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Teaching kids the value of a dollar
Posted 8:01 AM on Thu-22-May-2014
Budgeting, money and finances are quiet a struggle to manage sometimes. I'm in my 30's, and moved out of home when I was 16.I know myself, have an almost 16 year old fast approaching this stage. Its scary. I worry if she will do well, if my teachings were of any benefit to her, and I worry that she will struggle.Being a parent gives us this right I feel. To worry. Miss 15 tell's me 'Don't to worry I got this Mum".Managing money, for me in the early days anyway, was a bit of a struggle. It took me about 5 years to perfect a system that worked for me. Its a system that I've talk my kids.Buy the cheapest where you can, and you can spend the extra you've s Read More...
Posted by SarahK 4 Comments
A Jump Start to finding extra cash
Posted 9:26 AM on Sat-14-Sep-2013
Its fairly self explanatory how we can save money. Don't spend it and all of a sudden, your savings account appears bigger. But if your income is low, and or your debts are high, sometimes your income versus your outgoings can make things a bit of a stretch. Even those with large incomes can be scraping by on the bones of their bums, often due to large debts to credit card companies or banks. If you feel disheartened sometimes due to a low income, take encouragement from knowing that looks (large house and a fancy car) can be deceiving. And its often these people that fall into the biggest trap of all, trying to keep up appearances. To make life a little more bearabl Read More...
Posted by SarahK 1 Comment
Saving money to make money
Posted 8:36 AM on Sat-31-Aug-2013
The first time I heard the phase "saving money to make money" I was sure the man saying it was about to try and talk me into some multi level marketing 'scam', or some crazy investment. Turns out however, he was just offering up advise on how he became wealthy. I'm fortunate enough to be friends with some rather affluent people. Where normally I would feel like the ugly duckling of the group due to the fact that my yearly income most likely matches their weekly one, these people make me feel at home and welcome. For they too have come from humble beginnings. Their current lifestyles have not been handed to them on a plate, they've earned it and they kn Read More...
Posted by SarahK 6 Comments
Where for art thou money tree!!!
Posted 5:17 PM on Sun-7-Oct-2012
I've been thinking about shifting for a while. A long while. I love my house but its just too small now. Plus I would love something more modern, that's all on one level, so I don't have to walk up and down stairs all the time. Two bathrooms would be nice too. and a spa, and while we are at it, tennis courts... ok maybe im going overboard :P Although I own homes, the current house I live in is rented. Its cheaper living this way.This afternoon, seeming im stuck sitting, I have been hunting online for a new place to rent, and have been working the numbers. Turns out it will be cheaper to buy a home, if only I had a deposit. So i've been inspired to save now, Read More...
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
Haves and Have Nots
Posted 9:00 AM on Mon-25-Jun-2012
At what point does having nice things become being spoiled?The Bloke and I are both from low-middle income kiwi families. Neither of us ever starved, and our respective parents always magically managed to save somehow for school trips and special occasions. Now, in our mid 30's, The Bloke and I are well aware that we are far better off than either set of parents would have been at our age, and having seen, and been taught sensible money skills right from a young age, I'm finding it a little hard to get my head around the fact that we would be looked upon as 'haves' while other people out there are quite obviously 'have nots'.Don't get me wrong, it has been Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 2 Comments
Thrifty Alternatives
Posted 1:44 PM on Thu-29-Mar-2012
Having scouted around for "Baby Bags" I have come to the conclusion that people are being robbed blind on "must have" items and decided that enough is enough. So .... off to the Warehouse I trotted and got a clearance "Picnic bag" - complete with insulated bottle cooler (which will keep bottle contents warm as well) for $15.I decided this is one of the better "gift ideas" I have come up with for Mums to Be ..... take the picnic set out (perhaps still give it as an additional gift) and it makes for a PERFECT Nappy bag that you can fill yourself prior to giving - wipes and nappies instead of plates and the "cup" compartments for larger "ta Read More...
Posted by Chugga 5 Comments
Trying to save money can sometimes cost more
Posted 8:48 PM on Mon-27-Feb-2012
So our people mover is due for a warrant.  Two tyres needed and a handbrake sorted.  My gorgeous man has sorted the tyres and being a really clever guy when it comes to fixing all types of things he thought he would tackle the handbrake himself.  So he jacked up the car and started tinkering.  Something needed to be moved so he tried to move it and it didn't come, he tried again and broke it.  The poor guy said when he had done it I should have left it alone the first time.  He is a really calm guy so is a bit annoyed at thimself but no melt down or anything.Just wondering if fellow kidspotters have ahd their partner try and save money but it ended up costi
Posted by LIVINGLIFE 3 Comments
Too fat for life insurance
Posted 8:05 PM on Sun-7-Aug-2011
We are in the process of changing over life and income protection insurance to another company. We filled in the standard application form and I thought that was that. Last week I got a call from my insurance broker saying that I needed to be assessed by the insurance company's nurse because of my height and weight. I know I carry a few extra pounds but I didn't think I was huge. The nurse is coming to visit me on Tuesday but as it involves a blood and urine test I'm thinking I won't hear the final result for a week or so after that.Now I know this should be a wake up call but I have reacted as I usually do and reached for all the bad food. (I am even eating a bowl of ice Read More...
Posted by jopukeko 8 Comments
Bank's best friend
Posted 10:04 AM on Fri-7-Jan-2011
Mortgages. Lots of us have one, some of us are thinking about one, some of us have been there, done that, others of us have the begeebers scared out of us even thinking about the M word. Which ever category you fall into - the fact is that it's all very grown up isn't it?Remember as a kid, those trouble free days, your bedroom was your bedroom & so help you god if your brother or sister came within three steps of it. The tap ran hot, just because it did. Dinner was served because Mum made it, and you left your light on in your bedroom because it's a light, and you liked your room lit up.Different story when you're on the parental end of that equation though isn't Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Budgeting makes us happy!
Posted 9:09 PM on Thu-18-Nov-2010
 Julie’s topic of the day a while ago about 'Stay and Home Mums' has got me thinking about budgeting. I couldn't be a stay at home Mum if my husband didn't budget so well.We are a 1 income family and always have been since we had kids nearly 6 years ago. My husband is FANTASTIC at budgeting and I can’t praise him enough for what he does with our money. I know so many families that run all their money out of one account and have to pay the bills with what’s left - I just think that is a Crazy way to live! They don’t have enough for food shopping or cant pay their phone bill – crazy!! All because no rules have been put in place and no budg Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 0 Comment

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