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Who remembers Paint with Water books?
Posted 9:20 PM on Tue-26-May-2015
My mum found this paint with water book for Miss A's birthday and so she has been very keen to crack into it.  Another friend got her this beautiful art set, so she was begging me this afternoon to paint with the book and her new paints.  It was quite a mission trying to convince her that no paint was needed.There was in fact a full-on tantrum because I was getting a glass of water for her and not letting her open her paints.  Then I showed her the magic.  A dab of water and the paint just happens.  Of course it kinda just all goes a green/blue shade.  But it was just as magic as I remember it.Here she is - posing with her new paint book.  Very serious
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Me Do It!
Posted 10:18 PM on Sat-23-May-2015
Miss 3 is going through a huge independence phase at the moment.  She has for the last 12 months been very keen to work things out on her own, which is all part of that transition from baby to toddler to preschooler.  I know the mechanics of it all very well.  I hear "Me do it!" about just about everything - When it's teeth brushing time - me do it - means I hold the tooth brush and the tooth paste and I apply the paste to the tooth brush all by myself.  Of course this is fiddly, and eventually she allows me to help.When it's nappy changing time - me do it - means I take my nappy off myself, and then I put my own nappy back on even if this is even more Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
A rushed birthday
Posted 9:34 PM on Wed-6-May-2015
I felt a bit sorry for A today.  I managed to get out the door and drop a cake in at daycare, plus invites for her party....without seeing her at all this morning.  Then when I picked her up, it was rush to get sister, rush to get sister's homework done.  Rush to organise dinner, eat dinner...rush a bit of cake and a couple of presents....and then straight to bed.  Nothing like a normal school night to be crazy busy anyway, but it didn't feel as festive as I would have liked for her.  Here she is opening a present, which she loved - felt donuts and cookies:Hopefully there will be more time for presents and things on her birthday party weekend.  But fir
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Starting kindy
Posted 1:59 PM on Fri-28-Jun-2013
Hi everyone, my son is now 3 and ready for kindy! im abit nervous that i will choose the wrong one for him as theres a few in my area...whats your thoughts on how to choose the right kindy for your child ? Also i have no car at the moment, so is it best to just choose the nearest one to walk.
Posted by nummabear 2 Comments
Playcentre, agree or disagree or inbetween
Posted 7:27 AM on Mon-1-Oct-2012
Ok kidspotters it will be interesting to see what the opinions are out there.  Currently I am doing playcentre education, I love the playcentre that my son and I go to as the mums are great to talk to but the thing with playcentre is you have to do the education.  I have done course 1 and now onto course 2.   I have found however that the tutor has a very rigid idea about how you should raise your child and that they should pretty much get whatever they want and makes you feel like a bad mother if you dont, for example, she asked if there are any behavourial issues with our preschoolers and how we deal with it.  I said that when I am having hugs with my 6 year o Read More...
Posted by LIVINGLIFE 13 Comments
The get away
Posted 9:12 AM on Wed-1-Aug-2012
Daycare carparking. I can see the OSH point of view but ours is just crazy.What some parents fail to see, is that while they might have all day to drop little Johnny off for a couple of hours so they can have some one on one time with Johhny the 2nd, some of us have older kids we need to get off to school, and some of us are in a hurry to get to work and therefore we don't appreciate being parked in.In fairness, there is only so much turning bay to go around, and when this is full, many people park on the spare section next to the premises, simple concept really, park side by side all in a row. Not so simple for some though it would seem. Take this morning for example when one of the ba Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 2 Comments
Kindy, or not!
Posted 11:15 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012
My baby is turning 3 next month and I'm in two minds about whether to send her to kindy or not. All 5 of my other kids attended the same kindy but we have moved since then and I was a little over that kindy anyway. So i have been looking at other kindys and they seem great but i'm still not sure whether I want Miss2 to attend. I am only looking at 2 to 3 morning per week at this stage. My other kids all went to kindy at around 3yrs and it was nice to get that time with a new baby. With Miss8 I was working, so she attended kindy and went home with another mum until I had finished. This time around it's just me and Miss2 and I am really enjoying my time with her, as I Read More...
Posted by mumof6 6 Comments
Homebased care
Posted 5:28 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011
I've been thinking about doing home based pre- school care for a while and now that my son is in remission, I would like to look into it more.  Does anyone know who is the best place to go through, what is involved on my part, how many kids you can have, how are you reimbursed, what about school holidays??? etc, etc...I think it would be great to have a friend or two for my 2yr old plus a little bit of extra income wouldn't hurt.  
Posted by mumof6 5 Comments
I don't want to go to sleep!
Posted 8:15 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011
Mr 3 has never been a great sleeper. He had reflux as a a baby and is still taking Omaprezole, otherwise he gets digestive acid coming up into his esophagus and waking him up, coughing, in the night. As a family, we are very regular in our habits. Bedtime is nearly a religion with me, and even Mr Almost-5 still has an afternoon nap (or rest in bed) every other day. So on the one hand, I'm used to Mr 3 not sleeping. But now that he's able to express himself more fluently, he is very VERY clear about his feelings. He doesn't like going to bed (he has a nice, tidy, warm room and a new clean mattress). He doesn't like the dark (he has a night-light and a musical frog with lit Read More...
Posted by luluweezie 3 Comments
Shhhh, I've come to see Pocket
Posted 9:20 AM on Wed-3-Aug-2011
Would I be a bad person if I said there was a child I didn't like? Don't get me wrong, of course all kids are lovely, our future, blah blah, yadda yadda, but there is this one kid at Pocket's daycare who I am becoming more and more anti as the weeks roll by.The little child in question is a good friend of Pocket, but I think they are lacking attention at home. The mother is a career woman, and at face glance is fairly self centered, up with the in crowd, money to burn, talks to you if none of her friends are looking, but snobs you if anyone can see her talking to you.Now, I don't for a second hold this against the girl, but the problem is, this lack of attention quite cle Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments

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