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A Very Splashy Morning
Posted 4:11 PM on Tue-8-Jul-2014
We went to Splashy this morning for a painting ceramics experience.  We both had things we wanted to definitely make.  She wanted a new cereal bowl. I wanted a mug and I also wanted to make a new bowl for Miss A.  First up was making the selections and honestly, she would have painted the whole shop if she could have.  There are lots of things to choose from though and you can have something for $12 or something for $60+.  The bowls were about $20 - 22 and the mugs were about the same.  The little bird she is painting here, unfortunately didnt survive.  She smashed it very accidentally and it was a very sad moment.  But they got her another and once sh Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Milk bottle dino
Posted 11:58 PM on Wed-14-May-2014
One of the boys asked for a milk bottle dino last weekend so I decided to share. One plastic milk bottle. Start at the bottom and pierce it with a knife, using the knife or scissors cut along the sides and bottom in a zigzag (makes the teeth) cut the top off and your bottle will now be in two pieces. Poke a hole on each side and use twist ties to join the halves together. Sometimes the boys like to paint or decorate them but this time they were in too much of a hurry to get outside for a T-rex vs giganotosaurus battle so they just scrawled some eyes and nostrils with a vivid.
Posted by ekubo 8 Comments
Artisy craftisy2
Posted 9:01 PM on Sat-1-Mar-2014
Went and bought a brand new sewing machine as well as buttons and ribbons and flowers. I cant remember the last time that I bought something new, just for me. The kids get the new stuff and I get whats left over lol. But its cool and yes I have kept all the receipts, my mind is swimming with ideas.When I worked in Mobil and Shell stations, my mother was collecting old New Zealand coins, so I started to collect the old coins when they came through the station and even after she died I still collected, I just think it was because it was something that connected me to her.Im going to be leaving New Zealand to start afresh somewhere else and someone asked me if they could have the coins, I was a Read More...
Posted by Aasiyah 1 Comment
Month of Play - Creative Art
Posted 10:07 AM on Wed-20-Nov-2013
Bermabot blogs for The Month of Play Creative ArtWe’ve been wanting to use egg cartons for our art for a very long time, but somehow we never seem to get to it - either because I think we don’t have enough or because when there is enough we don’t have time and end up throwing it away!Well we found out you don’t need hundreds of cartons! One will do just fine for this activity. We built a critter garden and a spider web.Take a look, and join us in building your own. What you’ll need: 2 Carton Trays (20 should do) 1 Paper Plate Paint Some String Colored Paper Scissors Googly eyes, Pompoms, Pipe Cleaners Acrylic Paint Glue/Glue GunMeth Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 0 Comment
Making Jewellery
Posted 10:14 AM on Wed-13-Nov-2013
Raglanmum blogs for The Month of Play! Being a Mum of a 4 year old, we have been having fun making necklaces and bracelets with beads since before she was 3. We now have a fab collection of beads of all sizes, shapes and colours, shells, buttons, and sparkly pendants and she is now old enough and clever enough to use my biggest sewing needle to thread the beads onto string herself.These are my daughter’s favourite bits and pieces! I have a box full of more beads and things …I have collected the beads and other bits and pieces over the years, when I see something cheap or interesting. The $2 shop or Spotlight has cool stuff. Second hand stores, Op shops and shops at recycle cen Read More...
Posted by raglanmum 2 Comments
Wheely Wheely Fun
Posted 12:52 PM on Tue-12-Nov-2013
Gillymama blogs for The Month of Play! When you think of wheels, do you think of potatoes? No I didn’t think so.Well I’m here to tell you potatoes make great wheels. And to show you what can happen if you think outside the veggie box. This fun activity suits all ages - from my 3 & 7 yr old boys and my 9 yr old daughter. All were interested - from the messy fun part, to the ‘mechanical’ part to the artistic side.But before we got started on our main activity, my car/truck/digger mad 3 year old and I explored some different truck and car wheels. We looked at shapes, pattern, roughness and size of the tread. He’s at that ‘Why, why, why Mama?’ stage Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 2 Comments
Collage It!
Posted 10:53 AM on Mon-11-Nov-2013
Bermabot blogs for The Month of Play! COLLAGE IT !Who doesn’t love art? Most of us love some or another form of art. We may not all like painting, but we are sure to like something else. Scrapbooking, decoupage, drawing, taking and tweaking photographs there is something in each and every one of us that appreciates and aspires to create some form of beauty. This is no different for our children and toddlers. Given the time in this very busy and rushed world, they too love to create and appreciate works of art, and through making, looking at and talking about their creations they learn many life skills, including: Expressing emotions in a safe way. They learn to control their Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 3 Comments
Threading: Straws, Pom poms & Popcorn
Posted 3:40 PM on Sat-9-Nov-2013
GillyMama blogs for The Month of Play! I love crafting with my kids, you can do so many things with what you have lying about at home, and if you are able to grab a few extra items throughout the year from the $2 type shops (or The Warehouse), like Pom poms, pipe cleaners, wool, beads etc - you can keep the craft box full so you can make something interesting without a trip to the shops.Today we did some threading - My boy is 3, so a great fine motor skill to work on with him. I wanted to work with something that would keep his (short span) attention and have a double use!! We ended up making a toy, something edible, a decoration and a letter. But just go with the flow. Play activities li Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 0 Comment
Kickass Costumes
Posted 11:31 PM on Sun-3-Nov-2013
So here are my kickass halloween costumes, Not exactly scary, much to miss7s disappointment but they sure were fun and memorable, the people on our street are still talking about the two little smurfs that paid them a visit on halloween.Introducing: Sassette (if you dont know who she is you need to think back Pre-movies to the original cartoons and comic strips, she 1st appeared in Season 5 episode 8)And Smurfette
Posted by Pommiegotlost 1 Comment
Me and the Last Minute
Posted 11:34 PM on Fri-25-Oct-2013
I am having my Halloween inspired Birthday party tomorrow night. Tonight, I baked a batch of banana cupcakes.  I did first draft of the birthday cake - not happy with the texture or look.  So I'm baking a new one tomorrow and I iced most of my sugar cookies. Tomorrow I have a long long list of things to do to get ready for the party. Most of it involving cleaning or baking or decorating in some fashion.  I'm exhausted. I want to keep baking into the night, in order to get it done.  But I also know the value of sleep and I am already shattered.  I can tell by the fact that my birthday cake was not a raging success. Wish me luck.  I do tend to Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments

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