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Friends for a season
Posted 12:41 PM on Mon-9-Jun-2014
This morning I caught up with a friend from a coffee group established when I had my third child. It was great. We get on really well as with have similar backgrounds and interests and our children are obviously the same age.During the morning we were talking about coffee groups and facebook groups and whether we thought the one that we were part of would last. At the moment there are 16 of us who broke away from a larger group of 75 odd who banded together online iniitially as we were all due the same month in 2012. Over the past few years we have discussed preganancy and childbirth, newborns, feeding, siblings, you name it. It has been a great network for support and help. Some of us Read More...
Posted by KrisT 1 Comment
Posted 11:53 AM on Wed-19-Mar-2014
I have never been a person with a lot of friends. I've always had loyal lovely friends, just not a 'pack' of friends like some people do. There is the old adage about if you can count your friends on one hand you're lucky or something or other. Well, I consider myself lucky to have the friends I have.Just this morning while talking a walk with a new friend I've made since JB was born (her bub is 2 weeks younger than JB), another friend text and asked if I was home for a cuppa. I text her back and said I'd be home shortly. Well, said friend turned up with a couple of bits of cake, and went and switched on the jug as I was feeding JB in the lounge. She then procee Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
Boys being boys
Posted 8:34 PM on Sat-3-Aug-2013
we had 7 boys racing around the house today, ranging from 4 to 13 years old. Louder than loud, rough and ready, covered in mud, and constantly looking for food. They reinforced just about every stereotype going about boys.There was tackle practice on the front lawn (now a sad mud pit) as all but the 2 youngest had played rugby this morning. But in this game the 15 kg four and five year olds could tackle the strapping 45-50 kg eleven and thirteen year olds who threw themselves into pretending to be knocked down and suffering with an enthusiasm that would do credit to a soccer player. There were running races up and down the street, they even let the little ones win occasionally. Then the Read More...
Posted by ekubo 3 Comments
So excited
Posted 9:01 PM on Tue-29-Jan-2013
I was picking ds3 up from preschool and happened to arrive at the same time as his best mate's mum. She's a lovely lady and we had a bit of a chat while the boys were sorting their gear out then she asked if he could go to her place to play after preschool tomorrow. Fine with me, I asked him if he wanted to go. YES YES YES YES YES, each yes punctuated with a jump. And then his shorts fell down!So glad he was wearing undies lol. 
Posted by ekubo 5 Comments
Stereo typing
Posted 1:12 AM on Sat-8-Sep-2012
So it's almost 1am and i'm wide awake. It's only myself and Mr17 up and boy is it quiet, except for the odd snore I can hear coming from the bedroom (hubby is obviously lying on his back). I've just spent the last couple of days with yet another bug. this time a vomiting one... Yay :P! Now although i'm still a little washed out I can't sleep.  So having little else to do i've been on kidspot and looking at the new profile pictures of a few regular kidspotters and i'm quite surprised how most look nothing like I imagined.It's surprising how we stereo type people.Now seeing someone is from the beach I picture blond surfy mum Read More...
Posted by mumof6 1 Comment
To help a friend
Posted 9:10 AM on Tue-4-Sep-2012
How do you go about helping a friend whom you don't know a) if they actually want or need your help and b)how they will take you offering said help?I'm in a pickle. I have a friend who is clearly struggling with the behaviour of her four year old. It is true, all kids have melt downs from time to time, but this little girl goes out of her way to make her mother's life difficult. She doesn't listen, and she doesn't comply. She lacks courtesy and has trouble with authority. She wants to do it her way and only her way and she has no qualms about making her mother feel about 1cm tall in front of a crowd of people.To start, I thought the usual 'it's just a phase Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 7 Comments
Coffee to Go
Posted 12:46 PM on Thu-21-Jun-2012
You've always been there for me even when you did not know it. Knowing in my heart that I could run to youif I needed to was at times enough. Thinking of you, what you would sayif you were there made it seemlike you never left.All those times I wantedyou to be the first to knowwhat was going on --I did tell you, you know.Those conversations may have beenall just inside my head,but they kept you and mealive and real.So much so we can startwere we left offas if we never truly did.How many people in a lifetime can you say truly know you and accept who you are, whom you've become, the person you are going to be? Someone who knows what's going on your mind, what you would say, befo Read More...
Posted by cherrytf 0 Comment
Girls Night Out
Posted 9:48 AM on Tue-6-Mar-2012
When was the last time you had a girls night out? For me it was AGES ago.  Saturday night saw me and a few workmates get together to catch up on a bit of work. We got about 2 hours work done before the wine came out. I don't drink anymore, so I happily sat down and watched them go for it. Well. What started as 'we will get some work done, and then possibly go home for some rest and go back and continue on Sunday', ended up with my car being blocked in, and us crashing where ever we found space :P After our two hours work, then cracking open the wine, and turning on a movie, we let our hair down, sung loudly, and just had a grand old time. Bef Read More...
Posted by SarahK 2 Comments
Bon voyage
Posted 1:38 PM on Tue-28-Feb-2012
I've been left feeling a little flat after the school pick up yesterday when my very best friend informed me that they're shifting away. We've been close ever since just before The Legend turned a year old. And both of us struggled with conceiving our second babies while seemingly everyone else around us got pregnant by just looking at their husbands. With our 'babies' now aged four, it still seems like only yesterday she told me in the sandpit at Playcentre that she was expecting, and just a few months behind me to boot. We laughed and we cried all at once.I'm so excited for them to be embarking on the next chapter of their lives, but can't help but feel a Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 2 Comments
The Lake
Posted 7:23 PM on Sun-12-Feb-2012
Just spent 4 days at Lake Okareka in Rotorua in a gorgeous house by the lake with my family and also two other couples.  There was no computer, no phone signal, we had satellite TV but that stayed off.  To entertain ourselves we went water skiing, sea biscuiting, swimming (including 2 naked 1 year olds playing in the swallows), bat down, soccer, rugby, petanque and any other good old fashioned fun.At the end of the day when the children were asleep we opened, the wine, beer and cider and sat down and talked till it was late.  The last time we did that was before our babies were born and after this weekend I'm sure it will happen sooner then later as sometimes you nee Read More...
Posted by LIVINGLIFE 2 Comments

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