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Other - Christchurch Earthquake

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Leader: JulieKidspotter
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Group Name: Christchurch Earthquake
Description: A place to share your thoughts, messages, stories and information. Please feel free to add topics or to share your messages of support.



Kidspot's thoughts and prayers are with all of the people of Christchurch at this tragic time.

How you can help

Over the past few days we have all been shocked by the tragedy of the Christchurch earthquake. The devastation of homes, roads, buildings and businesses pales in comparison to the loss of life and the grief that friends and family are enduring. At some point the people of Christchurch have to rebuild their lives and we are all aware of the mammoth task ahead of them.

Some of our Kidspot staff who live in Christchurch have been affected but thankfully they and their families are safe. Kidspot has donated $750 to the Red Cross Earthquake Appeal and we urge all Kidspot members to also donate what they can. No matter how small your donation, everything will help. Even if it's just $2.

Donations to this appeal can be made:

  • Online at

  • By cheque to: New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal, Freepost 232690, PO Box 12140, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

  • By Direct Credit Transfer to our Special Appeal Bank Account:  Kiwibank 38-9009-0759479-00 and the account name is RED CROSS.

  • By Direct Credit Transfer to our Special Appeals Bank Account: ASB 12-3192-0015998-02

  • At any branch of PostShop Kiwibank, ASB and ANZ bank

Donations to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal can also be made to this National Bank account:


Sending love to our Christchurch members that are going through a tough time right now. xx

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Topic Title Comments Last Action
Where were you? 8 02/22/2012
Remembering 22nd February 2011 8 02/22/2012
Curly from Shirley, the Christchurch Dog 2 03/26/2011
Coping with stress 2 03/02/2011
Accommodation around NZ 1 03/02/2011
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Anonymous - 4:20 PM on Fri-4-Mar-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
"Unser Patient hatte das Feuer Sweep 眉ber ihn, hatte drau脽en zu laufen und hatte sich in den Schlamm geworfen und im Schlamm am ganzen Oberk枚rper bedeckt", sagte er.
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Anonymous - 10:27 AM on Tue-1-Mar-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
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Gillymama - 11:35 PM on Mon-28-Feb-2011 reply | message
Kidspot - you are GREAT! I'm so thankful for this caring community. Thanks for all the love xxx
Sweetness10 - 9:37 AM on Sun-27-Feb-2011 reply | message
Wellingtonians can also drop off baking tomorrow morning (Monday 7-9am in Civic Square), also, canned foods, etc. The baking will be taken to Christchurch and given to people in need. These people may have been displaced, lost a loved one or still remain in shock and are extremely frightened. If there's too much baking to transport the remainder will be sold and all money from the sale will be donated to the Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Fund. Website:
tartankiwi - 4:57 PM on Sat-26-Feb-2011 reply | message
Hi people,
A few more ways you can help:

KFR facebook charity auction (all proceeds to help traumatised children in Chch):

Handmade for Christchurch auction (all proceeds to the Salvation Army & Womens Refuge):

Lil Magoolie is putting together an auction... keep an eye on her blog and facebook page for details:

For those in Auckland get involved in "Walking for Christchurch"

I'm pretty sure I've come across details of a similar walk in Wellington but I can't remember where (sorry)

So please everyone, there's lots you can do. Every little bit helps!
GoMummyJo - 3:57 PM on Thu-24-Feb-2011 reply | message
Hi everyone. I emailed Westpac this morning asking if they could set it up for hotpoints to donate to the appeal. They've now done this and you can go to your hotpoints, click on the donations tab, and you'll see Salvation Army Earthquake appeal there. 9000 hotpoints = $50. I think this is a great way for those of us who want to help out but perhaps haven't got the spare cash to fork out.
ValerieL - 12:13 PM on Thu-24-Feb-2011 reply | message
Thanks very much, Julie, for the donation numbers! I hope that many Kidspot mums will donate to the Christchurch appeal.

While I am still feeling sorrow about the plight of Christchurchers, I am also very infuriated at the thoughtless & inconsiderate actions of some low-lifers, who choose to pounce on such a serious event to plunder from stores and from people's homes. What are they thinking?!

What I am thinking now is, while those victims suffer being trapped, some lost their lives & many injured because they were working & making themselves useful to the country & being great parents, some other people are idling around, causing trouble & are allowed to escape unscathed! Those low-lifers ought to be the ones who suffer (& perhaps vanish), and not the good people. Heard from my son's teacher that some kids in ChCh weren't fetched home by their parents (who might be trapped in rubble) after school at 3pm. I am very sad. I truly hope that the kids will be reunited with their parents & family soon.
2mukeys - 11:26 AM on Thu-24-Feb-2011 reply | message
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JulieKidspotter - 11:58 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
Vodafone customers: TXT 'QUAKE' to 555 to donate $5 to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

or, if you'd like to donate $3, TXT 'QUAKE' to 333

You can donate as many times as you like. 100% of your donation will go to the Red Cross, to provide support for those affected by the Christchurch earthquake. The donation will be charged to your Vodafone account or deducted from your Prepay balance.

Sorry Valerie, I could not find a Telecom text number but there is more information here about helping out.
ValerieL - 11:36 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
Singapore has deployed 2 teams to Christchurch to aid with rescue efforts. 55 men from the Civil Defence & 116 men from the army. I hope more countries would come forward to help save more lives. By the way, I am wondering if Kidspot can give us a link to allow us to donate money to Christchurch via TXT?
littlemiss - 3:57 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
words just are not enough are they... goose bumps everytime i watch the news.. like the others thoughts are with all those effected..
Haylee9 - 3:47 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
I feel so helpless, I wish there was something I could do apart from give money. I have family down there and they are all good, but I can't stop thinking about the others that are not so lucky.
ekubo - 3:34 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
you said it lotsakids. When is it enough? I'm starting to feel like the world is out to get us. I've finally caught up with all my family and most of my friends. We've had a few close calls, and now I'm wating to hear about a couple of acquaintances who are in the ctv building. It's not looking good.
I just wish the ground would stay still for 10 minutes so we could catch our breath. It's surreal being back in this situation again. I've been so lucky both times and had power and water right through so have been able to help out friends and family. It's not much but it helps to think I'm doing something.
Valeriel, I've been crying too, esp when I see a familiar face on the footage.
ValerieL - 1:11 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
I'm very sad to see so much devastation & loss of precious lives in Christchuch. Though we don't personally know anyone there, I feel distraught & cried during the news. We are far away in Auckland, but we will help out with food & money donations. Our thoughts & prayers for all those affected in the earthquake, and for those who lost their lives, RIP & God have mercy on their souls.
Kandbmum - 12:52 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
I'm in Wellington and just want to send out my heartfelt condolances to everyone in Christchurch. I sat and watched the footage on TV from just after the quake hit and spent a big portion of the rest of the day with tears in my eyes. Want to help in any way I can. Hugs hugs to everyone affected.
Anonymous - 12:50 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
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lotsakids - 10:57 AM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
well i am here in good old Canterbury! i was home with my oldest son when it hit and the fear is like nothing i have ever felt - way more scary than September. my husband works not far from home and was here pretty fast - heading out to collect the other kids was scary as it was when the reality of what had happened hit - we are strong down here! but holly hell when is enough ehough
SarahK - 9:02 AM on Wed-23-Feb-2011 reply | message
Well im nowhere near the devistation (auckland) But just wanted to say that my family and I have been praying for all of you in Christchurch. I kinda feeling a little helpless up here, but... Im planning on helping in anyway I can! During the September quake I helped to gather food and supplies for a huge shipment, and am really wanting to do that again! Will get back with details once I can arrange something!
Take Care everyone down there, and know that we truely feel for you and want to do anything we can to help!

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