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Leader: JulieKidspot
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Group Name: Movies at Home Club

Join the Movies at Home Club! Find out about the latest movie releases for home viewing and discover new family favourites. PLUS we will be giving you the opportunity to take part in movie reviews. Reviewers provide feedback here in the Movies at Home Club for the whole Kidspot community.

Watch this space for announcement of the latest titles available for review.


Arthur Christmas - reviews to come soon!


Mums Recommend: The Muppets
Click here to read the reviews

"I loved seeing the movie again from start to finish - a classic feel good ending, and I particularly loved the, "...and they lived happily ever after." Sigh, isn't that what we are all after." SandraA. Click here to read more

Tell us what you think: Post your reviews for these movies
The Help
Friends with Benefits
Gnomeo & Juliet


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Gillymama - 6:15 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Congrats to the reviewers!
CamosMum - 5:14 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Darn oh well add it to the shopping list :)
rachaelsfun - 4:46 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
lucky gals wasnt me this time next time maybe !
FionaMK - 1:21 PM on Mon-7-May-2012 reply | message
Awesome - my 4 year old son's nic-name is 'Animal' from the Muppets!! He loves the Muppets, we even brough him a little drum kit!!! We didn't get a chance to see the movie so he would love this wonder opportunity to watch the DVD and reveiw to all. I would watch too of course and post his review!!
BJW - 6:48 PM on Tue-1-May-2012 reply | message
My daughter and I had 4 tickets to this movie, but we had to be at a family gathering so gave these tickets away to a Mum who was about to give birth and the family absolutely loved the Muppets movie. My daughter and I would love to give a review on this DVD after watching it please.
mummytoone - 6:01 PM on Tue-1-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to be able to review this for you! Such great memories of this programme when I was a young one!
naenae82 - 2:17 PM on Tue-1-May-2012 reply | message
hi id love to be a movie reviewer my kids have just started liking movies again they went thru a stage where they didnt like tv but we r liking it again now winter is here so please cosider my three kids an i an two cousins on weekdays
skyela - 1:32 PM on Tue-1-May-2012 reply | message
Oh yes please! Guess what my nick name was as a child? MUPPET, the muppets were my favorite programme I have two toddlers that would simply enjoy it too I think!
shorrty4life - 1:19 PM on Tue-1-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to watch this. The muppets are so could and would love to give my daughter the chance to watch something different instead of her Noddy DVD all the time. Yes its cool but its time for a change I think. Me and my beautiful wee family would love to have the chance to review this!! <3
jace - 11:56 AM on Tue-1-May-2012 reply | message
I've watched this since I was a kid myself and would like to introduce Julius (just turned 7) to the Muppet Show instead of watching Ben 10 and Pokemon!! Thanks!
carla24 - 4:38 PM on Sat-7-Apr-2012 reply | message
Would love to review this, as would Miss 6 and Mr 35 years!
gemstone - 11:10 AM on Fri-30-Mar-2012 reply | message
We are fabulous at critiquing movies (especially the 3 year old)! Please consider us to be your Movie reviewer!
beadygirl - 3:59 PM on Thu-22-Mar-2012 reply | message
count me in for future reviews!
popcorn - 7:24 PM on Sun-11-Mar-2012 reply | message
My absolute all time favourite is Snow White and the 7 dwarves, that and Sleeping Beauty. They are just incredible, the music and animation! absolute perfection!

However my boys favourites are Cars and Cars 2 which have both been watched a million times over in this house!
JulieKidspot - 12:49 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
Hi aaron11, just click on the link above where it says "register now" and follow the instructions :)
aaron11 - 12:39 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
Hi we would love to review a few movies would give us the lift that we need at the moment thank you
JulieKidspot - 10:49 AM on Wed-11-Jan-2012 reply | message
JulieKidspot - 1:32 PM on Wed-4-Jan-2012 reply | message
Please click on the topic above for the movie that you wish to review - thanks :)
Armywife - 12:48 PM on Wed-4-Jan-2012 reply | message
We missed this at the movies by a day! We would love to review!
sbh - 12:44 PM on Wed-4-Jan-2012 reply | message
I know we would watch this as a family as my husband has 150 of them still from his childhood - also have just had a moive room installed so its all movies for us while we have this bad summer weather
Littletoes - 12:40 PM on Wed-4-Jan-2012 reply | message
We would love to review the DVD, My eldest son is at an age where he will sit and wath a movie if he likes it! im always prone to a good smurfs movie too :p
manz23 - 12:22 PM on Wed-4-Jan-2012 reply | message
My son loves the smurfs an we have just changed him from a cot into a single bed.he has teh smurf duvet as well.The dvd would be a great thing for him to
lotsakids - 9:10 PM on Sat-24-Dec-2011 reply | message
my friend and i just sat and watched although there was a bit of laughs we found it to be rather slow movie with a predictable storyline -but it was a good distraction from the shakes
imrose - 2:50 PM on Tue-13-Dec-2011 reply | message
Wow lovely plot.It will be so good to watch something of this sort.U gall in love with the man and Mr perfect is already taken.Oh darn.yes i will keep the tissue box handy.So many things are going on in my life that i feel so tired and often stay off mood almost all the time.And i have always gone back to reading and some selected movie to cheer me up.So i think i will thoroughly enjoy the movie.So please pick me.
JulieKidspot - 3:25 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi motheroffour. When we have a new movie available for review (we have a new one each month), we will post the details on this page with a link to a topic where you can register to be considered as a reviewer.
motheroffour - 2:57 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
How do you sign up to review movies?<br>
JulieKidspot - 2:34 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
The reviewers for Winnie the Pooh have been chosen and reviews will be coming in shortly.
trudes1972 - 1:52 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would so love to review this movie. Have a near two year old and 4 year old who both love Winnie the Poo!
jill869 - 3:49 PM on Mon-24-Oct-2011 reply | message
Yes please, the classics are alway the best. I still have 2 winnie the pooh books from when i was they are getting old and tatty now, so i managed to find new copies for the kids to read.
3lilmonkeys - 12:30 PM on Fri-14-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to review this movie. I've always been a fan of Winnie the Pooh and love reading any Winnie the Pooh stories to the kids. I've turned them in to fans too!
ankmika - 2:35 PM on Thu-13-Oct-2011 reply | message
Yes Please My Son and I would love to review this movie.
I loved Winnie The Pooh as a child and my 6 year old loves Reading Pooh Bear Books so it would be a great surprise for him and his wee friend if i pulled the movie out for us to watch together ...
EmmaR - 12:26 PM on Wed-12-Oct-2011 reply | message
Yes please, we're HUGE Winnie the Pooh fans - and it would save me watching the Tigger Movie and Bedtime for Pooh over and over and over and over and over.....!!
helen777 - 7:11 PM on Tue-11-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would love to review Winnie The Pooh, he is a classic!! Pooh Bear has always been popular in our household.
angelstar - 3:55 PM on Mon-10-Oct-2011 reply | message
Yes please, i am so over watching our 2 dvds over and over.....
manz23 - 1:46 PM on Mon-10-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to review this as my son loves pooh.His room is pooh bear.He really woudl be ecstatic!
Maia - 6:12 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi I'd love to review these I have a 5year old twins (they r grate fan of pooh) , Thanks
JulieKidspot - 12:11 AM on Tue-4-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi LeahJett and motheroffour, you can still register for the Winnie the Pooh movie, just click the link above. The message further down about the reviewers being chosen was from a previous DVD review (I will remove it now to save confusion).
LeahJett - 9:20 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2011 reply | message
Same. What a shame :(
motheroffour - 8:44 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2011 reply | message
awww man just missed out!!! gutted
jylissa - 3:52 PM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
my son loves mickey mouse cluhouse watches all the time on sky and loves to laugh and dance along with all the characters
Bunny69 - 3:49 PM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
my son is a huge fan of mickey mouse clubhouse, he occassionally watches it at friends places on sky but is at daycare most days so he misses it on the tv. We cant afford sky so he misses out. Would like to bring him back to the classic childrens cartoons which he really does love as he watches a lot of adult tv and dont want him growing up too fast. Love to review either movie, but mickey mouse would be the best.
nicky22 - 3:40 PM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
Mr 4 loves Handy Manny its one of his favs, would make his day to be able to watch the movie & as for micky mouse that is one the all of us would love to see, could be a family dvd afternoon/night
FionaMK - 12:23 AM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
Mickey Mouse and the Gamg - even i am excited by this DVD! My little girl is having a Minnie Mouse birthday party and having this DVD playing in the background woudl be awesome - could get a great review from her little pals and us big pals!! Fingers Crosed x My son on the other hand loves to buid so Handy Manny would suit him down to a T!
ilovemy3boys - 11:44 AM on Thu-15-Sep-2011 reply | message
My Mr 3 and half yr old is absoloutleyt in love with watching the Playhosue channel and begs me to put it on most days but i try keep it to wet arvos only!!!!!!!! Both Mickey mouse clubhouse and hanny manny are on this channel and im sure he would be the best person to review these dvd's for you..he is full of all sorts of comments and is very honnnesst (ha ha sometimes to honest)!!! :-)
julianne - 4:12 PM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
Ohh they look so good. We get so sick of the same old ones we have at home. Some new ones would be very welcome. Please pick us.
Admiredsnoopy - 11:39 AM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
A very good choice of dvds when it is raining cats and dogs like it has been lately and the children are sick of the same ones all the time and what something else to watch.
JulieKidspot - 12:41 AM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
Please remember to enter your posts in the "register now to review" topics above in order to be considered for reviewing these movies (or click on the links under the DVD images above)
oneonly - 9:13 AM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
As a busy working, single Mum on a tight budget we don't go to the cinema unless it is a super big treat so movie night at home on a weekend is our thing but we have pretty much watched all the movies we have to death. We, my daughter and I, would love the chance to see something new and review it, Micky mouse club house super silly adventures looks right up our street. Thanks for reading my post :-)
angelnshan - 10:53 PM on Sun-11-Sep-2011 reply | message
pick us pls my 7 year old is always watching dvds but im running out of kids movies to get her thanks
Angel - 6:11 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
My 5 & 3.5yr old boys love movies, and are great critics already ! hahaha. Yes we'd really enjoy reviewing kids movies. Thanks!
matted - 8:41 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
OOh we love movie night with a Dad who works shift what better treat than a DVD and popcorn to fill in a Saturday night. Master 5 and Miss 18 months love Disney and I am sure these would go down a treat. Thanks :)
SarahN - 7:29 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
We would love to review these movies! Miss 5 just loves mickey mouse clubhouse, she sings the song all the time it drives me nuts! I would love to have a new movie for her to watch especially with the school holidays only a month away.
manz23 - 3:21 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial these.My little one just loves kiddies movies.The kid in me enjoys it too:)
Mondo - 2:58 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
Hi I'd love to review these I have a 4 year old and a 3 year old - I think they would really appeal to them. Thanks
Rysmum - 1:43 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
Id love to review these and im sure my lil 20 month old daughter would get hours of enjoyment watching and re-watching them!
kayjam - 1:22 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
my four year old son and my 19 month old son would love to watch these my 4 year old son just loves mickey mouse and he love handy mandy so please my four year old has just send the picture and is now asking to watch them and he is saying i like them mum so please my sons would like to trails these thanks
Shazb - 1:09 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
Even though my kids are getting bigger they still love watching Disney channel and would be super excited to be allowed to watch something full of super silly adventures :) We would love to review these.
CamosMum - 12:28 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
I am excited to use Master C (2) as an excuse to see the new Lion King movie for myself hehe, we only recently looked for Lion King on dvd for Master C and found out it was being released again at the end of this year which was quite exciting!
loribradley - 12:18 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
would love to review these :)
mumofnearly3 - 12:08 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
My 2 year old daughter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she is Minnie Mouse mad!! She would watch it all day everyday non stop if I let her! I think she would be perfect to review this! :)
carol22 - 5:44 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
i love to sit down with my kids on a saturday with a bowel of popcorn & watching a dvd. i would love to review movies
angelstar - 9:55 AM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
My 4 children would love to review. My twins like Goofy, especially the skateboarding one. Mr 4 loves Pluto and wants to get a real one, i say no to that. Miss 1 loves watching all of the character's. Well she has to enjoy what her older brothers put on.
vish - 11:27 AM on Thu-11-Aug-2011 reply | message
I love Adam Sandler movies. They are really hilarious and he fun to watch doing his attics...would really love to watch this unusual pair..
Pinot29 - 8:01 PM on Fri-5-Aug-2011 reply | message
I like & have enjoyed both Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston movies - recent one for Jennifer was The Breakup. Love to see this one with both of them starring
aliciamcdonald - 5:37 PM on Fri-5-Aug-2011 reply | message
I absolutely love all Adam sandler movies!! He is hilarious :)
nzlass - 2:04 PM on Fri-5-Aug-2011 reply | message
I think Adam Sandler is a blast to watch on the box. Iv'e had a few favourites from him.Waterboy a comedy I laughed to a few times with family. 50 first dates, A romantic comedy that I never get sick of watching, he never gave up on her! But on a more serious note, Reign over me a drama where he is very convincing as a man emotionally struggling with the loss of his family and not trusting anyone who befriends him,a very touching and intense movie .He is a versatile actor and that's why I know he'll never let us down. I would love to watch this movie and see the chemistry between him and Jennifer Aniston.
cherrytf - 11:05 AM on Fri-5-Aug-2011 reply | message
Ooh.... Super "like" this group! Hubby and I always watch movies, be it on DVD or in the cinema (the latter not as often as we'd like, though).
SarahK - 8:45 AM on Fri-5-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh I love this group! I don't have a TV, so I havn't even heard of some of these movies being reviewed!! haha. It might help keep me in the movie loop! haha
GoMummyJo - 1:36 PM on Tue-5-Jul-2011 reply | message
Oh poos, I never saw the 'register to review' thingy. Doh!
naenae82 - 8:41 PM on Sat-2-Jul-2011 reply | message

oh this is so kool we love kidspot we have won a breakfast pack an trialed two products in the last 2years please we would love to trial more an review movies thats even cooler
cherrytf - 6:00 PM on Sat-2-Jul-2011 reply | message
We don't let our kids watch all movies that are supposedly intended for general patronage. Some of them, even if animated or about superheroes, can be too violent or have sexual innuendos/content. So movies that are truly child-friendly are most welcome and we'd love to watch as a family and review, as well.
simplesoul - 5:12 PM on Fri-1-Jul-2011 reply | message
awesome idea guys...
arnabanana - 10:21 PM on Wed-29-Jun-2011 reply | message
Cars, A Bugs Life, Beauty and the Beast, The Fox and the Hound... There are a lot of kids ones out there and my bunch seem to love them all. The Fox and the Hound is the current flavour of the month.

But, my guilty pleasure has got to be the occasional Top Gun fix. There's nothing better than settling down in my jimjams with Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise in uniform when the hubby's out at rugby practise or working... Yum!
manddsteven - 8:28 AM on Tue-28-Jun-2011 reply | message
Hubby, the kids and I have a fortnightly movie night with our friends and their 2 children, we watch one movie with all of the children and then after dinner when the children are in bed we watch another movie. None of us have seen Gnomeo & Juliet, this would be just perfect for our next movie night. My son Reece would be extremely excited, he has been wanting to see this since it was at the movies.
annette - 10:12 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
We would love to review this movie Mr 4 would love it im sure and as daddy is an ambulance officer and works shift work, during the week during winter we love a good movie day as a family.
nikki - 7:37 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
Lil mr 2yr old had just started watching movies and at the moment is loving tangled! Mandy Moore did a fantastic job!
kosigus - 5:57 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
I'd love to become a movie reviewer! used to work in a video shop for 3 years when at uni! watched so many movies then :) now mum of a 3 year old (and no 2 on the way in a matter of weeks eek) i watch a lot of kids ones :) but a good movie with dh once the kid is beded is a treat and we would all benefit and comment for sure! thanks for considering us!
Ana - 1:19 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
I love Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona and she was my favourite UNTIL I watched Tangled last weekend with my husband and children and i thought Mandy Moore did SUCH a great job as Rapunzel :)
Would love the chance to review this movie and have another chance to have a snuggly movie afternoon with my family :)
JulieKidspot - 1:05 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
Please remember to enter your posts in the Gnomeo & Juliet topic above in order to be considered for reviewing this movie.
Cathyj - 12:54 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
I thought Scarlett Johannson was gorgeous as Mindy, the mermaid daughter of King Neptune
skirts - 12:38 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
would love to review this movie, looks great!!!
supergeckolover - 12:22 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
I am happy to review this and all of us in the family (5!) love Ellen deGeneres' voice as Dory in "Finding Nemo".
We are also very suited to review / critique movies as I have been an active mystery shopper since 2007,successfully uploading reports at least three times a week. The family too have been involved in various ways in this past time!
manz23 - 12:04 PM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
I would love to review thsi movie.Its Winter time so its a perfect excuse to get under the duvet or blanket on the couch and eat popcorn and watch movies.
LindaK - 11:48 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
What an awesome idea :)
debbief - 11:43 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
We would love to join the movie review team. We have a 10 year old who loves watching animated movies and a 2 year old who is just starting to enjoy them also. This would be a great opportunity to see the latest movies, as its not too easy to head off to the cinema as a family - a 2 year old sitting quietly in a cinema is a slight impossibility, so being able to watch them in the comfort of home without upsetting others would be fantastic.
Gemstar - 11:40 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
What a great idea. My daughter is just getting into watching movies now I am so excited haha looking forward to watching all the old disney movies and a great excuse to see all the new ones coming out.
tallsonn - 11:27 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
We would love to review movies. Gnomeo and Juliet sounds great - not all movies are OK for both my children who are 5 years apart, but this one would be. I love James McAvoy and see all of his movies so it would be cute to see this one where he appears in voice only!
Mummysim - 11:25 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
I would love to review movies for Kidspot. My husband and I get movies out at least once a week and we're almost running out of movies to watch! It would be great to review Gnomeo and Juliet and find out whether or not it's worth recommending to other families.
ReneeH - 10:39 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
As we have two littlies under 3 - and as I work full time - we have exhausted our support network in terms of time away - therefore we spend a lot of time watching movies at home! Would love to get involved in this - and Gnomeo and Juliet looks like a great place to start!
CakeQueen - 10:33 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
Weve hired nearly 400 movies in the last year!! (oops) i was curious so asked my lovely united video lady last time i was in there. Def keen to review some for you :)
piglet - 10:33 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
Our family would love to review Gnomeo & Juliet. We haven't seen it yet, and we need some good movies to watch for our family movie nights! Bring on the popcorn...
sarahkellylai - 10:29 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
We love sitting on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a hot water bottle cuddled up in front of a film on the cold nites... Our Daughter loves the animated films on a saturday night and its a great wind down from a busy active day. Would love love love to be a reviewer :) plus coming from kidspot we know it will be age appropriate
Shadz - 10:27 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
Ohhhhh I would LOVE share movies. Although I don't seem to get as much time these days to watch my movies, somehow we always find time to have family time watching movies with the kids.
Really must start trying to make time for us though haha
stacleaning - 10:24 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
Oh and when Gnomeo and Juliet was advertised on tv my daughter wanted too see if she called them santa's heheh cutie. Still haven't seen it with her
stacleaning - 10:24 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
What an awesome group!!! I love kidspot.....
We as a family LOVE MOVIES. My husband and I loved watching movies at the cinemas or on dvd before we had our girls and now our daughter almost three loves movies too. So we love to hear reviews on the latest movies to help decide if we should go to the cinema or wait for the dvd hehehe AWESOME
Foxy - 10:24 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
Cool idea! I love that you guys give away so much stuff! Definitely the best NZ site! With our heatpump currently broken, I'd love nothing better than to snuggle up under blankets and watch a movie!
NZGeekGirl - 10:21 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
We're movie junkies in this house to this new feature will rock!
smileybabe - 10:15 AM on Mon-27-Jun-2011 reply | message
How fantastic - another great group from a fantastic website!
littlemiss - 8:51 PM on Sun-26-Jun-2011 reply | message
fantastic group!! we are huge movie fans, would love the opportunity to review for people :)
jopukeko - 3:21 PM on Sun-26-Jun-2011 reply | message
I'm am always looking for something to watch at home and never know what to chose when I go to the video shop. Hopefully the reviews will help me select some great movies.
helen777 - 7:16 AM on Sun-26-Jun-2011 reply | message
This is a brilliant group!! So glad you have started this one,thanks for that and hopefully will be chatting to you about movies in the near future!!
rachaelsfun - 9:15 PM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
would be cool to join and win thanks
atasfairys - 7:24 PM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
love a good movie any movie really love the whole parked up on the sofa with muchies.
fifilemon - 7:08 PM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
Fantastic idea so much fun!
looies1 - 2:35 PM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
I think tangled looks good to review. The way the weather has been I cant think of anything better than sitting down for a great movie popcorn and a warm hot chocolate.
GoMummyJo - 1:56 PM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
love love LOVE this idea :-)
gemsmum - 1:04 PM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
This is a fab idea for a group....we love movies in our house, and it really is the weather for it :-)
JulieKidspot - 11:22 AM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
Hi lele61, just click on Join this Group on the left hand side and you'll be kept up to date when new movies become available for review :)
lele61 - 11:18 AM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
I would love to join this group as on rainy days I love nothing better than lying on the couch watching a good movie.
Jackieb - 10:43 AM on Sat-25-Jun-2011 reply | message
thats a great idea with this weather!

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