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Toilet time at the shops
Posted 8:31 AM on Tue-1-May-2012
On the weekend we took a trip to one of our local shopping centres (the Lincoln Centre on Lincoln Road - Auckland), while there little miss needed to go toilet, we were in Spotlight, I asked the staff for a toilet and they said no have to go up to the Hollywood Bakery which is quiet the way up from spotlight, not to mention they dont let you use it unless you buy something. I said it was for my 2 year old, don't they have a staff one. To which she replied yes but you cant use it, its against policy. Now I do understand, but surly for a child or pregnant mum, they could make an exception. I was infuriated that they wouldn't help and that the shopping centre doesn't have any toilets in the complex. So your option is to go to the bakery and buy something or to The Warehouse but I have had a bad experience there where the cant find the key. In this instance little miss was able to hold and we went to McDs as a treat. But I just couldn't believe this, I felt so sorry for my daughter. I almost wish she had weed so they would have had to clean it (isn't that awful). But then that would not have been good for my daughter, she gets upset if ever it happens, because she is well toilet trained (but from time to time she has the odd accident).
Posted by BubbeezMum

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BubbeezMum - 7:49 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012  
Thanks everyone for the comments, nice to know we are not the only ones it has happened to. Needless to say we have not returned to Spotlight and wont be anytime soon.
rachaelsfun - 4:52 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012  
yeah we had that prob too in the supermarket but they got past that fault by having a staff member accompany the person who neeeded to go to the toilet and waiting in the stockroom for them to finish (just to disuade them from thinking about pinching something) but still gave them privacy behind the door to do their buisness
rachaelsfun - 4:49 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012  
that seems bad that it was like that for a child
when i worked in a supermarket we didnt have a public toilet .. but if it was for a small child or a pregnant mum or elderly they made an exception and took them out to one in the back stockroom

the funniest thing lately was when i was last at hamilton and went to pak n save and they have new loos at the mill st one
and most are unisex but you are meant to LOCK the door behind ya (as ya do) but when i was walking towards them the door was open --- and i thought ewas empty and went to walk in and heres a guy standing there having a widdle at the mens urinal by the door he left not only UNLOCKED but open !!!

i didnt know where to look (and no didnt see any bits) but I could have been a child that walked along .. why dont ppl lock the doors ??!! shocking
Pommiegotlost - 10:47 PM on Mon-28-May-2012  
i have a potette (folding portable potty) that i carried everywhere when the oldest was small, we keep it in a winnie the pooh bag because my daughter used to call them "we need a poo" LOL.
I have asked many shops etc if she could use the toilet and most have been obliging or pointed us to one nearby. I do not like going in the back of shops/warehouses etc where they keep stock it really doesn't feel right. Even in a bank they have been kind enough to take my daughter out to the toilet.
If all else fails there is probably a sand castle bucket in the boot of the car.
Speaking of such, it'll soon be time to do the potty shuffle again with my 2nd child, shes getting pretty good at letting me know that she needs changing.
Tiddlypom - 5:11 PM on Mon-28-May-2012  
I know it is inconvenient but I remember once when I worked in retail we had $300 worth of stock stolen from the back room by a woman who just 'had to go' and used our toilet - we only realised she had nicked it when we checked the CCTV footage later. Some companies are really strict for this reason. It's the few who spoil it for the many, as usual :)
MumBum - 12:11 AM on Mon-28-May-2012  
I had a similar thing happen when we were at a government department for an appointment and my big boy needed to use the toilet! The receptionist told him he would have to use the public toilets!!! He is only 7 and I was there with our two babies and obviously couldn't take him. When one of the employees unlocked the door for him to use the toilet she got growled at by one of her co-workers, which as you can imagine really p#@%ed me off, but bless her, she said "are you going to be okay with him going to the public toilets by himself? Are you okay with putting him at risk like that? His Mother has the two babies and can't go with him! It's not right and I'm not okay with it so he can use our toilet!"

Lucky that she reacted before I could say anything!!!
Winnie - 7:45 PM on Fri-25-May-2012  
Yes, I also did the potty in the car boot thing. Potty from the $2shop, with a plastic bag containing toilet roll hidden in the first aid compartment of my boot. With my son I had an empty juice bottle (from McD's happy meals) and wrote with a permanent marker WEES on it! LOL! IHey, it was a small and slim bottle and didnt take up much room in my bag. I also carry one nappy for my daughter who is now 4 at all times for any other "i need to go wees and I've already been holding long enough" emergency.
raglanmum - 11:59 AM on Tue-15-May-2012  
This happened to us the other day at SaveMart in Te Rapa, Hamilton. No toilets for Miss 2 1/2 to use. The closest toilet to use meant driving for 5 mins down the road. Bugger! So I just took her outside in the garden, hiding behind the car!! It kind of backfired a bit, when she decided she needed to go no.2's also!!! Oooppss! Lucky I had a plastic bag in the car to pick up the 'goods'!!! I felt like just leaving it there, as I was so annoyed there was no toilet available!
eega - 8:40 PM on Wed-2-May-2012  
That is awful. I had it once with our son in the bendon shop in Massey, when he was toilet training. They said we had to go and use the public one over at the shopping centre (which wasn't in walking distance). I use to carry a nappy in the car and had to put that on him in the back of the car. I heard from a freind that when she was told no, that it's either her daughter uses the toilet, or there will be a mess to clean up in the aisle....surprise, surprise, she got to use the toilet.
Sears - 7:46 PM on Wed-2-May-2012  
How ridiculous to not have toilets in a centre like this on one of the busiest streets in NZ. Definitely complain to centre management. People and businesses need to have a heart!
sammy - 2:45 PM on Wed-2-May-2012  
Spotlight seems to be the worst it must be there policy it is the same here in Whangarei, they send you to the cafe next door and they won't let you use the toilet as well. I just avoid places that wont let me use the toilet now if they won't let my preschooler use the toilet then they don't want my money as far as I am concerned tell them you won't be shopping there again.
dayauon - 1:16 PM on Wed-2-May-2012  
i hate this kind of thing to happen. the adrenalin rush kicks in when you are in dire situation. i guess, i just have to find a toilet quick or make sure to locate the toilets prior to shopping. or better yet, go home as quick as possible. i have handy bucket in the car in case of emergency. it may sound gross but in desperate times, i have to thank the bucket!
carolbevin - 12:59 PM on Wed-2-May-2012  
I was in Books for Kids in Hamilton East, in the midst of a big purchase when missy 2 told me she had to do a poo. I tried to see if she could wait, while the lady compiled our purchase, missey 2 couldn't. I asked the lady and she told me we couldn't use her toilet and had to walk over to the public one in the park (yes it was filthy!). I did it - came back and paid for my large purchase (over $100!), and was late picking up my other daughter from daycare, (as it was quite a walk with a two year old). The lady apologised - but really would it have been that bad to let us use the shop toilet for a 'just toilet trained I need to go poos NOW! 2 yr old'? I just can't face going back to that shop as I'm still really mad about it.
BubbeezMum - 3:43 PM on Tue-1-May-2012  
Thanks everyone for the comments. I just wish I could complain to the centre for the lack of toilets there. Thanks Sarah for the comments about potty etc I keep thinking I should have one in the car in case of emergency although we had hubbys car so would not have had anyway, we did have spare clothes etc in the car but it was the principle. I am preggy and hormonal so probably upset me even more, I even cried (out if the shop) on my daughters behalf, I felt so terrible for saying she had to wait and I could see how much she needed to go. Thank goodness McDs was there and could have a treat.
JulieKidspot - 1:28 PM on Tue-1-May-2012  
I had the same situation when my boys were younger - I voiced my opinion, stormed out of the shop and told them I would not be back - and I haven't! For adults, yes, I can understand, but when it's a little kid who's busting it's the policy that needs to be changed. I must say, our local shopping centres have abundant toilets and we've also used toilets at The Warehouse and at Bunnings who have always been obliging.
jopukeko - 12:50 PM on Tue-1-May-2012  
Since I started home-based care I always know where the nearest toilet is when we are out. It is a shame that shops don't have toilets for customers. i am thankful our supermarket does. Maybe there needs to be a few more puddles on the floor to get the point across.
SarahK - 9:54 AM on Tue-1-May-2012  
Annoying isn't it. We have come across this a few times. I can't remember which shop we were in, but my daughter who was about 3 at the time was busting, and in the end i just moaned "better the toilet than your floor" and in the end the relented and let us use it.
When my children are young, i leave a potty in the boot of my van, along with towels, plastic bags and wipes etc. This way we are prepared at all times.
mumof6 - 9:42 AM on Tue-1-May-2012  
I have had the same experience many times. You would think that if they want you to spend money in their shop they would let your child use the toilet and being such a huge store, they must come accross it all the time. I must admit to working in a shop though a few years ago, where they had the same policy and I have had to say no to a poor mum (mind you the toilet was a shared one out the back of a block of shops and I couldn't leave the shop). It didn't stop me from feeling very stink though!
thecoffeelady - 8:47 AM on Tue-1-May-2012  
That is hard, I remember being 9 months pregnant and badly needing a toilet at Spotlight and they let me use their one, they had to go and get a key and it was quite a big deal for them but there honestly was no way i could of made it to another one :P Poor little girl, glad she made it the McD.

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