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Leader: JulieKidspot
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Group Name: Get Together with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU

Congratulations to Kym, the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU Brand Ambassador!

A mother's secret weapon for staying sane amid the chaos of nappies, schoolbags, homework, weekend sports and toddler tantrums is her friends. Whether they be family, neighbours, new friends or old, a get together with your besties means a chance to unwind, chat and above all, realise that you're not the only one who needed a get together!

NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU is great for keeping on hand for coffee group mornings or impromptu get togethers. The single serve sachets are quick and easy to use for café style frothy coffee anywhere, anytime. Plus there's a range of flavours so there's something to suit everyone's tastebuds. Favourites include Cappuccino, Mocha, Hazelnut, Vanilla Latté and Caramel Latté.

This competition has now closed


The NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU Brand Ambassador

Congratulations to Kym, aka kymmage, who has won 1,000 NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets, a $500 Prezzy Card, 12 mugs, 12 coasters and a picnic set!


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kymmage - 10:34 AM on Tue-11-Dec-2012 reply | message
I've uploaded a photo of the prize today. It is one MASSIVE box. 800 more sachets will arrive over the next 6 months or so.
kymmage - 7:31 AM on Thu-6-Dec-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much ladies :) I've really enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen and sharing here. My mind is boggling at what 1000 sachets is going to look like. Those of us who received the 100 sachets - that box was HUGE, even if it didn't last very long. Medicina - it will certainly give me a chance to perfect the recipes I started playing with, and I'd be happy to share some of them once I know they're fail-proof :)
SarahK - 8:31 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
Congratulations kym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go you!!!!!!
Medicina - 2:07 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
Well done Kym. I think this promotion has created a lot of ambassadors of the great NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU products but you have gone that step further to create new ways to use them as well. I hope you will share the recipes you'll be able to manage with 1000 sachets ;)
Again, very well done!!
JaydensMumShonny - 1:43 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
Congrats Kym!! :)
You so deserve to win! Loved reading your comments!
I was hoping you would win :)
cherrytf - 1:36 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
Congratulations Kym!!
thecoffeelady - 12:52 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message

I was hoping you would get picked youve done so many amazing things with the Nescafe coffee sachets, you've really inspired me with your experimental cooking too!
JulieKidspot - 12:36 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
Over recent weeks we have read about lots of fantastic get togethers that our members have enjoyed – relaxing, laughing and sharing NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU. There have been numerous coffee mornings, family gatherings, birthday parties, reunions and catch ups. The promotion has also given one neighbourhood the incentive to introduce themselves and inspired a national support group to help parents find those get togethers that they desperately need.

There were so many fantastic entries, that we were overwhelmed! But we have chosen the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU Brand Ambassador and we think you'll agree that she is a deserving winner.

Congratulations to Kym (aka kymmage) who has not only brought together family and friends to share her NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets in so many varied ways, but has also devised and shared delicious recipes and led the way in promoting her new obsession!

“I can not believe it! With all the competition between the ladies, for me to be picked is amazing. So thank you so much!! Honestly, it was such a wonderful thing to be involved in. It helped me get out of my shell and I loved sharing everything with the ladies at Kidspot and with Nescafe directly. I loved getting feedback from people and seeing what others were doing, everyone was just so nice and friendly. Oh thank you, you have really made my day, week, month!” Kym, NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU Brand Ambassador.

JaydensMumShonny - 10:54 AM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
I'm actually using some Nescafe sachets I've brought to put in with a bouquet of flowers for my friend who has had a baby a week ago & is in Hopsital still with her baby, so hopefully it'll cheer her up & she'll enjoy the coffee's I'm sure :) I'll post a pic to share, once I've given them to her :)
JaydensMumShonny - 10:53 AM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
THANK YOU so much Kidspot & Nescafe!! :) My prize came this morning, LOVE IT!! I actually had Nefcafe Sachets on this week's shopping list, so perfect timing! hehe :) I absolutely enjoyed reviewing these! Sharing them with friends & family. I'm a big fan & am still loving the sachets! So are many of my friends & family!! I've got them addicted too! lol :) Thanks again!! :) xx
Medicina - 10:51 AM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
I hope it's alright to refer all the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU converts here. The voucher is good until 31 December 2012 so as I've had get-togethers and introduced people to the flavours I buy I'm recommending they use the voucher to get a box of whatever they prefer most.
We've loving NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU and the teachers and coachs are going to love their Christmas treats too. Thanks Kidspot for helping us get together with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU.
kymmage - 11:23 AM on Fri-30-Nov-2012 reply | message
Oh thanks Shadz. I had a lot of fun putting it altogether. It gave me a lot to think about during those night feeds with Audra and ultimately got me out of the house which is so important for us mums eh. I have loved reading along with everyone else's journeys too. Pouring through the photos has been amazing. So many creative clever people here.
Shadz - 6:08 AM on Fri-30-Nov-2012 reply | message
Congrats the the final 2 Spot Prize winners :)
Hope you enjoy as much as we have

I'd like to add to the thank yous - Not only to Nescafe and Kidspot for allowing us to be a part of this but to all the members who have posted their comments and shared a moment of their lives with us all.
Kymmage - your posts especially have had me drooling when I've read about some of your Nescafe moments. I mean good coffee should be shared with good food and good company - it's just how it works isn't it

So a big thank you to all :)
kymmage - 6:26 PM on Thu-29-Nov-2012 reply | message
Congrats JaydensMumShonny and ruthb!!
JulieKidspot - 10:16 AM on Thu-29-Nov-2012 reply | message
Congratulations to JaydensMumShonny and ruthb - our final two Spot prize winners! The announcement of the Brand Ambassador Prize winner will be made shortly.
kymmage - 8:18 AM on Mon-26-Nov-2012 reply | message

Never far from the jug
Easy to rip open and tip
Slowly into my big red mug
Cleverly foaming up
As if by magic, luxurious
Froth! You tickle my tongue
Eager to taste your cafe style goodness

Can't wait for another coffee date,
At SPACE, Music or
Finding myself at a loose end creating some
Event to invite my friends to

Many fun times have come my way,
Engaging in the need to share
Nescafe's bountiful sachets which although seemingly
Unending, did deplete...

Lucky I bought some more eh!

I feel so blessed to have been a part of this. One hundred sachets of coffee arrived, and I have shared cups of coffee, hot, cold, laced with ice cream or whiskey. I have delighted in finding new and interesting ways to use the sachets, be it in a brownie, cupcakes, icing, cake pops, meringues, cheesecake, as well as savoury bread and meat rubs. I have loved sharing these creations here, and on the NESCAFE CAFE MENU facebook page (Where I reached 1057 likes for one image, 49 shares and 110 comments) . I have created get-togethers and I have found impromptu moments to share with friends and family. Whether it was going into my old office to say hi, or spending an evening curled up with my husband and a yummy laced coffee. Treating the nurses who work at the same charity I volunteer at, or providing morning coffee to those mums groups who have saved my sanity over the last 6 months. Sharing with new friends at my daughter's primary school or at the local Observatory. And of course multiple gossip sessions with my various groups of friends along the way. In a lot of ways putting these groups together has been a great reminder of what amazing friends I have, and while they are all from different backgrounds, they are all great people who I would be lost without. Thank you NESCAFE CAFE MENU and Kidspot, for picking me for this journey. Its been amazing fun and one I would love to continue right into summer. No doubt I will in some part, since I have restocked my Nescafe tin. There are new flavours to explore after all!
riap - 8:03 AM on Mon-26-Nov-2012 reply | message
WOW , What a Journey we have had with this amazing Competition. We started off with Our Regular Get Together Updates uploaded Nescafe Cafe Menu Product in Pictures.. Until we actually all Sat back one Group GT realised it had bought us together alot more than we realised & we should be promoting The Brand, The Fun and the Get Togethers we have shared somehow...We started a Post online, which then turned in to a Page for Mums and Bubs Play Groups/ Get Togethers wanted in Our Local Area, it then Evolved Quickly into a National Page for Get Togethers for Mums, Bubs, Women and Anyone!We have been Lucky enough to have So many Postings from All sorts of Groups in Many Different Towns, it can only Get Bigger and Better! I personally contacted Parents Centres, Plunket and Many more in certain Areas as I felt for some of the MUMS who had young babies and were in New Towns with no Real Support & Found them Some Free groups to Particpate in as well as Allow Local Community Groups to post events/Get Togethers on Our Page . I didn’t realise how many New Mums don’t have any Get Togethers, I would be lost without the Support of Our Group Get Togethers.<br>I feel proud this Page is Helping New Zealand Woman Get Together and I Hope to Keep driving it and Encouraging Nescafe Cafe Menu Get Togethers especially for the Support Side. I hope that we can continue The Getting Together theme ..So Please Like Our Page to help Mums Around NZ you never know there may be a Mum Near you who would Love to Join in with you or Your Group.."
You Kidspot and Nescafe Cafe Menu!

And just a LAST Update: I have just received Email Confirmation from a Large NZ Active Group for parents who I approached to keep this Idea & Page going and create a Partnership between them and Nescafe. They are excited about our page and what has been achieved and the Fact its a Need in NZ as well as can Help them Grow. I have passed this Exciting Information through to Nescafe and Think I need a Alcoholic Nescafe Cafe Menu Frappe to celebrate! I am so stoked for the Mums, Bubs who will benefit our of Nescafe Cafe Menu Get Togethers For the future!! MWAH :)
ruthb - 7:23 PM on Sun-25-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thanks Kymmage... I swear I have major baby brain at the moment!! Now to get photos off camera!!
kymmage - 7:02 PM on Sun-25-Nov-2012 reply | message
My NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee bread made another round of French toast this morning, this time just us and the girls. My husband was very impressed with the flavour and I got a few "great job"s thrown at me which is his usual encouragement to "do it again soon" hee hee. Definitely going to try making coffee bread again soon, could not believe how easy it was to put together!
kymmage - 7:00 PM on Sun-25-Nov-2012 reply | message
ruthb - there is an link to add/edit photos in the left hand column above :)
Medicina - 4:50 PM on Sun-25-Nov-2012 reply | message
It's been a fantastic weekend for get-togethers here in Canterbury. The local fire brigade participated in the Ellesmere Half-Marathon Event doing the 5 km walk in full BreathingApparatus --you have to carefully control your breathing and have a full fire-proof suit and mask on!! The families cheered the boys (and girls) on and my son ran along with his Dad. It was great to see them all finish and eventually recover with a couple of rounds of NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU and the demolishing of lots of food. I've also had friends around this afternoon for an iced NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU but no more until I get the grocery shopping in --too good to last the week!! I hope everyone is enjoying more ways to get together with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU
ruthb - 3:47 PM on Sun-25-Nov-2012 reply | message
Spoke today with one of my "new friends", thanks to our neighbourhood coffee morning! We talked again about the coffee morning and how great it was to meet everyone and share our Nescafe coffee!
She has been living in the neighbourhood and had 'meant to do something' as a get together for years!! A sign of the times as to how busy everyone is.

I wanted to upload some photos of the turn out to our "Meet the Neighbours" morning as we were so excited that we had a front lawn filled of upwards of 40 people!! The kettle got a good work out for sure!
Cant figure out how to upload photos... will keep investigating as Im sure its just my tired brain, maybe a coffee will help!!

Thanks again to Nescafe, we wouldnt have considered having our morning and it was so great... Such a huge range of people from Julie (90) down to Lisa who's pregnant! Grandparents, Mums, dads, kids, old and young... so fantastic and everyone raved about the coffee choice and how great an idea it was! I noticed many people heading back for a 2nd cup!
Fantastic to see people introducing themselves and chatting and laughing, everyone was so lovely, what a great neighbourhood we have moved into!

Such a great opportunity for our family... thanks!
kymmage - 5:02 PM on Sat-24-Nov-2012 reply | message
This morning, we got up early and txted our friends who we usually brunch with, "Are you awake? Keen for breakfast at the Moore's????" The answer was a resounding "What time?"

My husband dashed to their place to pick them up for a supermarket run and we were set to turn our house into a NESCAFE CAFE MENU Cafe! I ran the kitchen while my friend's partner played sous chef. We had a lot of laughs as I made him run around at my whim, doing my best PC Gordon Ramsey impression (children present after all).

We cooked up hash browns, baked beans, and bacon and made scrambled eggs and french toast. We had a glass of bubbly with strawberries cos it was feeling very summer...but with us all running on very little sleep for various reasons we also made cup after cup of NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee.

In fact we burnt through over a box full of NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee over the course of our brunch. Vanilla Latte being far and away the winner of the day. There was even cheeky thieving of each others cups when people weren't looking, so lots more laughter at that! Mixed with fun in the sun, hide n' seek in the backyard, gossip and 'shop talk'. My friends finally packed up for home at 4:30pm. A lovely way to spend a lazy Saturday.
ruthb - 10:49 PM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
I was so excited to open the box and see piles of coffee sachets! There were some flavours I hadn't tried... my new favourite is skim cappucino, love the taste of coffee.

Since then I have had many occasions to share my coffees with others.
*Hubby and I often enjoy a coffee together at suppertime.
*Friends have popped in and we have enjoyed choosing a 'special' coffee to drink while we chat. One friend in particular, not a coffee drinker, decided to try and was pleasantly surprised... a new fan!!
*When my cousin and her family travelled to the Bay from Christchurch we had a big family BBQ. Sitting outside in the evening enjoying a coffee while the kids played was a great way to end our time together.
*Another family get together, this time a 40th, was a good time for those of us who were not in party mode to have a relaxing coffee and a catch up while the kids were asleep

We have not long shifted into our new neighbourhood. We used this competition as an opportunity to challenge ourselves to "Meet the Neighbours". We organised a BYO cup coffee morning, You bring the cup and we'll fill it.... a great chance for us to meet our neighbours and introduce ourselves. The kids and I walked the neighbourhood dropping invites in letterboxes.
We are normally a bit shy so this challenge was a little out of our comfort zone, to say the least!
Thankfully all went well and it was great to meet a few of our neighbours, share a coffee and a chat. Nice to wave out and have more of a sense of belonging in our neighbourhood.

Thanks Nescafe coffee... I have thoroughly enjoyed my coffees and the chance to share them with family and friends.... new and old!!
Nardia - 9:33 PM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
Oh my goodness it has taken me way to long to get back with a review, so sorry!

Well all the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets I received were sent to friends all over N.Z and I had some great responses about them. It seems the Hazelnut was the most popular flavour followed by my favourite the Mocha! I also had a friend in Auckland who was really pleased to find the Cappuccino with Skim milk fitted into her daily points allowance. I personally gorged myself silly on them and am now sulking about only having instant till grocery day! I hope the retail association does not start chasing us for no longer sipping on expensive store bought Cappuccino's.
Medicina - 9:18 PM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
Just have to share that NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU are just $4.99 at Countdown this weekend!! There is a new Frappe one that I'm very keen to try --could be a summer get-together highlight. I've long run out of trial sachets but I find that they're on special frequently enough to make the well deserved coffee an economical 50c (compared to 10x more for a barista job that isn't consistently awesome). I now keep sachets in the car and the picnic bag so I'm ready for organising spontaneous fun!! Is it spontaneous if I've prepared?? I don't care --it makes people happy and strengthens connections in the community!
Volunteering is enjoying a resurgence with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU and a bit of home baking making our get-togethers and planning more rewarding.
kymmage - 1:55 PM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
It was the school Athletics day today and a shared picnic too. I took along my trusty thermos and lots of NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee sachets. We watched the sporting efforts of our kids (who in truth were pretty tired!). Sitting down to the picnic, it was so nice to be able to have a coffee out in the middle of a field. After the picnic I got Leandra to deliver some NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets to the teachers. They very much appreciated the pick-me-up, asking Leandra to pass on "500 thank yous".
kymmage - 1:52 PM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
Last night's Dessert Bar was a total success. I had the NESCAFE CAFE MENU Caramel Latte fudge, which was turned into fudge pieces and some fudgy sauce for over some vanilla ice cream. Then I also made some NESCAFE CAFE MENU Vanilla Latte Sugar cookies. These were super easy to make, and then I presented them two different ways. I cut them into flowers, and drew a spiral of icing in the middle for the flower centre. I then used the flowers as cupcake toppers for chocolate beetroot cupcakes. I also cut a little slot out of some and used some writing icing to label the cookies. These were then placed on the edge of peoples cups. I got a lot of "ohhhs" and "ahhhs". Everyone commented on the beautiful coffee flavours coming through in the fudge and the cookies. It was so fun. Photos supplied.
riap - 12:15 AM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
Us Girls caught up this week and were frantic with all the lil ones startig to crawl! OMG!!! we cracked up and think we had so much fun being absolute eggs chasing them round the room! we all made nescafe cafe menu coffees but by the time we could actually drink them they were cold but frothy! but we drunk them and still cracked up about the fun these babies are showing us! its like babies on the nescafe strong strong strong cappucino! on the go!!! gotta love it! tocute!
hillys - 4:32 PM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
well so far christmas coming everyone stressout what to buy for friends and family!
I decide to call in friends and family get together for cuppa of Nescafe Cafe sachets.
what did I forget the damn camera! to take photos nevermind! anyway everyone more relaxed about what to get for christmas and enjoyed Nescafe Cafe sachets that I brought at shop is looking forward Nescafe Cafe sachets pack from me for Christmas Present !good save my day! done! yah!
Tatta - 2:14 PM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
It's quite surprising how quickly 100 sachets of NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets don't last........ they were used for our Craft Coffee group shared in a hand crafted coffee mug (I've uploaded several photos in the album), shared at our School Fair with the Committee of helpers on the day of the school fair (completely forgot to take photos as we were all so busy and when we stopped for morning tea it was to enjoy it). I put together a survival kit for my Husband to take for supper on our son's Year 7 & 8 school camp. I have just taken the last stash to the local Charity hospital made into little pouches for the volunteers afternoon tea - including a tag that says "Your Kindness makes such a difference". Thank you for letting me share them at several get togethers. I must say I had fun sharing all the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets.
kymmage - 11:25 AM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
Back in the kitchen today, experimenting with fudge. I have a group coming over tonight to taste test NESCAFE CAFE MENU Caramel Latte fudge. I might set up a dessert bar kinda thing, since its a beautiful day. It also calls for ice cream with maybe a fudgy sauce to go with it. Iced NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffees seem like the perfect treat as well.
kymmage - 6:28 PM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
Kitchen Experimentation is continuing in my house. Did you know that if you are making bread, you can replace the water in your recipe for the same volume cup of coffee? I did just that the other day (I used the NESCAFE CAFE MENU Cappuccino), and came out with a lovely coffee brown loaf of bread. Now if you have bread, you can make a lot of different things. French toast - delicious! The Maple Syrup and the earthy coffee flavour was a great combo. Bread and Butter Pudding for dessert for another date night tonight. Loving playing with food and coffee. What a versatile product this is.

Other than my experimenting, I have had two coffee catch ups today. At my normal music and movement group, we have suddenly had 7 new families join us. To celebrate and welcome these lovely mums and nanas, I supplied a box of NESCAFE CAFE MENU Mocha and some Christmas Fruit Mince Bites to the morning tea table. Everyone enjoyed the spread and the coffee. I'm getting to know more mums and with Audra getting bigger, she is interacting with more kids. Its win win.

After music, I went to the supermarket and picked up some cheese scones for lunch and then dropped in to a friend's place for a playdate. Audra played with her friend and us mums had some YUMMY Special Edition NESCAFE CAFE MENU Creamy Choc Caramel Latte. Wow, what a fabulous flavour. Felt so naughty, just the right pick-me-up!
kymmage - 6:19 PM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
I was at Countdown today, and they have the NESCAFE CAFE MENU range on windback for $4.99, including the Frappes and the Special Edition ones! I may have half filled a basket with boxes :P
kymmage - 7:19 AM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
I was asked to do some baking for our SPACE group yesterday as we were having a presentation about baby and child CPR. Payment for the trained specialist was Afternoon Tea. So I decided to try a recipe I have been seeing a lot. Its a brownie swirled with cheesecake and baked. I flavoured the cheesecake part with NESCAFE CAFE MENU Vanilla Latte, and baked some seperately to enjoy with my husband while we watched TV. It was very nice. The brownie was nice and fudgy chocolate flavoured with the creamy Vanilla Latte flavour hinting through the topping.

I presented the slice at SPACE yesterday as well as some puff pastry scrolls. We had our training, which was really good. I'm so glad that they had this session. When my first daughter was 2 days old she choked on some left over mucus in her lungs. She nearly died and we had no idea what to do. Luckily we were still at the birth centre and a midwife came to the rescue. We went on to learn what we could for if there was a next time. But so much has changed since the last time I took a course, a refresher was long overdue! I practiced on the baby and the child dolls, and got some individual instruction because I wasn't compressing baby enough. The instructor also showed us what to do when a baby or child is choking.

Afterwards I shared more NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets with the ladies who were very appreciative. We talked about our babies, and what their last week has been like. Many of us are suffering through the latest growth spurt, so not much sleep and constant feedings overnight. Some babies are getting teeth already. And we are all adventuring into solids.
kymmage - 7:06 AM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
SarahK - I know! Wow, it got to over 1000 likes, plus it was shared by 47 others. Thank goodness I cleaned my bench before I took the photo ;)
SarahK - 9:54 PM on Tue-20-Nov-2012 reply | message
thats awesome kymmage!!!! now im gona have to check that out!! :)
kymmage - 7:38 AM on Tue-20-Nov-2012 reply | message
Wow, Nescafe shared my photo of the Spiced Latte Chili Chocolate Cupcake on facebook and it's already had 700+ likes! That's very exciting!
kymmage - 10:01 PM on Mon-19-Nov-2012 reply | message
My husband's motorbike stopped working this morning. It was too early to do much about it, so he took the car to work instead. After work, a friend of his came over to take a look at the bike. They got some petrol, checked it over for any water in the tank or whatever and did a rolling start - went like a dream. So who knows what was up! I had hot NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffees and some Sultana Bran Slice for the hard-working boys afterwards.
Medicina - 7:42 PM on Mon-19-Nov-2012 reply | message
Not so much a get-together this time --more of a join-together. A quite day at work before the long weekend which we had all worked very hard to be prepared for (thinking it would be busy)-- decided it was time for a good old staff morning tea so sent out the juniors to hunt down goodies at the supermarket. They had a great time and we had an impromptu 'shout' with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets to share. Everyone that works in customer service, particularly in the healthcare industry, knows how much staff stress can build up and be a real problem --not here --NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU had us all laughing and enjoying a well earned break. Many thanks for such and easy way to share, chat and support each other.
kymmage - 10:30 AM on Mon-19-Nov-2012 reply | message
I'm doing some more kitchen experimenting today. I have been using NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets as meat rubs. This is quite a different tact for me, as I have been the coffee dessert queen of the last few weeks. I'm not sure how they will come out, but the yummy smells coming from my poaching chicken pieces is making my mouth water

EDITED: Wow, so my chicken breast pieces were poached in two NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets. The first was the Spiced Latte and then the other was in the Vanilla Latte. I also made a delicious iced coffee with the left over Spiced Latte sachet. So this was lunch - steamed broccoli, golden kumara mash and coffee rubbed chicken pieces. Both coffee rubs gave the chicken an earthy creamy style taste. The vanilla one was sweeter. But I have to say I didn't have a perference for one over the other. They both just "worked". Yum yum!
Taylor - 10:53 AM on Sat-17-Nov-2012 reply | message
Many thanks for the box of NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets. I've been offering them to friends when the visit, and love that it feels like I'm drinking a bought coffee - a real treat when on a budget. I had been thinking of having a get together with friends to share the rest of the sachets, but in the end decided to gift them to the local volunteer fire station that my husband is involved with. They do such a great job, responding to fire calls at all times of day and night, so thought they definitely deserved a treat.
thecoffeelady - 10:02 AM on Sat-17-Nov-2012 reply | message
Wow Kymmage - everytime I read your post's I'm a little jealous - those chocolate and chilli cupcakes sound divine!
kymmage - 6:47 AM on Sat-17-Nov-2012 reply | message
I had a meeting yesterday at 10am with the Asthma Waikato office manager. I knew she enjoyed chili chocolate combos so I took some of my cupcakes with a handful of NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets. We sat and chatted about our kids, and how involved I want to be in 2013 with the fundraising, now I will have two kids and work full time. We decided to play it by ear and I took up the challenge to organise a movie evening complete with goodie bags for atttendees happening in March. Winning the 1000 sachets would definitely help towards that! hee hee

As we were talking, in walked one of the nurses and a student volunteer. They had just been doing a presentation to a primary school about Asthma triggers. The student looked drained (she had to be in full costume which is hot work!). So they joined us for NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffees and cupcakes too. We debriefed about the presentation and offered suggestions for improving things and which schools to approach next. Everyone loved the cupcakes and the yummy frothy coffee too.

Next I made a flying visit to a mates place to drop off some cupcakes - I mentioned them on facebook and they were cheeky enough to ask for a delivery. hee hee Why not! I stayed for a quick catch up, but then had to get home for catch up number 3. Who arrived at 12:30pm for a tradition my husband liked to call Pieday.

Since my husband changed jobs and now commutes to work, Pieday hasnt been happening. So I invited the main attendee (aside from Doug) and we sat for steak and cheese pies, NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee and cupcakes as well. We sat and talked about schooling, education, the housing market, and computer games - which is always the main topic of Pieday. Doug was pretty jealous he had to work!
kymmage - 6:30 AM on Sat-17-Nov-2012 reply | message
riap - its a mind over matter challenge that chili chocolate combo, and you either love it or hate it. I'm sure your muffins were delicious without it though, hope you had a great time!
riap - 8:42 AM on Fri-16-Nov-2012 reply | message
One of our Girls is heading back to the UK back hom to see her family! so we are having a fun gettogether this morning all taking a plate! I made some Cappucino & Chocolate Muffins.. As I was getting ready I came back and noticed a few had gone! Mr Hubby had already eaten 2 and reckons they tasted good!
I then decided while they were hot to try and yup reallllly good i love strong coffee so next time I'll add more to strenghten the taste!!
Was too going to put chilli in kymmage but was requested not too!
kymmage - 12:33 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
In the kitchen baking again today for our Thursday night fun. This time I decided to make Chili Chocolate Cupcakes. My husband refers to these as "Punk your friends", because of the chili. I didn't have some of the spices called for, and the recipe also asked for coffee powder, so I added a sachet of the NESCAFE CAFE MENU Spiced Latte! Brilliantly killing two birds with one stone. These are going to be a delicious treat on such a miserable day!

Edited to add: Wow, love the flavour! The Cayenne pepper kind of makes the other flavours of chocolate and the NESCAFE CAFE MENU Spiced Latte *pop*. Then there is the warming sensation of the chili enveloped with the chocolate mocha taste. Amazing, and made enough to share tonight, and tomorrow with a few catch ups scheduled in around town.
vam - 11:59 AM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
Have had more very positive comments on the sachets, this time it was the Land Lord, and they were very impressed with the "Hazelnut" flavour. Thanks once again for letting us trial the yummy coffee.
riap - 11:21 PM on Wed-14-Nov-2012 reply | message
Has been a Hard 2 Nights , 3days! Myself and 8mth old baby sick and both have flu.. Mere male does the groceries at 6am every wednesday and i asked him to get me some more juice he forgot... after being up all night im exhausted not just last night but 3! , so tired and i love my coffee and just wanted a strong cup at 9am. but bubs woke up screaming and I fed him he is all clogged up and i just think god dam mums have a hard job! if i was back at work i could call in sick! ummmm im the boss here so no go! i went to get my nescafe cafe menu cappucino sachet( my fav strong) as the Good Morning Program started and ummm there was none... i then realised he bought spiced latte??? so i tried it i haven't actually seen it before and i did add some lemon and a bit of honey only coz i was sick! and it was gooddddddd... so i might forgive him!!! only for the coffee not for the nights!
kymmage - 10:57 PM on Wed-14-Nov-2012 reply | message
Medicina - great minds! I love your idea of giving a packet with some chocolate or mints. I was having a similiar thought the other day, but mine involved a mug with a selection of sachets like a bouquet. I thought I might look into ceramic marker pens as well to see if my daughter could decorate the mugs herself.
Medicina - 9:40 PM on Wed-14-Nov-2012 reply | message
I've been racking my brain for good ideas for a teacher's end-of-year thank-you present and then it came to me. I love NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU and most of the teachers do too. I'm getting a box of NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU and a big SMARTIES or KIT-KAT block for each of my children's teachers. I'm going to write a nice note about how much I appreciate our hard-working teachers and suggest they hold their own get-together for post-children destressing. Child-decorated wrapping paper to personalise it and I think I have a useful and hopefully appreciated 'thank-you' for under $10 each that could spark off more fun get-togethers.

Edit to add: Perhaps ODDFELLOWS might be more humorous than more chocolate, hehehe
kymmage - 9:04 PM on Wed-14-Nov-2012 reply | message
This afternoon, I had two more coffee catch ups with Nescafe (I have been a busy hopeful NESCAFE CAFE MENU Brand Ambassador). The first was going to visit a friend who was having a rough day yesterday. I cut up some of my Caramel Latte cheesecake and also delivered more Sultana Bran Slice and a selection of my newest coffee purchases - Vanilla Latte, Caramel Latte and Spiced Latte. She selected the Caramel and I had a Spiced (OMG yummo!!!). I helped a little around the house and I just let her have a vent really. She has been really good when I need to vent, so I was returning the favour. I left some coffees with her and the rest of the slice as she had another friend coming to visit shortly who was also having some challenges (new baby, and sleep...). I had wanted to stay but had a work meeting I was called into last minute.

So the work meeting became my second coffee catch up of the afternoon. I delivered enough coffee for everyone in the meeting and we sat down in a meeting room. It was basically just introducing me to a new staff member who will be working in my area. It was a great catch up with my boss who lives in Auckland and meeting this new person who seemed really neat and had a lot of energy and excitement about the role. That was so nice to be around.
kymmage - 8:56 PM on Wed-14-Nov-2012 reply | message
I took my 5 year old along to the Hamilton Astronomical Society this morning to see the Partial Solar Eclipse. We went along to an evening lecture a few weeks ago there, and got to see the Sun, Mars and the Moon through various telescopes. It was really neat and my daughter took in a lot of the information. Roll forward to today and I saw on their facebook page that they were having an event for the eclipse, so we headed to the zoo (which is where they are).

I packed plenty of NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee sachets in an array of flavours and a plate of Sultana Bran slice that I made the night before. When I arrived I handed over the coffee and slice which was met with lots of "WOW! Thanks so much for that". I had remembered how cold it can be standing around outside waiting for a free telescope, and wanted to make sure people were comfortable. Even with it being a nice day (apart from clouds partially blocking our view) it was windy and cold as well.

We had a great time, getting to know the society members. I'm considering joining! My daughter got lots of help and support from the members with her questions. I think they enjoyed her delight at the Sun's new shadow. Considering I started out not knowing any of these guys, it was really neat to be remembered from our first outing. And of course the appreciation for the NESCAFE CAFE MENU goodies, hee hee.
Medicina - 10:39 PM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
I had some good fun with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU at our local pool. Not the usual place to showcase NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU you would think --but very successful.
I took a big thermos flask of hot water and a selection of sachets with me to the pools to watch my children have fun in the 'barely solar-heated above freezing' water. I made a few new friends with the offer of hot coffee and they thought that it was a brilliant idea for braving the 'we want to go to the pool' times ahead. Vanilla was most popular and holding the hot mugs was popular with everyone --even the non-coffee drinkers. I wonder if you can get a NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU Chai Latte?
Medicina - 10:34 PM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
I hosted a wee get-together for the parents of all the children at my daughter's Spanish class. We come from all over and often only see each other for drop-off and pick-up so it was nice to get to know them all a little better especially as our children are now very close. The NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU varieties went down a treat and it was so nice for every one to be able to choose something really yummy and get together without the huge expense of meeting up in a cafe in town. Some had used the sachets before and I got some new ideas about how to use them and options to add. The parents that hadn't used the sachets before were impressed with the convenience of them. I love how NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU makes hosting a get-together 'a piece of cake'. Take your jug, mugs, sachets, add a very simple cake and voila --a perfect NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU GET-TOGETHER. I love this brand and I'm a great ambassador for it because it really does achieve it's aim of getting people together!
Greerfamily - 1:05 PM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
STILL IMMENSELY ENJOYING THE LAST OF THE SACHETS (less than a dozen left) and LOVING THE CUPS AND COASTERS I RECIEVED!!! My friends are all super jealous of them and they look exquisite on my shelf as you open my cubboard. Also had a friend treat me to the NESCAFE collectible tin with some sachets inside and it finishes my decor beside my kettle :)
Shadz - 11:24 AM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
After trying to plan a get together for a few weeks, everything finally fell into place. Not only did we have the coffee 'treats' for our Mums but we had several treat options for the kids in the group as well..... I mean not only should get togethers be about including everyone, but lets face it, if the munchkins have treats too, then we get to enjoy ours in peace, making it a so much more enjoyable Mummy moment.

We had the coffee ready to go and while my favourite is the Mocha, it was great to see what 'favourite' the other Mums picked and it would seem that the Vanilla was most definately the favourite and within a few moments there were none to be seen...but that's ok, on the second run I bought out the 'secret' stash of them so no one missed out ;)

We have a great group of Mums and I have to admit that I enjoy being able to share different products with them on a monthly basis and this was no different. We have young Mums and older Mums (lol that would be me) and lots of different ages of children so it's always good to hear different experiences, and just generally catch up with everyone.
Next meet up is December 8th and it's great to know that we still have more coffee to share with everyone although I'm sorry ladies.....the vanilla ones are all gone hehe

Have shared a couple of photos although might have to get some more in December, even though this will be finished :)
kymmage - 7:50 AM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
Took baby Audra out for a playdate yesterday. She got to play with a 4 year old and a 10 month old, while Mum and I caught up over yummy NESCAFE CAFE MENU Cappucinos. It was so nice getting out of the house, especially with the bad weather all that afternoon. Despite my plan to be there for the morning, we both lost track of time and I ended up leaving just in time to collect my big girl from school, hee hee. So nice to lose track of time over a cup of coffee with a great friend. Knowing my baby was enjoying herself with new friends was great too. She is just crawling properly now, and she was able to keep up with the 10 month old cruiser. It was so fun watching them together. The 4 year old read a book to the girls as well, which was so sweet.

Later last night my husband and I had another date night. This time we enjoyed a NESCAFE CAFE MENU Caramel Latte cheesecake, and we "Irished" some NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets as well to drink while we watched a movie. Good times!
riap - 10:00 PM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
(¸¸.♥➷ N E S C A F E CA F E M E N U♥•*¨)
We got together in the Welly Sun &
Shared a Heaps of Baby Fun
For us some new time mums
The sleep has gone,and coffee comes
Replacing the clubs we use to hit!
Now we instant cafe it!
Instant,ready ,stressfree and yum
we love indulging each week and more to come!!!!
ALA: we all went to lagoon put babies in swings for 1st time and took a flask and cracked our yum, sachets! out in the welly sun!! and filled our tums with heaps of fun and nescafe yums!!(¸¸.♥➷♥•*¨)
Organics - 1:29 PM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
The Takapuna market starts early for the stall holders. Having to man your stall often makes it difficult to get away when you need a coffee. The Nescafe sachets have proved to be a welcome start to the day and throughout the morning. Thanks Nescafe. p.s. In the event of winning the 1000 sachets I'm sure I could get around every stall holder and distribute them on a Sunday morning. Now that would be a great get together!
SusanD - 9:03 AM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much to Kidspot and Nescafe Cafe Menu for my sachets I received. So far I've been treating lots of friends and family to the yummy treats when they pop in for a visit. I took a box of Nescafe Cafe Menu sachet assortment to work at The Sleep Store and the girls pack hundreds of orders every day and they are all enjoying the treats - especially in the afternoons when it feels like a real pick me up treat. We have been thinking that it would be awesome to start packing these treats in with our orders so we'll be getting in touch with Nescafe to see if we can bring the treats to all our lovely mums and dads who order from us. Would go well with the choccy treat we send at the moment!
But right now - it is Sunday morning and with an early start due to my daughter having her cousin for a sleepover - I am totally enjoying my Vanilla Latte as my mid morning pick me up!
kymmage - 7:48 PM on Sat-10-Nov-2012 reply | message
What an awesome impromptu trip to the beach today for the Moore girls. We slip, slop, slapped and wrapped, then headed to Raglan! The girls swam in the sea. I paddled. We took turns burying Audra and Leandra in the sand. Built sandcastles, had ice blocks, fish and chips and I made sure we got some candy bracelets so Leandra could know the feeling of sticky elastic around her wrist. Most of all I got some sweet quality time with my children in the beautiful sunshine. And to top it all off, a delicious cup of NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee (or two) with the help of my trusty thermos. It really is so convenient to get a cafe style coffee on the go. I even used the sachet to stir my coffee since I didnt bring a spoon with me ;)
kymmage - 9:41 PM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the Caramel Latte recommendations ladies :) I got some today in our weekly food shop. I served them hot this evening to our guests along with some cupcakes. I had strawberry bubbly flavoured cupcakes with cream cheese icing and some banana peanut butter ones too. The NESCAFE CAFE MENU Caramel Latte was more warmly received than the cupcakes hee hee! The American vote and polls seemed to be the hot topic of the evening.
JaydensMumShonny - 1:55 PM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
On Halloween I had a Coffee Group Catchup at my place, with our Coffee Group (our old Antenatal Class from 2008). All the kids dressed up in costumes for fun (we had many Spidermen, Fairies, a Superman & a Bumble bee). Us Mum's enjoyed cake & Nescafe Sachets (Mocha was the hit of the day!!) & the kids enjoyed cake, strawberries & juice :) Photo to come!
riap - 12:48 PM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
Us Girls had a change this week and got together at communal rooms and joined other mums to learn about water safety for our precious lil gems! was really interesting and makes you think how simple things can lead to disaster for lil ones in the water! highly reccommend!! we then used the kitchen to make bottles and i pulled out the nescafe sachets! so we all poured a cup! instant cafe on demand! we love it!
Shadz - 11:31 AM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thanks Ladies :) Will get it sorted - you're awesome
JulieKidspot - 11:21 AM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi Shadz, I have re-sent the information to you :)
kymmage - 7:08 AM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
Yesterday I made more cupcakes (no?! really Kym?! hee hee). This time they were pina coloda flavoured. I delivered them into work with a trusty bag full of NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee sachets too. I haven't been into work for a wee while, so it was nice to catch up with my workmates and treat them to a sweet surprise and coffee too. They enjoyed playing with baby - who is always a welcome distraction. And I enjoyed listening to the work stories, and talking to the lady who seconded to my role and see what has changed in the last month (heaps!! I have a lot of learning to do when I come back). I caught up with the admin staff as well, who clucked around baby. Got a lot of new gossip - who has moved on, who is pregnant, so that was so exciting for me. I love the people at my work, they are all such a friendly bunch. Have missed them a lot so it was nice to make an excuse to drop in on them. Thanks Nescafe!
kymmage - 7:01 AM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
Shadz - its all done in here as per the instructions above :) You have come to the right place.
Ohh Caramel Latte sounds yummy, will have to look for it today when I do the supermarket shop!
Shadz - 8:09 PM on Wed-7-Nov-2012 reply | message
Please help - I was one of the lucky recipients of the nescafe sachets and we have done our coffee group complete with photos but we have since moved and I can't find my pamphlet telling me exactly where I post and there seem to be a lot of posts around and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do
riap - 10:41 AM on Wed-7-Nov-2012 reply | message
That Moment when you can answer " I dont need Milk"
3 of us sat down at home wanting a hot drink.. we had no milk so i pulled the sachets out! both males said "we dont like them"
I made a Caramel latte and halved an extra sachet into each!
They drunk it all! i think they liked it!
We sat there together sipping away!
thecoffeelady - 9:08 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I'm loving the Caramel Latte's - delicious! So far I have brought another two boxes of them and they seem to be dissappearing!
topcatnzd - 1:48 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
Caramel Latte's with Couplands gingernut....perfection.
kymmage - 10:42 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
Last night we went to the park to see some fireworks, and ran into some friends. We got talking and I mentioned NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee and date cupcakes (I had way too many in the house and wanted to share them before they go stale), so we made a plan. This morning I headed over their way before they had to leave for work. I delivered coffee and cupcakes and we sat and took in some of the beautiful sunshine. Baby got to play with my friends and we got to enjoy a beverage and yummy snack before they had to go into the office. We mostly talked work stories, which was a good change for me because being on maternity leave I do miss the antics of an office.
kymmage - 7:05 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Had a wonderful NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee catch up with a friend today. I baked some date cupcakes, topped them with maple syrup icing and took them around to a friend's place with some sachets of coffee. We sat down and just chatted about life. She unloaded some stresses that she has been going through, as did I. We offered support to each other, while letting the babies play together. It was a really positive and happy time, knowing each of us are going through stuff that we both understand. Knowing that she is there if I need and vice versa. I left her with the remaining cupcakes and some NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee to have later as well.
chloesmummy - 4:36 PM on Sun-4-Nov-2012 reply | message
!! NESCAFE CAFE MENU UPDATE !! - The night before my wedding, my mother and I met some ladies at church to do the place up, on our breaks we sat back and talked around a nice drink of the sachets I had won. It was nice to share NESCAFE CAFE MENU yet again. I still have a few sachets left for when my mother comes over for a nice drink.
kymmage - 9:04 AM on Sun-4-Nov-2012 reply | message
I travelled to Auckland yesterday for a birthday party. I decided to head there early and took some yummy chocolate and the trusty NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets with me. When I arrived, the hostess was in the kitchen busy preparing cake and other goodies for the party. I told her about the coffee, and then got busy myself helping her so she would have an opportunity to relax before the guests started arriving. We decorated the cake, all the while discussing our various baking adventures and the benefits of certain decorating products. As well as all those awesome cake making tv shows currently on foodtv (yes, I do watch it A LOT hee hee). Then we did the dishes together. It was nice catching up with her and feeling helpful. When we were done we had a chance for that NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee and chocolate. A welcome break from prep. I also got to see many friends I hadn't seen in a while. Despite various trips between the two cities, its often difficult to get us all together in the one location. One of my friends even got to meet baby, which was awesome.
Medicina - 8:54 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
I hosted another Get-together for our environmental group. I wondered how our lot would take to the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU because of the packaging. I'm sure that they have less environmental impact that a take-away cup and it's all about the small steps we make to reduce waste! Just about everyone tried the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU (less two staunch herbal tea-totalers). The creamy and delicious results were marvelled at by those who hadn't used the sachets before and those who had were discussing all the cool uses for them and all the power-saving benefits of having these for group camping in place of running a milk fridge or a coffee machine. So that's the enviro-seal of approval obtained by this keen Ambassador ---> now on to convert my Spanish-speaking friends and take over the world mwahahaha! (or just be very keen on NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU)
kymmage - 8:05 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
Dinner party success tonight. We made a coconut curry, and paired it with NESCAFE CAFE MENU Vanilla Latte iced coffees with ice cream. DELICIOUS! and way nicer than just over ice. Then for dessert, NESCAFE CAFE MENU cappuccino chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache. It was a successful evening and a great way to start the weekend. Time with good friends, relaxing and talking about our various weekend plans. Plenty of time to cuddle the children and watch our baby's latest moves - she has this cool inch worm crawl going and can kinda sit up by herself on an angle.
kymmage - 10:10 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
Halloween evening was a success. Photo uploaded of our treats. The NESCAFE CAFE MENU iced coffee went down a treat (and not a trick :P) I made it with a little hot water to turn the sachet contents to a watery paste then added milk and ice. Lots of "yum"s from the group. Then I lamented the lack of ice cream, so tonight quite impromptu - we are having a dinner party just so we can try the NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets cold with ice cream, hee hee.

A few of the guys turned their noses up at pumpkin cupcakes but those who tried them ate more than their share, so clearly they were awesome. I couldnt taste much pumpkin in them, they were spicy and yum.

thecoffeelady - its cruel I know!!
riap - 10:39 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
Our Weekly Get together was at H's ... was a lovely catch up with nescafe cafe menus at hand, i pulled a whole bunch of Sachets from the nappy bag! we sat back watching the babies starting to communicate with each other! so funny listening to them talking "telling Stories!!" was a hot day for once, and i think the weather injected us with so much energy so cant wait to buy some Nescafe Frappe Range though! yum!!
thecoffeelady - 2:51 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
OH my goodness Kymmage, your posts never fail to make me hungry,.... and i do wish i lived closer! LOL
kymmage - 2:36 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
We are having a delayed Halloween party tonight. I have made pumpkin spiced cupcakes, chocolate lollipops in Halloween shapes and chocolate chip cookies. I'm going to be serving some iced NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffees as well for my guests. I thought with the cold weather recently, a nice hot one would be great, but now we have all this sunshine and warmth! So its iced all the way. I'll post up a photo later :)
GoMummyJo - 1:21 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
Well as you'll see by my blog today, the 'get together' hasn't really worked out!
MAMANANNA - 7:28 AM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
Second catch up my family meet at the beach.We spent the day fishing,building sand castles,collecting shells doing all the fun things you can on the beach.We had a bbq and all enjoyed opening our favourite Nescafe Menu of choice.It was lovely to be able to sit down and relax and enjoy a coffee out on the beach .Thanks for making our day even more enjoyable.
classypets - 9:00 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have been drinking nescafe Capuccino sachets for about 8 years now. I was in australia when I started drinking them, an can not drink any other coffee now what I used to drink tastes like dirt if I dont have my sachets I dont have a coffee. I have shactes in the glove box of my car for emergencies in my baby bag for when I go to play group in my work bag for days when Im at work an In my pockets for when I go to friends an familys house's for a cuppa, most of them now stock it in their cupboards an my sister calls it my fancy coffee. My last one for the night round 7pm I put a nip a canterbury cream in it yumo. I remeber a time when I lived in sydney when all of the grocery stores we out of it not sure why can't rember but it was for a good few weeks an I remembered seeing it for sale at Big W so thought no one else would be hunting it down like me there has to be some there, I was desperate for just one nescafe Capuccino so I run in there an to my delight the shelf was full. I brought 5 box's that day. These days i buy the 30 box pretty much weekly I have a capuccino machine but hardly use it. It's just so eay to buy a box rip the shacet an pour into a cup tastes better to. Must admit though I do add milk as I like to drink my Nescafe cupuccino straight away the 1st time I had one it was made for me at a friend's house looking at the colour of it I thought it had milk in it an burnt my mouth:( but it never stoped me that was the start of my of my addiction, So I just had to enter your comp to win an share the sachets an become the nescafe ambassador so far I got the sachets all 100 of them it was like christmas. I took some to my mums had a cuppa with her then some to my mother-inlaws had a cuppa with her then to my sisters had a cuppa with her coffeed out. Then it was time to share with my work mates every Wednesday we have a meeting at work so I took a hand full of sachets to work every wednesday till they run out now they buy their own. Thanks nescafe for your coffee love love love it : )
riap - 2:45 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to be Nescafe Cafe Menu Brand Ambassadors because we all met as Strangers & now we are Friends & Share Weekly Nescafe Cafe Menu Fun Get Together’s which are hosted at each other’s houses & Parks since the birth of our Babies as its affordable especially as most of us are on one wage but still love a Treat.One Mum called our Nescafe Cafe Social Groups the Highlight of her Week, and we all agreed! We just hosted:“Nescafe Cafe Menu Hand and Footprint Paint Party” We had about 10 of the 13 Babies - Most of all are just starting to Crawl,Roll,Explore and Learn how Much FUN they are about to embark on now and in the Future!We had Homemade Safe Paints in Different Colours, as well as had a Separate Area with Real Paints to do Hand and Footprint Art – making Themes out of the Prints ie Xmas Tree Feet, Tractor Feet, Ballerina TUTU with 2Handprints all Cheap Xmas Presents but so much fun! Especially trying to get the prints! Our Subjects didn't like like staying Still!!We put them in the Space with Different Sized containers full of Safe Paint & they took less than a Minute to Grab, Shove straight into their mouths Tip over their clothes and faces and everywhere else!!! One looking like a Smurf, another a Little Strawberry! & one where his head was decorated by his dad! We could not stop laughing and went through a lot of Nescafe Sachets watching them for ages!! They thought they were it, chuckling away until they realised they were another colour, they were wet and their parents were Camera happy and couldn't stop laughing & Pointing! That’s when the laughs turned to tears.... So much Fun for us parents! At that Point, all of us took the time to sit back once we had them changed & share more Nescafe Cafe Menu Sachets together & spoke about how fast 6-7Months had gone... We have more Nescafe Menu Little Get togethers Planned including our Summer Baby Splash Bash! Also Time for Nescafe Frappes! We Have a Monthly Fun day to involve our Partners as well as keep Our get-togethers fun and motivating! and a Strong Support Network for each other ..And thanks to the Countdown Windbacks of $4.99 we have enough Sachets to see us all through till Christmas!!
cherrytf - 9:44 PM on Sat-27-Oct-2012 reply | message
Got together with my sis-in-law and a close friend today and enjoyed mugs of frothy Mocha and Capuccino coffee. Albeit only a 2-hour break from our mummy and wifely duties, we had a truly great time with a little help from NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU.
kymmage - 10:04 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Had a small gathering of friends today and shared our cappuccino and chocolate brownie with them, as well as a round of coffees. There were some grumbles that there wasn't enough on the plate for more than one piece each. Cheeky! Meanwhile the discussions were mostly around my daughter's health since our hospital visit and upcoming Halloween plans. So many light parties on this weekend and a few on 31st evening. Should be a ton of fun, and an opportunity to warm up with a hot coffee or two!
JaydensMumShonny - 3:44 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Overall, from all my catchup's & get-togethers & my personal fave's also, the overall favourites in order were:
#1 Cappuccino
#2 Vanilla
#3 Hazelnut
#4 Mocha

All greatly appreciated though & all delicious.
My partner loved them so much that he's asked me to buy some more of the Vanilla Nescafe Sachets so that'll be in our next grocery shop!
& my Dad was such a huge fan that I'm going to buy some to include with his Christmas gift, aswell as my Aunties & Grandparent's Christmas gifts, as they all loved the different flavours aswell! :)

My personal fave was Cappuccino! :) Amazing!! :)

Thanks heaps Kidspot & Nescafe!! :) xxxxxxx

PS: I'll try to figure out how to upload photos now!
JaydensMumShonny - 3:40 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
I also took a box full of the Nescafe Sachet's to my friends Baby Shower. Which were a huge hit! The Mum-to-be of the Baby Shower's favourite was the Hazelnut Latte! :)

When we had a Family get-together for a Birthday at the start of October, we not only served Birthday cake but Nescafe Sachet's too! (Photo to come also).

When my Dad visited over labour weekend, I asked everyone who want's a Coffee & before I could say anything more my Dad said "Ooh do you still have anymore of those sachets??!!!" lol, I smiled & said "Yes" & he said "yay! can I have one of those please? they were so yum!!" so a BIG fan there for Nescafe! lol :)
JaydensMumShonny - 3:36 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
THANK YOU Kidspot for allowing me to be one of the many lucky receivers of the Nescafe Sachets!! :) (I'm in looove with them! Yummmy!!)

Since receiving my Sachet's it's been abit full on in our household, so I apologise for not commenting on here sooner. My 4yr old son has had his surgery & although recovery after surgery didn't go so well, he's since been recovering fine at home :)

When we went to the Hospital for his surgery, after his bag was packed. One of the first things that went in my handbag was Nescafe Sachets (Photo to come) as we had to stay overnight. Which was a lifesaver! delicious when oh so overtired! lol. & they were greatly received & appreciated by other Mum's in our Ward who were also in overnight with their young children after surgery aswell. Not much sleep for any of us so the Sachet's were even that much more enjoyable! So thank you for that! :)

Since my son has recovered, we've also had afew coffee group catchup's over aswell. While the kids played & enjoyed baking treats, us Mum's enjoyed the Nescafe sachet range. Some had never tried them before, some had only tried the Cappuccino. So they really enjoyed them. They were big fan's of the new flavours to them - the Hazelnut & Vanilla! :) & all said they'd definately try them again! & some even said that they'll be on there next shopping list! :)
kymmage - 3:09 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
I had a bit of a different kind of coffee catch up today. My daughter is home sick from school. Yesterday was one of those nightmare days where you take your daughter to the doctors and end up in the Emergency department at the hospital wondering if its the big C. She had a sore hip on Monday, couldn't get out of bed. I started to think the worst of course. But she is fine, just a case of hip flu (no, I didn't know it existed either!). So today, since I was on orders to keep her home, I decided to do some maths and science with her. Enter a sachet of NESCAFE CAFE MENU cappuccino and a chocolate brownie recipe. We did measuring, seeing what cups to use and how many of each. We did mixing and our science experiment was a tasty cappuccino chocolate brownie. During the process, we laughed (getting the ingredients all over the show but in the bowl :P), and we talked about school and various other things. Since having our baby, we don't get a lot of alone time. So this was such a special afternoon. Baby was napping, so it was perfect!
EmmaR - 2:39 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Packed up the ol Bedford CF Camper for the long weekend away with mates and their kids - remembered everything bar tea towels and wooden spoons (where did they go?!) but luckily packed a couple of boxes of NESCAFE mocha and cappucino sachets and what a godsend!

Standing catchphrase in the campsite seemed to involve rewarding ourselves with a sachet, getting ourselves ready with a sachet, relaxing with a sachet - you name it and any occasion called for it! Especially handy with 6 kids running around - albeit a very kidfriendly campground but still hectic with 6 bikes, scooters, sets of toys, games etc!

These came in extra handy when the weather turned to custard on Sunday and we all snuggled down in the caravan (good ol Bedford just too small!) with blankets, the kettle and a couple of sachets each. We knew it was time to leave on Monday when we'd run out and all were screaming for caffeine to get us through the morning!

Love 'em, they're perfect to chew the fat, put the world to rights etc etc!
Foxy - 9:29 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Finally got round to mentioning my get together!

It was great to the box of Nescafe Cafe drinks - my DH had never tried one, so the first 'get together' was him and I ;-) We each tried a different flavour and shared some time together once the kids were in bed - what a treat!

I was saving most of them for the school holidays when I was flying to Taranaki to see family, but when my friend found out I had won so many, she twisted my arm, and so we had their family round for dinner one weekend, and the four adults all tried one then.

Finally, I was in Taranaki, and it had been a really long time since I'd seen my family, so I was really looking forward to it. A lot had happened since my last visit - stuff I'm not going to go into here, but suffice it to say, this was an important family occasion.

Since myself and the two kids were only there for the school holidays,my Mum decided to have an early Halloween! We have a very large family, so my closest cousins, Aunt and grandparents all came for a pot luck Halloween celebration. ( That's 19 adults and 20 kids - and that's just part of the family!)

So after the kids popped balloons with lollipops in them, bobbed for apples or tried to get lolly worms out of a bowl full of jelly using only their teeth, or had a feel of the mystery spooky objects in the "Dark Box", the adults settled down with a Nescafe Latte. It was great to have such a selection of flavours, as everyone got to have a sip of new flavours, and even my 83 year old Poppy tried one. He's not much of a coffee drinker, but he reckoned "it's alright, I'd have one again" - which is high praise indeed coming from him!

It was a great success and I really enjoyed the time with my family. The nicest thing has been splitting the left over sachets with my Mum, and a couple of times since we've managed to both sit down and talk on the phone with a cup of Nescafe each.
We're definitely hooked on them now, although she prefers the Cappcino and I like the Vamilla Latte, but it will be a regular luxury item on our shopping lists now!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share this prize with my loved ones.
kiwimel - 12:52 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I had to buy more! And I love the new collection tins at Countdown - I've just added it to the shopping list :)

I had another phone catch up today with my sister in Auckland. She was diagnosed with skin cancer last week and the phone call was much needed (for both of us). We had prearranged the phone call and decided on a Nescafe Call. She had a Vanilla Latte sachet from the stash I sent her home with, and I had one from my new box I bought last night. As strange as it sounds, knowing she's sharing the same drink while we talked made it a bit easier not being able to be in the same room.
Unique1 - 1:15 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We use Nescafé sachets for our mothers group as there is no decent coffe places to go with kids. It means we can all have a nice coffee while enjoying watching our children play in a safe environment. We've also been using sachets at my nanas since grandad had a stroke as she has so many people through and she can't leave the house to go to cafes, Nescafé has proved to be a great alternative
samala - 12:24 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Had a really lovely morning tea with my local Mums coffee group, I invited them all around with thier kids and we had some home made biscuits and some Bagel Bites for the kids. They loved the delicious coffee's and a few commented how they taste just like the one's you would pay a fortune for at the cafe. Really delicious and enjoyed by all. Thankyou very much Kidspot and Nescafe, the coffees were so yummy and very appreciated. When they were leaving a couple of Mums said they were going straight to the shop to buy a packet for home. :-)
MAMANANNA - 7:54 AM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I had mixed emotions at my catch up .It is another year since Dad was taken from us suddenly .It is still hard to except that he was going about his daily life getting his morning paper when he was struck crossing the road.We all shared some of the lovely nescafe menu sachets along with lovely home made goodies.Time for people young and old to remember the good times and hold back a few tears .He passed the day after my daughter birthday so everyone was wishing her Happy Birthday also..It was wonderful to see everyone and catch up and share the Nescafe it was throughly enjoyed by everyone some had there favourites.Have set aside some for another couple of catch ups..
IceKiwi - 4:16 PM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
Kettle boiled,
Top snipped,
Coffee tipped,
Water poured,
Smelling good,
Stirrer in,
Time to sit.

Loving the opportunity to share with friends Nescafe cafe menu, its been fantastic to schedule more catch ups than normal and give us another reason to set time aside to get together and hang out together.
cherrytf - 6:56 PM on Sat-20-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hosted today a luncheon get-together with two of my closest girlfriends in Auckland. We rarely ever get to see each other since we live far apart from one another. Hours of chatting, catching up with each other's lives, sharing good homecooked food, was just a wonderful experience. Our husbands gladly took on our kids to give us a day off. We capped the afternoon off with the mocha cupcakes I baked just for the occasion and the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU. Both my friends aren't really coffee drinkers, but they both commented more than once that their respective coffees tasted real good. NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU and I might just make converts out of them.
Medicina - 4:42 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
Today I hosted a get-together with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU for a bunch of friends and associates that are living the good life as house-bus and off-grid home inhabitants. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share a product that is so perfect for their lifestyle -- no refridgeration needed! We boiled up the billy and shared a NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU and good old Kiwi damper. Unfortunately the photos didn't come out so well because of the flames and steam but it was a really memorable get-together all the same. I'm loving this reason to make the effort to get people together and opportunity to add something extra special with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU.
kymmage - 3:58 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
Today I had another NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee catch-up. This time with my Asthma fundraising committee. I'm the co-ordinator of our local group's fundraising committee. This is a small group of ladies who dedicate part of their time to helping our fundraising efforts. Money raised goes towards helping our nurses support and educate people and especially kids with Asthma. It great work and I'm proud to be involved. I shared NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets with the ladies as we discussed our plans for fundraising over the next 12 months. We have a few fun ideas both for families and for ladies nights. I gifted the excess sachets I brought along to the office so those hardworking nurses could enjoy a nicer class of coffee for their morning tea.
radioguru - 5:00 PM on Thu-18-Oct-2012 reply | message
I belong to a group of 65 women from all over New Zealand, who met on the internet. We were all pregnant at the time, and had our babies in November 2011. We have gone through a lot since then, good times and bad...including sharing breastmilk for a baby that wouldn't grow, supporting a mother to get help for post-natal depression, and supporting another mother when her baby died. One of our stories even featured in a recent issue of Lucky Break magazine, and we also had a story in the NZ Herald.

Last weekend, we held a 'reunion' in Auckland to finally meet each other face-to-face for the first time, and show off our babies as they approached their first birthdays. My family (my husband and 2 daughters) drove to Auckland from Palmerston North. The trip was LOADS of fun, and because we were all excited, we pushed through the exhaustion and enjoyed driving up the country. We left Palmy at 3.30am, and had to stop every 2 hours to feed a baby, take a toddler to the toilet or stretch our legs. We discovered a few cute little towns along the way, as well as a couple of places we know not to stop in again! My husband and I were grateful for all of our little sachets, and our thermus of boiling water!! It was great to 'fuel up' on the side of the road, and have a hot drink to sip along the way.

Once we were in Auckland, we stayed at a beautiful holiday home with 2 other Palmy mums and bubs. It was fantastic! We made that house our home, and settled in - with our Nescafe sachets. We loved watching our 11 month old babies spend time with each other, noting the differences in each child...but after driving for so many hours, we definitely needed the coffee sachets during the 6am wake-up calls.
The morning of the reunion was incredibly hectic. As well as our usual routines, we had to make salads for the group meal, and pitch in to help set up the venue. Then people started arriving, and it was exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. We all knew each other so well, and had held nothing back during our conversations in the early days of pregnancy/raising a newborn...but in the backs of our minds, we kept thinking, 'I really hope you're not crazy in real life'...or maybe that was just me *wink*

Suddenly the room was full of 11 month old babies! They were all gorgeous, and unique. Some were just sitting, some were crawling, and one baby was running around like a 'big' boy! Some of the babies laughed, some cried, some slept through the entire event. I had set up a box of Nescafe sachets, and was pleased to see happy (but tired) mums and dads reaching for them.

As an extra bonus to the event, I had organised some prizes and giveaways for each family, and in each of those goodie bags, I popped a Nescafe sachet. After all, when we all got home again, we will be needing a cup of coffee by our computers as we chatted about the days events.

I believe that all parents need a box of these sachets in their cupboards - for those mornings when you've been up half the night and can only function enough to boil the kettle and open a sachet....or those moments when you're dying for a cafe-style coffee, but your baby is asleep so you can't leave the house...or your friends pop by for a visit and there is no milk in the fridge because you were so busy that you forgot to buy some. Just grab a Nescafe sachet, and your friends will be impressed! The list just goes on and on.

I think that I would be the perfect brand ambassador for Nescafe coffee sachets, because I love them so much. In one weekend, I managed to introduce these coffee sachets to 65 different families - all with different backgrounds, different income levels, different religions and cultures - all these women who had met on the internet nearly 2 years ago, when they found out that they were due in November 2011.
I'm off to the supermarket to buy some more. Who knows how many families I can sway with my next batch? :o)
rachaelsfun - 12:42 PM on Thu-18-Oct-2012 reply | message
wow would be nice to win and always love a get together with friends family and other mums for a coffee and a chat :) this would be PERFECT to win for that
Medicina - 11:06 AM on Thu-18-Oct-2012 reply | message
I had a GET TOGETHER of the school Parent Teacher Association and after we got the business side out of the way I offered everyone a chance to try the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU. Everyone enjoyed themselves for a bit of a relax without children! I thought I was doing a great job as an Ambassador because everyone was talking about the coffees and some who have used them before extoled there virtues and gave us all sorts of insights as to how to use them. For example, a flask of boiling water and NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets makes a MUCH better picnic drink as you don't have to carry milk and the drink is actually hot when you have it. I got everyone to try a flavour that they haven't had before and to take some home for their partner and them to share together. The NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU seems to have something for everyone. I'm looking forward to the next GET TOGETHER that I'm organising soon!! Updates to follow.
kymmage - 10:37 PM on Wed-17-Oct-2012 reply | message
kiwimel - very clever :) I love it!
kiwimel - 2:21 PM on Tue-16-Oct-2012 reply | message
The sachets are gone,
My heart's broke in two,
I'll just have to buy more...
I'm addicted, it's true!

My last sachets were used yesterday to celebrate the first day back at school. Three of us got together and as the morning wore on, our smiles grew bigger as the tension was released. We hadnt seen each other for the entire two weeks and had a lot to catch up on (as all women do after such a looooong period of time!). By the end of the morning, 7 empty sachets filled the space on the bench, biscuit crumbs filled a plate, and friendship filled our hearts :) A huge thank you to Kidspot and Nescafe for enabling many, many good times over the last weeks!
aucklandjules - 1:23 PM on Tue-16-Oct-2012 reply | message
Forgot to mention that these will be so convenient to take boating and to the beach over the summer. I also have a couple tucked away in my handbag and my husband has been caught taking some to work!
aucklandjules - 1:17 PM on Tue-16-Oct-2012 reply | message
I am having so much fun with my Nescafe Sachets. My daughter had a birthday party last weekend and I put the boxes of sachets on the bench and everybody helped themselves to coffee. Lots of coffee was drunk throughout the afternoon and everybody had fun trying different flavours so it was great advertising. Also over the holidays we had visitors from out of town and a lot of coffee sachets were used as we had a good catch up. Everybody seems to like the coffee, and the great thing about having a variety is that everybody goes home with a new favourite! A popular choice in our house has been vanilla and Hazlenut. Everytime I have the sachets out I forget to take photos but I can tell you that my husband, friends and I are all enjoying them. Even the kids have asked what all the fuss is about! maybe a hot chocolate for the kids could be a new flavour.
vam - 12:32 PM on Tue-16-Oct-2012 reply | message
I had a catch up at our house today and placed the boxes out on the table (which looked very professional) and the favourite by far was the "cappuccino skim".

My husband has also been taking them to work with him as he is on the road traveling all the time and instead of stopping and paying $5 for a coffee, he has his cup and thermo on board along with instant "yummy coffee".
melanie17 - 10:19 PM on Fri-12-Oct-2012 reply | message
I had a impromptu NESCAFE Get-together on the weekend. Being the holidays and trying to keep the kids entertained, our family headed off to Waiomio Caves up North on Sunday. I especially packed a lunch, complete with thermos and NESCAFE sachets. When we arrived there was a lovely lunching area to relax and bathe in the sun. Whilst enjoying our surroundings we struck up conversation with a lovely family (Mum & 2 children) from down the line who were also having a family excursion. I had a voucher which enabled me to be able to pay for her two children as well as my own family so I asked if she'd like to take advantage of that. She was most appreciative which was really nice :-) After taking our tour of the beautiful Waiomio Caves (which is, highly recommended by me!) I asked the Mum we met if she'd like to join us for a nice NESCAFE coffee while the kids had a bit of a run around. She happily agreed and was most impressed with the great selection of flavours I'd brought along with me. While enjoying our coffee, she explained while trying to get to the Caves she'd taken a wrong turn and ended up travelling 40 minutes in the wrong direction so what should have been an fairly straightforward trip ended up being a bit round-a-bout! During our conversation she said our kindness had really made her day, which of course warmed my heart. The NESCAFE coffee was the cherry on the cake! Thanks NESCAFE for making our day even that little bit more special!
chloesmummy - 11:44 AM on Wed-10-Oct-2012 reply | message
NESCAFE CAFE MENU GET TOGETHER - I shared Necafe Cafe Menu Sachets at my Church on Sunday 6/10/12 for everybody to enjoy, which they did as the gathered under the house of worship, we exchanged views and imputs on my upcoming wedding and baby-to-be, aswell as handing out invites and hearing about others weekends, all this happened after the service and AGM meeting so everyone could unwind. I snapped some pictures and made a collage, but will not name names for their privacy. Was a blessing just to share with my fellow church friends.
emmzip - 10:06 AM on Wed-10-Oct-2012 reply | message
I am in a due in december group we have weekly coffee catch up's and we will continue to once babies are born. Would love to be able to sit down, relax and have a nice hot mug of nescafe at our weekly catch up. Would love the change to be the nescafe ambassador.
shird - 11:03 PM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
I no longer have many coffee catch-ups as a group now that the kids are older and many of our mothers group are working etc. I still buy the sachets as they are handy to take away when travelling and I have found them handy rewards for people that have been saving us stickers for a promotion or for a pick me up for our kids teachers at the end of term. Will print that $1 off voucher!
Medicina - 4:48 PM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hey IceKiwi, I concur about the opening. I don't find them that difficult as I used to use NESTLÉ sachet products when the children were babies so I think I've got the technique down. Hubby and others have found it difficult too. I split it about 1 cm down and then pull the smaller piece off to the side --sort of like clipping the corner. I think I'll put sissors with my display box too. Thanks for the tip.

Anyone got any tips on photos? People are keen to try and seem to love the NESCAFÉ product but not so keen for me to publish a photo of the gathering --perhaps if they don't want to be in the photograph they can have instant coffee instead?
Medicina - 4:34 PM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
Sachets have arrived! Thanks so much for selecting me. Just relaxing throught the holidays and then it's into all the kid's activities and associated NESCAFÉ get-togethers! I've already been taking on the ambassador role and have converted a few people --pretty easy job since I LOVE these sachets. NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU rocks. They are especially good for people on the road. A few of my friends have travelling husbands. The sachets save SO MUCH money on takeaway coffee and all the man needs do is find some hot water --not too much to ask ;-)
vam - 12:40 PM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have had mums dropping the children off to play for the holidays and when they come in I ask "would you like a coffee" and of course they usually say "yes" then I put the display boxes on the bench and ask "which one would you like" and they ask the same question each time "where did you get so many sachets from" and then I explain it all......One mother has been back four times so far and tried a different one each time and she said "she loves them all" but the favourites so far seem to be the vanilla and hazlenut!!! I will keep you updated as they are shared. Thanks for selecting me Nescafe.

PS. My mum was a strict "other brand" flavoured coffee drinker and now she is converted to Nescafe. x
RumRita - 11:50 AM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have to admit it - having these Nescafe Cafe Menu sachets DEFINITELY adds something special when friends come over lately. It's so much fun when people come over to have the coffees on display and be able to offer your guests something new to try. It's quite exciting for them, and nice for us as hosts to be feel like we're treating them :) I have found that the simple pleasures in life are so much more important once kids come in to the picture - so sitting down with friends over a nice coffee and all catching up is so much fun. I've had friends playfully fight over which flavour they want when there is only one left and they swap and try each others which is so much fun. It's a conversation starter too when you haven't seen some friends in a while - a gentle way to ease back in to friendly chat. I am so enjoying the little extra zing this is giving us and our friends and think I will definitely buy more of the flavours and refill by display boxes when they've all gone. One of our neighbours has been very ill - in and out of hospital so they've had lots of family and friends stop by to visit them. I took them over one of the display boxes filled with sachets last week so that they could offer them to friends and family when they came over and enjoy a nice treat together when he came out of hospital. They were so so happy and have since been telling us about all the people they've shared a nice catch up with since.
Hope everyone is having as much fun with their sachets as we are!!! :)
kiwimel - 9:25 AM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hubby and I dont often get time alone without the kids on the weekend, so last weekend's get together was just the two of us... and BLISS! Without the constant questions and requests from our little ones, we were able to sit in the sun for 3 glorious hours! Add a few shortbread bikkies and it was a match made in heaven. We got to catch up properly and just enjoy each others company.... kind of a mid afternoon date night :) By the end of the 3 hours hubby requested one of my new "ice coffee" mixtures to top off the afternoon. The sachet supply is rapidly dwindling!!
riap - 10:21 PM on Fri-5-Oct-2012 reply | message
we love catching up and sharing nescafe together, so much easier when its at a home and you dont have to panic about the noise!!! ie your lil one crying and grizzling!! i also find having a pak of nescafe sticks in my bag is handy coz i hate going somewhere and they make coffee water ie coffee that tastes llke water . wow being a mum especially 1st time is huge,amazing and coming from a rep that use to buy a daily skim triple shot flat white to a cheap instant cafe jar it sux, coffeeis good! and i still finod the nescafe menu excellent and even though my taste is extreme and i have to have 2 sachets per cup! it so much more affordable and god dam tasty!
IceKiwi - 1:30 PM on Fri-5-Oct-2012 reply | message
Nescafe Catch Ups: I have had two coffee catch ups so far with one to go. These have been so much fun and a great excuse just to get together and hang out.

My friends were so excited when I explained about being selected to trial these products and that they were able to take some home at the end of the night as a small thank you for being part of this process with me.

The highlight was a dessert and coffee evening that I hosted on Tuesday night. I had made mini coconut pavlova type merranges with raspberries, passionfruit pulp and cream, as well as decadent chocolate and white chocolate and raspberry to compliment the coffees we were to sample. It was such a great time catching up with friends so much so we are doing it again next Thursday!

I found the boxes were fantastic for displaying the array of coffee we had on offer for the evening and having dessert go with these were perfect. We chatted about so many topics and of course Kidspot and Nescafe and how I ever managed to attain so many samples of coffee.
Everyone loved the coffee's and the varieties that I had for sampling.

The only comment that was made for improvement is the way the coffee sachets split when you open them I found it easier to have a pair of scissors to whip the top off before pouring into ones mug.

My home was filled with delicious smells that night

The most popular by far seems to have been the Mocha, followed by Vanilla.

I had a treat for my friends i'm a real frappacino fan so I use the mocha sachet and add a teaspoon of hot chocolate and a teaspoon of chocolate chips pour over just enough hot water to dissolve all of this and pour in ice cold milk. When I have extra time I make this in the blender and add ice to really chill the drink. It is perfect for a hot day when hot drinks just aren't really what you want but you still want a coffee drink. For an extra treat we add some whipped cream and I use a chocolate sauce to top it all off.
Very decadent but so delicious. (Seriously this blend of mocha from nescafe is better than any bought frappacino so much so that I only buy the sachets now save myself a huge amount and make them at home YUM!)

My family and their friends have also benefited from these samples as I sent some their way to trial. My dad loves them so much and finds them really handy as he is often on the road and just now needs his thermos and he's good to go.

Thank you so much Kidspot and Nescafe this has definitely been an awesome trial and the best reason to get together with friends on a more regular basis.
kymmage - 7:53 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have the Thursday crowd here tonight, and they are sharing more coffees and eating those cake pops. One of the guys pxted his girlfriend to show her the treats which caused a flurry of txts asking if I could treat her too. hee hee So a baggie of the cake pops is on the way home to her. Lots of talk this evening about appliance buying (new dishwasher on the cards here), my baking, and various movie and rugby plans for the coming week.

The cake pops came out very very sweet. Basically half and half cake crumb and icing, set hard in a silcone mold, then dipped in melted chocolate. One is definitely enough!
thecoffeelady - 6:37 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
So true, life gets busy and you forget to treasure the person you love. Cake pops are something i've always wanted to try!
kymmage - 5:59 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Oh thanks coffeelady :) I do like to experiment a bit in the kitchen. I learnt from a friend that date nights don't have to be anything expensive or even going out. She use to spin a globe, pick a country and then have a themed evening. Sometimes they would have a picnic in their lounge, picnic rug and all. It pays to reconnect, because even though you are living together you don't always say everything you need to :)

I'm back in my kitchen today experimenting with coffee! I have some chocolate cupcakes that broke on me when I tried to ease them out of the tray. So I'm going to crumb them, mix them with some Hazlenut Latte buttercream icing and make adult cake-pops. This is my first time so I hope the recipe is kind to me! hee hee
thecoffeelady - 7:56 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have just had my first nescafe get together, it was my three sisters and I and we had great fun, all tried different ones and our favorite so far is the hazelnut - SOOO good. Will post photos.
thecoffeelady - 7:54 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
Kymmage, you sound like you're having so much fun and good on you with that date night, It is a timely reminder for me as date nights is something of the past, we haven't had time just for ourselves for a long time. I'm finding a date in the diary right now. Actually it is our anniversary this weekend - Duh, can't beleive I had forgotten..... also you clever lady making those cappuccino meringues, sound so yum!
kymmage - 6:57 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
My coffee catch up this morning was lots of fun. We shared a coffee while the kids played. I supplied some left over grapes and crackers. My friend's 2 year old was so cute asking for "more cookies please", and not being satisfied until she has one for each hand. She also snuck into the bag of grapes eating them in a chipmunk type manner. I had many a giggle at her antics. I had forgotten how cute they are at that age.

Us ladies talked books, parents, life in general and later the two year old made us cups of coffee and tea with her toy set.

This afternoon, another friend dropped by for a catch up. Both at a loose end with school holidays making us largely child-free. We sat down with leftover cupcakes and coffee, and watched one of the Dirty Harry movies. Random, but so fun! and not something I could do in the middle of the day normally. We talked about life, the kids and our current struggles. She is one of those friends I can be truely honest with and she never judges. She has been through the wringer herself recently, so it was really good to just blob and indulge - and not spend any money :P

Tonight, a different kind of catch up - my husband and I try to have a date night regularly, to remember we are a team outside of the kids, but it gets expensive going out all the time. So we have a night in, but make it special. Tonight it's red wine, rugby and Cappuccino meringues made from the sachet, egg whites and castor sugar. I've done a chocolate buttercream filling for them too. Should be a hit! and of course I'll provide a photo.
lmiln003 - 2:41 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
CATCH UP WITH NESCAFE: Ok so I arranged for a group of friends, family, playcentre mums, ante-natal group etc to come along to my place for a catch up and (of course) a coffee. I had an ulterior motive for inviting them - once I had them all settled in with a hot mug of Nescafe cafe menu coffee, and the food (chocolate balls, cake, cupcakes, fruit & cheese platters, various slices) had been handed around and introduction done. I told them that not only did I was a mass catch up but I explained about being selected to get a big box of sachets (which they were all currently enjoying!). I then said that I wanted to try something else out on them (I think a few felt a little nervous) see I love coffee, but in summer hot drinks sometimes aren't the best option, so I have been experimenting - I added a sachet to a cup (mocha is my personal fav) with just enough boiling water to dissolve the coffee, then I top up with ice cold milk (and when I feel like being extra spoilt a little cream and sprinkles on top are fantastic!) and voila I get to enjoy a fresh, delicious iced coffee - which tastes a million times better than the pre-made ones I have tried in the shop! So once the first round of coffees were done and everyone was happily chatting and catching up (and the kids had been back for their third helping of food) I took orders to try the nescafe cafe menu experimental way.....the verdict? well everyone loved them, the top picks seemed to be vanilla and mocha, everyone loves the refreshing taste of it cold and most said they would be trying it as home too! So thank you kidspot and Nescafe for providing a wonderful excuse for catching up with my many friends and family members who came (I have a few sachets squirrelled away for some friends who couldn't make it, so can't wait to relive the magic again!) - Will pop a photo up to show some of our yummyness from the day :)
Nardia - 2:39 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
I am organising a get together with a bunch of wonderful ladies who are part of an Online social group. I cant wait for us to agree an a day when we all have time to sit online and have a chat and a coffee together. I am also thinking of some topics we can discuss and some fun Photo ideas :)
kymmage - 7:01 PM on Tue-2-Oct-2012 reply | message
SPACE catch up was fun. We had my cupcakes, grapes, rice crackers, hummus and another mum bought brownies. Everyone was keen to try a coffee. The feedback was all very positive, lots of "yum" sounds on each sip of coffee. The gossip of the day was weddings - so exciting. I love wedding planning so talking about themes and cars and music, etc was so fun.

My icing experiment also makes me wonder what other wonderful desserts could I be making?!

I set up another coffee meet up tomorrow too. This time with a dear friend, and I encouraged her to throw the invite open to some other friends, so we have quite a group coming along tomorrow too. Should be a great catch up on the goss over a cuppa!
kymie83 - 6:54 PM on Tue-2-Oct-2012 reply | message
Well everyone that pops over are like "wow got to try them" our wine Fridays turned into a Nescafe Friday last week with everyone trying a couple, the Vanilla is a Favorited one, the thing that is noticed is how easy they are to make and how tasty they are, and the variety is great. When my friends are not diving into them then im regularly having a cup here and there mainly a cappuccino. Finally my all time best thing about these is my husband (who is English does not drink any hot drink including tea and coffee which is very odd for an Englishmen) loves the Hazelnut and has had a fair few and the first time in 8 years we can actually enjoy a hot drink together. Thank you so much for these they really are a HIT!!!
kymmage - 7:08 AM on Tue-2-Oct-2012 reply | message
Its school holidays and I'm hosting the SPACE mums today at my house for a NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee and cake catch up, since we don't have SPACE to look forward to. My big girl is away at the grandparents so Audra and I are at a loose end. One thing I made this morning was chocolate cupcakes with NESCAFE CAFE MENU Vanilla Latte icing to share! I used half a sachet of the Vanilla Latte flavour in the icing and it is SOOO GOOD! I can't wait to share these with my group. This is a different group of mums from my Mainly Music group. Another one of those groups who have saved my sanity, and allowed me to meet and make brand new friends. I'll try to upload a photo, but I'm having technical issues at the moment :P
ErinCooper - 7:26 PM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
I group of us Mums from Kindy get together at my house often more as new freindships than a coffee group. This is my faveroute coffee but no longer able to afford it :( I will be helping out at the kindy and would take these to share with the teachers and mothers.
kirk - 4:56 PM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
Well if I got these samples I would get browny points with the mother in law, sister and grandmother who are coming up soon to catch up with my lady and our 2 beautiful kids, which they have not seen in a few months. I would be son in law of the year! :)
AnnaES - 4:53 PM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
Further update on sharing Nescafe tubes with my school workmates!
Two Cappuccino tubes left to be enjoyed! Our caretaker enjoyed a Cappuccino. Our cleaning staff took a couple home each - one of them and I commented how we both enjoyed the Vanilla flavour! A fellow teacher aide took a couple of Cappuccino home for her husband and a couple of Mocha for her daughter. The Chairperson of our PTFA said she was pleased I'd won some as she was enjoying a cup today after treating us all to a sausage sizzle for lunch for thanks for everyones help at the school gala last weekend. A teacher told me that she enjoys these coffees. Another person enjoyed the Hazelnut flavour - the Vanilla and the Hazelnut were the first flavours to go, then followed by the Mocha. My neighbour friend has been sick so was delighted to take her Nescafe tubes home for a pick me up treat!
(Our school administrator has now joined Kidspot and already got into the swing of things by making a comment to register for her first trial!)
Its been a very popular and enjoyable Nescafe sharing!
Mumma - 10:55 AM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
I am a grandmother who loves having friends over especially my lovely older school friends having a lunch and reminiscing old memories. I normally have them over when it's going to a sunny day so we can sit outside enjoying lunch and then a coffee. I'm sure they would all love to try these new Nescafe Cafe Menu sachets.

My family comes over occasionally and I mostly go over to their places for meals taking a dessert or some fudges. We are a close family and do enjoy each others company.

But my favourite time is out with friends during the week playing tennis then coming in for a morning tea break when we are all tired out and having a cuppa tea or coffee. We all take turns on the morning tea and I would just love for them all to try out the new sachets before we go on for our next game (maybe our tennis will improve!).
DMears - 8:12 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
Eash day this week Nescafe and I have been putting on coffee for all my work mates, we tried a different flavour each day. Monday we had Vanilla, Tuesday we had Mocca, Wednesday Cappacinno, today we had Hazelnut. Tomorrow is anyones choice. We have been having so much fun drinking coffee at morning tea time that we have run over time a few days, oops. I have taken coffee to have with my parents, each enjoying our favourite flavours at lunch time. I have gone round to friends and taken bundles of coffee, we have had so much fun and caught up on heaps of gossip. Thanks Kidspot and Nescafe, I have had so much fun this week sharing your great coffee with all my friends. Keep up the great flavours!!!!!!!
kymmage - 4:16 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
My Dad has just had major surgery. He is home now and while I would love to be with him and Mum to help out, I can't. New baby, plus school aged kiddo, plus no room at the inn! So I just put a care package together for Ma and Pa. I included some NESCAFE CAFE MENU sticks and I made a lolly cake for them as well. I also included a card with a proposed skype coffee catch up. Just because we are seperated by 290km, doesn't mean NESCAFE CAFE MENU can't bring us together over a yummy coffee for family time :) I'll keep you posted.

Edited: So we finally got our Skype date today. It was really nice. Sat down at my computer with a mug of Cappucino as did my Dad all those kms away. And we just sat and chatted about the kids, what he is up to and how his recovery is going. Mum joined us as well and we talked about family and what the gossip is - who is moving house, and that sort of thing. We always chat for ages on the phone, and it was no different through Skype. Got started at 11am and had to stop talking at 12:15pm as I had to pick my daughter up early from school. A shame really as we could have talked the day away!!
Leightk3 - 12:53 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
A group of us weavers (flax) get together Monday and Thursday nights, so when my box arrived, my 10 year old sorted them out and boxed them up for me to display. My group of friends/weavers enjoyed the chocolatey goodness of a hot creamy mocha, cappuccino, vanilla or hazelnut and were so impressed by the yummy variety they couldn't wait to pose for a picture!!! Photo to come! Lol!!! Thanks Nescafe & Kidspot
AnnaES - 4:02 PM on Wed-26-Sep-2012 reply | message
I work as a Teacher Aide at the primary school our girls go to. Today Nescafe and I went to school for a staff farewell morning tea shout we were putting on for one of our teachers!
(I've added 2 photos. One of Nescafe sitting ready on the staffroom bench waiting for the morning tea rush! and the other of us having morning tea together enjoying our delicious Nescafes and food and saying goodbyes!)
I got to tell my workmates how I'd been lucky enough to receive the Nescafe and all about the Kidspot website! (Sounds like some of them may be joining up soon!)
Some people got to try new flavours and discussed which ones they liked the best.
Thank you Nescafe and Kidspot for this treat that we got to share on this special occasion!!
kymmage - 1:14 PM on Wed-26-Sep-2012 reply | message
It was the last day of Mainly Music today for term 3, so as a thank you to the group and the volunteers running it I supplied NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffees for the morning tea. This group has been a lifesaver for me. Audra is my second baby, 5 years younger than my first. I didn't have a coffee group to join and didn't know many at-home mums so I was getting very isolated. Then a friend suggested Mainly Music. The group is approximately 30 strong with mums, nanas and caregivers.

Everyone loved the NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffee and I got lots of thank yous for the treat. It felt good to give back to people who have made my Wednesdays all the brighter.

I also got some feedback about the coffee, and the possibility of having a sugar free version which I have passed onto Nescafe via facebook. I'm really liking sharing these NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffees with different people because it gives me a focus especially with school holidays coming up!
MrsHetfield - 8:49 AM on Tue-25-Sep-2012 reply | message
It was really awesome to get that big box from the courier with all those yummy sachets. I put a photo up on Facebook of the box and then the orders started rolling in from my workmates for what coffee they wanted the next morning. I took a whole heap of sachets into work and it was great to see everyone enjoying a decent coffee for a change. It seemed to create a wee buzz around the staff room, a bit of a talking point. So thank you for making our mornings a bit more enjoyable.
mdavies - 9:05 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
Was so impressed when I opened my box of sachets - that I took a photo and sent it to my sister and friend. My friend came over that afternoon and we started the sharing! I loved the mocha and she loved the hazelnut flavoured coffee. The sharing continued today with my husband. Inbetween I have tried the vanilla and the cappuccino and like them as well! On Tuesday I am taking a pile of sachets in the convenient box to my playgroup along with some chocolate slice for our end of term morning tea - I know the ladies will love them and there will be enough for them to take some different flavours home to try. Then the sharing will continue for the school holidays as I have guest to stay and lots of get togethers. I am planning on taking some on our picnics with a thermos as they will be great cos I won't have to worry about the milk getting to hot. Thank you so much for sending me these.
kymmage - 9:48 AM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
I was so stoked to have the box of NESCAFE CAFE MENU sachets arrive last night. Perfect timing as Thursday is always Dungeons and Draongs night/Shared dinner at my house. Usually we all just bring take-a-ways, but I had already organised to feed the masses including cheesecake for dessert. Having special coffees to share just topped the meal off so well! Everyone got to pick the flavour NESCAFE CAFE MENU they wanted to try. None of them had had these before, so it was a nice introduction to instant frothy flavoured coffee.

One guy chose not to try the coffee as he didn't want to be awake all night. That didn't stop him drinking a sip or two from his girlfriend's mug of vanilla latte. At one point we all had a good laugh as she put her hand over the mug and said "that's enough. This is my coffee. Get your own!" She was easily converted, declaring herself addicted to that vanilla latte taste.

I had the mocha, which was really nice. It was hard not to go back for another one! Everyone was suitably impressed with the NESCAFE CAFE MENU coffees and talking about maybe getting some for work, etc. The sticks are so convenient! Thanks so much for selecting me!
harksgal - 4:38 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
I am the most biggest Nescafe coffee fan here, i drink it all the time, its great tasting coffee at an affordable price :)
tylerlorz - 3:05 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
i would love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to be choosen to have a get together at my house and coffeee would just be an added bonussssssssssssssssssssssss please please please i know some awsome mums and i definatly know that this would go down a treat xxx
Greerfamily - 6:45 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow when the box turned up on a monday afternoon i just knew my weekly tuesday get together was going to be that much better ;) I had 3 friends over that Tuesday, one bought some super scrummy "slutty choc brownie" (not sure why named that but very yummy), another bought her troubles for us to help solve and i brought the coffees.... two hours, half a dozen cappuccino's, a couple of hazlenut latte's and a mocha later we all felt full (in need of a loo!), and ready to battle the school pick ups. The following Tuesday I upped the level of get together and hosted a lorraine lea linen party with free coffees giveaway to drink and take some home for all those who turned up.... an hour of perfect dream house afternoon dreaming, and a little necessary dreaming.... we finished a fun afternoon and a get away from realities of motherhood. That week i also added in an evening handbag party for those who can't make the weekly tuesday de-stress once again nescafe soothed our souls and had us laughing. <br>Thank you NESCAFE! You really are a girls best friend ! (forget Libra!) Long may the Nescafe buzz calm this frazzled mum of 3 - in fact as i write this.. i have a delicious vanilla latte in hand :)

Next up: Hosting an OPOHO PLAYCENTRE NESCAFE BAKE OFF :) IN October we'll have some parents and people in community bake some goodies - and enter them for a dollar or two an entry - prizes awarded in three catergories, and then the best part - open gold coin donation for TASTING AND COFFEE - and yep you guessed it... NESCAFE COFFEE SACHETS being devoured by all with a piece of baking and all funds being raised for BELLYFULL DUNEDIN :)
kiwimel - 3:07 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Today was my first over-the-phone get together! Last week I recommended the Vanilla Latte to my coffee loving sister in Auckland. Today it was nice to sit on my couch in Waikanae and chat with her on the phone while we both shared the same coffee. :)
kiwimel - 3:47 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
I had never been a fan of "instant" drinks in the past, but I have to say I'm hooked on the Nescafe Cafe sachets! I was lucky enough to have won a box of the samples, and day 1 was spent trying out the 4 flavours...the Mocha twice I have to confess.

Father-in-law turned up just after the courier arrived, so I handed him a box and a few of each flavour to take home for their own get togethers (sharing the joy and all that!).

On top of my week day catchups over coffee, I've had guests for a birthday party who were all treated to a "real" coffee (as one of them called it), and also a couple of craft get togethers. Nothing like homemade scones and a few cups of coffee to make your way through the afternoon :)

My only complaint is that one cup is never enough! I love the froth, the creaminess and the lovely flavours. I've managed to cut out hubby's usual sugar from his coffee with these because he's happy enough without it. It's got to be good for him.

Today's discovery was by far the naughtiest.... i disolved the sachet in a bit of warm water first, added some milk, and a huge dollop of icecream, then whizzed it up with the hand mixer. A perfect ice-coffee for sitting in the sunshine on a hot spring afternoon!
dayauon - 11:14 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
We had another fellowship last Saturday and of course, it was coffee time after dinner. The aroma of NEscafe is so delish! Thanks to our dependable kettle that worked overtime for keep the hot water flowing for the Nescafe mugs waiting to be filled up!
melanie17 - 10:22 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
I'm a big fan of Nescafe coffee sachets and now that the weather is warming up I'd love the chance to gather a few friends outside for a Nescafe coffee break! It would be lovely to soak up this lovely spring sunshine with great friends and coversation, home made baking and of course, Nescafe Cafe Menu sachets! I would love the chance to be an Ambassador for Nescafe, I would spread the word and share the great coffee thats for sure! :-)
ingie83 - 7:30 PM on Sun-16-Sep-2012 reply | message
Had our first coffee date today, was so nice to have Nescafe Cafe series to share with family members and it went down a treat! Tasting great and so easy as everyone could make their own choice of coffee sachet themselves. Have given a few of the favorite flavors to family to take home with them and also some for my Nana in Hawkes Bay as she is a big fan of these finding them simple and very pleasing for her to use. I have posted some pics from today and will do some more and a blurb about tomorrow because tomorrow we have a spa date planned so will be taking along some more sachets for the girls to try. Can't wait! Thanks Nescafe!
gonzze - 1:30 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for the Nescafe Cafe menu sachets I took them along to my coffee group to day there was about 40 of us we had so much fun trying all the flavours. it was great to have some thing different to drink. some of the mums had not tried it before. we look forwared to next week to have the other ones
dayauon - 11:29 AM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
We had friends over for our weekly fellowship and after dinner, we offered them coffee and everyone was so delighted to see an array of Nescafe Cafe Menu! Some had their favourites while others opted to try new flavours. But of course, we gave out some sachets for take home so they can try all the flavours. Can't wait for next week's next batch of friends for the get-together. Thank you Nescafe and Kidspot! Our evening end more than the was a Nescafe-rific night!
kimmo - 2:13 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Thanks for my nescafe sample sachets. I have already a coffee evening with a few friends and it was the talk around the table of who was going to try what. Everyone enjoyed their own favourite and it was a great hit. I also took them to work as every Tuesday we have our morning meeting around the board room table, and this time we all had a great cup of frothy nescafe. It was a huge hit!! Thank you again. Can't say I will be returning to normal instant coffee. These are too good...
JulieKidspot - 12:26 PM on Fri-7-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hi addi0kayne, simply click on "Join this Group" in the menu on the top left of this page.
addi0kayne - 4:59 PM on Thu-6-Sep-2012 reply | message
how do i join the group
SandraA - 6:42 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow - thanks Kidspot and Nescafe. I arrived home from the school run to find a large box on my doorstep, crammed full with Nescafe sachets! What a fantastic way to start the day - bet you can guess what I did immeadiately. Ah - well,will have to do the vacuuming tomorrow ;)
nessee - 2:30 PM on Thu-30-Aug-2012 reply | message
Nescafe sachets are the BOMB!!! Soooo easy to tear one side add to boiling water and all a touch of milk... hmmm spec when Miss 22mths AND Miss 9mths are doing MY HEAD IN... and so that means coffeeeee every day = and nothing compares better than Nescafe - hm Mocha, Capo are my FAVS!!! I looove love havin my girlie mates over so we can talk about the terrible two's coming early and spin ideas round to help easy our insanity with a nice hot tasty cuppa.... love to win some tasty sachets ;)
NanaAndrews - 2:32 PM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
Please!!!!! Agood choice to get new neighbours to know everyone in the area., and at the same time, give them good Coffee, friendship and many new friends.
Nita - 2:31 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
What a fantastic morning spent outside in the sandpit at Playcentre, kids digging in the sand, finding treasures and working alongside each other to create mountains and volcanoes whilst we adults enjoyed a mug of steaming hot Nescafe on the seats. Perfection.
skirts - 1:09 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I had a fabulous get together with Nescafe Cafe Menu - had our local toy library committee over for once without having a meeting and just enjoyed our coffee together and chatted while the kids played. This may not sound like much but for our committee we have had a MAJOR year that has involved us putting in MANY hours work to the detriment of our home and personal lives to keep our toy library afloat - dealing with unfound accusations leading to a Charities Commission (who thankfully after two months of our reports and replies and compiling and jumping through hoops proceeded to throw it out as they realised how ridiculous it was too, but not until after MONTHS of work for us), redoing our 26 page constitution, holding several fundraisers a term, as well as attending monthly meetings and emergency meetings (sometimes three a week) - all this as a voluntary job we signed up for to do a few hours a month to help...................
Don't get me wrong, not complaining, just wanted to stress how nice it was to catch up with these ladies JUST for a catch up with no hard work or dramas necessary...
Destiny - 9:35 AM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Well we love to gather at our lovely local park, to play with the kids and relax 'Summertime in the park' is great. We take along a picnic of roast chickens, salads, fresh rolls and juice. Then when the paying is comming to an end we sit back on a park bench and enjoy a mug of creamy, rich & satifying Cafe Menu. Mmmmmm
Maia - 5:17 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Great fun mean having coffee with your family and friend great .great coffee mean Nescafé cafe Menu,
Treesh - 3:12 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Great family,
Great food,
Great fun,
With Great Coffee,
With Nescafé cafe Menu,
'whatelse' do you need....
AnnaES - 10:30 PM on Sun-26-Aug-2012 reply | message
Mum has a 'special!' birthday coming up on Father's Day! She and I both enjoy Nescafe coffee tubes to share as a relaxing, great tasting treat! Guess what she's getting for her birthday!
shird - 7:31 PM on Sun-26-Aug-2012 reply | message
I love these sachets- they are heaps quicker and easier to prepare than getting out the expresso machine- They are great to take away when going camping or away on holiday as it can be expensive taking kids to a cafe and the money saved can be used to go to local attractions! They are a real pick me up and I often like to put them in treat packs for mums with a 2nd baby or more to help them get through the day!
motheroffour - 7:26 PM on Thu-23-Aug-2012 reply | message
Love having NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets in the house so when people come over you can give then the good coffee!
poffsa - 7:20 PM on Thu-23-Aug-2012 reply | message
I usually go to the local cafe but would love to sit at home with friends with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU sachets
rosebean - 8:41 AM on Thu-23-Aug-2012 reply | message
i enjoyed sitting down with my mum and having our Nescafe mocca together while we watched our favourite show together
MissMuffet - 7:57 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
I enjoyed having a nice hot Nescafe to myself and uninterrupted. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BLISS.
KZR2009 - 4:20 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
I enjoyed my Nescafe ON MY OWN!! just relaxing on the couch. It was heaven. It didn't even go cold. Bliss.
JulieKidspot - 4:01 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
Don't forget, if you want to enter our draw to win 100 sachets, you need to click on the Weekly topic above and enter your comments there.
notajaffa - 3:54 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
This week, I enjoyed a NESCAFE coffee while supervising my children. Was a wee bit of relaxation and indulgence in the hectic day :)
manddsteven - 3:47 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
My get together with NESCAFÉ CAFÉ MENU this week was by myself as I have been studying for my final exam on Saturday BUT I made it an awesome get together!!! I made myself a Vanilla Latte and put marshmellows in it and it was absolutely divine. The perfect studying treat. I can't wait to share my Nescafe secret with my friends once this exam is over :)
entity5000 - 2:48 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
My staff and I every morning sit on the balcony and discuss our work, how we are feeling about our work, what needs to be done but most of all we have a personal friendship too and support each other over our Vanilla Latte and Caramel and Cappuccino (we all have our favorites).

This time helps us to understand each other, and also have a connection that I think would help a lot of companies be more productive, My staff are great and deserve every latte given.
entity5000 - 2:46 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
My friend and I make a timeout once a week from running international backpackers with our Nescafe Vannila Latte and talk about the funny things in each of our backpackers, and this is our time to clear our heads, chill, joke and be ourselves.
andrewandsarndra - 2:37 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
We have a playcentre that gets together 3x a week. We love our Nescafe!!! A great time to have some ME time while enjoying a bite to eat and watching our adventorous children play together.
padna791 - 2:23 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
i usually have it all by myself sitting on the couch with my feet up when my son goes to sleep. its my little treat for me time.
yecats - 10:56 AM on Tue-21-Aug-2012 reply | message
I got some samples when I went to Westfield Mummy Morning last month and will be taking them to the big get together my online October mummies are having the first weekend of September. We have got mums and bubs coming from all over the country.
Organics - 9:44 AM on Tue-21-Aug-2012 reply | message
Always up to trying something new I had two samples of Nescafe Cafe Menu sent to me last week.That same day I am driving up the road and I see my friend passing in the opposite direction, on the way over to my house. She had turned up for a chat and a coffee. Perfect timing, she had caramel and I had cappuccino. Totally impromptu get together.
Gillymama - 9:25 AM on Tue-21-Aug-2012 reply | message
Wow, the Ambassador prize is incredible! That would make our fortnightly craft group amazing!!!!

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