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The Superhero Obsession
Posted 9:27 PM on Tue-21-Jul-2015
Both of my girls have taken a huge shine to Spiderman in recent weeks.  They had been watching a cartoon of Spiderman with their dad each afternoon, and on the weekend he watched the first Tobey MacGuire Spiderman movie with them as well.    A few days ago, Miss 3 found something on the bookshelf that has since taken over every book reading opportunity for us.She found a selection of paperback picture books about Spidy, which were her sister's when she was much smaller.  Now each bedtime, I sit down and ask her what she would like to read.  She always brings over the Spiderman vs the Green Goblin book (we have another but I think she likes this one because Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Chalk Art Fetsival 2015 - prep time
Posted 12:05 PM on Sat-28-Feb-2015
If you have been following me for a while, you'll know that I take any opportunity that comes up to help my artistic daughter have her art displayed in public.  It's her talent and I want to help her be confident about it and get lots of practice talking to people about her art as well.  Every year the local radio station FreeFM in Hamilton holds a Chalk Art Fest.  And so we have been each time.  Next weekend the latest one will be on and we are now in prep mode - what will we draw and what colours are we going to need?The previous years have been dinosaurs:and then a big nature scene last year:I say "we" because while it is all her idea and her direct Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Planning a Pub Crawl
Posted 10:30 PM on Mon-30-Dec-2013
So my husband quite often misses out on having some kind of celebration for his birthday ever since we had 2 babies in the same month as him.  L's birthday is 7th, A's is on the 6th and DH is 12th.  So of course, by the time I have run two parties in a weekend, I dont have the energy to bake another cake or the money to do anything either.This year I want it to be different, so I am starting to plan a pub crawl just for him.  At this stage, I have dreams of being able to put on a moderate bar tab at each - maybe he can have a group of 5 friends with him and maybe incorporating a savenger hunt but nothing too out of hand - no stealing things apart from napkins or coas Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Annoying people to have
Posted 8:20 PM on Sun-9-Jun-2013
We love having dinner parties and usually have people around every few weeks. Try to have all of our friends and family about once a year, however their is one family we've been avoiding for the last few years but finally last weekend we had them around for tea. Firstly they have 5 boys which is quite a handful, secondly the dad could not give a crap for his wife or kids. That means the mum does her best to keep the boys under control but fails miserably. We probably won't ever have them again. It started off well, the dad sat down with a drink in one hand and talked and talked and talked, the mum hung around me in the kitchen and talked and talked and talked, I listened Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 6 Comments
Where did they all come from?
Posted 4:27 PM on Tue-23-Apr-2013
took ds3 to preschool this morning expecting a quiet day with just the two older boys doing their things. The preschool owner is a friend of mine so when one of the teachers went home sick she had to stay to make the ratios work and I ended up coming home with a couple of her kids. Funny, drop one off and still get home with more than I started with! Then my bestie arrived with her daughter, then a couple of kids from up the road, and then one of my cousins and her two sons.It was like a madhouse, and one poor solitary girl in the midst of it. She seemed to be holding her own tho. I'm down to four now and about to send the last neighbour home. Then ds1 will be off to rugby training so i
Posted by ekubo 1 Comment
Get the party started
Posted 10:28 AM on Fri-7-Dec-2012
Christmas celebrations are starting tonight, we are having the first of many visitors this evening. My husbands brother is coming around for tea with his wife and two kids, yesterday I did cooking and today is supposed to be a cleaning day, you wouldn't think so if you came around but... It will be tidy by the time they get here. I have made chicken kebabs and i'm serving them with spicy wedges, corn fritter stacks and sweet and sour kumara salad, with mars bar cheesecake, coffee and fudge for afters. Yum. Wish me luck with my cleaning.
Posted by thecoffeelady 7 Comments
Posted 9:53 AM on Wed-5-Dec-2012
I often use terms to describe people who irk me which are G-Rated and OH SO SATISFYING!!!!Here are some which I use and make me feel so much better about being wrathful...especially if I add a few adjectives too. Troll, Goblin, Miscreant, Creature, Nerf Herder, Swine, Vermin, Witch, Rodent,I laughed this morning because one of our KS friends used Troll in reference to someone, and it made me wonder what other insulting references we in KS land use which is safe around the kids and on super censored sites like KS.So share if you're willing and I just may steal them to add to my personal favourites list!
Posted by MumBum 3 Comments
Posted 11:50 AM on Wed-17-Oct-2012
This is what I get for poking fun at theboysmummy for getting the neighbourhood bug killing man to rid her of a giant spider!Last night, Karma came to get me in full force! I, as most of you may know, am not scared of creepy crawlies and live with children who demand that I capture and release rather than exterminate!So, last night, I am minding my own business, cleaning up the kitchen benches, wiping everything down, happily in my own little world... then there he/she was! A HUGE native cockroach scuttling across the bench!For those of you who don't know, the native cockroaches are not disease ridden like the ones that everyone (and quite rightly so) panics about... even though they ar Read More...
Posted by MumBum 8 Comments
Toy Court
Posted 9:19 AM on Wed-10-Oct-2012
"Sooo," mused the fluffy white prosecutor bunny, "You admit that you bagged up your children's soft toys and just gave them away!?""Well, I-I-I", I stammered "I guess so, but I was trying to give them to a better home, where they would be played with more!""They already had a home, which they shared with you!" accused the fluffy white prosecutor bunny, " You EVICTED them, and then threw out the ones which you hadn't taken care of is this not true!!!?""No!" I cried (in a not too successful attempt to defend myself) " I threw them out because they were broken and therefore junk!" BIG mistake!There was a c Read More...
Posted by MumBum 4 Comments
And that's why I should have just gotten out of bed!!!
Posted 4:34 PM on Thu-6-Sep-2012
Righto... so I thought that the day was starting off pretty good! Mr MumBum got up and did an early morning trip to the dairy t get a loaf of bread (we'd run out the night before) and to gas up the car. The big boy was up for once on time and took himself to shower to get ready for school. The two year old was sitting on the bean bag watching some kind of kiddies programme; and I was in our bed with the baby who was sitting quietly with my phone which was playing tunes. Well... that's how the day started! Not bad, thought I as I lazily dozed off again. Then I rolled over right into a slimey, sticky, cold, wet puddle of "something"! Bear in mind that my eyes are still closed Read More...
Posted by MumBum 5 Comments

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