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Blog Category -  Grief & Loss

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Saying goodbye to our Angel
Posted 1:00 PM on Tue-20-Oct-2015
I can't say how many times I've read the statistics of miscarriage, 20-30% of pregnancies will miscarry, and of woman who have bleeding in the first 12 weeks, 50% of those will carry on to have a normal, healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, when you are going through this unfortunate event in your life, and you see how many others are going through it, it still doesn't  ease the pain any less. This month is October, the month of remembering the babies that aren't with us today, the ones lost from day one in the womb or the ones lost after entering this world. In the last six months, we have had three miscarriages. The first was 6 weeks (suspected ectopic), the Read More...
Posted by ChummyMummy 3 Comments
Gone but not forgotten
Posted 2:19 PM on Fri-14-Feb-2014
I've been putting off writing this blog for a few days. As much as I want to write it (being cathartic and all that), I know that as soon as I get into it the emotions will take over again.Over 19 years ago, my husband and I, newly married, decided that we would adopt a kitten from a workmate. Right from the get go she was a fiesty, stroppy madam! She had had a pretty rough start in life, getting dragged around by a toddler who thought the kittens would make great toys. Nevertheless, she soon stole our hearts. Her name was Rosie ... but not for long. We could see she didn't suit her name and her long black fur with a white scruff around her neck leant itself perfectly to the name, Read More...
Posted by JulieKidspot 6 Comments
Feeling Lost
Posted 8:49 PM on Tue-29-Oct-2013
Im feeling rather strange at the moment.I had a very quiet weekend. My girls were away camping with their Dad, and my 21 year old replacement. Im slowly coming to terms with the fact that my ex's new girlfriend is super young, but the thing that hurt was where he went camping.My entire family, well just about anyway, have caravans at the same campground. They go every weekend, school holidays and long weekends. This is where they chose to go. SHE was camping with MY family.Im upset about this, but am being told by my Mum and by my ex himself, that im being rediculous. Am I?To add insult to injury, i have him on the phone as I type this telling me he has just booked flights to Sydney, wi
Posted by SarahK 4 Comments
Teen Spirit
Posted 1:15 PM on Thu-17-Oct-2013
So, this is no happy, the sun is shining, the world is wonderful type blog. That's not an apology, just more of a heads up.Yesterday my baby girl would have become a teenager. It's almost hard to believe that it's been 13 years since she passed away. "Born sleeping" they called it. I think it's officially classed as stillborn because she was 20 weeks and 3 days when she made her impromptu entrance into the world. It was only a matter of minutes before she left us again. The doctors and nurses tried but I'm sure in reality they knew there was nothing they could do. It hurts that it wasn't until that point that they seemed to give a damn about me and my Read More...
Posted by JulieKidspot 9 Comments
A little sad today
Posted 5:47 PM on Sun-11-Aug-2013
My close friend had her baby during the night last night, he was a perfectly formed little boy - born at 22 weeks. He breathed for only 45 minutes. I've been teary all day over this. She has wanted this baby for so long and was right ready for him. Had made up the cot already and it will be so hard for them to go home empty handed.
Posted by thecoffeelady 3 Comments
The loss of a child
Posted 9:38 AM on Sun-16-Jun-2013
No-one every forgets losing a child, even if it was in early pregnancy you lost a baby - you don't forget. Time heals and you no longer cry over it but you don't forget it.  One of my friends lost a baby during the week, at 20 weeks. It brings back memories every time I hear of a loss, The memories don't hurt now but I think about it often. We were so thrilled to be pregnant after almost 2 years trying, at 10 weeks I miscarried and we found it really hard to deal with. I was really upset and withdrew into myself and my hubby was glad to have his wife safe and well and seemingly didn't miss the baby, they don't have a connection like mums I guess. We surprisingly Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 1 Comment
To My Angel
Posted 6:28 PM on Mon-6-May-2013
This pretty much sums up how im feeling today...   To my angel in the sky because of me you had to die I was weak and  selfish and now it's too late It wasn't my choice to decide your fate Now I will never see your beautiful face and never hold you in my loving  embrace I'm so sorry, I know it was so wrong You would be so beautiful, healthy and strong You were a gift that I chose to throw away and I'll  never forgive myself for that day I love you so much and I'm filled with  regret March 28 I will never forget One day I will meet you and hold  you so tight until then my darling I Love you, sleep tight
Posted by SarahK 6 Comments
Sad farewell
Posted 2:03 PM on Mon-6-May-2013
I arrived back from a week away at my parents place with the kids to find out that my friend's mum had passed away. Tomorrow we will be attending the funeral. It will be the first one I've been to for several years - the last being that of my nana.My friend is one of those wonderful people who is the centre of the community. She makes friends with everyone. She is the one who approached me when we first moved into the area and introduced me to her friends, who are now my best friends and my support network. Her house is constantly inundated with friends and their children and her mum was always in the thick of things, trying to nip out for a ciggie, but stopping to talk to all the Read More...
Posted by JulieKidspot 2 Comments
It's a sad day
Posted 8:48 AM on Sat-4-May-2013
Posted by thecoffeelady 7 Comments
We love you Papa
Posted 10:37 AM on Thu-3-Jan-2013
My papa died yesterday morning. He was 89 so has lived a long full life. Nana and Papa had been married for 65 years and lived together until he became too hard o look after last year and went into a hospital care rest home, she visited him each day and cared for him still as much as possible. She is one of most loving uncomplaining people I know of, I really admire Nana. She is going to be so lonely now without anyone to care for. She had 8 children so has spent her whole life caring for people. We will miss Papa so much too. he had such a gruff exterior but a heard of gold - Love you Papa.
Posted by thecoffeelady 5 Comments

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