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Take me on a bus trip mummy!
Posted 10:05 PM on Sun-11-Oct-2015
On Friday Miss 3 pointed out a few buses and was very insistent that I take her on one.  So yesterday that is just what we did.  She wasn't too sure where she wanted to go.  She suggested going to a bank, which I think was just any building.  Then she suggested a circus, which sounded fun but there isn't one here at the moment.  In the end I thought that the zoo might be the best option.  It takes several buses to get there and back, so that seemed ideal.Once we got to the zoo, she went straight to the gift shop and started selecting a new friend.  A pink monkey.  But I was keen not to be dragging a nice clean toy around the zoo.  So we Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Not My Friend Anymore
Posted 10:11 PM on Wed-5-Aug-2015
Today when I went to pick up Miss 3 from her daycare, she greeted me with a smile and a hug.  I commented that there was a birthday today - they write that kind of thing on the sign in/out sheet.  She said that it was one of her friends.  I could see the friend had turned 5.  I asked if they had fun and she said yes.As we walked out to the car, I got her in and started to buckle her car seat for her.  She looked at me with sad eyes.  "She is not my friend anymore" she whimpered.  I said, "who isn't?" and she said that the girl who had the birthday didn't want to be friends anymore.  I thought for a moment, and asked " Read More...
Posted by kymmage 6 Comments
That's mine!
Posted 7:25 AM on Thu-23-Jul-2015
When we had a second girl I got lots of "that's going to be a money saver" comments.  Of course I had held onto everything from L's infancy onwards, so we had about 4 years of clothes stored waiting for the next child. So in a lot of ways, having a girl meant that I could keep most of it and re-use it.  Yay!  It also meant that if I spent a lot of money on an item for L, then I would at least feel okay about that because eventually A would be able to use it as well.  When L sits stretching her tops over her knees, she gets told off with a "don't do that, your sister will have to wear that one day". LolOn Tuesday hubby and I went shopping Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Babble Babble
Posted 11:06 PM on Wed-15-Jul-2015
Miss 3 is so talkative at the moment, it has really exploded in the last few months.  But she has an awful lot of babble as well.  This makes it a bit of a challenge for impatient me when it comes to taking in the things she is saying.  But the last few days I have been able to spend a bit more time with her.  During that time, I have realised that she says some very interesting things.  She really has an awful lot to say, and it has become clear that she is being drowned out by all of us.Yesterday she was home sick, we sat and watched a new TV show about a magical world with elves and dragons and unicorns.  She would ask a lot of questions about the show, or te Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
A sad goodbye - til next week
Posted 10:16 PM on Sun-12-Jul-2015
Today we went to our arranged meeting spot to drop off Miss 8 for the start of her week with her grandparents.  It was a pretty hairy drive for me because I suddenly got this sinus/pressure headache as I was driving - ouch.  But we got there in one piece.  We had a lovely luncheon together, and then the girls played together in the beautiful sunshine - even though it was quite cold out.  Then Miss 8 got into the car to go, and Miss 3 jumped in too.  We told her to get out and say goodbye to her sister, but she was very keen to go with her grandparents.  As we didn't have anything with us for her, we couldn't let her go.What a flood of tears and kicking Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Daycare Drop off Drama
Posted 9:13 AM on Mon-6-Jul-2015
I got A up and ready to go this morning.  She was excited to go to daycare, and was chanting the name of her centre as she climbed down the stairs.  Then everything went to custard.  As L told her, "We are going to drop you off and then I'm coming home to play games!".  It was all very innocent, I don't think she was trying to rub it in her sister's face.  But then the morning just took that awful turn for the worse.I couldn't get her to select shoes.  I couldn't get her to come outside.  I couldn't get her to leave the car once we got there.  And then once we did get there, she was like a starfish attached to me Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Dinosaur Alert
Posted 8:25 AM on Mon-22-Jun-2015
ALERT ********ALERT ********ALERT ********ALERT ********ALERT ********ALERT ********ALERT ********ALERT ********ALERTThis is a Dinosaur Alert.  Yesterday a mother of two was attacked by a T-Rex and a group of Raptors.  *warning* the following images may be disturbing in nature....  Jurassic World toys have arrived.  These ones were already out of their packets when we got to the store.  Obviously very tempting to play with.  But they are on my definitely buy list for Christmas.  She had a blast. 
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Bread Letters!
Posted 10:19 PM on Fri-19-Jun-2015
We had a day at home yesterday for my littlest girl, as she wasn't too well.  She has had a bit of a sniffle for a few days, but yesterday she was just really clingy and no one but mummy would do.  So it felt like the right move to stay home and to just hang out together.  We did some reading and napping.  But we also got in the kitchen to experiment.Using some yeast, bread mix and warm water we made a very quick and easy dough:I cut a little cross in the top of the dough ball and covered it with a tea towel.  In about 45 minutes it went from little ball of dough to this fluffy fluffy big dough ballWe had to give it a poke or two.  It was so neat! warm and Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Who remembers Paint with Water books?
Posted 9:20 PM on Tue-26-May-2015
My mum found this paint with water book for Miss A's birthday and so she has been very keen to crack into it.  Another friend got her this beautiful art set, so she was begging me this afternoon to paint with the book and her new paints.  It was quite a mission trying to convince her that no paint was needed.There was in fact a full-on tantrum because I was getting a glass of water for her and not letting her open her paints.  Then I showed her the magic.  A dab of water and the paint just happens.  Of course it kinda just all goes a green/blue shade.  But it was just as magic as I remember it.Here she is - posing with her new paint book.  Very serious
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Me Do It!
Posted 10:18 PM on Sat-23-May-2015
Miss 3 is going through a huge independence phase at the moment.  She has for the last 12 months been very keen to work things out on her own, which is all part of that transition from baby to toddler to preschooler.  I know the mechanics of it all very well.  I hear "Me do it!" about just about everything - When it's teeth brushing time - me do it - means I hold the tooth brush and the tooth paste and I apply the paste to the tooth brush all by myself.  Of course this is fiddly, and eventually she allows me to help.When it's nappy changing time - me do it - means I take my nappy off myself, and then I put my own nappy back on even if this is even more Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments

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