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Leader: JulieKidspot
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Group Name: Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection

Mums Say has teamed up with Planet Fun to offer twelve members with children the chance to become Toy Testers!

The Little Tikes summer sports collection provides endless fun for the whole family. Whether competing in a friendly game of t ball, putting or bowling down the green, this summer sports collection is the perfect combination for any family. Made of sturdy, colourful plastic, Little Tikes are a trusted brand for quality toys that last.

Little Tikes T Ball Set
  • Includes 2 over-sized baseballs, tee and bat
  • Adjustable height T adapts to a child’s developing skills
  • Special hang-on-the-wall design for easy small-space storage

Little Tikes Bowling Set
  • Set up a blowing lane just about anywhere for endless fun!
  • Includes six pins and a junior-sized ball with easy-insert finger holes
  • Colourful balls jump and clatter when the pins are knocked over

Little Tikes Grab n Go Golf
  • Includes two plastic putters, two balls, a tee, and a flagged hole
  • Features an easy store carry case to keep your aspiring golfer's gear tidy!


Planet Fun has teamed up with Mums Say to offer 12 families with children aged 18 months to 5 years, the opportunity to be a Little Tikes Toy Tester. Reviewers have now been chosen - watch this space for their reviews!


Each selected reviewer receives a Little Tikes T Ball Set, a Little Tikes Bowling Set and a Little Tikes Grab n Go Golf.

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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MoniqueCruzandCoby - 10:25 AM on Fri-22-Aug-2014 reply | message
Aww my son would love that T-ball set not to mention his dad playing it with him, my boys all love their sports
Luvmykids - 9:48 PM on Sat-15-Dec-2012 reply | message
These Little Tikes Summer Sports Sets are GREAT FUN!! I would definitely recommend putting AT LEAST ONE of these sets on your Christmas shopping list!!

The T-ball set was a BIG hit (pun intended!), and became an INSTANT FAVOURITE with all 3 kids! We have two 2yr olds (boy and girl twins), and one 4yr old girl, so I was quite surprised (and impressed) at how quickly they all got the idea of what to do: holding the bat properly (after some quick instructions), and swinging it at the ball with controlled GLEE!!

When we brought out the bowling set, the kids were SUPER enthusiastic, running to help each other pick up the bowled over pins, and returning the bowling ball to the bowler (or snaffling it for a turn themselves!). And I must say that when the pins get knocked down, they do make a gratifying 'clatter' noise, so that must increase the kids feeling of success, as I know it did when I had a go! (ha ha). The twins (being the youngest) haven't got the knack of putting their fingers in the right holes of the bowling bowl, however our eldest did. This wasn't a major for the twins though, as they would just hold it with two hands and roll it towards the pins just as successfully (if not a lot less speedier) as if they had rolled it using one hand.

Oh, and don't think these sets are solely for Summer, or that you can't play with them when the weather is bad outside. Our kids used them INSIDE for a good few weeks (while the weather was horrible), and had great fun! The bowling set is fantastic for indoor play, where the hallway can be transformed into a smooth bowling lane (our kids tended to use our lounge a lot though). The T-ball set is a little bit more tricky to play inside (watch the china!) but we managed it, just by having them hit the ball away from things like the TV! The good thing about it all being made of plastic is they can't really do too much damage - mind you - our kids aren't hitting the ball hard enough to 'hit it out of the park' - so if you have a super-swinger maybe outdoors is a better option! Outdoors with the T-ball was an obvious winner, and it happily reminded me of my primary school days playing T-ball out on the sports field.

The golf set was good fun, particularly when played on a smooth, level surface. We found the carpet was a great surface for 'putting' the ball. Out on the lawn is where you can let the kids swing the golf clubs, however our lawn is not flat nor well manicured (lol), so the kids found 'putting' under these conditions a bit too frustrating. Our eldest had better success with this set than the younger two, as I think they aren't quite co-ordinated enough yet to get the full enjoyment out of it. And we LOVED how all the pieces of the set can get tidily put away - obviously a parent was involved in designing this practical feature!

We LOVE Little Tikes products because they are usually ROBUST and well designed. We try to choose Little Tikes over other brands because they are much more likely to outlast other brands, and survive the RIGORS our children expose them to! This sports set is NO EXCEPTION! We can see these games will still be going strong even after our kids have outgrown them!

And I have to say that I have been most remiss in not posting this review sooner - MANY apologies!! I honestly don't know where the time has gone! It feels like only yesterday that we got the sets, but shamefully that was not the case. However, the kids have had a substantial amount of time to play with the sets, so this review is thorough, if not rather late!!

Thanks SOOOO much Kidspot and Planet Fun (and Little Tikes) for achieving the somewhat impossible feat of keeping our kids happily occupied with these games!! :)

They are NOT games the kids play with once and lose interest, as we have found our kids keep on coming back to them. You can see how beneficial they are in developing their eye-hand co-ordination. It also teaches them how to follow basic instructions, and to persevere despite frustration (ie. missing the target and having to try again). It's also great to see the huge amount of enjoyment and sense of accomplishment they get out of playing with these sports sets - like when they hit the ball well, or knock down the pins!

So thanks again for letting us review these FANTASTIC toys! We are going to be using them ALOT for a VERY long time I'm sure! :)

PS. will try to post soon some photos I have taken of our kids playing with the sports sets.
jaydub - 4:41 PM on Wed-17-Oct-2012 reply | message
A lovely parcel to get. A little confusing as I received it before the Kidspot email but hey-ho.
In short we are using the games a lot - one or more every day or so, and I'd definitely recommend them as a whole. All in all they seem good quality, robust toys - great for developing coordination and some basic physical skills. Somehow I think the sporting etiquette side of things will be the real challenge!
BOWLING: We started with the bowling - inside because of the weather. I thought the pins made a very satisfying crash when knocked down (because of the beads inside) and my 3yr old daughter enjoyed devising her own pin layout. She seems to enjoy playing but still has some basic sporting concepts to come to terms with! 'Mummy, there are too many to know down - I wanted them all to go in one go!'.
T-BALL: In her own words 'I like playing T-ball with Daddy because we can hit the ball as far as we can'. I like it when they are both out of my hair! But, as Stay-at-home-mum it's been me out in the garden the most. She was able to hit the ball straight away, though we certainly have plenty of fouls, which impressed me. It's certainly been the set we've played with the most.
GOLF: Miss 3 enjoys playing with the items, especially tidying them away but not so keen on the actual game of golf. Could be because we already have a 'Cars' set where you hit the balls into little goals. (Actually it is our second 'Cars' set because they aren't made as solidly as Little Tikes.) Having said all that she wants to play now, and she means NOW. We play this indoors too.
KerryECHoward - 9:10 AM on Wed-17-Oct-2012 reply | message
Loved watching the girls all together entertaining themselves with the T-Ball set and all taking turns - with the help of Tyla - Big sister /cousin (7). It had them entertained for -ages while the mummys got to have a cup of tea and catch-up. Such an easy toy to throw in the back of the car and take out with us.
KrisT - 1:20 PM on Sat-13-Oct-2012 reply | message
What a treat to come home from hospital with my newborn and find that my toddlers had something waiting for them. The Little Tykes Summer collection arrived with perfect timing and we have had the best week giving each of the items a go.

We started off with the golf set and this was very popular as it was something we had taken out of the toy library before. My 3 year old loved being able to hit off the tee and have a sturdy target to hit into that didn't easily blow away in the wind or fall over - like the older version of the set did. She liked the fact that she could hit and move the lightweight balls easily but seemed to prefer the old caddy which she could pull around behind her, as opposed to the new caddy which you have to carry. I also think that for toddlers it would be best to just have two putters instead of a putter and a wedge to hit with. In most cases the toddler with be playing with a sibling or a friend a similar age rather than by themselves and the wedge is definitely a lot more tricky to hit with. All n all this definitely a fun activity though and we have enjoyed playing it both inside and outside.

Secondly we tried the bowling set on a raining day in the hallway. My youngest (23 months) was rather taken by the finger holes in the bowling ball and I thought it was great that it was so authentic enough that when comes the time to go to a real bowling alley that they will know all how it works. Again the girls really enjoyed this game and I found the pins sturdy and colourful and they stand up easily on a variety of surfaces. Two things that I would like to see added to this set would be firstly adding numbers to the pins so that they could be arranged in order by older kids and you could add numeracy skills to the activity and also it really needs some sort of carry bag to store the pins and ball in, whether it be a fabric drawstring bag or something similar.

Finally, the softball set has been a huge hit with my girls. It is a fantastic way of developing hand-eye coordination and again it is made from sturdy and child friendly materials. The softball set is great how it is adjustable and comes with two balls (we have currently misplaced one in the hedge) it also has a lightweight bat which is manageable for young ones to lift and hit with. We have taken this set to the park and played with it both inside and outside. I have been really surprised with how quickly my girls coordination has improved and they simply love playing with this set - never getting bored.
One minor improvement for the softball set would perhaps be a more secure place to keep the balls when not in use so that they don't get lost or blow away.

Many thanks again for the opportunity to trial these sets of activities. The have been very well received and I have already had visiting friends inquire how much they cost because they intend to buy their own children some for Christmas. I'm sure we still have hours of fun ahead of us too!!

hillys - 10:26 AM on Sat-13-Oct-2012 reply | message
Cool Im gonna buy one for christmas
kandis - 2:50 PM on Thu-11-Oct-2012 reply | message
will be posting my photos soon
kandis - 2:47 PM on Thu-11-Oct-2012 reply | message
my review: Bowling set
Well my son couldnt wait to get stuck into these and seeing as it was a rainy day we set it up immediatly- after being shown twice how to do it my 21/2 yr old got it right away- normally he gets in trouble for knocking things around and this he just LOVED, they have been bashed about and used as hammers etc and are so strong and sturdy and you can see they will last for ages, we got all the cousins around and they all loved it- even the 11 yr old was playing

The T ball and Golf sets we waited for the weekend so my husband could play with him and they had a blast together- LOVED that the T ball was height adjustable- my son was in his element with all the balls and kept him going for ages
we loved the golf bag as it was just like daddys and provided hours of entertainment

all the setsare so strong and sturdy and you know they wont be a toy that just around for a while before you have to throw them out- all the cousins and friends were so keen and seeing as christmas and birthdays are coming up they will definitly be on my list

Thank you Little Tikes and Kidspots for maing my boy so happy and allowing us the oppurtunity to test these for you- i will definitly be stocking up on more little tikes toys in my house
poppy666 - 7:55 PM on Wed-10-Oct-2012 reply | message
hey, we tried the Little Tikes bowling set for the last few nights when my partner got home from work down the hall way, its such a cool toy that can be played inside or out! great rainy day game to keep the wee kiddies occupied!) Alexis (2yrs) at first would just swipe at the bowling pins or slide into them (she was the ball) ha ha ha but now she is getting the hang of it. what a great set, its a game that everyone can play (me and my partner ended up being really competitive! ha ha ha) my partner stayed down one end and helped lexi and i set up the pins down the other end and encouraged her, it was really cool. again great sturdy set, love how the clear pins have the colored balls inside them so they make extra noise, im really really impressed with The little tikes sports collection, really good quality products that have withstood a very robust toddler, will totally recommend not only these particular toys but the brand Little Tikes to my friends and family. Wow what a awesome expirence getting to try these toys, my little girl has really loved it, I think my partner has too as he is totally sports mad so it has been great for them to bond over. Thanks again kidspot for choosing us, and plant fun and most of all little tikes! AWESOME thank you.
Greerfamily - 3:28 PM on Wed-10-Oct-2012 reply | message
Games like above have always been a favourite of mine as a child, we have an indoors ten pin bowling set - but it doesn't work outside so well so any form of fun activities and sturdy well made games definitely would be a hit in my eyes and my children's eyes in learning body movements and control of limbs and general outdoorsiness :)
KerryECHoward - 9:52 AM on Wed-10-Oct-2012 reply | message
When i ask Riley what is her favorite toy the clear winner is the Bowling - she gets this out everytime anyone comes over - and its a fun game for everyone to join in with indoors or out. We are excited to be having a bbq this weekend with all the kids over to play and cant wait to get the sets out for them all to play - watch out for more pictures !
KerryECHoward - 9:47 AM on Wed-10-Oct-2012 reply | message
T-Ball , Not being a game we have played before the game took a bit of encouragement and showing what to do from mummy and daddy - was so much fun the 3 of us getting outside as a family and playing together, and great to see Riley listen and learn how to pick up the general idea of the game - and she was very interested in the game and learning. I think this game is so much fun in a social situation and its great that kids can have sets like these all the right size for them , and adjustable. everything is so colourful and appealing to the eye. We have not used the hook to hang up the t-ball set , but its a great idea to be able to stack it away nicely. It is yet again another great solid and sturdy set - but not destructive - so on rainy days its allowed in the house. Easy balls and bats for little hands to grip onto. you really see social skills shine with this , as well as co-ordination skills.
Mizim - 10:10 PM on Mon-8-Oct-2012 reply | message
Firstly, Thank You so much, These arrived just before we moved house and so they were perfect for distracting the kids. To make sure I could get a good idea on each toy, they only had one at a time. So one day got the Golf Set, T Ball was the following day and Ten Pin was the next day.

The golf set was great. I love the fact that it's so easy to put away and not lose anything. Had to watch my 18mo frustrate my older two by picking up the ball and running away with it, that for her was that game. Getting it into the hole took quite a bit of practice as they found it a little hard to get it over the lip, but otherwise they enjoyed it. My 5yo who has done mini golf once before loved having his own set at home, and my 3yo loved smacking the ball everywhere.

The T Ball set my 3yo particularly loved. It was great that it was adjustable and so I was able to find a good average between my two older children and off they went. The both really enjoyed themselves and were most upset when it was time to put it away for the day. I can't wait to set the house up enough that I can see how well this hangs from the wall.

The bowling set was the first toy that I got to have a go with the children and I decided to make their own little scoreboard on the concrete using chalk. The kids loved it and it put my sons counting to very good use (even heard him adding extra to his score, too cute). All 3 of my kids enjoyed it as once my older two got around to just playing with the ball my 18mo was running around with the pins.

All in all such awesome toys and ones that I will be recommending to others. They're bright, colourful, durable and amde for little hands. Love, love, LOVE.

poppy666 - 9:10 PM on Mon-8-Oct-2012 reply | message
heya, went up north this weekend to my sisters and took our golf set...... it was a great hit with my 6 year old nephew and 4 year old neice, it kept them occupied for hours, my daughter (2) to be honest was more interested just bashing the ball about, I think thats why she loved the Tball set soooo much. I think this set will suit her when she is a little older or had more practice? Its a great set to help develop her co-ordination skills. The kids did find it a little hard to get the ball over the edge where the flag pole is as the edge seems quite high? again I love the colours of the set and think its made with good quality plastic, great design to how it all packs together, a total hit with the older children, my sister wants to get her kids a set. Would definitely recommend this cool Little Tikes golf set to others :)
KerryECHoward - 8:31 PM on Sun-7-Oct-2012 reply | message
We got into the golf set this weekend (indoors and out), again the colours and sturdiness of the set are wonderful, Riley just loves the little caddy for the golf sticks and balls - makes it an easy job for mum to get Riley to "Pick up her toys :) ". I think its great to watch Riley get better and more confident hitting the golf ball from the tee to the flag hole, getting further away each try . Developing co-ordination skills and problem solving i would even say - how to get the ball from A to B , how hard to hit it. Definitely a toy that gets everyone involved and having fun and a laugh. Keeps them occupied for ages to. I love how there are 2 different golf sticks - so it replicates a real golf set. These toys encourage social play and get the kids outdoors and entertained for a LONG time. The only but i will mention is that the flag hole is quite high ridged so it can be a little hard to get the ball in sometimes but hey it develops patience and persistence! The toys are also friendly enough to bring indoors on windy, rainy days ! We have been having a lot of fun i would highly recommend the sports collection for this summer!
shamar78 - 12:12 PM on Sat-6-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hello again! After much fun with the bowling set, and having it set up first thing in the morning (6am possibly too early for ten pin bowling!) we finally unpacked the t-ball and golf sets for Matthew to try his hand at.

I was genuinely surprised at how well he took to the t-ball set, he doesn’t always have the bat around the right way (see photo) but he does understand the concept and enjoys setting it up and then hitting the ball off, fabulous for hand/eye coordination. The height adjustable T is fantastic, and all the parts are light but obviously durable, great for destructo toddler.

The golf set was the last one to come out of the box and once again a fantastic toy for the development of coordination. I am happy enough for him to play with this toy inside on rainy days as long as the cat and dog do not bear the brunt of the golf club. Being a ball fanatic, Matthew loves the golf ball as it is small enough for him to hold in one hand, so there are times when he is running around like a maniac with the club in one hand and the ball in the other, but frankly as long as he is getting enjoyment out of the toy I’m not worried whether he is always using it correctly!

Overall I think we’ll be getting loads of fun from these toys, over the summer months in particular. We have the neighbours kids coming over tomorrow for a play date and these sets will be great as we’ll have a range of ages to please.

I will definitely be on the look-out for more Little Tikes products now that I have seen first-hand the quality of these toys. Awesome work Little Tikes!
ECAW - 1:01 PM on Fri-5-Oct-2012 reply | message
WELL!!! We have recieved our BIG box of special toys! Thank you so much Kidspot, the children were very excited. It came at the best time!! SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!

The best one overall was the T-Ball set, because it entertained them the longest.
The bowling ball set was the easiest for my wee 3yr old
And the Golf Club set was the best for my 5yr because he could hit it quite far and then loved to have my attention to see him do it again and again!!

I LOVE the durability of the solid hard plastic and it will suffer many knocks/bruises and bumps I am sure, but it will last the distance which is awesome!!

P.S......check out the photo of my 2 wee ones enjoying the GOLF set!!
Thanks again:-))
poppy666 - 12:48 PM on Fri-5-Oct-2012 reply | message
hey there, yay we received our big boxs of treats yesterday, thank you! my little girl (aged 2)<br>was sooooo excited! We decided to trial the Little Tikes T Ball set first, wow what a cool toy! I love the fact that the set is really good quality hard plastic, very sturdy, great for a robust toddler giving it a few good hard knocks! I also love the fact that it is in bright primary colours which my toddler proudly told me each colour as I pulled it out of the box. I also thought it having an adjustable height was great and also being able to pull the set apart and hang it on the wall was a really good idea! My little girl really loved this toy, its a toy that she can play with others or have fun entertaining herself as its really easy to set up as there are only a few simple components. Will definitely recommend this cool toy to my friends with children, its great for either girl or boy. we loved it!!! Will trial the other toys in the next few days thanks so much kidspot, little tikes and planet fun!!! (having trouble uploading photos of lexi having fun, hopefully i can sort it soon) ps....... think lexi's dad loved this set to, was really cool watching them bond and play it together.
shamar78 - 8:37 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi there, well we received our big box of goodies and it was such a lovely surprise! Initially I started to unpack everything at once but I think my little fella got a little bit overwhelmed by it all so I've decided to comment separately as we try each set.

SO, I chose the bowling set as his first 'trial' product and he has just LOVED it! He really enjoys setting up the pins and has been lining them all in a row before knocking them all over. At first he was just going up and ramming them while still holding the ball. However, after a few pointers from mum he has gotten the hang of it and is now rolling the ball towards them and is very proud of himself when he knocks them over, big claps all round!

From a parents point of view I'm very impressed at how sturdy the set is, I can't imagine any parts breaking or cracking, which is great for toddler play, and frankly what all toys should be like. My boy loves that the pins have the small balls inside them, not only are they visually interesting for him but they add the extra 'clatter' when the pins fall down. It's great to see him actually focusing on something to aim the ball at, rather than just randomly throwing things around, and the fact that this has held his attention for so long is fantastic! I can see this getting a lot of use over summer outside on the deck.

I can't wait to get out one of the other sets this weekend, that is assuming I can pry him away from the bowling! I'll be sure to post and let you know how it goes, and thank you so much Kidspot and Little Tikes! :-)
miggs9 - 7:49 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Wow, we are so grateful to have been chosen to review these fantastic toys. I have nothing but good things to say about all of them.
I have 3 yr old and 11 month old boys and all 3 toys have been played with practically non-stop by both of them since they arrived a couple of days ago.
The big box arrived and we all opened them together. The boys eyes just lit up as we opened them and we had to start golfing around the lounge in our pyjamas straight away.
T BALL SET - this is amazing and from my perspective this is the most versatile of the 3 and can be enjoyed from any age from a baby that has just learnt to walk to a 9-10 yr old (as long as they don't mind bending down to hit the ball a bit). We had a game in the yard while the baby was sleeping. Until this arrived my 3 yr old had never actually properly made contact with a bat and ball on his own and when he hit it across the yard by himself he looked so pleased with himself. The T is great as you can adjust the height to suit the child and they can just swing at it until they hit it. No more frustrated toddlers! You can get a fair bit of distance on the ball too if you hit it on the right angle. I really like the way the whole set locks together so you can carry it to the park or wherever, or store it, really easily. I would absolutely buy this as a gift for a child. Hours of fun.
GOLF SET - think my 3 yr old had the most fun with this. First off putting around the lounge (after a quick lesson on how to putt and how to avoid hitting brothers and tv's etc), then once the rain cleared putting around the back yard with his little mate from up the road. We even used other bits we found in the garage to make obstacles (mini golf style). We just have to keep the lawns mown for him now. My 11 month old (still crawling) loves the golf balls and had his fair share of fun with the clubs too. If it's raining outside you can set up little greens around the house, down the hall, in the kitchen etc. Master 3 also likes packing the whole set up into the cute golf bag which is just like Daddy's.
BOWLING SET - super cute! Love the clear pins with the coloured balls in them. The colours and the noise really attracted my 11 month old and he loves knocking the pins down over and over again. Teaching master 3 to bowl took a bit of patience on my part, he sort of has it under control now and I'm sure in a few weeks he'll be great. This toy is great inside or out and would suit younger kids more than the other toys.

All 3 toys are as to be expected from Little Tikes - they are very sturdy and hard wearing - a true quality product that I know will last for years and years. We will have so much fun with them over the next months and years. This weekend we are having some kids over and making an obstacle course using all 3. I think all 3 would make great gifts for christmas - especially for those with young boys!
KerryECHoward - 1:21 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
I cannot pry Riley away from the Bowls - she absolutely loves them - standing them up in rows , in triangles, all in a straight line and knocking them all down - we have had them in the hallway , in the garden, in the lounge - fine tuning those motor skills and co-ordination. The colors and sounds of the bowling pins and ball are great to. We talk about the rattles the balls make inside the pins, Riley loves identifying the colors of the balls inside the pins and the big bowling ball. And then there is counting the pins - counting to 6 putting them up , counting how many shes knocked down. The Bowls set has been great on so many learning levels - definitely a toy set i would recommend! The sets are solid and you can tell they will stand the test of kids and time, and the sizes of the toys are great for little hands to get hold of and handle- Cant wait to get out with Rileys cousins and friends with the sports sets.
Pearlywhite - 12:42 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
We awoke to a big box of fun from Little Tikes this morning and have had a blast playing with the three toys. My little man was in heaven and has such good fun - it's been great watching him give all three things a go and even mummy got in on the action. Turns out he's quite the golfer - I may have a young Tiger Woods on my hands!!! The first thing that I noticed that I wanted to comment on was the quality of the toys - they are extremely sturdy and durable and you can tell that they are high quality toys built to last which is half the battle with toys these days. I get sick of spending money on toys that break and end up costing more in the long run.
We transformed the lounge in to a sports parlour - and set about a game of bowling first. He loved setting up the pins and seeing how many he could knock down and I was surprised by his coordination. This would be a great toy for building their hand eye coordination and motor skills, as well as confidence as every time he knocked an extra one down he'd yell out "look mum i'm getting better at it!!" so cute.
We really enjoyed golf too and set up a little course in the lounge and then down the hallway. He was going great guns - ashamed to say that he was better than his mother!! He really enjoyed it so it's great to find something that he's interested in as well so early on.
Basketball was fun too - he decided that I had to go on my knees to make it a fair competition :) Then his big brother got in on the action and they had a blast together. First to 10 goals was the winner and both did really well. Again, I was impressed by the quality of the toys and how sturdy they are. I would happily recommend them to other families, and in fact, encourage them not to waste their hard earned dollars on rubbish toys that don't last. Any one of these three toys would be a fantastic birthday or Christmas present for a toddler - something they can have endless hours of fun with that will stand the test of time. I will definitely purchase this brand in the future, not just for my kids but for gifts for the family as well. Can't thank you enough for introducing me to the products. :)
KerryECHoward - 1:07 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
The email arrived , and the BIG BOX turned up 5 minutes later, Riley now thinks the postman is the greatest postman ever!!! Shes so eager to get the toys out, unfortunately the weather is miserable outside - So check out the great pic of my new indoor bowling alley ! Thank You !
poppy666 - 11:33 AM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
YAHOO, we just got a email saying lexi has been chosen to review the little tikes sport collection, her dad will be soooo happy too. We were out this morning and got a courier card at the door! my gosh we are sooooooo excited to trial these cool toys and write a review, we will add some photos to. Thank you thank you ....... how cool :)
robyshack1 - 9:55 AM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi....please please PLEASE pick our little family to trial these great toys. I have a very active 2 year old....more active 4 year old and lovely 5.5 year old who love to play outside and would really give these toys a great trial and let everyone know what they think! Summer is coming and they are rearing to play!
Luvmykids - 9:55 AM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
WOOHOO!! Christmas arrived early for my kids yesterday! Such a lovely surprise when we received a big carton containing the Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection, and my kids eyes popped when they saw it! (and so did mine!). My 4yr old girl said as I opened it "That's for kids".. I said "yes, dear... shame I don't know any kids...", she said "I'M a kid!!" LOL. Unsurprisingly, she was SUPER happy to learn that it was for her, and for her brother and sister. THANKS SO MUCH Kidspot and Planet Fun, we are thrilled that you chose our family to review these toys!! :)
sophieh - 9:40 AM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would LOVE, LOVE to test these toys my two year old son is FULL ON lol... Loves running around, playing and especially being in the garden... My hubbie is a golfer and would love to show my son on a junior set like this how it is done :)
jessnz90 - 6:30 PM on Tue-2-Oct-2012 reply | message
oh my gosh what fun summer activities for mr 4 and miss 18 months, they both love being outside rain or shine. As a family we would be blessed to slap on our hats and sunblock and head out side to test these lovely toys for you.
Keryn247 - 11:12 AM on Tue-2-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have a very active 16 month old daughter, who we describe as a "farm girl" she loves being outside, in her gumboots chasing the dog and throwing stones on the driveway. These toys would definatley keep her occupied over summer
hillys - 5:30 PM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
My kids is driving me NUTTY! they are already bored! The Holidays just started! Yes! save my day! My Mad Maxx 2yr old boy is FULL ON! the $2 dollar toys are no good to him as he break them with his strong hands. Wonder why all the animals run away from him? he firey, and has a crazy personality! very cheeky! mouth! MMMMM wonder where he got that from? ha ha ha. He is such a Gingernut! with massive red/ginger thick/curly hair! his hair brush always breaks! you can even spot him miles away on the Paddock! with COWS! so funny! Yes My two girls would love to share with him if he get to trial! I Would love to take a photo! it would be AWESOME! for this holidays and the christmas holidays coming up soon! Man! Christmas is not FAR AWAY! yes yes before I go NUTTY! NUTTY! NUTTY!
he he he
funnelgirl - 3:26 PM on Sun-30-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hi, i have a very active 2 and 5 year old.
They love any chance to play outside, but are getting bored with their swing set and trampoline. We are trying to encourage them to play with balls etc that are in the backyard, but after a while-it becomes boring and they are left to sit in the corner.
This set of toys look bright, colourful and alot of fun.
It would give my children something new to do, and possibly develop their ball skills and maybe show some talents towards different sports..
We would love the chance to trial these.
Rosele - 12:33 AM on Sat-29-Sep-2012 reply | message
My philosophy around children's play is "play is their work and work is their play" while children play they are learning and when they are learning they are having fun! In our home we have little "Miss Active" of 2years and her brother little "Mister full of Energy" just turned 5yrs. I would be keen to observe and review our children in play with these resources and to see what benefits and enjoyment these resources provide i.e. co ordination of body, balance, movement, how they engage with peers during play, building self achievement/self esteem, durability of toys, safety etc
Bermabot - 7:22 PM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
The little dude in our house would love all three these items as they all contain his second to favorite outdoor item (a ball!!!) He is a good judge of entertainment, and very fond of spending time outside. We try to find the balance in our house between techno toys and outside play, which isn't always easy - but very important.....Would be nice to compare the tball set to something like the classic swingball set......
kiwi72 - 7:51 AM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would love to test these toys! My nearly 2 year old daughter is a true tom boy at heart and loves to be outdoors. She has so much energy and I am always looking for ways to tire her out while having lots of fun together. She loves running around kicking her football and is always keen to try new things out! Her 8 week old sister is a bit to young to join in but she has plenty of playmates who will come round to help out with the testing and give their opinions too! Be great to have some outside toys for home as definintely harder to get out and about with a newborn and I don't want her missing out!
angelstar - 4:00 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
My Miss 2 would love to try. With 3 older brothers they can assist in games and it will get the results a manufacture needs.
DaniTaylor - 2:34 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think that my 2 year old and my 3 year old will be fantastic toy testers! why? because they love toys! they love to play! and they love being outdoors and trying new things...
I think theyd be fantastic and will give me good feedback and will definitely let me know if they LOVE the toys! Theyre at a great age that theyre playing together so will be able to see the toys being used together and separately too! Would love to test the toys!
Leightk3 - 1:18 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
I happen to have a 19 month old and a 5 year old who are both full of beans at the best of times! My 2 babies would be great toy testers. My 5 year old boy has wanted to play tee ball this season so having this for him to test will put him in good stead for Tee ball and my 19 month old is very curious and inquisitive I am sure they would be the perfect choice for Toy testers!!!
skyela - 11:23 AM on Wed-26-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 4 and 5 year old that would love to test these products out, my husband and I have been outside most weekends showing the girls how to "kick a ball" and play football is what they say hehe..."bounce a ball" and throw. This would truly help us teach them more skills!
Anonymous - 11:07 AM on Tue-25-Sep-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
I saw the advert for Planet Fun yesterday and was going to check them out for a couple of items for Mr 2.5 to use. We would love to trial these products, well Mr 2.5 and Mr 5 would and could be supervised by Mr 10 and Ms 12 !
Joekie - 10:57 AM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
My three year old would be a great Little Tikes toy tester because she loves to try new things and have a go at everything. She would love to talk about her new skills at daycare and share her thoughts on the fun toys so mummy can give a well informed review.
veronicad - 9:13 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
My two boys would be great Little Tike toy testers. Mainly because they are MONSTERS! (Or so I have been told) My four year old does tend to be mischievous, and yes, his two year old brother does imitate him and follow along. But MONSTERS? Monkeys maybe, and not always. I remember this one time a few months back, where they didn't get up to monkey business for at least five full minutes while they weren't being actively supervised!
atasfairys - 8:56 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 18month old would love playing with all of these toys, and he sure would put them through the test of whether they are durable or not, not to mention he loves being outside and playing. We would be able to give a real answer to other mums if these are worth buying, bang for your money or just bang. Yes please all our hands up high on this one to try xoxo
lmwnz - 10:48 PM on Sat-22-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old would love to trial these. She loves playing outside but I have limited outdoor toys for her, so I sometimes run out of ideas. While she is an only child she has lots of little friends & cousins who would love to play these games with her (& so will I, lol). She is always on the go & these would be great for helping her co-ordination & development.
anahera - 9:08 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
hi i have a 20 mnth old girl she loves the outdoors and loves stimulating activites. Be awesum summer fun to enjoy these products thanks
maxsmum - 8:25 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
My very active two and a half year old boy would love to test these toys for you. I have serious spinal injuries and am finding it increasingly difficult to manage my sons energy levels, I have been hunting for toys and activities to help stimulate him with out too much physical movement from me and especially during the frequent work trips my husband has to go on for 3-6 weeks at a time. As we all know two year olds are famous for massive energy levels and this set of toys looks like it would really help with that.
Luvmykids - 6:38 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
If this Little Tikes Sports set can keep all 3 of our kids happily occupied, focus their abundant energy and help them learn some basic sports skills at the same time - all while having LOTS of fun - then PLEASE send it our way! As our kids are the toy testers you are looking for!

Our boy & girl twins (2 yrs old) are bundles of energy, but they can focus that energy into activities with relentless persistence... and are all smiles when they succeed!
Our eldest girl (4 yrs old) is SUPER enthusiastic when she is playing any type of sport. Her enthusiasm is so delightful, it's contagious! - so much so, that the twins can't help but joining in the fun with her - and us too!!
manea16 - 1:21 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little ones would have a great time testing these out. I have an 18 month old boy and a 5 year old girl and i can just imagine the fun they would have out in the backyard with these. Think mum would have to join in the fun too!
tylerlorz - 11:57 AM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hey there ... im jodie new to this and i would love to be able to let my little one test out these amazing little tikes toys .. I know the brand is amazing and the quality is sensational .. I wouldnt be able to afford to purchase these currently am a single mum and money is tight and so budgeted, i have a 2 1/2 year old who would get so much enjoyment out of these toys .. i encourage as much outside playtime as possible also my brother has 3 kids 13 months 2 years and 3 1/2 years we are very close and cacth up with the kids at least 2 -3 times a week and they also would get so much enjoyment .. we are a very close unit family and sharing is caring please please please we would love to reveiw these products and this would be my first reveiw and an oppurtunity like this doesnt come along everyday and i really really would love to be given the chance to reveiw thanks xxx
shannonc - 11:21 AM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Would love to give my girls a go with these!
They would be fantastic for improving their hand eye coordination.
Miss 3.5 loves to throw the ball for the dogs and both miss 3.5 and miss 2 would live outside if given a chance! they love being out and are full of energy 24/7 (litrially) so having something to keep them entertained and hopefully worn out would be a special treat for them and mummy and daddy!
SandraG - 11:50 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss 3 loves to do what her big sisters are doing. Lately, Misses 9 and 11 have been playing hockey with real hockey sticks and a hard hockey ball. Not great for Miss 3, too much injury potential.
It would be great to have an outdoor game that they can enjoy together. Miss 3 is very vocal and knows her own mind, so would definitely pass on her opinion of the toys.
SteviRay - 9:23 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 boys (3yo and 16m) would love to test these for you. They are very adventurous outgoing, outdoor boys and love any excuse to kick, hit or throw a ball. My 3 year old tells me he is going to play for the all blacks next year so he could use all the small ball skills he could get in.
JaydensMumShonny - 8:03 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
How awesome!! :) My adventurous 4-year-old son Jayden would absolutely LOVE to be a Toy Tester for the Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection!!! :) I think he'd be perfect!! :) Summertime is always a time fill of plenty of fun & playing! So I can imagine he'd love playing with the Little Tikes products all summer along! (& well into winter too! I think he'd love these products). Looks exciting & fun! :) I can take photo's for the review also :)
becksmum - 5:12 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would be sooooooooo excited to be able to review these little tikes sports sets!!!!!!! Miss Becky nearly 4 is alway into her older siblings sports gear, it is only a matter of time before we have a real golf ball or club put through the tv or window!!!!!! HELP US SAVE OUR HOUSE AND CHOOSE US TO REVIEW, If chosen I promise to take lots of pictures to add to the review :) I have Miss Becky looking over my shoulder right now pointing and telling me maybe santa might bring it :)! Her birthday will be here shortly....................Maybe we will be lucky!
Ruth4 - 2:23 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little girl is three and always on the go. She would be a great toy tester because she will give anything a go. We have always got some of her little friends here to play I can just imagine them all outside playing a game of T-ball.
Mumofone - 10:13 AM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have 2 little boys one just turned 4 yesterday and his little brother is 20 months old. Both love the outdoors and would absolutely love some outdoor toys. Our boys would make excellent Little Tykes toy testers as they are both at different stages and also both very opinionated they have never played with the toys above so will be ever so excited. Master 4 also loves teaching his little brother but not before perfecting the task at hand himself and master 20 mths will be very good if he puts as much effort into these toys as he does his gardening or building blocks. I wouldn't mind the distraction either, we are about to raise the vege patch and I am going to have to ruin master 4's broccoli/flower garden he planted this week the broccoli flowers and his cornflower flower in hope they would grow more, he did say he watered them so he said say they will grow!
LIVINGLIFE - 7:57 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
We went bowling last weekend and my 18 month old felt very put out that he couldnt play with the balls and roll them to hit things to, he would love to play with the little tikes bowling set and he also loves his brothers hockey stick and using it to hit his dads golf balls so I think he would love the golf set too.
Kimmyjade - 10:55 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
My two year old son would be the perfect toy tester for these as is obsessed with an older version of the t-ball set we rented from the toy library. We spend hours outside hitting the ball around. In fact I remembered about this trial while I was outside doing this! His 7 year old brother loves it too. As a hockey family we spend hours hitting a ball around so he would also love the golf set. It would be used every day possible and thoroughly loved by my son. He also loves the ten pen bowling sets at playgroup and sometimes even uses the pins as pretend golf clubs/hockey sticks ( have picture after picture of him doing all these things and am happy to upload them if you are interested). Please pick us as we are the perfect family to test all these products.
Sparky - 4:43 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think both my boys (4 and 2 years) would love to trial the Little Tikes Grab n Go Golf set. Be great to see how their co-ordination skills are developing.
nummabear - 3:52 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
i think ive already registerd for these but if not here i am again lol my oliver absoulutly loves playing outdoor ball games and with the weather clearing up and getting warmer this would be such an awesome trail for him to play with his family so it'd be awesome to review these great outdoor toys! PLEASE pick us! thanks :)
robyshack1 - 3:45 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask my two and nearly four year opld boys to be a toy tester. My boys are active little munchkins and keep mummy on her toes to find amusements and things to help them burn their ample energy. They promise and so does their mummy to test these toys, help with their mummy's sanity and give lots of feed back. So please please PLEASE pick our little family!!!!!
vam - 3:26 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son would be a great toy tester (or his mother would) as my daughter is 11 years old and therefore I am so out of date when it comes to buying toys all over again!!! so please, please let us try them out for you. Thanks.
cove - 1:56 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
This would be a great trail for us. I have two little ones aged 2 1/2 and almost 4 that would love to trial these. My two love the outdoors and with winter over what a great time to be be outside with these amazing Little Tikes Summer Sets. It would be great to have something age appropriate for my kids to play with outside, they look so much fun and my two would make great use of these, our fingers and toes are crossed!!!
dillonfamily - 1:50 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our little boy is nearly 13 months and I know you said 18months for these toys but he's walking and running and loves the outdoors. Already kicking a football around too. This would be a fanastic set for our whole family to get outdoors and have some fun - and give him and his 5 year old nephew some games they can play together!
shaz - 10:14 PM on Sun-16-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow..these would be great for outdoor fun in summer! I have a nearly 3 yr old and a 1 1/2 yr old who would love to trial these..their 6 yr old brother would probably want to join in too!!;-))
Shadz - 2:06 PM on Sun-16-Sep-2012 reply | message
OMG it's so great seeing toys that get kids doing things, out in the fresh air.
I have 3 little ones under the age of six with the youngest being just over 2 years old, that would love these And it's a great chance to do some fun things with the kids
mellyb - 10:49 PM on Sat-15-Sep-2012 reply | message
i am a great fan of the little tikes brand of toys. extremeley robust, colourful and good quality. my kids love the outdoors, and i encourage them to play games, with balls, hoops, and bats etc. i have two girls 7 and nearly 3 and a boy 13 months. we would love the opportunity to test the summer sports collection
mummy22 - 3:57 PM on Sat-15-Sep-2012 reply | message
my boys are 4 and 5 and always on the go looking for something new to do this would be great as they could play together and do more stuff outside when summer arrives :)
TanesMummy - 11:47 PM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hello, My son Tane is 2 years old. I think he would be a fantastic toy tester because he LOVES playing outside and since he is walking and running around better now he is always telling me to take him outside. He have a large backyard and he's always practicing kicking balls around and trying to hit sticks and fallen apples with tennis rackets!
I think any of these three toys will be great fun for him to play with. I also have friends with children the same age and it would be wonderful to have something they can all play and learn to take turns sharing the toys. Would make for great summer fun in the back yard or at the park. Fantastic for getting the kids outside and running off all that energy they've had overflowing from the winter months!
kymie83 - 10:58 PM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
our 3yr old son Dylan would love to test these awesome toys, he loves playing in the garden and unfortunately we dont have many toys his age for him to play with so he normally just sits and plays the stones and talks to our neighbor lol, he would love this kind of thing, anything bright and colourful thats loads of fun and it would really help his development, We have seen the bowling set at a toddler group and they are always the 1st thing he want to play with, but are very popular with all the other kids too. I can imagine him giving these a real tester with his little kiwi friend Matthew who is almost 3 too, they would be busy for hours :-)
lorrainehogan - 8:53 PM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hi. My boys would be the ULTIMATE toy testers for the Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection. Boys are aged 3 years and 13 months, and I care for two other children aged 4 years. I am all for getting outside and enjoying the air, playing with outside toys, and getting involved with various activities especially sports. We live in the country and have lots of outside space ideal for trialing this Summer Sports Collection set. I feel the products would benefit my boys and the other children in my care by encouraging hand eye coordination along with the importance of learning to share and take turns while enjoying sport and outside activity. Please pick us for the ULTIMATE toy testers. Great reviews would come from my boys and the kids, and I am sure they would have a LOAD of fun trialing these toys!!! Please pick us.
looies1 - 2:13 PM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
Daughters aged 3 & 5, would love to take these away on holidays and play in the backyard, they would help them develope hand eye co-ordination which I must admit they need work on. Im sure poppa, uncles and aunty would be in to have a round of golf, and some family t-ball. Our fingers and toes are crossed.
karinlee - 1:35 PM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter miss nearly 4 would love to trail this with her cousins, they all love being outside and doing things. So this would keep them occupied for hours. The children are getting ready for the summer and this would be ideal for them.
burtzee - 1:18 PM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
I am an at home child educator for PORSE and have a 1 year old of my own and care for two 2 year olds and a 3 & 4 year old. I don't have many outside toys. I think I would be a good tester for these 'Little Tikes' toys due to the varying ages of my children, it would be interesting to see who is attracted to which toys and how they all play with them. They would provide fun group activities for us all to join in with.
angelplus3 - 10:29 AM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
My youngest girl is turning 3 at the end of this month. She has a lot of hand-me-down toys from her older sister and brother so it would be neat for her to have something new and appropriate for her age! She is always on the go and looking for something to do so if she had a new toy outside it would keep her (and me!) happy :o)
mtzchik - 8:47 AM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter Chloe (3 years old) would be perfect to test these toys! She loves outdoor play, AND sports! She is very outgoing too so the toys would have plenty of use in order for us to come up with a good review :) Thanks!
bonnie - 11:10 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
hi :) we would love to trial these FAB toys.. nana and grandpa built us a huge new deck for outside play and we are seriously lacking toys *sigh* Miss4 would love to give that T ball a good wack and our 17 month triplet girls would enjoy bowling, hmmmm mind might have to give Jade (our largest triplet) the golf clubs, she loves to sweep the deck, yes seriously lacking in toys, maybe a budding golfer? anyway our girls (youngest 2months watches safely from inside lol) would love to run these toys through hours of play n giggles. please consider us cheers :)
Kazzam - 9:28 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
We have two sons 2.5years and 7months. The older one loves to be outside and is always on the go, daddy and him watch golf every Sunday morning on the tv so he would be stoked to have his own set to play with and my younger son would love to crawl around chasing balls that I'm sure will b lyng here, there and everywhere.
Mummyleigh - 9:24 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2yo and hubby and son 6months (still a baby but he'll watch with great interest!) and myself would love to try this out as we don't have anything like it and it would be awesome for the kids on a nice day.
subbzsmith - 9:19 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 1/2 year old princess could happily live at the backyard 24/7 and play with her outdoor toys. She would absolutely love to try these new toys.
smoodles - 9:10 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
Oh I would love my little man to become a tester for these, he is almost 18 months and lives for going outside and playing and anything to do with balls he's loving it and these look perfect for him to play with his older brother as well.
reppeps - 9:08 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
I would love to test one of these little tikes products. We have 7 very active Grandchildren ages 1 - 8. We see them at least twice a week and always encourage them to play games.
These little tikes sports toys would be an extra encouragement.
vivd - 8:57 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss 2.5 would love to be a little tikes toy tester and Dad would be pretty stoked about it too! Shes loves to try and play cricket with Dad, friends and the dog. These would be great to take along to the camping ground over xmas holidays!
malandrob - 8:33 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
we have 3 boys the youngest is 2 and a half years. he loves golf and any ball game especially when the older 2 are outside with him.
jobrush - 8:13 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My youngest is 2, but with 2 older brothers (aged 4 and 7) she just wants to do everything they do. This isn't always possible! I'd love for her to be able to try something suited to her age that her brothers would also be able to join in with her and cultivate an active love of outdoor pursuits! Especially now the weather is finally improving enough to get them outside again!
lulu78 - 8:13 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son will be three in January, he likes to spend a large part of his day outside and he is always on the go. He loves knocking things down so the bowling set would supply endless fun, he insists on trying to play swing ball so the would be so happy to play with the T ball set and would get a kick out of the golf set. He would love to be a toy tester for the Little Tykes Summer Sports Collection.
CamosMum - 7:55 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our wee guy is the 'product' of a golf loving Mum and Dad, 3 years old and loves the 9 hole stroll. Dad would love if he had his own clubs so he didn't feel the need to drag dads "special" club (his driver) around the course.
Mizim - 7:22 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have 3 children, all of whom would love these to play with, and boy oh boy do they need more outside toys.

The T-Ball set - My 4yo and 3yo would LOVE this. They'd both easily be able to take tuns, and the fact that you can adjust the height will make it all the more easy for them to enjoy it. As a mum, I like the fact the I can hang it on the wall, getting it out from underfoot and saving space.

The Bowling Set - My 4yo, 3yo and 18mo would all enjoy this game. Easy to set up and easy to play, LOVE it! Colourful, and easy to roll the ball, this would be fun for all 3 of my kids. My 3yo and 4yo would love knocking down the pins and my 18mo would love playing with the pins or the ball on its own, so this game has multiple avenues of play. As a mum I like the fact that bowling ball is made for little fingers and would be a great preparation to playing in a bowling alley.

The Golf Set - My 4yo and 3yo would like this. My 4yo has been to mini golf once and loved it, so to have his own set at home.... he would get so much use out of this toy. My 3yo would love this as she would feel like a big girl, and it's such a great way to teach such a fun family game. I can picture myself joining in with them as well. As a mum I love the fact that it has its own carry case. What a great way to keep it all in once place, but also be able to take it to family members houses to have a play there (and rope the grandparents in for a game too)

My 4yo, 3yo and 18mo would get a lot of use out of these toys. Not only would they get hours of fun with these, but it's a great prelude to family trips to the bowling alley, baseball games and mini-golf. We would love to try these. :)
mdavies - 7:02 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old son would be good to test these out from an older, stronger preschoolers point of view. He would surely test their robustness and how long they last (which is forever if they are like other Little Tikes products)! He is very active and loves to play anything physical. He would particularly like the golf set -" just like Grandma plays" and the bowling as we took him ten pin bowling the other month and he loved rolling the ball and trying to knock over the pins. He often has his friends over from kindy (and he has an 8year old brother) and I know they would love to play with these Little Tikes toys.
ChristineC - 7:00 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 18 month old daughter would love to test these toys out. She is very active and has lots of playdates so they are sure to get a good workout. We have the perfect yard for games but no outdoor toys yet so this would be perfect. Thanks for considering us.
Dashes - 6:50 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old daughter Sophie would love to try these toys - we have a big backyard and she loves to play outside, so I think she'd enjoy trying these toys, thanks.
keetismyson - 6:33 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2yo son Keet, would be an awesome toy tester to these toys, to start off with he LOVES to play golf with his daddy's golf clubs, and i think that i would be a bit more relaxed with him playing with them inside, there is also that he LOVES to play outside, and a set of "The Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection" would be an awesome start to summer for him and many hours of fun to go with it.
KrystieKhloe - 5:50 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter will be turning 3 at the end of October and loves spending time outside exploring! The Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection would be perfect to help with her eye - hand co-ordination, and she would have a fantastic time playing with it all!
zimbo - 5:34 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My nearly 3 yr old is very adventurous and loves the outdoors so much. I have taken him to play mini golf and he loved it so much. His Grandad and great uncle are huge golf fans and is always wanting to go play with his Grandad. So this sort be awesome for him to be a tester for.
Mummysim - 5:24 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old is all about these kind of toys! He loves to be active and it doesn't usually take him long how to suss out how these toys work and how fun they would be. Noah loves being outside and I would be able to spend a good amount of time as soon as I receive the tester, observing Noah with this toy!
Gogogo - 5:04 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 year old is engrossed in things like this, but we have not yet purchased anything! It'll be interesting to see from a developmental point of view to see where he is with these toys. Particularly heading into summer these Little Tikes set will be utilized loads outside in the garden!
LindaK - 5:03 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My two year old son (almost three years old) would be a perfect tester for the Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection, because I've never met a more active toddler! He'll give anything a go, because that's the kind of awesome kid he is. I love the idea of teaching him these games and joining in along-side him :)
cbirch - 4:59 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 yeard old boy would love to test these toys. He is so active, loves being outdoors and loves to try new things. Oh and he loves balls!
Kylie77 - 4:55 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My nearly 3 year old son is obsessed with anything sporty (gets it from Dad!) and would absolutely love to trial the Little Tikes Summer Collections (think Dad would love to "help" him trial them too!)
missmaddysmum - 4:53 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss three is very much an outdoors girl who would love to trial these. Her cousins come over often to play and they love spending time outside with balls and the frisbee So these would be perfect for them
Gizmo - 4:51 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old would love these - she loves playing outdoors and especially loves playing around with daddy's golf clubs. Have a photo of her when she was9 months old playing around with them. Daddy would also love to have a go on these with her
virgogirl - 4:46 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have 2 children who would fit in to the age group needed for this trial, mr mischeif is 2.5 and little missy is 5. My son is a real wee boy, full of life and sooo much energy, and my daughter is a wee sport billy :) I think they would make great reviewers and put each game through its paces!
motheroffour - 4:43 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial these they look so much fun! I have got a little boy who is 3 1/2 and a little girl who is 16mths old.
mom2daven - 4:42 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
It would be great to be chosen to test these toys as my boy loves to play outdoors! We also have 2 other children in the house who can test these toys. My son is almost 3 years, nieces are 8 yrs and 18 months. we also have other cousins coming over often who are aged 6 yrs and 4 yrs. The kids weill definitely enjoy playing these.
CaseysMum - 4:41 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 4 year old that would love to give these a go. She loves to give things a go. We've just back from school where her big sister was trying out tennis and Miss 4 was determined to join in, though was really a bit young to do it properly so this would be a bit easier for her.

We'd also take them along to playcentre one day if we were selected then we could try it out with girls and boys of various ages and see what they all thought of it as well
shellcruise - 4:32 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 3 year old and an 11mth old (who has just started walking). They love playing with balls and bats and anything they can throw down the stair or wack has them playing for ages. My eldest daughter has started going to pre-school and loves getting down and dirty with the boys outside so if she can improve with her ball handling that would be fantastic also her nana plays golf and if she could be the next Tiger Woods all the better........
kandis - 4:31 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
my son is such a huge outdoor and ball fan- in fact his first ever word was ball and you can be guaretneed to find him outside in any weather kicking, hitting or bouncing balls
We would both love to be able to test these out
My son is just over 2 and this would make his year!!
farmgurl - 4:31 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
Out little man (2) would love the opportunity to play with these awesome toys! With 3 older siblings, he loves the chance to play outside! His favourite things to play with are bats and balls so playing with these toys would be his ultimate fun afternoon - and help him burn off energy lol.
wireus - 4:29 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have 2 very active little boys. At ages 4 and nearly 3 they have never ending energy and they love to play outside. They are also very good at destroying things so I would love to trial a brand like Little Tikes and see if it can stand up to its name and withstand their energetic play.
ragz40 - 4:27 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
It would be AMAZING to be selected to be a toy tester for the Little Tykes Summer Sports Collection. My daughter turns 2 in November, and her baby sister is due on her birthday, so it would be wonderful to recieve these sets as a special treat for her! With summer coming up she would have so much fun playing outside with Daddy and Mummy while her little sister sleeps, we want to make sure she gets special one on one time, and this would be an ideal way to do it!
quackers - 4:26 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter(3yrs) would so love these as she is just so active and loves to spend all day outside and these sets would keep her nice and occupied and help burn off all that extra energy young kids have,and I'm sure that even thou mr 5months is too young for them he will find some way to join in : )
jjsmum - 4:25 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old loves to hit things with sticks so I am 100% sure he would love to give one of these toys a good test run!!!
BubbeezMum - 4:21 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would be a perfect choice for being a toy tester as we decided already that we really wanted to focus on getting outside with the kids, having fun and enjoy daylight savings (which is coming). My daughter does not have alot of outside games so am looking on building on this and what better way than to be a toy tester say what we think and have some family fun, and with one of the best toy brands around (Little Tikes). Our family has had a really tough year and we are coming out the other side,one of our most important and loved family members has just finished chemo and I am recovering nicely from my emergency c section so it would be great to get some family games/ fun in and just enjoy eachother and what the sports collection can bring for our family and extended family. My little miss 3 would love to have her say and I am sure my nephew can add his thoughts too, although Mr 1 month cant add much now I am sure we can include him and later on he will have his say. Thanks for a great opportunity.
jafaj - 9:25 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
I could only imagine how over the moon and stoked my two little tikes would be if they were choosen to try out these great toys. I am a toy buy for our local toy library and would love to see how durable and versitile these toys are so I may purchase for other local children to try. My children are 3 years and 2 years and I am looking forward to a fun active summer outside this year. :))
tarns677 - 8:24 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 13yr, 6yr, and twins 4yrs old they are very active and love the outdoors. they would love to try one of these toys. great brand too!
Kim1 - 6:50 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
My boys (5 and nearly 3) would be perfect to review these games. Both of them spend all their time outdoors, and love to play anything active. My youngest is just learning coordination and how to play with others, and my oldest loves to teach his developed skills. Add to that, anything to keep them outdoors is a bonus for me! Lol
gonzze - 4:51 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
Well i have 5 children that would all have so much fun and so much to say about the little tikes toys most of all miss 4 years and 2 years would love it. And having there big Brothers and sister to play a long would make it more fun.. My lot would make great toy testers as they all ways have lots to say about new things they try
thecoffeelady - 4:21 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
Little miss one is not quite old enough to qualify, she is only 14 months, these toys look awesome though and a lot of fun, especially with summer coming on. Have fun people who get the chance to test these.
rachaelsfun - 3:08 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
master 15 months is just learning to walk now and would love to try these as a toy tester as he loves lil tikes stuff
i also look after a few kids from 13 mon ths to 6 yrs so can also help with the older testers too :)
and master 9 yrs will happily show his lil brother how to use the toys :)
hillys - 2:41 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
Why I think my 2 half year old boy Named Mad Maxx with thick curly ginger hair! that turn everyone head around to say " what a beautiful hair!" he would love to be a great Toy Tester for the Little Tikes T Ball Set, a Little Tikes Bowling Set and A little Tikes Grab n Go Golf. He is pretty annoyed with me giving away alot of his toys to needy children and hate his sisters giving him barbie dolls to play! I have explain to him one day you will get a special Toy! He wanted to play real boys toys that doesnt break! and he is full of energy! loves to smack balls everywhere! with his crazy personality! he is very straight up and honest of what he thinks! He will even tell strangers what he really thinks! making everyone crack up! with a red face! he so funny is full of Beans with a FIRING GINGERHEAD TEMPER! hehehe Also I have 5 year girl Cheyann who is so beautiful that she looks like Cinderella! but she is such a TOMBOY! who would love to share with MAD MAXX!
Jacquimay - 2:01 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our 21 month old boy/girl twins would be the perfect toy testers for Planet Fun! They are adventurous, outdoorsy, love a challenge & most of all they love to play games with each other & with mum & dad. I can't think of a more perfect day than one that involves fresh air, developing gross & fine motor skills, and having fun! Little Tikes is a tried & true brand in our house with two toddlers experimenting & creative playing together, so their toys have to be built to last which Little Tikes are. With two sporty parents a few daily games of T-Ball, Bowling & Golf sounds like a ton of fun and awesome quality family time together.
glenis01 - 3:08 PM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son is 26 months old and I think he would love to trial the Little Tikes sports collection. He loves playing outside and is always talking about rugby, soccer and hockey so I think he is going to be a little sports mad like his Dad!! These would be great toys for him to play with, with his Dad and 13 year old sister.
shorrty4life - 1:58 PM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
My child is 22months old and I think my daughter would love to be a little tikes summer sports collection tester because she doesn't really have any outside toys but loves trying to play with balls outside and trys to throw them to me and we play that way but she has never had a challenge like these toys would give her and they would be so great for her for learning new skills too. This would be amazing to review!!! Fingers crossed! x
SarahK - 1:43 PM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these!! I have a five year old who is just loving school sport at the moment. I also have 4 care kids, aged 13 months, 14 months, 2.5 and 4.5, the older two which are boys, who are really into getting outside and playing games. usually we play soccer so it would be great to be able to teach them some new skills with these!! :)
shamar78 - 1:33 PM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little man is an outdoor fanatic and is only 19 months old, I am SO looking forward to beautiful summer days so that he can enjoy more time outside playing. These toys would be perfect for him to develop coordination skills and also to play with his little buddies and take turns.
margaretlor - 1:07 PM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think that my little man would make a good toy tester he is 2 years old and loves to play out side with his toys and he got his causion to help him , He loves to play with balls and other games
Pearlywhite - 11:13 AM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
My very sporty 4 year old would LOVE to test these out!! Little Tikes is such a fantastic brand and is known for it's durability so perfect for my rough and ready son!
kymmage - 11:04 AM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 5 year old would love to be a toy tester for these items. Getting out in the sun, and being active is so important. I'd love to have these items to help encourage family fun time, exercise and a step away from the technology inside so we can all benefit in some vit D
ruthb - 10:42 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would love to be able to test these! My son is 4 and is bursting to be outside playing. The weather has been terrible but now we are seeing the sun more so any excuse to get outside playing together will be taken! He will be especially keen to trial the T ball set. My older daughter will be a great buddy to play with and my youngest will be keen to join in, may even be able to give them the drool test!!
Poppy10 - 10:19 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Pretty please consider us! My little girl (almost 2) is the most busy energetic creature you have ever met (I often get the comment does anyone ever tell you she's like a boy?) so any tools to keep this livewire occupied would be amazing!!! Plus her Grandparents play bowls every weekend and would be charmed by little miss C joining in on their favorite sport. Fingers crossed you can choose us to test Little Tikes, love their toys! :)
amber - 10:03 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I would certainly like to review these. I have a nearly 2yr old whom I'm sure would love to have a go with these. Our 4yr old and her 4yr old cousin (Who lives down the road) would both make good testers. We have played bowls but never tried golf or T ball so they would make good testers for Little Tikes summer sports collection.
izacwanab - 9:57 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
We have a daughter who just turned 5 and a son who is 22 months. They are very active and love moving around. Both children have dwarfism and although they love to do the same things that other kids their age do, their mobility is mildly restricted. For this reason, we would be most interested in trying out your toys for the purpose of enhancing their skills and increasing their confidence in team sports. When we review these toys, we'd bring across a different perspective of how these products can cater for children with unique needs.
carolbevin - 8:24 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Yes please! We have 3 x 3.5 yr olds and a 5.5 yr old. I am a huge Little Tikes fan and we already have a slide/playground set and two of the fold out tables, and they are really durable. I will be interested to see if this translates well into the play equipment as I have had problems with other plastic golf sets not withstanding my 3.5 yr old son.
staceyj - 8:06 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow, these toys look absolutely fabulous and my 4 year old daughter would be a fantastic tester of these products as she has on numerous occasions has talked about giving these activities types of activities a go!
FullHouse - 7:58 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My boys (3 and 5) would love to test out these sports toys. Both of them are really interested in golf as we live right next to a golf course and Daddy used to play all the time. They have both also enjoyed playing make shift games of bowling using whatever is at hand - blocks, empty bottles from the recycling.
lilblondee6 - 7:45 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 16month old loves to do anything outdoors, He is very grown up for his age and would be an awesome toy tester for every one of these toys, he especially loves to knock things down. rough and tumble is the way my boy plays running around kicking the ball with the family and just being outside.
Cazper - 7:39 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our 2 year old is a keen golfer but also uses the clubs like a bat, so he would be a great tester learning the difference between the items above. Mum and dad will have a ball playing inside and outside with them too.
rollsr - 7:39 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 year old daughter has too much energy for her own good so anything to encourage her to burn some energy off outside would be most welcomed. She has just had mum in hospital so is feeling a bit down and really needs something to cheer her up...
Nita - 7:32 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old loves being outside and toys that encourage that are brilliant in my eyes. We have a big backyard in which Missy could happily play golf for hours. Fingers crossed.
KrisT - 6:40 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would love the opportunity to be toy testers. My girls aged 23 months and 3 1/2 love being outside and particularly like activities that involve hand-eye coordination. They would also appreciate being able to share with our neighbours (3 boys - the same age) who's toys always end up at our house.. mummy is due with number 3 in two weeks so any outdoor distractions during feeding times would also be appreciated!
Simone - 6:37 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 3 year old boy who adores the great outdoors. It is just wonderful that Spring is in the air. We are always on the look out for new toys and often host coffee groups so could have a range of little people and their mummies to test the toys and give feedback on the fun factor. Griffin would love to be a toy tester!
ingie83 - 6:16 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 1 year old daughter Elsah and 3 & a half year old son Saul. I am on the look out for toys that they can play with & share between them. I think these toys would be a good opportunity for the kids to get outside and have fun while learning coordination. I like the look of the toys they look durable but light and fun for littlies. I think Saul would be a great toy tester as he is good at voicing his views and loves playing outdoors.
hitchcock - 4:58 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little 2 year old Callum would love to play with these toys
KerryECHoward - 4:10 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My Little Miss Riley , 2 1/2 Loves mini golf/ Bowls and outdoor fun - we are always on the look out for great new activities to try together, and also to play with cousins and friends. Little Tikes is a fantastic brand - Riley would love the opportunity to become a toy tester and with great vocabulary she will really tell you what she thinks ;)
aucklandjules - 4:07 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My nearly 4 year old daughter would love to trial these little Tikes toys. They are all great outdoor toys and a great way for her to learn turn taking when playing with her friends. They are just the right size for little hands and great for hand eye coordination. My daughter is very active and these are toys which could be played alone or with others. My daughter would love to trial these toys for you. Great fun for the whole family.
angelstar - 3:43 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My Miss 2 year old would love to trial this. She loves using her brother's metal one's, which i put away rather quickly. Be great for her eye and hand co-ordination.
SP - 3:38 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter 22 mths would love this set! We have spent too much time indoors over the winter with puzzles and books so some outdoor toys would be amazing. It would give her dad lots of daddy daughter time with hand eye coordination and ball skills and give me some inside quiet time when number two arrives in January.
nette21 - 3:29 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
This looks awesome. I think my 3 year old would be a great tester. We have a huge back yard with not much to do in it. There would be plenty of room to play all three of these. She loves to be outdoors. Having coffee group with my other friends and their children would be a great way for them to learn about team sports and taking turns.
travelbugnz - 3:25 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
wow!!!! we recently got the little tykes lawn mower and I have to say our 22 month old daughter reaction was pretty much the reaction of the rest of the children in the coffee group... she loved it. With this however, not only does she love balls she could also actually play together with her freinds and I can only imagine the joy and fun they would have together. we have plenty of room to know the balls around so game on!!!! and fingers crossed.
mummy2nz - 3:22 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
my 4 year old would love this we spend alot time outside in the summer together playing and this would top of his summer days
stisnz - 3:07 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have two kids (daughter 3 1/2 years, son 20 months) and can see how great these toys would be for them. When I had my daughter I always wanted to get a golf set, and now that I have a son I can see I need one. Both my kids are active, and my son especially loves playing games. It is a great opportunity for the kids to interact with their daddy too, as well as each other.
KZR2009 - 2:49 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 4 in December and she LOVES being outside. So having toys, that actually belong out there, to play with would make her play times way more fun. Plus her brother, who's 9, loves to play with her too.
saranorman88 - 2:43 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My two darlings would be great testers for these toys - my daughter is 4 and likes to be the boss and my son is 2 so he would love to have a play outside with these - and the best thing is - there are more than one thing to play with so they shouldnt fight (well we'll see). Thanks Kidspot!!!!!!
Resse - 2:24 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would love to be toy testers! Our youngest boy (23 months), would be a great tester, as he loves to be outside, and he loves anything with bats, balls, and knocking things over! Our daughter (4) would really be into this as well, as would older brother (6). I think the set would make great family sports afternoons.
dayauon - 2:16 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
my son will be 23 months this Sept. he loves ball so much so to test all the toys with the use of ball, he will be over the moon! He is good in handling big ball so to play with a smaller one will be tricky so fingers-crossed, hope we'll be chosen!
kap - 2:15 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 18 month and 3 year old boys absolutely love playing outdoors and are in desperate need of some variety!
They are both very physical and i think these toys would be perfect at developing their coordination and sharing abilities.
jenjen - 2:08 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a nearly 3year old who loves to be outside so he would love to put these toys through their paces!! I think his nearly 1 year old brother would love to follow him around with these too
ajpickering - 2:08 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Master 3 would love to trial these toys. He is a typical wee man who loves all boy things like farts and trucks. He would give all of these a try with the other four 2/3 year olds that we meet up with each week especially now that the weather is warming up. Miss 11 would also give him an unfair advantage by giving him some coaching.
jaydub - 2:07 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My three year old daughter would be a great tester - she tests everything as a matter of course (including me!).
Our family would love some outdoor play equipment now the weather is warming - especially anything that would encourage turn taking, sharing, losing and spending time with Daddy in the fresh air.
maializ - 2:04 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 6 year old daughter and a 21 month old son who really know how to test toys and get the most fun out of them. They would love the chance to try these toys and have a great time!
smutty72 - 2:01 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
We have three chn aged, 22 months, 4 yrs and 6 yrs. we would love to trial the little tikes sports equipment! We also have a weekly get together with 4 other families, 8 chn aged under 5, so they would get plenty of experimentation :-)
vettechic - 2:00 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Working as an in-home educator I look after 5 children Master 7mths, Master 16mths, Miss 2, Master 3 and Master 3 3/4. The children love any chance to play games that involve balls, especially hitting them with bats. This would also encourage and reinforce the sharing, turn taking skills we are working on.
These fantastic Little Tikes would get a great working over in my home especially with the school holidays coming up, and our daily activities having a break we often have playdates with our friends, who would love to give these a go too. :)
miggs9 - 1:59 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think my 3 yr old son would LOVE these toys. He has a 10 month old baby brother so we are a bit house bound during the day. We like to go outside while the baby sleeps so have a good couple of hours a day to spend playing. Master 3 would love to give anything a try especially if it involves hitting a ball! I think I'd have some fun too!
k1nz - 1:56 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think my 20 month old daughter would be a fantastic toy tester, she loves getting into new toys, and figuring out how they work. And these would give her a chance to use up some of her never ending energy while learning about sports. It would be wonderful timing too as her cousins (4 & 6) are coming to spend a couple of weeks with us next month.
steff - 1:55 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter (4) loves being outside and would love to give these a go. She has done bowling at kindy and loved it so this would be perfect.
MAMANANNA - 1:51 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss two tries to copy everything her older sister does .Unfortunatly her sporting toys are for older children .I think Miss two and her friends would love to learn and play with these sporting toys.They would be safe,they can learn ,they can also play with help or by themselfs.With spring here and warmer weather on the way they will be well tested.If raining the bowls set can still be used in doors Im sure.
annette - 1:47 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My two little boys(2.5 and 5yrs) would be great toy testers for these awesome outdoor toys. We have recently moved house to a country village with a lovely big back garden and between us and our neighbours each side we have 8 children under 5 years!! These are perfect toys to play with friends and i can imagine the lucky toy testers to have hours and hours of fun.
jopukeko - 1:46 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
With my home-based carekids and my own 2 children I have a total of 9 children ranging from 16 months to 4 1/2. These kids would all love to trial the Little Tikes Summer Sports Collection. It would be a great way of encouraging them to play outside.
brookeandharv - 1:41 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughters (3.5yrs and 19months) would be great toy testers for these little tykes sports toys. Both of them have crazy amounts of get up and go and love playing with balls and sports equipment. My eldest even turns balloons into bats and balls and plays balloon tennis in the lounge on rainy days!
jdsmum - 1:40 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son would love to try the T Ball set! he loves hitting balls around so will be interesting to see how hard he can concentrate on this one !!
loribradley - 1:37 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think My little guy Seth (22 months) would be an awesome choice to test these out, he is very curious and loves doing sport type things and he is quite full on so he will test their strength and durability as well ;)
poppy666 - 1:35 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
hey,I think it would be awesome if my 2yr old daughter alexis could trial the little tikes sports collection, she loves her ball her nanna got her and she is learning to play catch. it could be something she could play and bond over with her sports mad dad! :)
maricris - 1:34 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My kids would love the Little Tikes T Ball Set. Their cousin had something similar and they loved it. We have a big backyard and they love to run around and play whenever the weather allows it. It would be great to have this toy so they can have something new and more exciting to play with. Plus that would mean I can get some more housework done too :)
ECAW - 1:34 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
WOW! What an awesome thing to TEST drive! My son aged 5 LOVES to be outside, he is totally an outdoorsy boy and would benefit from using toys like these, and then his wee sister can join in to!!!
My Boy is age 5, and my wee girl is 3. Please consider us to test these marvelous things!!
MSLAPA - 1:32 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 21 month would love this - always looking for fun things to do at the park to burn off energy. Can't wait for summer and the arrival of her little brother.
EmmaR - 1:29 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little boy 22 months and his girl-cousin 31 months will love this, both are really starting to explore the world in a better-for-Mums-sanity sharing way and are interacting hilariously talking to each other about what they're doing. Although often the 'mine' word is heard they're both outdoorsy kids who love nothing better than mucking around in the garden. These two would definitely give you opinions on these great toys, believe me!!
livandjimi - 1:28 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
What an awesome bunch of lil peoples sport equipment! My sons would be the perfect testers for these :) They are happiest when outside playing games!
MaryMc - 10:56 AM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
I would love the chance for the grandkids to review these.
It's difficult too know what 'garden toys' will be popular without actually buying several, and money restraints preclude that!
I know they would be quality as they are Little Tikes, so hopefully they would get many years of fun out of these!
nummabear - 9:43 AM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
my Mr two would just love to be a toy tester for these!! hes starting to get into his sport,so this would be awesome if you pick us! our review wont disapoint ;)......thank you.

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