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Beautiful just the way you are
Posted 8:54 PM on Thu-3-Oct-2013
This morning L was singing to A on the way to daycare.  It was a song she was making up on the fly, but it was filled with the things I say to L all the time. And it felt good to hear her passing these comments onto A, hopefully starting a lifetime of confidence in her too.  The song went a little like this:  Oh, and I love youYou are so cuteIn the things you doBut just rememberthat I will love you no matter whatNo matter what you doYou are so cuteYou are beautifulJust the way you are Audra! Just the way you areI love you, Audra! Just the way you are! It was sung very loudly and with great enthusiasm.  And of course A was captivated by her sister.  When we Read More...
Posted by kymmage 6 Comments
Out of the mouths of babes
Posted 3:16 PM on Thu-11-Oct-2012
we went to Willowbank Wildlife Reserve today, along with a large percentage of the rest of chch it seems. The kids had a ball. We fed the eels (I caught the wee one just before he fed the biggest eel his finger!), dodged the ostrich, patted the wallabies, laughed at the monkeys and counted turtles. Then stopped by the otter enclosure for a picnic (pizza scrolls, recipe from kidspot! V yummy, thanks very much). We oohed and aahed at the gorgeous pheasants, looked in vain for the two newborn ringtailed lemurs, laughed at the antics of the gibbons and finally reached the farmyard that the kids had been hanging out for.They hung over the fence of the kunekune pen, lovingly dropping pellets into Read More...
Posted by ekubo 4 Comments
The dryer
Posted 5:09 PM on Sun-12-Aug-2012
Of all the exciting noisy and colourful toys in our house, the dryer is the most exciting. I have no idea why I buy toys for little miss one as it seems to only be the things that AREN'T toys that she plays with. She has gone through stages of different things as her favourite toy but at the moment it's the dryer, she will spend ages standing up against it patting it and pushing buttons (which I have hopefully locked) and when it's going she's glued to the screen.....!!! Very cute really. I guess the next 'toy' will be the stair gate since the last few were the fire screen, vacuum cleaner and rubbish bin, ew.
Posted by thecoffeelady 5 Comments
Being an adult is lots of fun
Posted 7:58 AM on Thu-21-Jun-2012
We had an interesting conversation with our nearly 4 year old yesterday.ELB: Being an adult is lots of fun.Mum: What do you want to do when you grow up?ELB: Be a mummyMum: How many children will you have?ELB: 3 (and then rattles off 4 friends names)Mum: Will you have a husbandELB: YesDad: Will he live in a cardboard box?ELB: YesMum: Will he be rich?ELB: YesMum: What pets will you have?ELB: Cows and sheep and pigsMum: So you'll live on a farm?ELB: And I'll look teach kids like you Mummy. And I'll have cats and dogs.Dad: Will you have a giraffe too?ELB: No (giggles)Dad: Will you have rabbits?ELB: NoMum: Will there be somewhere on your farm for me to stay when I come to play with Read More...
Posted by jopukeko 4 Comments
Not Listening!
Posted 3:05 PM on Mon-28-May-2012
Don't you love it when kids get so engrossed in what they are doing, that when you ask them something, they are not really even listening. Most recently, my almost 5 year old has discovered computer games. Although she has learned alot, It has created a habit of either only just making it to the toilet when she needs to go, or not making it at all. This afternoon I thought I would ask or remind her about going to the toilet... and this is how it panned out... "Anae, do you need to go to the toilet?""no""are you sure?""no""are you having to much fun?""no""How about something to eat?""no, i don& Read More...
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
Who wants to be a millionaire?
Posted 9:46 AM on Sat-19-Nov-2011
Millions of people the world over speak English. Its complex, and I doubt there is a single person in this world that has learned it in it's entirety! So is it any wonder that our children easily confuse things that are being said? The other afternoon, my three girls were having a conversation. It was so funny (to me anyway) that I thought I would share.... Miss 10 piped up that she plans on being a millionaire when she grows up. Miss 13, not to be outdone, says that she plans on being a billionaire, because thats more money than millions. After a little debate about money, and who was gona have more than the other, I couldn't resist adding that I was going to be richer t Read More...
Posted by SarahK 1 Comment
What shall I wear?
Posted 9:05 AM on Fri-16-Sep-2011
Admittedly, now that we're over the baby stage with our kids, packing to go away has become a little easier, but at the end of the day, packing a bag for two nights for four people can be quite a mission.The Bloke, Pocket and The Legend are pretty easy to pack for. They all have uniforms during the week (well, Pocket has daycare clothes but you get what I mean). Me on the other hand, I have a few sets of clothes and I wear them week days and weekends. No matter if it's work or play, my selection is pretty limited.So when it comes to packing the bag on a Friday, there is always a mad dash to wash and dry yesterdays clothes so I have something decent to wear over the weekend. I do ha Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Wherefore art thou Romeo!
Posted 4:22 PM on Wed-3-Aug-2011
This is a little story about my favourite nephew who is 4 years old. His name is Romeo. And rightly so! He certainly lives up to his namesake everyday. Like his mum (my bossy older sister) he is very outgoing and a complete drama king! A couple of weeks ago he was with his mum and his little sister at the childrens indoor playcentre Chipmunks. After several challenging attempts to conquer a pretty tricky climbing wall (that was meant for over 5's) Romeo finally made it to the top, upon which he proceeded to let his gallant achievement be known to the world! >>Something that he started recently is performing what can ony be called a 'Victory Dance.' After putting his Read More...
Posted by Raich 3 Comments
Hammer, hammer, hammer...
Posted 3:44 PM on Tue-29-Mar-2011
A song from daycare "hammer, hammer, hammer... shake, shake, shake" has taught my 2 year old the difference between loud and quiet. He sings it day and night.He opened a belated birthday present from one of his wee mates about 20 minutes ago... a very cute plastic tool kit, complete with screw driver, wrench, "nails", "screws" and a hammer... very exciting and goes well with the song!10 minutes ago I could hear a little voice coming from the loungeroom saying "broken... broken"...  naturally I went running!As he thrust the hammer at me I saw that he had managed to chew the hammer head flat!  I've heard of a flat head screw
Posted by Richelle 0 Comment

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