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Boxing Day Sales
Posted 10:17 AM on Fri-27-Dec-2013
We decided to venture down to the boxing day sales as the kids got some Christmas money and it was burning a hole in their pockets.Boy was it busy and we live in little town so I can just imagine how busy the bigger cities were! After fighting our way through warehouse, noel leemings and countdown and waiting for 30mins in the cues for a checkout the kids finally got home with their treasures. What a hit the remote control helicopters were with one boy getting one for Christmas and the other 3 deciding to buy littler versions. We are now dodging helicopters indoors and outdoors. Luckily for us we brought more inside toys this year as the weather doesn't look flash for the next few days.
Posted by mumof6 2 Comments
New toys
Posted 3:35 PM on Thu-26-Dec-2013
My children were amazingly spoilt yesterday. I hope your kids had that too. As always, too many new things. But I'm not even thinking about the tidying needed right now. The main thing for us is just to slowly open those boxes and enjoy each thing as we go. So far A has got her new Doc doll in a box still, but Talking Jake is out and being kissed. Her new Cabbage Patch Kid, Casey is out and being feed all the time. Plus she has three plush monsters, a shopping cart and tons of trucks and race cars. Eldest got some Lego Friends, Littlest Pet Shops, trash packs, books and craft sets. When I think about it, the gift givers were more open minded than they might have been 20 years ago. I Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
The Last Minute Christmas Wish
Posted 4:53 PM on Sun-22-Dec-2013
How often does this happen to you?  My daughter has almost every year, come up with a last minute Christmas wish.  The first Christmas when she was capable of having a desired gift, she asked for a cow costume, 2 weeks before the day.  Halloween being over, finding a costume anywhere was difficult.  We ended up seeking out a costume maker online who was able to put it together and send it in time.The next year, was the Squinkie year.  She hadn't even heard of Squinkies until a late November party.  The birthday girl got Squinkies and suddenly that was ALL she wanted.  Luckily that was fairly easy, if not an annoyance with only one pay before Christmas Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
The tree that love made
Posted 3:21 PM on Tue-17-Dec-2013
The tree is up. It's nothing like it used to be pre-children. Back when I wouldn't choose a theme as such but with my graphics background I did like to pick similar looking decorations & tinsel to match and have it rather symmetrical looking.When the kids decorate it though, it's a different kettle of fish all together isn't it! Random old squashed daycare hand made decoration right at the front, three candy canes on same branch, one spot decorated almost entirely in gold balls of varied size, played with, bald looking tinsel in pride of place just because it's someone's favourite colour.Oh, it really is hard to not change things around once the kids go to bed! Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 2 Comments
Silly Season of STRESS
Posted 10:58 PM on Tue-10-Dec-2013
So this week is just crazy! Tomorrow my daughter has athletics. Then she also has an after school programme Christmas Party. Plus at work it's secret Santa and bring a plate for an Afternoon Tea. Thursday my daughter needs to take a toy donation for shoe boxes at school. Then she has an after school shopping night and fundraiser for something else. Meanwhile, we have a work scavenger hunt. I think? We get to relax on Friday until the weekend when the activity ramps up again. Anyone else just exhausted already? My head is spinning with everything I have to remember. I love it really. I do! But I forget about the stress until it is upon me.
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Life Happens!
Posted 7:15 AM on Sat-7-Dec-2013
I was lying in bed this morning thinking that I never got through everything I had wanted to by now, for Christmas! I realized how much I still have left and to be honest I don't know if I'm going to get through it all!!Being the perfectionist control freak I am, I started dissecting the last couple of weeks to pinpoint what went wrong...Every night I would go to bed with the same thought - ' so much to do tomorrow'Every morning I'd wake up with a to do list for the day...........then the kids wake up.......And I'd have to look for hair ties, and drink bottles, I'd have to prepare three different orders of breakfast and two for school lunch; I'd have t Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 3 Comments
Our Christmas Tradition 1
Posted 6:29 AM on Sat-7-Dec-2013
Christmas for me is a time of tradition. The little things that make up the whole. So I wanted to tell you a little bit about the first tradition I have. I think this mostly stemmed from a happy memory I have of shopping with Dad on Christmas Eve. Every year when we were kids, he would take us out shopping to get presents, but we would end up in all the toy shops pushing all the buttons. Then he would take us for lunch. It was the best thing ever, not the least because he would push all the buttons first hee hee.Now I'm a working mum, and a day out with the girls is a treat not just for them. So every year for 4 years I have booked two seats on a bus and we have travelled to Auck Read More...
Posted by kymmage 8 Comments
The countdown till christmas
Posted 7:57 AM on Sun-1-Dec-2013
As I blogged the other day, I have yet again woken at the crazy time of 6.15am this morning. A sleep in of 30 mins on my weekday times. What a rebel!I decided not to stay in bed like I would usually on weekend mornings. My children are all at Grandma's. This is an every Saturday night event now, to allow me to study Sat afternoon and night, as well as Sunday mornings, without distractions! And its working well... apart from the fact, as you can tell, im not studying as I type this, so I cant distract myself just as easily :P.As its the 1st of December, I thought it was high time I get Christmas cakes in the the oven. So after an hour of prep, 4 Christmas cakes went into the oven at 7.30 Read More...
Posted by SarahK 5 Comments
November? You're sh*****g me right?
Posted 2:29 PM on Fri-1-Nov-2013
Yes, I have a calendar, yes I know how to read it but holy moly this morning when it dawned on me it was ACTUALLY November I had to take a breath & regain my composure for a minute.Do you realise what November means? It means it's my last full month at work. It means the weeks and weekends will be busy from here on in with school activities, and no doubt Fire Brigade activities too (starting tomorrow with the Fireworks display). It means that I need get get my a into g and sort Christmas pressies as I don't like going Chrissie shopping in December with the crowds. It means that I'm six months pregnant! Arrrrrgh! Now usually a pregnancy goes slow for the mother in ques Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Christmas Martha Style! Update 1
Posted 6:07 PM on Tue-29-Oct-2013
Posted by Bermabot 0 Comment

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