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The tired mum
Posted 11:06 PM on Fri-15-Aug-2014
Before I became a parent I had no idea what tired meant. I thought I did, but oh boy do I know about it now.I'm so tired I'm hallucinating. I don't have new borns to lay the blame on any more however, Its study now. However, I'm sitting here, waiting for my assignment to submit, and I'm reminded on those early days with my girls. Oh how I would love to go back and cuddle their small selves. They were so sweet, and it was their sweetness and complete innocence that helped get me through the extreme lack of sleep and fatigue.Tomorrow no doubt I will still be awoken by cuddles, and smiles.... followed by the demands of teenagers 'needing' mums taxi servic Read More...
Posted by SarahK 5 Comments
Kids need sleep
Posted 7:05 AM on Fri-30-May-2014
I'm usually the type of parent that makes sure my kids are in bed early and get plenty of sleep.Single parenting is making that difficult at the moment however. I'm currently working 5 days, 50 hours a week. By the weekends Im tired and need the break, so we decided a few weeks back that any mall trips that are required will have to be done on Thursday or Friday nights, after dinner.Poor miss 6 is now over tired. Monday night saw her up late for scouts. Tuesday I managed to get her into bed by 7.30, which was great. Wed night she was at her dads, where he had her out until after 10pm. Last night was Thursday, and we all headed off to the mall for a birthday present for miss very ne Read More...
Posted by SarahK 1 Comment
Ridiculously teary!
Posted 10:45 PM on Fri-4-Apr-2014
I have been very emotional this week.  Every time I read the newspaper, I'll be in tears.  I keep having to hide stories from my newsfeed because I just don't have the emotional fortitude for some of it.  Poor sick children (I follow a couple of fundraising pages), poor sick animals (SPCA), you name it I will cry about it.Tonight, I picked up the milkshake that my husband had bought me with dinner, and I dropped the whole thing all over the floor.  Found myself a absolute mess of heaving tears.  Yup, I think my body is trying to get itself back to good after breastfeeding so long.  This ride is bumpy. I want to get off!
Posted by kymmage 6 Comments
Keep calm
Posted 9:35 PM on Thu-9-Jan-2014
My daughter has never been a great sleeper and had recently given up day sleeps, however I discovered a herbal remedy that has made an enormous difference to her sleep - just had to share.... It's called valerian Super calm, it's kids herbs and within a couple of days of starting it she is sleeping 1-2 hours longer at night, such a great feeling not getting up so early  and sleeping during the day again. what a blessing.
Posted by thecoffeelady 3 Comments
Early Riser
Posted 8:01 AM on Sat-30-Nov-2013
Its taken some time over the years, but I have finally gotten myself into a weekly routine that is working for me.In order to get everything done during the day, I need to get up just before 6am. This gives me time for a cuppa, before I start the lunches, and then work chaos begins.I do wish however my body clock would turn off during the weekend. Its saturday, no alarms today, and yet I have been awake since 6am. This happens every weekend. Even if I stay out late with friends occasionally, and say get home at 11pm (yup, im a rebel) I still wake at 6am. Last weekend When I was supposed to be studying I fell asleep on the couch with a cuppa tea in hand and woke up 3 hours later! woops. Now i
Posted by SarahK 4 Comments
Farewell afternoon peace and quiet.
Posted 1:47 PM on Tue-10-Sep-2013
It seems my daughter has given up on afternoon sleeps, it's almost two weeks now since she has had one. I keep hoping it's just a phase but I think it might be time to face reality. I'm a little sad as that hour or so in the afternoon was a life saver however kids do grow up and stopping sleeps are just part of the package. I'm thankful though that 90% of the time she sleeps through the night so I can't really complain. She is 27 months and I was only 18 months when I stopped having day sleeps so I'm glad she wasn't quite as early as that. When did your kids stop having sleeps? did you miss that quiet time?
Posted by thecoffeelady 8 Comments
Once an early bird, always an early bird?
Posted 7:24 PM on Wed-31-Jul-2013
This is something I find really hard about being a mum - having a daughter who is up early every day. Ever since she was born she would wake between 5-6am. Gradually it got a little later sometimes waking as late as 7.30 but now she is back to waking between 5-6am again, and she doesn't always have a sleep nowdays so it's a really long day. I've never been a morning person but while working I used to get up slowly and have a shower and coffee, now I think I find it especially hard because I'm straight into making breakfast and doing mum things. I've considered waking up earlier so I could shower and dress before she woke up but because it's a variable time Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 7 Comments
Go to bed!
Posted 10:25 PM on Thu-30-Aug-2012
Not the kids, me! Its 10.22pm as i start typing this, and im still up. When will i ever learn that i need to get to bed earlier. I have absolutely no trouble sleeping once i get to bed. Just seem to have an issue getting off this computer and getting there in the first place. Im such a slow learner. late to bed means less sleep. Early wake ups are then hard, and I promise myself i'll get to bed early that night and then don't.One day i'll get it. Good night kidspotters..... im actually going to bed now.
Posted by SarahK 2 Comments
Sleepy Sleepy
Posted 7:54 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012
The title says it all really. Im extremely sleepy today. My body must truely be in 'winter mode' now, as Im finding it harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings. Its cold, and im all wrapped up snuggly under far too many blankets to mention. who wants to get out of bed then really?I have an alarm set for 6am each weekday morning. Orginally it was set for 6.15, but i kept snoozing it too many times and was rushing to get the kids ready by 7.05, at which time we MUST leave the house in order for my eldest to catch the train to school on time. But 6.15 wasn't allowing me the much needed, wake up and just lay in bed time my body needs before I get up.My lying i Read More...
Posted by SarahK 8 Comments
Go the **** to sleep
Posted 9:13 AM on Wed-8-Feb-2012
Nobody said being a parent was going to be easy. Trouble with that mantra is, that nobody said that the hard bits would be quite as hard as they are sometimes.Now, I don't for one minute either condone or engage in child abuse in any form, however when kids turn shitsicle in the middle of the night I get an insight into how someone with a spot of post natal depression, sleep deprivation or simply a short fuse could easily turn feral and lose it completely at their child.2am this morning, Pocket dropped her beloved 'Bob' off the side of her bed and cried out for me. A pain in the butt, but never the less I know how ragged old Bob the bunny is her most prized possession in the w Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 12 Comments

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