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Group Name: Smugglers
*See reviews below*

Need a new way to get veggies into your kids?

At Get Real Food, they believe in creating tasty, nutritious and convenient food for little kiwis. The perfect guilt-free option for busy families. Their smugglers are jam-packed with hidden goodness which even the fussiest little eaters will love. They take great care in selecting as many real and healthy New Zealand ingredients as possible. No cheap, nasty fillers, only good quality flavoursome food, made for your family.

Who loves smugglers? • Fussy kids • Not so fussy kids • Busy mums and dads • Health conscious adults.

Meet the smugglers

Smugglers look and cook just like any other nuggets but are loaded with New Zealand free range poultry and smuggled veggies.

Free Range Chicken Smugglers Free Range chicken(50%) and cauliflower(30%) nuggets with a crunchy panko crumb and sesame seeds. These nuggets have been fussy eater approved making them suitable for the whole family.

A bit about the team at smugglers

It all started when sisters, Melissa and Anna, both busy mums to ‘fussy’ children were disappointed by the lack of healthy, convenient options available in New Zealand.

“We started talking about what we could do to change it. After months of cooking and testing on friends and family, Get Real Food and our first product, “Smugglers” was launched. Today we have a small but high quality family of products. At Get Real Food we like to take kiwi food favourites and turn them into healthier options for busy families. We are constantly working on new ways we can bring healthy food options to kiwi tables.”
- Melissa and Anna

Please note: This is an AUCKLAND & WELLINGTON ONLY trial as products are not yet easily accessible nationwide. If you are selected to trial, a product voucher will be sent to the email address on your profile. Please note that by registering for this trial you agree to your email address being passed on to the supplier for this purpose.

To find a stockist in your area, click here.

Be sure to like their Facebook page to find out when Smugglers will be hitting your local supermarket.

We are giving 30 Mum Say members with children aged 1 - 5 years old the chance to trial the Free Range Chicken Smugglers.

Each selected reviewer will receive:
  • 1x Full size Free Range Chicken Nuggets with hidden cauliflower pack (275g)


If you are selected to trial, the product will be sent to the address on your profile. Please check your address now to ensure that it is up to date. Click here for full instructions on how to check your address.

Kidspot Terms and Conditions: You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected. Your name and postal address will be given to the supplier for the purpose of delivery of the product only.

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emmack101 - 7:13 AM on Tue-13-Jun-2017 reply | message
I thought these were great. From my point of view they were easy to cook and of course I had to have a little try and they tasted great! Not all my kids were as excited as me but my three year old who can be fussy loved them and had more than his share so as far as I'm concerned winner! They are more expensive than other products so we wouldn't be getting them all the time but a great alternative.
Krys5 - 2:15 PM on Thu-1-Jun-2017 reply | message
Big thumbs up from all 4 of my kids, and that in its self says it all lol perfect for my fussy eater as well as my good eaters, I thought they were great as they think they are eating just a chicken nugget, could be a bit bigger in size and have more in the box being such a large family on a budget is hard sometimes, part from that yum will definitely be buying more thanKS for the opportunity to sample :)
Starstar - 3:37 PM on Wed-24-May-2017 reply | message
YAY finally something that looks like a nugget, is boxed like a nugget the kids think they are a nugget but they have hidden veges in them.
I am forever trying to hide veges in things I make for the children sometimes succeeding and sometimes not quite. My 3 year old and 10 year old loved them it was an easy quick meal for me as I was in a rush last night to get out to a night class and I felt good that my girls were eating a good dinner that I had managed to get some protein and vege into them and no complaints, no crying,no trying to negotiate the veges with them or bribing them to just eat one more piece of whatever vege is on their plate.
These taste nice, they don't have a lot of wastage in them, there is plenty of protein and vege they will continue to be on our shopping list as any meal that takes me less then 20 minutes gives me no complaints and I can manage to quickly throw on some makeup before going out and I still feel like I have been a good mum covering the basic food groups is a winner with me!!!!!!!!!
LizNZ - 9:44 PM on Tue-23-May-2017 reply | message
Thank you for the opportunity to give these a go. The verdict? I thought they were incredibly delicious... not really "nuggets", but more "bites" is how I'd describe them, they're quite small and as others have said only a few in a pack. However they're pretty tasty and I would never have guessed there were veges hidden in them! I really liked them. Unfortunately my 4 year old boy who can sniff out a vege a mile away and who will literally picks out grated carrot out of a sauce did not like these, said they were too crumbly (insert eye roll emoji). My daughter, extra fussy 12 month old (what is it with my kids and being fussy?!) also didn't like them. Oh well, all the more for me!
Kazzam - 12:10 PM on Tue-23-May-2017 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity. Unfortunately the voucher expired whilst we were on leave so I did go out and buy these myself as I was curious and I am pleased to say we have brought another box since. The kids love them 1 with allergies can eat them and the other who is fussy did ask what was in them so I said try them first then I will tell you so he knows they have goodness in them for growing big like the Hulk and he is perfectly happy under-statement very happy. I am very pleased we have found these as a dinner option. Thanks Smugglers!
Cheekybabes - 12:08 PM on Tue-23-May-2017 reply | message
My little man is such a tough kid to get vegies into so I was very keen to see how he would get on with these. On the first attempt, he wasn't too keen but on the second and third, he really enjoyed them, much to my relief. My little girl was straight into them too so am very happy to have a solution to the vegie battle! The number of nuggets in the pack is great too - would definitely recommend.
RebeccaM - 8:34 PM on Fri-19-May-2017 reply | message
Thanks heaps Smugglers and Kidspot for choosing us to trial these nuggets. Master 4 loved them which was suprising as he is extra fussy, and Miss 7.5 was not sure about the texture but once she tasted them, announced they were yummy and can we please have them every day lol! Would definately be buying these again :)
ugnz - 7:46 AM on Fri-19-May-2017 reply | message
Well, for starters, the kids were lucky there were so many of them, or they wouldn't have gotten a look in after I tested the first one for doneness!! So delicious? Tick! Easy to make? Tick! And yes, the kids loved them too :) Usually I do these reviews and say how wonderful something is, but end up not buying it, as it's out of my price range, but I really think these are totally worth it and will be buying some myself.
Jaxstirling - 9:31 PM on Thu-18-May-2017 reply | message
Thank you for the opportunity to test this product 😀 Master 6 who is very Vege-phobic was my true tester, I must admit I was very sceptical eat first as I struggle daily to hide veges in food by grating, blending etc, but when I told him it was nuggets for dinner he was so excited, he took his first bite and loved them, he ate all of them and extra so needless to say they were a winner in our household and will be on future shopping lists 😀 Still as a treat though as you don't get many in the box but great for snack when need a protein pick me up!! Thank you again for choosing us to test this yummy product 😀
lilblondee6 - 4:59 PM on Thu-18-May-2017 reply | message
Start off with the package was not very noticeable as it was not that bright and thought they were a bit expensive considering what you got in the package.
The box was a good size but the bag of smugglers inside was rather small in comparison. My kids did not like the smell or the taste, but didn't mind the texture. I didn't mind them at all in fact I thought they were rather nice and still quite crispy.
AvaLily - 11:39 AM on Wed-17-May-2017 reply | message
Round 2 and they were gobbled up faster than I could imagine! Master 1 still loves them - he ate them all happily last time and I was delighted that Miss 4 ate all of hers with "mmm these are yummy" comments. Last time I served them she must have been in a bad mood because she was asking for seconds this time - yay! We have found another dinner for the kiddies that they'll eat!
kiwikelly - 10:18 AM on Sat-13-May-2017 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to try smugglers, our 5 yo is not into processed meats much and didn't like the texture unfortunately, but miss 2 enjoyed them. As other reviewers have said the price is too high for this product, and resllymthe vegetable content is quite minimal - I'd rather focus on trying to get my kids to try real veges than hidden processed ones in this case.
mibold - 7:35 PM on Wed-10-May-2017 reply | message
Loved the smugglers packaging however my 5 year old was not keen on them picked them apart and refused to eat them. My 3 year old son was polar opposite he loved them and even ate my daughters unfinished ones which I was surprised as I really thought they would both like them equally. I would buy again as I know at least one of my two fusspots loved them! Thankyou for the opportunity to trial 👍😀
nani123 - 5:15 PM on Fri-5-May-2017 reply | message
I had mixed reactions in my house unfortunately. My 1 year old loved them and scoffed the lot while my 4 year old tasted a bite of one and refused any more. I tasted them myself and they are really yum. The price put me off though. The box were only enough for one meal for the 2 kids plus a few nuggets each for me and hubby to try. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to fit it into our budget but would have loved to for my 1 year old as she really liked them and I liked all the extra vegies they had in them.
RosieG - 12:57 PM on Thu-4-May-2017 reply | message
we looooved the Smugglers! Huge hit here with my 4 and 2.5 year old boys, plus my husband and I. They wolfed them down without any fuss and i was so pleased to know they were getting extra veggies in while they were doing it!

The box was really small - i stretched it out into 2 meals for the 2 boys but it could easily have been just 1 and a bit meals with the rate they devoured them. It was quite expensive for the box too - i understand with the free-range chicken and veggies why it's more expensive, but i think you'd have a hard time having mums of small children buying these as a freezer essential. I will definitely be buying them again but it will be every now and then, not all the time.

AvaLily - 1:17 PM on Wed-3-May-2017 reply | message
So what can I say about smugglers?! I had mixed reactions from the kids.
Master 1 couldn't eat them fast enough and not only did he polish off his plate of Smugglers but he finished off Miss 4's plate who was the opposite and not too fussed on them unfortunately.

I sneaked one in myself and they are super yummy!

The amount you receive was surprising, I was expecting more for the price point BUT because they are so unique they are worth the $$ at this point and I will definitely buy them again but only as a treat rather than a regular meal type thing.
I used half the box to feed the two kids and will use the other half for one more meal.

I think my little lady will enjoy them, she was just in a funny mood when we tried them.
I will come back with an update after round 2.
Char - 9:29 PM on Mon-1-May-2017 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to trial this product. My 4 and 7 year old both enjoyed these. This was especially good with my 4 year old as she is quite fussy with trying new things. She ate them all and said she liked them. My 7 year old is not a big nugget fan but he enjoyed them too. My husband and I both tried one each and we liked that they had a nice flavour. I found the texture good too as they were not too dry. I got these on special for $9.00 but even that price seems too much to me as there are not many in a box. For me these would not fit into my budget, but I definitely found them tasty. I also liked how they cooked in the oven, they were a nice texture. If they were a bit cheaper I would definitely buy them again.
Picky14 - 9:24 PM on Sun-30-Apr-2017 reply | message
Thanks for the voucher to try these. My 5 and 7 year olds both enjoyed them and wanted more! My husband and I only tried one each and were impressed with the flavour and chicken texture - no hint of hidden cauliflower. We would try these again if they were on sale as the box of 18 was $9.99 at my local New World which seemed quite high but they are a superior product compared to other chicken nuggets that are available at supermarkets. We were lucky enough to try the beef smugglers at the supermarket today and they were also very nice!
Katy1 - 9:11 PM on Sun-30-Apr-2017 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to try these.
They were really tasty! My 3 year old and 1 year old approve.
I sort of expected them to have a squishy type of texture with the added cauliflower but they didn't.

Tastewise they were great - enjoyed by our whole family! The outside went nice and crispy in the oven and they had plenty of flavor too. I think they would make a good lunchbox snack.

I'm curious to see if there will be any other Smugglers products made available.

You don't get many in a box though and I think the retail price point is quite high but as I say - they are tasty. I'd buy them again but only when on sale.

Jaqui - 2:03 PM on Sun-30-Apr-2017 reply | message
Thankyou very much for the opportunity to try smugglers! And wow what a hit! We invited my daughter's two cousins over for a sleepover and I thought it a great time to put smugglers to the test!
Mr 6 who is VERY fussy with eating veges absolutely loved the chicken smugglers! So much so that he pinched a few from his sister's plate! He had no idea they contained cauliflower...i smiled as he kept popping them into his mouth. My daughter and niece also enjoyed there smugglers and there was no mention of them tasting any different from usual nuggets.
I have let Mr 6 mum know how much he enjoyed them...shes set on buying a few boxes also.
I tried one and thought they tasted great! I could taste the cauliflower but obviously knew that it was in the nugget. I was please to see cauliflower second on the list of ingredients at 30% of product.
My only criticism would be that I would have preferred more in a box...
But a fantastic product that I will absolutely be buying again...i feel that these truly top all other brands of nuggets. Thanks again
alessandramummy - 12:12 PM on Sun-30-Apr-2017 reply | message
Firstly Thank you so much for the chance to review the smugglers chicken nuggets, a product I am pleased to have been introduced to and will not hesitate to buy more of
Great product! So genius to hide vegetables in the one food all children will eat! I was a little skeptical at first but my children were none the wiser nor was my husband (who hates cauliflower with a passion)
Not a single one of them could tell there was a morsel of cauli
I'm a fan! Packaging is fun great colours and easy to open price isnt too bad
Highly recommended to those with fussy children like my own
charliesmyth - 8:56 PM on Fri-28-Apr-2017 reply | message
Thank you for the chance to try the new Smugglers chicken nuggets in our household. There are approx 18 nuggets per box, weight is 275g, on special for $7.99 at our local Pak n Save. First impressions - the packaging is great, easy to find and identify and the product sounds tasty on the box as well as being good for you! When we cooked the nuggets, our first impression is that they are quite small so the box wouldn't go far - but they did, as the nuggets may be smaller than your usual nugget but they are thicker! My two daughters had 5 each so this box would last two dinnertimes for them.

They take approx 25 mins to cook (turning once), so take a bit longer than your usual chicken nugget, but they smelled devine and we were really excited to taste them. My 7 year old absolutely loved them, and once I convinced my 4 year old to give them a go (initially she was put off by the sesame seeds on them), she thoroughly enjoyed them too! Mum and dad had a taste, and our overall family verdict - wow! These really do taste like proper chicken, not processed at all, really really delicious.

I know they are more expensive than the other brands of chicken nuggets, but I would prefer to buy these even if it meant having nuggets less for dinner time, as the taste comparison between these and other nuggets can't be compared!!

Smugglers taste like proper food, and if I was to make homemade chicken nuggets - these come pretty close to what it would be like. A 10/10 in our household for a great tasting product.
GemsMum2013 - 5:28 PM on Fri-28-Apr-2017 reply | message
Thank you for the opportunity to trial Smugglers chicken nuggets. I cooked them for dinner for my almost 4 year old and my 20 month old. The 4 year old didn't like the taste and refused to eat them. I tried him again this evening (almost a week later) to see if I'd got him on a bad day and got the same reaction. However, my 20 month old absolutely loved them! He hums happily when eating something he really likes and there was lots of humming happening when eating the Smugglers! I thought it was an excellent way to get more veggies into fussy eaters and I'd definitely purchase them again. I'd also recommend these to my friends with fussy little eaters as a way to get them to consume extra veggies. I thought the packaging was attractive and easily recognisable in the supermarket and they were very easy to prepare.
Dickodevil - 7:52 AM on Fri-28-Apr-2017 reply | message
We were lucky to be chosen to review the smugglers chicken nuggets. We received a box which I cooked up for our family 2 x adults 1 x 2.5 year old and 4 year old. The box was easily enough for us along with potatoes and coleslaw. We just put them in the oven for 18 minutes turning once. They came out nice and crispy looking the sesame seed jazzed up the coating. The cauliflower gives a distinctive taste in the product, mr 2.5 wolfed his down and enjoyed them. Mr fussy 4 gave them a try but wasn't taken with them. 30% cauliflower seems quite reasonable compared to some other convienece products on the market, any extra veggies is a win for me.
I would try again for sure.
christalia - 5:18 PM on Thu-27-Apr-2017 reply | message
Just served up smugglers hot from oven for my 4 year old and 1 year old to try (my 7 and 11 year old couldn't resist the smell either so had a few each too).
Banged them in the oven on a tray while baby and I had a shower and quickly flipped them when I got out. By the time we're changed, voilà, ready! My 11 year old quickly whipped up a thousand island dipping sauce and the family dug in. All very satisfied, in fact they wanted more! My fussy 4 year old who is not a big meat eater surprised me, he rarely finishes his dinner and he loved them. Would definitely consider buying. Thanks so much.
kellyahamilton - 4:18 PM on Thu-27-Apr-2017 reply | message
We tried our chicken Smugglers last night. My kids really really enjoyed them and devoured them really quick! ;) My kids are quite fussy at dinner time so it's great they went down so well! Hubby and I tried one too and they are delicious :) I was quite disappointed though at the price of $9.99 for a 275g box and with only 18 very small bites in the box. I think the box may be incorrect saying 17 servings? But other than that they were yummy!! Great tasting and we loved the sesame seeds and the crunch!
GemmaV - 4:19 PM on Wed-26-Apr-2017 reply | message
So we needed a quick lunch for one Adult and Two Children aged 3 and 5, so out came the Chicken Smugglers we happily got to trial. My first impression is wow there is not a whole lot of product for what would of cost us $9.00 for the pack. They definitely look like the normal chicken nuggets but smaller, they have noticeable sesame seeds in the coating in which I was not getting past my Three year old. When you open them up it looks like the McDonalds nuggets (not very pleasing to the eye). My five year old gobbled his all up but was looking for more. I thought they were very tasty and enjoyed mine and yeah like I said my fussy three year old turned his nose up at the unrecognizable sesame seeds, in which the other happily ate on his behalf. As a one low income family it is not for us as the cost over quantity ratio doesnt suit but for a quick easy lunch it is great. I also felt the 50% chicken and a mere 30% cauliflower; didnt warrant for enough vege smuggling for me x
ALB - 4:57 PM on Fri-14-Apr-2017 reply | message
We would love to trial these please! Would be great to be able to get some extra veges into our 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 yr old and would be a quick and easy option after a long day of work and daycare!
Rmcleod91 - 1:08 PM on Thu-13-Apr-2017 reply | message
This sounds like such a great concept! I have 2 pretty fussy eaters aged 3 & 4, they love nuggets but are not so keen on a lot of veges, So why not sneak some goodness into a food I know they will eat! I would love to try these out with my little ones.
Palindrome - 11:15 AM on Sat-8-Apr-2017 reply | message
Sounds like a FANTASTIC idea - would love to try these! We might be able to "smuggle" some veggies into our Mr 2 with these Smugglers and we're in Auckland so I'm excited that these are available here :)
christalia - 2:48 PM on Thu-6-Apr-2017 reply | message
Would love to try this on my fussy 4 year old boy and also my 1 year old boy. Fingers crossed.
happylilmomlifenz - 8:30 PM on Tue-4-Apr-2017 reply | message
Hello, I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to give these a try. My 17 month old is very determined to not eat any veggies but he LOVES nuggets. I would really love to try these on him
stepanka - 1:09 PM on Mon-3-Apr-2017 reply | message
Our 3 year old has egg allergy and these are egg free, l understand. Full of goodness, hidden veggies are always great. Quick and easy to prepare, great for dinner or snack, we would love to be included in this trial! Thank you.
Cheekybabes - 11:56 AM on Mon-3-Apr-2017 reply | message
We would absolutely LOVE to give these a try! My almost 3 year old is super determined not to eat any kind of vege that appears on his plate that isn't potato and he loves nuggets so I think these would be amazing to get all the goodness in to him, without him knowing it!
juilz - 10:38 PM on Sat-1-Apr-2017 reply | message
We'd love to give these a try. As a busy household of four children, our youngest being 4 years and all of them having after school activities we're always on the lookout for quick healthy food to prepare. My youngest two children (4 & 7) are big fans of chicken nuggets, so getting them to try some that are healthier than the norm would be great
funnelgirl - 1:50 PM on Sat-1-Apr-2017 reply | message
Yes pleasee. My youngest is 4..and getting veges into him can b a bit of a mis sion.
We work 5 days a sometimes it's quick food vs trying to cook nutritional food..then con him into eating them..
JLFern - 9:38 PM on Fri-31-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would like to try this as my pre schooler used to love veggies when she was smaller and now a lil picky since she started kindy. I would like to see on how she would accept this kind of food as I have been trying so hard to secretly include veggies in her meals. It would be lovely if you would pick me to try this. Thank you.
RosieG - 7:35 AM on Thu-30-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would LOVE to try these!! We have a 4 year old and a 2.5 year old and a 3 week old and so the older two boys are currently getting some quick and easy dinners so we can get the three of them sorted for bed quickly and easily. This has meant that nutrition has been sacrificed a lot! I'd love to be able to give them something I know they'd eat and know it's containing real food that's good for them! The hidden vege is always appreciated!
ugnz - 10:02 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
OMG I've been seeing these mentioned all over FB, and I've been dying to try them out on my 4yo! Typical kid, won't eat anything new.
ChevMum - 8:17 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
We'd love to trial this product, miss 4 is not as good as her older sister with cooked veges so I'd love to see how she goes with that
charliesmyth - 8:00 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
I saw these in our local Pak n Save and was curious to know what they were all about - didn't realise they have veggies in them, and such a great idea as there is nothing else in the market like these. My 4 year old loves chicken nuggets and I can never get any veggies in to her, so she usually just eats the really keen to try this new range on her and if she likes them it certainly solves my non-eating vegetable problems we currently have! Really glad to see a product like this hitting our supermarket shelves too.
JeniP - 7:09 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
oh my gosh yes please. My children love chicken, they love nuggets and I know they would love to try these. Little Mr 2 is pretty fussy at times. This would be a great thing to try on him.
sarinak - 6:52 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to have the two kiddies try these - lil miss 2yrs and mr 3 1/2yrs will be good test subjects. theyr fussy lil buggers s if they like them you will have a customer for life!
Kazzam - 5:58 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
Mr 5 is very fussy we really struggle to get much into him I am always looking for a way to get a new food into his diet and who can resist a nugget.
smar - 5:42 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
WOuld love to have Miss 5 & 3 try this - what a great alternative to takeaways and a healthier option. Added veges are always a bonus and a quick and easy way to get them into the meal.
k1nz - 5:17 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
Hi, we'd love to try these nuggets - my daughter is getting pickier about vegges and it would be great to see how these go down. Plus I'd love to secretly try them out on the the older step kids who love nuggets but hate vegetables!
GemsMum2013 - 3:06 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
I'd love to try this product! I have two boys aged 19 months and 3 years old and its always a battle to get veges into them. They love chicken nuggets so I'm sure the Smugglers would be a huge hit in our household! Please consider us.
Deanneb - 2:45 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
Wowsers my two bandits absolutely love nuggets we eat them many different ways in wraps for lunches/dinners with rice vegetables and sweet and sour sauce even in sushi a lunchbox favourite, if these are a healthier choice I'd love to trial 👍🏼
Michelle87 - 2:45 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
My two year old loves chicken nuggets but has yet to develop a similar liking for cauliflower! These sound great and I'm sure will be a hit with his buddies at coffee group!
astewart - 12:37 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
My boys love chicken nuggets but I have stopped buying the usual brands some time ago when I found out how they were made and what was in them - not very healty at all! I have never heard of this one so I would love to trial this as this seems a much healthier option with being made from free-range chicken and veges added etc. I would really love to have the convenience and variety of something different that the family love but is still good for them!
Nixie - 12:12 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
Please consider Miss 2 :) She has a soy allergy which means that we can't normally buy processed meats; I've checked the Smugglers website and ingredient list to make sure that these are soy free. She would love to try these and it would be a treat for her :)
ke11y - 11:20 AM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
I know for a fact that my son would love these! He would sauce as a meal on it's own if he was allowed, but if he had to add something to it it would have to be small pieces of meat - nuggets, cherrios etc.... We would love to give these a go and if they are successful then I have found a nugget with the benefits of veges!
rachaelsfun - 10:44 AM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
they look amazing never tried this brand but my nephews who stay often love chicken nuggets one of the few meats they enjoy!
tessa771 - 10:06 AM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yum these look delicious! It's always hard sneaking Veges into fussy kids so this would be an amazing trial to see how mr 2 goes!
AvaLily - 9:18 AM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
Big nugget fans in my house! Miss 4 and Master 1 would love to try these! They sound amazing and a great addition to the dinner plate, thank you!
madieddy - 8:43 AM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
We would love to try these! my daughter is 2.5 she is super fussy when it comes to dinner time and often only eats the meat on her plate, Love the idea that these nuggets have cauliflower in them :)
rekebum - 7:16 AM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would loveto try these for Mr 5. After suffering from blocked bowels for a long time he became a very fussy eater we are finally overcoming the bowel problems but the food habits are prooving much harder to break. This would be amazing!
Jhereal - 4:49 AM on Wed-29-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these for my fussy 18 month old son. This will be good for my 5-yr old son's lunch box too. Love the fact that it has hidden veggies too!
Abzstar - 11:27 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Love free range! My girl loves chicken nuggets! So do I 😉 but i don't love the excess additives in most store bought and I'm not always up for making from scratch so the no word comes out more often than I'd like. If these weigh up ok I'll be buying them up 😀 so we'd be great for this and I'm sure miss 4 won't mind being the guinea pig 😉
BrendensMum - 10:42 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to give these a go for my fussy 6 year old son who seems to unlike anything that resembles vegetables. Smugglers look like a fab way to get veges into kids without the mealtime battles :-)
lovejeans - 10:13 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I'd love to try this product for my 1 year old and 2 year old - particularly my 2 year old as she has become fussy with veges. It would be great to try these please and get her to eat some veg without her realising!
MichelleCen - 9:58 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes, my girl will love it.
ralf - 9:44 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these, we don't eat a lot of chicken nuggets but would be happy to try these out.
Molly72 - 9:27 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes please I would love to try on my 4 year old
2littleboys - 9:15 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Chicken nuggets are a treat in our house so we'd really love to try these. What a huge bonus that they are healthier than the usual nugget. Brilliant!
cindy131 - 9:14 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to review these on my 16 month old dinner time is so busy in my house and shes a demand feeder so these will be quick and easy to cook for her.
corinne33 - 9:12 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have a 2 year old boy who won't eat what his 6 year old sister does for tea..He has become very fussy, will sometimes have chicken bites but I am finding it increasingly difficult to get meat & veges into him at dinner time! These would be perfect to try & there are several New Worlds near us that stock them I see (:
kiwikelly - 9:05 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
We would love to try these, with baby number 4 just born 2 weeks ago, my older girls (2 and 5) would love to have some quick and easy dinner options :)
Gizmo - 8:50 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try this for my fussy 2 girls, as it's such a great way to sneak/smuggle in some veges into something they love to eat normally. Also just noticed they now offer them in Palmerston North.
Subimp555 - 8:41 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Hello would love to try these on my fussy eaters. My youngest 2 already like chicken nuggets so shouldn't be too hard to try these out with them and see if notice they are getting veggies at the same time. My 3 are 1 3 and 5 years.
MichelleK - 8:21 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes would love to give smugglers a try and surprise my children. Great to try while on the run after swimming or sports and an easy meal. Be nice to try a new product and give feedback on it. My children are 17months and 4 1/2 years old. Surprise kids!
bigam4 - 8:18 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to trial these on my 22month old son, who is becoming more and more cunning with finding hidden veges in his dinner. He however loves chicken nuggets - so think this product could be a winner. Would love to try as desperately need to get veges into his diet.
heitiki - 7:58 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Wow! Talk about a dream product! My kids love chicken nuggets so I would welcome the opportunity to give Smugglers a go and see if they even notice :). They look delicious and I would be very happy to serve hidden veg to my children - stealth mode vitamins and minerals - heh heh!
helen3 - 7:54 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try this! My boys love chicken nuggets but it's so hard to get veggies in to them...
tinaanne - 7:32 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
This sounds great as a quick meal for Miss 5 and Master 7. They are so slow to eat, so finding something that they might eat quicker would be awesome.
dillonfamily - 7:27 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to trial these. Miss 2 is super fussy and veggies are the real struggle and Master 5 is getting better and enjoying trying new foods. I love the idea of kids favourite foods recreated with veggie goodness in them! Can see us getting creative with some dinners with these nuggets! :-)
Katy1 - 7:25 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Wow, this product sounds great! I am always very aware about what is in the food I feed to my kids (3 years old and 1 year old).
I'd love the opportunity to trial these and see if they pass the fussy toddler test!

It'll be nice knowing that they are getting extra veges into them at meal times.
I'll be checking out the Facebook page to see when they will be available near me. (Auckland)
oneonly - 7:01 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Please consider us for this product trial, as a busy Mum - full time student, part time accounts clerk, administrator for a soup kitchen I love having things that are easy to cook for dinner, or snacks. A product with extra vege factor sounds amazing, for a kid that is a bit difficult to get lots of veges into .
Thanks for considering us.
carolinef - 6:55 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these. Miss 4 & 7 love their fruit but are not keen on vegetables. They also love chicken in it's various forms including nuggets from McDonald's! Would love to try some less processed easy food to give them. As I've recently added a baby brother to the mix, something easy , tasty and healthy would make my life a lot easier.
Angel1orr - 6:48 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
These sound amazing! My super fussy 2 year old lives on chicken and I don't always have time after work to make my own nuggets with hidden vege so this would be perfect for our family and would be a lifesaver for me to not have to cook something healthyou lol.
jrcharming - 6:46 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these on my two kiddies.. fussy eaters... My son is 6 and my daughter is 3.5.
Krys5 - 6:21 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yummy, would love to try these for my tribe 8,6,4,2!! 2x fussy and 2x not so fussy be perfect for after the kids basketball games quick, easy, nutritious win all round with these 💙
emz - 6:11 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Wow these sound delicious and nutritious! I'm in Wellington and would love to try these out with my four hungry kiddies. Most veges are disliked by them and this sounds like the perfect disguise!
jamesmaxmum - 6:09 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
OH YES PLEASE! Trying to get anything but potato and carrot into my children is an absolute battle! Would love to give these a try!
swarfield - 6:02 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these out as my girls love chicken nuggets and I'm keen for them to get more veges in.
beka - 6:01 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I am intrigued to know if my 3 boys could tell if it has ceges
Kayoko - 5:47 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these on my 2year old girl. She is getting a big eater. These look really great!
richally - 5:41 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
i have 2 girls, who are extremely fussy and seem to be allergic to any kind of healthy food or veges.. (yea right).. would LOVE to try see if they would give them a go.
srb - 5:38 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I'd love to be considered even though we are in papamoa, I noticed our local supermarket has them in stock. Two fussy eaters, 4 & 2 Years old and both dairy free. Organic or free range chicken is a priority for us Thank you so much.
amber - 5:24 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to trial these they sound a great way to sneak in some extra vegies.
AND they will be so easy to cook and the kids love chicken nuggets so chicken summers should go down well with them. I also like the fact that they are made using free range chickens.
JReynolds - 5:21 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
These look really great, I love the story behind them and would love to try them not only for my daughter but for myself too!! Really good to know there is a healthier option now as kids do love nuggets and such!
kirsty8 - 5:16 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these. Like all parents I am always looking for ways to increase my kids vegetable intake. With fussy eaters these might be an easy way! They sound super yummy :)
Nita - 5:12 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I am always on the look out for new ways to get vegetables in to my fussy children. They love chicken nuggets so these sound fantastic. I believe they would go down well and become a freezer staple. Very keen to try - before i buy.
nani123 - 5:11 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these on my 1 and 4 year old. My son isn't a big fan of vegies so I try any way to get more vegetables into his diet.
Mumof2Girls - 5:09 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
These would be awesome to trial for Miss 10 and 7 years. We are renovating and living in a caravan at the moment using a BBQ to cook so our vege intake consists mostly of salad - it would be great to have something tasty we can cook on the BBQ (I'm sure it would work :) and good for us too!
MAMANANNA - 5:07 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try as we have a grandchild who has sensory problems with eating we also have six grandchildren altogether so I'm sure theyd be great testers.Love that they have No cheap, nasty fillers and they have only good quality flavoursome food just what we want for our family .Would give a good honest opinion .
KLot - 5:04 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
We would love to trial these nuggets. Our daughter is a pretty good eater, but we often struggle with healthy and nutritious meals when we all come home from a long day at work and daycare. I think that these would also be a great lunchbox option.
Npem - 4:56 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these for my 14 month old son and almost 2 year old nephew. It is tricky to find things that they both like, are easy to cook and somewhat healthy.
stewarnata - 4:56 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have two relatively fussy children (2 and 6) that I'm always trying to cram veggies into. I'm also very busy and don't always have time to make things from scratch. The kids love chicken nuggets, but I'd love an alternative that was more nutritional and perhaps something that I myself wouldn't mind eating sometimes!
lilblondee6 - 4:53 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Wow these sound fantastic, I would live to trial them with my two boys who refuse to eat veges, especially anything green, there 4 and 5! I like my veges and would love to see how these taste?😋
starwoman13 - 4:50 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love the chance to trial these products, my daughter is a picky eater and im always on the lookout for healthy options that she'll actually eat! Thank you.
looies1 - 4:40 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try with my 15mth old boy, he is rather picky about what he eats when it comes to veg, so if something like these taste yummy for him to eat, I will be buying up in bulk, especially if I can get miss 7 and 9 yrs to eat them too, that would be fantastic.
chars01 - 4:39 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try something new with my kids, chicken nuggets are always a hit, but even better these ones have hidden veggies in them :)
Robynpouw - 4:38 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Oh my goodness!! This is the product from heaven as far as we are concerned!!! It is not the easiest thing in our house to get veges into our 3 1/2 year old and we use stealth methods on a daily quite often he is too smart for us and roots out those nasty wee veges.
He loves nuggets and I don't think even he will find those sneaky veges in these which would be marvellous as they are so important.
Would love to try these and see how they go.
emmack101 - 4:38 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
As a busy mum to a 5, 3 and 2 year old I can find it a struggle to find that balance between quick and easy and healthy. Would love to try this product for that very reason but also love the idea of supporting a local kiwi business started by mums!!
mibold - 4:32 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
We would love to trial this product as my two children aged 3 and 5 are the most fussy eaters (my five year old daughter is the worst culprit) only veges she will eat is cold carrot! So anything with hidden veges is an amazing thing and we would relish the chance to trial this product. 😀
Lindanne - 4:32 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Both my grandchildren love nuggets but the eldest is not too good with cauli unless it is smothered with cheese sauce. Growing boys need as many veges as possible to ensure strong bones and teeth. His little sister loves cauliflower!
janiceynz - 4:28 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would be keen to try these for fussy Mr 6 and Mr 4.5. they even pick onions or anything vegetables like out of bolognaise so be interested to see if these are hidden well enough from them 😀
GemmaV - 4:26 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
My family would love to trial your smugglers; with a growing 5 year old boy and a fussy three year old boy and a baby girl 5 months who is just starting solids we are always trying to get the good stuff in them ....will be great to see if we get the thumbs up with this product x
amstar - 4:25 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes please, these sound yummy. Our 1yo, 4yo and 5yo would love to try these. Even better with the hidden cauliflower as our 1yo loves to throw her cauliflower on the floor... sounds like a stress free dinner to me. Thank you
vanjaarsveld - 4:25 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes please! I have two fussy little eaters in my household! I have seen these in the supermarket and was wondering if they would be any good! I am just so over buying food for the little ones and them not wanting to eat it. These look yummy and my kids would love to try these :)
Char - 4:24 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try this with my four year old daughter. She is quite fussy but just starting to try new things so always looking at new options to try with her that are healthier. I think my 7 year old son would like to try these too. These sound like a great option for the after work rush making dinner
alessandramummy - 4:20 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes please I'm from Wellington would love to be selected as a reviewer<br>Mother of two one being a fussy toddler and just about to return to full time work these would be the perfect quick meal and hidden veges even better! would love to give these a go please
GoMummyJo - 4:10 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Strictly Auckland & Wellington? Because I've seen them in our supermarket.
NEdlington - 4:10 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
These sound amazing. My Little one isn't quite 1 yet, (very nearly) but we would love to be considered anyway. He eats plenty of finger food and we are trying to add variety to his food. The bonus with a product like this is that could serve all finger food not finger food and mashed (as mashed is really the only way to get veges in at the moment). Thanks P.S In Auckland.
Mamabear - 4:06 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
These sound convenient and look delicious too!! My kids are not within the age range specified, but I look forward to hearing the reviews, this sounds like a great product!
Picky14 - 4:05 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
We would love to try these, they sound delicious! I'm forever trying to camouflage vegetables in my boys meals, and sometimes it's not easy to do this! We're in Wellington and very interested in trying Smugglers.🙂
bassplayer - 4:03 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have one kid who eats everything and one who is so fussy that I struggle to get veges into. I would love to trial a product that has the veges with protein as this would mean all of the requirements met in one product. It would be great for a quick meal as well.
shayna83 - 4:03 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
These look awesome. We eat pretty well but i always like to have a few convenience items in the freezer for nights when things dont go to plan or when the kids have sport. My kids love chicken nuggets but i prefer to buy free range chicken so usually avoid them. Finding free range nuggets with extra veges is sounds like a winner to me so I would love to see if they are winners with my 3 kids as well!!
chefettenz - 4:02 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
oh my god i would love to try this as its so hard to hide hidden vegies in the toddlers diet, i know myself ive never liked cauliflower but would love to sample these as I might finally find a way to get it !!
Tinakiri84 - 4:02 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
My two and 3 year olds love nuggets!! But their vegetable intake is limited to mainly carrots with occasional broccoli if i'm lucky! The ultimate mothers secret weapon... count me in!!
Alex25 - 4:02 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try this product with my littlies as older ones have started after school activities and sometimes although I try to be organised and cook a crockpot meal during the day of a busy afternoons, this doesn't always happen and I'm stuck throwing together something slightly inedible! I am in Auckland and have a few of the stockists near me. Thank you!
Mizim - 3:59 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Something new and I'd like toto see if this couldperson be a good, healthyand, quick meal that gets wolfed down without the usual 's I have tozero eat my veges....?'
2cbear - 3:59 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
I'd love to try this product. My 2year takes issue with broccoli and cauliflower so it'd be great to see if hidden cauliflower gets passed her!!
kelznz - 3:59 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try these! I'm always hiding veggies in my cooking so would be great to see how they've done it with these bites.
Both my 2yr old and 5yr old love chicken and nuggets so these would be perfect! 😊
Dovedale - 3:58 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
yes please, i would love to try these with my two little girls
Kiwi79 - 3:57 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes please my fussy toddler would love these!
LizNZ - 3:56 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Hi there, please consider our little family! My four year old boy is SO FUSSY he will literally pick out grated carrot from a Bolognese sauce... fun times for me! He's a huge chicken nugget fan so I bet this will go down a treat! We're in Auckland :)
shorrty4life - 3:54 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Would love to try this product. My son aged three is like me when I was little. Very fussy won't touch any vegetable in sight and barely eats meat. Would love to trial this to see if he will eat it then that way we can get meat and vegetables into him all in one. Thanks kidspot
kaytie25 - 3:54 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Yes please would love to try these.
Angelgirl081 - 1:52 PM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
We would love to try these (Wellington)! Our reasons for wanting to try these are probably slightly different than most but my 3 year old actually loves healthy foods (her favourite meal is literally a bowl of broccoli) and it can actually be quite hard to find some quick and easy convenience foods for those busy night's, that she actually likes (she isn't a huge fan of ordinary "no prep" dinner foods such as chicken nuggets or hotdogs etc.) Most stuff that is quick and easy to prepare, are processed and deep fried which my daughter doesn't really like, so these would be great to try as they tick the quick and easy box but also the healthy yumminess box.
Although we do have home cooked meals the majority of the time, lately with a 6 week old it has been a bit more tricky to do this (little miss suddenly decides she's starving in the middle of me cooking dinner for myself and miss 3) so there have been nights when I have just done myself a microwave pasta, but it is a lot harder trying to find something I can quickly do for miss 3 with little effort and I usually just end up boiling a while lot of veggies in a pot. This however doesn't give her any protein so these would be great to try, to see if she likes them.
thekidsmum - 8:04 AM on Tue-28-Mar-2017 reply | message
Hi there in in Auckland have the fussiest child ever lol I would love to trial these as I loathe to waste money on new products - right budget.
Thanks 😊
Ileana - 10:31 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I'd like to give my just turned 1 year old toddler a try of this product to see if he'd like it. He's not a fussy eater as such, but he would not eat his protein everyday. I'm trying to find ways to get him interested in meat products and would like to give this a go.
RebeccaM - 9:09 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
We would love to try these Nuggets as Master 3.5 and Miss 7 both have dinner together and if little boy is very fussy, but if big sister says they are yummo then they are a go!
We are in AKL
jthorne - 8:41 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I'd love to try these with my two girls, sounds like something they would enjoy eating and would be great to get extra veges into them!
KellyCarr - 5:25 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have a very stubborn 3 year old who used to eat everything and has now turned into a very fussy eater won't go near a vege. I would love to review these as I think my little boy will actually eat them. Please please consider us as we are in Auckland
SugarBlossomDays - 4:48 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have a 3 little girls (2, 3, and 5) whom I would love to try these out on. As a family we are on a journey to try and be more healthful but one of my downfalls is in having quick, easy and child acceptable options available for those times when life gets busy and you need dinner sorted! These look like a great option, and I like the sound of the Beef Smugglers too! We are in Whangaparaoa, Auckland. Thanks.
Jaxstirling - 3:48 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
We are in Wellington and would LOVE to trial these, mater five is very fussy but loves his chicken nuggets so these look fab at a way to try get Vegas in without him knowing 😀 Please pick us to trial and review this product!!
thekidsmum - 2:38 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
Hi there in in Auckland have the fussiest child ever lol I would love to trial these as I loathe to waste money on new products - right budget.
Thanks 😊
Lulubelle - 1:38 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try these as I don't usually cook chicken nuggets for my daughter because they are so unhealthy. We also prefer free range chicken so they tick all the boxes for us.
rainbow - 1:35 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have an almost 5 year old and an almost 2 year old and they both love chicken nuggets but like the team at Smugglers I don't like to give them too often as it's hard to find healthy versions. I would love to trial these healthy nuggets that have the added veggies in them. We are in Auckland.
mumsie1983 - 1:06 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I would love to try some for my fussy son who is 22months old
thekidsmum - 1:04 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
Hi there in in Auckland have the fussiest child ever lol I would love to trial these as I loathe to waste money on new products - right budget.
Thanks 😊
Flutterbye - 12:59 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
My daughter and 2 sons would love to trial these out, they sound yum. If we can hide vegetables in our main dishes for our kids at night time, its all good with us. Looks like my daughter (11 yr old) and son (8 yr old) could cook them up as well, which seems to make them like eating the food more.
tubachick - 12:35 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have 2 girls who love chicken and I'm sure this could be a way to get some hidden Veggies in them! They don't really eat veggies so maybe this could work!
Jaqui - 12:34 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
Oooh yes please!!! My 4 year old loves her nuggets!...but I only really allow them very occasionally as most have little nutritional value. Smugglers with added cauliflower look great!!! What a fantastic idea! We are in Wellington and would love to try. Many thanks
neeshadlima - 12:33 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I Would really love to try this. Its hard with my two fussy girls as they don't eat much veggies as they don't like it. I have to find different ways to put veges into their meals. This would be a great meal for them and they would have their vege intake too. Happy babies and happy mum.
Anixon - 12:19 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I'm in Auckland with 2 boys, 8 and 4 years. I would love to try this product - Smugglers. I'm vegetarian but the rest of my family isn't so I'm always finding new ways to hide extra veges into their meals!!
raz1984 - 12:15 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
I have 2 kids aged 1 and 5, who both love chicken but veggies are hit and miss sometimes!! (We live in Tauranga but our local Pak n Save do sell them)
GillWatkins - 12:08 PM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
We have 3 boys 1 year, 4 years and 6 years and I am always having to hide veges in meals as they can be fussy about eating them. I would love to try these as I'm always looking for quick and easy healthy meals to save me time. We are in Auckland.
Canne - 11:57 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
My 7 year old is fussy and his 2 year old sister is going the same way. At least this way I would get some Veges into her 😅
Dickodevil - 11:56 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
With baby number 3 just a week old, we don't have much time for cooking. My two older boys are fussy eaters so I'm always on the look out for new products they might like. One of the two boys eats some veggies but the oldest doesn't eat any so the added cauliflower is a great idea for a nutritional boost. We would love to give these a try.
thekidsmum - 11:55 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
Hi there in in Auckland have the fussiest child ever lol I would love to trial these as I loathe to waste money on new products - right budget.
Thanks 😊
kellyahamilton - 11:52 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
We'd absolutely love to try this new product Smugglers! I really really battle to get my kids to eat dinner and I'm always on the look out for new and different products and ideas to get them to actually enjoy suppertime! We are in Auckland too! We'd love to take part in this review please! Thank you :)
Bella26 - 11:45 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
These sound fabulous! We live in Wgtn and would love to try them!
Pearlywhite - 10:51 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
We'd love to take part in this trial as my 5 year old is very fussy with vegetables but does love chicken nuggets so this would be a great way to get some more nutrients in without the dramas. Thanks!!
Vin1Tique - 10:43 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017 reply | message
We live in Auckland and would love to try these! I struggle to get the kids to eat more veggies so love that there is such a large portion hidden inside their favourite treat. I'm also happy to see that these are free range. I make the kids chicken nugget sandwiches if we go on picnics or weekend roadtrips so would love to use Smugglers as a substitute.

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