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Not Wild about the Weather
Posted 9:34 PM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
Hubby got sent away yesterday for work, and then this storm rolls in.  Auckland was hit much worse than here, that's for sure!  But I have been worrying all day about him (he was in the South Island).  He got to the airport fine this evening, flew to Wellington and apparently had a very wild landing there.  Then he was delayed!So we had been sitting here hoping to have him home by 9pm and he has only just landed at the nearest airport.  He will be with us shortly, but it's been a long wait - and a hair-raising trip for him too.  No doubt he will be full of tales and I'll be glad I didn't have the technical skills to be sent on that particular
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
My hand makes a good plunger
Posted 10:48 PM on Wed-12-Mar-2014
I was cleaning out the fish tank this afternoon, and the filter was filthy.  As a result the bathroom sink was getting clogged with algae (our snails died).  And I discovered that I could use my hand as a plunger.  Fun times!  I only had to do that because hubby hid the plunger because the little one loves playing with it.  My house is the place things go to be forgotten, so I guess we will see that plunger next time we move houses. 
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Day by day
Posted 8:18 PM on Fri-28-Feb-2014
we were watching The Simpsons this evening, throughout it Homer was singing 'day by day' and then at the end came the line 'got three kids and two are okay'. Dp and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. I think we've got a new family motto!
Posted by ekubo 2 Comments
One of those days
Posted 9:52 PM on Thu-27-Feb-2014
it was definitely one of those days today. Shoes got wet in the triathlon yesterday and nobody thought to tell a parent until they put them on to go to school this morning. Lunch and swimming gear got left behind. Ds3 got told off for someone else's misbehaviour at school and cried on and off all afternoon. They were knocking on doors a few minutes behind another kid as they tried to sell their fundraising chocolates. Ds1 made a disastro quiche for dinner (I'll have to clean the oven tomorrow). Ds3 managed to get his skinny little chicken leg stuck in the big metal grate over a storm water drain during our after dinner stroll. It took a fair bit of manoeuvring to get him out, I was Read More...
Posted by ekubo 2 Comments
You can't pick your family
Posted 2:41 PM on Mon-24-Feb-2014
But can you unpick them?JB will be six weeks old on Wednesday - I know! Time goes super fast!I'm feeling a bit miffed at the moment. Well, sort of miffed I guess, I'm not 100% sure what to call how I'm feeling.I don't want to go in to too much detail, however I'm feeling a bit ripped off in the sibling department.My brother (my only brother) who lives in the same town as us, hasn't bothered to call in and meet his new nephew yet. To be fair, due to some questionable choices he's made, we don't exactly have much to do with each other, but he is after all, my brother.In the first couple of weeks after JB's arrival I got several texts from him asking Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
"Mummy, how do you wee"?
Posted 4:46 PM on Tue-4-Feb-2014
We all know that there is NO privacy when you are a mum, especially when you go to the toilet.  Mr almost-4's newest daily question is "Mummy, how do you wee if you don't have a willy"? Hmmm ..................  let me just say I'm not prepared for this question at all by one so young ! 
Posted by theboysmummy 5 Comments
Breaking the news
Posted 6:25 AM on Tue-4-Feb-2014
I had the dreaded conversation with A's carer today.  It went surprisingly well!  I arrived early to get A and I said immediately, "we need to talk".  Then it just came tumbling out of me, about finding a pre-school centre and how we are thinking she should go there at least part time for now. I reassured her that it was no reflection on her and we know the relationship she has with A is very important for A as well.She seemed fine about it.  She just said that we need to make sure they have notice of the start date and that she could work out the pick ups during the day if needed.  Though now we are leaning towards getting A into two full-time days at Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Family Valentines Ideas
Posted 11:20 AM on Mon-3-Feb-2014
BubbeezMum blogs for The Magic of Play! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Although we don’t buy into the hype of it (buying flowers etc) we like to celebrate it and especially with the kids we always like to include them we call it our Family Valentine’s Day which for us is a special day to let everyone know just how much we love and care for each other this year as Miss 4 can really get involved we are doing something extra special for Hubby/Daddy.This year we are going to make hubby/ Daddy a whole lot of special gifts that he can open during the day while he is at work and so he knows after that day always how much we love him and he has something to brighten up his of Read More...
Posted by BubbeezMum 0 Comment
Murphy's law
Posted 10:57 AM on Sat-1-Feb-2014
end of January, early February every year we get our wood delivered. And todays the day. The truck arrived at 9am and dumped 3 cord of wood, much to the little one's delight. Actually I've got to admit that I really enjoy seeing it tipped too lol. We started the chain gang; ds3 and I load the wheelbarrows, ds2 and ds1 wheel them to the woodshed and dp stacks (it's narrow and long so a one man job). An hour into the job, just as we're putting a satisfying dent into the load it starts to drizzle. Not so bad, it keeps you cool while working. Then the drizzle turned into pouring rain. So we've covered our huge load of wood with tarps and I'm sitting with a coffee lo
Posted by ekubo 4 Comments
Who's dirty washing ?
Posted 4:09 PM on Thu-30-Jan-2014
Mr 12: "I don't have any clean shirts in my draw".  Me: "Did you look on the couch at all the clean folded clothes?"Mr 12:  "Ugh, no".Me, going into his bedroom: "Well you might not find many clean ones folded there because there's a pile of dirty ones here on your floor!".Mr 12:  "They've been there since last week - you haven't picked them up and washed them".Me:  "You get told every day to put your dirty clothes in the washing!  Don't you give me that tone or look !  Until you learn to pick it up and put it in the basket they'll stay stinky and dirty"!Me, walks off mutte
Posted by theboysmummy 3 Comments

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