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Kindy visits
Posted 5:06 PM on Tue-15-Apr-2014
Posted by thecoffeelady 3 Comments
The Challenge of "Ta"
Posted 3:00 PM on Sun-22-Dec-2013
Lately the only word coming out of my toddler is No!  She says it in such a cute sort of way.  Occasionally she says it gruffly.  Sometimes it comes out sarky. There is babble as well, of course.Our biggest challenge is getting her to say "Ta". She will say it on her own terms, but she is willful (she is after all, mine).  So Friday/Saturday was a bit unusual for her because she was not just saying "Ta", but a version of Thank you as well. She still loses her cool if she is offered something and is too tired, hungry or thirsty to say "Ta".  But its a slow move in the right direction! 
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Not so smug mum anymore.
Posted 5:19 PM on Thu-31-Oct-2013
Not so long ago my daughter was EXCELLENT at sharing. I knew that if we had kids around to play she would share with them, in fact often she would shower them in toys, food and drinking cups the whole time and occasionally got offended if they didn't want them. I sometimes was guilty of smirking in my head about other kids not sharing - because my daughter was so good at it. Not anymore.... The last week or so suddenly she wants whatever the other kid has. I'm guessing it's normal behaviour considering most other kids do it but to me it's a little foreign and I'm unsure of how the best way is to cope with it...  Any advice?
Posted by thecoffeelady 2 Comments
One of THOSE kids
Posted 1:49 PM on Thu-8-Aug-2013
My two year is a non-conformist, You know how you go to a play group, there's always one child who moves from one thing to the other constantly, when the kids are sitting on the mat this one is going up the slide (not the steps, the slide - she goes down the steps) The only time these kids stick at one thing for a long time is when it's something they're not allowed to do, like throwing sand, or tipping everyone's drinking cups upside down. Instead of sitting on a chair she will carry it around or sit backwards with her arms crossed over the back of it. That's my daughter. I'm hoping it will get milder over time. I find it a little stressful to be the mum who ha Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 9 Comments
Posted 4:05 PM on Mon-8-Jul-2013
I decided to dash into the grocery shop this afternoon, just after three pm which of course is a silly time to go grocery shopping - full of mums in a hurry and kids everywhere. I thought since I was only getting two things we wouldn't need a trolley, Little miss could just walk beside me (bad idea again) so it started off ok with madam walking beside me, by the second aisle she was running between people and screeching with glee. Especially enjoying the fact that I was looking rather flustered and trying to catch her. I grabbed her and held on tightly which made her so annoyed we had a full scale tantrum. Screaming and legs kicking... all the way to the checkout, through the check Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 17 Comments
Celina adjusting to being a big sister
Posted 12:07 PM on Mon-20-May-2013
My daughter is 3 and a half years old and turning 4 in October.So a couple weeks after I give birth:)I think she is excited to be a big sister.But we'll see how she is when her brother or sister gets here:)She has been trying to help me do things,like tidying up and cooking. But I can only keep her interested in that for so long:P.She is telling me she wants a sister. So that they can play princesses and dress up together. But I have been told that I'm having a boy because my mother did the strand of hair and gold ring thing on me. And from what I've been told from mothers who have done that, it's true.I intend to involve Celina as much as possible with our new baby but w Read More...
Posted by Arikipa04 4 Comments
I thought terrible two's didn't start until they were two....
Posted 7:13 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012
My daughter is 16 months and now and generally a good girl however these last couple of weeks have been terrible. She throws wobblies over the smallest things, I can't even leave the room without her having a fit. She is really clingy and wakes up crying and cries often for ages. The hardest thing about this age is she can't tell me what the problem is. Is it normal to have this going on at 16 months? I have had her checked at the dr just incase but everything is fine, except for her teeth coming through which I can imagine is uncomfortable..... Is it only her or quite common?
Posted by thecoffeelady 16 Comments
Toilet training time
Posted 11:04 AM on Wed-2-Nov-2011
I have been putting off toilet training Miss2. Usually my kids have been well and truly toilet trained by now but Miss2 has shown no real signs of interest and when I did try to place her on her potty or on the loo, we had major tears. So, I thought it best to leave it for a while longer and try again when she was ready.  Anyway, yesterday while I was doing the housework, I couldn't figure out why she was crying at the back door and wanted her daddy (unknown to me he had placed her on the toilet the night before). When I finally realised she wanted to go to the toilet I placed her on her special toilet seat and low and behold she pooed... Yay!!!  So now we are in ful Read More...
Posted by mumof6 1 Comment
We did it!
Posted 10:00 PM on Tue-4-Oct-2011
They say it takes two weeks to break a habit.  We did it!  Dummy be gone!  Little Miss 22 mths only ever had her dummy for going to sleep, but I was thinking, geez it's time to get rid of this thing!  I tried once a few months ago, and boy what a nightmare - I gave in after about 3 hrs of her not really settling down.  Two weeks ago though, without even planning to, at bedtime, I pretended I had lost her dummy!  I didn't make a big deal, just shrugged my shoulders and said I didn't know where it was....  Little Miss seemed to think it was in the car boot...?  But she actually settled down, with only a few extra cuddles needed, and slept Read More...
Posted by raglanmum 4 Comments
Morning Escapades
Posted 8:36 AM on Thu-29-Sep-2011
How is it that Miss2 can adjust to daylight savings so quickly, when everyone else including myself are still struggling with it. I thought maybe I might at least get a nice sleep in while we all adjust, but no! Two days after day light savings started miss2 was back to waking at 5:45am.   What is it with 5:45am, how in the world does she manage to wake up at the exact same time on most days of the week. Does a neighbour slam a car door or perhaps the dirds are starting to tweet at exactly that time. It baffles me, there are certainly no roosters or anything living anywhere near us. Her internal clock must just wired to wake at this time :P.  &nbs Read More...
Posted by mumof6 2 Comments

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