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The Great September Clean Up
Posted 10:12 PM on Tue-29-Sep-2015
With the girls out of town for a day or so, I have decided to spend the evenings tidying my house.  Because it is a pig sty.  I hope that by sharing these before photos I help someone else not feel so bad about the size of their washing pile:  - just the clean stuff! on my superking bed Or about their lounge! - this is just my path in the front door - more washing to fold Or the daughter's bedroom.  now to be fair to her, she has a tornado for a sister and she just pulls everything out and poor Miss 8 has to tidy up after her, because Miss 3 is hopeless.  So it's no wonder she gets sick of doing it!  
Posted by kymmage 6 Comments
The Mouse
Posted 9:25 PM on Sat-6-Jun-2015
So a week ago, I saw a mouse in my lounge.  It popped out from behind a chair, and climbed a step or two up the stairs.  Then it scurried back to the chair.  We opened the front door and attempted to shoo it outside.  I thought I even saw it go.  All week, I haven't seen it at all.Then last night, out of the corner of my eye I saw a small dark shadow move very quickly into the kitchen.  Sure enough, the mouse is still here.  It was under the fridge and moving swiftly between the fridge and the oven.  I am not sure what to do about it.  Whatever it is, it will be humane - because I can't stand the idea of dealing with a dead mouse...or ex Read More...
Posted by kymmage 12 Comments
Goodbye peeling roof!
Posted 11:13 PM on Wed-29-Apr-2015
A wee while ago, hubby got us a voucher for a few hours of painting to be done, so I booked that in recently and bought us some white paint.  We decided pretty quickly that the bathroom ceiling downstairs needed to be the thing done.  It was covered in mold, the paint was peeling and it looks awful.The painters arrived this morning, scrapped the paint off, sanded it back.  Then they sealed the roof, and applied two layers of paint.  It's looking so good!  A bit uneven in places, but that was due to some plaster patching done before we bought the house.  Gives me a little boost in my mood.  Something got done!
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
All moved in
Posted 12:17 PM on Tue-28-Apr-2015
YAY all moved In, the house is completely sorted and unpacked within hours, It went all smoothly and the weather was fab! Definitely was a stress free move that's for sure.  Even though It's a lot smaller, It Is 100% completely better than the other house, So much drier,warmer and homely...So Hopefully we will be here for many years to come....Only stink thing about moving for me is that there's no internet until they reconnect it! so I have to hang out on kid spot during course hours haha as its fustrating on my phone...Another bonus is that we are a little closer to kindy too, so less time walking in the pouring down rain in the mornings lol
Posted by nummabear 1 Comment
Declutter update
Posted 10:42 PM on Sun-8-Feb-2015
After a hell week, and a lot of feeling like crap I got two massive sleep ins this weekend plus a nap!  I'm starting to feel a bit better which is great.  I dont know if I was sick or exhausted.  It's probably a bit of a mix of both frankly.  But feeling better definitely helps.The thing is, if I am not feeling 100% I just don't do anything more than the bare minimum.  So this weekend I did almost nothing house-wise.  But today Hubby disappeared with toddler in tow for an hour.  This never happens!  So I took the opportunity to tidy the lounge of all the piles of toys, and then headed upstairs.In the bathroom upstairs we have a mold issu Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Paint Shopping
Posted 10:27 PM on Sun-8-Feb-2015
This weekend we went paint shopping.  And by we, I mean my toddler and I.  Hubby just was not that interested in it, despite him being the reason.  He bought a deal on Grabone for some painting to be done.  So I was pretty excited.  He wants the downstairs bathroom done, because the ceiling is peeling and mouldy, and the walls are not much better.  I want the master bedroom done, as we had a roof leak at one point and that caused the paint on the wall to sag.  Then there are lots of other rooms that could do with some help!Shopping with A anywhere is a bit of a task.  But going to a hardware store is a step up!  We went to two places because the s Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Run Down
Posted 10:26 PM on Tue-3-Feb-2015
After a long week of cleaning and de-cluttering, and of not a lot of sleep (4 hours a night if lucky - I blame the heat and my brains), I am so exhausted!  I went back to work on Monday and it feels like I'm crawling through treacle.  I have so much work, so much to do and so much to make up for....I've started to feel a bit jittery about it.  The exhaustion on Monday and a little today meant I couldn't do anything too complex either, because my brain just couldn't cope.  Not a good look.  I've been trying to get to bed early, but my brain isn't turning off long enough for me to relax either.  If it's not one thing, it's a Read More...
Posted by kymmage 10 Comments
Coming up for Air
Posted 9:46 PM on Thu-29-Jan-2015
I have been pretty quiet the last three days, and that is down to the fact that I have been stuck in my eldest daughter's bedroom since Tuesday.  Okay, maybe not quite that trapped (since we managed a movie and a cupcake decorating class - more on that one later!) but I have spent a very sweaty few days wading through all the junk she has accumulated in her 7 years. Tonight I will post before and after photos so you can see what that level of effort got me.  It's not a lot I'm afraid.  But a lot of hidden effort.  For example I spent a day on the items on the floor including under the bed and other pieces of furniture.  Then I spent a day pulling every Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Kitchen Clean Up
Posted 11:57 AM on Sat-24-Jan-2015
Last night I started back into full declutter mode.  With hubby thinking about doing some beer brewing today he suggested that he would love some space in the kitchen to do the brew.  Of course I forgot all about the photo until an hour in. So here is my kitchen shame - after an hour of's still pretty bad:I did a lot of dishes using the dishwasher and then into the sink as well.  I washed everything and then with the plastics I decided what was worth keeping and what wasn't.  Anything that was good enough to donate went into a bag - four more bags of stuff to go to someone else.  There wasn't a great deal of rubbish, but I started to decl Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
The Weekend that was
Posted 10:33 PM on Sun-11-Jan-2015
As you will be aware if you have been reading along, I'm in full tidy mode.   This is a New Year's Resolution.  I want this house to be less cluttered and more in order by June and I want to then try to stay on top of things more by December.  Let's see if I can actually do it!So for the weekends when I haven't been on leave I'm trying to stick to some decluttering for approximately 5 hours a weekend.  This weekend I definitely achieved that.  I was pleased.  I gave away two bags of donations and I recycled a massive bag of plastic bags as well.  This morning though I was basically told to get out of the house and take the kids Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment

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