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Formula Gate
Posted 5:16 PM on Mon-5-Aug-2013
What does it take for something to become a 'gate' you know, like 'wine gate' or 'tea gate' what the heck does that even mean?Well, if it's possible, I think the whole formula drama going on in the news at the mo should be worthy of a 'gate'. It's a pretty big issue don't you think? I must admit though, that I for one find it a little ironic that China, where tins and tins of baby food were being shipped to off the 'back of trucks' by NZ residing asian families, is now banning any kiwi products from their shores. Tins of baby formula being bought in bulk while kiwi babies missed out.I do feel for kiwi Mums' and Dads' Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
Posted 3:13 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012
I recently decided that if little miss one wanted to feed herself I should invest in one of those bowls that stick to the highchair to hopefully reduce the amount of food flying around the room. So I went to the baby shop and found several different types and after pondering for awhile chose the one which promised to be the most sticky, basically unbeleivabowl! It was of couse the most expensive but never mind if it saves on carpet cleaning it would be worth it. A home I tried it on the bench and wow great! It works!! That is until you try to attach the bowl part to the bottom peice, instantly the suction is undone and it is loose, I tried it on various surfaces and it worked excellentl Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 9 Comments
A rose by any other name....
Posted 11:16 AM on Fri-15-Jun-2012
I would not be good at Fear Factor... not because I am scared of heights, spiders or jumping from moving trains or whatever; but because I cannot do innards... Sweet breads, sorry to me is still brains, tripe is stomach, lambs fry, a polite way of saying kidneys (or liver? I'm not sure which)... but whatever you would like to call it... it is still offal to me!!! YECK!!!Sooooo when Mr MumBum purchased the little cans of baby food for our baby, it was baby custard in a variety of flavours, baby fruit with semolina, cereal etc and then... dum-dum-duuuuum... vegetables and bacon and lambs fry!!! I am quite proud of the way I internalised my horror as I calmly asked "Um, did you get th Read More...
Posted by MumBum 16 Comments
Who has ever had baby brain??
Posted 5:38 PM on Wed-13-Jun-2012
Now with my daughter I thought I had suffered the odd baby brain moment but I really suffered baby brain recently (with bubs number 2) maybe with baby number two it gets worse. My brain felt completely like mush and I could not think at all. So embarrassing as I was in the electrical shop no one had wanted to help me and the poor guy that did must of totally regretted it, which also annoyed me because I am normally very competent with these sorts of jobs. I had a list even but I just couldn't think. Lucky hubby was nearby at a meeting and could come and double check the carpark... LOL.... I was okay (maybe one too many but not a major). Then as I went home hubby rang to say I s Read More...
Posted by BubbeezMum 11 Comments
Posted 6:23 PM on Wed-20-Jul-2011
well i have chosen Broccoli to be Cailey's first food, she may have other ideas but we'll see how it goes. Last week she snatched and sucked on a KFC chicken nugget and this was our indication that shes ready to participate in meal times, I still think shes too little, but that is likely the case given that shes probably my last baby and i don't want her to grow up. We are taking this nice and slow and relaxed, so shes joining us at the table in her own chair, with a tiny bowl of steamed broccoli trees in front of her, its up to her to do the rest and when i'm done eating i'll just clear it away (i don't want any food battles with this child) So far shes tryed d Read More...
Posted by Pommiegotlost 1 Comment
Nutritious teething biscuits recipe
Posted 4:09 PM on Thu-28-Apr-2011
These teething biscuits are the perfect size for baby to hold in their hand and gnaw on. They have healthy bran, milk powder and a touch of added sweetness from the golden syrup.Ingredients: 1 egg yolk, lightly beaten 3 tbsp golden syrup 1 tsp vanilla 1 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil 1/4 cup milk 1 tbsp rolled oats 1 cup flour 2 tbsp bran 1 tbsp powdered milkMethod:Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper and set aside.Mix all wet ingredients together in a jug.Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and combine.Dough will be firm. Roll out thinly on a floured surface. Cut into sticks and bake for 15 Read More...
Posted by MumsSayEditor 3 Comments

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