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Blog Category -  Toilet Training

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Nighttime wetness driving my crazy
Posted 3:33 PM on Mon-13-Apr-2015
Mr 4 has been going without a pull up during the night for quite some time now and Is still waking completely  drenched in the middle of the night, Now I don't allow him anything to drink 1-2 hours before bedtime, and sometimes if he does i then wake him around 10ish to go toilet, which he does.It hasn't been all bad mind you, He does wake up dry 60% of the time, I'm at the stage where I don't know If he's even ready for this? He was a breeze to toilet train, So I thought I'd be the same for night time, I know It all takes time yada yada yada lol But I think i'm going gaga with waking up every second night to a wee drenched child.I guess I'll just Read More...
Posted by nummabear 7 Comments
Time to Take the Plunge?
Posted 9:04 PM on Sat-18-Oct-2014
In the last few days my toddler has become very much a "monkey see, monkey do".  I don't know, maybe the week without her big sister was tougher on her than it appeared.  She suddenly needs to be doing everything that her big sis is doing.  Tonight we said it was bedtime and they both ran for the bathroom.  Little sister eager to brush her teeth like her sister does.  And then it was toilet time.  Big sis went onto the toilet and little sis ran upstairs for the other toilet.  So I rushed up with her and we got her onto the toilet.  I think in the excitement she had just been in her nappy but she managed to squeeze a little wee into the t Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Posted 2:58 PM on Wed-3-Sep-2014
So my little lady has been rather reluctant on the toilet training front, she adores her cloth nappies and is happy for me to change them and wash them etc, she has her favourites and she must be comfortable in them. We have approached the subject many times, read books, offered bribes, demonstrated etc, she simply had no interest in partaking! When she expressed desire to start preschool i explained that the school would want her to use the toilet, that they didn't change nappies and that she would have to go toilet by herself, "ok mummy i will start when i go to preschool" she said. so i applied, and it was some months before she got her spot, in that time i tried all the tr Read More...
Posted by Pommiegotlost 4 Comments
Help with toilet traning
Posted 5:21 PM on Sat-30-Aug-2014
hi my little girl is wanting 2 start toilet tranning she is 17 months and she is very ready she just has trouble tellin me when she needs 2 go i try doin it every hours but not sure if i am doin it right she hates the nappy but loves the toilet when i put her on its always a straggle 2 get her back off can any help 2 let me know if i am doin this right or if there is another way with some1 of her age that cant say toilet yet and how 2 get her back off it we sometimes end up on it for 20 mins and is it good that she forces her self 2 go each time also r nappy pants better 2 use when toilet tranning
Posted by ashleighdawson 2 Comments
Need alittle help
Posted 1:00 PM on Wed-2-Jan-2013
my two and a half son is ready for toilet trainning....i think....the thing is he knows when he needs to go wee's when his nappy is off and hes naked,he'll go to the toilet and everything, but when he has a nappy or underpants on he doesnt notice at all, and well the poo thing is he just doesnt really register when hes done one, even in undies, im just wanting some tips and things on how you ladies toilet trained your kiddies and good little methods you may have to share :) its pretty much the trouble is when hes got a nappy of pants on....and the poo's! how do i handle the poo's! lol
Posted by nummabear 4 Comments
I'm a big kid now
Posted 1:34 PM on Sun-19-Feb-2012
Those of you that have been reading my blogs will know of the issues I have had with toilet training my eldest daughter. She is now 3 1/2 (will be 4 in July).This week it has finally clicked. We have had only one wee accident since Wednesday. She is taking herself off to the toilet so often I'm glad we don't have a water meter. She produces the tiniest wee and then dances around the house singing "I did wees, I did wees." We are even putting her down for her naps in her undies and a brolly sheet. She is so proud of herself and I finally feel like a normal mum. I am even taking her out without a nappy (and she used a porta-loo for the first time this morning). If you had said to me Read More...
Posted by jopukeko 6 Comments
Double trouble
Posted 10:24 AM on Sat-24-Dec-2011
I am hoping for a fine Christmas period because the washing machine will be working overtime. We are in toilet training mode. The wet undies, rags and anything they happen to wee on will be keeping the machine busy. We are on the third load today.Hubby and I have decided while we are home over the break with just our girls that we will try and toilet train them both. Nappies are only for sleep and when we are out. I never imagined that I would be training them both at the same time as they are 18 months apart. We are hoping that healthy competition and hearing us give the other one praise for successes will encourage them both.Miss 3 has been very reluctant to train but has been telling us s Read More...
Posted by jopukeko 2 Comments
Toilet training Dilemma's
Posted 10:01 AM on Mon-21-Nov-2011
We are still going with the toilet training. Wee's are good always on the toilet, few accidents so far and we have even had dry nappies some mornings. Now, Poo's that's a different story. She runs around while wanting a poo (trying to hold it in) and this is how I catch her in the act. I put her on the toilet but she cry's and says 'yucky' and holds on . So this process can take a while. Placing her on the toilet for a while and then no poo's, so off again and then 5 mins later the same thing and so on and so on... Arghh!!! Very annoying when wanting to head out or in the middle of baking, etc... Also, as i'm in the&n Read More...
Posted by mumof6 4 Comments
A Big Girl
Posted 9:14 AM on Wed-9-Nov-2011
Little miss2 is officially a big girl now!!!  She is toilet trained and it only took a couple of full on toilet stop days and she now lets me know when she wants the toilet for wee's. Now its a bit more difficult with the poo's, I have to catch her in the act and then race her to the toilet but hopefully we get there with that soon too! So, she is only wearing nappies to bed and hopefully like my other kids, once they have sorted day time toileting night time is not long to follow.    How easy or difficult did you find toilet training your child?    
Posted by mumof6 3 Comments
Enough! Enough of the poo.
Posted 8:09 AM on Sat-10-Sep-2011
It took Pocket about 3 months to get 3 weeks worth of stars on her star chart. Her star chart for doing poos in the loo. I was so proud I even posted a photo of her with her new ballet tutu (her reward) on Facebook with a message saying how proud I was.But now, a week later... she's sh***ing in the bed again! She's very considerate too - she always checks for me if she wakes up to find a load - she checks by putting her hands in her pull ups and taking a look that way. A really nice start to a Saturday morning. Most times it's during the night and when we head off to bed we're greeted with a smell. I go and change her on my way to bed which sux too but at least she Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 5 Comments

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