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Group Name: Hubbards - Real

Hubbards introduces Real flakes. Real flakes contain 33% wholegrains, a sustaining yet light breakfast option that is perfect for active Kiwi women. It is also high in fibre to feel full for longer and high in protein to help build and repair body tissue. Not only is Real 98% fat free, but it is also a good source of B1 and B3 for vitality.

Hubbards are proud sponsors of the REAL Women’s Duathlon series. It is part of the inspiration behind the development of this cereal - Hubbards love to support real women to get out and get active!

You want to be able to customise your breakfast to suit your tastes (adding yoghurt, fruit etc) and you want to feel full so you don’t snack on other foods between meals. Now Mums Say members can try Real flakes for themselves.

Mums Say has selected 50 members to review Hubbards' Real. Read their reviews here soon!

Reviewers are: SarahK, tortie, 2mums, justinew, LindaK, CarrieB, christine, natalies, Lindanne, michy87, katiemegan, meishka, katherinew, robyshack1, Bel88, KimH, stumpie, Mardi, dlscott, k4kylie, Mumofone, RaewynG, janinekiwi, terry100, lottie, mumjess, Kgolds, Mondo, sezzamac, tiaandliled, chelledania, Mamma, Twinsforus, Medicina, adele, littleliz, CharlisMochha, kateleek, GoMummyJo, tara, jopukeko, harri, nickyh, shannonc, hsmith, kyleen88, krystalmarie, tigerlilynz, Shell, spooky.

If you are selected to trial, we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (For more information, read here.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.


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Mardi - 7:56 AM on Mon-16-May-2011 reply | message
Well I'm impressed..I'm up at 5am out the door at 6am for work Mon-Fri,so breakfast isn't an option for me till my 1st break at then I'm fair hanging out for something to eat. I have found this cereal very fulling as my next break isn't till 12pm. I found before that come 10.30am I was hungry again,since trying Real I seem to last the distance & don't feel as hungry. I then have this again for lunch as it see's me through till Dinner time plus my lunch break is taken up with expressing so I've found this perfect for a real quick lunch.
Thanks for letting me try this,the box lasted me about a week & a half,so I've already gone & purchased another 2 boxes as it isn't out off my price range thank goodness
simplesoul - 7:20 PM on Tue-3-May-2011 reply | message
Loving the reviews...Have added to my grocery list this week...thanks everyone.
KGolds - 12:46 PM on Mon-2-May-2011 reply | message
Wanted to add that we finished our first box & missed them! So have bought a new box and I think it might be a new staple food in our house. So yummy. Thanks for letting us trial this one :)
Mamma - 6:18 PM on Sat-30-Apr-2011 reply | message
A quick update. We finished our box last week so I checked out the prices when I went to get groceries. Was pleasantly surprised to find they were only in the $4-$5 range. Bought 2 boxes. Much cheaper than Special K at $6.79 for 375g!! I think that considering the portion size you need and the $4.79 for 360g these are a good option for budget conscious eaters.

PS new idea on eating them was to put a few into a smootie for a little crunch. Yum!
2mums - 9:11 AM on Sat-30-Apr-2011 reply | message
Finally have them! After the courier delivered them, my teenage daughter received them...then forget they had arrived! So DP and I have been eating them for the last two days - and we love them.
The thing I love most is that when eating them with some fruit and yoghurt I don't need to add sugar!
DP has them with canned fruit and also loves them - she loves that she can now make it through to the next meal without thinking of a snack!
DS (18months) likes eating them dry as a wee snack too - so they are very versatile in our house.
We're off to do the shopping today and they will definitely be in the groceries!
Thanks Hubbards and Kidspot!
natalies - 12:07 AM on Sat-30-Apr-2011 reply | message
Right - review time.

These are fantastic! They are rather yum and have completely swayed me towards this whole eating breakfast thing. Who knew it could be so good? ;-) Although in saying that, I do put a teaspoon of sugar on them (old habits from childhood), but they are good with a cut up banana and some yoghurt as well.
I've found that I'm not so hungry (I did a week of regular cornflakes/ricies to test my hunger theory), an hour or so later - so I am especially pleased with that.

I'll see how I go on the continuing to buy it though - Im hoping my breakfast eatage will continue, but I find I do get bored with things in general...however I'm hoping that this cereal won't fall into that category.

Thanks for the opportunity to review these!
janinekiwi - 2:56 PM on Thu-28-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hey everyone, just wanted to add my review here, thanks so much for the chance to trial this product, I really liked the flavour and crunch of this cereal which didnt become soggy with milk (and didnt need sugar which was great) and my son Alex (20 months) enjoys eating them as a snack which is great for me because its so convenient. Im hoping you dont mind my saying though, but I compared this product to that of the special K advantage and I did find that I slightly preferred the special K advantage product because it seemed to offer lower calories, higher fibre and higher protein and the flavour was very good too. However, I also think that this also a very good cereal which is also great for my son particularly because each cereal piece is sturdy enough for him to hold in his hand and eat when compared to other cereals. Id definitely recommend it to others.
tortie - 1:01 PM on Thu-28-Apr-2011 reply | message
Apologies for my delay in getting to my review of this cereal - we've got chicken pox in the household, so have been otherwise engaged with that!

However - a review of Hubbards Real cereal. We (my 2.5 year old son and myself) tried them as an afternoon snack, just by themself with no milk - and loved them! They're not sweet, but they are delicious. My son called them "big cornflakes" which is a fairly accurate description - they're thicker than cornflakes, and the wholegrains makes them more filling (and tastier) than cornflakes, and they make such a satisfying crunch when eaten!

Needless to say, the box didn't last long at all! We didn't try any with milk on, as we found them to be so delicious by themselves, that the thought of pouring milk on them seemed such a waste! Definitely quite filling - it stopped me snacking on other food soon after, which has got to be a bonus!

I definitely recommend trying these, if you haven't already - they feel like they're a treat, yet there's so much goodness in them!
tara - 11:18 AM on Thu-28-Apr-2011 reply | message
jsut another update - i took these on holiday with us (salem and I ) to dunedin as a snack for salem in the car and he LOVED it it was like christams for him, lol. Also gave my dad a bowl full and he also loved them, said they were very tastey and crunchy. the box it now empty :( feel free to send me some more :D
nickyh - 10:01 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well we have now finished our box of Hubbards. I say "we" because hubby and kids all joined in to try this product. As a non breakfast eater i made an effort to eat the Hubbards cereal at breakfast time. I enjoyed that they are crunchy and did not go soggy with milk, something i hate, . Taste nice, not overpowering or too sweet like some cereals tend to be. I didnt try with fruit or yoghurt as i found them great on their own - but i did add a few chocolate buttons on Easter Sunday - really yummy. Not healthy but great ! My kids loved them - my 2 yr old would scoup them out of my bowl and add them to her porridge as she loved them. Even fussy 4 yr old enjoyed them as not soggy and good finger food too. Will definitely buy again. Thanks for the chance to trial this product.
terry100 - 3:14 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
Have started my box of Hubbards and so far enjoy it. I found it to be nice and crunchy and retain its crunchiness after I added milk and sugar. The flavour for me was mild but that is how I prefer my cereal. I am usually not a breakfast eater so I need to make an effort to have this each day.
meishka - 3:12 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
our box was demolished by hubby once he tried it and he loved it sooo much that he went out and bought another box just before he finished the one we got sent. so its a hit with us. looks like it will be a regular cereal in our cupboard now :) thanks again.
dlscott - 1:45 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
So he box has just been finished by hubby and I. Yes it's nice and crunchy but not a lot of flavor on it's own. However add some fruit and it's great. Thanks for the chance to try this cereal.
christine - 1:44 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
i finished my box of hubbards and unfortuatly did not like it very much i had to soak it for awhile as i really dont like the crunch also it was lacking taste needed to have with a sweetner of some kind with it .The best part was it was 98% fat free so sorry hubbards i wont be buying another box it not 4 me
jdsmum - 1:35 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
I've finished my box of Hubbards Real Flakes and I must say its pretty good!! Its super crunchy which is what I like its got the best taste and they are Wholegrain!! Best part is its 98% fat free so I could enjoying eating something that was good for me ! I just went out and brought another box I like it that much so I would recommend it to everybody especially if you love a crunchy breaky !
littleliz - 12:07 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
Tomorrow will be my last serving from my box of Real flakes. Looks like it will be added to the shopping list this week! There have been several comments about the "lack" of flavour of this cereal and having to add yoghurt and fruit to it... Well... it is 99% fat free after all and the box does say to add the above to make it more tasty! From a health point of view, all those cereals with dried fruit and toasted museli are extremely high in sugar, sure they taste great but just because it is called musesli does not mean that it is healthy! At least with Real Flakes there is only 1% saturated fat, 1% unsaturated fat and only 7% sugar which is fantastic for a breakfast cereal. Love it!
spooky - 12:38 PM on Mon-25-Apr-2011 reply | message
The box is now finished and unfortunatly for Hubbards i won't be buying another box of Real, but the good news for Hubbards is i will be returning to Light and Right. It was a bit like cardboard for me, it certainly had crunch, but not a lot of flavour. Thanks for the opportunity to try it out though, at least i am an informed shopper now.
hsmith - 9:57 AM on Mon-25-Apr-2011 reply | message
I found this a pleasant enough cereal without being one I would rave about. As other reviewers have said it does not have a lot of flavour or sweetness so you feel that you would like to mix it with something. In saying that though as a healthy cereal it was fine and I am quite happy to eat it as an alternative to my usual weetbix or cornflakes. Would also be good with my homemade muesli.
tigerlilynz - 8:57 PM on Sun-24-Apr-2011 reply | message
i enjoyed eating this ceral, in fact i went in one morning to get my ceral and my lovely 13yr old daughter had eaten the last of it(shes one fussy person when it comes to ceral) we loved it so we are buying it this week in the groceries. loved the look of the package. thank you to hubbards and real mums for this..its a plus in our house!
SarahK - 8:07 AM on Sun-24-Apr-2011 reply | message
Ok so I have finished the box!!! And it tastes great with yoghurt and fruit, however my favourite is just plain with milk. I did my monthly food shop yesterday, and so have stocked up on some more!!!
My kids and my husband also tried Real, and they also loved it, so we had to buy quite a few boxes!!
adele - 11:01 PM on Sat-23-Apr-2011 reply | message
Both myself and my daughter tried the Real cereal and we were both impressed with how the flakes did not go soggy when milk was added which was really nice as the crunchy texture lasted through to the last bite. The flavour was really good too although on its own I personally feel something else was needed so I added extra fresh fruit and yoghurt which to me seemed more of a 'complete' breakfast and a bit more flavoursome. I will definitely buy it as one of my 'regular' choices but will add my fresh fruit and yoghurt with it. Thanks so much for the trial.
Raewyn - 8:04 PM on Sat-23-Apr-2011 reply | message
I wasn't a reviewer, but I have tried Real and enjoyed it. I found an unusual way to use it, too - if you're looking for a healthy way to include meatless meals in your week, try this recipe from Healthy Food Guide (it says Special K but Real works beautifully). A bit of gravy, and it's a vegetarian twist on good old meatloaf:
Carolina - 12:42 PM on Wed-20-Apr-2011 reply | message
I tried REAL cereal this morning with fruit and yogurt and I have to say that I LOVE IT!!!
I wasn't chosen, but I have to say that after reading the Mum Say reviews, I felt like I needed to go to the shop and buy a box!
I loved the flavor as it gives you the opportunity to mix it with yogurt, milk or anything you want! I added some fresh Kiwifruit and vanilla yogurt today... Yummmmm!!
I will definitely buy them again, as is unique in the market, is a cereal that allows me to add anything I want to it so I won’t get bored!!
Ideal to use your imagination every morning and find a new flavor each time!
It is very nice to have an option that is not boring just because is healthy!
I will recommend this cereal to all my friends and family.
robyshack1 - 11:29 AM on Wed-20-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for the big box of Real Flakes. I don't often buy nice cereals as I share with the kids and budget is always a concern, so I was really looking forward to having a try of something new. I can say that I love the full feeling that I get when I eat the cereal but to be honest the flavour and really really crunchy nature of the flakes put me off a little. I don't normally have cereals where it is important to add extras such as yoghurt etc but these I couldn't really enjoy them without adding a few other things. Sorry Hubbards, I don't think that these will be a cereal that I add to my shopping list.
harri - 10:26 AM on Wed-20-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to try these.. When I first opened the packet I wondered what I had let myself in for but was pleasantly surprised when I tasted them. I had them with pears and trim milk and found them to be tasty and they did seem to make me feel fuller for longer in the morning only downside for me was that there isnt enough in the box!! Will definitely be buying them again..
Lindanne - 9:02 AM on Wed-20-Apr-2011 reply | message
Have finished the box, thanks again to Mums say and Hubbards. To be truthful, prefer my regular cereal as I don't need to add anything else to add flavour. I found this cereal really did need something fruity added to it, luckily we are inundated with feijoas at the moment. Wasn't impressed with how they felt when they went soft either, too slimy! As someone else mentioned, they could be used for rather expensive afghans as the flakes are a similar shape to cornflakes. Sorry Hubbards, will not be purchasing them.
k4kylie - 7:09 AM on Wed-20-Apr-2011 reply | message
well ive been eating them for a few days now and not overly impressed. They dont have any flavour, i guess healthy things dont :) they are good as long as you add some fruit, my 14mth old likes them. I prob would buy again for kids and i would eat but with fruit. thanks for the trail
krystalmarie - 8:14 PM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
The box is empty. I am definately buying another box with the shopping! i loved it with just milk, i loved it with fruit, i loved it with yoghurt i loved it dry. This is now the ultimate cereal in my household. It ticks all the boxes for me! I love that it keeps me fuller for longer and i love that it keeps my energy levels up as i am very active and out and about most days.
My sister is struggling for something for her 5y/o and brekkie that is healthy as he is bored of weetbix so have highly recommended to her and she is keen to try it also!
All round i give an 8/10 but only lose on 2 points because the box just isnt bottomless.
Welldone Hubbards and thank you to you and Kidspot for introducing me to this great product.
raglanmum - 8:12 PM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
I wasn't chosen for the trial, but have since purchased a pack of Hubbards Real Flakes, and really enjoyed them. Yum! :)
stumpie - 3:48 PM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
Am loving the Hubbards Real Flakes, very tasty and the packaging is eye catching. As well as for breakfast have used these to make afghans, and they didn't last very long in the cupboard, very tasty. Will be putting them on the shopping list as a ceral to have each morning for breakie. Thanks for the chance to trial Kidspot and Hubbards, have been telling our friends and family about them.
Shell - 1:48 PM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hubbards Real flakes are great, they are so quick to prepare in the mornings. I love the design on the box it catches my eye in the pantry every morning. My 8 year old has requested them most mornings and even likes them on her ice cream after dinner. My 21 month old snacks on them during the day, and has started taking the box out of the pantry himself. My favourite way to eat them is for breakfast with either yoghurt or banana, I have even tried them crunched up and sprinkled on my ice cream – so yummy. I find them filling and keep me going all morning, the kids stay out of the cupboard longer when they have had Hubbards Real flakes for breakfast too. I can see these added to out shopping list regularly.
tara - 12:17 PM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
WOW......... yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. thats what i have to say. my box turned up yesterday and i had the whole family try some.
My 18month old ate them dry and loved them, he kept coming back for more and even wanted some for breakfast this morning when he seen them in the cupboard. My 13year old step son had some with ice cream and said they tasted really good. i have tryed them several ways now (yes in the last day, lol) without anything on them they are a nice tastey (slightly sweetish) pickie snack that you dont feel guilty eating becasue they are so healthy. Added youget to them with breakfast and YUMMERS. with milk i wasnt much of a fan but i dont really eat cereals and stuff in the "tridational" way. They only negative comment about them was from my husband (who dosnt eat anything but pie) who said they needed like 3 cups of sugar to be any good but like i said he eats nothing but pie.
All in all a great product and this will totally be going on my shopping list in the future.
Mumofone - 10:15 AM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
These arrived just before we went on holiday so this morning was the first day I tried them, at first I thought they wouldn't taste very nice but to my surprise I quite liked them I had them with trim milk. A bigger surprise was that my 2 1/2 year old also wanted to have them for breakfast, and he ate it all. It is the first healthy cereal that I have had for breakfast that he has eaten. As a breastfeeding busy mum I think I would purchase these again. Tomorrow I will try these with yogurt and fruit.
Mamma - 8:36 AM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
Absolutely loving Real! Packaging is nice, like the colour and the design is light and healthy looking. Very appealing. My 2yo won't do them for breakfast but is enjoying them as a snack which is great.
They arrived after breakfast on Thursday but I couldn't wait so tried them for lunch! Bit bland on their own but definitely still edible! I have decided that that is a good thing because you can add any flavour you want. Friday morning I sliced up a banana and had banana flavoured Real, Saturday I tried some green seedless gapes which was an exotic treat. Sunday I threw in some nuts and dried apricots, yum! Yesterday morning it was a bit cold so I made my Real with warm milk - it still didn't go soft! How is that possible?? The possibilities are endless and I am going to keep getting Real for just this reason. Other cereals have a strong flavour of their own and therefore don't mix with all addons like Real does. Never get bored with your cereal again!!
A major thing for me about this cereal is the fact that it REALLY IS sustaining. I was having to add complan to my weetbix to help me get through the morning during this pregnancy but find that I can make it to about 11am with good energy levels and still feeling satisfied and full. Before I was needing a snack at around 10am. :D
I made a feijoa sponge for desert the other night and added lightly crushed real to the sponge mixture for a bit of crunch. Everybody asked what I'd put in and now my Mum and Aunty are going to buy some too! Last night I made my tuna bake and decided to use finely crushed Real on top instead of breadcrumbs for a bit of extra fibre - was perfect!
So, best things about Real:
Packaging is appealing and somehow looks healthy. :)
Doesn't go soft - I left it in milk for about 1/2 and hour to see if it would.
Tastes ok on it's own but can become any flavour you want it to be.
Really fulling and satisfying.
So many other uses (baking, cooking, snacks)
Basically I'm sold on it and will always have a box in my cupboard.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to test this product!!
KGolds - 6:58 AM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well I'm really impressed with the Real flakes! My favourite part about them so far is the brilliant crunch they have!
I first had them over the weekend with yoghurt & tinned fruit - very tasty and really filling!
Sometimes I add bran flakes to my homemade muesli to bulk it out so on the second morning I mixed them with my home made muesli and had that with yoghurt & fruit and I absolutely loved that too. I really like the way the flakes don't seem to go soggy at all and it was that reason that then inspired me to make 'afghan biscuits' with them.
Normally standard flakes - cornflakes for example - tend to go soggy and get lost in the biscuits but Real flakes were fantastic and held there crunch. They went down very well with a group of girlfriends last night & all wanted to know what I had used.
My DS & DH have also attacked the box. DH who normally has weetbix every morning would quite happily have these instead. And DS who is 3 thought they were yummy just to eat on there own so looks like we've got another snack option in the cupboard :o)
Really enjoying them and will keep looking for other ways to use them.
justinew - 10:34 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Box almost empty:-) Very wll recieved had for brekkie dry with fruit (am not a big milk fan), eldest had to try too, and loved it, keeps asking for the cereal the man in the van brought:-) It was great though I found it very filling which was a huge bonus since I am looking after the kids alone and have hardly anytime to worry about me and eating!, and crunchy even after a few days totally reccommend, we have also used it for snacks, and might try a slice with the rest tomorrow, its great! Kids will definetely eat again and so will I, will try with new fruit combinations too, thinking a feijoa and apple crumble could be a good idea too. Pay day thurs so this will def be in the trolley!
CarrieB - 8:35 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Real flakes arrived Thursday morning just after breakfast! Had to wait till the next day to try them.
First morning: recommended serving size with trim milk - not overly tasty but very filling.
Second morning: recommended serving size with yoghurt & peaches - much more tasty & extreemly satisfying even though my 3yo helped me eat it!
I usually have pordige or wheatbix for breakfast & found Real much more satisfying than either of these. I think the higher protien factor is excellent in a cerial from the satiety aspect & an excellent time of the day to be eating more protien rather than our last meal of the day!
I made a fejoa & apple crumble with rolled oats & included a small amount of crushed Real in it giving it a lovely crunch. I also made a honey oat slice & replaced the cornflakes with Real, which gave a great new texture!
Overall I think Real is great cerial, very satisfying, full of goodness, not just filler uppers!

Thank you Kidspot & Hubbards for the opportunity to trial Real :o)
Medicina - 6:32 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hubbard's Real received. Man of house figured 'I'm definately not the target demographic' from the box. We all tried as a dry snack (kids 5 & 6 yo) and all liked them. I will be using them as a lunchbox snack next term as I don't like the little chippie bags and want the kids to have a healthy alternative -they are pleased! We are used to Weetbix so it was a bit disconcerting that they didn't go soggy -how in the world is that possible (plastic?). Flavour great, fullness awesome. As a topper for weetbix -great. Whole bowlful -great. Will have to check price to determine if I would buy regularly or just as a lunchbox treat and topper. I think they'll be great to make some desserts more nutritious -banana split with nuts and Real? Name is a bit hard to get used to, kids asked for 'that cereal that came in the big box' when they can both read the name! I see lots of people calling them '' Real flakes" so there is actually a noun there!
lottie - 4:14 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
I was so excited to receive my hubbards real flakes. With my first mouth full I was expecting more flavour but that was probably because Im used to muslie. After that first mouthful I found them really more ish. I couldnt get enough and had a second bowl full. I have also had them dry as an after dinner snack yummy. I do find that they keep you nice and full and loved that they didnt go soggy in milk. Im not a fan of yogurt or fruit in cereal but imagine if you did like yogurt and fruit it would be a tasty addition. I also liked that they werent to sweet. My 2 year old also really liked them. I will buy them in the future for sure.
KimH - 3:12 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Update: The box is empty!

My daughter and I liked them so much they are finished already and I have just brought more at the supermarket. I was pleased that they weren't too expensive. I still find they keep me full for a lot longer than usual cereal.

Thanks, Kidspot! I probably would never have tried Hubbards 'Real' cereal if you hadn't allowed me to review ut.
katherinew - 12:39 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Really like them. They don't go all soggy and mushy. I have it with stewed apple and find I don't need nearly as much as I do with other cereals and it is really filling. 8/10 without fruit and 9.5/10 with. My girls also had a taste and liked it too but will I be able to share???? Thanks very much for letting me trial this. Will definately be buying this product.
katiemegan - 12:26 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
My Hubbards Real flakes arrived last week and since then I have had the chance to try them several different ways.
They were delicious with milk and sliced banana and I love that they don't go all soggy straight away.
I tried them with yoghurt and although they tasted nice I found the crunchiness was a bit much.
My kids had some dry as a snack and they all loved them (ages 2,3 and 6)
My husband wasn't keen but he takes a while to warm to new things.
I will definitely be buying them again, they are very reasonably priced and they kept me feeling full.
Gillymama - 11:06 AM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Love it Mitchy87 - hope they tasted just as good with Milk!
RaewynG - 9:14 AM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
I LOVE IT! What more can I say ... it arrived last Wednesday and I purposely saved it until Saturday (when I always have my favourite porridge - nothing sways me from this .. until now!). Hubby and I tried a few straight from the box, really lovely and crunchy, nice interesting texture too. I had it for brekky with skim milk and cranberry sprinkle (cranberries, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc) and it was absolutely delicious! Two favourite points of difference - 1: took me 20 mins to eat as had to keep getting up to tend to the two littlies and it was STILL crunchy (which is why I don;t eat cereal as I hate the usual soggy mess I end up eating after looking after everybody else!) and 2: I was so full - literally until about 11:00am (ate at 7:00am)! This was incredible to me as I'm usually snacking with the kids at 09:30 but I bypassed it completely - even kept me fuller longer than my porridge. SO to summarise - absolutely love it, could do with some different flavours with added fruit maybe - although don't mind adding my own - love the packaging - really just love it - will definitely be on my shopping list over any other cereal. Thanks so much Hubbards and Kidspot for letting me trial this :0)
littleliz - 8:52 AM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you so much Hubbard's and Kidspot for giving me the opportunity to trial this product. On Saturday morning I had my Real flakes with skim milk and kiwifruit which was very tasty! I love the healthy taste of the flakes but the thing that impressed me the most was how filling it was, and the crunchiness! Even towards the end of my bowl, the flakes were still super crunchy which impressed me. I also didn't need to eat as much since I felt fuller quicker. Normally with other flake-type cereals I had to fill the bowl to the brim plus add bananas and other fruit for it to be a satisfying breakfast! I am definitely going to buy this cereal once this box runs out, I think it's my new favourite :)
SarahK - 7:27 AM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
OMG michy87 thats awesome!!!
JulieKidspot - 11:25 PM on Sun-17-Apr-2011 reply | message
Fantastic job michy87!
mumjess - 7:05 PM on Sun-17-Apr-2011 reply | message
REAL has made a awesome breakfast for the last couple of mornings. Both days i topped with some cooked pears and it was delicious! a yummy change from weetbix that is for sure :) Yesterday morning (saturday) my hubby was making brekky.. after he'd given me a bowl of real (the recommended size) he asked if i'd like some toast (which i usually would jump at on a saturday morning) but i said "i'm too full"! Thanks hubbards for coming up with a filling cereal that is so light and yummy. But to get 10/10 it needs to be topped with fruit. Perhaps in the future hubbards you could have some different flavours with different added fruits? anyway, thanks so much for the sample, i'm enjoying it very much. :D
sezzamac - 7:18 AM on Sun-17-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for our box of Hubbards Real. We found it to be a great alternative to oyr usual weetbix and Milk! The thing I liked most about the product was it doesn't go soggy when you add Milk which is fab. Also great for a snack, really nice with some chopped fruit. Loved the packaging and the personal touch added to the information on and inside the box. We will definitely buy this again!
tiaandliled - 10:27 AM on Sat-16-Apr-2011 reply | message
Okey so i got my cereal loved the women packaging despite this the male of our house tried and didn't like so gave what he didn't eat to me. I thought it was pretty good the texture is quite different from any other cereal i've tried its quite thick and crunchy, because of the texture i think it makes them quite nice to eat by themselves as a quick snack during day and also i think when you do have with milk because of the texture they don't get soggy and turn to mush.....taste wise i think you could maybe add a teaspoon of sugar on a naughty day lol but i have added sultanas and yougart to next weeks shopping list too see what it taste like (cant wait to try actually lol ha the things you look forward to when you a mum) The most surprising thing for me about hubbards Real cereal is the fact my 5 year old likes it and considering his main breakie consist of weetbix and when we have dinner he will only eat the meat it was a big surprise for me i even stuck some in his lunch box to eat by itself and he ate it so yeah. I think overall the cereal is really versatile in what you can add to it how you can eat it would love to try make muffins or something similar with it. WOULD I BUY AGAIN AND WHY? yes i would mainly because my 5 year old will actually eat it and its pretty versatile i will post again as i try with new things and if i notice n e changes to energy levels etc
KimH - 9:07 AM on Sat-16-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hubbards 'Real' cereal is really good! I've had the Real cereal for a couple of days now and have tried it a few different ways.

I really enjoy them dry as a snack, they are big, crunchy and have a nice flavor. Even my picky 5 yr old wanted them in her lunch yesterday!

First day I had them with just milk. I found this to be a little bland for my taste but not too bad. They stay crunchy and kept me full for ages!

Today I added banana and sultanas and it was delicious! Just the slight sweet from fruit made a huge difference and they were still so crunchy and filling.

I can see this cereal as being a great base for whatever you feel like adding, or have in the house. I like that I have the option of making changes, as I often get bored of having the same thing each day.

Overall, I highly recommend Hubbards 'Real' Cereal. Big, crunchy, filling and so many options to vary it to your own taste. Yum!
jopukeko - 7:20 AM on Sat-16-Apr-2011 reply | message
I was also lucky to be chosen to trial Hubbard's Real. I have had them dry and could happily snack (and not feel guilty) on them especially with some dried fruit.

Yesterday was a very long day. My 14 month had kept the household awake all night so by 2:30pm I was needing a pick me up. Luckily I work from home so I grabbed a small bowl of Real with yogurt. I did the trick. It was really tasty. I wasn't doing my usual snacking before dinner and I lasted until my usual bed time.

I know Real is designed for women but my 2 1/2 year old loves them. When she saw me open the packet she called them chippies (they are much larger than cornflakes) and after giving her a spoonful (with yogurt) was asking for more.

I really like these (pardon the pun) especially the way they stay crunchy and don't go soggy like cornflakes would. YUM YUM
meishka - 10:21 PM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
my packet of Hubbards Real was delivered by a very eager courier driver early in the morning and was greeted by me half asleep messy hair trying to sign for the package while holding my bathrobe closed hehe. must of known it was important for me to try this cereal out for breakfast :)
So I opened it eagerly and tried a handful of it as is for a snack to keep me going til I could have my breakfast after attending to baby of course.
So love it as a snack could definitely see myself putting some of these in one of Mariah's food containers and chucking it in my bag to eat as a snack while out and about. could be nice with some dried fruit as well.
So after tending to baby was my turn for breakfast and decided to try it just as is with some milk. was nice and crunchy and surprisingly I didn't have to add sugar to it as I usually do with any cereal I eat so that was a bonus.
to give it a bit of flavor I can definitely see myself eating it with yogurt, peach slices, dried fruit or even some fresh fruit.
So yummy and am waiting to see what hubby thinks of them when he tries them out for breakfast tomorrow. Looks like it could be a good cereal that will be adding itself to our shopping list next week.
Also must mention that it did in fact keep me full till lunchtime unlike some foods I eat that only take me through til mid morning and end up making me snack all day instead of keeping me full.
So overall I would give them a 9 out of 10 for best cereal. Could be good for all ages depending on what you add to it to make it appealing.
Loves it Thanks :)
Twinsforus - 2:24 PM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you so much for the cereal! It arrived yesterday so I tried it this morning. Lovely crunchy flakes with a great flavour! They stayed crisp right till the end and I stayed full right until lunchtime! I threw in a small handful of dried cranberries and sultanas too....these flakes would go well with any fruit you wanted to add! Will definitely be buying these in the future!
KGolds - 2:10 PM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
My real flakes arrived today thank you :) Looking forward to trying them for breakfast tomorrow!
tara - 1:45 PM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
im still waiting on mine so once it arrives you will be the first to know about it and how i found it :D
krystalmarie - 1:32 PM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
As my day starts at 6:30am i had already had brekkie when the Real flakes arrived at 8am. That didnt stop me opening the box and eating them tho.
Today i just had them as is with no milk or anything, i could have sat there all day just munching from the box! But even dry they are very filling.
As has been said by some other reviewers, the flake are big. big is good in my opinion.
Am am looking forward to trying them a few different ways.
I thought there might be some dried fruit in there but i think that was mainly as the box is green and similar to the hubbards feijoa cereal box. Which is also yummy.
What did disappoint me was that there was no pamphlet thingy in this box. The other hubbards cereals have a mini booklet type thing with info and fun stuff, maybe its because it is a new product.
GoMummyJo - 12:56 PM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
Mine came yesterday on the courier, so I cracked it open this morning.

My initial thoughts were that the flakes were a bit big, but probably only due to me usually having soggy weetbix.

The flavour was fairly plain, but that suited me and in fairness the only thing I added today was milk. The flakes did go a little soggy, but only on the outside if that makes sense.

The thing that has impressed me the most is how filling it is. I have felt full all morning.

Good stuff. I will try and be a bit more creative in the next few mornings, although we are heading away & usually just take one cereal, so the Real will have to wait until after Easter now.
michy87 - 9:34 AM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
I obviously had too much time on my hands this morning...

Early this morning, about quarter past eight
I heard the courier van arrive at the gate
Yipee I thought, my cereal is here
I jumped up and ran to the door from my chair

I eagerly opened the box of 'Real' flakes
Cereal is just what I wanted to make
Alas, no milk, I found when I opened the fridge door
What was I going to do?, I just wasn’t sure!

I know! I thought, I’ll just eat them dry
I’ll have them like that, I’ll give them a try
Oh the crunch, the great crunch, the glorious crunch
I’d eat them for breakfast, for brunch, even lunch!

Thank you Mr Hubbard, and lovely Kidspot too
I’m ready to start my day now, feeling like new!
michy87 - 8:54 AM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
I've been hanging out to receive this cereal so when I heard the courier van about ten minutes ago I almost ran to meet the courier (does that make it sound like I don't get out much or what!).
I was about to put them in a bowl until I remembered we are out of milk... so I grabbed a handful to munch on anyway!

First impressions:
Big, very crunchy flakes! I like the crunch factor and I think it will make a good snack between meals on their own.
As a cereal I sort of imagined them to have dried fruit in the mix. I think it's lacking a wee bit of sweetness that fruit would add however it would be easy enough to add your own and I would prefer them to be less sweet than too sweet! I think it's going to be very filling!

I'm looking forward to trialling it with milk tomorrow morning and am happy to read that it doesn't go soggy in the milk as often I have to leave my cereal for a few minutes to deal with a crying baby!
SarahK - 8:56 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well we recieved ours in time for breakfast today too! It arrived at 6.45 am!
Anyway, I decided to have it plain this morning, and it was yum!!!! In fact I only had a small bowl full, and didn't feel hungry until lunch! Which is not normal for me!!! It didn't go soggy in the milk, which was good as i hate cereal that does that. It's high in protein, so im guessing its going to be quite good just to snack on dry, to help morning sickness. I think i will try it with fruit tomorrow! Im most definately going to be purchasing this again!! Yum!!!!!
chelledania - 6:39 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
I recieved my cereal early this morning and had it for breakfast today. I ate it with vanilla and raspberry yoghurt. It was overwhelmingly crunchy (not sure if thats a good thing kind of tasted like little biscuits for your pet or something). It tasted quite wholesome which was nice because I dont like sweet sugary cereal. It reminded me of special k in some ways but even healthier and kept me feeling very satisfied and full. I would buy would this again but as an addition to making my own cereal mix. I think it would taste great with fruit and seeds and nuts. thanks for the oppertunity to try this kidspot! :)
JulieKidspot - 3:33 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
Sorry gorilla5, the reviewers for Hubbards Real have already been selected but good luck for future Mums Say trials.
gorilla5 - 12:55 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
I have five kids who are very active. Two of which are rep players in both cricket and rugby. I would like to try this product, as currently all they will eat is weetbix. I would like a cereal that is filling aswell as healthy. Something that gives them plenty of energy for there daily sports and trainings.
LindaK - 12:18 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
I found the cereal filling, which was great - I definitely wasn't hungry soon afterwards! Not much in the way of taste (it's not "tasty", but it's not unpleasant either), but that's not the main draw of it so that's OK, adding fruit makes it more palatable. Happy to eat it straight out of the pack too, so it's a good quick snack on the go. It didn't go soggy in milk, which was a bonus as so often these flake cereals don't pass that test.

Definitely a good way to get the day started - it's good to know you're doing your body a favour :)
kateleek - 10:20 AM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
I received my box of cereal this morning and couldn't wait to try it!!

At first impressions I was thinking "here we go, another bran product that tastes like cardboard" but after my first spoon-full I was in love.

I am a huge fan, not only of the taste, but the texture of this cereal, it is SO crunchy which makes a fantastic change to other breakfast cereals that turn into soggy mush before your eyes.

I has a fabulous flavour, I especially love the fact that it isn't sweet!

I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow when I'll mix the flakes with some blueberry yoghurt- YUM!

It gets a 5/5 from me, it will definitely be going into my trolley next time I'm at the supermarket :) Thank you so much KS for giving me the opportunity to be a reviewer.
GoMummyJo - 1:50 PM on Tue-12-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thankies. Look forward to reviewing this.
natalies - 10:04 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
So excited :D Thanks very much
krystalmarie - 5:55 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
Yay, So excited!
tiaandliled - 5:33 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
awww thanks look forward trying and reviewing
KimH - 5:22 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
Yay! Thanks for the chance to review the cereal. I really look forward to trying it!
rachaelsfun - 4:50 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
bum missed out again but congrads to winners .. and maybe next time :)
atmum - 1:56 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
I woudl be grateful for the opportunity to trial this product.
As I am trying to implement healthier food into my whole families eating this sounds like the perfect cereal for me and I'm sure my partner and children would love to have a try.
Thanks for the opportunity :)
annajd - 1:01 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this - I love cereal, its a great meal replacement when I am too busy or tired to eat properly!
Mummysim - 12:41 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
It would be great to have the opportunity to trial this product as I have been looking for cereal that tastes good and will keep me satisfied through the morning until lunch time.
lynleyg - 12:24 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
I usually have toast or weetbix at the moment but would love to try this for a bit of variety.
missmaddysmum - 11:46 AM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
i usually have toast at the moment but am looking for a cereal that keeps me fuller for longer
sara - 2:40 PM on Sun-10-Apr-2011 reply | message
I usually have cereal (Hubbards is my fav, but I buy what's on special) or now that winter is on the way it will be porridge with yoghurt.
ned - 10:35 AM on Sun-10-Apr-2011 reply | message
Start everyday with a bowl of Pams natural museli - would love a change
mandyroxy - 9:29 AM on Sun-10-Apr-2011 reply | message
Being 5 months pregnant and having been told to gain no more than 7kgs during my pregnancy, I'd love to trial this light, low fat cereal to help me stick to this goal. I usually have toast but need to change to a cereal to lower my fat intake. My husband would also be intrigued to try this too as he is a weetbix fan but would change to whatever cereal I start having.
jopukeko - 10:17 PM on Sat-9-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try something new and I'm sure hubby would too. I usually have toast or weetbix. I want to buy NZ made and get out of my rut and be a role model for my girls by eating healthy and trying new foods.
angelnshan - 7:23 PM on Sat-9-Apr-2011 reply | message
hi were usually a porridge and weetbix house would really love to try this for my family being healthy and quick to prepare for brekkie which is the main thing in our house :)
Ali - 10:17 PM on Fri-8-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this cereal, I usuallly eat weetbix or porridge so this would be a lovely change. Might encourage my three children to try cereal too they usually eat toast for brekkie!
krystalmarie - 8:01 AM on Fri-8-Apr-2011 reply | message
i normally eat the very berry hubbards, but when it is super cold, it warm weetbix
taylerr - 2:49 PM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I've been using Hubbards Berry Berry Nice and Berry Berry lite for a few years and love them. The Hubbards range is great and I've been wanting to try the Real Flakes product as well.
spooky - 1:55 PM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I currenlty use Hubbards Light and Right but haivng read about Real, i'd love to give that a go too please.
Shell - 1:24 PM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I have weetbix every morning and would love to try Hubbards Real flakes, they say a change is as good as a holiday.
shellcruise - 12:26 PM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would be interested in trying this my daughter only eats Toast for breakfast and I would like her to expand her pellete
Gillymama - 11:52 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
Sounds like a great cereal - but pity its not Gluten free.
tigerlilynz - 11:43 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I love to try new cereals but usually stick to the basics. I normally eat cornflakes or make toast...i have an active life running around after 4 children and a husband and a 5th child every 2nd weekend
imamum - 10:35 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am bored with my current Pams Bran and Sultana cereal. Would love to try the Hubbards Real!
Libby - 10:12 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I have heard of Hubbard products and seen them but have never bought them as you just get used to what your normally buy I would love to be part of this trial as I would like a new cereal which is healthy and I can have confidently each morning,....
wardma - 3:25 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial the Hubbards Flakes. Hubbards produces good cereals, Im sure this would be no different. Breakfast is so important so would love to see how this one sets me up for the day.
kyleen88 - 10:13 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
i try to eat breakfast on a daily basis but it depends how my morning routine goes with my son. I enjoy fast breakfasts because i dont have the time to sit down and enjoy usually. id love to try a brekkie high in fibre such as hubbards real. also something that is yummy by itself but can also be jazzed up with fruit or cereal for days when i feel like a change.
kyleeandluke - 10:03 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
We are cereal lovers! The three of us usually all eat weetbix or porridge together every morning. My 17 month old LOVES cruching on dry cherrios. Otherwise we eat my nana's home made muesli. For a treat, I might eat Special K - honey and almond. I hope we get picked - this would be a great trial for us!
nikkih - 9:59 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am a totally boring mum I have weetbix every 2nd day, and I see so many ad on TV about new breakfast cereals coming out but coz I don't do my shopping I am stuck with having weetbix with my kids. I would love to trial this product and give feedback, plus u never know my whole family might just chance to something new.
hsmith - 9:48 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I love to try new cereals but usually stick to the basics. I normally eat cornflakes, weetbix, porridge or muesli.
shannonc - 9:06 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
It truely depends on the day! if we are in a hurry it can be toast or if we have more time porridge or museli with winter fast aproaching i think poridge will be more on the menu! ive just aggreed to do the moro marathon in dunedin with friends so im going to need all the help i can get!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to try!
mjchase - 8:43 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I usually eat Weet-bix for breakfast because it keeps me feeling full for longer, but bring on the cereal with 'body repair and vitality'! It'd be nice to have another healthy breakfast option.
nickyh - 7:36 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am not a breakfast person unless coffee counts ! I know i should eat breakfast so this trial would give me the push in the right direction that i need. I always get the kids age 2 and 4 to eat breakfast, usually porridge so i am sure they would love to try this product too. Thanks mums say and Hubbards for the chance to review this product.
harri - 7:10 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
Would love to give this a try - hard to find a good cereal!! Used to love Hubbards very fruitful flakes and have struggled to find another i like since that was taken off the market..
Coring - 6:59 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am not a cereal eater, but my daughter is, just like her father. Anyway, I would like to try this one out for my daughter. She likes ricies, but a little variety on the side would be great. thanks.
raglanmum - 5:13 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am usually quite fussy when it comes to cereal, but the one I do buy for myself is special K. I would love to try out a new brand and Hubbards Real Flakes sound promising!
Silverbabe - 4:11 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
Would love to try this and see if I like it. Im always changing what I eat trying to find something I like to eat for breakfast but need something quick and easy.
julianne - 4:10 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this cereal.
issa - 4:06 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
would love to try this cereal. my 7 yr old son always have cereal for breakfast & i let him choose the cereal himself in the supermarket. his usuals are nutrigrain, milo & cheerios.
lindyloos - 4:05 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
when i go through my phases of "getting skinny" (haha!) which includes eating a breakfast cereal i love eating sanitarium toasted muesli with apple slices and yoghurt on top. at the moment though, breakfast is a cup of coffee! would love to try this product to see whether it would make me want to have a real breakfast every single morning!
Gubsea - 4:01 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
My son loves nutri-grain (iron man food) but i believe it is not the best for him, have tried a few other cereals but he's not interested ~ maybe we cld try this one
mumtotwo - 3:53 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
i am asking for my daughter , an active young woman who needs energy to sustain her . At the moment she either eats toast , wheetbix or porridge but would love anothet tasty healthy alternative . I can't trial it myself because i am gluten free but my family can ! My daughter has loved Hubbards Cereal in the past , especially Berry berry nice - my old favourite so would really love to try this new one as she is definately an active woman !
lmiln003 - 3:45 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am very naughty when it comes to eating breakfast - it just doesn't happen 99% of the time partly because I am fussy when it comes to cerals. My youngest is now 15 months and I am wanting to get her eating breakfast, something that has been a struggle which I believe is because she doesn't see me doing it, so would love to try REAL - I remember loving bugs n mud as a kid so maybe Hubbards can hook me back into breakfast with their new cereal
harksgal - 3:43 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
Wow this would be great to review, hopefully i get chosen. I normally eat weight watchers cereal.
tara - 2:27 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
i would love to review this, i am always looking for new health foods for my family, particually at breakfast when you need to rush out the door and dont have time to cook. a good reliable healthy cereal is what i am after
GoMummyJo - 1:26 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'm a weetbix 'kid' through and through, and try as I might, time after time to find a cereal that I can change to, I always end up going back to my old faithful.

I wonder if Hubbard Real could be the one that changes my ways?

Go Jo!
kateleek - 9:29 AM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
After reading that Peter Jackson lost all of his weight from eating a mix of fruit, yoghurt & cereal I am keen to find a breakfast cereal that is yummy, as well as satisfying so I can give it a go. This sounds like the perfect thing so I would LOVE to review it.

Our family have muesli about 5 mornings a week, our favourite is Hubbard's Simply toasted Apricot- it is a great price and my husband loves the yoghurt coated raisins in it.
cathw - 9:26 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
yum sounds great please pick me. am feeling sooo out of shape and unhealthy particularly as my fitness and diet regime all came apart after our February earthquake. Hard to get back into it and be motivated amongst the darn aftershocks.
CharlisMoccha - 9:03 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
I lived on Hubbards cereals for years, and now post children, it is primarily weetbix, with the occasional treat of Hubbards. To me Hubbards cereals represent good value, in that my children feel full with the smaller servings and more satisfied, ((& it doesn't "bind" up my youngest)Sorry for sharing!!))
littleliz - 3:53 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial this! I love Hubbards products and my favourite so far has been Berry Berry Nice. Add yoghurt and banana to it and it's the perfect breakfast! I am very health conscious and exercise a lot, so a healthy, low in fat brekkie would be ideal!!
dianne - 3:27 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
As a breastfeeding mother breakfast is really important. I would love to try this, as we have a really tight budget the only cereal we get is the cheapest (healthy) one on sale. I would love a little luxury in my bowl!
BrittanyJWilson - 1:52 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial this. I'm seven months pregnant and am loving cereal at the moment. I'm getting huge cravings at around eleven at night for it haha. At the moment I'm eating the new light n tasty.
BubbeezMum - 12:56 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
Oh my goodness yes please my husband would love me for ever if we got to trail more Hubbards products, I usually go for Special K, Weetbix or otherwise Hubbards myself for breakfast.
jas - 12:36 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this..normally i eat light n' tasty
Pommiegotlost - 9:53 AM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
i would love to trail this, is it good for the breastfeeding mother?
Mutt - 7:23 AM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
My current breakfast cereal is usually a dry weetbix as I head out the door to take my daughters to school.
margaretlor - 6:56 AM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi i would love to try this cereal ,as i have been on a diet for over a year and lost over 40kg and i am sick off the cerceal that i have been eating , Real flakes sounds very nice and would be nice to try
kiwinutter - 11:54 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
To be honest, I don't get time to eat breakfast as I'm too busy racing round after 4 kids. I think these sound yummy - I could just sneak a handful and not worry about toppings! I forget how simple and selfish life was before children!
imrose - 11:53 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
yeah love Hubbard.had tried once all the berry ones.yummy..Would love another go at it.
ValerieL - 11:16 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Wow, yummy, I really love cereal and I usually eat Hubbards Berry Light or just pure muesli & ricies with fresh milk. But I've love to try out something new and keep myself fuller for longer now that I am pregnant. I keep getting hungry ever so easily, and I would rather fill myself up with something healthy & tasty rather than unhealthy snacks. Let me try them, please! :)
tallsonn - 10:42 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to give this NZ Made cereal a try. Currently I eat Special K a few times a week but got a shock the other day when I saw how expensive it is now, so it probably won't be in the budget for my next big shop! I did notice Real and saw that it was priced more reasonably.
adele - 10:17 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try this as I usually have muesli with fresh fruit & yoghurt but this could be a nice change as muesli can be a bit heavy and takes a long time to chew. A lighter flake cereal would make a nice change and I would love to compare the flavour etc.
katesmr - 10:05 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try Real flakes. Currently weetbix is the cereal of choice but I'd love to try something new. Also wanting to try something healthy as I'm pregnant with #2 and wanting to avoid gaining 30kg like I did with #1 :-p
ajpickering - 9:31 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
my cereal taste changes and I usually buy any low fat cereal that happens to be on special when i'm in the supermarket.
Medicina - 9:03 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'm interested in reviewing the product. Nutritionally sounds good. Hard to be tasty and so low in fat also. I usually have Weetbix or porridge with some toppers like raisins, coconut, nuts, etc. I'm not finding Weetbix agreeing with me as I get older/busier!
Twinsforus - 8:36 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this cereal. As a busy mum to 4 kids aged 4 and under I struggle to find time to sit down for breakfast, especially as not much appeals to me! Would love to find a yummy, light breakfast cereal that I enjoyed!
bassplayer - 7:54 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
This cereal sounds just like the change I need. I usually eat porridge made with water 6/7 times a week - I like the feeling of being full, not just having something to eat then 30 minutes later feeling empty again! I do alternative sometimes with weetbix but this can be bland if we've run out of fruit. My kids either have porridge or cornflakes although I don't feel that cornflakes has the nutrition needed for them. They can be fussy so finding another cereal they will eat can be a trial. These Real flakes sound like they have the nutrition with the crunch of cornflakes so maybe this is what they need?
Godzgirl - 7:48 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
We'd love to try something new. I usually eat toasted muesli and I use it with yoghurt. The kids normally eat honey bumbles or weetbix. I try to eat well to get rid of the puku after having 3 girls.
rachaelsfun - 7:46 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
ususlly the fav here is ricebubbles or cornflakes but when my nephew lived with us it was cocoa pops but he currently likes that Milo Duo cereal <br>and my fav esp in winter is Porridge with brown sugar yumm buit would love to try the real flakes they look yummmmmmmy!!!
Mamma - 7:37 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi. We would love to trial this product! My 2 year old and I are getting a bit sick of our regular choices, Weetbix, Ricies, Cornflakes, and Cocoa Pops. I am having to put complan on my Weetbix to try and keep my energy levels up during this pregnancy so would be really interested in seeing what Real will do. :)
chelledania - 7:33 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
We are a weetbix and rices family... thats all we ever buy. Would be nice to try something new to tickle the taste buds. With bubs arriving in 3 weeks im sure well need the sustenance!!! :D
parky69 - 7:23 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'm not a huge cereal eater because most of them contain heaps of sugar and cost a fair bit - we have the usual cereals in the pantry - Weet Bix, Ricies, Cornflakes and Porridge. I like the Light and Tasty variety and imagine this would be similar. I'm very active and I'd also like to see whether this keeps me fuller longer like it claims to as most cereals don't! (except for porrdige) :-)
atasfairys - 7:16 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
As i have just had my beautiful baby boy, and breast feeding. I want to watch what i eat but staying healthy for my boy.
Hubbards may just be the go, worth trying i think
Sweetness10 - 6:13 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love, love, love to try this! I'm a BIG fan of Hubbards cereals already (they taste the best and have the best stuff in them) and currently eat either Hubbards "Fruitful Breakfast" or Hubbards "Berry Berry Lite" for breakfast every morning.
kipper - 5:39 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
With a fussy 2 1/2 year old, finding something she will eat for breakfast is hard. Also, I find that I run out of energy so early in the day so testing energy levels in Real Flakes would be great.
Courtney - 5:25 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
We love special K and Weetbix in our house but would love to try something new.
tiaandliled - 4:31 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
ohh i would love to try am trying to set good example and eat breakfast and with daylight saving ending i now am up earlier to do so so please would love to try and review.
MumBum - 4:21 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Ooooh please pick me... we have wheet-bix, cornflakes, ricies, porriage and I try to encourage the big boy to eat more cereal for breakfast and now that the baby is eating solids, him too.

I'd love to try it myself, I don't really eat cereal for breakfast mostly because I don't really like it at the hour of the morning when I am up getting ready for work... I'd love to give this a try as we love Hubbards products, it's just a bit beyond our price range unless its on special.

Thanks again Kidspot and of course Hubbards for another great product to trial. :-)
Catzombie - 4:18 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
This sounds like something I might quite like. I normally avoid museli as I don't like nuts in cereal. Also need to be quick to eat otherwise I won't bother on work mornings.
We are going through a porridge faze atm (cooked up the night before and microwaved in the morning, that way kids can sort themselves out while i'm in shower) and also eat weetbix, rice bubbles and cornflakes (Man, what a Kiwi kids I am )
I would love to give this a go please.
sezzamac - 4:01 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
This would be great to try, always looking for something different, we are big weetbix eaters in our household :)
turtle - 3:44 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
i would love to try this. i eat light and tasty.
tarns677 - 3:31 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Our family of six love cereal, would love to try it!
Elisaw8 - 3:11 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Would love to try these im not big on brekkie so something different is always good to try
Mondo - 2:55 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
These sound great - still trying to lose the last 5 kilos of post pregnancy weight so sound like the perfect thing that fills you up and starts the day well. Also love cereal but hard to find a good healthy option
KGolds - 2:54 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Sounds yummy! I would be interested in trying this please. I normally eat home-made muesli but when I've run out and am too lazy to make more I turn to Uncle Toby's porridge sachets :)
busybees - 2:39 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial these as I find it really hard to find something I like, kids are easy they will have whatever is going in our house I am a little more fussy i want healthy but i want tasty too :)
tessa771 - 1:59 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Our family is always up for trying new things and breakfast is out favorite meal of our day. These look delicious. Would really love to trial these!!
Nessa - 1:35 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi, I would love to try this. I have lots of digestion issues due to surgeries and have been looking at this and been trying to find out more about it so can decide whether to try. I normally eat Weetbix for breakfast with fruit. My girls eat the Hubbards light and right and they like that. Be good to see if they will eat the real too.
IceKiwi - 1:32 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I loved the Hubbards berry light that they came out with. This would be a great trial sounds interesting plus may help me i'm always missing out on breakfast and find if i don't eat something and sometimes it is rubbish i feel blah by about 9.30am
mumjess - 1:28 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi there, I would love to give these a go :) i normally eat homemade muesli for breakfast or weetbix, usually with some fruit on the top. i make sure that whatever i have for breakfast will keep me going for the morning so would be great to see if real flakes can keep me going too!
Amanda30 - 1:14 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I make my own toasted muesli and eat that every morning and on very rare occasions I eat porridge or weetbix. I am studying nutrition at the moment and keen to give new cereals a go to see what they are like nutritionally and also how they make me feel. I do a lot of exercise trraining for half marathons, as well as running around after 3 pre-school boys and I don't have a lot of time for snacks so I normally just have three meals a day. I'd be interested in trying Hubbards Real and seeing what it is like. Thanks.
lottie - 1:14 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am really slack at eating breakfast if I do grab something it is vogels cafe light cereal. I seem to get out of the habit of eating breakfast but if im selected to review the Hubbards cereal it might get me back in the habit again. I guess im a typical mum getting everyone sorted especially on busy mornings and I kind of forget about myself.
terry100 - 1:11 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to try these. After years of not eating breakfast I am trying to make an effort to eat something and these sound great to get the day underway. I am also currently trying to be more active - have just bought an exercycle and am making myself go for walks as well so these do sound like the answer all round to help kick start my day for a new and healthier me!
mary110370 - 1:09 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Sounds delicious! Cereal? Breakfast? Yep, I'm an on the run type of person tending to eat toast in the car on the way to school or grab a coffee when I get home. As for cereals it's usually whatever is in the pantry and that tends to be 'kids choice' - at teh moment we have cocopops and nutrgrain - both of which are far too sweet for my liking.
janinekiwi - 12:52 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Ive been eating toast with peanut butter as well, (or poached eggs on toast) and recently Ive gained a few kilos, not to mention those extra pounds I never lost after having my son. Im going on holiday in two months and decided yesterday that I have to change my eating habits, so this would be a wonderful product to try as the hardest part of watching your weight is not feeling hungry. I started eating cornflakes but whilst they arent as bad as some cereals, they simply dont fill you up, this product sounds great so please consider me for the trial. Thanks!
RaewynG - 12:52 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Oh lovely! Personally I'm a porridge fanatic but unfortunately only have the spare 5 mins to treat myself to this at the weekends! During the week it always ends up being toast as I'm running out the door at 06.45 and then too many biscuits for morning tea at approx 09:30 as I'm starving! I used to eat Sultana Bran but thant went by the wayside when the kids arrived and they eat Ricies, Cornflakes and Fruity bix. I'm currently trying to lose those last couple of kilos which I just can't budge and have started running - local joke for anyone who witnesses it but my ultimate goal would be to just complete a duathlon with a tiny bit of dignity!
nikkim - 12:52 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'm eating Special K at the moment, which I have no complaints about (except maybe the price!) so it would be nice to have a change with no compromise on the nutritional values! ;o)
JulieKidspot - 12:45 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
That's fantastic dlscott! Well done on completing your first one :)
Mumofone - 12:44 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am going through a Cheerio stage at the moment. Or toast with vegemite or peanut butter. I would love to try these, something healthy would be great to try and help lose the post baby belly flab!
k4kylie - 12:43 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
i would love to try this product im trying to lose weight and dont know what ceral i should be eating, the cupbaord is filled with kids cerals which im not too keen on. I usually just have a banana or a piece of toast. thanks
shelle74 - 12:40 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I tend to eat what ever I can in the time that is allowed, eg toast if on the run or porridge or a bowl of cereal if more time
karinlee - 12:33 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I eat whateva is on special, I have special cereal for my daughter as she is G/F. My favourite at the moment is sultana bran, but only if it is on special.
dlscott - 10:10 AM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Yesterday I completed my first ever Duathlon. One of the real woman's series. I usually eat light and tasty but I'm keen to try this one. I've heard its really yum. I was so proud to have completed it non stop. My 10 month old son was my motivation!
springs - 9:48 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I usually eat whatever is on special, as long as it is fairly healthy :) Basically anything with a bit of fruit and flakes keeps me going but I do like a granola/muesli type cereal too that Doesn't go soft if my daughter needs me in the middle of breakfast (happens a lot)
muppetsmama - 9:10 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Oooh yummy...I normally alternate between toast and crunchy nut cornflakes, but wouldn't mind trying something a bit healthier for once!
I actually am a little unusual in that I have never in my life had cereal with milk - even as a kid I used to have it dry. Yep, even 'All Bran; I know, gross right?! Things are a little more civilised these days, and my cereal comes smothered in whatever yogurt happens to be lurking in the fridge. So the real test for me with 'Real' is, "is it REALly good even when just with yogurt???!"
Bubbaboo - 9:09 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I enjoy cereal/muesli but usually just buy whatever is on special and is a good price. Failing that I will just get a store brand. Although I did recently discover Hubbards Simply Toasted Muesli which is just in a bag (no box) and it's really tasty, especially swimming in cold milk! mmmmm It's my favourite late night snack at the moment.
2boys1girl - 8:32 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Me nad my boys normally have good old porridge for breakfast every morning during winter but this looks so yummy, and would be nice warm or cold I should imagine.
rowm - 7:42 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I mainly have toast, nutrigrain or weetbix but lately i have been trying to find a different cereal.. but there are so many! Tried two berry flavoured so far... would love to try something different.
Mardi - 7:25 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Would love to try something different for breakfast,as I get up at 5am,out the door at 6am,but don't get a chance to have breakfast till my first break at work at 8am,normally I just go for some up & go or one of the kids cereals that I nicked out of the pantry,as I rush out the door in the morning
Jackieb - 6:07 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I alternate between weetbix and weight watchers cereals
stumpie - 6:04 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi I would really like to trail this product. Have seen it in the supermarket and wondered what it was like. We usually have cornflakes or weetbix for breakfast. Thanks.
stacleaning - 5:56 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I too would love to try Hubbards new real flakes. As a rule in our house it is usually cornflakes or ricies. Occasionally Sultana Bran or Milo cereal if they are on special. Would love to try something new. Thank-you for the opportunity :D
bearcub - 5:41 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to try something new. I get left with weet-bix or cornflakes that nobody wants to finish
KimH - 5:20 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
This would be great to try. I'm in cereal rut and only ever have weetbix or light and tasty. Cereal is so expensive to buy that I don't branch out in case I don't like it and it sits in the cupboard going to waste!
sarahkellylai - 5:10 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Would love to try this. I only buy cornflakes because i refuse to buy all the cereals that contain as many sugars as a slab of chocolate. My daughter and i have a piece of fruit, cornflakes and a glass of milk or a yoghurt every morning. We love the hubbards musli which gets added to the trolly every now and again!
mazdagurl - 4:49 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
hi, would be great to try this! I am a sucker for buying the same old each week which is light n tasty plum & almond and all bran honey & almond!
jdsmum - 4:43 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Would be a nice change trying something different we usually have weetbix, cocoa pops or cornflakes
manz23 - 4:27 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi there i would love for us to trial the new Hubbards cereal.We always have the same old corn flakes or weetbix.Be nice to try something different.:)
robyshack1 - 3:56 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I would love to try the new Hubbards cereal. At the moment my two toddlers are stuck on porridge..which is fine but as I eat what they eat I would love to trial something with a bit of variety and of course good for you at the same time.
slinkylinky - 3:53 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'm forcing myself to eat breakfast at the moment just because I'm pregnant, I have weetbix, porridge or special K and would love to try this & see if it makes me like breakfast.
JoCee - 3:13 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Would love to try another Hubbards cereal, our usual breakfast fare at the moment is weetbix but have tried a lot of Hubbards products and enjoyed most of them.
simplesoul - 3:11 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I am not a breakfast eater at all despite insisting and making my kids eat breakfast and telling them how important it is. I am studying for my degree and find myself tired and blah by mid day! Would love to trial this to see if it makes a difference to me during the day.
meishka - 3:09 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
would love to try real flakes out as been looking for a quick and easy breakfast food that will keep me full. I usually end up just having a hot drink for breky and I don't think that its the healthiest option or fulfilling in fact. would love to give these a go.
katherinew - 3:03 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
The kids usually have weetbix or porridge. If they have been especially good they are allowed some of my special cereal (which is whatever type of cereal that is healthy and I found on special). I have been dying to try this as it looks perfect for me but haven't seen it on special yet.
katiemegan - 2:59 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
My 3 big kids have either toast, rice bubbles , cornflakes or weetbix depending on how how much time we have and if any of them actually have a preference. I have weetbix and fruit or toast, again dependant on how late we are running. I would love to try this cereal it sounds delicious
michy87 - 2:59 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Four months on from the birth of my beautiful girl I am looking to get fit and lose some of that baby belly. We are normally a Weetbix family due to cost and how much it fills us up but I would love to trial this new cereal that sounds like it's tailored perfectly to my needs!
lotsakids - 2:54 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
i am trying to make myself eat breakfast - i have tried all sorts and still trying to find that 'right' breakfast i would love to try thins and see if thats it
lynne - 2:36 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
would be nice to try something new for breakfast
hellyp - 2:33 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
me and my daughter have weetbix with fruit for breakfast, this would be nice to give a go for something a little bit diferent
erenakelly - 2:27 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I love Hubbards cereal - the fivegrain muesli is a household favourite. I'd love to give these a try and wean my son off Weetbix!
Lindanne - 2:24 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Have either, coffee, weetbix or porridge for breakfast. Really do need to find something tasty and fast.
lewfam - 2:17 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
We usually eat Wheet Bix with fruit. I have 4 kids and there are 2 adults. It seems to be the only cereal that fills us up. We have tried many cereals with no luck for us. Would be great to try something new that might work with our busy family.
cbirch - 2:17 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
My son and I usually have porridge and hubby has cereal I make myself (I don't eat it cause it's too crunchy for my likings).
natalies - 2:10 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I don't eat breakfast. Ever. But I need to, I'm rather unhealthy and overweight atm..and have just joined Weight Watchers last week in an effort to be more healthy and live longer for my children. I'm the only one they have - so need to get as fit as I can.

My eventual goal is to do triathlons and duathlons on a regular basis, and the whole eating healthy, WW thing is part of my working towards that goal.

I would like to try this cereal, as it looks like a good introduction to the world of breakfast, and sounds like it would keep me fuller for that I won't be tempted to eat everything in sight at 10am.
piglet - 2:09 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I enjoy meusli for breakfast, sometimes porridge. The kids alternate between meusli, weetbix and rices. Would love to try Hubbards Real flakes!
christine - 2:03 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
usually have toast and I a cup of coffee so would love to try hubbards cereal . but when the grandkids stay we have weetbix as well as toast ,
nzbobbie - 1:58 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I have an almost 4 year old girl who is eating us out of house and home and I think a good hearty breakfast my help stock her up for the day. Would love to try these for that reason. She currently eats toast and/or weetbix.
CarrieB - 1:39 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I like something really sustaining like poridge or wheatbix. I usually find cerials to light & am hungry again quickly. I like the sound of this cerial, & would be really interested to see if it is as sustaining as it claims. It sounds a bit more exciting than poridge!
gonzze - 1:39 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
i have 5 children and they have rice bubbles or toast and i have musli .but we would love to try your hubbards cereal
CaseysMum - 1:39 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Lately i've been eating rice bubbles but we've also got weebix in the house too. Kind of boring really. Would be good to try something a little different
jrystah - 1:34 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I usually eat toast as i am yet to find a cereal that is appealing enough for me to continue buying it. I hope that Hubbards Real cereal will be the one for my family and I to enjoy longer than 1 box.
LindaK - 1:33 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I'm so distracted and busy in the mornings that I just eat whatever the kids are having for breakfast, which is typically either fruit or toast. I'd love to have an excuse to sit down and eat something especially for me - I'm getting a bit sick of just eating what everyone else wants, and this sounds like a great way to get my own morning started.
justinew - 1:30 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi all,

I'm usually a toast or nothing woman at the moment, so would love to try something new that might keep me fuller than toast, am constantly on the go with hubby away on deployments, and our 2 boys 2 1/2 & 3 3/4, are Weetbix eaters but I find Weetbix a bit heavy at that time of morning and not so good with my IBS & endo symptons, so would love to give Real Flakes a go, thanks heaps :-)
SarahK - 1:30 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
We usually eat cornflakes, rice bubbles weetbix or sultana bran, it would be great to try something different. you get sick of the same ones after a while!
Haylee9 - 1:30 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
I don't usually eat cereal as it is so expensive. The kids eat weetbix and porridge. A change would be very welcome! Sounds like an excellent product to trial while I am on my virtual weightloss challenge.
mims21 - 1:30 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
daughter has weetbix and so do i if theres nothing else but normaly musli harbards toasted fruitful breackfast has been my fav since a kid i just love it. even though there are cheaper ones out there i never try them cause its just to nice. :)
2mums - 1:29 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
We normally have weetbix or nutragrain...but always keen to try something new - especially if it's going to keep us feeling full between breakfast & lunch!!
tortie - 1:28 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
We usually just have boring old rice bubbles in the house, but I do love Hubbards cereals.
Tinks - 1:26 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
We usually eat weetbix. Would really love to try Real Flakes though.

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