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Keeping me on my toes!
Posted 10:36 PM on Sun-19-Oct-2014
My beautiful 2 year old has been keeping me on my toes today!  Firstly, she found her sister's jewelry making stuff.  She wanted to "paint" and I said no.  Then she sweetly asked to "colour" and again I said no.  So she sulked, and I said "okay, okay, soon".  I walked out to the washing machine grabbed two shirts out and came to hang them out.  I hear a crack and I think "what was that?" go over to her and she has some nail polish open and is painting some of the jewelry - thankfully nothing important!  I was gone maybe 2 minutes (though it felt a lot less), and she had actually managed to open 5 bottles and used Read More...
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Posted 11:01 AM on Tue-30-Sep-2014
Expectation is just the worse thing to have as a parent.  It is (at least for me!) the joy thief.  If I expect a full night of sleep, and I get woken once,'s as if the world has ended.  Overly dramatic, yes....but there it is.If I expect to have an annual leave day without a sick child in tow, then I better get my big girl pants on real quick.  This time around though, I kinda expected it.  I dont know why.  There were no signs.  I just thought, what would be real inconvenient for me right now? a sick child topped the list, so I braced for impact....and sure enough! She seems okay right now.  She is happily playing, making art and eati Read More...
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Sick again!
Posted 9:16 PM on Mon-29-Sep-2014
Good grief! My toddler came home from home based in a sedate mood, refused dinner and just as we worked out she was a bit hot, she threw up everywhere.  Then promptly ate a banana. So I guess she is home tomorrow. We missed our movie today so we will end up missing it tomorrow too. Miss 7 is such a germaphob that she wants to go to work with my husband tomorrow rather than risk getting sick. Please please, get better soon. We are heading off in a few days, just us girls and I don't want it ruined  :(
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Posted 6:30 AM on Thu-11-Sep-2014
I woke up in a hurry last night as my husband was frantically trying to clean up a sick toddler.  From 1am on, once we got her back into clean clothes and tidied up, it was not much sleep for either of us.  Every little noise she made jerked us awake.  Around 2:30am she was sick again.Another tense discussion about who goes to work, has lead to us splitting the duties today.  I have to go (my work load is urgent), he has to go (his team is low in numbers and needs him).  I just can't help but wonder why we are having to think about this so soon after the last time.  I have not had a full week of work in almost a month.  And I wasn't exactly feelin
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Mount Washmore
Posted 1:14 PM on Thu-28-Aug-2014
several hours of sorting through the washing on the weekend to declutter the lounge and I was feeling so good about it.  Even the Mister noticed.  But a week of sick toddler and it's blardy all back, isn't it.  I can not win this battle against my laundry pile.And the lounge looks like a tip again, because of course she is home.  She is not 100% but she i playing here and there and making a mess as usual.Why do we even bother?    Oh yeah, I don't normally....
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Scary moments
Posted 1:54 PM on Tue-26-Aug-2014
When you are a parent, nothing prepares you for those moments when you are genuinely scared for your child.  I've had three of those moments so far, and I'm sure many more are sitting in the future taunting me. The first time, was when L was 2 days old.  I was sitting in the birth centre, talking to my husband when she started started to fit or so I thought.  I had read about temperature changes bringing on fits in babies and so I wasn't too worried until she started to turn this deep black/purple colour.  We buzzed for a nurse over and over, and eventually my husband just picked her up and ran with her to the nurses station.  There I stood in the door Read More...
Posted by kymmage 6 Comments
Pink Eye
Posted 6:14 AM on Wed-20-Aug-2014
On Monday he said "isn't it great that neither kid has been sick this winter about from a sniffle here and there".  I looked at him like his head was made of rocks.  Now he had done it.  Last night when I came home from a gruelling day, with many more in store for me this week (new job, lots to learn and heaps of things on the to do list...) I am greeted by pink eye.  Yup my toddler is sick.  The kinda sick that doesn't go to daycare.When I was breastfeeding I could have just squirted her in the eye and it would have fixed itself within a day. But no such luck anymore.  So it's off to the doctor for her today.  I am doing a half day Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Toddler Bake Day
Posted 10:03 PM on Sun-10-Aug-2014
When Miss 7 was 2, we would go into the kitchen and bake up a storm together.  She has been baking every few months with me, since then and she loves the creative process.  It occured to me that Miss 2 would probably love to get baking with me this weekend and so I decided to test that thought today.I picked a cafe style chocolate cupcake in a box recipe.  That way, it would be easy enough while still needing a little measuring.  She stood on the chair as her sister has all these years and I enjoyed this special time with her.  She was a little upset that i did most of the liquid tipping, but we talked about the measures and what I was doing.  We talked about th Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Favourite and not so Favourite sounds
Posted 10:46 PM on Sun-3-Aug-2014
There is that saying, you know?  My children's laughter is my favourite sound, the sound of their deep breathing when they are fast asleep is a close second.  More truer words, never typed lol - especially after a monster day like we had today.  Lots of fun at a friend's birthday party.  He did a full on kid's party for himself with lollies and rainbow cake, games and a pinata.  So fun!But I'm currently sitting downstairs listening to my toddler, singing and chatting away at almost 11pm. Whoops.  Not that it isn't terribly cute, but it's not going to seem cute when I sneak in there to have a sleep next to her cot.  Go to sleep
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
My little mimic
Posted 7:23 PM on Thu-26-Jun-2014
Lately when we sit down with a reader, Miss A sits down next to her big sister.  Her sister reads her book, and she does her own "reader". She traces the words across the page, turns the pages and vocalises all the same as her sister. It's terribly cute.  Of course this hero worship is not without it's pitfalls though.  The other night I said to her "bedtime" and she replied clear as a bell "Oh yeah right!" - full of attitude lol.  25 months old going on 25 years?!  or at least 7
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