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Fire safety
Posted 10:48 AM on Wed-28-Oct-2015
Recently me and Mr 5 went to our local community centre where they were having a home safetly day, with police, ambulance and fire talking about how to keep safe around the home and out and about.We got to see them demonstrate how to put out a cooking fire, and not what to do... Mr 5 was buzzing when he put water on the oil fire which made it do this.....It was a pretty cool day, they had plunket there for car seat safety, and i blow up house teaching them to stay down, and jump out the window... which mr 5 spent alot of time going through....there was also back yard games like tug a war, connect four, cricket etc...I think the home safety festival was an awesome idea for families to learn a Read More...
Posted by nummabear 3 Comments
The Waikato Show
Posted 9:13 PM on Tue-15-Apr-2014
The Waikato Show was on this weekend, and so I went on down to check it out with the kids.  Miss almost 7 did not wish to be there and so I missed most of the stuff that us adults like to look at.  However, they both had a blast on the rides and the older one was actually a very dutiful big sister.  Went on many many rides she did not wish to be on, but did so for her sister's sake.  So there was a lot of merry go rounds and teacup rides.  As her reward she got to ride the Dragon a couple of times.  Much to Miss almost 2's despair...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Dreary old Hamilton
Posted 11:13 PM on Tue-10-Dec-2013
A guy turned up at work today. He held his hands up and said "where is the sun?" I had to agree. We have had some positively dreary days recently. While I haven't minded the overcast weather and the cooler evenings, I know a lot of people live for the sunshine. Apparently Auckland had turned on the sun today, but not so much in the Tron. Ah well, I'll be happy as long as it doesn't shower on my Christmas holidays - cabin fever is the WORST.
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Bird Song
Posted 9:13 AM on Wed-30-Nov-2011
I'm making the most of the quiet. End of term means scratchy kids and also that we are getting closer to the summer mayhem which is the reality of living in a beach town.I always find it quite ironic, that city folk, in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of their cosmopolitan lives, flock in droves to places such as the Coromandel. By the time they get here though, it's like a mini city (less the shopping) and they may as well have stayed where they were.Us locals tend to hibernate. If you were a fly on the wall in most garages in town, you'd see large deep freezers. Open the lid on one, and you'd find mountains of supplies. Bread, milk, meat, ice-creams. Oh yes Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Camping Out...again
Posted 2:02 PM on Fri-4-Mar-2011
Earthquake two...Today is the 1st day i've really been able to get online. As the phone and power (and water still) have been out for 10 days. Finally the power is up today. I've never been so glad to hear the Wiggles on TV and DS (18months) dancing and laughing, it symbolises some normally for him. For the past 10 days he hasn't let me put him down, chanting shake shake shake over and, with power he's happier already. Yay!We've had the gas cooker out again, 40l containers of water being filled regularly from where ever we can get it. Been travelling 30km to have a hot shower every couple of days & to top it off I've got hyperemesis (horibly bad mor Read More...
Posted by 2mums 2 Comments

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