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Food & Cooking - Allergy friendly baking

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Group Name: Allergy friendly baking
Description: Share your allergy friendly recipes and trade tips and tricks for making them work or adapting ordinary recipes to suit a intolerance.
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Gluten Free 4 12/11/2014
Allergy Friendly Baking 5 07/10/2017
Allergy friendly snacks 6 08/15/2012
Easy black and white cake 3 10/25/2012
The best chocolate cake 4 05/23/2012
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thecoffeelady - 8:56 AM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
mellyb - try they have all sorts of amazing recipes, I know there are some for bread although I haven't actually tried them personally.
mellyb - 12:02 AM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
i have just had my daughters hair tested by allergenics, and she has a few intolerances. yeast, dairy, sugars, corn..... boy oh boy, what do i feed her. and does anyone have a good bread recipe (i've been making a baking powder bread, a bit like a scone dough and using oat milk in it). but does anyone know maybe a bakery that does yeast free bread?

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