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Pamper Evening
Posted 9:25 AM on Sat-9-Aug-2014
So last night I gave myself a pamper evening, and oh It was just what I needed.Made myself a beautiful bath with some bath melt's and candle's, It was so lovely I feel asleep haha oop's! But only for a few minute's before I jumped lolAfterward's I gave myself a pedicure, because no one else will.... which was nice, but would of been even nicer if someone else did it ...but anyway still lovely, with beautiful smell's all around me, making me super relaxed....I went to bed feeling wonderful and felt like i was floating on a cloud....I'm going to make this a weekly event for me I've diecided, We all need alittle pampering in our busy life's don'
Posted by nummabear 3 Comments
Nescafe Stockpile
Posted 11:03 PM on Sun-16-Mar-2014
So my Nescafe Cafe Menu stockpile is just about depleted!  I went to the supermarket tonight and I had to sneak a Butterscotch Latte packet into my trolley.  I have been drinking coffee for free for a long time.  But I can not go passed the Cafe Menu, it really is so yummy.  Plus there are more new flavours to try now - so I will be quickly working my way through the new ones over the next few weeks.  Then coming back to my favourites - Hazelnut!  and Vanilla!  yum yum yum!!
Posted by kymmage 7 Comments
The little things in life
Posted 12:01 PM on Tue-11-Mar-2014
I've not long got home from doing a morning at school where a child had one of those 'oh, now I get it' moments. Now I'm sitting sipping my cup of green tea in perfect peace contemplating those little things that just make life nice. One of my other favourite things is the little bits of trivia information that you get on the wrapping of Libra pads. Today I found out that a jiffy is actually a real measure of time, 1/100th of a second. Who knew?
Posted by ekubo 6 Comments
Getting Creative
Posted 7:03 AM on Mon-30-Sep-2013
One of my favourite things about this time of year is the call for Artists for Trees at Meteor.  Its a week long Christmas celebration at a local theatre, where local artists share their work with the public.  It's also something that L and I have been participating in for about 5 years.  For me, its a creative outlet, that makes me feel good to be involved in.  All the money goes to charity, and I'm contributing towards a fun and family friendly event that can also help make people think during the silly season.  For L it's a chance to truly have her art on display for the public to come and look at.  This year she is going to do her tree all by Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Most Exotic Animal You have Ever Fed
Posted 10:19 PM on Tue-2-Jul-2013
I love animals, as does my eldest daughter.  As a result, I've started on a journey of adventure and experience building with feeding animals.  Whether it is at a zoo or some other park environment.  It's usually quite thrilling, being up close and personal with a "wild" creature.  It also makes you stop and think about our own status as the World's Most Dangerous Animal, and what we can do better for the animals sharing this planet with us. Anyway, a few of the animals I have handfed: An elephant Ring-tailed Lemurs Ruffed Lemurs Eels, trout, and other fishie friends Kune Kune pigs, horses, cows, donkeys, and other farm animals Read More...
Posted by kymmage 7 Comments
Summers almost here :)
Posted 3:53 PM on Sun-30-Sep-2012
Wow, what a cracker of a weekend it has been... We have had sun, sun and more sun and the temperature has been so warm, the kids have even tempted fate and had a little dunk in the lake! Just a little reminder that summer is just around the corner :).Our gardens are now looking good and we are thinking about what vege's to plant this summer. I may even have a little start on a sun tan. Hope all my kidspot friends have had a great sunny weekend and wouldn't it be great if the school holidays were filled with long sunny days, although looking at the weather forecast the rain is back but the temps are stil up there.
Posted by mumof6 1 Comment
Posted 9:05 AM on Thu-13-Sep-2012
Brrrrrr....... Was a freezing -4 here this morning and still is rather cold, the fires ablazing and i've got a hot cup of coffee in my hands to warm them up after the school run.Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day though as the sun is shining, only problem is it usually takes our house most of the day before the warmth from outside finely creeps in :P!I think we shall go to the park today and we have some stale bread which we will feed the ducks by the lake with. It also looks like I better get all washing done and caught up as another nasty weekend is heading our way!!!
Posted by mumof6 2 Comments
Go Crusaders
Posted 10:19 AM on Fri-27-Jul-2012
We are off to watch the Crusaders v's Chiefs game in Hamilton tonight. We will be the few dressed in black and red, cheering for the crusaders (although the Chiefs are our second fav team). The kids are all excited and even get the day off school, as we are heading up early to do a bit of shopping etc. Then it will be the thrill of the game and coffee for the adults for the trip home, while the kids sleep in the back.  While the family enjoys watching the rugby, I also get to enjoy watching Richie McCaw.  GO CRUSADERS!!!    
Posted by mumof6 4 Comments
Any addicts out there or will be addicts after this blog??
Posted 10:42 AM on Wed-30-May-2012
Ok I have become an addict on a thing called pintrest.  I stumbled upon this site through one of my friends setting up a page called "holy s*&^t look what I made on pintrest this week.  I had to have a look at this site due to some of the cool things being made from food to crafts to cards etc and wondered what pintrest was.Now I am addicted to pinning stuff to my boards (seems like a foriegn language if you havent been on it) and putting all my favourtie things in one place to refer back to and it also allows you to pin things that inspire you and I have a board that I have put quotes on that if I am having a bad day all I need to do is look at the quotes or pictures that
Posted by LIVINGLIFE 7 Comments
Curbing an Addiction
Posted 8:58 AM on Tue-21-Feb-2012
Hi. My name is Cherry and I’m a Social Media Addict. There, I said it. They say that admitting is the first step to recovery. In my case, however, I doubt I would. Although far from being a tekkie, I embraced the commercial launch of the Internet back in 1995 with wide, welcome arms and have been avidly online since. I even learned html and offered Website design and development soon afterwards. As a hobby at that. When social networking sites started cropping up, I got into them, too:, ICQ Buddy, MySpace, Multiply, LinkedIn, Flickr, and even the biggest disappointment in Internet history (so far), Friendster. Of course, I also use communication tools like Yahoo Messenger, C Read More...
Posted by cherrytf 0 Comment

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