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Posted 9:09 AM on Wed-27-Feb-2013
I'm feeling a little excited this week. It's new phone time! My good old Nokia has been on its way out for a while, with the battery going flat willy nilly (wonder if the word 'willy' will be blanked out lol). Just happened to see a pop up on some website I was looking at at our phone company who we have all our services through at the workshop was offering rebates on phones. "Right!" I thought to myself - I'm going in for the kill! The Bloke and I aren't the kind of people who just go and buy things for the sake of it, but I knew that this was my big opportunity to make my pitch to convince him I 'needed' to upgrade to a smartypants phone. I Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
Facebook changes and what you need to know
Posted 2:19 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011
By Chantelle Ellem Here are five reasons you'll love the new Facebook, which rolls out in October 2011.  I admit I'm a social media geek - it's my job - but there are about to be changes to Facebook and the way we use those pages that keep us connected to friends and family -- my bet is that you're going to like them. Facebook change #1: Time for the timeline No, don't stress. It's not some odd history lesson about to bore you to tears. Have you ever stalked a friend on Facebook and tried to piece together what job they're doing, when they hooked up with their partner and what they've done over the past five years? No? That's only m Read More...
Posted by JulieKidspot 2 Comments
Hello final
Posted 8:58 AM on Mon-17-Oct-2011
As if Saturday night's decider wasn't exciting enough, last night came with excitement and anticipation. Would the Wallabies pull out one of their usual important match wins, or would the All Blacks shine through. Luckily it was the later.The Legend was determined to stay up and watch some of the match, nine o'clock start though is a bit of a jip, and apparently it's so overseas viewers can tune in at a reasonable hour - well screw them I say not like us kiwis haven't set the alarm for one or three am in the past to wake and warily watch a egg shaped ball be passed around a paddock.While not the usual on a Sunday, we decided a drink was in order and after ten minutes Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 0 Comment
All Black?
Posted 9:18 AM on Fri-9-Sep-2011
Today is the day rugby heads and non rugby heads unite. By admission, I'm not the worlds biggest rugby fan, and I'm not Aotearoa's most patriotic citizen, however, there's just a sneaky feeling of pride and anticipation knowing that this is it. Today begins the six years (I think that's what I heard on the news last night) in the making extravaganza a.k.a. The Rugby World cup.I bought an All Blacks flag yesterday. I'm not usually one to cave to commercialism but I figured, I put up decorations for Santa and Jesus, of whom I have met neither, so why not hang a tacky banner up for the boys in black - after all, I have met John Kirwan and Bob Scott if anyone rememb Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
A facial hair revolution?
Posted 8:02 AM on Thu-9-Dec-2010
In the last few days of October women accross the country, and indeed the world, band together to support each other for the impending horror that is 'Movember'. Our normally clean shaven men, spurred on by a primal urge to display their manlihood on their upper lip, encourage discussion, awareness and much needed funding for the fight against Prostate Cancer.Now, a feminist website is proposing that women have our turn with "Decembrow".  Yes, that's right, for the month of December we can down tweezers and let our eyebrows grow into one glorious monobrow, all in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.Somehow, I just don't see this one
Posted by sara 0 Comment
6 Facebook faux pas worth knowing
Posted 11:44 AM on Thu-12-Aug-2010
 Facebook. Or Crackbook, as some mothers call the addictive social networking site that allows you to keep up with friends without having to pack the nappy bag, organise the pram and go on the expedition to the real world. Facebook can be more addictive than a warm doona on a wintery day - but it's easy to make a Facebook faux pas when you're er behind a keyboard and computer screen.Facebook faux pas 1: Keep the baby pics lovely - and limitedIt's one thing to start discovering the joy of posting pics of your pride and joy - it's quite another to post 200 of them. Yes, we are interested in seeing your precious bundle, but probably not as much as you hope. We are espec Read More...
Posted by MumsSayEditor 0 Comment
Have you been bitten by the Twilight bug?
Posted 4:42 PM on Thu-1-Jul-2010
  It seems these days there are a lot more mums than just the tweens being taken over by the Twilight Phenomenon. They are called Twi-hards! With the release of the Latest Twilight movie “Eclipse” last night at midnight screenings everywhere - there were just as many mums eagerly exciting and waiting to catch a glimpse of the heart-throb vampire and high school student Edward Cullen. Vampires these days have had a big makeover - they are no longer just scary blood-sucking creatures creeping about at night, flying down from the sky to pluck up screaming young girls -  they have feelings, are sensitive and aren’t affected by the sunlight! I recently heard a rad Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 5 Comments

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