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Food for fussy eaters
Posted 2:30 AM on Wed-22-Jul-2015
Hey everyone :)I am a design student and am busy with a packaging project for foods people don't like to eat.I have chosen to re-package raisins, and target it to young children between 3 - 5 or prehaps a bit older if you feel it would be applicable.My idea is to create a range of flavoured raisins (eg strawberry , lemon or chocolate covered) and each one will have its own cute "monster" illistration with colourful images to attract children's eyes.The raisins will be in boxes that are small enough to be held by your little one and have a shake system (similar to "tic tac" ) so that only one or two raisins come out at a time and prevent any mess.The box will als Read More...
Posted by aelvi 2 Comments
Mousey! No baby that is a pig
Posted 7:24 AM on Fri-17-Apr-2015
On the weekend I took my toddler to the Waikato Show because they had a petting zoo and I wanted her to get to see and touch the animals in a safe environment.  They had this gorgeous 4 day old piglet, so little and fuzzy.  And yes, she totally pointed at that piglet and called it a mousey.  Just goes to show that she needed the day to see animals, not as cartoons or experience their feel and smell too.And because I am such a snap happy parent - here she is touching all the animals.      She thought the baby donkey was a horse (that was fair though), she knew the sheep but thought the goats she saw were also sheep (again pretty fair for sound). 
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
That me!
Posted 7:11 AM on Fri-17-Apr-2015
Do you have this problem in your house?  I think it's mainly my own laziness.  Years between children and buying calendars at daycare, means that we have a lot of laminated photos of L but nothing of A (we should start to get them this year).  So whenever A sees a picture of little L, she thinks it is her and we have to correct her:She:  "That me"Me: "No, it's your sister"She: No! It can't. It me!"I dug out some photos of her as a baby and showed her those, she liked that a lot.  So I managed to get one in a frame.  Now to try and get some more in frames and around the house!
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
More Egg-cellent Chocolate Making
Posted 5:04 PM on Sun-5-Apr-2015
After we had L's and my chocolate for dessert last night i promised A that we could make chocolate today.  So once lunch was out of the way and we had danced some of the pancakes off, I set up the factory again.  I gave her a bowl of goodies and then due to the high mess factor - I did all the spooning of chocolate onto the baking paper.She used the Pebbles to make eyes, marshmallows for noses and then just dropped the soft sugar pearls everywhere.  She was very proud of her creations and afterwards, decided to add sticks for everyone.  I managed to get her to clean her hands before hand too!  But in true "cooking with a toddler" form - she had to keep Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Pocket full of stones
Posted 9:15 PM on Sat-28-Feb-2015
Earlier today, my husband dropped a subtle hint about lunch.  "When are you going to go and get some lunch?"  It was so subtle I nearly missed it So I thought I would pile my toddler into the car and we'd just shot up to the dairy.  It would be quick and easy.  As soon as we hit the carport I realised that quick and easy was not going to happen.Our new neighbours don't seem to understand how to share a driveway.  Yet again, a big van was parked into the middle of our drive.  And I just couldn't be bothered.  I figured that we could just about be at the dairy before I manage to find someone to move it.  So toddler A and I walke Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
I wear Bob Bob
Posted 9:41 PM on Sun-25-Jan-2015
Miss 2 has so far been very happy to wear and do whatever I want her to wear or do.  This weekend though, showed that she is growing up.  I should have worked it out when she didn't want to sit still for the movie ha ha.  Today when it was time to get dressed for the day, she went to her dresser and pulled out a Sponge Bob teeshirt.  She: I wear Bob Bob (long sleeved bulky day)Me: I think you should pick something short sleeved like this one maybe? (offer shorter sleeved top)She: I wear Bob BobMe: What about some shorts?She: Yup I wear (let's me put them on her)She: Where Bob Bob? (back in the drawer where I hid it, that's where!)Me: I don� Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Posted 9:09 PM on Tue-20-Jan-2015
My babies are born bald.  They have big beautiful baldy heads for about 18 months.  Eventually they get a lttle curl at the back of their head - L was more ringlets compared to the straight/slight wave of A.  But they stay pretty thin on the top til their 3rd birthday.  So imagine my surprise today when my carer showed me A decked out with two long and curly piggytails?!  Here she was almost a year ago with a very cropped pixie cut (chopped only because she looked like Bill Ray Cyrus)Oh my gosh, I just saw her toes - cluck cluck.And now here is my big girl! She is 3 in May and aside from a thin fringe she is getting loads of hair
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
First tummy bug of 2015
Posted 12:05 PM on Fri-2-Jan-2015
Woke up early this morning, made breakfast for kids. Toddler says "milk?" To me and I figure why not. Give her a cup of chocolate milk and then as fast as it goes down it comes right back up all over the carpet. Fun times.So there I am, as I'm sure you have all been... Trying to keep the vomiting child on the lino while comforting her, cleaning the carpet and reassuring the eldest that she is OK too (she put herself in quarantine for 3 hours afterwards). I gave toddler a bath, cleaned her up and the kitchen floor. Now she is happily watching TV, playing, and on her second bag of popcorn. She has had toast and two bottles of water too. Crazy. Man, I hope it all stays down!
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Hamilton Zoo
Posted 10:41 PM on Wed-31-Dec-2014
We packed a picnic today, and took the girls to the zoo.  It was another beautiful day here.  Lots of cloud, but no rain.  So we went with hats and lots of sunscreens.  Miss A hadn't been to the zoo for a year, which is much like half her lifetime!We spent about two hours there, and didn't see everything.  But it was still a great day.  We renewed our flexi passes as well, which was great.  Meant that the pressure is off and we dont have to see everything in one hit.  We can just do part or go and use the playground.  As we walked in, the girls wanted to play on the equipment by the cafe, but then the sound of angry monkeys hit us! and w Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Bystander Complex
Posted 10:13 PM on Tue-30-Dec-2014
At the park today, I went with my toddler into the cafe nearby.  I selected some drinks with her help and ordered a muffin, then sat down with her.  After a minute of waiting for the muffin, she got up gave me a cheeky grin and walked out the door of the cafe while I called to her to stop and then gathered our things as quickly as possible to chase her.She disappeared completely as people tried to get my attention about the muffin.  I was not too panicked at first.  I figured she was just hiding from me.  So I called, and called.  But then she wasn't close by at all.  She was nowhere to be seen.  I started to panick.  The cafe staff seemed re Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments

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