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Group Name: Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower
Mums Say has teamed up with Planet Fun to offer ten members with children the chance to become Toy Testers!

The new Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower is a play lawn mower that looks like the real thing! Little Tikes is a trusted brand for quality lasting toys.

    • Includes removable gas can that stores conveniently in the lawn mower

    • Sounds are mechanical, no batteries needed

    • Pull cord to hear starting sounds

    • Made of sturdy colourful plastic, Little Tikes are quality toys that last.


Planet Fun has teamed up with Mums Say to offer 10 families the opportunity to be a Little Tikes Toy Tester. *** Read their reviews below! ***

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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Gillymama - 10:31 AM on Thu-23-Aug-2012 reply | message
I've just added 3 photos of Will enjoying his mower... as soon as he saw these photos he got excited saying " My mowa, my mowa"
oommii - 7:55 AM on Thu-23-Aug-2012 reply | message
P.S; I had some friends over last week and all of the children (aged 11mnths - 2.5yrs) played with the mower.
Because there are so many things to do with the mower, they happily played with it together (2 at a time) which was great. One of the boys even worked out that he could hang the (empty) peg basket over the handle and then put a toy in the basket to help him mow
MumBum - 11:07 AM on Tue-21-Aug-2012 reply | message
Sounds fabulous!!! I'll have to add this to the list for Xmas this year, with two little boys who will be ages 1 year and 2 years, it'll be perfect for them, especially in the Summer! Thanks for the great reviews ladies!!!
margaretlor - 5:05 PM on Mon-20-Aug-2012 reply | message
I would like to say thank you for the change to trial the little tikes gas n go mower , what a great toy my little man was at home when it came , we could not open it fast enough ,ti only took a few minutes to but together and wow my little mans face lit up and he kept saying mower mower ,then he worked out how the pull start works and it sounds like a real mower to a little boy who could hardly containe himseif he play with it for the rest of the day ,he even tryed to take it to bed with him , the day he took it with him when we went out he mowed his nanna's lawn the grass at the park shear it with the other chilren he mows our lawn every day when the sun is out he put his granddad earmuff on just like grandpa dose when he mows the lawn . I would recomoned this toy to any one for either boy or girls as they both seem to have fun with it , this mower gets taken evey where , it has become his best toy he loves it so much and it has stord up to some ruff play he use the gas can to fill the mower every this is a wonderful toy And thank you againe for letting us trail it
Gillymama - 12:28 AM on Sun-12-Aug-2012 reply | message
Our 'Mowa' is still going strong and was a fantastic distraction toy last week when I had an urgent appt that required a 'not so familiar' baby sitter. I set him up outside, got him mowing and slipped away. The update was he had a blast mowing everywhere, around the trees, under the trampoline and even on the deck steps. Only downside is I wasn't there to take photos. Its been so WET and soggy outside we haven't been able to play much on the lawn. He truly loves it and the pull cord action never get dull. I found the petrol can amongst his softy toys the other day so he is really attached!
Greerfamily - 4:10 PM on Sun-5-Aug-2012 reply | message
As an extra review a couple of weeks on with the fantastic pop n go mower - 3yr old loving it still and very possessive against 5yr old who wants to have a go too, the noise with the cord (and my 3 and 5yrs olds abilities to constantly pull it before it finishes) has defintely made it a bedroom or outside toy for my sanity and the sanity of the dog (who still likes to chase it like she does the real lawnmower). Daddy is proud of his kids who go get their gardening gloves on and earmuffs before "mowing" the lawns and we had to laugh at 3yr old who went with Daddy top fill up the real lawnmower petrol tank as he wanted to fill his up... luckily daddy managed to pretend to do so :)
teen29 - 12:39 AM on Thu-2-Aug-2012 reply | message
Oh my gosh! Thank you sooo much for choosing us to trial the Gas n Go Mower! As soon as it arrived, I couldn't get it out of the box fast enough so my 2 boys could play with it! Was really easy to put together. And once they stopped fighting over it, it became quite enjoyable to watch them play with it. They just love the little petrol can to fill it up, and anything else that needs filling up with petrol! Everything about it is awesome! The colour, the sound it makes, and all it's other little extras. They can't wait to test it on the lawn with Daddy, once the lawn dries out from all this rain we have been having here in the 'winterless north'. And i will post a pic, once I can figure out how to make the picture smaller :). I would totally recommend this to other families. It will bring a lot of happiness to the lucky boy or girl as it has to my 2 :)
oommii - 5:21 PM on Tue-31-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter got so excited when she saw the mower without even realizing what it was (I had it out of the box but she caught me trying to assemble it) because of the bright colours.
It was easy to assemble and when I pulled on the pull cord and the mower made a vrrooom noise, I'm not sure who got more excited - hubby or daughter :-)
From there I wasn't allowed near the mower as my daughter was off, filling the tank with petrol - occasionally she can't get the cap back on but she just asked for help as it annoyed her, turning the key, pulling on the lever.
She then went and grabbed her earmuffs (just like daddy does when he's mowing the lawn) before racing up and down the hall multiple times.
Since then the hallway, lounge and deck have been mowed multiple times. Because of all the rain lately our grass is a little soggy for her to take the mower onto the lawn but she's having loads of fun and is showing her mower off to anny visitors that have come around.
Thank you so much for selecting us as this has been a real hit. Once I wok out how I will upload a photo of her with the mower
Sarahmurray - 2:36 PM on Tue-31-Jul-2012 reply | message
WOW! What a great toy it is for my son’s birthday! It arrived when he’s asleep. I tried to hide the box but he still found it after nap. He’s so excited and asked me again and again to open it. This mower is easy to assemble, just follow the instruction. It comes with bright color, green, yellow and red, which makes the child attracts with it. Compare with our old mower, it is much flasher and more exquisite. Moreover, he enjoys twisting the power level which has a turtle or rabbit sign. It helps him to understand the speed difference. Plus, the cord design is fabulous. It sounds like a real machine and very powerful. He pretends this is a racing game and asks daddy to race with him. “Ready Steady Go” Ethan pushes his new mower and runs pass daddy. After trial this product, I‘d like to recommend the factory to change the handle into a foldable design. It could save some room and easy to store.<br><br>All in all, I appreciate so much for this new lawn mower from Kidspot and Little Tikes. It brings lot of fun and joy. After we got it, Ethan had mowed the lawn with daddy again. He enjoys it a lot and always pushes it with laud giggles! I give this product A+
Mumto3boys1girl - 1:35 PM on Tue-31-Jul-2012 reply | message
My children of various ages have all loved playing with this mower!!! It makes lots of noise (so might be more an outside toy!) My 9 month old baby is fascinated by the colours and the noise and I bet she can't wait to be up walking and pushing it around! My 3 year old has definitely claimed it as his own and LOVES putting the petrol in (definitely a highlight having a detachable petrol can!) Very easy to assemble and nice and sturdy. Would highly recommend this toy. Can be used inside or outside and a must have for helping Mum or Dad mow the lawns!!
Gillymama - 12:27 PM on Tue-31-Jul-2012 reply | message
Rain rain go away! We really want to go outside and play with our "mowa" but for now the hallway and lounge is neatly trimmed! My son just loves his mower and has been playing with it everyday, the gas can is getting lots of use today filling up everything including me!
SusanMW - 11:19 PM on Mon-30-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow Thanks!! Our mower arrived with much anticipation. My 6yo daughter had been so excited she checked the letterbox 5 times per day just in case. Luckily she was home when the mower did arrive and was there to help us open it. Her little sister (17 months) was also excited and pulling cords while it was still in the box. I found it very easy and straight forward to assemble taking less than two minutes on my own. It was an instant hit with both of them (despite my oldest daughter being a 'more-is-more' girly girl type) She loved playing with her little sister and watching her enjoy the new Little Tikes Gas and Go. She also loved all the "bits and bobs" which came with it and would fill the tank every few meters... This managed to spark a conversation about petrol and fuel and how they worked to power the engine.. that made a nice change for both of us! My smaller daughter who has only been walking independently for a month or so. She loves pushing her mower and making the popping balls jump as she goes, keeping her walking for a longer than usual length of time...endurance time for the olympics :) The Little Tikes Gas and Go mower is a very sturdy design and our new-to-walking daughter didn't tip over (or backwards) once..It also easily survived being pushed off the back steps a time or two. When the sun started shining we took the opportunity to test it outside and again it didn't disappoint. My youngest daughter also loved being outside with it, pushing it around our front lawn and pulling the cord and turing the key, and changing gears... while watching everything else that was going on out there (Including watching our 80+ yo female neighbor mow her own lawns!!). Best points for us include:
- Can be used inside or out
- All the accessories: Instant winner with most kids
- Makes different noises, encourages interaction in different ways
(key to turn, gears to adjust and starter rope to pull)
- Sturdy, even with toddlers who have just started walking..seems durable, so far...
- Easily assembled from box AND no batteries required :)
- Minimal packaging and nearly all of it recyclable :)

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this toy to others (boys and girls) and felt it something to offer most kids over a range of ages. I think it would be especially useful for new walkers and those who like to play by mimicing mum and dad. Now I cant wait for some more sunshine so we can get outside with it some more :)

lee001 - 9:18 AM on Sat-28-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks! Our mower arrived and the kids were so excited they were helping open the box! I must say, to get it out the box was a little tricky, as it had been taped and tied. Once out though, it was really quick and easy to put together. The kids loved helping putting the knobs in too, they felt important for adding the final bits. Then they each had a go at pulling the cord and filling it up. Its a great idea that it has no batteries! Very cool sounds and awesome colours. I love the simple design, very effective. My 9 mth old also had a go at filling it up and puling the cord. Great for all ages and an excellent height too. Thanks again for allowing us to trail this out. It is a winner!!!
Gillymama - 9:50 AM on Thu-26-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our awesome mower arrived before breakfast yesterday and Will was playing with it BEFORE I could get it out of the box. You should have seen his face when he saw the box! He loved it... where do I start? It's wonderful and I'm super impressed. So easy to put together - Handle to click in and 2 knobs to push in... and I think they only left them out as its fun to click them in and great user interaction! I LOVE that it has no batteries, simply brilliant design. Its nice and bright with simple graphics and very realistic, even had the chute out the back for the clippings! Will started off pulling the pull cord and that tickled his fancy and he pretty much pulled it all morning, pushing the mower around the house (raining outside), filled the gas, flipped the switches and watched it POP POP POP! Its a perfect height (he is 2) and quite stable. He wanted to sit on it and ride it, but soon figured out it was better pushing. He tuned it over, gave it a 'tune up' with a chopstick and had a ball. The pull cord is quite noisy, but hey - its a great toy and it provided hours of entertainment. He even learnt a new word yesterday - MOWA! This morning when he woke up, it was the first toy he went for and started it up to get some mowing done. Thanks Planet Fun & Kidspot - very impressed. Its still iced over outside so we'll wait for it to defrost/dry up and take it outside! (p.s. I think it it much cooler than Mike the mower)
loulou79 - 2:25 PM on Wed-25-Jul-2012 reply | message
My two year old was home when this arrived and loves it, he couldn't wait for me to open it and put it together, which only took about 3 minutes to do. Considering it is mechanical, they have done a great job with the sound, it is very realistic and, bless our ears, it only lasts for a few seconds and there are no batteries to have to replace.<br>My kiddies have used a mike the mower before and to compare them, this one is much more sturdy and because of the chute thingee at the back it doesn't tip up as easily and the handle is stronger. This is a quality product and if I was to choose between the two toy mowers I would definitely choose this one. I will let you know how the 5 year old twins go. Thanks Planet Fun and Mums Say :)
Well my 5 year old twins had a ball with the mower too. I think the pull cord was the favourite part especially for my car mad eldest son, he was revving up the mower so it could go racing, lol. My daughter liked filling it up with petrol, the petrol can is almost the same as the one we have for our lawn mower. They told me I needed to mow the lawn when it is sunny so they can help too. There has already been a few fights over this, one of them resulting in a cut lip so I think I might have to get out my timer, lol. Already a much loved toy :) Thanks again Mums Say and Planet Fun
Greerfamily - 2:01 PM on Wed-25-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow this just arrived like 30mins ago... my 3year old was home, helped me open and put it together and has not stopped playing with it since. He seems to especially love the pull cord (although the noise gets the dog riled up) and filling up the gas tank. He has mown our lounge 3 times (as cold outside at moment - but desperate to take outside), and the 7mth old baby is liking watch him drive the pop n go mower around. Happy smiley faces. THANKS!!!
cathw - 4:17 PM on Sat-21-Jul-2012 reply | message
Oh my goodness my 3 year old Charlotte would LOVE to try one of these. She pushes our laundry basket around on the grass following her Daddy when he uses the real mower. I just know she would enjoy this so much. Please pick us for testing! Her 7 year old sister is very good at critical appraisal so would no doubt assist us too!
Olivia6 - 8:31 PM on Thu-19-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have two boys and two girls. My boys are 6 and 3years old. The 3year old just loves to be like dad and the 6year old uses anything he can find to copy anyone. They would both love the mower and I even think the girls might get to use it (only when boys not around)
atasfairys - 8:12 PM on Thu-19-Jul-2012 reply | message
LEROY LOVES FOLLOWING BOTH MUM AND DAD OUTSIDE, he tries to copy all that we do, this is something that i think he would just love and teach him the art of imitation in play, oh yes please all the hands are up in this house to try this, thanks for the chance team
Buzzydaisy - 1:04 PM on Thu-19-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow, a toy without batteries!! I remember the days of mowing the lawns with my little plastic mower.
My little girl (21/2) would love a toy mower. We have never found one sturdy enough or one that is real enough without too much noise, so we have never bought one for our kids. My kids love to mow outside but the fun does come inside during the winter months too.
My son used a little plastic trike that had a handle on the back and made a motorbike noise to push around with Dad.
Miss 2, has been scared of the mower up until now, but all she wants to do now is get on the safety gear and do what Dad does, so cute.
Our whole house would love to review this toy, it is just the thing our toy box is missing.
BubbeezMum - 8:57 AM on Thu-19-Jul-2012 reply | message
Little Miss almost 3 has a cheap lawn mower that she loves to help out with daddy when he is doing the lawns its so gorgeous she goes out in gumboots and has her earmuffs on and does the lawns with her daddy. She has great imagination and likes to do things like Mummy and Daddy, if she was a toy tester I am sure she would love the realistic quality this toy brings (noise of pull cord) and being able to pour in the petrol like her daddy,
mumjess - 8:41 PM on Wed-18-Jul-2012 reply | message
how cool is this! my daughter is 2 and just loves pushing anything - and especially the chance to do things Mum and Dad do. She will love mowing with Daddy - under heavy supervision of course!
subbzsmith - 9:17 AM on Wed-18-Jul-2012 reply | message
My Dau is 39 months old. She loves pretend mowing (always scared of real mower sound) and would love this one.
imamum - 8:49 AM on Wed-18-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son is 3 years old. He loves helping in the garden but is scared of the motor mower noise so a toy mower would be the answer. He would love to test toys to see how fun they are to play with!
keetismyson - 7:31 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
hi, my 2yo Son would LOVE this as he already tries to follow his daddy around while cutting the lawn, and if we were able to trial this then master 2 would be able to be EXACTLY like his daddy, i would also get him some ear muffs so he can be just like his daddy.
atmum - 7:06 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi kidspot!
My 3 year old daughter would love to trial this great product. Whenever myself or her father are mowing the lawns she is constantly asking if she can start it up or pour the petrol in, however we tell her she cannot as it is too dangerous.
This toy would be perfect for her as she can pretend to fill her petrol, start the mower and mow the lawns just like mum and dad without being told she can't!
Thanks for the opportunity to register :)
skirts - 5:44 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow my 3 year old would LOVE to test this toy - she swings from being a right tomboy to a little bit of a girly girl but her fave thing to do at the moment (apart from dolls) is head out to the garage with daddy and "help" him do things - a toy lawn mower would be awesome as she could potter around the garden 'pretending' to mow the lawns (obviously not near daddy doing them as a safety issue)
beadygirl - 5:03 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
my energetic 18mth old would love love love her own little tikes toy to trial, she has trialled many a little tike toy from the toy library, I know she would adore having her very own to keep :) . I can picture her mowing now, in her new purple gumboots saying boooooots mum booooots,,,,brrrmmm brrmmm
cheekymonkeys - 4:49 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
ooo My little miss 2.5yrs would love this she walks around the house with her earmuffs on pushing anything saying mowing would be right up her alley!
DrNic - 4:42 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
my 2 and 1/2 year old would love this, she loves to watch daddy mow the lawn and with this she could help too!
MaryMc - 4:18 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 year Grand daughter would love to have a play with this! She would be able to 'mow' the lawn just like Daddy :)
missmaddysmum - 3:50 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Miss nearly three would love this! She loves being outside and helps dad out with the lawns and sometimes helps to push the real mower, this would be great as she could mow alongside him instead
melsta - 3:27 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi my 17 month old boy would love to trial the Gas n GO Mower. He had a toy lawn mower but I gave it away to a friend as he wasn't walking then. But now that he's walking (or should I say running!) he would just love to test the mower out. He (and his dad) would love the sound effects it makes! Cheers!
kelmucalo - 3:16 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My two and a half year old would LOVE to be a tester for this - he loves to do anything Daddy does with great enthusasiam, and anything that he can make 'go' and that makes noises is always a winner in his books! I'm pretty sure his 10 month old brother who is almost walking will be pretty impressed with it too, lol!
angelstar - 2:40 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Miss 2 would love to trial. She has 3 bigger brothers that have toys for garden. Would be great for her to be outside with them and Dad mowing lawns and working in gardens.
KZR2009 - 2:17 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 3 and she LOVES things like this. Shes a real tomboy and follows me around when I mow the lawn. She always says she want to mow them and when shes bigger (her words) she'll do them for me. She would have a blast testing this mower out.
cbirch - 2:15 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
I would love for my boy (2 1/4 years) to be a tester for this cool mower. He has always loved pushing things around - trolleys, and prams - anything with wheels. I am always having to stop him from playing with our lawn mower so one he could trail himself would be fantastic! Thanks!
LindaK - 2:07 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son is two years old, and would be the perfect little toy tester for the Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower: He is a lover of the great outdoors and everything outdoors related, including the law mower and the lawn mower man! He's also a pretty full on physical kid, so if the Tikes mower can withstand the rough and tough joy of my son, it would have to be a pretty awesome toy! Please consider my boy as your Toy Tester, thanks :)
margaretlor - 1:50 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
I would love this for my 2 year old he loves moter mowers and when ever we walk past cash converters he yells out lawn mower at the ones outside .. he would be the perfect tester .. he is really into playing with things he loves and has a passion for .. It would be fantastic so he can be just like grumpy out mowing the lawns and for him to use when helping mum and nana in the garden .. I have never had the oppurtunity to reveiw anything as fabulous as one of these and i would love the oppurtunity ... every time we go into the toy sections of shops he always points out these lawn mowers and i know lil tikes is a very fantastic and durable brand and he loves thinking he's helping .. i really hope you do consider me to give my feed back and a honest reveiw on this product pretty please ... thanks
wyldange - 1:49 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2.5 year old son would ove to test this, because well, he likes to copy daddy doing "daddy jobs"
Hayley - 1:47 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My children's father has been away for 5 months and the one thing that my little boy is planning for his father when he returns is to mow the lawns together. This Little Tikes Mower would be perfect! Corey is 3 years and just loves gardening, lawnmowing, etc. I can just see him walking beside his Dad - each mowing the lawns :-)
kandis - 1:46 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son has just turned 2 and i look after him at home along with my two 4 year old nephews
3 boys who LOVE toys and are always on the look out for new and exciting things to play with
their favourite outing of the week is when i have to go do my shopping and we pop into the Warehouse for a run through the toy aisles, they always have a blast and often a few shed tears when we have to leave
BrendensMum - 1:45 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little 2 year old man would love to be a toy tester. We've just moved onto a bigger section with bigger lawns and I'm sure he'll have fun following daddy around with his little mower and helping mow the lawns. He could 'mow' the lawns while Mummy weeds the garden as he gets bored with weeding just like his mum. At the playgroup we go to they have a Mike the Mower and he always makes a beeline to get in and look out and if anyone else wants a turn.
kay8805 - 1:44 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
ooooh, this would be awesome!! we have so many dollys and barbies here so im sure we can have more fun with a lawnmower!! specially when poppas out mowing too!!
radioguru - 9:42 AM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Oooooh! My 3 year old daughter would LOVE to be a toy tester for this 'lawnmower'. She is a HUGE outside girl, loves digging up my garden and playing with plants, dirt, grass, leaves etc. We bought her a garden set for Christmas last year, which has rakes and shovels that she uses to move the leaves from one pile to another. Having a new lawnmower would be a perfect addition to her 'gardening supplies'. Hehehe! :o)
CSM - 9:36 AM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
I definitely need to train up my kids to take over the lawn mowing duties! My 7 year old thinks he's graduated to the real McCoy & will only allow me to clear all the toys from the lawn while he cuts the grass!

BUT I still have my youngest daughter who is the only other one interested in copying / helping dad mow the lawns & it would be great to let her have this opportunity for both of our sakes (she may regret it later)!

She would be a great toy tester, honest, tough & always wanting something new
piglet - 8:51 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son would love this, he had a cheapo old plastic lawnmower which he loved but unfortunately is no more after his dad ran over it with the trailer (whoops!). He used to chase his sister up and down our yard with it. I know he would love this, he is four and anything with wheels is right up his alley and the fact that it makes noises too! He'd love it for sure.
byz - 8:35 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have 2 kids, 4,5 yrs old girl and 1,5 yrs old boy. They love to spend time in the garden: to help to plants the veges, pick the weeds and hunt snails in the dark with their torch. One thing they also would love to do is mow the lawn with their dad! they just love to watch daddy from the front window when he does this job. It would be such a delight for them to have that wonderful toy to pretend with dad and have heaps of fun! It looks a great toy and it will be their own lawn mower ! Thanks Little Tikes and Kidspot !
Resse - 7:51 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow! This looks like a neat toy! My three children (6yr old boy, 3 year old girl and 1 1/2 year old boy) always enjoy copying daddy when he's mowing the lawn. They would absolutely love to role play with this mower.
Greerfamily - 6:39 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have 3 children - 5yo Girl, 3yo Boy and 6mth old boy.... my 3 year old since day one has been daddy's little shadow... from gardening to toileting, sofa slouching to video loving. All my children are very imaginative and love to pretend with the little tikes playkitchen we were given... so i know you make quality toys. I know he loves the secondhand talking little tikes power tools we have bought him (weedeater, drill etc) and i think that this lawnmower would be lovely to trial - especially the no batteries :). My children are PERFECT for TOY TESTING as they really check the durability and quality of toys in multi longterm play... PLEASE CHOOSE US!
Angel - 4:23 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have 2 sons, 4 & 5yrs, they love toys (of course), especially ones with wheels & parts that move. They work well as a team or individually when playing with toys, and often discuss parts of toys & what their favourite aspects are!
UpsyDaisy - 4:22 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 3 years old and loves all things gardening plus toys which make a noise so she will be in heaven with this one!
kiwikelly - 2:38 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son will be 3 in august and is in love with 'helping' dad outside. This would be a great toy to entertain him while getting chores done
Seratone - 2:06 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old is fascinated with dads mower and loves to try and pull the rip cord. He would think this is fabulous.
motheroffour - 11:41 AM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
I would love to try test this with my full of energy 3 yr old who love to do everything and i mean everything daddy does! thanks
tina1771 - 11:22 AM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little 2 year old daughter loves hanging out with her dad when he is out in the garden. She has even tried to use the water blaster so I think this great toy would be ideal for her while her dad is working hard. Also, good to show that girls can mow lawns as well!
saranorman88 - 9:59 AM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son would love to review this - he's all into copying what daddy does including mowing the lawns.
lee001 - 9:19 AM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow! What a great opportunity!!
I have 2 boys and I am a home based educator for kids under 5. This toy will be perfect for the little ones to test as most kids love the real world stuff and always want to help me with the cleaning and vacuuming. So a Gas n Go Mower would be fun too!
Thanks Little Tikes and Kidspot!
EmmaR - 8:24 AM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old just loves his old plastic mower currently held together with a variety of sellotape, masking tape and electrical tape combos - poor old thing has been pushed beyond it's limits trying to keep up with Daddy and all his tools I think!
Would love the chance to trial this and see the look on boys face, he just loves his current mower but one that makes noises would be an instant hit, and especially one that has detachable parts!
Thanks Little Tikes
Shell - 11:04 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little boy spends most of his time outside exploring and imitating life. He turns 3 at the beginning of August and a new Gas n Go Mower would make his day. I must say his present mower is very old and faded but has proved itself through time. I would love to see if the Gas n Go Mower can stand up to the test of a real outdoors boy.
SusanMW - 10:50 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a 16 month old daughter who is the youngest in our somewhat busy family, she has two older siblings (13 and 7 yrs). I returned back to work earlier this year and like many other mothers I have to work hard to find and maintain that work life balance. Quality time together is very important and we are always looking for new ways to keep her entertained and have new experiences. Our family are big believers in learning though play and have avoided all types of 'screen time' thus far :) We also see physical development as being as important as other types of learning, but feel that sadly, for many it is often underrated. My daughter enjoys having quite time inside but also loves clambering around outside and mimicking her older siblings and parents (so the lawn mower would be great and bring her much enjoyment!!). We would love to be toy testers/reviewers for a trusted and reliable brand like Little Tikes....and would be pleased in the knowledge that they would still look great and last the distance when we 'recycle' and pass them on with our other goods to the local refugee centre.
carla24 - 8:46 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My Master 2.5 would LOVE to try this! He is very much a boys boy, and is always 'fixing' and 'helping' in the garden and garage with his Dad. He loves being outdoors! and it is sometimes hard to get him into the yard lately, as we have a bit of a hill from the quakes and a broken driveway, which he kids scared about!
shellcruise - 2:48 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have two beautiful girls. One is 9mths and is learning to walk and the other is 3.5 and wants to be a big person. Keana would love to do this she is at the stage where whatever we are doing she wants to help so this would be so cool for her to do with her dad.
lilblondee6 - 1:50 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 14month old would love to test the little tikes gas n go mower, he absolutley loves anything outdoors, all we have for him is a swing, the other items aren't really fo his age range unfortunatley. he is very steady on his feet as he has been walking since 9months and he has an indoor trolley, but is a tad too short for him. He would love a new push around toy to zip around the garden with!!
jenjen - 1:48 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 and half year old adores watching my partner mow the lawns, and if he were strong enough would like to take the mower for a spin himself so this would be the perfect toy for him!! My other son his just starting to use the push along walker things, mr 2.5 tries to take these away so it would be nice if he had a big kid toy that is pushable :)
hailz9 - 1:30 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old son would absolutley love to be a toy tester with this product as he is always wanting to copy what daddy is doing and he loves the outdoors and doesnt have many outdoor toys or get to spend much time outside with daddy coz hes always doing something this way they would be able to work toghether :) and give me time to spend with my 4 1/2 month old son
Nickik - 1:26 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter was out with her father yesterday trying to help him mow the lawns, was so fantastic to see them together doing something as she is such a mummy's girl, but yesterday it was all about daddy and helping him mow the lawns, so this toy would be amazing for them i think... a real daddy and daughter bonding time (and some time out for me! even better :-) )
shaz - 1:00 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 3/4 yr old and my 16mth old would LOVE to trial this..youngest boy not long started walking and loves to push things around. Little girl enjoys copying big person stuff!! : )))
veronica2005 - 10:01 AM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi my little 2 .5 year old boy would love to explore with this lawnmower he has explored with a playskool one but he tell us that its not like daddys one this one lookes so real life looking he love to go out and mow the lawns with his daddy what an awesome memory to catch on camera .
TraceyF - 8:47 AM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
my 14 month old son would love this. He is walking now and loves to push things around. He now wants to be up and walking around rather than crawling on the ground so I am looking for things like this for him to play with. He loves cars and things that make lots of noise as well.
oommii - 8:42 AM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
My eldest daughter is 2 1/2 years and would love to test his - I recently pulled down the box of dress up stuff for her for the first time (left over from when we have been to various costume parties) and she by-passed the fairy wings & wand, going straight for the chainsaw and hard hat.
She also wants to help whenever my husband mows the lawn or vacum and mop so encouraging her through play to help continue in this manner has to be a good thing.
My youngest daughter is only 1 month so she's a little young to be a toy tester but little tikes is such a good brand that she'll be able to play with it too when she is old enough
4kiddies - 7:20 AM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
my lil 3 year old girl would love to test this toy so she can mow the laws with her daddy that i know she would love
olga - 10:17 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
my girl is almost two and she loves helpinh around the house - so cute how she takes her little plastic plate after her dinner and gives to us for dish washing, she loves sweeping the floor and especially the vacuum cleaner ))) she says oh no when mister vacuum cleaner is trying to get her little toys ))) very funny. we are sure that our toddler will be very excited about the Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower!
tenkyz - 9:57 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
i would love to try this toy out for a little boy i look after,he would love that!
corinne33 - 9:56 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old girl is always attracted to toy mowers @ playgroups & friends houses...everytime I go to the Toy Library it is out...I was thinking of buying one for her birthday but we went with a trike. Trialing this would be perfect for us! She would love to copy her 79 year old Grandad who she has the most special relationship with! (:
kingskid - 9:28 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 year old grandson would love to test this, he loves anything with wheels and enjoys nothing more than helping Nana when he is here, his 17 month brother and 17 month cousin would enjoy it too as they are walking now and love pushing things around. Lawnmowers are Little Boys toys as much as Big Boys toys and this toy would be right at the top of little boys wish list. I would love to try this out with my grandsons.
staceyj - 9:01 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 'nearly' 4 year old daughter would be a great Little Tikes Toy tester, as firstly she absolutely loves toys! (mind you, which child dosent!) and secondly she loves to get outside and "pretend" to be mowing the lawns behind me when I mow the lawns, so I am sure she would love the opportunity to test out this mower behind her mummy instead of "pretending" to mow the lawns! :-)
teen29 - 9:01 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have two boys aged 2 and 1/2 and 4 and 1/2. They would love to be a toy tester, especially for a Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower so they can follow Daddy around mowing the lawn like he does. If only they could hang the washing out like Mummy does :)
lindyloos - 8:55 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
i have a 4yr old and 18 month old and of the many toys that have been bought for them over the years there are definitely toys that have been keepers and toys which have been one hit wonders and i cringe at the price someone has paid for their gift which just hasnt captivated them enough and the toy ends up in the toy abyss otherwise known as their closet! i have no doubt my girls would be great toy testers !
madisonsmummyz - 8:55 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Yes please I have a 5 year old who would love this. Will hopefully give dad an incentive to do the lawns with the real lawnmower too!
amybuell - 8:48 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My nearly 2 year old loves copying daddy and would love to mow the lawn....
angel7801 - 8:15 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have an 8 mth old and a 2 yr old. They would both love to test toys. I am a solo mum so cant afford luxuries for the kids. They are both very interested in the outdoors and helping me in the garden.
Monz3 - 7:55 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 18 month old son would love to play with this as he really loves to help mow the lawn
Sam - 7:52 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2.5 year old would love this - she's just at the stage where she wants to help with everything :)
loulou79 - 7:50 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little people are 5 year old twins and a 2 year old. They always come outside with me when I mow the lawns with their gumboots on so they would love to have a go with their own lawnmower and little tikes is a great brand that produces hard wearing quality toys so I'm pretty sure it would keep up with my kiddies :)
EmilyH - 7:46 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old who would both love to test this toy out. They both have their own earmuffs and are dads BIG helpers when he mows the lawn. They follow him round with their wee wheelbarrows which he patently fills up with clippings for them!
Mautopia - 7:31 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Oh my goodness! My son is almost three and is obsessive compulsive about mowing the lawn with his father... there's a whole process he goes through... you can guarantee its the only time he dresses himself with every thing correctly when his father is mowing the lawn, gummies, jackets, hat and scarf... and then he finds his wooden trolly, fills it with "pretend" gas and takes it out and shadows his father the whole way around the yard! I love to watch it! It'd be so cool if he had a "REAL" lawn mower to push! :-)
nikkib90 - 7:22 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little monkeys age 3 and 1 would love to be toy testers. They would give the toys a great workout and it wouldn't take long to figure out if they love it or not. I am sure they would love this as the one year old would take tons of time practicing his walking with it and the 3 year old would be trying to fix it or take it apart. So much fun having boys!
shontayhaydenandmyahsmum - 6:59 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My kids would be love to be toy testers. I have a 6yr old girl, a soon to be 3 yr old little man and a 18 month old little princess. They love hands on activities and I think they would have a blast with the mower!!
Twinsforus - 6:46 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My kids would love to be toy testers!! I have 5.5y old twin boys, a 3.8yr old boy and a girl who is 2 in 2 weeks. Mr 3 loves being outside with Dad when he mows the lawn, he would be in absolute heaven if he had his own lawn mower to "do the lawns" with!!
dolphingirl - 6:17 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
my 2 boys are 5 and 2 and a half. yes please to testing it out my 2 and a half year old likes to be doing things all the time. he is always on the go.
Rose3 - 6:03 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Oue wee girl almost 4 and enjoys anything that isn't nailed down! even things that are have been known to travel slightly. she loves outside and helping,and would love doing the lawns with grandad.
SallyE10 - 5:27 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Yes please!! Mr 3.5yo would love to test this product. He is obsessed with anything with wheels and would love to have a lawn mower just like daddy.
keznz - 5:26 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Please choose my son Ezekiel for this!! He is turning 3 in August and would LOVE to have a Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower!! Honestly, he is SO into his toys & gets right into role playing. He has turned his Cosy Coupe into his 'tractor' and even tied his big sister's skipping rope onto the back of it so he could pull logs around outside like a real tractor!! I would love to see what he gets up to with a mower :) Thanks for considering us, kez* x
vam - 5:17 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My full on 17 month old is pushing everything that is in sight, and he is a real farm boy so the lawnmower would be sooooo much fun for him of course!!!! Thankyou
Glenfelik - 4:51 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son has just turned 4 and loves to 'mow' the lawns whilst sitting on our John Deere mower (when it is parked up in the garage) How much fun would it be for him to have his own mower!!
Kazzam - 4:46 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2.5year old would love to give this a go he loves to watch his daddy mow our lawns and gets upset when he can't push the mower himself this would be just great so he can "help" and learn that mowers need petrol to make them go as well.
michp - 4:25 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 3 yr old son loves to help out in the garden and would enjoy pretending to mow the lawns like a grown up.
jewelz - 4:24 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have an active little 16 month old that likes pushing anything along. His dad brought him a stihl (toy) chainsaw before he was even born and he loves the tool toys. Dad is a landscaper who has several lawnmowers and I can see my little man loving this toy and bonding with Daddy over it. We need more outside toys as he is just getting so active he just wants to be outside all the time and my husband has been busy creating a nice safe outdoor area for him. Would love to trial this and need to keep the little guy as busy as possible as we are due to have a new baby in the next few weeks :)
taylerr - 4:10 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 15 month old girl has been walking for a few months now & we're having to look for new toys as she has grown out of a lot of her other toys. We would love to be a reviewer for this product :)
buzzybee98 - 4:06 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Little miss is 20months old and has loved playing with friends' toy lawnmowers. Helps mummy do the garden etc, so she could 'help' me mow the lawns too!
nicirving - 4:05 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a 2 year old, who painfully has to stay inside when daddy mows the laws. So she has to substitute a lawnmower with a little vacuum cleaner when mum vacuums. She'd dearly love to mow the laws like her dad!
MissMuffet - 3:42 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi I am 3 years old and just LOVE to help MUM and DAD out in the garden and their is lots of grass for me to play on. The lawns always seem to me need to be cut and try as I might I am just NOT ALLOWED to use the BIG NOISY thing that MUM and DAD keep out of my reach. I would just Like to do more in the garden and help out, I also help mum pull out weeds. I will spread some type of fertiliser using my gloves of course, before vegetable plants are to be planted. So can you PLEASE Pick Me Pick Me! Thank you in advance.
Maia - 3:27 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 14 mth daughter she just start walking , she will love to try this new toy.
mrsbt - 3:22 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a 20 mth old and a 3 yo who would love to test one of these gas nd go mowers. we have a lovely lawn area that will be just perfect for 'mowing' too. Both my boys want the trolleys and even prams to push around when we are having playtime at mainly music.
CherylFindlay - 3:20 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
We have a 19month old son who loves to be a part of everything we do, so being able to help Daddy mow the lawn would make his day.
He loves to play with everything and anything so being a toy tester would be his perfect job. He loves to find out how every little part works, and since the mower has quite a few it would keep him occupied for hours.
Matthewg - 3:10 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
We have 2 kids, Daniella is 2, and loves pushing around her current trolleys, and Connor is just starting to hold himself up pushing things around - so I'd hope both of them would get some use out of it :)
vettechic - 2:53 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My in-home care children would love to be able to share this, as they are really into helping me garden, e.g. growing flowers, veges, fruit and also the mundane task of weeding, so I'm sure they'd love to zip round with a lawn mower of their own.
I care for 4 children, Master 3 1/2, Master 3, Miss 2 and Master 14 months and we often have their friends round to play
SusanDax - 2:34 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Both of my kids - Anna aged 4 and Alex aged 2 - would LOVE this toy! They enjoy pushing dolls prams, and my boy has been told off many times for trying to take one outside, so this would be perfect for outdoor play :)
Janelle26 - 2:30 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
my 3 year old would just love this as we have a big lawn to mow she would just love to think she is helping mum :-)
travelbugnz - 2:28 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is nearly 2 and loves pushing things. She could spend all day pushing the pram as we walk along. However, we don't have anything for the garden and also we are trying to get our daughter to spend more time with daddy before number 2 arrives very shortly and currently she is a complete mummy's girl. Hence this would be a FANTASTIC opportunity for father and daughter to test this out (annd the rest of the coffee group... lol)
wayneandjoc - 2:10 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Ha ha - Our 4 yr old would LOVE this - he follows his dad around every time my husband mows our lawns - complete with ear muffs and an old dolls pram frame that I got at a garage sale....
awells11 - 1:48 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My wee neice would love to try this out for you.
Jembec - 1:46 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My wee boy is just beginning to become mobile. This would be great to encourage him to balance and walk and have some fun too.
ptdrmum - 1:40 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
We would love one. My three year old has a toy one but miss 18 months misses out.,unless she goes for a ride with daddy on the rideon but thats very rare these days ... All they do is fight and get in our way while we try to mow our lawn.....
MAMANANNA - 1:37 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Miss 1 3/4 's dad is away working alot so when hes home she follows him doing everything he does perfect to copy dad .Also to follow Mum when she has to do them . Its her 2nd birthday this month and even if we dont get picked to test will be interested to hear reviews as she walked up to one in the shop and payed it alot of interest.
donz71 - 1:37 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My potential toy testers are 2.5 and 3.5 and love borrowing a battery operated lawn mower from our local toy library. I love that it keeps them occupied outside so it's very popular all round ;-).

kiwitrout - 1:35 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
We'd love to try the Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower. Our youngest is 19 months and loves doing what everyone else is doing in the house. She helps put clothes away and dishes on the bench etc, and would love to be able to help outside as well. We also foster a 14mth old boy a weekend every month. He doesn't have a lot at home so it would be cool to see what he did with it also. Two testers for the price of one!
Kim1 - 1:31 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 yr old loves anything he can push around, and would love to 'help' daddy mow the lawns.
aucklandjules - 1:29 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
This looks like a great toy to get the kids playing outside. My 3 year old daughter loves being outside and pushing anything with wheels and likes to do what we are doing. I am sure if she had the Little Tikes Lawnmower she would love to push it around and help Dad while he mows the lawns. We would love to trail this toy for you.
ingie83 - 1:27 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
MY 10 & a half month old daughter is just stepping and will be beginning walking soon this would be a fun trial and could help her gain more balance & coordination being she is starting so young. She has gotten all her brothers hand me down toys and things and its nice for her to get something of her own.
tessa771 - 1:27 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a 2yr old that this would be perfect for. She follows her dad around every time he mows the lawns and now she can mow the lawns on her own. Such an awesome trial
trinity4mum - 1:25 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
who would not want to be a toy tester - what a dream come ture
Nilithya - 1:25 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
This is perfect for my kids, Miss 5 & Mr 19 months. Poor wee man doesn't have a lot of toys of his own but still loves playing with his sisters things.
He is so keen on doing as Mummy & Daddy do at the moment, always copying what we do, particularly outdoors or in the kitchen. He's my wee helper :) So I know this would be right up his ally. Would love to be able to give him something that he can actually use. Thank you! :)
loribradley - 1:23 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
My wee chap is 19 months old and started walking 2 months ago, he would LOVE to test this Gas n Go Mower, he loves doing things that dad does and is very fond of tools etc :)
emma30 - 8:02 PM on Fri-13-Jul-2012 reply | message
I'm sure my daughter 3 1/2 and son 21 months would love to be toy testers. My daughter would love the Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower as she loves watching me when I'm out mowing the lawn. I think for my son this would be great as he has some physical delays due to a rare condition he has. He has recently started walking around furniture maybe the lawnmower would be great for him to push around and get him moving more
Mumofone - 12:59 PM on Fri-13-Jul-2012 reply | message
My almost 4 year old and 18 mth old boys would be great as a toy testers for the Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower. Master 3 1/2 would give it a good going over he is very observant he would love to pull the cord just like daddy's and he would certainly tell me if something wasn't right. As for master 18 mth he will make sure it was built tough. They will love the gas can also. The boys like to bake and fold the laundry and follow mum around the garden with their spades, but to have a lawnmower and get to mow the lawns like daddy would be so exciting for them as they both like trying to be like daddy. How exciting what a lovely toy to test.
dillonfamily - 11:16 AM on Fri-13-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our little man is coming up 1 but walking, and already pushes his trolley around.. When his daddy is mowing the lawns Mackenzie is always standing at the ranch sliders watching him, so I think with his own little mower he'll mimic his dad inside the house! He's a real active little man, and any excuse to get on his feet and he's there! He'd be a fantastic tester - it would get plenty of use, and lots of photo opportunities too as his mummy is a photographer!! :-)
shird - 11:29 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little William, age 3 and a half would be right into this- thats the the first thing he goes for when we go to Storage box-We had to hide the one that the school got as a raffle prize as we couldnt get him away from it! Good way to get him started in the lawns while he is young!
Jo90 - 10:38 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
We have these at the Whakatane Toy Library and they're really popular (especially with 2-3 year old boys). Little Tikes toys in general are great for the library as they're built to last and don't need batteries! So not a request for a review but a glowing endorsement :o) But of you have any other toys looking for a review - the Toy Library (or my 2 and 5 yo) would be happy to help.
Mardi - 8:13 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
Sterling is 2 & would so love this toy,he's forever following behind Daddy while he does the lawn mimicking Daddy's movements totally cute to watch
Sparky - 2:32 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
Andrew (2 years) runs after his older brother (4) who already has a lawnmower. Would be great if Andrew could have one as well and then they can both follow their dad when is actually mowing the lawn.
Faffer - 1:03 AM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 17 month old daughter would love to be a toy tester. She's really into helping out with chores around the home. She feeds the cat and dog every day, helps load and empty the dishwasher and gives me a hand pushing the vacuum cleaner around and hanging washing. She was in tears in the weekend when daddy was mowing the lawns and she wasn't allowed out to help him.
skyela - 9:17 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
Both my girls would love to do this, at the moment they run around with a childs buggy pretending it is a lawnmower as my hubby does the lawns!
hellyp - 7:54 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our 2 yr old would love this!! She loves helping daddy mow the lawns, as soon as she hears the mower she grabs her gumboots and ear muffs. She would be a fabulous toy tester she would put the gas n go mower through its paces, give it a new name and possibly put it to bed with dolly....Charli would love this!! :)
nummabear - 4:38 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
my son oliver is 2 years old and im sure he would love to trial this while hes out with me mowing the lawns, he'd love to be a toy tester for the fact that he loves toys,no matter what sort..boys or girls toys he loves them! i got my son a lawn mower last year,but wasnt sturdy like this one looks to be, so it'd be awesome to see how he enjoys this mower as hes also getting into the whole pretend play at the moment.
natsmum - 4:13 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
Mr almost 3 would love to help trial this. He loves to help me mow the lawns - gets his earmuffs out and squeezes between me and the mower to push the mower around - it would be fantastic to give him his own mower so he can copy - and I can get the lawns mowed quicker!
silverstarz - 1:36 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
My two nearly 3 year old boys would love this, but to be honest I would love to review it because I always wanted one of these when I was kid :)
blushfulbabe - 12:36 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 5 yr old love pretend play and love helping dad with the lawns and gardens. Would be great for him to have his own little lawn mower just like dads but a safe version. Would make my nerves of him trying to mow the lawns alot less :)
tarns677 - 11:30 AM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
OMG my son loves following dad around when he is mowing the lawns this would be a perfect toy for him.would love to trial
wendylouise - 10:49 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
hello our nearly 2yo would love to test this product and trust me, test it he would. he is a very energetic lil boy from the moment his feet hit the floor and one of his favourite things to do is copy mum or dad, he loves pushing the lux, mopping, etc and when daddy is mowing the lawn he pushes his trike along as we dont have a toy mower. he would have a ball with this as well as truly test how well made this product is
Cazper - 8:08 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi master two is obbsessed with anything with wheels. Though he does have a mower already, it would be interesting if this LittleTikes Mower actually is able to be pushed onto grass surfaces as our one won't, the front catches therefore Mr2 gets frustrated. So he would be a great reviewer. Ps mum can tollerate noisey toys too lol.
shorrty4life - 7:54 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter Keisha is 20months old now! She would love to be a toy tester because she never gets sick of new toys. It'll be her favourite at the top of her list that she will show off to all the other girls and boys that come round for play dates and will have them all wanting their parents to go get one for themselves too. =)
funnelgirl - 7:02 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son (2) is obsessed with copying his Dad, and lawnmowing is one of them.
We have an old plastic lawnmower, which was here when we moved in, the handle has fallen off, but he still likes to pretend to play with it.
His older sister (5) also enjoys running around the grass with this broken lawnmower.
I think my 2 would be great toy testers, they love to see how toys work, how robust they are, and what functions/features they have.
issa - 6:55 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
my two year old son would love to be a toy tester on this one! he loves copying his dad! :)
flower35 - 3:51 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have 3 children but my youngest who is 2 1/2 would so luv to trail this product, she would luv to follow daddy around and mow the lawns behind him.
Mumof2Girls - 3:36 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 nearly 3 year old would love to try this out... she loves gadgets and being helpful - so giving her a mower would mean she could muck around with a gadget and "help" daddy with the lawns :)
robyshack1 - 3:06 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a master nearly two, a master 4 and a miss 5 who love to 'help in the garden and watch me mow the lawns. They would love to trial this with me while we work together in our garden! Please pick our little family!!
kennyjo - 3:05 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
miss 4 would love to be a toy tester she loves getting out with her dad in the garden. Love toys like this where it mimics real life :)
Mumto3boys1girl - 2:54 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old would love to help his Dad mow the lawns!!!! What a cool looking toy!!
smoodles - 2:42 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
This would be so awesome for my little man, he has just started walking and he loves being outside with his dad, what a great experience it would be for him to think he was mowing the lawns just like his dad, I hope you pick him for this trial
Sarahmurray - 1:16 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
LAWN MOWER! LAWN MOWER! My son will be crazy if he sees it.

We had a little toy lawn mower as a xmas gift which is a simple shape and function toy. It doesn’t have any extra function or gas can, no cord with plain red colour. Even though it’s simple function, my son loves to take it everywhere. I’VE UPLOAD A PHOTO WHICH HE DID LAWN MOWING WITH HIS DADDY. His lawn mower is not a simple mower for lawn; he enjoys mowing our dog too. If we stay inside, he will push it to chase the dog for fun. Our poor black Labrador has to run around and he laughs loudly behind. This little lawn mower brought lots of fun. However, the sun fades the red away and it turns very ugly. Moreover, the material of this mower is very thin and brittle which cracks already. Now it has to be stored in the garage for dumping one day.

I really hope we can trial this Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower. We want to compare this lawn mower with the old one. Plus, the Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower looks the same colour and style as the one daddy has. They match perfectly that I can take and upload more photos when they do lawn mowing together! My son's 2nd birthday is coming soon and I really want to give him this surprise lawn mower as a gift. I’m sure this full function mower will bring my son more happiness and fun.
Trace - 11:51 AM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
this would be great to review, my little fella who has just turned 3
loves to help in the garden and when dad gets the mower out he gets really excited. He has his own ear muffs and gardening gloves. Bring it on kidspot!
kiwi72 - 8:00 AM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little one is 19 months old and number 2 is on the way soon! She LOVES helping dad in the garden and is desperate to help him mow the lawns but it's just too loud so this would let her 'mow the lawns' too with dad!!!!!
Babyone - 10:26 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have two children and is expecting a third in November, i love buying new toys for the kids, but find that they get bored of them easily, so I often give them away or pack them up, but my boy loves pushing his toy stroller around and this Mower looks like something that he would enjoy to play with for a long time. I would love to see whether my kids will enjoy this new toy and how long they would play with it until they get bored. My kids would be the perfect canidate for this trial. Thanks
MumBum - 10:13 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our second boy is 2 years old... he loves to play outside and inside too! Loves the vacuum and the lawn mower and I think he would absolutely love the chance to play with such an awesome toy! We'd get great use out of it and you'd get two reviews even as our baby will be 1 year old in November this year!
It would be something to keep him occupied outside while we're in the garden or pegging the washing.
I would love the chance for my two little ones to get to review this product.
Thanks again Kidspot and Little Tikes for another great product to review!
kala - 10:08 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 15 month old son is currently going through a stage where he loves to "help" mummy and daddy with any and everything! He likes to copy us by sweeping the floor, wiping benches, mixing in bowls, and hammering things like daddy. Basically anything we do he loves to feel like he is helping out and I am currently on the search for new toys that will allow him to safely fulfill this urge. This mower looks like an excellent toy that would allow him to "help" us while we are out in the garden. He loves to be outside, and he is also fascinated by noisy machinery and toys so he'd be the perfect candidate for this cute wee mower!
Thanks so much Kidspot!
Keryn247 - 9:25 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
my daughter is just over a year old and is walking, shes speedy on the carpet but a bit shakey on uneven surfaces like grass, this lawnmower would be great to help her stability, and it will go with the chainsaw her aunty got her for her birthday :)
amber - 8:57 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My grandson is 3yrs old and is scared of lawnmowers. He dosn't like the sounds that they make and dosn't even like to see one. I think we would be able to help him overcome his fear of them, if he had this toy one to play with.
melmort - 8:53 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is nearly 17 months old, she would love to be a toy tester because she loves to watch me mow the lawns and loves to push anything and everything that moves especially if it makes neat sounds
jthorne - 7:59 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little girl is 14 months old and is very active. She loves trying new things and would have great fun pushing this all round the house!
malandrob - 7:37 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My man (2 years old going on 20) so much wants to " my do" when it comes to anything at moment especially if it is an outdoors job like the lawns. this would be just the ticket!
annette - 7:25 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little man is 2, he would absolutely love to trial this for you. We have just recently moved to a gorgeous rural village and now have the joy of having a bigger back and front gardens, he loves to watch daddy doing the mowing and im sure would love to give it a go himself. We have another wee boy due in 5 weeks so this toy would have a long life for sure!
Dashes - 7:00 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our little girl is almost 2 - she loves playing outside while Dad is doing the garden, and also loves to imitate whatever he is doing. This would be such a cool toy for her to play with, we would love to be a reviewer, thanks.
veronicad - 5:37 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My little boy is nearly 2. He loves to watch Dad mow the lawn! On the weekend he sat on our deck, for nearly 40 mins, checking to make sure dad was doing a good job. Today in the car he saw council workers mowing a grass verge and he says 'Dad!' Which translated, obviously means, "hey mum, I just saw some guys mowing the grass just like Dad does at home, I sure wish I had my own mower so I could help out and trim that grass too!'
katienz - 5:02 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My girl has just turned 2, and is very curious and loves helping out, nearly always on the move from one thing to another, but one thing that always captures her attention is her grandaddy mowing the lawns, she stands up on her stool and watches him out the window, she would be perfect as a toy tester! and so love this little mower :)
mary110370 - 5:02 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My baby is 20 months old and loves playing outside. He is a real boys boy and is into any toy that makes a noise so would absolutely love to test this out for you. He's a rough and tumble kid so is sure to give it a good going over.
emily1 - 4:41 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a little boy who is almost 3. We have just moved into our first home with an actual garden and he is in it as much as he possibly can! We have a lovely big lawn that will need lots of mowing and my little one will be in heaven if he has his very own mower to help Daddy.
ChristineC - 4:38 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is almost 16 months now and she would love this so she can go and 'help' Dad with the lawns - at the moment she looks and waves to him through the windows and I am sure she would love to be out there helping too.
IceKiwi - 4:29 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My youngest is 4, he loves trying to mow the lawns with me and while its okay for a bit it is hard work he'd love to be able to mow with his own one alongside me.
nessee - 4:29 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My wee daughter is 21mths and soooooo in love with anything that she can push and this wee lawn mower would be the perfect winter play toy! She pushes the highchair around the house and I have to pull it back to the kitchen many maaaaany times a day, this wee cool lawn mower would cheer her boordem and bring a smile to her wee chubby face... pleaseeeeeee please she says heheeee :)
amyr - 4:29 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son is 3 and he loves to be outside when I am mowing the lawns so having his own lawn mower would be awesome! Also my niece 2 years that visits often would have great fun helping mow too!
Marley - 4:21 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My Son would be keen to motor around with this, he is 27 months and loves being outside!!!
virgogirl - 4:10 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi, I have 3 young ones who would love to review this cool mower, but my wee man who's 2 would be the best and most keen to try. He is 'all boy' and already pretends to gas up the bikes/scooters, he loves mowers and charging round outdoors :)
dayauon - 3:34 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son is 20 months old now and he's at the stage of curiosity. When we do our mowing we keep him indoors bec he would try to grab our mower. it'll be fun if he can have his own mower and peace of mind for me bec i know he will not be hurt in anyway with the toy. i'm already imagining what technical job he will do with the mower bec he copies his dad most of the time. hope we'll be chosen. thanks!
KrisT - 3:19 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a 3 year old and 2 year old who would love to give this a try. We have a big lawn that needs regular attention. They love being outside with their daddy and I love it when they are all outside too!! (DD3due in 10 weeks!)
ajpickering - 3:18 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son will be 3 in September and is such a busy gardener. I have posted a photo in this group and he is really enjoying himself. He would love to test this lawn mower in preparation of doing the real thing once he is tall enough to reach Daddies lawn mower handle.
misstorius - 3:17 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I'm about to start looking after a 1 year old, it would be excellent to have something new and exciting for her to play with while I'm pottering around, most of my children's toys are a bit worse for wear and I'm sure that Addy would love to tell me all about how much she loves her new toy.
anahera - 3:14 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
i have a 1 1/2 year old daughter and loves to follow me outside wen im mowing the lawns she would love walking around with this thanks
marikekaitlyn - 3:13 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old is ALWAYS outside with her dad when mowing the lawn and just walking up and down behind him... this would be the most amazing toy for her.. she just loved being outside helping her dad when mum is busy with her little sister.
Gillymama - 3:03 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
No batteries!! Wow that is really impressive. My big bundle of energy turns 2 this week. I can say without a doubt he'd be a brilliant toy tester, although he can't tell me, his actions would speak volumes and I'd take great photos!. William LOVES pushing things around the house, chairs, tables, boxes and the small vacuum cleaner. He would be in his element outside on the lawn with this awesome looking Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower. Love the idea of the removable gas can & the little levers up top, what little boy doesn't like extra gadgets to play with. This would be played with for years I am sure, with the help of big brother & sister as well. Does it have an adjustable height handle?
bexandpaul - 2:56 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our boys, 5year old and 2 1/2 year old would love this, they love it when their dad mows the lawn, they race up and down the lawn with him, they would think its great how it makes noises just like dads!
manea16 - 2:41 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 14 month old would love to try this out. He loves anything that you can push around. His grandparents have a trolley that he loves to push around and goes crazy around the house with it so I'm sure he would absolutely love this too. I can just imagine getting some great photos of him racing around the backyard with this like a little speedster. Cute!
Rysmum - 2:34 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
my daughter is 2 year and 7 months old. She loves being outside and playing, also helping clean up round the backyard. she has seen afew toy lawnmowers (at her cousins or friends houses) and loves to play with them. If she had her own one here to review for Kidspot it would make her a very happy little girl.
lildudesez - 2:32 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son 15 months just loves following Daddy round outside when he mows the lawn, and when we go to his cousins place where they have an older version mower it never leaves his side :) he just loves pretending to mow like Daddy
brookeandharv - 2:20 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My girls are 3 and 17 months and are both really into copying Mum and Dad. They LOVE everything that is a miniature of things we do - from their play kitchen to their mini watering can. I know they would love a mini lawn mower too!
katie1011 - 2:12 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
my little girl 2 1/2 would love to have this to try loves being outside helping in the garden and around the section. She would love to help with mowing the lawns and following me around :)
Nita - 2:08 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
the 3 1/2 foster daughter is absolutely in awe of my lawnmower and delights in being outside watching from the deck as i mow our lawns. This would give her hours of entertainment as she could enjoy role playing what she sees :)
Dibbles3 - 1:56 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Oh my gosh! I had one of these for my boys who are now 6 and 8. It lasted forever and they both loved it! I now have a little girl aged 18 months who really needs some outdoor toys and this would be great. She absolutely loves being outside and I'm sure she would love to follow her daddy around while mowing the lawns :)
stisnz - 1:54 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have 2 kids (daughter is 3, son is 1), but this would be for my son. He hates me mowing the lawns unless he can be part of it too. I'm usually having to hold him while I mow, which isn't the easiest. He would take pride is testing this out both alongside me while I mow, and on days when I'm not.
Sinead - 1:52 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
What can I say but boys will be boys! My son uses his makeshift wooden trolley as a lawn mover and imitates my husband with the noises! TOo cute ;) He would love one of these and the lawn needs mowing...there is no motivation like your son at your heels! LOL!
nsohail - 1:43 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son is 15 months old and my daughter is 4 years old. Both enjoy playing and are very curious of things especially my son. Both try to explore new things and new ways of doing things so at the end, they usually come up with great play time ideas. They would be delighted to become a toy tester and enjoy playing with this toy as well.
keades - 1:27 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son is 3.5 and would LOVE to be a toy tester. He is still very infantile in alot of ways, as he has mental health issues and developmental delay. He loves helping to mow the lawn and is always pushing the lawn mower around (while its off of course!) so this would be an ideal toy for him. He would be an expertise reviewer. He is also very much into toys that make sounds and have different things to do. This would be a dream toy for him.
livandjimi - 1:24 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My boys are 3.5 and 15 months, theyd so love to test this out for you! They love watching me mow the lawns :)
zimbo - 1:24 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi my 2 and a half yr old boy loves been outdoors we live on a dairy farm and he loves going outside and playing near the paddocks. I mow our lawn regularely and he loves standing on the watching me do it. He would love the chance to do the lawns with me when i do them.
destinygal80 - 1:24 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 2 years old and loves being in the garden and outside as much as she can. when dad is mowing the lawn she wants to help so he has to put her earmuffs on and carry her while mowing lol so to have her own mower would work PERFECTLY and will be a great daddy and daughter time :)
kms28 - 1:12 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi. My 3 year old son loves machines and all things mechanical. He would love the lawnmower - it would be well used and well maintained ("filled" with petrol/ oil etc) lol :) My 1 year old daughter has just started walking with assistance from pushable toys so it would be interesting to see if she can stabilise herself with the lawnmower. Perfect for spring (which I keep telling myself isn't far away!)
mamanfrnz - 1:05 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 15 month old boy would love to test this mower, he loves anything to do with the garden, and he is fascinated by his daddy' mower. This would provide hours of fun for him!
gonzze - 1:04 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My girls are 3 years and 20 months they would both love to play with the mower as they like watching dad mow the lawns and having it make a sound and a cord to pull and even a place to put the petrol in .miss 3 would love this as she would be just like dad. As she watches him start the mower and check that it has petrol be for he starts it as she knows you have to pull the cord to get the mower to go so she would have fun trying out all the things on her own mower so we would love to review this
laurenwells - 12:58 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi! My nearly two year old son is at the age where he loves pretending to be like Mummy & Daddy. His favourite things at the moment are chasing me round the house with his toy vacuum cleaner and "helping" me make scones & bread. He would love to chase his Daddy around the yard with this lawnmower (and I would love the chance to relax with a coffee while he does :) )
mummytoone - 12:55 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi, my 2 yrs 3month old would love to test out this product- she loves to explore new things/ toys and is a daddy's girl- she would love to put on her earmuffs and do the lawns with her daddy using the Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower.
stacleaning - 12:54 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Ohhh cool. My daughters are 1 and three. They would both love to trial this. When I mow the lawn my 3yr old always want to come and help and she will find something to push around with me haha My 1yr old is also at a stage where she likes pushing things around and helping me with chores :) Our 1year old doesn't get many new toys she gets all the hand me downs so she would love to trial her own new toy :D Then they can play while I mow the lawns and I will know were they are, I usually have to wait for hubby to get home or leave it to him but we girls love doing things outside and even better this toy makes the sounds and has a gas can just like mummy n daddys lawn mower
saranorman88 - 12:52 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this lawn mower - my son is always trying to help out with the gardening and he would just love this. Fingers crossed.
jopukeko - 12:50 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have toy testers (my own children and carekids) ranging in age from 14 months to 4 1/2 (9 kids in total). They love to role play so will be keen on mow the lawn. my own girls hate that they have to be shut inside while Daddy mows the lawns and are very interested in the lawn mower but for safety sake we don't allow them to touch it. The Little Tikes Gas n Go Mower is sure to be a hit at my house.
Judz - 12:49 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is turning 2 next week and she just LOVE's the toy mowers at lollipops playland, Im sure she would love to get out and help daddy to mow the lawns at home!!!
thekidsmum - 12:48 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
hi there, my nearly 3 yr old pushes everything around like its a mower lol and she would be a great candidate to test this out, as she thinks shes a professional :-)
mummaduck - 12:48 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My mr 16mths would LOVE to product test this toy, and his 3yr old brother would love to help him... they both like to take turns helping daddy with the lawn mowing both at home and at the caravan, and it would be great if they could have their own mowing to "mow" with
laynz - 12:47 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My son turns 3 next months and he loves the chance to play with new toys. We cannot afford to buy him new toys so 95% of his toys are the small Hot Wheels cars.
steff - 12:46 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 4 and has just started wanting to help me with everything. dishes, vacuming, gardening etc. this would be great, she could be doing the back lawns while I'm doing the front.
Kerrynmum - 10:49 AM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have a 20 month old boy and a 2 1/2 year old girl and both love watching daddy mow the lawns. We have to follow him around watching through the different windows in the house. Our son goes straight for the lawnmower in the garage to try and get daddy to mow more lawns every time we go in there! He would LOVE to try his very own lawnmower :)

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