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Refusing After School Care
Posted 6:23 AM on Fri-20-Jun-2014
Yesterday I got a call from our after school programme at 3pm.  They said that my daughter was sitting with the DP in her office and that she was refusing to go to after school.  I was more than a little frustrated.  I had back to back meetings all afternoon!  But obviously she comes first, and so I cancelled the next meeting and drove to the school.  When I arrived she was very happily making art with the DP.  But apparently she had a meltdown heading to the programme.  It's possible it was because she was going to not arrive first (she is very competitive and this is a big problem for her).  Though she gave me two explanations.  She said sh Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Website building might yet make me bald
Posted 11:04 PM on Sun-30-Mar-2014
So I know, I have been talking a lot of techy stuff recently about websites and coding and stuff.  After several talks with more intellectual folk, I decided to download a template or two and see how customisable they were.  So I picked three that I thought were the closest to my desired layout, with all the factors I liked.Then I opened the first one.  The layout was completely different to what I expected.  It didn't look anything like the demo.  The next one, also looked nothing like the demo.  And the third one was a disappointment too.  I looked around online and all signs were pointing at downloading a website building program.  The next day Read More...
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Dreaming in HTML and JQuery
Posted 6:26 AM on Thu-27-Mar-2014
I am having a lot of trouble getting myself back on the web developer horse.  I wasn't that good to start with, but I did previously have a website that was pretty good.  When the domain expired, I stopped the hosting contract, then my computer of the time stopped working too.  I effectively lost my old website.  At the time I was okay with that.  But now that I'm trying to build another one, I'm pretty angry with myself!  I could have used it to leverage, or pick over it like a vulture.The previous evening I was trying for over an hour to kick my brain into gear.  I managed to place my logo on the page, and to get some navigation to show on Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Work Do - Poker Run
Posted 7:40 AM on Sat-22-Mar-2014
We had our work do last night.  We try to have something quarterly and they usually involve some kind of game, dinner and then for some a lot of drinking.  Thankfully this time the organisers thought about that and made it a Friday night (it's usually set for midweek).  This time around the game was actually really neat.  It was a Poker Run.  So there were 5 venues we visited over the evening (except me because I went home early to relieve the babysitters).  For every venue you attended, you got a card.  Then you could do a challenge at each venue that allowed you to pick up another card.  Each challenge varied in difficulty.  So the higher t Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Okay, now what?
Posted 10:42 PM on Tue-11-Mar-2014
Just discovered that the job interview booked has now been cancelled.  A re-size of the role is needed and I will no longer fit the bill.  I'm a little gutted, but it's fine.  The main thing I'm worrying about?  I have the day off work now....and no reason for it.  I feel guilty!  Plus I have a bunch of people at work waiting to hear how it all went...and it didn't/won't.  Upside - because there is always one!  I have a day to write HTML and design my webpage for my business. 
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The Interview
Posted 9:00 PM on Mon-10-Mar-2014
The last week has been a bit of a blur.  I got an email late last week asking if I would be free for an interview.  Long story short I have Wednesday off work to go to this interview.  Everyone at work knows, I haven't bothered to hide it.  Most people understand that the opportunities I am looking for are a bit scarce at the moment.  At this stage I'm focusing on preparing for my first external interview in nearly 12 years.  My workplace has a really set approach to interviews so it will be a bit strange to go through someone else's process.  All good learning though, even if nothing comes of it.  One thing I do to prepare is to think t Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Applying oneself
Posted 10:00 PM on Tue-11-Feb-2014
After weeks of not hearing a lot back on my first  external job application in 12 years, I got a call yesterday to tell me that I'm on a perferred candidate shortlist though we are no closer to setting an interview date.  It's all good, a lot of what was going on for me at work has stopped.  So any rush I was in, has disappeared.  I'm comfortable and happy to see what happens.I applied for another job today as well.  Something a bit more in line with my dream job. I found it easier to apply this time.  Like I had already ripped the plaster off as far as job applications go.  I didn't hover over the "submit" button at all!  Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Saying Goodbye
Posted 9:50 PM on Tue-4-Feb-2014
One of my boss' is leaving work this week.  He was my first boss when I came over to this company in a merge.  Then he moved up and up and up, all the while still in charge of my area.  I went to Auckland today just to say goodbye and good luck.  As I went to leave, I went to shake his hand and he gave me a huge hug.  We had a moment of silence and then another manager said to me "don't cry".  I swear I had no intention of doing so, but I suddenly got quite misty.  There was some coughing and "yes, well. See ya mate".  Ha ha!  Oh dear.  It is hard to say goodbye.  Especially to people who have had faith in y
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Frst day of Leave
Posted 12:34 PM on Tue-28-Jan-2014
It's my first day of leave since Christmas.  L's last week of the school holidays.  And so far, she has spent the whole day on Minecraft.  I suggested a couple of excursions but so far she is happier on the computer and we did have a big weekend (play dates, and playgrounds and parties oh my!).So, while she has been playing I have been finally tackling some of the junk in the garage.  Of course, it's not what the husband would like me to be doing.  He would like me to be cleaning the whole house, but that will come.  No doubt Little Miss will have lots of computer time despite my best intentions this week and I'll end up spending all my off t
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Posted 6:06 AM on Fri-10-Jan-2014
All this week, my toddler has seen fit to wake me 30 minutes before my alarm.  I'm already getting up early to head off to work so I can have more afternoon with my it's a struggle.  Friday and I know I'll be needing more than a few coffees to get through.Work is very quiet too so although I am getting lots of that work done you never get time for (documenting how you do things, and for me, playing with macros in excel - super!) I'm also bored out of my tree.  I have this sense of dread for next week's normalcy and excitement that people will be back and I'll enjoy conversation again! 
Posted by kymmage 7 Comments

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