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Where Did these Years Go?
Posted 9:07 PM on Mon-1-Jun-2015
Hi everyone!Its been a few years since I posted in my blog, and  I gotta say, reading my old posts brings back some memories that I had forgotten.How long ago it seems, that I was an expectant mum, waiting for my first, then second baby. Not knowing what awaited me.There were some challenges along the way-sleepless nights, colic, depression, uncertainty, and the shock that my life had changed invariably, forever. I lost my father two days before Oliver was born, and whilst my entire family mourned my father at his funeral, I was giving birth to my second son whom I named Oliver William Edward after my dad. It was both the most traumatic thing that I have ever gone through, and one of th Read More...
Posted by Hope 3 Comments
Playground Fun Before the Storm
Posted 11:10 PM on Sun-15-Mar-2015
After a morning cooped inside, and knowing the Cyclone situation would mean lots of inside time tomorrow I thought it would be best to get the kids outside for a play.  A friend suggested the park for an afternoon tea date - so off we went.  Here are my two monkeys standing on a rock and posing:Miss L went off and played all sorts of games with other kids at the park.  She was climbing all over the larger equipment much to Miss A's amusement and then distress when she didn't quite have the same strength or body reach.  Luckily she found some things she could do - and she did just as much climbing once she took her shoes off!     And of course
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Rain Venue
Posted 11:57 PM on Sun-22-Feb-2015
We had tickets to a pantomime today at the local gardens, and when I looked outside it was raining.  Not heavily, but very steadily.  I looked up the event and was very pleased to see that they had a rain venue.  Phew.  The next stress was trying to get cash for the donation for the show - tickets were free but I still needed some coins.  I went everywhere on site and eventually found someone willing to take pity on me!  Rushed the girls to the wet weather venue, which was neat.  They just put a tent up over the middle Piazza walkway.  I sat the girls down for ice cream - good distraction for the wait for the play to start.  The director was reall Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Aarrrggghhh men!
Posted 5:39 PM on Thu-19-Feb-2015
Posted by ekubo 10 Comments
Summer is well and truly here!
Posted 12:07 AM on Tue-27-Jan-2015
It was so hot today and even now I'm sitting in the lounge at midnight with all the windows wide open.  Over at the Lake we recorded 30 degrees, but then when I headed to Frankton later, the temp was more like 27 degrees.  Still, the kids were gulping down cold drinks, ice cream etc and there was no relief.  Tonight when it was bed time A was so convinced that she was sick that she brought me the syringe (that we use for Pamol).  Then she brought me the thermometer!  So I took her temperature and then reassured her that 36.6 means that she is absolutely fine. This of course didnt stop her insisting that she wear clothing to bed or have her heavy winter blankie! Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Sunday day aout
Posted 3:22 PM on Mon-19-Jan-2015
So we live just down the road from the miniture trains and in the 4 years ive been here we've never gone until now!They are so flipping cute hahaThere were actually more people than i thought that would be there, So its quite a popular place for families, theyre also only running on sundays.So we each got a ticket for $2.00 each ride, and waited in line. watching all the little trains chugging around us while we wait in line.Finally it came time for us to hop aboard the wee little train seats. As we set off the train let off a toot toot, aswell as abit of a jerk which gave me the heck fright lol Going round the corners was alittle frightening at the start haha, It felt like we Read More...
Posted by nummabear 1 Comment
Day at the zoo
Posted 1:58 PM on Mon-12-Jan-2015
So these school holidays we've been out and about and enjoying family time and the beautiful weather, We started with the hamilton zoo.First thing i noticed was that the prices have gone up! So i though okay thats cool, maybe they've done up some things etc..Short answer no, Its still run down lol But still enjoyable i must say.One thing that i find sad about our zoo is that the enclosures are so small for some animals its rather sad.As It was a stinking hot day when we went the animals were just laxing out in the shade doing nothing, But still awesome to watch.We sat with this beautiful lady for ages, Everytime ive come here shes always sitting down at the viewing glass.  Mr Read More...
Posted by nummabear 3 Comments
Afraid of change
Posted 3:10 PM on Thu-18-Sep-2014
Right, So I've been seeing my partner for 2 year's now and he has become an awesome dad to Ollie, So It was pretty much time for him to make the big move...Eeekkkk after 2 year's i got pretty comfy with how it was, he'd come two week's then leave two week's ( he was caring for his ill parent's in auckland) Just recently, like monday just gone recent! He got a job just down the road from me, and now moved in! It's happened so fast its insane, like most people i hate change and it takes time for me to adapt  lolThere's no negative;s with it, only that i need to make room for him and share, haha im like a big kid, i don't want to share Read More...
Posted by nummabear 6 Comments
Disney on Ice - Review
Posted 9:38 PM on Mon-28-Jul-2014
I was so excited to go to Disney on Ice this month.  Seeing a Disney on Ice show has been on my bucket list for a few years now.  Every time it comes to New Zealand, I think ohhh!  But then I talk myself out of the travel and parking and stress it would involve.  Having it right here in Hamilton this time was absolutely brilliant.Parking was not an issue.  I have my secret spot a few minutes walk from Claudlands.  The kids were excited as we walked up and the number of people was amazing.  So many queues, but we all moved very quickly inside.  There were lots of little shops for merchandise and food, which meant that everyone moved through quickly.&nbs Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Ten Pin Fun
Posted 7:49 AM on Fri-11-Jul-2014
It's not too often I have time off work in the holidays. I just can't afford the time off. Working from home helps, it means I still see my girls, however it certainly limits any fun we wish to have, just the four of us.Well, due to many of the children I care for being sick, this week I have somehow managed 3 days off! And we have made the most of it!!!Monday saw us take a trip to the movies. Note: How to train your dragon 2... Brilliant! I highly recommend that as a good family movie :)By far the most fun however, was yesterdays trip, Ten Pin Bowling. I haven't been for years. My arthritis has put a damper on most physical things I want to do with my children, but these last Read More...
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments

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