Miss 5, Mr 3, and Miss almost 2). Neat to see a new idea on the market too!
Palindrome - 7:52 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'd love to review the New Mother Earth Vege Fruit sticks! Our little man is a fussy eater - it's quite hard to get more than a mouthful or two of veges into him, though he likes his fruit. This combo of fruit AND veges might make all the difference, so very keen to try it out :)
Robynpouw - 7:49 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Oh wow yes please, we really struggle to get enough veges into our 3 year old.
I always give my wee man vegetables and occasionally he will shock me by eating a bit πŸ˜„. I try to hide them in this like muffins or toasted sandwiches which sometimes works as long as he doesn't notice anything green lol.
These sound fantastic and we would love the opportunity to try these in our house.
lottieg - 7:47 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I wish I could say that my kids were both mega vegie fans and I could just whip up a healthy salad or vegie stick platter for their lunches.....but this would be only in my dreams. We've tried to include a range of vegetables into our kids diets from a very early age, but it hasn't helped much in increasing their enthusiasm over them. It doesn't stop me still trying to find ways to include them into their lunchboxes though. I find, by getting a bit creative, the kids seem to almost forget they're eating vegies and focus on the food creation instead. For example my daughter loves it when I make centipede sandwiches with colourful carrot, capsicum, cucumber and celery legs. Even though it's time consuming to cut the vegies into such tiny slivers, my daughter eats up every single one of the legs. Try giving her vegies sticks on their own though and the lunchbox comes back with them completely untouched!!! So creativity is my key. Butterflies and centipedes and vegie people etc. Supposedly the vegies taste different this way - or so says Master 3 and Miss 6 :-)
lynne - 7:31 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I think every mother would like to get more veges into their children. I know i would certainly like to try
Katy1 - 7:29 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My almost 3 year old loves her muesli bars but I know so many of them are full of not so healthy ingredients. It's great to know these have added veges.
My daughter enjoys small pieces of capsicum and cucumber so I often Chop small pieces up for her lunchbox when we go out.
nani123 - 7:25 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'm sure my 4 year old son will love these as he loves the fruit sticks. I struggle to get veggies into him as he doesn't like the usual options. I always add carrot and cucumber sticks to his lunchbox but unfortunately they always come back uneaten.
JeniP - 7:23 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
our foster daughter is special needs and so we are very health conscious. vegies and fruit are a big part of her diet. Celery and carrots and dip or hummus are a good one for her lunches. she loves the dipping do it myself. These sticks looks amazing. would love to try them
malandrob - 7:22 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
We make vege muffins - full of veges and fruit!!!
CaseysMum - 7:21 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
When in season I will give my girls carrot sticks, cucumber or tomato which they love - but not always available at a price that is affordabe. These look good as they would be available year round and Always keen to find something yummy and healthy for school lunches.
oneonly - 7:17 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Since my child isn't a sandwich or wrap fan I can't do salad etc there so I often bake muffins with spinach, grated courgette and carrot, and lots of cheese so that she gets those veges in a filling way.
She also loves peanut butter so I send cucumber, carrot and celery sticks with some peanut butter for dipping.
I would love to try these bars as a slightly easier, and novel, way of getting some veges happening.
Thanks for considering us.
motheroffour - 7:07 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My kids LOVE cucumber so that on is easy they like carrot sticks but don't like when they go brown. Otherwise it is really hard
caramel - 6:57 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 3 love fruit sticks but my youngest, mr 7, doesn't like fruit and usually has vegetables in his lunch instead. I would love to try these out!!!
mibold - 6:56 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have to hide vegetables as my two kids aged 3 and 5 have a aversion to all. Vegetables (fruits are fine and easy) so we are on a daily challenge with vegetables
poffsa - 6:53 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
would love to trial, have 6 year old who wont eat fruit or veges, 8 year old who would probably enjoy and an 11 year old who needs to eat healthier!
lilblondee6 - 6:50 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I won't lie, it's a struggle to sneak grated carrot into meatloaf or spaghetti bolognaise without one of the kids noticing. I wouldn't dare put salad on their plate. But I have gotten away with a carrot or two in the juicer! We'd love to try the new Mother Earth range of vege fruit sticks! πŸ˜‹
DeeBee - 6:49 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
These sound great, I would be very tempted to hide the boxes the first time the kids tried them to get their honest opinion on the taste rather than have them pull faces at the thought of eating veggies before they have even tried them. What a fantastic idea!
Annaz - 6:47 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Oooh yes please, always looking for new ways to get the kids to eat veges, and these sort of bars are great for the lunches. Would love to try these with my 4 and 5 year old girls. Thanks for the chance.
bassplayer - 6:42 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughter will eat most veges but my son is so selective and often I find a lot of the veges put in the rubbish. He loves cucumber and carrot but nothing else and only will eat apple slices so these bars sound like a great way to get him vegetable nutrition, it would put my mind at ease as well, knowing he is getting good nutrition :)
nikkipask - 6:42 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
At first I saw this and thought, we won't be needed as we buy these all the time...and THEN! I saw they were new and Vege Fruit Sticks - amazing! I'd love to try these on Master 5 and Master 7 as they are so fussy and when it comes to vegetables.....well....the battle isn't always worth the effort. We'd love to try this in their school lunches and I can be grinning inside when they come home eaten and wanting more!!!
stepanka - 6:37 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Our 3 year old would love this, l have no problem with feeding her fruit and veggies but this comes in convenient pack which is a huge plus! Thank you.
tarat - 6:36 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have a 3 year old girl and 5 year old boy and always looking for healthy snacks for them during the day and for school lunch as they are so busy being active they are always hungry. I think these would be right up their alley as they love their fruit and veggies but fussy with bars like these. Please pick us :)
EmilyH - 6:26 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I love this idea!! I have 4 boys, 8, 6, 4, and 3. Mr 8 and ^ are great with veges but the younger 2 are a bit fussier. We make hummus and serve with carrots and celery, or celery boats with peanut butter and raisens, I've tried savoury muffins but they dont go down too well so I will grate zuchinni into a sweeter muffin or carrot, or beetroot sometimes too!
shayna83 - 6:19 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have a 3, 5 and 8 year old who love museli bars but i try to avoid them as they tend to be so high in sugar. These sound like a great compromise!! My kids love cherry tomatoes, carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus, celery sticks with peanut butter, zucchini fritters, mini corn muffins in their lunch boxes so i guess we do pretty well.
Joanne - 6:18 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'd love to trial these with my 5 + 9 year old kiddies please. We find it very challenging to have veggies in lunchboxes. What has worked is chocolate muffins with beetroot and meatballs with veges. Happy to provide honest feedback and quickly too if we were selected. Would be wonderful to try this product with the kids.
veronica2005 - 6:14 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these new mother earth products they are a favourite treat snack for the lunch box in this house and my son loves vegetable juice so these would go down a treat . thanks regards veronica
Louise - 6:10 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I find grated veges on his sammi works the best. It needs to be quick and easy to eat as he's so busy at lunchtime to spend too much time eating! His other food finds it's way back home again but they make them eat their sandwich before playtime at his school.

Michelle87 - 6:09 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'm due to give birth to my second child this month so I would LOVE some tasty nutritious lunchbox snacks for my two year old!
Nellie77 - 6:08 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to trial these on my 3 picky eaters. I am constantly trying to invent new ways of hiding veges and fruit into their food. This would be a lot easier
Jammy16 - 6:07 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Wed love to trial these :)
My daughter enjoys her veggies but I don't think they can ever get enough of them. This would be abother great option for her.
KateT - 6:06 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
These would be great for my Mr Picky - he will now eat broccoli, carrot, cucumber and lettuce but is very suspicious of anything new so extending his pallet is hard - he loves the fruit versions of these though - so would be very keen to try.
kiwinutter - 6:04 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
These would be wonderful to trial! I have started working and just don't seem to be able to get such a balanced meal plan for my kids - these would sort that worry! :)
lorrainehogan - 6:01 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Hi. I would love to trial this product! My kids are hard balls when it comes to veges, so I hide them in everything! I make rollups and hide beetroot in with the berries, and carrots in with mashed egg. Avocado and beetroot in thier berry smoothies!! They have no idea! My kids love the fruit sticks and I am sure the vege sticks will be a hit too, therefore would love to try them, and besides its another avenue to sneak in some vege without them knowing! Afterall I can only get away with this while they are young xx
topcatnzd - 6:01 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I don't really fit veggies in lunches, as tomato isn't one right? Maybe a carrot if we are running low on fruit. These sound disgusting but I'm keen as for the kiddies to try them. Not sure I would go buy them before sampling though.
Cindierella - 5:58 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My son isnt a big fruit or vege fan so lunch and dinner are always a challenge. I try dried fruit and fresh fruit but never been sure how to get veges into him....half the time his fruit comes home too. Would live to try these in his lunchbox! Itd be awesome if he would enjoy them and get some nutrients into him at the same time. .thats winning!
lynleyg - 5:58 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these. Veggies for lunch can be tricky. My most successful are if they are turned into dips. Carrot, beetroot, hummus, spinach etc are all great. Also filled rolls are popular with my kids.
dillonfamily - 5:53 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I grate it up and put it in fritters, meatballs and cakes/muffins! They're great with fruit but raw veggies is tough going so this Mother Earth product is exciting for me! yay!
BrendensMum - 5:52 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My boy isn't a fan of veges - if its got colour you don't eat it except for carrot sticks which are in his lunchbox most days. I also make muffins with added veges but don't tell him that :-) These fruit sticks will help getting more variety into his lunchbox when school starts back.
SaphB - 5:52 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these my son is very picky when it comes to veggies hiding peas is always a challenge normally in pancakes or veggie muffins
kaytie25 - 5:49 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yes please would love to try my boys on these. I try and put carrot sticks in my boys lunch box or celery sticks. My 4 year old eats vegies not a problem but my 11 year old is harder to get to eat them.
angelnshan - 5:47 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Veggie fritters are always a winner 😊
HappyMama4 - 5:46 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I give my kids raw veggies - I find that if they are fresh and cut up into cute little sticks or cubes, the kids love to eat them πŸ˜€
kwallace - 5:43 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
They love hummus so they have that with vege and peanut butter and celery is another favourite
SerenaGent - 5:32 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yes please! My daughter who is 6 is THE fussiest eater and I have to literally hide veggies in her meal otherwise she won't eat them!
gemm73 - 5:29 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to get my boys to try these, they love your bars, but we have problems getting veges into some of them, this is a brilliant way to do that! I put cherry tomatoes in one, vege sticks and hummus in anothers lunch box, but one just wont touch any, so this would be a great way to try, thanks!
eruki - 5:26 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I Can't keep up with fruit and veges for our three! The youngest is always raiding the fruit bowl and it's getting harder to stretch fruit and vege from grocery day right through to the following week. Having packets in the pantry would be fantastic at the end of the week! The carrots, apples, bananas & mandarins are standard favourites 😊
chefettenz - 5:26 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I try to hide them in lasange, at the moment ive been hiding them in smoothies as they have no idea , but this can be a mission when they are on the look out for them in their lunches especially feeding a 2 year old
Deanneb - 5:26 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Ooh yes please miss six loves these, the beetroot Apple and berries sound right up her alley as she loves them already I'd love to be considered for the trial please
heitiki - 5:24 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to give Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks a try - what a great idea! My 6 and 9 yo often leave the cut up carrot and cucumber I put in their lunchboxes and neither of them ever eats spinach, so very curious to see if they find this product palatable. The vege inclusion would also make these sticks lower in sugar than other brands, so very keen to be involved!
tcmmum - 5:24 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
This is just perfect!! My 3 kids love these already, they are their favourite muesli bars and are a weekly shopping staple with our weekly shopping, but to add vegies too? genius!! I would love to try these on my kids and see if the notice the change - I bet they don't!! ;)
gonzze - 5:22 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My children love cold vegetable fritters so they have them in there lunch box I put carrot. potatoes. zucchinis. silver beet what ever I have at the time They love them and its a great way for them to eat there vegetables. I all so know that they would love the Mothers Earth Vege Fruit Sticks so we would love to review them
nikboll - 5:20 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Honestly I haven't had a lot of luck getting vegies into their lunchboxes (or at least eaten when they are in there)!!! Am certainly open to suggestions. Fruit is mildly easier, especially for our daughter, but I'm lucky if I can sneak lettuce or carrot into a sandwich for either of them!!!
Charmedmum - 5:19 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Love the idea of this! I find it so hard to get all the nutrients for my kids. They're all good with fruit but veggies, not so much. Sometimes they'll have carrot sticks or broccoli florets. Quite often I make zucchini chocolate muffins and sneak in veg that way.
cooper3 - 5:19 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
For my grandchildren I usually add fruit and veges to their lunch boxes by putting in carrot sticks, celery sticks and smaller pieces of fruit such as mandarins, plums and nectarines. The older one is starting to enjoy wraps instead of sandwiches so I fill these with lots of lettuce, grated carrot, cheese, tomato both with and without meat.
Nessa - 5:18 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
i try to put raw carrot sticks in their lunch box. Also sometimes i do wraps with lettuce, carrot and other salad veges. these look interesting and interested in how they compare to the fruit sticks
piglet - 5:17 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love my 9 year old son to try these. The only vegetable I can sneak into his lunchbox is sliced cucumber..anything else remains uneaten (including fruit)and in a sorry state by the time he gets home. Thanks
RosieG - 5:17 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these for Mr 4 who is hopeless with veggies. Avocado sandwiches are always a hit but otherwise I have to grate veggies into muffins. We can't do quiches or egg based for kindy which is a shame because that's another easy way to increases intake. These look great as a healthy on-the-go snack too πŸ‘πŸ»
Mewkir - 5:16 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My kids love taking capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and other veges as snax. I often make vege muffins instead of sandwhich
ZoeA - 5:16 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yay great idea - veggies are a challenge for my two and I usually hide them amongst the other 'more enjoyable' food.
MartaA - 5:16 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
My little man is turning 3 in February and goes to kindy 3 times a week. I am always keen to add something exciting yet nutritious to his lunchbox and these NEW Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks sounds absolutely perfect. Adding veges to the combo has always been the most challenging part so these could be just the solution I'm looking for. My toddler and I would be very thrilled to try these.
DNM - 5:13 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'd love to try these please, I don't generally buy fruit bars because of the sugar content, I'd like to know how these compare. My daughter loves fruit, but it's not always easy to get veges into her.
starwoman13 - 5:12 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
We would love to try this product as my daughter is a picky eater and I'm always on the lookout for snacks for her lunchbox and after school. I also have a nephew who will not touch veges no matter what, so maybe these would be good for him as well. Thanks.
jude21 - 5:10 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these as my kids need to eat more fruit and veges. I love the fruit ones and I think its a great idea to add veges to them.
yeti67 - 3:44 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I middle daughter is special needs and find sometimes she struggles to eat food put in front of her. These would be amazing when I need to give her something cause she is t eating her dinner. And for long car trips.
AdeleNZ - 3:27 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to find a sneaky way to get veges into my kids. Struggle with the 'muesli bar' options out there at the moment and not keen on making my own. These look great!. Kids aged 6, 5 and 3 will think its a great treat! Woukd love to trial thanks!
Silverbabe - 1:19 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Generally my daughter is quite good at eating carrots, capsicum and cucumber so these things I chop up and put in her lunch box. I can't say the same for my teenage boys.
Alisha1990 - 12:24 PM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have 3 year old daughter that absolutely loves muesli bars and I would love to trial these as an alternative to her usual ones!
I currently fit veges into her lunchbox by making zucchini or carrot muffins, she also loves taking celery or cucumber sticks.
Nilithya - 10:15 AM on Thu-19-Jan-2017 reply | message
Mr 6 just will not eat anything except bread, cereal, apples. No pasta, no meat, no vegetables... we've tried everything as have the experts and in the end they said he's growing, he's healthy, just let him eat what he will. He loves Mother Earth Fruit sticks so I reckon I might be able to switch them out for these with fruit & veg! Would be a small feat for us!
Skeetylee - 10:59 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these as an alternative to the fruit ones i often buy. Im always looking for ways to get veges into the girls lunchboxes but usually resort to raw carrot cucumber or capsicum.
amber - 10:24 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I put raw carrot sticks and cucumber rings in the lunch boxes but they often don't get eaten. These Mother Earth veg fruit sticks sound great. We would love to trial them
jrcharming - 9:04 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to try this anything healthy for the kids are always a winner
sarahhndy - 8:05 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love my kids to try these new bars, big fan of the other ones. I sneak veggies into there lunch boxes by adding hummus in as well can all get them to to eat them
If I have hummus
Susanmoka - 8:02 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
These would be perfect for my children they can eat healthy
Mermaid32 - 7:41 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My older kids (7 & 9)/are pretty good with their vege and if I pack them carrot sticks and hummus, or celery with peanut butter, they'll usually eat them. The three year old is a different story though! He thinks I'm trying to poison him if I put a vegetable on his plate - he will even find grated up vege in spag bol or meatballs etc. Funnily enough, he LOVES a green smoothie, so I'll whizz one up and put it in a Kai carrier for him to take to preschool ;)
AnnaES - 7:35 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughters aren't very keen on veges! They only like a couple of types. One will eat lettuce with mayo and ham in a wrap. The other likes kumara and they both eat fries! They enjoy the usual fruit sticks. Curious what they would think of these!
k4kylie - 7:30 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these, my 3 girls (aged 1.5-9) all love the fruit ones and would tick the healthier box for meπŸ‘ Hard to have snacks that are healthy and easy to pack
alessandramummy - 7:18 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yes please my little girl loves the fruit sticks would be nice to try a vegetable option :)
Leanne245 - 7:06 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
These would be awesome to try! My kids love the fruit ones already.
I make savoury muffins for my boys to hide veges :)
mumjess - 6:11 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
what a seriously great idea!! we occasionaly do carrot sticks in lunch boxes... but they often do come home! but i perservere. i do think this idea is brilliant though!!
IEmzI - 4:38 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 6 and 7 year olds are not interested in veges at all...I still have to hide them...these would be awesome. I disguise fruit & veges in muffins as this is one way I know they will get some good stuff into them. I am already stressing about what I'm going to do about school lunches when the kids start back, these would be absolutely awesome to trial.
Keryn247 - 4:22 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 3 yr old son loves fruit, but not so much when it comes to veges. My 5yr old daughter hates fruit (except apples ) but loves carrots, so that's easy carrot sticks in the lunch box. I do also make cakes and muffins out of corgettes when in season, but it's not exactly healthy. Like most mum's I struggle to get enough fruit and veges into them
Mahmatesrulez - 3:38 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I will often make carrot/zucchini muffins. They taste so good that they do not know they are eating any vegetables at all. I would love to review these for the kids as I need more variety of getting veges into them!
GemsMum2013 - 3:21 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'm always on the hunt for healthy, yet nutritious snacks for my 3 year old's kindy lunch box. Also snacks that I can keep in my bag for when we're out and about. These look like they would be perfect and a great way to get vegetables into my picky little eater!
angepants - 2:50 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 4 year old daughter will not eat vegetables so I would love to try to get these to try on her
Krys5 - 2:31 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Wow love the idea am for ever hiding grating veges into my 4 kids meals and lunch boxes, my 3 girls are not bad with eating cucumber, carrots raw not cooked, tomatoes and capsicum my son 8 yr old son will not have a bar of any of that! Would love to try these and they love the fruit ones specially the blueberry, I would love to give them a go to currently 24 weeks pregnant be a nice in between snack healthy too ;)
neens1 - 2:31 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I sometimes use fruit for the brain snack part of the day. Sliced cucumber, carrot sticks and sweet peppers work really well. However, my kids love Mother Earth's fruit sticks and I would be interested to see how these cross over. Love that Mother Earth supports Enviroschools this time wearing my teacher hat!
Avinka - 2:08 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
What a fantastic idea! We would love to try the Mother Earth Vege fruit sticks please, I would be very curious to see what they taste like, and whether my 4 and 8 year old kids would like them as much as they like the fruit sticks (which they LOVE!) Any way to add extra nutrition to their snacks in a yummy way is a big plus.
maja0525 - 1:53 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I'm one of the lucky mums - I've never had to hide my daughter's veges. Her favourite veges are carrots and kumara so popping carrot and an ice cube into a container or roasted veges like kumara and beetroot, into her lunch box on their own or within a little pita or wrap has been pretty easy - she loves them!
amalia - 1:51 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 4 kids (11 9 6 and 5) would be perfect for this. They love anything new. But they also love snack cucumbers and cherry toms in their lunch boxes
AvasMummy - 1:48 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Veges with my three and a half year old daughter is the "almost impossible" category. No matter how I try to get them into her, she's way too stubborn. Ava already loves Mother Earth fruit sticks so the vegetable and fruit ones could very well be my new best friend! I would absolutely love and appreciate being able to trial this new product. Such a great concept.
linkingirl - 1:36 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Fitting vegies into the kids lunchbox is hard! Carrot/ cucumber/ celery sticks is about as far as it goes here. My 5 and 8 year olds already love the mother earth fruit sticks so it will be great to see if i can get them some extra vegie goodness in their lunchboxes.
nicsters - 1:32 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Veges go in the daily wrap or sandwich, they love it❀ These sound yummy, kids would love to trial them.
Canne - 1:27 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My 5 year old loves Veges so we go with carrot sticks, capsicum and salad sandwiches. My 7 year old in the other hand won't have a bar of it but loves muesli bars. These would be perfect
amyr - 1:07 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to give these to my children to try my 10yr old loves veges but my 8yr old will only eat carrot sticks with garlic hummus!
shellcruise - 12:58 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have an eight year old and five year old. They have very busy lives with dancing, brownies and drama course as well as school. I try to keep the lunch box healthy and they both love carrot sticks, tomatoes, fruits, berries, cucumbers etc with hummus. These would be great for those times we are on the run.
Tgrigg - 12:56 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My miss loves peas of any kind so getting her to try different veggies would be great and she loves the fruit bars already so giving something is already know the look of will be great
Carlene2 - 12:40 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My son already loves the fruit sticks and I am always trying to find ways to get him to eat his veggies so these would be perfect. I try cut up carrot for his lunch box and for dinner puree veggies into the kids pasta mince :)
AvaLily - 12:38 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to be considered for this trial! Miss 4 is the snacking queen and I am sure she will love these!
nezzar - 12:30 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Wow these look like something my daughter will love. Anything to hide veges is great. I have a fussy eater and this would be perfect to try. I often use the left over vege water to put in mince when making a mince pie. That way they will never know
chrislean - 12:24 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I chop carrots on little thin sticks, easy to much on. I slice radishes up and I buy the mini cucumbers. But I would dearly love you trial these Mother Earth vege sticks. I'm always needing g little bars like these to have in the car or when out and about.
rachaelkeach - 12:18 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Oh my word!!!! My boys are autistic and my youngest is a picky terrible eater so I have him on a multi vitamin and am always trying ways to get good healthy food into him. So hard to do though. My friend gave me a great idea of making mince and grating all sorts of veges into it so he doesn't see the veg. I would so love to try these as my son actually loves these fruit sticks so I get them all the time but fruit and veg? GENIUS!!!! Will buy them each week lol
oommii - 12:09 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Miss 4 and Miss 7 love the Mother Earth fruit sticks and I would love for them to try the new vege fruit sticks, the flavours sound delicious and it seems like a great way to add a bit extra to their 5+ a day . They are usually pretty good about eating fruit if it's cut up (larger fruit) in their lunch box as well as carrot sticks and celery sticks that are filled with peanut butter. Miss 7 occasionally wants salad sandwiches too
Pearlywhite - 12:09 PM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
We'd love to try these! I have two boys, one who loves his veges and one who refuses to eat them at all. I try to sneak them in to his food but he always notices ;-) This would be a great addition to the lunchbox and the flavours sound scrummy!
timmytime - 11:57 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Summer fruits go down a treat in the lunch box as do cherry tomatoes but Winter is a struggle! Would love to try these Mother Earth bars to see if they are an easier way to get fruit and veges into the lunchbox!
Treliseandme - 11:52 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Would love to review these bars! I try to get fruit and veges into my kids lunch boxes every day but they are usually the only things left when they get home, apart from Miss 3 who eats them first! Favourites are carrot sticks, frozen blueberries and an apple but the bigger ones leave all of these unless they are extra hungry....would lotto try and see if these bars would do the trick instead!!
jaden2011 - 11:52 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I would love to review these. I have a very fussy 5 yr old son, that won't eat vegs or fruit, but loves the Mother Earth Fruit sticks, so these ones would be prefect to add vegs into his lunchbox :)
paula22 - 11:45 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I put carrots in her lunch box as they are the only veges she will eat, so having these on her lunchbox would be ideal
Sharee88 - 11:34 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My kids love all different their lunches. My son loves having carrot sticks and will probably.ask me to make him avo on toast when school goes back :)
istabe - 11:27 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Cherry tomatoes are a hit in the lunchbox, sometimes they'll eat carrot sticks too. They also like ham cheese and tomato croissants (although you have to make sure that the tomato is in between the ham and the cheese so that the croissant doesn't go soggy!)
ECAW - 11:20 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Yes please may I be a reviewer! I have 4 hungry children with bottomless pits for stomachs. These would be really great to try!
coffeeandcoke - 11:20 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My son loves baby corn, so I usually try and put a few pieces in his lunch box, along with carrot sticks and sugar snap peas. I would love to try these as it would be great to have some more variety!
april2107 - 11:09 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
These sound awesome!! I try to put carrot sticks and hummus in Mr 4s lunch. And if I make muffins try and hide veges in those :) would love to try these!
kristiemarie - 11:05 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
these would be perfect for lil miss 4 for her kindy lunch box,she has carrot sticks in her lunchbox and eats corn and broccoli for dinner
Resse - 10:53 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
WOW!! These sound awesome. I like the sound of all the flavours. My three (6, 8 and 10) would love to trial these.
I normally put vege sticks into their lunchboxes standing up in a little pottle of hummus (or some other dip).
elektrika - 10:44 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
We would love to try these bars, they love the fruit sticks. I try putting carrot sticks in their lunchboxes but they rarely get eaten. Muffins with veges usually get eaten though!
Emzandnick - 10:41 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Mr 2 loveshis fruit and vege but this would be an awesome way to sneak in some extras
Mspinkness - 10:41 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I make sure they have tomato & lettuce in there sammies. Or I put carrot sticks & cucumber slices in there lunch boxes
JackieT - 10:40 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I don't really try with lunch apart from cherry tomatoes and raw carrot sticks! I wait until dinner where grated carrot and zucchini go in meat balls and peas and corn go in fried rice!
Georgina7 - 10:37 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
With four children it's a case of variety and bribery getting veggies into their lunchboxes. Each child has different likes and I try to mix it up with new recipes and products.
paula22 - 10:36 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I put carrots in her lunch box as they are the only veges she will eat, so having these on her lunchbox would be ideal
AlysMarie - 10:36 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have 2 children aged 6 and 4 who already love the fruit sticks. I'd like to give them fruit sticks with veges in them too. At the moment, I grate extra veges into their dinner and muffins and add little bits of creamed corn into their cheese toasties!
poppysmum - 10:32 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
Miss 5 won't eat any veg cold apart from raw carrot so these would b great for the lunch box a long with her fruit bar
sarahb - 10:28 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have and 8, 5 and four year old and they would love to try these! We already buy the fruit stuck so hopefully I could sneakily change to these without then noticing! Heehee. Everyday they have capsicum/carrot/ tomato in their lunch boxes but these would be an awesome way to get in more veges! Thanks for the opportunity! :-)
Lindanne - 10:21 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
With our grandson, 7, we make muffins together with fruit as an addition and for the veges add them to his mashed potato, which he adores! For dinner when we want him to try a new vege he will have pieces, small, the same number as his age.
Glenfelik - 10:16 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I have an avid vege/fruit hater in Master 8 so I am always willing to give something new a go to get his daily dose into him. Miss 10 on the other hand will give anything a try!
rnrgirl - 10:14 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My daughter loves raw veggies. .so she is happy to eat them as long as I put in a ice pack.
rainbow - 10:12 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
My almost 5 year old will be starting school soon so it would be great to try these. I find it difficult to get him to eat the traditional veggies in his lunchbox but he loves beetroot on its own or in sandwiches. I also try dips with carrot sticks.
Alicejones - 10:10 AM on Wed-18-Jan-2017 reply | message
I like to mix it up for my son Fresh fruit and veg and also dried fruit. He loves his fruit and veg and we no a lot of people who would love to no what they are like for when they come on the market.
micht - 4:25 PM on Tue-17-Jan-2017 reply | message
My almost 4 year old loves veggies but these days i find it hard to get her to eat ANYTHING food is like a chore. I am not sure how good these are but they sound amazing.. i would love to try and see if she would take to them... Thanks for the chance to register for this either way... :)
Stephjoy - 1:53 PM on Tue-17-Jan-2017 reply | message
This would be fantastic for my 3 year old. She starts back at kindy in 2 weeks and I really struggle to find ways to give her an interesting healthy lunch. Last I tried zucchini is chocolate muffins which the kids really enjoyed. However she really isn't interested in raw carrot sticks or celery like I had growing up. We would love to be considered for this trial.
Holly13 - 12:38 PM on Tue-17-Jan-2017 reply | message
This would be perfect for my 51/2 year old and 21 month old as they both not big fans on veggies, i think these would work wonders, my kids are very fuzzy eaters but love fruit of all kinds, would love to be chosen for the trial :)
MelanieC - 12:22 PM on Tue-17-Jan-2017 reply | message
These sound really interesting, we'd love to trial them as finding things that my daughter will eat at lunch before she gets distracted by playtime.
caseyraskew - 12:21 PM on Tue-17-Jan-2017 reply | message
My boys are 5,7 and 10. I put cut up carrots in my 5 year old's lunchbox but my other two wont eat vegetables from their lunchboxes. My boys all enjoy the apple and strawberry sticks in their lunchbox - its the only type of bar that they don't get sick of. We would be keen to try.

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