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Sense of Smell
Posted 7:34 PM on Fri-17-Jul-2015
Currently I am in the middle of baking a cake that was requested last week as a welcome home for my eldest daughter.  My sinuses have been all screwy lately, with pressure headaches and the like.  But right now my kitchen smells totally foreign to me.  All I can smell is bitterness and dirt.  I'm guessing that the chocolate cake is fine.  But I can't help but feel a little put off by that smell!If it's not my sinuses, then it will be the Exit Mold I went nuts with in L's room.  She had a mold issue and I solved it, but now the house smells of bleach.  Whoops - so now I have to do something about that too!  She doesn't deal well
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Posted 10:21 PM on Tue-27-May-2014
Our daughter, Miss 3, developed a rash on her face and hands...... cause....... allergy from soaps and laundry powder we were using...... solution..... changed brands........ for the good...... am very surprised to find ingredients in our daily personal products are lurking with toxins....... not good..... am wanting to know how other Moms feel about this issue and what solutions they have come up with??
Posted by sweetypie 4 Comments
Croup, croup, croup..then finally asthma and allergies
Posted 9:22 PM on Tue-6-May-2014
We are currently in the throws of putting together a picture of my daughters "asthma profile". The funny thing is that up until she turned two, she didnt actually have asthma, she had "croup" (apparently) and up until she was 14 weeks she didnt have "reflux" either, she was just colicky. The interesting thing is that now, aged three, she has been finally diagnosed as asthmatic and with allergies to dairy, soy, dustmites and cats (resounding yays) and that is despite never being given one bronchiolitis diagnosis and despite there being no other family history of asthma.So are now under a specialist paediatrician and keeping a wellness journal and trying to keep f Read More...
Posted by KrisT 1 Comment
The quest for bread
Posted 5:42 PM on Mon-11-Feb-2013
I had the follow up consultation with the naturopath this afternoon about my daughters allergies. The list was so long and daunting it was great to be able to run through it with her and find out the causes for some of her health issues and also replacements for certain foods. The first thing on my 'to do' list is to make a bread that she is allowed to eat, it has to be gluten, wheat, yeast, dairy, margarine and sugar free. Quite a mission. I've found a recipe online and have a loaf in the oven as I type. It is mainly almond flour so an expensive loaf of bread but high in protein which she needs. She has a fungal infection hence the non sugar and yeast diet and also Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 4 Comments
Testing testing 1 2 3
Posted 3:19 PM on Wed-14-Nov-2012
As some of you know my daughter has allergies. The main one is dairy but I know wheat or gluten reacts with her and possibly soy. There is so many allergies in both sides of the family to food, preservatives and household products so I really hardly know where to start with what to introduce and what to avoid. There is so many preservatives in food nowdays it's hard to avoid them all, knowing which ones I need to avoid would be helpful and also she has a permanant cold nowdays which may be a reaction to something I don't know what.... So I think getting her tested is a good idea. I've googled it and there is so many options nowdays - muscle testing, hair testing, saliva t Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 4 Comments
Don't be so rash!
Posted 10:34 AM on Mon-10-Sep-2012
Nothing (apart from clowns) freaks me out more than a good rash. In particular if one has evolved over night, and that night included puking. Yikes. Thank goodness there's a bit of a tickle war raging at our house at the moment. The Bloke was 'it' and lifted up Pockets pj top to go in for a tickle but stopped dead in his tracks noticing his daughter had a red rash of teeny weeny spots all over her tummy. On further inspection, turns out it had also broken out on her back, legs and arms. Panic. Well, he didn't panic but of course with a recent news item about a 12 year old girl who died after a short illness which involved vomiting, let's just say I was more than a li Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Plunket phone line
Posted 8:53 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011
So my 5 month babe has got a rash, which has co in sided with his his first tooth coming threw.Do i ring the doctor or am i just being that"!st time mother)next best thing Plunket line they are very helpful, but had to transfer me threw to health line. Which they were all so very helpful.The thing that i did find a pain was both times i spoke to someone had to give my details cant they just use caller id??5 month babe is fine thank god!!
Posted by atasfairys 6 Comments
Ever year..always the same
Posted 12:21 AM on Mon-20-Dec-2010
Ugh.... I should know by now and yes I suppose I do! I really am allergic to Christmas Trees, and no I'm not the Grinch! It all started when I went to get the tree and I came up in itchy welts just by searching thru them to find the right one. The pine needles scratch my skin andmake me alll itchy. That's a sure sign ( duh!!) Because of our crazy few weeks we only got the tree a few days ago and its a living one. So we brought it inside this afternoon and as I've been sitting here typing my eyes are getting itchier and itchier and now they are swollen and gross and weeping and really sore. And what's worse our room is off the living room so not sure how I'll sle Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 3 Comments
Halloween: to trick or treat? AND Allergy Friendly Rocky Road
Posted 3:47 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010
I have a confession to make. I LOVE Halloween. I always have and I think I will probably always will. In my mind it has nothing to do with scaring people, or bugging people for lollies. It's the imaginative aspect of it. When I was a wee child thirty odd years ago, I remember bugging my parents to let me go trick or treating. My mother very diligently made me a cat costume and asked the next door neighbour who we were friends with if they would mind me knocking on their front door. It is a fond childhood memory I have carried with me to this day and so I have decided it will become a part of our family tradition.This Halloween I had big plans, I loved the hand print ghosts that Craftylo Read More...
Posted by igglepiggle 5 Comments
The Aqueous Cream issue and Tips for baking gluten free
Posted 3:44 PM on Thu-28-Oct-2010
Wow! My first blog in ages, just goes to show how crazy life can get. Either that or I become a complete hermit in Winter. I also think my new positive attitude may have something to do with it, long may it last. But positive attitude or not I have just read some interesting info that I think all parents of kids with eczema need to know. Research has found that Aqueous cream can in fact have a detrimental effect on the skin. To find out more from people who are far more knowledgeable than I visit the Allergy NZ website. It thoroughly discusses the research and the results so you can make up your own mind about it's however, stopped using Aqueous ages ago as I Read More...
Posted by igglepiggle 4 Comments

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