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Happy 7th Birthday!
Posted 11:11 AM on Fri-8-Aug-2014
Well my youngest is 7 today! I can't believe that this time 7 years ago we were in a big rush to get an epidural in so that I could quickly have a c section before miss 7 tried to make an entrance of her own. A c section was not planned, however it was the only option due to the position she was laying in.Fast forward 7 years and miss 7 is home from school today. Definitely not 100% but probably well enough to be there. All she is missing is sports day, so we have had fun cake decorating today. Something she usually misses out on.Due to work and study, I haven't had time to come up with something flash like many of you decorate for hours and hours. Those days are now long gone for Read More...
Posted by SarahK 5 Comments
Three years old
Posted 12:33 PM on Wed-16-Jul-2014
My big girl Willow turned three last month. Doesn't time fly! I had so much fun making a little party for her, in the end her two friends were sick so only her Grandma came. We had a lot of fun though and it was the perfect chance for some pretty photos.
Posted by thecoffeelady 9 Comments
Sweet 16
Posted 7:54 AM on Tue-3-Jun-2014
It's official, I have survived parenting for 16 years! Take that all you nay sayers. My children are not only still alive and in MY care, but are happy, healthy, and doing well at school.Why do I say this? For any new readers, I was 16 myself when my Miss 16 was born, 8 weeks after my own sweet 16th. As you can imagine, there wasn't exactly a lot of positive thoughts about my parenting skills, being only a child still myself. I'm having great pleasure right now, in having proven you all wrong.I was very lucky that my family had faith in me. I have many many cousins. In fact I could positively say that I have more cousins than many of you combined. They never once doubted I cou Read More...
Posted by SarahK 6 Comments
Birthday Party Fatigue
Posted 9:43 PM on Thu-8-May-2014
Is it just me or are children's birthday parties getting bigger and bigger?Don't get me wrong, this is not an anti-party, anti-Pinterest rant. It is quite the opposite in fact. In terms of party crimes, I am guilty as charged, but I must say that after being handed a "boarding pass", airport themed invite, (which included a personalised passport) this morning, I must say that I am feeling a little party fatigued.So far this month we have been invited to a 3 year olds Handy Manny party, a 5 year olds Rainbow Princess party (although I'm still not exactly sure what a Rainbow Princess is?) a 5 year olds Racing Car party, a 2 year olds Sailor party and now a 4 year olds Read More...
Posted by KrisT 5 Comments
Mum, I don't want you to die
Posted 9:06 AM on Wed-2-Apr-2014
Happy Birthday to me! Yes It's my birthday today. 32 years young.Though I don't like the idea of getting older, I've never been the depressed type on my birthday. Birthday means cake and yummy goodies, followed by a week of exercise and healthy eating to get rid of the extra gained weight.This morning started as any other birthday. The kids got up, wished me a happy birthday, and wondered what the dinosaurs were like when I was a little girl.This morning however, as the kids were wishing me happy birthday, Miss 6 asked how old I was. Usually I say 21, but before I told her Miss 13 pipes up the "Really old!". Miss 6 thought about this for a while, the comes up to me,
Posted by SarahK 15 Comments
It's my party & I'll cry if I want to
Posted 9:04 AM on Tue-31-Dec-2013
I'm sure I've mentioned before, that The Legend & I share our birthday. Everyone thinks it's wonderful. Everyone mentions time and time again how lucky I am to share my birthday with my son. Well, let me tell you something. It's not lucky. It actually really sux. And, to top it off, our day happens to sit in the 'forgotten few' between Christmas and New Year.He's never known any different of course. He came in to my life around 7.30am on my 27th birthday, and I admit, that was great! A wonderful pressie, the first time around, but now the novelty has worn off, I'm starting to think it kind of has for him too.He has to stop what he's doing, mid Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 4 Comments
Attack of the teenagers!
Posted 8:48 PM on Fri-29-Nov-2013
I'm in hibernation. I have retreated to my room.Can you believe that I now have TWO teenager in my house!Its my second born daughters 13th Birthday today, and boy oh boy has the time gone quick.I remember being pregnant with her. Time was going so slow. She was 14 days overdue, but when she decided she was coming, she was all of a sudden in a rush, and we only just made it to the hospital in time to have her. My labour was a HUGE.... 50 mins, from first contraction to placenta (yup... gory details included here!)Now she is a young women. A loud, happy young women who likes to help others. She has a great group of friends who are all the same. The other young ladies are currently in my l Read More...
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
Shopping for Boys
Posted 7:50 AM on Sat-7-Sep-2013
Miss 6 is off to her first ever 'boys' birthday party today, and is super excited it involves rock climbing! The issue? None, until we had to go shopping for a present! What on earth do 6 year old boys like? As a mother of 3 girls, I can easily shop for little girls and come up with what is most likely to be the best present ever, if I do say so myself :P. If I play my cards right, I can even get said present for a good price. I'm a sales shopper. We are on a budget so there is not a lot of room for extravagant presents. When it comes to girls, I never have trouble keeping to my $10 - $15 budget. Boy shopping was not so easy. Miss 6 is only just l Read More...
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
Birthday Party Inclusion
Posted 3:40 AM on Mon-12-Aug-2013
BubbeezMum blogs for The Magic of Play!So I decided my first blog would be about what our family has been totally involved in lately - my son's first birthday!My daughter, Miss 3, absolutely loves her brother (now Mr 1) and we try and give them both equal attention so no one is jealous. Generally Miss 3 is very good, but as some family members have been paying more attention to Mr 1 lately she has found this hard. We knew with Mr 1’s first birthday around the corner she was likely to feel a little left out, so my husband and I made sure we involved her as much as possible. To give you some ideas, here's how we involved an older child in a party.Firstly, we involved Miss 3 in Read More...
Posted by BubbeezMum 1 Comment
Where did that time go!!
Posted 7:22 AM on Thu-6-Jun-2013
Well, over the last weekend Miss 14 turned into Miss 15. I have been dreading this year since her birth!For those who are unaware of my previous blogs, or don't know all that much about me, It was during my time as a 15 year old that my Miss 15 spent most of her time cooking in my belly. 8 weeks after my 16th, I became a Mum, Changing my life completely, but for the better.I'm terrified she will follow in my footsteps. Not just because that will almost make me candidate for the worlds youngest Grandma title, but because i want more for my children.Having my children young has been a blessing to me. It saved me in a way. It made me grow up a lot faster, and has most definately helpe Read More...
Posted by SarahK 11 Comments

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