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Leader: JulieKidspot
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Group Name: Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings

Time for a delicious treat! Both kids and adults will love these new Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings, in three fun flavours.

  • Temptation Sensation is an indulgent dark chocolate topping. It’s not full of fat like hard set toppings, no artificial colours or flavours, but still lots of fun! Be tempted to pour this delicious sauce over icecream, use it as a dip for fresh fruit and as an accompaniment for cakes, waffles and pancakes, or gently warmed and served with hot puddings. Sensational!

  • Jelly Jiggle is a raspberry jelly topping that wobbles just like jelly. With no artificial flavours, 100% fat free and made from 35% raspberry juice (from concentrate) it is sure to wobble your taste buds.

  • Slimey Limey is a stringy topping that acts just like slime! This slimey topping contains real lime fruit juice (from concentrate). Dare to slide this slime green topping over your ice cream and create your own icecream monster!

Mums Say and Aunt Betty's have teamed up to offer members a trial pack of Aunt Betty's Toppings for review (the trial pack will include 2 of the 3 varieties). Registration has now closed but here's the good news - everyone who registered will receive a pack! Watch this space for the reviews.

If you are selected to trial, we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (To edit, make sure you are logged in, select Profile (edit) then Mums Say across the top, scroll down, edit and save.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.

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Other uses for Aunt Bettys Dessert Toppings 18 01/04/2011
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simplesoul - 4:19 PM on Mon-31-Jan-2011 reply | message
hehe gomummyjo, we do of the jelly jiggle but not of the chocolate, lol
GoMummyJo - 3:22 PM on Thu-27-Jan-2011 reply | message
who still has some left? **raises hand** we're good at savoring things!
baygirl7 - 11:30 AM on Fri-21-Jan-2011 reply | message
sorry for such late review been having computer difficultys. Product arrived late but at the perfect time. my daughter had her tonsils out on the mon and it arrived on the tues. she loved eating it with her ice cream, to sooth her throat. in fact the whole family loved it!!!
hellyp - 9:53 AM on Mon-17-Jan-2011 reply | message
Completly forgot to review this product, it arrived when my morning sickness was at its worst, My 1 year old loves the wobbly jelly topping on ice cream, she giggles every time she eats it,,,,,have no idea why but she thinks its very funny. The choc sauce topping is very tasty and could quite easily eat the whole bottle myself :)
michele - 9:39 PM on Thu-16-Dec-2010 reply | message
Very sorry for extremely late review. The toppings arrived just before I went overseas so were shelved for a while but we have now had a chance to try them. We got the chocolate and the slimey limey. The children liked the lime one best-especially the name. They loved it as a dessert topping and tried to make a milkshake with it but it didn't dissolve and just sank to the bottom. My daughter put it on gingernuts though and seemed to like it! They initially said that the chooclate topping was too sweet but we tried it as a dipping sauce for strawberries and it went down extremely well. Thnaks very much for giving us the opportunity to try these products. Would definitely buy them.
janinekiwi - 5:48 PM on Wed-15-Dec-2010 reply | message
My son loves the slimey limey sauce, infact its one of the few foods that I can get him to eat when hes teething (molars..) so Im using it as a bribe to get him to eat some vege first..haha.. Thanks so much for letting us trial these products, my sister has the chocolate one which is really yummy as well!
AngelaM - 1:40 PM on Thu-9-Dec-2010 reply | message
We are still going with the temtation sensation chocolate sauce, it seems to last for ever! We have found that not only is it fantastic with strawberries and ice cream but is blimmin nice on waffles too!
SusanD - 4:41 PM on Wed-8-Dec-2010 reply | message
Thanks so much for the Slimey Limey and the Temptation Sensations toppings. They have been an absolute hit in our household and are already a regular addition to the shopping trolley! The kids love the slimey limey especially on icecream and we tried it on pancakes and as a milkshake and was enjoyed by all. My 4 yr old calls it Jelly in a Bottle which describes it perfectly!

The Temptation Sensation chocolate sauce is just divine. Whilst pregnant I had major dark chocolate cravings and even since my daughter arrived 9 weeks ago - it hasn't gone away! The Temptation Sensation sauce is perfect for my chocolate cravings as I only need a small amount to satisfy the craving and it tastes so great. My husband is super fussy when it comes to chocolate sauce as his mum makes a mean choc sauce and nothing usually compares. The Aunt Betty's sauce got the highest review possible "tastes like Mum's sauce" hubby says! So there you go!

I love the sauce on icecream, drizzed over Brownie for an extra chocolate hit and is a huge hit with pancakes and waffles.

So thanks for the toppings and we'll be buying the Jelly Jiggle next just so we can try that out too. Thanks so much to Kidspot and Aunt Bettys.
Mumof2monkeys - 10:46 PM on Mon-6-Dec-2010 reply | message
Thank you so much for our Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle Toppings!!
I saved both toppings to use at my sons 3rd birthday! It was a dinosaur party and the slimey limey was nicknamed dino-bogey, while the red Jelly Jiggle was lava (we had just erupted a volcano in the back garden). The kids were let loose and squeezed that stuff all over ice-cream, cakes……As an adult, the texture of the Jelly Jiggle was really gross, and it was mega sweet! But the kids loved it and they had to really squeeze the bottles to get the toppings out (great! It meant that they didn’t have masses and it didn’t go everywhere!). Since the party, I will admit I have enjoyed the Slimey Limey……and it makes a great milkshake flavour whizzed up with vanilla ice-cream and milk! (and drizzle a little on top of the milkshake, especially if you add a little whipped cream or a dollop of ice-cream on the top!)
Lozzykiwi - 9:38 PM on Fri-3-Dec-2010 reply | message
We recieved Temptation Sensation and Jelly Jiggle. Both are delicious, mixed together on vanilla ice cream you get home made jelly tip! It's quite a novelty watching the jelly splodge out of the bottle. The only drawback is that they are so nice I am having big bowls of icecream smothered in both toppings every night (I am supposed to be on a bikini season diet)!!

Used the chocolate as a dipping sauce for fresh pineapple today, it was divine. Brilliant how it is not too sweet, it's a perfect complement for fruit. Was scooping the choc dip up on my finger when I'd had enough pineapple, but it wasn't quite as nice solitary (but I guess it is not meant to be drunk from the bottle?!).
janifa - 10:39 AM on Fri-3-Dec-2010 reply | message
We had a farewell dinner for my cousin and his wife and my kids decided to make cupcakes so they used the rasberry as fillings for the cupcakes and baked it and decorated it with icing and rasberry jiggle. It was a hit !! kids then served french vanilla ice cream with the lime sauce. Some adults weren't fond of it but the kids liked it!
Silverbabe - 11:21 AM on Wed-1-Dec-2010 reply | message
My youngest had a birthday party last weekend and we used some of what we were given and also got some more. All the boys decorated sundaes, the lime and rasberry were big hits!
naenae82 - 9:45 PM on Tue-30-Nov-2010 reply | message
well i went an brought the jiggle jelly again for the 2nd time now lol an i got the erge to finallybuy an im sold thanks an thanks to the heating it up tip yummo all mine all mine kids dont know i brought it mwaaaahaaaa evil pure evil an pure yummo thanks aunt betty
cathw - 8:50 PM on Tue-30-Nov-2010 reply | message
thanks so much for sending us the jelly and the chocolate. At first I was disappointed because I don't usually like dark chocolate but mmm mmmm it is just delicious with vanilla ice cream and really is not very dark at all. My girls love it but usually anything described as dark chocolate would be too strong for them. They love the jelly one too. Again I didnt think I would like it but it is yummy with such a strong berry taste. Really bad in terms of our respective waistlines leading up to xmas but too bad!
Bellabrides - 5:15 AM on Tue-30-Nov-2010 reply | message
We have tried the lime and chocolate, my kids aged 4 and 9 love the chocolate topping, but are not as keen on the lime. I like the taste of them both though. :)
Gillymama - 9:38 PM on Mon-29-Nov-2010 reply | message
Ohhh ever since we got these toppings we have had ice cream in the house!!! I was almost craving the toppings each night for a while - how scary is that!
I have been having a bit of lime with the chocolate - its a nice combo, but I cant do the lime on its own. I saw the raspberry jelly on saw and was so tempted to buy it!
lynleyg - 12:18 PM on Mon-29-Nov-2010 reply | message
Everyone in our house loves these toppings! We were sent the choc and jelly toppings and they are great on icecream. We have also had them with fruit salad and the choc is great with strawberries - yum!
We also love them mixed together. It tastes almost exactly like Jelly tip icecream. Kids and adults both love them and I will definately be loioking for them in the supermarket once we run out. Must try them in muffins like others have - should be yummy. Thanks for letting us trial these.
I especially love that the chocolate has a real chocolate taste and not false like some other toppings I have tried.
SarahK - 11:54 AM on Mon-29-Nov-2010 reply | message
Haha! im glad we are not the only ones mixing!! my kids are loving mixing the slimey limey with the choc! We are also running out. im finding heating the choc a little helps it to slide out of the bottle better. mmmmm choc!!
simplesoul - 9:50 AM on Mon-29-Nov-2010 reply | message
Ok my kids just want me to buy more now as we start to run out, haha, the only major flaw i can see is trying to get the last of the chocolate out of the bottle...seems to be a hrder task than first anticipated. Gingerbaby I agree...together the jelly and chioc on icecream is awesome lol
baygirl7 - 4:19 PM on Sat-27-Nov-2010 reply | message
I still have'nt recieved mine yet :(
Armywife - 7:08 AM on Sat-27-Nov-2010 reply | message
Hi, so i am writing my shopping list, and suddenly remember that I havent done any feedback! We recieved that slimey limey, which my son loves, he thinks it is like jelly in a squeezy bottle, much like cheese in a can! I love the fact that it is a healthier option too as it contains fruit juice! The other bottle we recieved was the yummy yummy chocolate sauce! we have used this on icecream, pancakes and over some slighty hard muffins, put in in the microwave for 30 sec, and you have warm self saucing chocolate pudding! Thanks Aunt Betty for letting us try theses, we are off to get the Rasberry Jelly now!
GingerBaby - 5:32 PM on Wed-24-Nov-2010 reply | message
We are LOVING the berry & choc toppings, especially mixed together. My husband suddenly gets very helpful when it's time to dish it up for our toddler and I've caught him with the odd spoonful before the little one gets her share! Our friends come over and whether they're big or little they get some too, it's always a treat. Love the ideas people have listed, I'm off to make an iced choc now!
Carols - 4:00 PM on Wed-24-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yummy Aunt Bettys Toppings MMMMmmmm I have just made the made the most delicios lamingtons, covered in lime jelly and coated with Aunt Betty's lime topping and a touch of whipped cream. YUM YUM
amy - 2:31 PM on Wed-24-Nov-2010 reply | message
I am totally loving the hot and iced chocolates that we have been having with the Choc topping - thanks so much Aunt Betty!
Alyayde - 11:25 AM on Wed-24-Nov-2010 reply | message
The girls and I made muffins on the weekend and used the strawberry Jelly in the centre. YUM! then iced them with pink icing. My youngest said "mum these are soo good you should sell them in a shop" ha ha
purplejo - 6:57 PM on Tue-23-Nov-2010 reply | message
I just have to share the delicious way we used the chocolate sauce tonight: we baked banans in the oven for about 15 minutes until the skins were black, then split them open and squeezed some chocolate sauce over the top. Yum!
smileybabe - 1:45 PM on Tue-23-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity - now after reading the positive reviews and trying the two "jelly" varieties I went to the shop and tried the "chocolate sensation one" - YUM!! That was fantastic too. From now on all 3 will be on our shopping list.
kdc - 10:37 AM on Tue-23-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these - my partner was contemplating buying some choc topping at the supermarket - but didn't - and got home to find the package with the Temptation Sensation and Slimey Limey. Miss 3 loved the Slimey Limey with both ice cream and cornflakes (separately) and Miss 9 took ownership of the Temptation Sensation, having it on strawberries and ice cream. Both thoroughly enjoyed their desserts and we will be shopping for the Jelly Jiggle next time at the shop.
kiwinutter - 10:18 PM on Mon-22-Nov-2010 reply | message
It's taken a while to respond cos life is just way too busy! Kids very excited with our parcel. First night we had nothing to eat them with so the kids had them on mashed potatoes!! Managed to get ice cream the next day and they have enjoyed mixing up the chocolate and jelly with icecream - sloppy mess but they like it. Love the packaging of the bottles - might even have to get some at Christmas time.
Carlak - 12:55 PM on Mon-22-Nov-2010 reply | message
we havent yet tried the slimey limey as i want to get some snake lollies and icecream and have some worms in the garden with the kids :p but the Jelly Jiggle is a great hit, love it with chocolate sauce and icecream, just like a jelly tip! i also put a massive swirl of the Jelly Jiggle into an ambrosia dessert i made (marshmellows whipped cream yoghurt) and got many comments from adults and children on how beautiful it was!
Mutt - 12:12 PM on Sat-20-Nov-2010 reply | message
Have now got two very excited kids that eat ALL their tea just for dessert and the fantastic option of having these delicious toppings. Have had to purchase extra chocolate sauce. Very Yum
2ndtimeround - 3:29 PM on Fri-19-Nov-2010 reply | message
I've taken to putting the chocolate sause topping into a mug at nite and making into hot choc instead of my regular milo!! Its yummy! A bit rich but I love that, I am hooked and not sure if i'll go back to milo now!!!
missmaddysmum - 11:43 AM on Fri-19-Nov-2010 reply | message
We tried the jelly jiggle on ice cream with the chocolate one on top which was delicious! almost like a jelly tip. Thanks Kidspot for letting us trial these :)
franruss - 10:47 AM on Thu-18-Nov-2010 reply | message
I think I really must go out and buy the chocolate one, it sounds divine.
We were sent the Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey and the kids were very eager to give them a go on their ice-cream as soon as they got home form school and found the parcel sitting there. Two of them loved the Jelly Jiggle, but hated the Slimey Limey, while one was the exact opposite and will only eat the lime one, so that worked out pretty well.
I particularly like that they are squeezy bottles so the kids can easily help themselves, but because they are quite thick they don't end up using half the bottle each time (anything which requires less work from me when dishing up food is always a bonus).
Thanks Kidspot!
JulieKidspot - 11:49 PM on Wed-17-Nov-2010 reply | message
LOL sara! Absolutely not ;) My problem is that I seem to slip every time I'm putting the Jelly Jiggle on my dessert so I end up with heaps more than everyone else ... ahem ...
sara - 4:35 PM on Wed-17-Nov-2010 reply | message
It's fess-up time, who (like me) has been eating their chocolate sauce from the bottle!
baloo - 4:12 PM on Wed-17-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks heaps for the Jelly toppings. My kids loved both of them and they even ate them together. We have a chocolate allergy in the family and it was awesome having these for a special treat that everyone can have. We had with ice cream and yougart. I am going to try them in my muffin mix as well. I love the lime as it was a little tart and I really like that. The lime was a bit hard to get out where the raspberry was alot easier which just meant that they could put their own lime on and I did the raspberry. I will definately be buying these again.
1debbei1 - 9:00 AM on Wed-17-Nov-2010 reply | message
Final verdict is that the chocolate sauce is so yummy as long as mum can stop putting it on everything including toast, then it may last longer :)

We wouldn't buy the lime the taste was too strong for both kids in the end, really want to try the jelly jiggle, thats next on the shopping list
naenae82 - 11:39 PM on Tue-16-Nov-2010 reply | message
well it was a half an half the kids loved the red jelly jiggle but the green slimey limey was too strong i didnt like them an thankyou for the trial im very tempted to try the sensations one for me lol greedy aye i will buy the jelly jiggle but not slimy sorry slimy it was good while it lasted well actually it would of lasted forever but i gave it to my neighbours who have 2 an 4 year old who eat anything sweet lol wish i got the temptations in the mail to try darn it all thankyou an good luck aunt bettys for any future stuff you bring out mostly it is all yummo
Bubbaboo - 11:23 PM on Tue-16-Nov-2010 reply | message
That does it!!! After reading everyones comments about the chocolate sauce I am going to have to go out and buys some! I hate cholate sauces that are too sweet, but it sounds like this one is really nice.

Shopping list for tomorrow: Temptation Sensation chocolate sauce AND STRAWBERRIES!!!
MK02 - 9:36 PM on Tue-16-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received the Jelly Jiggle and Temptation Sensation a couple of weeks ago. The first day it arrived my eldest daughter couldn't wait to try the jelly. The jelly has been a big hit with the girls plus their father and also friends who have come to play. The Temptation Sensation is yummy. I have eyed up the Slimey Limey in the supermarket and was very tempted to buy it but will wait until I finish one of the samples I have first.
ajpickering - 9:30 PM on Tue-16-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received the Jelly Jiggle and Temptation Sensation to trial. My daughter and I trialled both of these dessert toppings (husband just likes his ice-cream plain so more for us).
We liked both of these and it is hard to decide which is best as their flavours are so different.
The chocolate Temptation Sensation topping was heavenly and is a rich dark chocolate but without the sugar sweet taste. I would try this on a hot chocolate dessert.
The Jelly Jiggle topping was a flavoursome raspberry jelly which tasted like raspberry fruit. I would use this on a chocolate fudge brownie too.
We actually tried these side by side on our ice-cream and it made it taste like a jelly tip ice-cream - yummy.
Going out to buy some Slimey Limey when these 2 bottles are used up. It is also a bonus that they are low in fat and contain no artifical flavours - makes you feel less guilty when eating it :-)
Many thanks to Aunt Bettys and Kidspot for the opportunity to trial these wonderful dessert toppings.
Nikki79 - 9:12 PM on Tue-16-Nov-2010 reply | message
We recieved the Slimey Limey and Temptation Sensation and they were DELICIOUS! Slimey Limey is a gooey green jelly type of ice cream topping and it is very sweet and yummy! (My 10 yr old daughters review as this was her favourite and she just loves it!) Temptation Sensation is a dark chocolate topping that is very rich and chocolatey, perfect for me to have with ice cream because it is not too sweet. Definitely my favourite!! This is by far the nicest chocolate icecream topping I have tried so far and I love the fact they are low in fat and have no artificial flavours. This would also be delicious with all sorts of other puddings, cakes etc.
Hayley - 11:22 AM on Tue-16-Nov-2010 reply | message
YUM!!! Very happy with both the chocolate and jelly sauces!! These have been enjoyed by the entire family with ice cream and fruit salad. My favourite, and my sons, is the jelly. The only issue I had was when initialy using this it was hard to squeeze out but seems to have gotten easier with each use. Would definately recommend these to everyone and would purchase myself. I've also used the chocolate one on top of cakes, etc. So many uses for these! Highly recommended :-)
stephE - 7:10 AM on Tue-16-Nov-2010 reply | message
Apoligies for not commenting sooner, We tried the jelly jiggle and it was amazing! My son is a huge fan and it has been used oneverything in the house. My partner loved it on his ice cream too! I will upload a photo as soon as my cmputer stops playing up
hsmith - 8:19 PM on Mon-15-Nov-2010 reply | message
There were some very happy triallists in our house. I really liked the raspberry one- in any shape or form. The kids liked both the chocolate and the raspberry on anything from marshmallows and bananas to pikelets. The chocolate sauce is one way to get my daughter to eat bananas as normally she wont eat any fruit.
simplesoul - 7:15 PM on Mon-15-Nov-2010 reply | message
have made a second patch of muffins with these in the middle, guys they are awesome!

and also tried them tonight on vanilla icecream, and omg that choc sauce is the most devine sauce i have ever ever tasted! not to sweet, just omg yummy! lol and the jelly one is yummy too..have them both together, go on i dare ya, lol
Marta - 6:54 PM on Mon-15-Nov-2010 reply | message
it's yummie on pancakes with ice cream, and lovely with fruit salad!
kazza - 2:03 PM on Mon-15-Nov-2010 reply | message
we tried the toppings with plain vanilla ice cream & slice way to get my little 6yr old to eat fruit!!! It was delicious & was just the right texture....not too runny or thick we found it to be just right & will be buying it in the future as a sweet treat...thanks so much for the free trial
sarahrv - 1:41 PM on Mon-15-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks again for the wiggly jelly and the slimy limey toppings. My boys love them. They have tried them on ice cream, fruit and even yogurt! I drew the line at toast! I have tried them out on friends children too who have all enjoyed them. The boys love the slimy and the girls are loving the jelly, the slime is rather difficult to squeeze out tho - which is good in a way as my 2.5year old can get into the fridge and i would hate to see where i would be finding the slime. Thanks again for giving us the chance to try the yummy toppings out :-)
keznz - 11:45 AM on Mon-15-Nov-2010 reply | message
had the chocolate one over strawberries with icing sugar the other night. Oh My!! SO yummy!! mmmmm....... :)
quackers - 10:50 AM on Mon-15-Nov-2010 reply | message
YUM!!! The raspberry and lime toppings were such a hit in this house,Miss 13 months loved the squisshy feeling of the lime one,thanks for the chance to trial them!
helen777 - 8:09 PM on Sun-14-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you very much for the delicious jelly toppings!! They are going down a treat with my two kiddies! I was able to do a great tasting of Aunt Betty's dessert toppings as my son has recently turned 9 and we had a party for him with 6 friends from school, so I took the opportunity in giving them ice-cream and the lovely Aunt Betty topping and truly they all got so excited and were delighted with the flavors, it seemed to me that the raspberry topping got a good 10 out of 10 and the lime came in with a 7 out of 10. So yes thanks again!!
GirlsMum - 7:09 PM on Sat-13-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you for the opportunity to try the Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey. My girls loved them on their ice cream and thought it was great that they could pick the Slimey Limey up with their fingers. They tasted lovey and would consider buying more. Will have to get the chocolate one now to taste it too.
parky69 - 9:45 PM on Fri-12-Nov-2010 reply | message
Wow, my girls were so excited to receive these! We got Jelly Jiggle and Tempation Sensation and couldn't wait to try it on ice cream that night. We had both - of course! and the girls absolutely loved them both. I thought it was like eating a jelly tip - yum yum! The jelly looked funny when it came out but it certainly didn't taste funny! No problem getting the chocolate sauce out even though it says to warm for 30 seconds. We've seen them at the supermarket and I think they were about $3, not bad. Will definately be buying in the future - will have to try Slimey Limey next. :-)
mumstheone - 6:49 PM on Fri-12-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yummy we all love these Aunt Betty's Dessert toppings. We have used it on ice-cream and the jelly jiggle was great on butterfly cakes. Thanks for letting us trial these.
Gubsea - 12:08 PM on Fri-12-Nov-2010 reply | message
Wow how cool is the Jelly Jiggle me and my boy really enjoyed both our trials. The chocolate is great for drizziling over strawberries and meringue baskets quick and easy. I also enjoyed squeezing the delicious treats straight into my mouth (without my little one seeing of course). The Jelly Jiggle has a unique yummy taste ~ Well Done Aunt Betty, i hope they will be an affordable price!
2mums - 11:54 AM on Fri-12-Nov-2010 reply | message
Jelly is the winner! The kids love the sliminess...especially Mr 1year old, he loves to mush it through his hands.
The adults in the house like the chocolate...on pikelts, ice cream, pancakes, fruit, name it we tried it.
I loved that neither flavor was too sweet or sickly.
The size of the bottle is awesome! And lasting so so well.

Have to say the chocolate tasted best inside our TRIPLE choc mini muffins! It just oozed out as your bit into them.
heatherh - 10:48 PM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks so much for the samples, these are just awesome, the kids love them. So far we have used them on icecream sundaes and pancakes. The kids had been bugging me for ages to buy these so I am really glad we got to sample them. I pulled them out at our recent guyfawkes party and the little kids seemed to like the lime best whereas the older ones loved the chocolate, i have to say im a bit partial to the chocolate myself. Never to old for these.
ticklebear - 10:41 PM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
I took the slimey limey and the jelly jiggle over to a friends house along with a chocolate cake this week, her wee girls loved the jelly jiggle and her wee boy loved the slimey limey when asked why he said because its yummy. My thoughts are now the boys love the slime look. I have found that the slimey limey is hard to squeeze out of the bottle when the level gets below halfway its that "slimey" that it sucks itself back into the bottle. Will have to try them out with more things this weekend of the things I do to review yum, yum!
Bubbaboo - 9:38 PM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle are giong down a treat here! And with only 1 toddler acting as taste tester they lasting nicely so far. He loves the consistency of the Slimey Limey and probably like a lot of kids he squealed with laughter and yelled out "Boogies!" when he saw it coming out of the bottle. His favourite thing to do is open his mouth wide while I squeeze a big long Slimey Limey blob into his mouth as a treat!

With the Jelly Jiggle so far we have just done the ice cream thing. But to be a bit different I did it in a dessert glass, lots of ice cream and Jelly Jiggle then stirred it up till it melted, and my son sucked it up through a straw. He think this is just great, and it makes fantastic sound effects as the jelly blobs shoot up the straw and into his mouth.

I'll be reading through everyone elses posts to find some more ideas. Cool stuff though and nice to be given such a nice treat to share!
vikih - 8:13 PM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yes, they were a hit in our house too! I can safely say 'were' as the last of the bottles disappeared tonight. Taste testers were from the toddler, teenager and adult categories and both the Chocolate Sensation and the Slimey Limey were popular with all groups.
Luckily for me (the confirmed chocaholic of the family) the slimey limey was the most popular with the kids. They compared it to lime jelly...but a bit more sour ( a good thing). The adults of the house and weekend adult visitors experimented with different uses for the chocolate sauce ranging from mocha coffees to chocolate cocktails to a creme brulee topping. Both will be added to our regular shopping list. Thanks for the opportunity.
graykiwi - 7:50 PM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you so much for the opportunity to try Slimey Limey and Chocolate Sensation. When we put the Slimey Limey on ice cream my 4 year old yelled "boogers" and then him and my 2 year old were in fits of laughter, so there you go, snot on ice cream is a hit in our house. It tasted very much like Lime jelly, it is not the easiest to pour and kinda slips off the ice cream. The Chocolate Sensation was gorgeous, a very rich chocolate taste and you only need a small amount, it pours very nicely. We even went out and bought the Jelly Wiggle. It is the same consistency as the Lime topping and tastes like the top of a Jelly Tip, surprisingly my 4 year old was not taken with this flavour. Thanks for the opportunity.
mummyof3 - 1:21 PM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you for the Jelly Jiggle toppings, going down with the kids great, they love it !!!! My son loves the Slimey Limy and my daughter loves the raspberry jiggly (might have something to do with it being what she calls pink!). Have tried it other kids to and they like as well.
Thanks again for the trial. YUM!!!
nikkib90 - 11:22 AM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you so much for the opportunity to try these flavours. The Chocolate Temptation Sensation was divine! I loved it - I am a bit of a chocolate fan tho. My son and husband ventured out to try the Slimey Limey and were surprised at the tang and the fun of having green sauce on their ice cream!! My son is only 16 months old and is just acquiring a tast for treats, he loves his ice cream and sauce now and these will be on the grocery list from here forward.
lizmo - 8:41 AM on Thu-11-Nov-2010 reply | message
Jelly Jiggle tasted just like Raspberry Jelly, my partner and I loved it but our 3 yr old wasn't so keen. Slimey Limey was surprisingly pleasant but extremely thick to pour and due to the heavy texture tended to fall to the side of the plate rather than stay on the ice cream. We are huge Chocolate Sauce fans in our house I don't know that I would have bought these if I saw them in the supermarket but now I have tried them I would probably buy the Jelly Jiggle again. Thanks so much for thhe trial
Amanda30 - 7:51 PM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
What a hit these have been in our house! Thanks so much! I tried the Slimey Limey on Sunday night when we had friends over and the five boys loved it. Ice cream with lime jelly and dinosaur sprinkles topped with Slimey Limey was a huge hit and I was the coolest mum out. The kids were 9, 4, twin 3.5s and an 18 month old and they all loved it. The Slimey Limey was very thick though when trying to squeeze it from the bottle and that was at room temperature, so not sure how it will go after being refrigerated. Then tonight we got out the chocolate and my twin 3.5s and 18 month old had it on top of ice cream. Again they went to bed very happy and I am a happy mum. Great products and lots of fun to be had over the summer. Thanks again.
Shell - 7:10 PM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
When my daughter arrived home from school on Monday she immediately spotted the bottles on the bench. What's that she asked, wait and see I said. Finally after dinner I said she could try some. We made up a fresh fruit salad from all the fruit we had then squirted the Chocolate Temptation Sensation over one half and Slimey Limey over the other half. Wow it was wonderful. I read on the back of the chocolate about putting under warm water but it was very runny and we were able to skip this step. The lime was very thick which made it a little difficult to pour over the fruit. Sometimes I found I needed to use my finger to 'cut' it to stop it coming out. I was very impressed with both flavours, the chocolate was to die for and even though I am not a lime person I really enjoyed it. My husband put the chocolate one all over his ice cream in a cone and said he would have liked it more if it had gone hard - but I like it just the way it is. Because the chocolate is runny I think it could be used very economically but the lime could be used up very fast due to its thickness. I can't wait to experiment with the Slimey Limey next halloween.
erenakelly - 2:04 PM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks heaps for the chocolate and lime toppings which we've been slowly but surely making our way through. The chocolate topping is yum - perhaps not as chocolately as I would have liked but all the same very good consistency and perfect drizzle for ice cream. Sadly, I have to say the lime jelly is just plain weird. I just about pulled a chest muscle trying to get it out of the bottle as it doesn't separate very easily and it's just a bit too 'fake' for my liking, without too much lime tartness to it either. Mixed review but thanks all the same!
KGolds - 1:12 PM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks so much for the Jelly Jiggle & Chocolate Temptation Sensation. Both have been a huge hit in our household & DH demanded we purchase ice cream to try them with the day they arrived! We tried the chocolate first & it was just scrumptious on ice cream and even better as a dip for strawberries. It makes a great iced chocolate & a pretty good adult version too - think Bounty Hunters at Lonestar :)
The Jelly Jiggle is yummy! For some reason it makes DS laugh when it comes out of the bottle?? I think though that it should be chilled before first use though as I liked it a lot better the second night after it had been in the fridge. We haven't been very inventive with the Jelly but I have a home made ice cream recipe that I'm going to make this week & try mixing the jelly & chocolate through it to do a home made jelly tip ice cream :o) Yum! Thanks again for the trial. We'll definitely be buying these again.
slinkylinky - 12:19 PM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
We got the jelly & chocolate toppings, & they were a big hit! The kids loved them both of course. Us grownups were surprised that the jelly one was actually like jelly & even more surprised when we really liked it! They were both delicious.
tamasmum - 9:29 AM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
Well Jelly Jiggle didnt last in our household its all gone! Slimey Limey is still there but it is slowly loosing its battle to be around. Tamas favourite was Jelly Jiggle, he wasnt too keen on Slimey Limey but in saying that it took him nearly half of the bottle to realise that he didnt like it! Temptation Sensation is next on the shopping list and we cant wait!! Thanks again Aunt Betty and Kidspot.
Jackieb - 7:18 AM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
The adults in our family liked them more than the kids- we had slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle and I'll definately be getting the Temptation sensation to try next time I got to the supermarket.
kkellzz - 12:53 AM on Wed-10-Nov-2010 reply | message
My little girl was very excited when she unwrapped the raspberry and lime bottles, we first tested the raspberry with some fruit and yoghurt yum!! needless to say with ice cream etc a hit with us, the lime took her a while to eat and was not so keen on maybe becos shes not used to the flavour although her cousin enjoyed it wont go to waste!!
terry100 - 3:26 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
These are great. We received the raspberry and lime toppings, both are really nice with ice cream and fruit. The raspberry would be awesome as a cheese cake topping as well and the lime flavour reminded me of an ice cream and lime soda from my child hood days. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these!
simplesoul - 2:52 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
Ok so the kids absolutely love these on icecream and just straight out of the bottle, naughty little blighters, lol. But I would like to confirm that they are absolutely awesome added to muffin mix. We put them in the middle of the mixture and yummy. So for anyone else considering baking with these I highly recommend and encourage it. You will be delighted and quite surprised how well they turn out, so go it! lol
Cathy - 2:49 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to trial these Aunt Bettys Dessert Toppings. My family received the chocolate and raspberry ones. My 3 kids (aged 2, 4 and 5) wanted to try both on their icecream and ended up mixing it all together which they enjoyed. They also dipped strawberries in the chocolate which was a real hit. (our baby would have tried them too if we'd let her!) My husband and I both loved the chocolate topping and I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the raspberry topping, it really did taste like real jelly (I think I was expecting it to have a more 'false' taste). We look forward to using these toppings on other desserts too, and they will definately become a staple item in our fridge. Thank you!
missmaddysmum - 2:27 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
We tried the jelly jiggle the other day on waffles, i was suprised at how jelly like it actually was! it was really yummy, and my daughter was really attracted to the bottle. i love how they stand on their ends and seem a bit more stable than other things like sauce, and we can get every last little bit out!
potentialunlimited - 2:08 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
Wowl, both bottles are nearly all gone! I LOVE!!!!!!! the Jelly jiggle the best. We have used it on ice cream, straight from the bottle, my son put it on his cereal at night, with fresh fruit.......the list goes on. The Chocolate one is not a favourite in our house but we used it to pour over marshmallow and fruit kebabs for a bbq - now a friend has taken the bottle and wont give it back. Will have to hide the Jelly one so she doesn't get hold of that too. Fabulous product - we will be buying more. Thanks for the chance to sample such great new products.
Trace - 1:38 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
What a success, these products went down a treat. We rec the temptation sensation and the Slimey Limey. Firstly, great packaging my 9 yo was engrossed in the bottles artwork.
We used ours on ice cream and on strawberries and there were certainly no complaints as bowls came back empty. We have agreed to try the 3rd flavour as no doubt it will be just as yummy.
Thanks Auny Bettys and Mums Say for the chance to review.
elmo - 1:33 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you for chooseing us to trail these yummy toppin We got our 2 topping las t week and my 3yr old sadi what that mummy can i have some so we went to get ice cream and had some after tea she tryed them after tea she tryed the chocolate one and said mm delious mummy and wanted seconds, she did not like the the lime jelly one as she is not a fan of jelly.

I would buy these again for sure the labeling is very eye catching
Tineke - 12:20 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
Complete hit in our house - apart from I am now being driven nuts by them asking for more:-) Our 4yr old is often reluctant to try new things but the green color had him besotted from the beginning. Our 9yr old preferred the choc like us adults. Has made the 'vege' part of the kids dinners much less of a fight knowing a little of these was coming next. We really liked the choc sauce with the low fat strawberry yoghurt ice cream that tip top does. We now will have to buy the Jelly one because these two were so well liked.
imrose - 12:05 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yummy thanks for sending us the choc one.Have been using it on everything.Haven't yet opened the strawberry one but i bet that too gonna be a sure winner.
mandyroxy - 10:55 AM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
We all loved the yummy chocolate and slimey limey toppings. The packaging looks great - although hubby managed to snap the top off the chocolate bottle while opening for the first time. The chocolate topping is great with ice cream and banana cake. I also added it to chocolate muffins and a surprise filling. Was still nice and gooey after baking. Thanks for letting us try. Will definitely be buying again.
Tashakobe - 10:36 AM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
My husband and I love the Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle but little miss 3 year old is not to sure about them. We have had it with icecream and Sienna does try a little bit but she is not sure about jelly. We will continue to put it in her bowl and hope she tries more, it can take her a little while to try new foods so hopefully in about a week she tucks into it, if there is any left after my husband gets into it.
sugapop69 - 8:34 AM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
the whole house loved the new jelly in a bottle jelly jiggle and slimey limey, they were so yummy just like jelly in a bottle we had it with ice cream and fruit jelly two nights in a row and counting, the jelly was so sweet and nice the two had different textures jelly jiggle more wobbly when coming out of the bottle and slimey limey more like a big line of jelly but the texture is the same when eating it, i will buy more of this :)
shird - 12:45 AM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received Jelly jiggle and slimey limey. I quite like the natural flavour of the product- it is attractively packaged too- My kids alas are not big jelly fans, so I plan to bring it along to discovery learning to see if it goes well with waffles! It would be a good thing to have the red jelly one on hand to complement peanut butter for fans of this combination!They taste nice with crepes.
ticklebear - 12:37 AM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
We had much excitement in our house when our two flavours arrived Jelly Jiggle (jj)and Slimely Limey(sl). DS decided that sl is his favourite 1 because of the colour and 2 because it "tastes yummy". There first taste was over icecream it was funny to watch them try to scoop up the sl as it would not go onto the spoon very easily. I had some of the jj tonight without the kids I put it in the middle of a slice of chocolate cake yum I usually don't like jelly as such but the flavour with the chocolate was great. I will be back on tomorrow as I am taking them around to a friends for them to try for morning tea. And dd1 has decided we must try them on pancakes after school tomorrow too.
Pommiegotlost - 8:36 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Took these to my friends house the other day, and we tried them with orange choc chip icecream for supper and then with pancakes for lunch the following day, EVERYONE loved the chocolate and the slimey limey was a hit with the kids. Slimey Limey tasted great with pancakes and i just LOVE saying its name. The bright green bottle was definitely inviting to all. My friend also tried the chocolate in a milkshake which disappeared in record time so i'm assuming that was good.
Wish i'd taken photos of my chocolate covered daughter before she went to wash her face and head back out to play full of energy after for once finishing everything on her plate.
Haylee9 - 8:17 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
I received our Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle on Saturday - perfect as we had another family coming over for dinner (seven children at the dinner table!). Once the children got over the fit of giggles from the farting noises that the toppings make when you squeeze the bottles they all agreed that they taste great! There was no clear favourite between the lime and the raspberry but all of the children asked for seconds. My six year old daughter described the toppings as 'jellilicious'. Each night since my kids have asked for desert just so they can have some 'jelly stuff' on top. The kids really like the names of the toppings and they find the bottles easy to use (a little too easy!). Aunt Betty's you are a winner in my house! Thanks for the opportunity to trial these.
purplejo - 7:27 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
The kids like the Slimy Limey, and report that it is definitely very lime tasting. It is also definitely slimy, with a really gloopy consistency. I can't bring myself to eat it, as it looks disconcertingly like snot! The chocolate sauce is very rich and chocolately, and is delicious over ice-cream or yogurt. I wouldn't say that it is any better than other sauces on the market, but do appreciate the natural ingredients and squeezy bottle.
keznz - 5:30 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
oh - also - Loved the packaging. The kids really liked looking at it & reading the back. They found it funny, especially the lime one saying something like - 'don't shake the bottle though, it might just think you're scared of it'
SO big thumbs up from the kids on the bottle design & description etc.
Silverbabe - 5:30 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the Aunt Bettys Toppings. We got Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey. The kids loved both of them and thought they were both a lot like jelly which they love so this was a big plus. They had different favourites but that was just their own individual tastes. They had it on ice cream this particular night but can imagine they will be having it on lots of other things too. One of my boys is having a birthday party soon where they will be decorating their own sundaes so will be buying some more to use for that and other dessert times.

Thanks again
keznz - 5:28 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you Mums Say & Aunty Betty's!! It has been such a treat this week being able to jazz up our ice cream with these yummy toppings!! We got the Slimey Limey & Temptation Sensation. The lime one tastes just like Lime Jelly - twas not my favourite, but my husband loves it & keeps going back for more! The kids ate it, but love the chocolate one more as did I. WOW that chocolate one was SO nice, super smooth & creamy. It just had a really nice taste to it! I would LOVE to try the Raspberry Jelly Jiggle - I think that & the chocolate one would be like a jelly tip treat!! We are trying out a new dessert this week a kind of crumble sundae - looking fwd to trying the toppings on that! Will try & put some pics up & let you know how it went! :) Thank you so much!! k
kiwikelz - 4:35 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks a million kidspot, there was much excitement in our house when these arrived. We tried the chocolate and the raspberry and my testers, aged 36, 14, 4 and 2 all think both are delicious. Master 4 was so taken with them that both bottles grew legs and ended up under his bed for some midnight snack enjoyment! He spilt about a teaspoon full of the chocolate one on his carpet and I'm pleased to report it came straight up. We've had it on ice cream and the kids are also loving it as a fruit dip. Great product, will not hesitate to buy some more this week.
Leckylocks - 4:18 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yum! Thank you so much for sending us the toppings. We have tried the lime and the chocolate (and have since been and bought the pink one too!) and they are fantastic!
We have used them both over icecream and the chocolate on to dunk strawberries into.
I love the fact that they are gluten free so our whole family is able to eat them. The kids are particularly fond of the green and pink 'jelly' that they can have on their icecream. My husband and I prefer the chocolate, for both flavour and texture.

The bottles are really appealing and also easy for little hands to manage.

Thanks for sharing this delicious product.

Rose3 - 4:08 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
We were all really excited to be able to try these toppings,we tried the Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle.Both were a big hit (although the red was first choice each time), We've stirred it into yoghurt,and that was popular, also made it onto the babes spoon without too much trouble. slid it over ice cream,made lumpy milk shakes with chopped strawberries,and tried it as a dip with fruit and mast 3 helped make little sundaes in plastic cups.Also tried to get a little person interested in tinned peaches, this we succeeded in by hiding them in the jelly jiggle,along with small marshmallows, cant believe she ate them! so loved trying these, always a pleasure to find a product that is fun and good for our littiles.great to find something they wanted to eat! Thanks for choosing us for the trial.
angel7801 - 3:48 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
We have tried the lime and the raspberry flavour. We tried them on ice cream. Bree thought the raspberry was great. She loves the colour red. The packaging is attractive. I thought for the price it was a bit expensive for jelly in a bottle. The slimy lime also went down a treat. I would love to try the choc myself hehe. Will be trying these toppings on yoghurt soon.
amy - 3:39 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
I had a brainwave this morning, I put a bit of the choco topping in my mug and made a hot chocolate with it - totally yum!
dkpm - 3:38 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
We have had so many desserts this week. As an adult the chocolate is definitely the first choice. We have had it with icecream and with strawberries. It has gone to school in a bowl to dip fruit in. Easily transportable so took it to our fireworks picnic. Felt so tempted to drink it straight from the bottle it is so yummy!
Jelly jiggle my daughter loved. Loves jelly and always wants it but we always forget to make ahead of time so this is great to have on hand in the fridge.
Thanks so much we loved it
tarns677 - 2:42 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Well the kids did the taste test on the slimey limey and it tasted yummy and the kids loved the colour. Would buy them again for sure. Thank you so much for letting us try them.
bearcub - 2:31 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received our trial pack and was impressed by the packaging. We trialed the slimey limey and jelly jiggle and both past the taste test with the other two children. Will be buying it in our next shopping trip.
ralf - 2:29 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
I've eaten too much icecream over the last week, but those toppings are just so divine. I'm a real chocoholic but I must say I've really enjoyed the jelly flavour as well. My little man just adores the chocolate which is quite good as he doesn't like much sweet stuff. we will be buying these as a treat after we have finished these bottles. I'm also really surprised at how long they have lasted, I have found that you don't need a lot of the toppings they go a long way.
k4kylie - 2:27 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
we tried the Slimey Limey and Temptation Sensation i love the choc one and my daughter prefers the green slime! great product
Mardi - 2:18 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
We were sent the Jelly Jiggle & Temptation Sensation,we have only tried the Jelly Jiggle which Rohan loves in his "Cone in an Ice Cream",we pack the cone with Ice Cream then put a squirt of Jelly Jiggle in then a ball of Ice Cream on top,the first night he just grinned from ear to ear when he discovered his surprise,now every night after his dinner he request some Jelly with his "Cone in a Ice Cream" very cute & very hard to say no to.
We will try the Temptation Sensation with our Strawberries over the next few nights..Thanks so much for picking us for this awesome trial
nikkih - 2:14 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you Aunt Betty and Kidspot. My kids loved it can’t wait to get more in my next shopping. My son enjoyed this so much that he decided to squeeze the bottle (Raspberry Jelly Jiggle) right into his mouth. We were given to trial the Dark Chocolate and Jelly Jiggle and have to say the Jelly Jiggle is beautiful. Had shared lunch at my son’s day-care on Friday so I made him some butterfly cupcakes and used the Raspberry Jelly Jiggle in the middle and it tasted great. Will surely recommend to all my friends. Thank you again
mary110370 - 2:10 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Temptation Sensation and Slimy Limey were reviewed in our house. Packaging is great - bright and attractive and will be easy to find in the supermarket. I like the idea that when the bottle is getting empty you can turn it upside down and it has a big enough lid not to topple over.
Slimy Limey smelt devine - just like real limes. The texture was a little strange however and it didn't stay on the icecream but slid right off. My daughter did not like this one at all so it was quite lucky that it did just slide off her icecream. I didn't mind it but it probably wouldn't be something that I would buy in the future and I struggle to think of alternative uses apart from as an icecream topping. The gluggy texture made it a little hard to get out of the bottle once it had been in the fridge overnight.

Temptation Sensations was a complete hit with everyone and the bottle is nearly empty after a weekend of icecream and it was also enjoyed as a dipping sauce for our strawberries. My daughter even used it as a topping for her pancakes with whipped cream although this option didn't appreal to me. The smell of rich cocoa was devine and it has a thick creamy texture. No palm oil is a bonus too.
mumtotwo - 1:56 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Hi there
received the two flavours last week and the kids jumped at the chance of ice cream to test them out . Wee boy was not convinced at colours on his vanilla so it was up to the teenager and me ! the chocolate is very rich dark chocolate , very decadent on icecream and strawberries ! the slimey limey was a zingy lime flavour that went well over ice cream and would go down well with kids of all ages . We look forward to buying the jelly jiggle now too and i will be baking a banana cake shortly to have with the chocolate sauce !
atmum - 1:35 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Hi there! Sorry for the late review. We gratefully received the Temptation Sensation (Chocolate) and the Jelly Jiggle and both were an absolute hit in our house. We combined both flavours with icecream to create a "Jelly Tip" flavour. It was divine.
Mr 4 kept asking for more and Miss 1 opened her mouth in hope that we would pour them straight into her mouth!
Dad had his on his banana cake and wants to buy more. We will definately be purchasing these in the near future. Thanks so much for the trial.
WhitiMum23 - 1:26 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
The kids LOVED them!
The two youngest preferred the raspberry, eldest and the parents liked the lime the best.
Will def be trying it on some fruit next
samstills5 - 1:15 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Well - my family are def hooked on the 2 flavours we tried (Temptation Sensation & Jelly Jiggle). We have had it on icecream, over fruit , swirled into a cheesecake topping and baked into cupcakes. All were a hit and I have been advised by little miss 4.5 that we have to get more when it runds out (which isn't far away!!). For the next experiment I am going to try and add the choc sauce to a self-saucing choc pud! YUM! :)
twinsandmore - 12:11 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
If looks are anything to go by I'm sure my daughter will be sneaking these into the shopping trolley. The packaging is fantastic, very inviting for kids and kids at heart. The description on the back is even fun to read to kids.
We tried the Slimey limey and Jelly Jiggle. For a healthy option we tried both on just bananas for desert the first night. YUMMM. Miss 5 had several servings. My 1yr old twins also gobbled theirs up with big grins on their faces.
The Slimey Limey as a nice fresh lime taste that is not over powering so you can still taste the flavour of the fruit or ice-cream you are having it with. Same with the Jelly Jiggle. The raspberry favour is subtle and would go best with raspberry, vanilla or chocolate flavoured icecream or a plainish desert.
All my kids loved them and I look forward to them sneaking their way into the grocery trolley in the future.
GoMummyJo - 12:05 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Right I've taken the bull by the horns and yesterday did my first experiment. I decided that before I went as far as to use the slimy limey in baking, I'd test out how well it melts & resets. So what I did was make up a packet jelly the night before, then the next day, melted some of the slimy limey just in the microwave (only took about 20 secs). I poured it on top of the set jelly - it set well although wasn't as firm as the packet jelly but did make a nice effect with a thin layer of green jelly on top of the orange. (Oh and just to add, I've managed to upload a couple of photos - not the flashest but they show the effect).
matted - 11:56 AM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Where do I start yum yum yum, the Tempation Sensation rocks we love it... well we did when we still had some. It is definately on this weeks shopping list. The slimey limey was a hit with our five year oly who love his garden sundae, choc ice ceam with lawn topping (slimey limey) was great he even enjoyed the sludge Tempation Sensation.
2ndtimeround - 10:19 AM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
So mum and dad have been getting into the jelly and the choc sause sneakily every nite once the kiddies have gone off to bed because we love it!! We decided that they are the best together because they are jellytip like together over ice cream! WE are hooked and will buy it again once we run out! The boys have had some too as per previous comments! Thanks heaps.
angelnshan - 10:16 AM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
hi everyone we received the chocolate and jelly ones the chocolate one was great on the same par as hersheys or cadbury etc the jelly one was hands up my favourite for kids! there is nothing ive seen on the market like this one and so yum just like real jelly in a bottle! definatley not a jelly flavoured sauce as you may think well done aunt bettys for making kids dessert toppings that are healthier than what's out there now!
Foxy - 9:50 AM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
Sorry to be late to review - we received the Chocolate one and the Jelly Jiggle. I found the Jelly Jiggle a little hard to get out, but the kids loved the fact it was so jiggly and jelly like and pink! The chocolate one came out too fast - an eager child trying to squeeze it out soon ended up with half a plate of sauce! Luckily this was the first plate, so we just spooned it onto the other icecreams - I really liked this one, a nice rich chocolate flavour, not too artificial tasting - would def buy this again. My son spyed the Lime Jelly one at the supermarket, so we will be buying that one once these run out! Thanks for letting us test it, and I'll try and get some photos on here!
rachaelsfun - 8:43 AM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
ok so finally had the family dinner yesterday (sorry was a late night so only just posting todays) heres the verdict .. from MUm (nanny) , my sister (nephews mum ) , me and nephew (7 1/2) ...
we had the slimey Limey and the Choc temptations and the icecream was banana choc chip (for cold one) and Vanilla Icecream for Hot)
All loved the Slimey Limey all agreed wasnt too sickly and loved how the lime came out like jelly and sister and nephew said they would def buy it again being real icecream fantaics and Josh (nephew) loved the fact that it was like real jelly

.. The choc sensation mum and i enjoyed it but sister and nephew thought it was a lil rich the first time she tries it but she hoed into it the second time !! lol but they thought it was nice Hot , and on fruit like bananas (like choc dipped fruit) thanks for choosing us to sample this it was a great surprise for everyone and was well recieved xx rach
amy - 8:12 AM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
We absolutely LOVED the Jelly Jiggle. From the moment we smelled it, it was delicious. we were so excited to have some my husband went out specially to buy some icecream. I loved the flavour, texture and colour. Thanks so much!
The chocolate was also delicious, but more like what I have had before as an icecream topping. Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial. I'm planning on trying other ways of eating them next
Nessa - 7:59 AM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
My daughters tried Slimey Lime the other night on ice cream. Once again it was hard to get out of the bottle (as mentioned with the Jelly Jiggle. It did slide off the ice cream, fell down the side of the plate so that was a downside but the girls enjoyed it. I asked my nearly 4 year old what it tasted like and she said JELLY. I am yet to try but will give them a go tonight. My nearly 4 yer old likes the Raspberry and Lime the same :) Now for some creativity, what can we make with them :)
jobrush - 11:28 PM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
So tonight I decided to have backwards dinner so that we had time to really trial our Aunt Betty's toppings. While our mains were cooking I whipped up some waffles and we went to town.
Chocolate Sensations - I can't fault this topping. It's not too sweet, pours well from the bottle (almost too well, oops got a bit much mum!!!) and was delicious with ice-cream, blueberries and waffles. I've also tried it warmed and in an iced chocolate and I can see that this would be a topping that I would buy. Interestingly the 3 year old wasn't overly fussed on it, but the 6 year old thought it was great - and he wouldn't normally like a dark chocolate topping.
Slimey Limey - not such a hit here. Both my husband and I made the comment that it doesn't come out of the bottle easily, and it slides off the icecream, and would be far too difficult for the children to manage. Tastewise however it is pretty good. Our boys did not like it as they found it too sweet for their tastebuds, however when I nervously tried it with the waffles and icecream, expecting it to be a poor cousin to its chocolate counterpart, I was pleasantly surprised. The combination was fantastic! It smells divine but I do think I would be inclined to have it in combination with the chocolate sensations or with waffles etc rather than on its own on icecream.
Overall, Chocolate Sensation is a 10/10, but for our household Slimey Limey was probably only a 6/10.
swordlet - 9:28 PM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks so much for picking us for this review!!
We thoroughly enjoyed having these yummy toppings on our icecream. We have the Slimey Limey and Jelly Giggle flavours.
Also over the weekend I made little jelly pottles for the children for our daughters birthday party and I put a squirt of these toppings on top of each jelly. They were a great hit!
Am thinking next time we'll go shopping I'll buy the Chocolate Sensation and give that a try too!
YUMMO!! Have added a picture of our icecream and Jelly dessert =)
vickster444 - 8:16 PM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
We were very excited to receive the Slimey Lime and Chocolate sensation toppings. My son who is 4 loved the chocolate one, but not so keen on the lime one he said it kept wiggly off his spoon and wouldnt stay on there so he could eat it! I really liked the chocolate one also. We had it on ice cream and also tried the chocolate one this morning on pancakes, which was absolutely beautiful!!! I took a fruit platter to a bbq this weekend and had some dips to go with the fruit, like youghurt etc...I also decided to add the chocolate topping as an extra dip and it was gone very quickly and everyone at the bbq raved about how delicious it was! I found the chocolate one to be the most versatile being able to use it on many different things! We will certainly be getting this in our shopping!! Thank you so much for picking us to trial these proiducts!
dayauon - 6:49 PM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks for choosing us to sample the products. My kids were so excited to find out that they will be trying out something new for their ice cream treats. My 10 yr old son likes the slimey jelly the most because it gives added texture to the ice cream. Jelly and ice cream are good combination. But he says, it might work well only with single-flavoured ice cream except chocolate. He added that the raspberry jelly jiggle is bumpy and like melts with the ice cream which my 5 yr old daughter is more of a fan. She likes the colour! She finds the slimey jelly too strong for her flavour-wise. Overall, my kids like it and nearrly finish the 2 bottles in one eating!
AngelaM - 4:10 PM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
We were sent the jiggly jelly and the chocolate toppings, yum! I put a good serving of the jiggly jelly between a chocolate cake. I would highly recommend doing this, I will be doing it again. The chocolate topping is very chocolaty but the texture is a bit grainy but still tasted gooooood.
smileybabe - 2:29 PM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
Our family was lucky enough to try the jelly jiggle and slimey limey. My son was amazed at the fact that someone put "real jelly" in bottles so he could get some a little at a time. I thought they tasted good and similar to other jelly varieties that are available; I did find them a little hard to get out of the packaging though, and thought maybe it would be easier if they were a little runnier. However, over the last night I have left upside down in the fridge and when I went to use them last night it was much easier and although it says to "Upturn when getting low" I think it could be beneficial and easier to use if upturned the whole time...
alex - 9:59 AM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
My kids were really excited to get these toppings
We received slimey limey and tempation sensation my hubby tried them first and thought they were great he liked the fact they were additive free and colour free the only thing he said was wrong with the lime one was that it could have been a bit runnier.
my daughter loved it normally has raves about chocolate but to my surprise she didn't stop saying how much she liked the lime going to try the chocolate sauce on fruit tomorrow.
So all in all it a big thumbs up from the 5 of us
Thank you very much for choosing us
annette - 7:57 AM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us to trial Slimey Limey and Chocolate Sensations, what a hard job it trialing us yummy products!!! Mr 3 absolutely loves the lime one, he told so many people about having ice cream and slime for desert the night before when we were at the mall yesterday - i had to expand and explain about the products!! Will definately be on the treat list in our house!
Shirley - 1:59 AM on Sun-7-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received the Jelly Jiggle and Temptation Sensation, thank you so much. The package looks great and would immediately stand out in an aisle. I would definitely take notice
The girls would have liked to try it out the morning of it's arrival but i had to say no, they got it as a special treat for afternoon tea..
Taihli (10) remembered something she heard that the Zoo a few days earlier regarding Palm Oil and so she read the label of the chocolate sauce and was very happy to tell us all that there wasno Palm Oil.
Taihli loved the Jiggle Jelly with vanilla icecream a, Alisa too that's my 5 year old she said the chocolate was good butthe Jiggle Jelly was the best.
My2 yearold baby Jordan tried out both and just said more more.
Tomorrowwe are going to have the Temptation Sensation on strawberries.Yum ! Yum
jobrush - 9:54 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Man, we have been so busy we haven't yet been able to do a "real" test yet. We got the chocolate sensations, and slimey limey - which smells A-Maz-Ing!!! I have made an iced choc with the chocolate sensations, and we tried a little on our ice creams and the strawberries I had just bought, (and on a spoon!) but tomorrow will be making waffles for pudding. I can't wait!!! MMM think I need to go have some chocolate sensations on icecream right now!!!
slk96 - 9:37 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you so much for the yummy toppings. Johnny and Josh were so excited when I told them I had a special treat for their pudding. I let them squirt the two toppings on their ice-cream and they thought they were great. We had the jelly one and the chocolate one. My husband and I had some later on our ice-cream and we liked them a lot too! Will be a sweet treat to share with friends this Summer!
CaseysMum - 3:49 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
We were excited to receive our parcel on Thursday but unfortunately no ice cream in the house! So once the kids were in bed I went and bought some french vanilla ice-cream. My husband gave it a go that night - he decided to put both on and really enjoyed it, he said the chocolate wasn't too rich which was good as he sometimes finds chocolate a little over-powering. The Jelly one was nice as well and had an interesting texture. The next night our girls tried just the chocolate one on their ice cream for dessert - My two year old finished her whole bowl and my 5 year old was licking the bowl clean - I asked her what she thought of it and she replied - "good - it was yummy on the ice-cream and tasted like chocolate". I'll give them the jelly one with dessert tonight and since I don't eat ice cream I might put some of the chocolate one on some tinned fruit for me :) I will be back later to let you know how we got on
lotsakids - 3:47 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yum Yum Yum... we got the chocolate one and the jiggle jelly, and boy did they go down a treat, the look and taste so so good.. it really was a shame to have to share it all :O( but it was neat to see the kids get stuck in and enjoy it, we also used the chocolate one as a dip for some fruit.. as its just such a yummy flavor and not to rich.. they are great.. and will go dawn a treat with adults and kids.. i have already been out and brought more!
oneonly - 2:23 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
We were very excited to receive our parcel of Temptation Sensation and Jelly Jiggle toppings, thanks heaps for choosing us. As with all new products we try I read the packaging first and we were really pleased to see that the Temptation Sensation has NO PALM OIL in nice bold type as we try really hard to avoid products containing palm oil in our home so we were off to a very positive start.<br>I opened the Jelly jiggle and was immediately returned to the summers of my childhood and the super special treat it was to get a Jelly Tip - it smells exactly like the jelly on a jelly tip! It tasted sensational on vanilla ice cream, we just love it! It is also awesome on strawberry ice cream - yes we have tried it a couple of times. Just make sure you shake the bottle well before pouring so that you get jelly and not just juice. The fact that this topping contains 35% fruit juice is great!
Neither my daughter nor myself are huge chocolate sauce fans as we usually find them far too rich for our tastes but Aunt Bettys have done a fantastic job with the temptation sensation - it is chocolately, runny and very tasty indeed. We both enjoyed it on vanilla ice cream and then tried it again on some home made peach ice cream and wow, it was great.<br>Both these toppings got a top rating in our home. They are an awesome treat and we are keen to purchase some of the slimy limey once we run out of the jelly jiggle and temptation sensation.<br>Thanks again for letting us be part of this trial, the products are great, they arrived in good time and have some very positive aspects, esp the no palm oil and the 35% fruit juice in the jelly jiggle.
2ndtimeround - 2:01 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
P.S. one small thing that I forgot to mention, is that I got some of the jelly jiggle onto the carpet (red one) and its really hard to move the stain! Granted I didnt find it until the next day so I am going to go and attack it with baking soda and see what happens! It is a very strong colour thou!
2ndtimeround - 1:59 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Wow!! So what an excellent parcel to wake up to. We riped the package open straite away and we received the Temptation Sensation and the Jelly jiggle! Thanks so much Kidspot and Aunt Betty's for choosing our family to try these treats!.

First off I examined the packaging and was very impressed with it! Neat pictures and very alluring, made me want to eat it there and then. Reading the ingred list it sounds all very good and no artificial flavours is a great bonus for kids! Also liked that fact that there is no Palm oil in the choc sauce! So the packaging gets 10/10.

Had to hide them away in the cupboard for our after dinner treat and promptly went out to the supermarket to buy the ice cream to accompany them.!

My husband got home and found them hiding in the cupboard and was VERY interested in them! He commented on the fact that there is 35% Raspberry juice in the jelly one and he thought that was great.

So the taste test, ....well all we could all say was YUMMMMMM.. They were both a great hit with all 4 of us. My husband loved the choc as did I the most, it tasted very rich and smooth and just so decident! It poured over the ice cream lovely and we didnt warm it either, so warmed it will pour well too. My 1.5yr old son loved the jelly one and kept asking for 'more pls, more'... and the 3.5yr old one loved that one too, he liked the 'wobbling' it did, but he told me his fav was the choc and that he wanted choc all over his dinner tomorrwo pls!!! Good try that wont be happening!

I too found that the jelly jiggle was a bit hard to squeeze from the bottle, mainly because of its consistancy, but I reckon thats probably ok because that makes it a bit harder for the sneaky little fingers to get into it and steal some!!
Over all we were impressed with the taste too so that gets a 10/10 from us all!
Well done Aunt Betty's we reckon the choc sause will go great over your vanilla rice pudding too, so thats going onto the shopping list for next time along with fresh strawberries!!!
summer - 1:07 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
i am going to be honest, and say that my husband and our son have completely wiped the choc and the slimey limey out. we already had vanilla icecream in the freezer.little did i know until my son told,anxiously giggling, that daddy and child were also drinking it straight from the bottles. i managed to at least sample enough to say that the slimey limey was like lime jelly in a bottle,yummy,and the choc one was really tasty ,my boys give it 97% out of 100 the 3% loss is because they couldnt get it out of the bottles fast enough.
raglanmum - 12:13 PM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Mmmmmm... we got to try Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey. Both smelt devine and tasted pretty good too! My 6yr old loved them both over ice-cream, which we tried straightaway! These toppings will definetly be a great treat for Christmas (if they last that long!). Perfect colours for Christmas creations! My only concern is that some of the food additives are on a list of food additives suggested to avoid, so we would keep these as a treat, not for everyday.
tamasmum - 10:47 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Well we're back and boy the toppings have been busy! The second day of having the toppings we thought we would try it with donuts and boy it didnt last, yup the toppings and the donuts were delicious that I didnt get the chance to take a picture, someone didnt want to wait! I will have to be faster next time, LOL!
ayngela - 10:46 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
We trialled the Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Lime Aunt Betty's sauces. The first day we got them I went straight to the supermarket and stocked up on icecream - vanilla flavour so we could get the full effect :-) We couldn't decide on which flavour to trial first so had two bowls of icecream each! They were both delicious!! My favourite was the Jelly Jiggle. It was really yummy, it had a really nice raspberry flavour. It was a nice smooth consistency and had none of those lumpy hard bits you can get in jelly. The Slimey Limey flavour was also delicious. This one was my partner's favourite. It really is stringy like slime! I can see boys loving this one! My wee man loved them both, he kept saying mmmmm mmmmm as he was eating it. We have had them over icecream every night since receiving them. My niece stayed one night and she loved the Jelly Jiggle one. I could hear her telling her mum all about it when she got picked up the next day. They are already on my next week's shopping list, as well as the Tempation Sensation one which we now want to try! I love that they are fat free and have natural fruit juice so I am quite happy for my wee man to have them as a treat. Jelly and icecream is a favourite in my family and these sauces take all the hassle out of making jelly. 5 stars from us for these sauces :-) Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial them!
Alyayde - 10:22 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Good morning all, Our delish Aunt Betty's toppings arrived on Thursday.

So after a hard day at athletics all day the kids loved having a Jelly Jiggle milkshake, They loved the tiny little bits of Jelly in it and said it was really really YUM!!

Yesterday for dessert they had Temptaition sensation milkshakes and chopped up fruit with temptation sensation dipping sauce, this went down a treat again. They loved the rich choclolate taste.

So although we didnt have icecream to test them with the kids thought the toppings were absolutely fab, I am happy with the fact that they are not full of flat and artificial colours or flavours I will certainly be buying the slimey limey when next at the supermarket. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these fab sauces
nikh74 - 10:00 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
hi ladies. finally felt better so allowed the rest of the family to join me in trying the yummy looking toppings. kids got back from school and kindy, and being a hot day (in wellington!!?) we succumbed to ice cream straight away. "awesome" said my 6 year old. they both tried slimey limey and indulgent chocolate, to which the 6 year old quietly ate then shouted "deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!!! can we have more??" taking his reviewing role seriously he told me the slimey limey was yummy, indulgent choc was delicious and together they were "awesome". my 3 year old gave it our traditional 2 thumbs up = excellent and the choc moustache was fab. i liked the fresh limey taste but prefer the choc. hubby decided they were okay and much preferred his choc topping to be hard and crunchy - sorry aunt betty but 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
bext1 - 9:53 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thank you for also choosing our family! We got the parcel on Thursday night, and just in time for pudding for master 7! The two flavours we are trialling are Temptation Sensation (Dark Chocolate Sauce - YUM!) and Jelly Jiggle.
Night one, we cracked open Temptation Sensation, which went perfectly with Mint Cookie Smash, the sauce is not too sweet, just right, and you only need a little bit. It tastes scrumptious on strawberry's, as I tried to use it like a strawberry dip,. Fantastic!!
Night two, we have opened up Jelly Jiggle. First thought 'wow, jelly in a bottle!' and it comes out like little Jelly worms, onto the ice cream, and like it's name suggests 'Jiggled' on the ice cream. Master 7 had both together 'remember Mum I have to keep testing them!' and has declared Jelly Jiggle 2 points better than the Temptation Sensation.
So we think that both are fantastic, and sure to be a hit in any house. Still to keep trying with other items of food, but perfect for summer!
skirts - 9:09 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks kidspot, we got our package in the mail the other day with Jelly Jiggle and Slimy Limey in it! So far we have tried with Chocolate Fish icecream and they are soooo good! The jelly jiggle was almost a little crystallised but could have been just our bottle,still tasted okay but we LOVED the slimey limey, was hard to get it to come out of the bottle as when we stopped squeezing it it wanted to suck back into the bottle but once we got it on the icecream it looked sooo good and tasted really yummy. And the good thing was that you didn't need much of it because it has a lot of flavour...
Didn't take any photots but have friends coming around tonight so will try again and get their verdict too....and some pics too :)
BrittanyJWilson - 9:05 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
First of all thanks so much for picking us to trial this! We recieved Slimey Limey and Temptation Sensation. The Slimey Limey seems to be a bit tricky to squeeze out of the bottle but has a really nice tangy lime flavour. My daughter absolutely adored it on top of some of her youghurt for a snack. It's very reassuring that it doesn't have any nasty additives in it but still tastes fantastic. We also had some of the temptation sensation on top of strawberries which was a huge hit. I really like that it has a nice rich flavour but it still appeals to the younger kids. I find chocolate topping can sometimes taste very fake and also quite cheap but this is just great!!! The tempation sensation was definitely easier to pour. I will try and get a photo up. Looking forward to trying it on some waffles this weekend!! I will be grabbing some of the Jelly Jiggle at the supermarket next week!!
sarahrv - 8:41 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received Slimy Limey and Jell Jiggle on Thursday. My eldest son had to have both on his ice cream and my youngest just the jelly jiggle. Both went down well, although the Jelly Jiggle seems to be more of a hit. Thanks heaps for picking us :-)

We have friends coming round with their kids, so will try them out on them all tonight too :-)
Nessa - 8:33 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received the Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Lime the other day. My girls have so far tried the Jelly Jiggle and loved it. I found it a bit hard to get out of the bottle, something a bit more sqeezable would be better. Guess it means you can't get out too much at one time so it lasts longer, yum. We just had over ice cream this time but will try with Banana splits or even in my Jam donut muffins for a treat.
Will try the Slimey Lime tonight hopefully :)
stumpie - 7:43 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
We have received the Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle on Wednesday, what a nice surprise. We have tried the Jelly Jiggle on ice cream very yummy. We are trying the Slimey Limey one tonight with friends and their kids tonight. I am going to make banana splits and pour this over the top. I am also going to make some muffins and try the sauces in these yum. Thanks so much for letting us try them, I will be buying them again and the chocolate one to.
ValerieL - 12:16 AM on Sat-6-Nov-2010 reply | message
Today, we tried the Jelly Jiggle topping on our ice-cream....yum! Yes, it tasted good and we didn't want to use too much of it for fear of it running out too quickly. My elder son said it was something wonderful & interesting. We would love to buy it again & try Slimey Limey too!
jenniferojenny - 10:10 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received the Slimey Limey and the Jelly Jiggle a couple of days ago and decided to try it tonight. I had my three year old, her little friend who is two and some neapolitan ice cream! I also decided some fresh strawberries might make things a bit more interesting. I had chocolate ice cream with the Jelly Jiggle topping and strawberries. The jelly was very tasty and almost the same as real jelly. It went really well with the fruit and ice cream but I was a little disappointed to find it had preservatives in it. The girls also had fruit, one had strawberry ice cream with the Slimey Limey the other had vanilla ice cream with fruit and Slimey Limey. They loved that it looked so slimey and slid all over their spoons and bowl! Overall, we liked it. It made my daughter a bit hypo care of the preservatives although the kids did enjoy it. I'm not sure how much it retails for but you don't need a huge amount of it as it's quite sweet and it's a nice treat for the kids. I'm tempted to try the chocolate one now! Thanks kidspot!
Jackieb - 9:36 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
the kids tried them last night, we got Slimey Limey which they weren't keen on but loved the Jelly Jiggle. Hoping I will get to try them out tomorrow!
littlemiss - 8:48 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
OMG, the chocolate sauce is delicious!! we just had it on ice cream. pours very easily and was a great chocolate flavour, didn't taste fake and i like that it has no artificial colours, flavours and no palm oil. great packaging too. the kids are yet to try some, but have had the jelly jiggle - rasberry with cake and cheese cake, and were asking for more. my partner said he could eat the whole bottle by itself! easy to pour out, and i liked that there was no gelatine in it also, being that i am a vegetarian. great that it has fruit juice too. pity about the colouring though. would definitely buy them both again. will get the kids to review the chocolate sauce soon.
Godzgirl - 8:24 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
Our girls were so excited when the sauces arrived! We had a wonderful time making dessert faces out of ice cream, strawberrys, marshmallows, jelly, sprinkles and of course our delicious Aunt Betty's chocolate temptations and Slimey limey. My favourite was definitely the chocolate, easy to pour and abslutely delicious. The girls liked the packaging of slimey limey best but I think they preferred the taste of the chocolate. The slimely limey was quite hard to get out of the bottle and was very jelly like so it was better for puddles of jelly as opossed to stringy designs. It was a nice flavour - quite sweet. Our girls kept picking up the bottle for more! See pics above. They were a real treat for us - we really appreciated being able to try them. I think it was the most dinner time fun we've had in a while : )
piglet - 7:24 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yummy! We have just enjoyed Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle (rasberry) over our hokey pokey icecream. Thank you Kidspot & Aunt Bettys. You did have to squeeze hard to get the lime out but the rasberry came out no problem. The packaging is nice and bright - the kids eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw them! I like that they contain natural juice, great for a special treat. The rasberry was quite sweet, more so than the lime. I preferred the lime, the kids couldn't decide which they liked best so they said 'both!'. Definitely will buy, will be great for kids parties!
Anonymous - 6:09 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message  | delete  | edit
they were lovely i had the temptations sensations and the slimy limey the only complaint i had was the slimy limey was extremly hard to get out of the bottle, but loved how they were made to really appeal to kids. they were both yum - my son only wanted the slimy limey one and loved how it contained real lime juice
IceKiwi - 4:08 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
Okay so i'm trialing Aunt Betty's desserts as we speak...

Its as a compliment to my home made dairy milk ice cream with bananas... i've put some on each side and a small amount together in the middle

I wonder whether the Jelly Jiggle could be put in a more squeezable package as it is quite hard to get it to come out i'm wondering if this is due to its texture that makes it harder than a normal say sauce product to squeeze out?

Temptation sensation easy as to get out and i must say may be one of the best on the market right now... i'm very critical when it comes to anything chocolate and the quality and this definately gets to the top of my list. Great work Aunt Bettys

Jelly Jiggle wow very sweet!! This will have to be a treat only not something i'd use on the regular, and again packaging not sure how but needs to be able to be squeezed that little bit more due to its texture.

Overall Temptation Sensation (chocolate) takes it out.
Jelly Jiggle is done well and the children love this although between the four of them they are equally divided on whether the chocolate is better than the raspberry so disputes are happening as to what is the best one!

Mixed together these flavours give a Jelly Tip IceCream effect very nice!!
Posting some pix!

raffsgirl1488 - 2:43 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
got my dessert toppings 2 days ago, my 3 boys have nearly finished the chocolate one they want to eat it on everything. So i can honestly say that we love Aunt Bettys Dessert toppings the jelly one is also nice but would have to say the chocolate one is everyones favorite! Thanks for the chance to review them :-)
manz23 - 2:26 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
ABSOLUTELY DIVINE is how to desrcibe the dessert toppings.My son loved teh chocolate one of course.Both my husband and myslef liked then just as much.We all ate it on vanilla ice cream.They really are lovely and we wil definatley be buying them in future.Thank you Kidspot for letting us review them.Would definatley recommend them to other mums/dads etc.:)
potentialunlimited - 1:26 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
My son arrived home to find the package on the doorstep so by the time I got home he and my Mother (who was babysitting) had already tried them both! We received the chocolate and the Jelly Jiggle. As predicted my son put the Jelly Jiggle on his cereal and yoghurt for dessert. One word says it all "YUMMY". Makes you think of summer road trips eating Jelly tips in the car.
We are planning on using the Chocolate one Saturday night to dip fruit in for a neighbourhood BBQ. Will let you all know what the feedback is on that one.
I think I might need to go and buy the Lime one to try now.
mumof6 - 1:14 PM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the chance to trial Aunt Bettys slimey limey and jiggly jelly. They were both a big hit with my family. We tried both flavours with icecream, the boys prefered the slimey limey and my husband and I prefered the jelly jiggle. One daughter tried it but said it was to much like jelly, which she dosn't like. We found the lime poured out smoothly but the Raspberry came out in blobs, this didnt effect the taste and texture (which is very much like jelly) at all. The packaging is attractive and would appeal to kids. Overall I think this will be a regular summer treat, which would go with a number of different desserts and fruits. The kids even suggested making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!. I like that it is fat free and made with real fruit juice.
tessa771 - 10:32 AM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the awesome Aunt Bettys toppings. We received Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle. I have to say with my son the Slimey Limey as a huge hit! Not only because it was green but it also tasted "soo yummy scrummy" his words! The Jelly Jiggle went down well with my partner and I, more so than the Slimey Limey.
I think both were nice but for me the lime one was just a bit tart.
I think I would buy the Jelly Jiggle one again as the whole family (minus the baby) enjoyed it and keep the Lime as a treat for my son.
We tried out toppings with fruit salad, Caramel swirl and Jellytip icecreams and I also made an apple crumble. We don't have dessert often so I made the last two nights count! I have to say they went down best with the crumble and icecream as it was slightly weird having jelly over fruit salad (Just our opinion of course)!
Thank you again soo much for the awesome trial!
teegee - 10:19 AM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
We tried these toppings the day they arrived, straight after school. I received slimey limey and temptation sensation. The Lime one was nice, tasted just like lime jelly. I don't think I'd really buy it as a sauce in the future, we'd probably just make jelly to go with icecream.
The chocolate one however was a keeper. It was my favourite by far, really rich and smooth, and chocolatey. We'll add this one to the shopping list. It was delicious on ice cream, and I'm going to buy some strawberries on the weekend to go with it, I think it'll be the best choc dipping sauce I've ever had.
Thanks again for the chance to try.
karinlee - 8:43 AM on Fri-5-Nov-2010 reply | message
Well went out and brought good old hokey pokey ice cream and made banana splits for dessert for my daughters and my sisters kids (and the adults as well).
We tries both the flavors lime and rasberrry with marshmellows on top of the banana and ice cream and we will be buying these again, they were great. All the kids love both of the flavors. The adults mostly love the rasberry.
Thanks Kidspot and Aunt Bettys we will be buying again.
Jubie - 10:49 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
i got mine yesterday and hid them from my daughter lol.
I had my best friend and her 3 kids round for tea tonight and told them they had to review the jelly jiggle and chocolate topping. 2 of the kids dont like jelly at all but was tried by every1 with the general concensus being it was great!! it reminded us adults of jellytip icecreams which is a very good thing :)
my daughter said the chocolate was her favourite but the jelly was the first to go, i guess she loved them both lol
the chocolate topping is almost empty so i kind of figure that when they go back for more it must mean they love it lol :)
thank you so much for the opportunity to try these, they are wonderful and i will be buying the lime one to try in the near future
jojolaw - 10:16 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
thanks to kidsopt and aunt betty's for the lovely toppings... Got them yesterday and i had Slimey limey and temptation sensation...

My girls had finished school yesterday and when we got home we tried the lime.. The girls loved it and wanted more but ran out of ice cream.. i love the flavor..

Tonight we tried the chocolate one and it has been the best chocolate sause that i have ever tasted... Had to share it with the girls and my parents... BUT not going to share it anymore... Keeping the chocolate one for me.....

Would highly recommend it to anyone.... I give them a 10/10
aliciamcdonald - 10:01 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
We got our toppings yesterday we got slimey limey and jelly jiggle. Ella was sooooooo excited when they arrived!!

We had icecream last night and tried the slimey limey YUMMMMMMY the texture of it is very cool, it is very refreshing tasting and everyone in our family absolutely loved it, it is quite fun how it comes out of the bottle it really is like slime loads of fun for the kids and would be devine on alot of things not just icecream.

We had already tried the jelly jiggle and were delighted to receive another bottle of it it is soooo delicious i actually prefer it to traditional jelly it has the same taste as jelly but a nicer texture it, it is more convenient then normal jelly being in a squeezy bottle

Hard to pick our favourite overall they are both so different but both absolutely devine for taste, texture, value for money and variety i give them a 10/10 :)
igglepiggle - 9:23 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Confession time: well like naughty children we bought some icecream (the first lot in AGES) and put the kids promptly to bed so we could trial the toppings. As it's the first time we have had icecream in soooo long I contemplated getting licorice but stopped myself for two reasons, firstly hubby doesn't like licorice (to be honest probably wouldn't have stopped me on it's own) and two, I didn't think lime would work terribly well with it. So I got Vanilla Choc Chip.

Hubby cracked me up with the theatrics he threw about getting into the Temptation Sensation, so I feel I must note and agree with previous posts that some bottles seem more difficult to get into than others (I had no trouble with the Lime). The chocolate was yummy and to be 100% honest, don't think it will make it to Grandad's. It may just become an adult treat once the kids are in bed, after all, there is left over ice cream and it would be rude not to drench it is chocolate syrup, they worked so well together.

The Lime was also nice, but not as versatile as the choc and while pre-kids I could easily have polished it off, times have changed and so have my general eating habits so it will be on the journey to Grandad. He has ice cream galore in his freezer and a small tribe of grandkids so I know it will be gratefully received. If I get feedback from them will update you ; ). Thanks again.
katherinew - 8:45 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
What a fantastic product. So far we have only tried the slimey limey. It is so gluggy and gooey. What a lot of fun. Miss 5 described it a limey tasting which I guess its meant to! Going to get some for her party.
Mummysim - 8:30 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yesterday morning, I was delighted when two very bright and eye-capturing Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings arrived at my door. The flavours I received were Temptation Sensation and Jelly Jiggle.
Temptation Sensation is a chocolate topping perfect for those with sweet teeth. It is definetly the nicest chocolate dessert topping available at supermarkets. I loved the gooey texture and it was fabulous on top of my french vanilla ice cream. I would give this flavour a 4/5.
Jelly Jiggle was my favourite topping out of the two flavours. As soon as it entered my mouth I could hear the Hallelujah Chorus and it was as if a party had started up in my mouth. I give this flavour a 5/5.
Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings are part of the perfect comfort food package. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for a most delicious topping to their dessert.
WhitiMum23 - 8:21 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
We recived the jelly jiggle and the slimey limey. Like Joanne, I used cho and coconut ice cream as the base to taste the jelly jiggle...DELISH!
We'll be giving the kids a chance to try them both out on the weekend :)
Joanne - 8:13 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received by courier yesterday Temptation Sensation (Chocolate) and Slimey Limey (Lime). We trialled the toppings on some chocolate and coconut icecream both last night and tonight. The chocolate topping is a nice rich flavour - there is possibly the potential to have a stronger chocolate flavour and less sweet, but yummy anyway. The lime one was really tasty - we liked the jelly consistency. It's good that the lime one has real lime juice in it. I like that these products are made in NZ - would be good to know where the imported ingredients used are from. Thanks for the opportunity to trial these products. Thank You to Aunt Betty's and Kidspot.
missmaddysmum - 7:34 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
we got our toppings yesterday morning. my daughter tried the temptation sensation with fruit salad, she loved it! my husband and i must have used about half a bottle with ice cream, very tasty! haven't tried the jelly jiggle yet though
Marta - 6:42 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Hi guys, we got our toppings today, Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey, we had it on ice cream and the girls loved it, we had both together and found it very yummie, it's only when tasted on it's own that I realized how sweet they are and 11g of sugar per 20g serving is a little too much specially for an after dinner dessert, I will be having them as a occasional treat, my husband really liked it too!
IceKiwi - 5:34 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Aunt Betties Dessert toppings arrived quite late last night so saved them for today. Kids were soo excited.
We received Aunt Betties Temptation Sensation & Jelly Jiggle(raspberry)
The children loved the packaging they thought it was "Cool" "Bright" "Makes me want to eat it"
So tonight I made each of them a banana split with hokey pokey icecream so they could get the full flavour hit. I gave them the option of one each or two one on each side all bar one opted for trialling both.

As the pourer I found that the Jelly Jiggle was a little bit runny to start and then it globbed out like i had expected.
Verdict "Yum" "Its just like the fruitsalad and jelly you make mum" "delicious"

Temptation Sensation: Mr 4 "I love the chocolate on my banana" Miss6 "It tastes so yum" Miss 3 (who'd turned down the option of having it)"I'd like to try it now pease" and Mr 2 "mmmm more please" His face told the story chocolate everywhere and then raspberry sticking on his fingers.

Grandad popped over and I showed him he thought they looked quite cool and well worth a trial as they were a decent size. He just wanted to trial the chocolate (temptation sensation) thought it was great and would go well on ice cream.

I love how clear the ingredients are on it! Size is really good! Packagings is very cool and quirky...
My children thought it was great and want to know if we can have it again tomorrow night.

I am yet to trial these myself as have food poisoning?or tummy bug?
So will post my opinion once i'm eating food again.
ralf - 4:05 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Tried the toppings with icecream today, so yummy both together we have Jelly jiggle and Chocolate) they taste like a jelly tip. so good my little man 2 1/2 wants "more please mummy' and he doesn't like much sweet stuff usually he prefers savoury so that means it must be good.
simplesoul - 3:47 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks kidspot and Aunt Bettys. We have received our trial pack of Temptation Sensation and Jelly Jiggle, and I agree the packaging is very inviting, makes us older folk feel young and delights the kids and teenagers too so it would seem. Ok so we havent actually tried ours yet, but we are going to bake some standard muffins tonight and see if these can be added into the recipes successfully, which Im pretty sure they will be and I will be back later tonight or tomorrow morning to let you know how we went.
igglepiggle - 2:40 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
This was somewhat of a surprise that I was picked for this because I had written that while we couldn't trial it because of the kids allergies hubby and I had tried some at the Food show and it was yummy. Not one for looking a gift horse in the mouth (thanks Kidspot and Aunt Betty's) I am going to buy a small tub of icecream tonight to trial these once the kids are in bed. Then they will be rehomed to others who can eat them (like Grandad) and polished off.

They arrived today and I really must admit I do love the packaging, the quirkiness of it completely appeals to me (we received the Slimey Limey and the Temptation Sensation).

Other pluses are that it is made in NZ from local and imported ingredients. It is free from artificial colouring and flavours and it has very clear Allergen advice written on the side (I LOVE this). The packaging is also recyclable, all of these get really big ticks from me. I also love the fact that the chocolate one has ideas for use on it, so it's not just an icecream topping.

The only thing I would change so far is that they both contain preservative 202. I realise that a preservative is necessary to keep it free from bugs and prolong the shelf life, it would just be nice if a more consumption friendly alternative was used. (I'm not a fan of 220 either). I will be back to review further once I have tasted them.
looies1 - 1:24 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks Kidspot and Aunt Betty for selected my family to trial this product.
We all sat down to trial the Dark Chocolate and the Jelly Jiggle after dinner.
The dark chocolate was amazing loved it, I even got out the strawberries and dipped them into it, yummy, You can have it heated or cold nice and thick when cold once opened you have to place in the fridge. I think you can use it on any thing, pan cakes, drinks, any desserts. Was my favourite out of the two.
The girls liked the Jelly Jiggle aged 3yrs and 14mths, they also loved the chocolate couldnt decided on a favourite, however Myself and my husband expected the jelly to taste like a jelly tip flavour, but it wasn't, it tasted like really strong flavoured raspberry jelly to sweet for my taste buds. I also expected it to be a bit firmer when it came out, it was more like jelly that hadnt set properly lumpy not a smooth flow.
I hope this helps you make a deccision, the kids will love either but older taste buds may be a bit more picky.
tamasmum - 1:18 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
We got a surprise at our door yesterday morning. We received Slimey Limey and Jelly Jiggle! If we had time we would have tried it straight away but Tama my 4yr old had to go to preschool, so we both decided that we will try it when he got home in the afternoon. We got home and the first thing Tama wanted was to try them both in a teaspoon! Well the teaspoon nearly went with the Jellies! Hahaha!
We tried both flavours with Vanilla ice cream and it was the first time that their was quiet at the table, hahaha!
Aunt Betty and Kidspot thank you so much for letting us try the jellies, we are now looking at other foods we can use with the jellies,(thats tamas nickname for them), so watch this space!
GoMummyJo - 1:07 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
I've never seen the kids eat their dinner so fast! What a good bribe! We have the Temptations Sensations (choc) & Slimey Limey to test. And so out came the ice cream.

The Tempations Sensations was a hit with all 4 members of our family, including me and I'm not a big chocolate fan - so well done there Aunt Bettys. The consistancy was great, very easy to pour and a lovely rich velvety chocolate colour. I'm going to experiment with this one over the weekend - so stay tuned.

The Slimey Limey wasn't as popular, my husband & I didn't really like it, probably more so that we felt it was more of a kids topping, very much like jelly and my husband and I don't really 'do' jelly. Mr 5 (the sweet tooth in our family) loved it however and did find it hard to pick a favourite out of the two toppings, declaring them both 'the winner'. Miss 2 tasted it, very full of self importance and then reached for more of the chocolate! We did find the Lime was hard to pour, but possibly because I shook the bottle, and my husband read on the label later that it said 'do not shake' - whoops!

jace - 1:04 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanx Julie for choosing our family to try this products!
Got ours yesterday and waited till Julius got back from school. Even the husband had a go!
Julius likes both of them (Slimey Limey & Temptation Sensation)...he can't decide which one is the best, when asked to choose one he said he wants to mix both together so they become one. LOL
Husband likes the Dark Chocolate ones...not so much the Slimey Limey because he's not a big fan of sweet syrup taste.
I too, prefer the Dark Chocolate ones but not dark enough for me LOL
BUT they're great for fast dessert when we have unexpected guests and great for stress free desserts during birthday parties...very convenient!
I have pictures on my blog if you want to see how Julius attacked the dessert toppings...LOL
Mumofone - 12:33 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
We got ours yesturday so we picked up some more icecream, we got Jelly jiggle and Temptation Sensation (Dark chocolate). My 2 year old son absolutely loved both of them and my husband well he had to have another plate full straight after! They are so yummy, great packaging, lovely little eyes my son likes the pictures. The Jelly jiggle is 100% fat free which is a nice thought and no artificial flavours with 35% rasberry juice which is yummy! The Chocolate on also has no artificial flavous but no artificial colours as well and no palm oil which is also great. I will definately be buying these in the future yum! Thankyou for letting us be part of this trial.
2mums - 12:06 PM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Review still to come - but have to say mmmmmmm Ice Cream and jelly topping for breaky this morning for me!!!! Hehehe - thanks Kidspot!
tara - 11:00 AM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Firstly thanks for letting us be part of this trial.

Last night the 4 boys had an awesome time having lots of desert to test these yum toppings.
My 1 year old loved the jelly jiggle the best, the texture was perfect for him and it wasnt to sweet for his lil tummy. the loved the taste wanting to eat it as fast as he could with his hands and loved the fact he could also finger paint with in on his high chair. Not only that but his hair got a taste as well when he decided to rub it everywhere giggling with great delight. The olny down side to this for me was bath time took a bit longer than normal but he loved it.

My step son's also loved the tastes of both topping, the 9year old perfured the jelly jiggle and said it was becasue he liked fruitty better than chocolate coz chocolate made him feel sick when he eats to much.
the 10year old perfured the chocolate and how thick it was compared to some we have brought in the past and in the classic teenage fassion the 13year old shrugged his shoulders and mumbled "i donno" after a bit of probing i found he also perfured the chocolate.
My favourate was also the chocolate mainly becasue the texture of the jelly one weirded me out a little lol, i tend not to like lumper textures.

We all loved the packaging, even my husband who dosnt eat desert, whats funny is i caught him late last night in the fridge sneeking some of the jelly jiggle when he thought i was in bed. the avord non desert eater said he had to admit it was pretty good and would eat some again.

so all in all

10/10 in packaging
10/10 in bottle sizes
10/10 for the chocolate
and 9/ 10 for the jelly it lost a mark for the weird as texture but that's jsut me.

Great job guys, well done
tarns677 - 8:04 AM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Well the four kids tried the chocolate Temptation Sensation and loved it tasted so yummy. The bottles were easy to pack in the pantry, Easy to wipe and keep clean, Fun colours on the label for the kids and (Adults lol). A great healthy topping for ice cream and what ever else you want to pour it over. Will try the Slimey limey tonight! Thank you so much for allowing us to try it!
ValerieL - 12:06 AM on Thu-4-Nov-2010 reply | message
Got mine today...we received Temptation Sensation & Jelly Jiggle! Wahaha! Just the names of these alone are enough to make us laugh with glee. My kids couldn't wait to grab a bottle each & they admired the cute picture & wanted ice-cream, but they were good to wait till after dinner to try it. YUM! The Temptation Sensation is so delicious, and knowing that it's fat free is a great comfort, then we could eat it without guilt. The boys, hubby & I loved it with the ice-cream & without ice-cream. Tomorrow we shall try Jelly Jiggle & we shll wobble with glee! Heehee! Thanks very much!
Gillymama - 10:55 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Hope - I ate mine off the spoon as soon as I opened it too!
Hope - 10:52 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
My toppings arrived today, and the first thing I noticed when I opened it was the awesome packaging. So colourful and inviting. Reading the label I was happy to note that there are no artificial flavourings used and it is 100% fat free. Great start!!!
The bottles are a generous 340gms and come with an easy to open flip top. I couldn't resist, and quickly opened both and tried some on a spoon. YUM!
Digging around in the freezer I found the remains of the vanilla icecream my MiL made for us. One scoop in a bowl and I tried the Jelly Jiggle first. I felt like a kid, having ice cream at lunch time, but I couldn't help myself-I had to try it!
Shayne came home for lunch at 2pm, and so I gave him some to try too. NONE of it was left when he was finished.
Verdict 1-Jelly Jiggle: DELICIOUS! Not only did it taste lovely, but it wasn't overly sweet or artificial tasting-the colour is really inviting, and it reminded me of being a kid and eating jelly and ice cream at birthday parties. I have also put a few dollops into a ice tray to freeze it-I am thinking it will go well in a glass of strawberry bubbly and when I'm not breast feeding-jelly shots!
Another use for it would be when cooking venison. Usually I smother it in strawberry jam and fry it, which makes it delicious, but I'm going to try using this topping as a substitute for jam and see how we go. I'm definitely sold on the jelly jiggle.

Verdict 2-Slimey Limey: Still really nice but more to Shaynes taste than mine I'm afraid. Boys will love this because of the colour, and the limey flavour, and its a pity we didn't have this for halloween where we could have made some "spooky concoction" with it. I found this one a little sweet for my liking, but Shayne loved it on the ice cream and even suggested that it would go well with Vodka in jelly shots. So another winner there with the male in the house.

Needless to say, we enjoyed this product a lot, and I will be trying the chocolate flavoured one when I next go shopping. I am definitely sold on the Jelly Jiggle and will buy it regularly.

I will let you know how the venison goes with the jelly jiggle but right now I have icecream to finish....
jobrush - 10:51 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
I totally agree with the generous size of the bottles! Mine arrived today and when the courier handed me the package I admit I did a little dance with glee (after I shut the door of course!!!) We are out for tea tonight but think we will be having special dessert as part of our family night on Friday, and maybe waffles for tea on Saturday!!! Can't wait!!!
rachaelsfun - 10:50 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
LOL jo yeah im the same i was amazed and so was mum at the size of the bottles .. we took off the lids and had a sniff and a taste of them and OMG they are so yummmmmmy we gfot the Lime Jello one and the Indulgent choc one ....

we are having a family dinner on sunday to fully test them for dessert with my mum sister and nephew (who dont know what the surprise is for after dinner -- its Icecream and saucy toppings !!) so ill write them and let ya all know what its like and do a full update of it :)

would love to know ladies what ones did ya get ?? as i said i had the Lime Jello one and the Indulgent choc .. would love to know everyone elses ones !!
1debbei1 - 10:49 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Recieved the Slimey Limey and Chocolate toppings today.

Boys were both super excited just seeing the fabulous colourful packaging!

Test run tonight was on vanilla icecream, the chocolate topping we all agreed was super yummy.

The Slimey Limey has quite a funky monster goo type consistency, a hit taste wise with Mr 6 not so much with Mr 4.

Very impressed they are free of palm oil
Shadz - 10:48 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yay, ours arrived today and I was happy to see the Temptation Sensation (chocolate) and the Jelly Wiggle (raspberry). Not many big lime fans here but it still looks interesting.

I did a great job of hiding them until after dinner when I told the twins they had a big treat in store for them.....amazing how quickly dinner can be eaten when there is something to look forward to.
They had a little plain vanilla ice-cream with a bit of the Jelly Wiggle squirted on it and a tiny bit of Temptation Sensation to top it off.

Jelly Wiggle
My girls love jelly but even though it doesn't take much time to make, I often don't think about it until it's too late, so the idea of having this available is great. I like the idea that it is also made with real raspberry juice so just that little more healthier for the kids as well. The taste was extremely nice and I'm not a huge fan of jelly but even I found this nice to eat. Both Ayla and Melanie liked the Jelly Wiggle more than the Chocolate although did enjoy both. In fact both decided that it was necessary to lick the bowl afterwards...if only it meant I didn't have to do dishes ....

Temptation Sensation
I honestly didn't find this to taste much different than other chocolate sauces that are around, but in saying that, I enjoy them too so it was definately nice. I think tomorrow I'm going to buy some banana's and make some banana splits for the girls.
It was easy to pour but it's a warm day so not sure how it would be on a cooler days

The bottles are a great size and I found with having the longer neck, were easier to grab and pour quickly. The only problem we had was that on the chocolate one, we had to cut the wrapping around the neck of the bottle....after we tried to open it and broke the lid....oops. The packaging is fun and we had a bit of a giggle at the faces on there.
I'm now thinking that I might have to get the lime......just so I can say we've tried them all.
I love the idea that they have no artificial colours or flavours and the lack of Palm Oil is definately a bonus. All in all they are great and Ayla's comment was

"I love them best in the whole world" So I guess that means it's a good thing.
Thank you so much for the chance to sample these..I can see they will be a regular on our shopping list now.
nikh74 - 10:47 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
hi ladies. mine arrived 2day and even though i was ill in bed and could not face trying them there and then, i was so excited they'd arrived. my hubby was amazed by the size of the bottles and both of us eagerly await the moment i'm up for taste testing, even the kids are banned until i'm up for it. w might even have to have dessert first 2moro!!!
Sparky - 10:29 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Received the Raspberry Jiggley Jelly and Slippery Slimey Limey Topping this morning. By chance we had some extra taste testers who were more than happy to help. Thomas my 2 1/2 year old could not decide which topping to have on their ice-cream, so him, Izzy (2.5 yrs) and Beau (1 yr) had both. No complaints from any of them. They lapped it up and Izzy even asked for more. Unfortunately I'd just run out of ice-cream.
The bottles are easy to handle and to pour. If anything, it is harder to pour the topping out rather than it pour out all at once like some other bottles. The Slimey Limey will be a good one for some of the older kids as it can look pretty gruesome coming out of the bottle.
I tried both flavours. I have found it hard in the past to find a nice raspberry topping for my ice-cream. I don't like chocolate or strawberry topping which is all they seem to have in the shops so it was a nice welcome relief to have raspberry for a change. I usually buy Easi Yo Raspberry Fruit Squirt which is ok but it is quite expensive. The raspberry flavour was very nice. It smells like jelly (which it says it is), but doesn't have that cheap and nasty taste that some toppings have. Good marks for raspberry topping. I was pleasantly surprised by the lime topping. Normally I wouldn't have lime flavoured items, however, tried this and it was quite nice. I wouldn't necessarily buy it, but if given it on some ice-cream I wouldn't turn it down (I would if it had chocolate sauce on as I don't like that).
Both of the bottles sent have an expiry date of July 2011 which allows plenty of time to consume. I cannot abide bottles where you have to use them up within a month or two, especially when it is a sweet topping.
I compared the nutritional information with that of the 'Real Fruit Flavour Topping Raspberry Fruit Squirt from EasiYo' and there is not a massive difference so would be happy for children to eat these toppings (in moderation as with all things).
Good to see that is has been made in New Zealand. We try and support our country when we can.
Give them a try - you won't be disappointed. Thanks for letting us test them.
Photo posted.
Nita - 9:32 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Our toppings turned up this morning, it was hard to send the older kids off to school as they were definitely dying to try them out. Quick look in the freezer confirmed we were out of ice cream so a stop at the supermarket was inevitable! Dinner was extremely well recieved tonight, they were all keen to be allowed dessert, so each dish was allocated a dollop of vanilla ice cream and then the kids were allowed to decorate it with the toppings. One of the best things about the bottle is that it enables them to apply it in any fashion they choose. My daughter turned her ice cream into a face using the chocolate topping for eyes, and mouth and the jelly for hair whilst my son just zig zagged all over the place. I have to say, this really was the most fun,interactive pudding we've ever had. It was really great to let their creativity come out and especially great that the toppings were so very, very tasty. The jelly was so natural tasting, not at all like i was expecting and the chocolate was very chocolaty, usually choc toppings end up leaving a very yucky after taste in the mouth but not so in this case. We will definitely be purchasing when the bottles run out, which won't be for a while because they are so generously sized that even though the kids squeezed the buggery out of them they are still near full - i am so impressed! Being that lime is my favourite flavour i will be heading to the desserts aisle next shop to purchase this one, hoping they will bring out some more flavour, maybe a topping that has sprinkles incorparated in it? Product gets the thumbs up from this household!
natsmum - 9:28 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey. Miss 3 was really excited when we got home to find the parcel waiting in the mail box. She took it inside and tried to open it herself before asking mummy for some help. The packaging was great looking and we were surprised at the size of the bottles. Miss 3 helped with getting tea so she could get to dessert tine to try the toppings. Of course she went for the pink Jelly Jiggle. It smelt quite nice - like jelly tip ice cream and in a three year olds words it was yummy. The bottle was also a nice shape for little hands to hold onto and the sauce was of a thick enough consistency that miss 3 could pour her own without it going everywhere. Master 15mths also tucked into his plate of icecream and sauce and was scraping the bowl when it was all gone. The adults in the house also enjoyed their serves. Master 15mths is very drawn to the slimey limey bottle - the green is obviously calling out his name. We are saving trialing that for tomorrow night.
MummySpice - 8:33 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
We received our samples tonight of Jelly Jiggle and Chocolate and oh did they go down a treat! We tried them separately at first and then we put jelly jiggle on top of vanilla icecream and then drizzled the chocolate sauce over the top. The boys all went mental. My 5 year old said it was delicious and the sauces together tasted like a jelly tip icecream. I had to try them together after that and I agree it was gorgeous. I'm almost sorry I've introduced the boys to this because it's going to be a permanent in our pantry! My son really wants to try the slimey limey one too so I better buy that one to try them all out. Really impressed that they also contain natural flavours and no palm oils... it's great to see companies acting so responsibly. Thanks so much for allowing us to trial these, I definitely wouldn't have picked them up off the supermarket shelf (despite the very funky packaging) but now that I've tried them I would definitely buy them again. On a personal note - I'm a bit of a chocoholic and I found the chocolate sauce one of the nicest I've tried. Very very smooth and creamy. It would be awesome with whipped cream and nuts too. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Go Aunt Bettys and thank you Kidspot.
Mum2two - 8:10 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Great excitement here as our Aunt Betty's toppings have arrived and we have tried them. We were lucky enough to receive Raspberry & Lime. My 10 year old son is obsessed by all things raspberry and my daughter adores lime, so we were on to a winner before sampling. We didn't do the ice - cream thing, we did it with vanilla yoghurt (as we had icecream last night for pudding). The Raspberry was very jelly like when it came out and I had to say I was mildly concerned as my son won't eat jelly as he doesn't like it. But great success, he loved it ( he did say he would prefer if it was slightly smoother, but hey there is just no pleasing some people). He even tried the lime which he enjoyed but said Raspberry was his favourite by far. My 8 year old daughter loved them both (never a doubt really as she is a foodie). So even without Icecream, they have proved to be a huge winner in our house, and I will definately buy the chocolate to let my daughter try that one too. My son has already said he wants to try a yoghurt banana split with the raspberry sauce and sprinkles on top!
Another great pudding idea without too much fat! Mother couldn't be happier. Thanks MUMS SAY and AUNT BETTY'S
SarahK - 7:50 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
I only have one thing to say about these toppings! YUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM!!!!!!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these!! We recieved ours this morning and i just had to go out and buy some ice cream especially!! We have slimey limey and Choc temptation sensations. The kids were soooooo excited to see these when they got home from school, and my littlie has tried to convince me to try them all day. I did manage to sneak a spoonful of each before they noticed!! The packaging is very inviting, only issue i have is that they are really hard to get into! we had to cut into the plastic to get the cap off.
They were a great bribe to get the kids to eat all their dinner tonight too!
The kids loved both of the samples, and all agreed that slimey limey was the favourite, as it reminded them of the slugs that Shrek cleans his teeth with in the movie! haha. My 9 year old, a chocaholic like myself, also said her favourite was the choc one. It really is a smooth, with a lovely chocolatey flavour that i have found many other brands lack. So im most impressed there! Im definately going to buy this one again!! We are looking forward to trying it on pancakes and are thinking milkshakes too!
The lime i also really enjoyed. It had a lovely jelly texture and truely looked like slime! Fantastic!! It was very sweet, but thats the way i like it!
So all in all im overly impressed and will definately be a repeat customer when our budget permits!!! After reading some of the reviews so far, im also keen to try the Jelly Jiggle!!! Shopping next week!! :)
lynne - 7:20 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Ok received the sauces today very promptly. kids loved the packaging. thought it looked cool. We are chocoholics in this family so they were very pleased to get the chocolate and were hoping to try the raspberry but we got the lime. we put icecream in the dish and sampled the sauces on different parts. chocolate was a huge hit, the way it coated the icecream was good and has a good chocolate flavour to it. Slimey limey is just like the name - slippery slimey limey, it slipped off the icecream and was like a very slippery jelly. my 9 year old daughter said she would use it on the side but not as a topping as it slid off, she thought it was nice and tasted like lemonade, however the other remaining 4 members of the family did not like the taste. chocolate was definately a big hit. thank you for giving us the opportunity to sample these.
jessh30 - 5:50 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
wow - these are fantastic!!!! We got ours today, chocolate temtation sensations and slimly limey. I LOVE the name's, they sound fun and super yummy. I tried some and they are FANTASTIC! I love the slimly Limely because it actually looks like slime which i think is really fun! We have a 6 month old who isn't too fussed about it but i can imagine to a toddler it would be very appealing!!
I think the temtation sensation deffinitly is the best, the chocolate flavour is rich and very tastey. My partner tom, who is VERY fussy when it comes to toppings (food in general) even thinks it is good!
I tried it with milk in a milkshake too and it was yummy, something i think is very cool in a topping - multiple uses.
We have no ice cream in the house at the moment but it's all on tomorrow when the shopping is done, can't wait to try them as i think it will really make it taste good!! Ooohh, might have to get some chopped nuts as well and throw some wafers in the mix too!! What a treat!
All and all i think i would deffinitly choose this brand over any other if i was to buy toppings for desserts in the future! They are great! Well done aunty bettys! A+++

Jess! :)
amyr - 5:21 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Got home from dropping my daughter at kindy and there was a courier package with Aunty Bettys Temptation Sensation and Jelly Jiggle. Since one kid was at kindy and the other asleep I had a sneaky try of both on a spoon! I found the packaging on the temptation sensation to be more aimed at adults and the jelly jiggle at kids. As soon as my daughter got home she went to the fridge (as she always does!) and saw the bottles in there. Out came the ice cream and both kids had both toppings, Fabian (2 yrs) loved the chocolate but not too keen on the jelly, and Ella (4 yrs) just loved it all she said! Love how the jelly just pours out easily but is really like jelly, usually the kids want jelly and I have to make up a huge amount and most of it gets wasted so this is a very economical way to buy it, and it keeps for so much longer will defiantly be buying more of this when it runs out (which wont be too long in our house!!)
hullaboo - 5:13 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
When I got home today I found the package and opened it straight away! I got Tempation Sensation and Jelly Jiggle and I have to say, I love the packaging! It'll be a hit with Kirsty, let me tell you! Thanks Kidspot!
Anonymous - 4:57 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Got up this morning to the courier at the door, all morning my son was wanting to open the fun looking slimey lime bottle so at lunchtime i finally let him have some so we had ice cream for lunch they were soo yum, will b having them for desert tonight and photos will defiintley be following
Pommiegotlost - 4:29 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Totally worth getting out of bed at 6.20 am to answer the door to the courier. we got Slimey Limey and Temptation Sensation. And first impression was wow a whole bottle of each, i was expecting little sample bottles.
I left them on the kitchen counter to see if my daughter would spot them and sure enough she did - "i want the green one" she declared.
By 3pm my partner had pulled the icecream out of the freezer and was sampling them, Ash and i followed suit finishing our tub of icecream (don't worry icecream was already on the grocery list)
The lime one was jelly like but poured easily out of the bottle, even Ash managed to help herself, the chocolate one was more like a typical syrup topping and drizzled out of the bottle easily too.

I have so many ideas how to use them so will be back with a few examples and hopefully photos too after a spot of baking.
ralf - 3:02 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Great to find the package in the mailbox today we got Jelly Jiggle & Chocolate Temptation but no icecream in the house, so we, my 2 1/2 yr old son and I were naughty and tried a little squirt of each on our fingers. Yummy yummy is what my son had to say And I'd have to agree with him. Bring on tomorrow when we will get icecream
Chaucey - 2:39 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Wow - everyone is fast off the bat to do their reviews. I had the same problem as Gillymama - I had to use a sharp knife to cut the plastic cover a little so I could unscrew the lids.
We have Jelly Jiggle and Temptation sensation to review. First off we've tried them on hokey pokey icecream... mmmm. The Jelly one had a different texture to other toppings I've tried before and actually was very jelly-like and a bright apealling colour. My 3 3/4 year old son agreed that it was yummy and I got some cute very-smiley photos. I think the Chocolate was my favourite as it was a nice smooth and rich flavour. I'll try the toppings on waffles this weekend and report back again.
Gillymama - 1:30 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
2nd up... Aunt Bettys Temptation Sensation - indulgent Dark Chocolate topping. Like I said before 1pm is too early for ice cream but I couldn't wait. I had a couple of teaspoons straight up! Yum -it is soooooo good. I had a bit of trouble actually getting the lid off as the plastic wrap had made the lid too tight to turn. SO I had to get a knife to cut all the way around to them remove the white seal under the top ( not a major issue) first thing I read on the back was NO PALM OIL -which is great! It looks like it will be a super versatile topping - fresh fruit, cakes, waffles, pancakes...banana split, ice cream sundaes... iced chocolates... warmed or as it. I actually tasted the limey one with this as well - super yum. I can only imagine what the Raspberry Jelly Jiggle would taste like with the chocolate topping.! I cant wait to try tonight!
Gillymama - 1:23 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Mmmm YUM! I just got home to find my parcel from Aunt Betty's in my letterbox! I have received Slimey Limey & Temptation Sensation toppings. Being that its 1pm I could hardly justify a bowl of ice cream for lunch. So I took a sneaky teaspoon or 2 to try them out. Ok 1st up...Slimey Limey is just that. Its a great thick jelly lime topping that oozes out of the bottle. The kids would just love this. It says on the front it is made with real lime juice and on the back 100% fat free! The bottle is a great size, so you'd be able to use with abundance and not feel like its going to run out - squeeze bottle too, so none of this shaking and hitting the bottom of a glass bottle to make it come out! The packaging is very appealing to children with a green slimy jelly monster on the front. Its very sweet so you'll probably only need a little bit - will try with ice cream tonight!
mumstheone - 12:47 PM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Hi we received our Aunt Betty's toppings this morning (Slimey Limey & Jelly Jiggle) so out came the ice cream! Kids thought this was a great treat!! SSJ thought the lime was nice while LSJ liked both. They want more tonight for pudding. Will try on some ice cream tonight myself. Packaging looks good and eye catching.
karinlee - 11:13 AM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Hi, we got ours this morning, slimey limey and jelly jiggle. The only bad things was my darling 9 year old answered the door and when I got down stairs they were already out of the packet and opened. They got tasted this morning and I will be buying some ice cream for after tea tonight. By the way the tasting this morning got the thumbs up by miss 9. I will post more after having some with ice cream tonight.
tarns677 - 10:24 AM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Just recieved two toppings this morning got the Slimey Limey and the Chocolate Temptation Sensation. Fun to look at, kids thought they looked awesome. Will give the kids a taste tonight. I love the fact they are fat free great for us mummy's to!
sweetypieanna - 10:16 AM on Wed-3-Nov-2010 reply | message
Thanks Kidspot just received the jelly jiggle (raspberry) and slimey limey desert toppings in the mail! First impressions is that the packaging is great, my son has already spotted them and is pointng and saying 'yummmmm'. Can't wait to try these, will be buying some ice cream today so we can try it out tonight. Will let you know how we get on :D
jojolaw - 9:39 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
i am going to have to buy some more ice cream so i can try them...I cant wait to try them... looking forward to them coming in the post
Bubbaboo - 9:10 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
Wicked! How generous is that! I'm having such a sweet craving right now .... can't wait for them to arrive
parky69 - 8:36 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
My kids wanted me to buy these the other day from the supermarket - glad I didn't now as we get to trial them first. Fantastic!
simplesoul - 4:03 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
Ok well I myself intend on trying them out in baking and steamed puddings. I dont know how well I will do, but that is my plan, lol
Carlak - 3:54 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
how fantastic thanks everyone!
ralf - 2:37 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yipee thanks kidspot can't wait to try them.
naenae82 - 2:36 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
has anyone got any different thoughts on how they are gonna use there trial that they would like to share with some of us that have just plain ideas like icecream sundaes or in a milkshake
naenae82 - 2:26 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
yay just got my email cant wait to try this product we r all excited
swordlet - 2:07 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
YAY! Thanks Kidspot and Aunt Betty's!! We can't wait to try them!! YUMMY!!! =)
addi0kayne - 11:51 AM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
yay we get to try these.... cant wait to tell everyone what we think
teegee - 11:31 AM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
Very excited to be chosen for this one, and once the boys find out they'll be over the moon
nikkih - 9:31 AM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
So happy my family was picked for this one. Looking forward to try this with my kids n take some pics to upload for the review., thank you
GoMummyJo - 8:56 AM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
ooooo yay thank you what a nice surprise to open up the emails this morning. Look forward to some experimentation!
GirlsMum - 8:54 AM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yay I am so glad I get to try these out. Can't wait. Thanks Kidspot and Aunt Betty's
tess - 2:38 PM on Mon-1-Nov-2010 reply | message
O wow everyone, now that is amazing, absolutely amazing. Well done kidspot and Aunt bettys.
WhitiMum23 - 9:39 PM on Thu-28-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ok-just told my husband the good news and I can tell he's thinking of ways to get more than his fair share! Will have to watch him closely
2ndtimeround - 3:08 PM on Thu-28-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hi we would love to try these for a special treat especially with the weater warming up its real ice cream weather!
tamasmum - 2:15 PM on Thu-28-Oct-2010 reply | message
Temptation Sensation, Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey, whats not to like about them! My mouth is drooling right now just thinking about these flavours and how they are going to taste with fruit, ice cream, cake and anything else I can get my hands on to try them with!!
nikkib90 - 10:19 AM on Thu-28-Oct-2010 reply | message
Between my 16 month old son and husband who thinks he's a child the two of them would LOVE to try these out! What an opportunity to try something new and if they love it it would become a pantry staple.
bext1 - 10:12 PM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our family would love to review these new products!! We are trying to get our twins into ice-cream - I find it hard to imagine not liking it, but these two are fussy! so this would be a great new treat. Also, Mr 7 would LOVE to taste test these, he's really into food full stop
graykiwi - 6:44 PM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
My boys are ice cream connoisseurs and would love to try them!
slk96 - 4:02 PM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
We would put it on top of our fav icecream....which at the moment is Goldrush!
Marta - 3:29 PM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
I think we could add a little fun to treat time!
lizmo - 2:50 PM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
We go through about 3 tubs of ice cream a week. It would be grat to try a new topping
Cathy - 2:03 PM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
With 4 kids under 6, there are plenty of things these topping would go on, including pancakes, icecream, most desserts, dry weetbix, biscuits, cupcakes... the list goes on and on... thanks
Sparky - 9:19 AM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thomas at 2 and a half has only just started to like ice-cream. These toppings on ice-cream would be great to trial as he loves any kind of sauce (novelty factor). Thanks, Jane
Bellabrides - 9:04 AM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
The main thing my kids would try the toppings on would be ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!
Would be great to trial this product and see if the kids like it :)
AngelaM - 8:50 AM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
I can see Raspberry Jelly Jiggle being a great filler for a chocolate cake, with a bit of cream inside too maybe.
angelnshan - 8:13 AM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
my daughters favourite toppings are choc sauce and sprinkles (100s and thousands) on ice cream of course!
vikih - 6:26 AM on Wed-27-Oct-2010 reply | message
We have just entered the wonderful world of dessert toppings for our almost 3 year old. After being introduced to them at a friends place, we have daily requests for 'splits' - (banana splits) with chocolate sauce! There are also two males in the house who readily gobble anything with a dessert topping (- one teenage and one...well lets say a bit older).
Our family would readily trial these products...all in the name of science of course!
Nita - 7:24 PM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow these products look good enough to eat!!! My children are sure to test them out any way possible including on sandwiches, apparently desert tastes nice in that form too!
baloo - 12:08 PM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hi I would love to trail these products as we have 1 chocolate allergy in our family and I struggle to find a ice cream topping that is not chocolate or caramel (which he is getting sick of). These sound really yummy and fun and colud be a way of getting the others of chocolate toppings and on to something that is good for them when they have a treat of ice cream.
GoMummyJo - 11:17 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
I'm thinking I'd like experiment with these in a cake mix / cup cake mix and see what wonderful yummy creations I could come up with!
simplesoul - 10:56 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
O wow i was just reading about these and then went to find them and like sara lees chocolate pie i couldnt find any, lol, we would love to trial these and of course will give them a try on the good ole fashioned icecream, but also wonder if maybe they would be ok in baking? ie muffins etc
sara - 8:24 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
I'm sure if my kids answered this question it would be EVERYTHING... sandwiches, wheatbix, toast, or evern better, straight from the bottle :-) Certainly icecream is a given, and I'm thinking pancakes too, yum!!
mandyroxy - 7:46 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
I think it's fair to say that everyone in the household would be thrilled to trial these yummy sauces! We'd put them on the usuals - icecream or on hot chocolate cake. I'd also like to try putting them into the middle of my sweet muffins as a surprise treat. Yum!
Amanda30 - 9:36 PM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message
I don't think ot would just be the kids in our house adding this! Yummo. I'm sure we could try it on ice cream, yogurt, crupets, cup cakes etc. Wiliam, Simon and Miles love their sweet treats and will happily try anything that looks like fun and I'll help them too! Thanks heaps.
natsmum - 9:29 PM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yummy the kids (and the adults) in this house would all enjoy getting to trial these. I can see them definitely being used on ice cream, but also yoghurt, crumpets, waffles, pancakes and whatever else our imaginations can come up with. Miss 3 loves her "sauce" and likes to put something on most things she eats so this could be a fun time for her.
Armywife - 6:50 PM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message
ooohhhh, yum yum! We would definitely love to trial this!
mumstheone - 6:19 PM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yes we would love to test Aunt Betty's Toppings. Yum it would make our ice cream treats more exciting.
1debbei1 - 11:27 AM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message
In this house I would imagine these being tested on icecream, pikelets, in smoothies, crumpets and on top of Easiyo yoghurt.

We would love to be a trial family, thank you
Anonymous - 10:30 AM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message  | delete  | edit
mmm yum would definitly love to try these and would definitly try them on some vanilla ice cream YUM
rodneyishot - 10:20 AM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message
mmm yes please have a feeling our family will love these!
erenakelly - 7:48 PM on Sun-24-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yes please! The possibilities are endless - ice cream, yoghurt, cereal, crumpets, cut fruit, smoothies, muffins, pancakes, waffles...yum!
Carols - 2:21 PM on Sun-24-Oct-2010 reply | message
My grandchildren would love to try these new toppings. They love to come to nana's for icecream and would be great to try some news toppings to spice things up! What a great way to introduce products - brilliant. Thanks.
sweetypieanna - 10:35 AM on Sun-24-Oct-2010 reply | message
My son would love this! He could have it over his fruit salad to make it more interesting as well as ice cream and waffles. I have actually just purchased a waffle machine so it sounds perfect for us!
JulieKidspot - 10:24 AM on Sun-24-Oct-2010 reply | message
Keep the comments coming Mums Say members! We have LOTS of these up for review. My kids love adding different toppings to their ice-cream so these would be a hit. The Temptation Sensation would be perfect for dipping those delicious strawberries in!
tarns677 - 6:44 PM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
My four children would add it to everything thats sweet! they look yummy!
kdc - 6:41 PM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
Not one to usually have dessert, I reckon topping Hokey Pokey ice cream with one of these delicious sounding flavours, would change my mind. Oh, and the kids would love them too - especially the Jelly Jiggle raspberry flavour. And the Temptation Sensation could go with some custard and fruit!
MummySpice - 2:34 PM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
My son loves tinned peaches with sprinkles so this would make a wonderful new addition! We'd love to trial and review this product for you!! Thanks.
missmaddysmum - 12:53 PM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
these sound delicious! my daughter has a thing for waffles at the moment, these toppings would go great on dessert waffles, and i'm sure she would try them on breakfast waffles too! along with the obvious ice cream toppings of course...
michele - 11:09 AM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
My children would love to try these. Icecream is the obvious one to add these too (vanilla so as to get the full effect). All flavours look great and I can also see them being used as milkshake syrup for example and on anything that I permit them to put them on. Both children particularly adore lime flavoured anything and the slime look would only enhance the appeal...
Mutt - 8:18 AM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughters would love to add these toppings to everything especially pancakes my eldest would add them to her porridge each morning. YUM
manz23 - 1:18 AM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to try this for my son so he can eat it with his yoghurt,I hope w ecan trial this
kkellzz - 12:21 AM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter is really into dipping things at the moment so it would go down a treat with fruit, added to yoghurt & ice cream for all of us, everyone should be pleased.
baygirl7 - 10:06 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
my daughter would love to try this on her ice - cream, she loves all things sweet, and this would just add to her likings, not to mention her father would be a great one at helping her to eat it. Trialling some of these flavours would be great as i am sure, we would prob stick to the ones we know, if we were buying them, with them being quite dear in the supermarket. I think they sound yummy!!! :) :)
summer - 10:02 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I know that these would not last long especially on icecream, my boys are always looking for something new to put on their icecream . last night it was ready salted chips.
vam - 7:23 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
Dad loves to make pancakes on a Sunday morning, so this would just finish them off beautifully. Thanks.
hullaboo - 6:56 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would like to try these because my daughter loves all things sweet, but dessert toppings are ridiculously overpriced these days, so I hardly ever get them. Getting to trial some of these delicious looking toppings would be awesome! (And my daughter would be very appreciative!!!)
kellynz2010 - 6:48 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
My kids would love to try these toppings. To be honest, they will add them to ice cream first.... then, all over their hands, faces, hair, walls, toys, floor, carpet and finally a little on my clean clothing just to finish things off. :)
Jackieb - 4:35 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial these toppings - the kids are always asking me to buy choc top only its usually gone after a couple of days!
alex - 3:34 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
with 5 of us in our family 3 being kids and we all love ice cream with sauce ( the more the better) We would all love to trial this product
jojolaw - 1:41 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to try the chocolate or the jelly jiggle... Love having jelly tip ice cream so would be great on the top of ice cream... My girls are always asking me to buy a topping for the ice cream...
lynne - 1:41 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have three children and a husband that love ice cream, especially with sauce, so yes please, would love to trial these
Mummysim - 12:42 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to try the chocolate sensation topping on fop of pancakes or ice cream! I love anything sweet and yummy. I would be absolutly stoaked if I get to trial one of these fabulous looking products!
parky69 - 12:27 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
We have a Sunday morning ritual of pancakes which I'm sure my three girls would be more than happy to experiment with by adding these new flavours!<br>I wouldn't mind trying the chocolate one on waffles, Mmmhmmm!
Tashakobe - 11:58 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter and husband would love these. My daughter loves adding sauces to everything she eats including vegetables, pastas and icecream. She is experimenting with muffins and cakes and likes adding sauces and jelly to them to see what they taste like. My husband loves toppings on his icecream. I would love to add these to their desserts and see what their comments are.
AmyM - 11:57 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I love Aunt Betty's products. We would really like to try these - they look very cool!!!! Both my daughter and I have sweet tooths so would love to try them on our desserts :o)
GingerBaby - 11:26 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
How cool! My little girl is just experimenting with ice cream, pikelets & pancakes etc and is loving learning to dip her foods into things, or lick off layers of yummy things! She would love these!
quackers - 11:18 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yum!! These look so good, making me hungry just thinking about it,would love to try :)
Tineke - 11:15 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
We would love to try this please. We have 1 child who only likes vanilla ice cream. The rest of us like 'flavours'. As I only have freezer room for 1 tub we end up missing out half the time! I guess we would have to keep all three flavours to make everyone happy!
k4kylie - 11:06 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
trying so hard to lose weight after 2nd baby but so hard to fight those sweet cravings is this the answer i hope so xxxxxx
twinsandmore - 11:03 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yum! both myself and my daughter have a real sweet tooth. We'd love to try these toppings. I love that there is no artificial colours or flavours in them which makes me feel confident to even see how my 1yr old twin boys would like them with their deserts.
ssi8 - 8:53 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I'd love to try this because I have three kids (7, 5, 2) that all love ice-cream but they all like it a bit differently - toppings could be the answer to the problem. I'd have to try to keep the chocolate topping away from the adults in the house!
SusanD - 1:47 PM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ooh Pick Me, Pick Me!!
They look divine! I'm a chocoholic and my 4 yr old daughter loves strawberry/raspberry flavours. My 2 yr old son loves anything saucy - sauce, gravy etc so I'm sure he'd be into putting them on anything and everything!

I know the kids first request would be pancakes with sauce, and my daughter is into baking in a big way so I wonder if the Jelly Jiggle would make a good muffin centre!?!!
Using as a dip for fruit aswell would be a big hit. Yum Yum!
WhitiMum23 - 12:55 PM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
What wouldn't they want to put it on?! Choc topped veges anyone?

If selected i would conduct a "scientific" experiment to see if it resulted in a higher consumption of veges...haha
GirlsMum - 12:48 PM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yummy what fun they look to be. My girls would love to try this on their ice cream and share with all their cousins
ayngela - 11:58 AM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
These toppings look delicious! Me and my family are icecream addicts, we have it every night! We love trying the new varieties of icecream and sauces out there and would be more than happy to trial these products for you :-)
tessa771 - 11:22 AM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our family loves ice cram, this would be an awesome thing to add to the same old. Both my partner and 3 year old go crazy over new and exciting things and we weould love to test these for you!
Mum2two - 10:24 AM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
My son is obsessed by anything raspberry so this topping would be a sure fire winner in our house. We would love to give them a go and will let you know what the verdict is!
shird - 12:17 AM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
My girls like pancakes and these sound a mighty addition to those- could they liven up porridge or crumpets too?
MK02 - 9:41 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter's would love these. They love to eat ice cream and any opportunity they get they love to put toppings on them. My eldest also loves jelly
Mumof2monkeys - 8:44 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
Birthday party at the end of november with 20ish kids coming, I am sure they will try it on everything! It will just be YUM!
stephE - 8:09 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
OOOO my sons Loves banana at the moment, would love to dip some banana in this stuff and give him a whole new cullinary experience!!
Nikki79 - 7:57 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter would love these. She would add them to her icecream, to milk drinks, pikelets, biscuits, sandwiches.... She would no doubt try them several other ways that I would never even think of!! And I for one would love to try the chocolate in my coffee!!
elmo - 5:29 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would really like to try these because my daughter likes ice cream and jelly
ralf - 3:06 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
would love to try these they look really yummy
jessh30 - 2:46 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
these look fun and super tastey! Would love to try them out!!!
Shell - 2:29 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
Jaz would put these toppings on ice cream of course but if I know her she would put the Jelly Jiggle topping on biscuits and watch it wobble like jelly all the way to her mouth. mmmmmmm I think I would have fun trying it out to. The Temptation Sensation would be great drizzled over banana and other fruits. I think I would leave it up to my husband to see where the Slimey Limey works best. yum I hope we get to try them all!!!!!
smileybabe - 2:23 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
Oh please, please, please can we sample these....My master 4 would love to try these. I am regularly looking at new things to add to ice-cream, and desserts (including pizza and also custard and sponges and cakes) and I think that these will be wonderful to try. I also do cake decoratin and love chocolate boats with topping in it eg strawberry mousse and the rasberry topping
Carlak - 2:02 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
icecream is pretty rare in our house, however we have a lot of fruit, smoothies and milkshakes, of course when we do have icecream it would be obvious to use this as a topping! yum! especially making 'jellytip' with chocolate and raspberry jelly! but i could see the jellies as a great dip for fruit kebabs, and all the flavours excellent to flavour milkshakes and add flavour to smoothies
amyr - 1:55 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 4 and 2 year olds love to help me make pizzas and we have just started trying dessert ones so they would be a good start to a new creation for us!
Chaucey - 1:49 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
My boy is so keen on toppings that I've discovered him sneaking tiny squirts from the golden syrup and maple syrup bottles. Obviously I'd have to keep one of these Aunt Betty's toppings on a very high shelf! We'd try them on waffles and icecream, and I think the Jelly Jiggle one would be good on pikelets.
Trace - 1:13 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
The kids would absolutley love this with tehir ice cream
kiwikelz - 1:07 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow! Our 3 kids, who have started asking for ice cream every night, would go mad for these toppings! We would love to be selected for trial and I promise a full review complete with sticky photos!
cathw - 1:07 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
oh please pick us then I have an excuse for eating icecream too! all four in our family are big fans of both ice cream and Aunty Bettys stuff. cheers
nzchick - 12:55 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
We'd love to try these!! My 2 little boys and one Big Boy are icecream mad and always looking for new toppings. I would be super grateful to be selected and will thoroughly review these :-) yum yum
Silverbabe - 12:02 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
The kids have been pleading with me to buy these but I'm never quite sure if the taste will live up to how great they look instore. The kids would love to add it to ice cream or put on waffles, or fruit salad actually if I let them Im sure they would have it on top of everything lol
matted - 11:11 AM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
Cool products we would love to try, we have Sundae Sundays at our house so these toppings would be an awesome addition to the mix. I am sure they will go down a treat, with Halloween coming up I am thinking of all the cool treats I can create mmm
Shirley - 10:15 AM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
we eat alot of ice cream so i sure the toppings will be definitely used there and on my brownies too.
dayauon - 9:28 AM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
i have 2 kids age 10 and 5. they have different opinions about food so it will be interesting to know what their taste buds will tell me. also, i'm on the look-out for lunchbox food variations, so i can test if the product is appealling for my kids to eat and can get their calssmates comments, as well. i'll be be highly delighted if we will be considered to sample the product/s. thank you.
potentialunlimited - 9:27 AM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 8year old would love to try the Jelly Jiggle and Slimmy Limey - he's not a big chocolate eater but loves anything with berry flavours and if something looks or sounds strange he is all for it.
I can see Master 8 pouring it on his cereal, on sandwhiches for lunch and squeezing it straight into his mouth!!!
Please let our family try this yummy sounding product.
tara - 9:01 AM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
i would love to register my wee man for this treat, he has jsut turned 1 and loves everything frutie and like any kid addores chocolate. he is learning to feed himself at the momment and i have found the best way to teach him is to make all his meals exciting. and by the looks and sounds of it this is a very exciting thing for him to experence. it could be added to a huge range of stuff for him, desert of course but other fruit, in a sammie, with other treats, you name it he would proberly love to try it. Also i could get a cross section of opions from my 3 step sons aged 13, 10 and 9 so you would get the ideas of a wide range of ages and children with my household. we know what we like and would let you know honestly. :)
Kamogirl - 12:20 AM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
OOOO these sound absolutely mouth-watering and really feel like some right now, so please send our family a sample just to put us all out of our misery please please please. Now as for our sneaky but darling children (if they had it their way, and if we weren't looking) would have it straight from the bottle!!! But they would definitely have it over their own homemade cheesecake or their own homemade ice cream and most definitely poured all over their hot chocolate this would be the extra perfect treat for not just them but, mummy and daddy too....YUMMMMM!!!!
teegee - 12:04 AM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
My boy would put it on anything, yoghurt, fruit you name it.
Jubie - 11:30 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
i could see most of the fun with thes as putting it ontop of the icecream, marshmellows and fresh fruit. this coming in a close second to eating it of course!!
i could be a great way for me to incourage her to try new textures :)
esp with the jelly jiggle!
Rose3 - 10:59 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
These would be great to try, something yummy that will tempt our littlies to eat and good for them too! At 17 months & 3 trying new things new ways help with the eating. These would be great on ice cream , fruit wedges etc.
jenniferojenny - 10:38 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I know my daughter would eat this on ANYTHING, in fact she'd probably try to get it into a sandwich.... love that it's not full of artificial yuck stuff so would love to try Temptation Sensation
lynleyg - 10:29 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yum - these sound great and perfect for the warmer days that are supposed to be here now! I can see my kids adding these toppings to fruit salad and icecream.
Hayley - 10:02 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 year old occasionally has ice cream for pudding and just loves putting chocolate sauce (which is my favourite) or sprinkles, etc. on top. Haven't thought of putting something like the Jelly Jiggle or Slimey Limey - these sound awesome!!
Lozzykiwi - 9:12 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ice cream, of course!! It's my 2.5 year old's favourite treat. He often appears at the kitchen counter with his emtpy bowl pleading "more, please-thankyou, please-thankyou!"
issa - 9:10 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
my 7 year old son loves ice cream a lot & would love to try out these toppings
Azi - 8:44 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yum yum!!! My almost 8yo is very proud of herself for getting into the kitchen to try new things, she would add this topping to bread for sandwiches, instant pudding, icecream, fruit salad, porridge, cupcakes, ordinary cakes, and to icings to make extra yummy icings for biscuits, and cakes etc! :D And of course mum gets 'dragged in' to help :D
nikh74 - 8:22 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
ooohhhh please please please! my kids absolutely love jazzing up their puddings - sprinkles, melted choc buttons, marshmallows, theywould just adore the chance to try these out. i might give them a tasye test myself?! :)
IceKiwi - 8:12 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
wow what a great trial, my four kids would love to sample this and especially me too. Mr 2, Miss 3, Mr 4 and Miss 6 would most likely trial these with our home made yoghurt and muesli crunch that we make they would make a sweet treat with this. As well as banana splits for the chocolate and fruit kebabs we have love the sound of these flavours.
heatherh - 7:58 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
We would love to trial this product, saw it in the supermarket the other day, and kids begged to have it. Would love to trial it first.
aliciamcdonald - 7:54 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
We have tried the jelly jiggle and it is soooooooo yummy the kids really really loved it and it goes a long way A+++++++++++++ review from me hehe i would like to try the slimey limey :)
Pommiegotlost - 7:20 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
MMMMMMHHHHH these look and sound delicious i'm sure we could give these a real good trial considering the amount of icecream devoured in this house. Would be ace for a party too!
BrittanyJWilson - 7:13 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow these sound amazing! I know my daughter would love these, DF and I would as well for that matter. I think I would definitely like to try them with pikelets and waffles. Also on top of fruit and she loves fruit puree in her porridge and on top of her weetbix too! Really hope we get to trial these, thanks so much!!
Mondo - 7:06 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
This sounds great - I think my children would love it on fruit and ice cream and maybe yoghurt. I think it's such a neat idea, also to help them learn about different textures, how it looks an feels on the tongue and in the mouth. Also sounds super bright colours and attractive. I would love to trial it.
Joanne - 6:49 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My family would love to try these! We have a three year old in the house who I'm sure would love these toppings on icecream or fruit or possibly cake. My son loves pouring things from containers (ie - tomato sauce), so can pretty much guarantee that he will be begging us for the container to pour the topping if we got one of these to sample. Thank You!!! : )
vickster444 - 5:27 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
We would love to trial these they sound delicious! Can they be used with milk for milkshakes also? Yummy!!
Mardi - 5:11 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Oh YUM would love to try these for Rohan as he has a "cone in a Ice Cream" (his words-no matter how much we correct him) most nights after dinner & would be awesome to have a little surprise inside for him to find.
naenae82 - 4:09 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hansells - 4:07 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Aunt Betty's icecream toppings are all Gluten Free! Jelly Jiggle and Slimey Limey are Dairy Free. There is milk however, in the Temptation Sensation.
Enjoy !
ekubo - 4:07 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
my kids would add this to EVERYTHING! I once caught my eldest making a cheese and raspberry toppiong toasted sandwich. I'll bet I could sneak some bananas or peaches inunder the ice cream and they'd be too wowed by the topping to even notice. I might even be tempted to try it on the veg lol.
Sunday night is frequently pancake night for us and I'll bet this would go beautifully. I'd have dibs on the chokky one.
mumof3girls - 3:49 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
oh my oh my. i love food! this sounds soooo fab, pick me please!
Haylee9 - 3:48 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My kids would add this to everything from their cereal, sandwiches and it may even overtake the demand for good old watties tomato sauce! I think the question should be what wouldn't your children add these to!
purplejo - 3:45 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My kids would love to try this topping! I don't often buy sweet things so this would be a real treat. I imagine they would have it on their cereal in the morning too, as well as with homemade yogurt, as a fruit drizzle, on ice-cream...oh now I'm getting excited!
addi0kayne - 3:35 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
sounds amazing would love to try any flavour.... my kids would probably add fresh fruit or cake
atmum - 3:27 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
MMMMmmmmmmmmm! They look delectable! We would love to test these for you as my little munchkins love their icecream and love their jelly to, so the thought of a jelly topping is just excellent! Not to mention, mummy loooves lime!
kivasha - 3:14 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yes I would say this family would love to try this ice cream covering interest. My husband might drink the bottle given the chance. My Lillian would try the berry one and try getting it on her ice cream cone, my husband waits for his ice cream to melt then smother with chocolate!
igglepiggle - 3:10 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
We can't trial these unfortunately because of the kids, but I must admit trying them at the food show and they were delicious. Good luck all.
Alyayde - 2:59 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
mmm yummo, we would love to trial these, im sure they would be fab on ice cream and that the kids would love to dip their fruit etc in them.... hmmm im also wondering what they would be like added to milk for a milkshake??? worth a go i rekon...
franruss - 2:40 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I think my kids would really love these. Ice-cream is the main thing that comes to mind with all three of these, my chocoholic daughter would certainly be keen. I'm also thinking the choc one might be pretty good with strawberries - can't wait for those strawberry-seller vans to start appearing. I'm also wondering if they could be used in jam-drop type cookies. Would love fo find out!
jace - 2:36 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Just the other day, we were talking about making chocolate fondue! Would love to try this out for our strawberries, marshmallows, banana dip!
hellyp - 2:19 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
How much fun do these sound!! I love that they are made with no artificial flavours, would love to try the choc topping on Charli's favorite bananas, or even on rice custard!! think she would thoroughly enjoy giving them a go!
sugapop69 - 2:12 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
they look so great, i have seen them in the supermarkets but haven't brought any yet.
my daughter would love ice-cream and the toppings together :)
sarahrv - 1:58 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
These toppings sound wonderful. My two boys would love to try these (not to mention my husband and myself :-) ) they all sound divine, but i could see them having lots of fun with the Slimey Limey and helping me lots in the kitchen preparing all sorts of fun and interesting things......
looies1 - 1:42 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would think that my 3yr old would try the toppings on almost anything that she eats, she has told me that bread, fruit, icecream, jelly, just to name a few would be a good starting point. I too wouldnt mind having a try as well. Would love the oportunity to try theses products.
Bubbaboo - 1:42 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Well ice-cream would be the obvious choice, but if my son is anything like me he'll be sneaking into the pantry and tasting it straight from the bottle! We also have a cool idea for a desert pizza and these sauces would make an awesome base. Cheers!
helen777 - 1:38 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Well firstly the name Aunt Betty's is just delightful, in fact my dearest mother who past away some time ago was called Betty, and my 2 kids know of her as I speak of her regularly. So to have a delicious sauce in the house, named after their nana would be very special and no doubt yummy tasty. Would love to try them out! Thanks and enjoy your day.
ValerieL - 1:36 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yes, please send us some to trial! These sound really interesting to have with our snacks and dessert. I'm sure my boys would love adding extra flavour and colour to our ice-creams, fruit salad, pancakes, puddings and even the biscuits! That would surely make our eating time more colourful, and most of all, the food preparation part would be even more fun for my kids!
Godzgirl - 1:30 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our girls would put it on banana splits, Waddles (penguin shaped waffles), Icebergs (trifles made with blue jelly) and no doubt any dessert we would have would have a cry of 'can we PLEASE have the toppings again?!!' We'd love the chance to try them!
annette - 1:26 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I think the question would be what he wouldn't want to put it on! But i would let him (and mum and dad too) put it on ice-cream, pancakes, biscuits, yoghurt. These sound amazing, would love to trial them
imrose - 1:24 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yummy!!!Wanna have some.Oh yes we would love to try this as a whole family.We all have a sweet tooth and these toppings would go with any dessert like Indian Chinese etc.Natasha would be thrilled to add these all the herself.
Gubsea - 1:23 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I Scream, U Scream we all Scream for Ice Cream with Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings
melandjeremy - 1:11 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
my son would put this on anything, but I know he would love it on scones and pikelets. He would love the slimy limey one, but I would love the sound of temptation sensation on my waffles on my sunday morning sleep in.... I guess I would share it with my son and partner too!!!
mumof6 - 1:11 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I think these toppings would be fantastic with icecream, waffles, piklets, fruit and custard etc... I'm sure my 6 kids would love to trial this product (and may be mum and dad too).
hsmith - 12:53 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Pikelets are a favourite afternoon tea in our house and I know all four children (2-15yrs) would like these as an alternative topping. Also of course on icecream, pancakes, scones and anything else they can think of.
mary110370 - 12:50 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Perfect time of year for this trial with the sun finally showing its face and icecream on the dessert menu once again. I would love to sample these toppings and get my kids into something that isn't full of sugar, fat and artificial colourings as most other dessert toppings seem to be.
slinkylinky - 12:43 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My three kids would love these & use them on ice cream, in our homemade yoghurt & on pancakes.
littlemiss - 12:42 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
mmmm, yum! i have two kiddies who would put it on self saucing choco pudding and pikelets, pancakes and shortbread bikkies. yes please!!
oneonly - 12:42 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow! These sound delicious and what a great way to encourage my daughter to eat more fruit - put a yummy treat topping onto it. We would love to sample and review these toppings :->
Mumofone - 12:41 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
These sound yum my son would probably dip his fruit into these. He loves to dip things at the moment. He would love these on icecream to. I make plain yogurt at home too so I wonder if these would taste nice on top? My mum has chickens so we have been making icecream to with all her spare eggs my hubby has become quite fond of the homemade stuff these toppings would go down so well in our home.
nessab2 - 12:39 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have 3 fussy kids to feed (darling partner included!), these would be a great way to disguise fruity muffins, fritters and pancakes. Not forgetting to mention sprucing up plain boring ice cream. Please choose us!
amy - 12:38 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
We would love to trial these toppings! Adding to ice-cream kinda goes without saying, but things like pancakes, pikelets, scones (for the raspberry one). We have a strawberry patch in our garden so the chocolate one would definately be a favourite for dipping. Thanks!
keznz - 12:35 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
ice cream is what all four of my kids would love to have toppings on!
raffsgirl1488 - 12:30 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
i have 3 boys and they are always nagging me to buy topping for ice cream. They would love to try your topping and i think they would put it on anything i would let them. If its healthy i wouldn't mind what they put it on. Please send us some so we can try and make some different creations.
Foxy - 12:21 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Who wouldn't want to try these!! Dessert is standard in our home - would love to jazz up the vanilla icecream for once!
nikkih - 12:21 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 3 kids age 3, twins 21 months would love this, as summer is here n they have ice cream every night after dinner and so we would love to top some of your yummy toppings and will surely give you a great feedback.
silasandroman - 12:16 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
my boys would love these!!! espeically the slimey lime one, hey would no doubt want to put it on everything as they love their food lol. would use it o their fruit salads as a treat and use it to make funny faces on any food they not so into eating to encourage the to eat it. its great that its not full of crap too as sadly my boys sufer eczema badly and an food like this in past is full of things hat makes their skn go crazy!! yay Aunt Bettys
ajpickering - 12:16 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Move over kids!!!!! This is one for Mummy to want to trial :-)
But if all you all behave yourself, Mummy just might share :-)
My daughter would love this topping on icecream and my son would have it with fruit.
samstills5 - 12:13 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Sounds great! I can almost gtee that my kids would try and add it to everything!!!!!!! I think it would be great as wee surprise in cupcakes, drizzled on icecream & for dipping fruit into :)
janifa - 12:07 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
yummy my kids and I would love to give this a try. Would use them on waffles and pancakes and a great dip for fruit and topping for ice cream. I could probably use it in my cupcakes and muffins. Sounds delicious, could be a great dip with my spanish churros too!
kazza - 12:05 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yet another fantastic treat product from Aunt Betty. My 6yr old is not to good on getting her daily fruit down but i'm sure with a little of this desert topping on top i'll have no more problems with her fruit intake.......Would definitely love to trail this product as it would be a real treat for all the family to enjoy..........i'd like my topping on some ice cream
KGolds - 12:03 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Oh wow yum! I'd have to hide these from DH otherwise no one else would get a look in :) These would feature in our house with pancakes, fruit salad, ice cream of course, could make muffins interesting, a good addition to spiders and I'm sure they'll be gobbled up just on there own knowing the men in my house!
stumpie - 12:03 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Please please could we trial this product we have pancakes on a Sunday for an easy lunch, and the toppings would be great to try on these.Our son would love the slimey limey one, he loves green and slime.
kiwinutter - 12:02 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Oh wow - I am always looking out for products with no added nasties! My kids miss out on so many treats because of the extras that get put into products that the kids react to :(
I can see them trying these on icecream, yoghurt, muesli, cheese and anything else they can find!! :)
Leckylocks - 12:00 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow - our kids would love to try these! They are a bit partial to dipping things at the moment and I can see that this might be a big hit! Dried fruit and fresh fruit could be dipped, it would be great for our Sunday morning panckaes, as a topping to mix into the yoghurt we make and also over icecream.

It looks fun for the kids but also yummy for adults too. I wonder if it is Gluten free too? If so even I could try some! Fingers crossed.
mumtotwo - 11:59 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My kids and i absolutely love yoghurt and ice cream so these toppings would really get a good trial at our place with 3 testers at different ages !
Shadz - 11:56 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ohhhhh this would be such a struggle to share with the kids lol.
I have one little girl who is going through a " I don't like it " stage and sometimes the idea of a treat after dinner will help. However I don't really like them having too much stuff with artificial colour etc as it can then make it hard to get them into bed later.

These sound like a great idea and while they'd be nice on ice cream or puddings, I wonder if they would work with something like a natural yoghurt ?
RaewynG - 11:55 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow, these sound excellent! As the only female in an all-male household these would apply to the boys most definitely! Mr 4.5 might finally eat his dinner without whinging and performing for once - believe me NOTHING else works. Mr 1.5 yr old is a bit too young but the fact that they are all fat free is a huge bonus. These look excellent and would love to trial them on ice cream and seasonal fruits (as we only have icecream Fri and Sat nights) :0)
swordlet - 11:55 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yum I'd love to try these products!! Not to mention my hubby who has a sweet tooth too! The Temptation Sensation sounds Delicious!!
2mums - 11:55 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
DD (13) thinks topping go on EVERYTHING! Pancakes,puddings, pikelets, icecream, an empty plate!!!, even toast.... she would LOVE trying these out & would probably write her own review!
rachaelsfun - 11:54 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Love the sound of these and cant wait to try them but will prob have to hide them from the lil ones (and the not so lil ones haha!!) esp the jelly and the choc topping !
angel7801 - 11:53 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yummy. Are these lactose free or some of them? Oh I do hope so. Bree and Sam would love these. Also my nana who lives with us. The kids would put this all over lactose free frozen dessert or yoghurt.
Dianna - 11:51 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Fat free and tasty?? Surely not!!! I have trouble getting my kids to eat their fruit but if i was to give them a little side of something yummy like the jelly jiggle or slimey limey (and of course anything chocolate always goes) I think that would definitely help the healthy stuff get eaten. A bit of Mary Poppin's rule of "a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" never hurt anyone I say.
terry100 - 11:51 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My kids would sure love to try these. Temptation sensation could be used with icecream, or dip marshmallows in. Jelly Jiggle I think would be great with canned fruit and Slimey Limey I think sounds great with ice cream - but the kids would have more ideas I am sure.
skirts - 11:50 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yummy yummy yummy they sound DEVINE!! Please pick me to test them....I don't know which one I want to try first though :) they all sound great!
they have obviously done some great research for kid friendly ideas, Jelly and SLime that is awesome! And you always need choc too!
About time there were some interesting toppings to try for the kids
janinekiwi - 11:07 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would absolutely love to trial these products! Everyone in my family has a huge sweet tooth and I have not seen these before! My son is also now at the stage where he is rejecting most foods I offer him so this would be a great incentive to get him to eat his lunch and dinner. I can also see this going down really well as an easy dessert with icecream after a BBQ with friends over summer..
katherinew - 10:42 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow these sound great. Would make a nice change on top of weetbix for afternoon tea. Something a bit special. Or would be lovely in plain yogurt. What a fun idea. Will have to get my thinking cap on to see how they could be used for party treats. Yummy instead of fairy bread. Can imagine the boys loving slime bread instead
CaseysMum - 10:33 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughters would both love to trial these products and me too :) I'm especially liking the sound of Jelly Jiggle being 100% fat free!!
jobrush - 10:21 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
With a fussy 6 year old and a 3 year old who is willing to try anything, I can see these toppings totally appealing to both of them. I would love to expand my eldest's taste horizons without filling him up with fat, (would you believe I had to convince him to try pikelets with jam and cream?) and I can see the bottles being easy enough for both he and his younger brother to handle. I'm already thinking about incorporating a "decorate your own sundae" dessert into our next family movie night! With some chocolate brownie so Mum and Dad can try out the Temptation Sensation!!!
kjm72 - 10:00 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ohhh.... we have four children who all love toppings!!! On ice cream, or on waffles and pancakes for a special breakfast, even on their muesli if you let them. Would LOVE to try these new toppings!
Nessa - 9:48 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughters would love these to trial. They would add it to ice cream and banana splits. They might also be nice to try in a milk shake as flavour????
raglanmum - 9:40 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 6 year old son would love to trial these yummy looking dessert toppings! They'd be right up his alley! Of course he'd love the toppings on icecream... but I reckon he would try the chocolate one on anything.... his weetbix, toast... and lots of fun to be had with the jelly and slime flavours! Great that they are free from artificial flavourings and contain real fruit juice too! Little 11 mth sister would be watching on enviously too!
piglet - 9:33 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ohhhh two little ones would love to pour Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings all over the homemade icecream I make. It would be nice with plain yoghurt too.
Gillymama - 9:31 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
If someone asked me what dessert I would like most right now... it would be a banana split. With vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled (no make that poured) in chocolate sauce... Mmmmm.
I know my little boy would squeal with delight if he saw the Slimey Limey topping! and my girl would go weak at the knees at the sight of a pink jelly topping! I like that its 35% raspberry juice!
SarahK - 9:26 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
OMG!! those look good! haha (is the fact that im on a diet starting to show?) haha I like the sound of fat free! i have a real sweet tooth, so am struggling to find something sweet that is low in fat. So im definately keen to try these! Besides me, what kid couldn't resist something like choc or slime! haha
I think my kids would love slime on banana (slugs on logs perhaps?). but most probably they will try them on fruit and ice cream, and also pancakes, as we are always trying to find new things to serve with those! Im sure they will try it with plain yoghurt too.
lotsakids - 9:12 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
i have 5 kids that would go mad to try this... with most of them being boys the green slime would sure to be a hit! but then i am sure they would love trying the others! it would be a perfect treat for after dinner! i hope you pick us :O)
dkpm - 9:07 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
definitely strawberries with the dark chocolate as for the other two they sound awesome by themselves but always good on icecream
bearcub - 9:03 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
yum, they sound nice. I know my kids would love to try them.
karinlee - 9:03 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have 2 kids that would just love to trial this product. My kids would add this to yogurt and icecream and probley just to dip their fruit in for dessert. I think it would be nice to put on scones too.
mummyof3 - 7:26 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
They would love them on icecream and fruit maybe plain yogurt thats if they can beat hubby to them!!Lol
ticklebear - 12:47 AM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Sneaking in early for this heehee yummy looking toppings (who says I will share with my 3 monsters lol). My kids would love these I would say number one thing for them to add them too would be icecream, then fresh fruit, and I can see dd#1 wanting to add them to her pancakes in the weekends. I think the Temptation Sensation would be great with banana splits mmmmm drool.

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