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Too much relaxing, not enough doing
Posted 7:47 AM on Mon-23-Jun-2014
I work from home, so, ideally, its kept to a fairly clean standard, as I look after children. I usually have a good clean up over the weekend, and start Mondays with a nice tidy home. Not today however. Last week was a busy week for us, and by friday my body was screaming at me to just sit down. Over the years I have learned to listen, as more than once ignoring my body has ended in completely wearing myself out, hospital stays and multiple weeks off work to recover. I do not want a repeat of this, so this weekend I just sat, and did very little else. I watched movies with the kids, I did some study, I had a nana nap, had a great friend over for dinner (kate, I know your reading th Read More...
Posted by SarahK 0 Comment
Versatile Cleaners - Coke
Posted 8:41 AM on Fri-23-May-2014
You may have all heard about the versatility of baking soda as a cleaner. So here is another one to add to your list.While doing a mindless google search the other day, I came across this: It's basically an article written to put people off drinking Cola drinks, due to the content. I'm not a fan, so it didn't faze me, however it lists all the practical uses for coke as a cleaner. So here they are:1. Removes grease stains from clothing and fabric2. Removes rust; methods include using fabric dipped in Coke, a sponge or even aluminum foil. Also loo Read More...
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
Finding what works
Posted 7:03 PM on Sat-17-May-2014
As a mum of three young children, I am constantly amazed at how quickly my orderly household can turn into a complete bombsite. Some days it feels like they are on a mission to create carnage in every room and are secretly whispering to each other "you trash this space while I head for the bedroom".My toddler is currently at the "posting it" stage. For a few weeks we wondered where all of our fridge magnets kept disappearing to. Until one day my husband looked in the bin. There amongst the rubbish was a nice little pile of farm animal magnets. I can only imagine what else has ended up at our local landfill.Another of her other favourite passtimes is transferring Read More...
Posted by KrisT 2 Comments
Goodies lurking in dark places
Posted 11:10 AM on Fri-16-May-2014
I was just cleaning out a bag from our family trip to Wellington (ah hem a few weeks ago )  At the bottom of our day bag, I found the remains of a bottle of baby milk with the cap still on!.. Needless to say it is a few shades of yellow and green and brown.  I'm not sure whether I should risk loosing my breakfast by taking the lid off and trying to give it a good scrub, or whether it should just go straight into the bin. As well as reminding me of how important it is to sort through things straight away (tut tut,) this incident has also reminded me of a few years ago when I was given a fancy second-hand nappy bag. Unknowingly, I rea Read More...
Posted by KrisT 2 Comments
Blogette - newborn 22-2-14
Posted 11:13 AM on Sat-22-Feb-2014
You know you've let the housework get away on you when your six year old asks if she can vacuum her room!Babies sure take up a lot more time than I remember.Go JO!
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
No, I didn't do the housework.
Posted 12:25 PM on Thu-13-Feb-2014
Every wondered what your house would look like after ignoring almost all house work for a week? Well, I just found out!Over this last week, I have had my nerd hat on, and have been studying every last minute of the day, except of course when working or sleeping. Yup! I can cook dinner, and walk on the treadmill whilst studying!Everything has pretty much been placed on the back burner. My exam was over and done with yesterday, and I now have more understanding of my children's frustration when they come home telling me their exams had questions in them with things they have never learned about. Mine was much the same, and to be honest I'm a little annoyed about that!Anywho, semester Read More...
Posted by SarahK 14 Comments
Creative Ideas to Help Your Kids Decorate A Dog’s House
Posted 12:49 AM on Tue-14-Jan-2014
A well designed dog house adds style and is a highlight of your back yard. A fresh coat of paint can light up his surroundings and inspire him. Small efforts like decorating or remodeling or adding his favorite toy or his water bowl can bring about a positive change. There are innumerous options in dog houses in the market today, that suit everybody’s pocket. There are do-it-yourself kits that are easy to assemble. Go do that little extra for that one person in your family who loves you unconditionally. Here is a list of creative ideas that you can adopt to decorate your pets house.1. Fresh Coat of paintTraditionally walls of dog houses are painted in dull colors like grays and browns. Read More...
Posted by citywidedecorators 0 Comment
Creative toy Storage Solutions for Kid’s room
Posted 12:33 AM on Wed-25-Dec-2013
Carelessly flung toys and playing items ruining interior decoration is the story of all the homes having kids. Since you can never stop kids from playing or using their toys, the best you can do about it is find and practice some creative and smart ways to keep your children’s clutter hidden. And once habitual of seeing their play items kept in a different, tidy manner, your kids will eventually develop a habit of keeping the clutter at bay! Try below-mentioned creative ways to keep your children’s rooms and your home decorated most of the times: The Rubber-garden TubRubber garden tubs are one of the quickest toy storage tools for your kids. Such a tub can hold as many toy Read More...
Posted by citywidedecorators 0 Comment
Dishes are Dangerous
Posted 12:38 PM on Wed-30-Oct-2013
It can be rather hard getting teenagers to tidy up. Getting them to help out with household chores can be like pulling hens teeth!Miss 15, bless her, Seeing that I have had a rather hard time over the last few days, and been feeling a little down, has been helping out a little more. Last night when i asked her to unload the dishwasher, She jumped up, and instantly did it. Normally it would take her days to get there, with a lot of moaning and complaining in between.Just as she was finished however, she stood up, and whacked her head a beauty on the overhead cupboard door.A trip to the A & E later, she has a rather badly bruised skull, a day off school, and a whopping headache. The site is ex
Posted by SarahK 4 Comments
Ooops spoke to soon!
Posted 3:44 PM on Mon-28-Oct-2013
So yesterday, in somewhat of a rant, I hastily spoke of how The Bloke, like many other Blokes around the place, seem to, for what ever reason feel rather chuffed with themselves and like everyone to know about any small household chore they may have carried out.I apologise though, as today I sit here, not just typing my words, but eating them too!The last few years (summer's in particular) I have been a novice vege gardener, and I've really enjoyed the fresh goodies we've eaten out of the garden. A couple of weekends ago though, as I was pulling weeds, the reality hit me that a) gardening & pregnancy was not the most comfortable hobby and b) that I really am not Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 5 Comments

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