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Toddler date!
Posted 11:19 PM on Sat-5-Apr-2014
Today I took an opportunity that I don't often take. I left the big girl to play computer games with dad, while me and the toddler went on an adventure. Off in the car and to the museum, we walked the galleries and I talked art for a long time to someone who looked at me with love and great interest. After our art history lesson, we went to a cafe and shared a cake and a fluffy. It was great. She kept leaning in on me, rubbing her head against me. I realised she wanted a kiss, ha ha. I think it was a hit, I know I loved every second of it. It's been too long between our last one on one outing and today. Hopefully we will make it a more regular thing!
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Green eyed monster
Posted 6:49 AM on Tue-1-Apr-2014
I keep seeing pregnancies and babies everywhere at the moment.  I don't think I actually *want* another baby.  But I kinda wish I could be pregnant one more time, feel baby kicking.  The breastfeeding journey is all but finished now, with A only requesting it weekly.  She is getting very little out of me, but then she doesn't need it and only asks for it, for comfort.  There's a girl at work she is having a boy, and I wonder what that would be like, to have a son.  I don't think that's a good enough reason to have a baby though - odds being what they are, I'm sure any baby number 3 would be a girl as well.  And honestly I love Read More...
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Posted 8:54 AM on Sat-22-Mar-2014
I have not been the subject of that much gossip in my time.  I am too vanilla.  But there have been some great rumours and some quite crazy ones as well.When I was at High School, the rumour was that I was going to turn out gay or become a nun.  Sorry to disappoint When I was first starting out in my job, a rumour went around that I was pregnant to someone else in the office, who I hadn't been alone with nor spoken to  (I was also well engaged to DH at that point and 5 years into our relationship).  Recently since my husband started working in my office, a few rumours flied that he was my brother, and others that he was my lover (but not my husband). 
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Cabin Fever!
Posted 10:44 PM on Sun-16-Mar-2014
I have had serious cabin fever this weekend.  The weather being predicted as it was, meant that we stayed in doors all of yesterday.  Then today I could not convince L to go out until about 3pm.  All I wanted to do was go to a mall and people watch, maybe have an ice cream.  So we did manage a drive out to the mall.  We went to Wendy's and I had frozen yoghurt, A had a fundae and L had a choc bar ice cream on a stick (I had to stop on the way to get it because she didn't want a sundae).  We had a nice sit and take in the people, and once I narrowly escaped my toddler eating old gum from under the table - OMG YUCK!!!!! we went on our way.  We have Read More...
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Wild Winds?
Posted 11:58 AM on Sat-15-Mar-2014
Here in the Tron, the winds are wild, the rain is coming in, and then it's not.  And then it is.  It can not quite make up it's mind, though I suspect that later it will decide for certain.  I decided this was going to be an inside weekend anyway.  So one is napping and the other is just finishing up on the Xbox before lunch.   have done a bit of housework and tidying mostly.  I will continue to do that some more after lunch.  What is everyone else up to?  Hope you are keeping safe out there!
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Am I sick or hungover?
Posted 7:09 AM on Fri-14-Mar-2014
Not a question I have to ask myself regularly I promise you!  But the other night I thought I would make a nice punch with a little wine and rum in it.  It was quite easy to drink.  It was probably 4% a glass and my husband helped drink it.  But in the morning I felt awful.  Upset tummy though non-productive thankfully!There is a tummy bug going around and I have made the mistake before of thinking it's a hangover when it was not at all.  Still it's day two and I feel a lot better so I think I have to blame the punch 
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Like yourself Mums
Posted 9:32 PM on Fri-21-Feb-2014
Me: "Hey L"Her: "Yeah?"Me: "What do you think, I think of myself?Her:" You think you are cool".Me: "Do I?"Her: Well, yeah! You like yourself.  You are cool".Me: "I do eh.  Do you know why I like myself?Her: "umm, because you are good at stuff?"Me: "Yeah. I am good at things. I work hard at things.  I'm a good friend. I'm kind and I tell funny stories."Her: "Yeah you do and you are my friend"Me: "I sure am.  But sometimes I have to be your mum instead eh.  Sometimes I'll make decisions about stuff and you'll think I'm a horrible friend, but it's beca Read More...
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Sick Leave? Please?
Posted 10:09 PM on Mon-30-Dec-2013
Sick Leave is a luxury I get at work, where I can have a day off and get paid for it.  As long as the kids are well, and at school or daycare then I can dose up and sleep as long as I need to get well.  This is, however, not a luxury you get when you are at home with the kids as well.  Either if they are sick, it's holiday time or both in our case. L came down with a bug last weekend.  It started with a bed full of sick - a fun find for dad.  Then a relatively well child for the rest of the weekend.  Just a temperature.  Baby A was down with the bugs by Monday and we all hoped she would be well for Christmas day.  Both girls seemed fine by Christm Read More...
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Just a day
Posted 9:44 AM on Sat-14-Dec-2013
Today there is a fun event on at the park for Christmas.  I decided we are not going.  I want to, but I also want just a day to sit at home.  We had stuff we need to get done, and all the Christmas activity is cutting into the BAU (Business as Usual) of home.This morning I got a txt from a mate asking us out to Brunch and I even said no to that - we will go tomorrow.  I feel like this day is just too important.  A day for housework.  A day for finishing up our art projects.  A day for ordering gifts and wrapping things. 
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Our Fun Saturday
Posted 4:44 PM on Sat-28-Sep-2013
I had hoped to come in here and tell you all about our amazing time at the Free FM Chalk Art Festival today, but unfortunately, despite the rain holding off the wind was just too blusterous and gusterous!  So the Chalk Art was postponed until early 2014.  Nevermind, I said to myself as I had already packed a picnic and was ready to head out the door.  I knew there was a panto on in a local theatre for a gold coin donation.   So I packed up the car and kids and off we headed. Miss 6 was very unhappy about it.  She doesn't deal well with changes in plans, but she had hoped since the chalk was off she could stay home and play on the xbox all day.  I don&# Read More...
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