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A visit to the SPCA
Posted 5:58 PM on Sun-21-Dec-2014
We had a little trip to the local SPCA today.  I heard through their Facebook that they were drowning in babies and had run out of wet food for kittens and puppies.  So we went and got a few tins and pouches of food and then dropped it in.  Part of the fun of visiting is going and seeing the animals.  They have set up an aviary full of the kittens for adoption, and for socialisation they do encourage you to go in and play with them.  So we did for a wee while.  I fell in love with a few kittens as did Miss A.  Miss L stood away and was not interested in patting anyone, but she said she liked the ginger kitten.  Afterwards she encouraged us all to wash Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Breast cancer pink challenge
Posted 2:00 PM on Thu-6-Nov-2014
So on the 30th october me and my sister did the pink challenge 5km run!When we got there the weather was horrible and I really didnt feel upto running, Buuut the clouds cleared and out came the sunshine, Looking over Innes common was just pink everywhere. We didn't want to get ready outside as it was so cold, so we got dressed up in the car! It was so funny!So starting to get abit nervous towards the starting line....A man came up to use and said "say cheese" Turns out he was from Waikato time's.We're famous! hahaSo the countdown from 10 begin's....eeeekkkStart running and before the first 1km is done im feeling heavy and sluggish...darn it what am i doing Read More...
Posted by nummabear 1 Comment
Door to door
Posted 11:31 PM on Sat-15-Mar-2014
Back in my youth I did door to door sales on commission for various charities. I sold pizzas and cookies amongst other things. So I have a fair understanding of the challenges for that type of work and a certain amount of sympathy for anyone doing it.This evening after 9:30pm, a girl came to our door in the rain and dark selling lollies. I had to turn her away because we just didn't have any cash about. But I felt terrible for her. She looked desperate, cold and a bit scared - who wouldn't coming up dark driveways! She did have a man with her I guess for safety. It's the kind of work that I hope my kids never have to do. Brochures sure, a shop job, fine. But door to door Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Posted 9:45 PM on Fri-15-Nov-2013
There's a whole lotta lip slugs going on at work at the moment, and all for a good cause.  I signed up as well in a Mo Sista capacity.  I wasn't really sure what I would do as my challenge.  One of our teams is doing a push up for every dollar they earn.  The rest are just getting really hairy. Since people seem to be thrilled when I bring in baked goods, I decided I would do a number of bake sales. My first bake sale was on Wednesday.  I made 20 cookies altogether using my crustache sandwich cutter to cut the moustache cookies out.  I did some plain vanilla cookies and some chocolate chip cookies.  Then I decorated them.  This is what t Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Day 1
Posted 10:09 AM on Sun-1-Jul-2012
And so it begins. Dry July. I'm not going to lie, I made the most of the last couple of evenings, having a couple of glasses of bubbles on Friday with a friend, and a couple of beers last night with The Bloke. From today on it'll be zilch on the old alcymahol front for 31 days. People keep wishing me 'good luck'. I'm not running a marathon lol. I don't know if I should be offended by these wishes - do people think I need luck? Do they think I'll fall off the wagon?No, I think people genuinely care, and I'm so grateful that others think this is as worthy of a cause as I do, because let's face it, even if I was a raging wino, a month of the grog is Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Dry July
Posted 9:06 AM on Wed-27-Jun-2012
Last night, phones around the country went red hot with texts and calls confirming the worst news. A wonderful friend of ours has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It's only grade one, but it's still the big C just the same. And what makes it worse, is that around five years ago, she was diagnosed with leukemia which she so bravely fought and won.I never know what to say in these situations. It sux. No four letter word can describe how unfair it is. Why? Would be the biggest question. Isn't once more than enough for a thirty something woman to take.So I got to thinking, what can I do to help? It's not like I can take her medication or treatments for her, but having seen Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 7 Comments
Fundraising Ideas
Posted 10:08 PM on Sun-31-Jul-2011
Hi my dear friends...I'm in the process of creating a base for all of us to put down what fundraising ideas have worked for each of us and how we went about achieving it.. This will definately help other mums & parents looking at ways to raise funds for school and organisations.        Everyone is supporting and fundraising for various causes that are close to our heart. Your help to make this a success is much appreciated.Keep the ideas coming  and creative juices flowing.  Counting on your support to get this blog moving.CheersOrchid07 
Posted by Orchid07 6 Comments
Car boot sale done.. thank goodness!
Posted 8:58 PM on Mon-29-Nov-2010
After not working 'full time' at a normal job for at least... err... 5-6 years, I'd forgotten how hard it is to squeeze work into family life.  My daughters school is fundraising for a gym and most of the families are getting on board. So we had a combined 'carboot' sale in the weekend. It was like a Mini Market... trestles, gazebos and umbrellas set up for us all to sell our wares. I am of course always juggling a few things at once so this was just another thing to add to my plate. I decided to sell hand appliqued baby clothes. I bought a stash of baby t shirts for $2 each.short  & long sleeves and onesies as well. I bought some gorgeous fabrics and c Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 2 Comments
Deep breath..... Fundraiser phase 1
Posted 7:44 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010
Life is just so hectic at the moment  - seems I am involved in everything I look at! For starters at school we have a year long fundraiser that we are part of, not only as a school family - but we are team leaders for 15 other families! So it's my job to help and inspire these other families along with inspiration and a cheer from the sidelines. Tomorrow is Wacky hair day at my daughters school, and I had a great idea to raise money by offering to spray the kids hair with coloured hairspray for $1 as they get to school. Ok - be there at 8.15am. Shouldn't be too bad? (not that I'm ever ready at that time, let alone having done my daughters hair before we leave home!!) I we Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 2 Comments
Be a SuperHero
Posted 1:30 PM on Mon-15-Mar-2010
Were you a Plunket baby? Were your kids Plunket babys? All 3 of mine were and I will be forever grateful for the help I received at the Plunket  with sleeping, breastfeeding and, with my third, suggesting I take her to the doctor as they suspected silent reflux..which she did have. Being a mum, especially the first time round, can be scary and isolating so it's reassuring for Mums to know there is a place where they can get help, checks and advice. Plunket's annual appeal runs from 22 to 28 March 2010 and there are fundraising events taking place all over the country. The good thing about these is that the funds raised by the local Plunket goes to that local area.&nb Read More...
Posted by MumsSayEditor 1 Comment

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