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Group Name: Mumpreneurs
Description: Entrepreneurial Mums with little, none or lots of experience running a business while raising a family. Lets share ideas, advice and support! Kidspot does not allow unauthorised advertising in its forums, groups or blogs. However, due to the nature of this group we are able to relax the rules a little. Feel free to share your own website links so that others can see what kind of business you have or to get ideas/feedback but please refrain from outright advertising, ie don't publish your latest specials on here or list products, etc. Thanks for your co-operation and best wishes for your endeavours.And thanks for the groups photo :)
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Biggest challenge you are facing right now in your business 4 11/29/2012
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Anonymous - 1:58 PM on Fri-11-Dec-2015 reply | message  | delete  | edit
vgrapentin - 10:58 AM on Thu-10-Dec-2015 reply | message
My girls and I have had trouble finding pretty hair accessories for school. So we thought why not come up with our own and share it with others who are also looking for nice hair accessories in their school colours? Hope you will all love it as much as we do. And we plan to add more to the collection as we go along. So please like, share, and spread the word.
PaulaJabbyJo - 8:20 AM on Mon-7-Dec-2015 reply | message
I am new to the group and I am yet to set up my profile. However, I am excited to introduce to you my campaign which will show you what I am up too. I have spent many years as a farmers wife (still am a farmers wife) will always be a farmers wife! This year my daughter (youngest) is turning 5 and will be off to school after Christmas. Excitedly I searched for my cv, maybe up in the loft? behind the couch? Under the bed? boxed in a cupboard? Eventually I found it. Paula Stone cv 2002!!! It was like me, coffee stained, crumbled, aged and deflated. Great!!!! simple I will get together and create a new cv, easy (dreaming!) what could I possible create to impress a job that paid more than the minimum wage . Tearful I accepted it my house working skills, bringing up my beautiful children, talking to our lovely animals, sobbing to the dog was not going to change anything and then an angel came to my rescue. It was when I was in the crop moving the fence last winter when the heavens opened. I was soaked and drowning in stalks the crop was taller than me.I stepped on a dead something it was under my foot. I couldn't see and the cows broke out. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the dog whistle and my angel came bounding towards me barking all the way. To my rescue Sam barked the cows off the crop. Suddenly my business came to me in a flash of lightning. So back into the hiding places I shoved my crumbled up cv page, by page and out of the cupboard I took my old lap top. On my bottom I sat for months and months. Here is my link to tell you the
ks I can't wait to tell you more of what I am doing and hope to get my profile updated. soon
Franchelle - 9:38 PM on Mon-25-Nov-2013 reply | message
Hi there, we have joined the MUMprenuers group - what a fantastic idea. We are excited to join in on the Market but cant seem to upload a photo? We are using a jpg file. Is anyone else having problems? Or am I not doing something right?
VickyNutrimetics - 11:06 PM on Mon-23-Sep-2013 reply | message
Hey ladies..... I'm a Nutrimetics consultant and I am loving the financial freedom it is giving me.... I have a fab team of consultants who are also enjoying combining being at home with the little ones and earning a fantastic income.... for all you Mumpreneurs in this group who are looking for a great company to get involved with from home then I highly recommend it!!! Message me with any questions you have if you wanna find out more :-)
Mignon - 7:54 PM on Wed-17-Jul-2013 reply | message
I'm offering the following deal: 1200 NZD for a basic website. Delivery time is two weeks max. 300 NZD for website optimization, twitter, Facebook, and aid in additional online promotion (ex. Google Adwords) if desired. Contact Mignon Olivier: 021 083 86459
Mumto2boys - 3:26 PM on Tue-29-Jan-2013 reply | message
Hi all,
I think "well done, good job", to all the mums helping themselves, being motivated enough to start a business and believing in themselves. I like the idea of hard working kiwi mums getting ahead with winning ideas. Its the kiwi spirit. Thus maybe we can afford to own our own house one day, and afford the mortgage, groceries and skyrocketing price of living. I have started a website : its in the early stages ... it will be developed further in the coming weeks so that each listing has its own page, photos and menu. / . Please let me know what you think, 'LIKE' the page if you like it. :) Thanks
MadMumprenuer - 1:28 PM on Thu-29-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi all, I'm a mumpreneur busienss coach who helps kiwi and ozzie mumpreneurs get get the right balance between making money doing what they love and putting their family (and themselves) first, so I was stoked to find this group. There's lots of sites and support for mums with businesses in the US, Canada and UK and to some extent Ozzie, but very little for us kiwis as of yet and my biz partner Jo and I aim to changes that. <br><br>For the last couple of years we've been operating as Love Your Small Business (<a href="">http
://</a>) but we are currently re-branding to reflect the new direction we are taking, so look out for new site coming in the New Year! <br><br>Feel free to email me anytime with questions, comments or a good gossip about how your biz is going for you!<br><br>Janine<br><br>
I can't wait to have a proper read of the discussions and chats in this group and find out a bit more about you all!
emmabrooks - 2:36 PM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hello Mumpreneurs,
I'm the editor of a new, online baby lifestyle magazine. We offer free editorial opportunities for small businesses and we've just launched an online directory. If you'd like to connect with mums and mums to be across NZ do come and check us out. We'd love to help spread the word about your business!
Ellie6612 - 1:55 PM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi, I am a stay at home mum with a four month old daughter. Was thinking about setting up a knitting business- baby dresses, booties etc. Any ideas how to start?
cherrytf - 1:36 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi there. I have a communications business -- writing and editorial services (i.e., blogging, newsletter writing & layout, press release writing, editing), graphic design, and marketing through social media. You can contact me through
Anonymous - 9:28 PM on Tue-29-May-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Hello everyone, it's so great to see what you are all doing. There must be a great amount of juggling between business, kids, homelife, friends?! I've also started my own business however my field is in personal and executive coaching. I work with inspiring women like you in NZ and Australia - helping them realise their dreams, get some balance back into their life, start up businesess, help them remember who they are and what they love.. all sorts of things! The reason I am posting on here is that i'm wondering if any of you would like the opportunity to be coached? As part of my international credentials, i'm required to complete 100 hours (quite a lot!). I have 4 spots available for 6 x free 45 min sessions. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to have an informal chat and interview. I can also provide a bio so you are aware of my background. Maybe I can help you and you me? My email is I look forward to hearing from you :)
dipz - 9:58 PM on Sun-8-Apr-2012 reply | message
Hi All, I stay at home full time too and look after my 2.5 year old. Currently promoting the use of toxin free detergents and laundry powders, creams, shampoos and vitamins of all sorts. Feel free to drop me an email on for me to send you some free samples. Heres what got me started, the creams from this company relieved my sons eczema and he has his baby skin back...after two weeks of usage. I got rid of all other products from my household and quickly became a toxin free home, at surprisingly no etxra cost to my previous spending amounts. If this does interest you then please help me promote the use of the cream that has brought wonderful nights back as bubba stopped waking himself up scratching.
halo - 12:01 PM on Thu-8-Mar-2012 reply | message
Hi fellow Mumprenuers. I have just recently joined Kidspot having found out about this evening’s Night Market – such a great idea! I’m amazed at how many creative at-home mums there are out there too. I work part time from home and have a 2yo daughter. I started up halo in 2011 just as a hobby, after falling in love with a hand-me-down cotton caftan for my daughter (just a baby at the time). As she outgrew her caftan I was disappointed to find there wasn’t much else out there like it – especially when it’s such a practical solution to helping keep our kids covered up from the harsh summer sun. So with a bit of research and re-work to the original caftan I decided to create my own – if nothing else at least my daughter would look cute and colourful, whilst still covered up, at the beach! And so halo was born. You can view my 2011 summer caftans in my Felt shop here:

I’m just selling through what’s left of my 2011 summer stock and will have more new fabrics (and larger sizes!) in time for next summer – so please let me know if you’re interested and I can update you when I have them back in stock. Please check out my page in Kidspots ‘Mums Night Markets’ for a 20% discount on all caftans – tonight only (6-10pm): <br><a href="
:// <br>album_file/792/2144/halo---cotton-caftan
s-for-kids <br></a>
LIVINGLIFE - 7:42 PM on Fri-30-Dec-2011 reply | message
Wow Gillymama, just viewed your web site, your products are amazing, especially your necklaces:)
Gillymama - 10:52 AM on Tue-8-Nov-2011 reply | message
Hi - I'm a SAHM to 3, aged 15mth, 5 & 7. I run my ceramics business from home and I am extremely busy its hard to keep up! I sell online, have a busy FB page and attend many busy markets through out the year. I ran my own professional photography company for many years before having kids and then needed a break. Now I have 3 and I am busier than ever!!! Bit crazy but I love it.
JulieKidspot - 10:15 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi everyone, just a note for this group - Kidspot does not allow unauthorised advertising in its forums, groups or blogs. However, due to the nature of this group we are able to relax the rules a little. Feel free to share your own website links so that others can see what kind of business you have or to get ideas/feedback but please refrain from outright advertising, ie don't publish your latest specials on here or list products, etc. Thanks for your co-operation and best wishes for your endeavours.
lynsey - 7:58 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi ladies. I'm a stay at home mum to two boys aged two and four, and in my 'spare' time I run a sewing business from home, making accessories and merino clothing for preschoolers. You can find me on facebook at My biggest challenge is dealing with wholesalers & retailers who are asking to supply my products, but I have no idea how to price for that!
cat - 10:31 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
I just started running my own business in direct selling. or Absolutely love it!!!! Hours to suit. Own boss. Work around family and only work part time but the income is similar to a full time position and the best part is after a day looking after the kids or at work you can dress up and put on some gorgeous jewellery and meet some fabulous ladies. It's so easy and fun. Let me know if you'd like to know more :) Really really affordable to start up too. I've spent years in hospitality and working undesirable hours so I really wanted to try something else I'll never look back.
wardma - 8:02 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
I am wanting to start my own business. I have left education and wanting to work from home. My 11 year old is at school all day, but I am a bit of a homebody. As I am a qualified teacher I have thought of either home based care through an organisation like Porse or even making up resources etc for schools, kindy's and Churches. I also have strong computer, financial and secretarial skills. What suggestions to people have. We are moving to Turangi so it will based there.
NZferret - 3:59 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
I'm a mum of a 1-year-old and am trying to establish and grow my facepainting business. You can see my work at
and on!/pages/Colour-Kids-Face-Painting/105593021212. I'm good at what I do (I've also started cake decorating recently and just made my first wedding cake) but useless with money... makes it tricky! I also have ideas for inventions that I believe a LOT of parents would want to buy, but haven't the knowledge to go about getting them made or patented or anything and am worried that if I tell the wrong person about my ideas they'll steal them. Any advice on any of the above? Has anyone been successful in having an invention made and marketed?
Anonymous - 3:16 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Anonymous - 9:18 PM on Sun-16-Oct-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Here is my new website
I am currently in the process of purchasing a domain name and finishing putting in info on my site.
I'D LOVE FEEDBACK!!! (by visiting the contact us page)
Thanks :)
Anonymous - 9:12 PM on Sun-16-Oct-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Way to go Jubie! What a fantastic idea and aim to have :)
Jubie - 3:55 PM on Sun-16-Oct-2011 reply | message
hi every one :) im a single mum to a 4 year old :) im just starting on a new career path and hoping that if it works the way i want it to i will become self employed as a fundraising and events coordinator/manager for companies and not for profit organisations. I have absolutely no idea what im doing yet but on fundraising committee for Youthline Palmerston North and also Roslyn Kindy and im really loving it :) having to think outside the square (chocolates and sausage sizzles in this case) is something ive always been great at so now i think ive found my calling
Anonymous - 6:27 PM on Fri-14-Oct-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Nice to meet you lovely Mumpreneurs.
Anonymous - what are you good at, what are your interests and strengths? Otherwise if you have $$$ you could buy an established business, one of my future goals.
Thanks GayeMiller you are amazing working full time and raising four kids - I know how exhausting yet rewarding it can be :)
Hi cherrytf, what type of business do you have?
I'm an in-home educator which has allowed me to work and study to gain my Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education and care while being here for my children too. I want to expand my wings and test the waters with some new business ideas I have but I'm a little reluctant being a single mum of 4.

GayeMiller - 3:58 PM on Fri-14-Oct-2011 reply | message
I juggle full time work in my own business and have four children (11 to 15 years). I'm happy to past on my knowledge where I can. So feel free to ask.
cherrytf - 1:01 PM on Fri-14-Oct-2011 reply | message
I'm a full time working mum with a business on the side, which I hope will grow so that I can work only part time in the near future and be fully self-employed later on.
Anonymous - 6:49 PM on Sun-9-Oct-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Busy self employed Mum looking for advice on how to move forward in business while raising kids. I'm to scared to really commit to some business ideas I have as my priorities are my four kids.

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