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Posted 9:29 PM on Fri-27-Jun-2014
No, no, no!  I have a runny nose and a semi sore throat and an asthmatic cough.  Ugh.  I thought I had had my fair share of not well this season already.  Not to mention feeling this way on a Friday.  The weekend will be a write off of trying to get well again for work on Monday.  Now if only I could stop sneezing!  Anyone else cursed with a dreaded cold at the moment?
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
When did I get boring?
Posted 10:19 PM on Tue-20-May-2014
This morning I arrived in the car park I use near work.  I drove in and parked and huffed and puffed in annoyance.  Why?  Because there were so many dead leaves everywhere I could not see the lines.  They say they will fine you if you use more than one park up so I am very strict with myself and I will re-park if I get it wrong.  As I was walking back to the car this evening, I smiled to myself and realised I was such a boring adult.  When the heck did that happen?  When did parking in the lines and deriding nature for occurring around me become my norm.Once I got over myself, I skipped through the leaves, jumped a bit to crunch some under-foot and then hea
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Hindsight guilt
Posted 10:47 PM on Sat-10-May-2014
Today was Leandra's party day.  We held it at Chipmunks and it was probably quite a good day for about 2 hours.  Two of her school friends came along, and some family friends.  We ate food a bit late, because I was trying to make sure all the kids could get there on time.  As a result, I had some very hungry children on my hands.  I bought them all milk boxes to help them through the hunger.We got into the party room and we fed everyone.  We sang the birthday song, cut the cake and had some rides on the train they have there to finish off as well as loot bags.  But I'm carrying around quite a lot of guilt at how I conducted myself as I got more an Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Celebrate Kiwi Mums
Posted 2:06 PM on Mon-5-May-2014
If you haven't already seen this group and competition running for the week, jump into it.  It looks like a lot of fun!Celebrate Kiwi MumsI love the idea of this.  We should be celebrating Kiwi mums.  All mums.  Single mums, partnered mums, mums of one, mums of 3, mums of 17.  It's so cool to concentrate on the positive.  Being a mum is pretty cool.  No matter how you happen to be doing it.  Too often I see mums being torn down for a variety of reasons.  Mother's guilt tears you apart enough without anyone else jumping on board and agreeing with the silly messages your brain is sending you.The main thing is, that we all love our kid Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Under appreciated
Posted 10:57 PM on Sun-4-May-2014
I've been on holiday for 2 weeks now.  I took the kids away with me after Easter to give my husband a bit of a break from the noise and chaos that is having young children.  When we got back home, he seemed pleased to see us and had done a few things around the place, which was great.  I had 3 days with my eldest to entertain her, and to bake cake for birthday parties etc.On Thursday he said he'd like to skip the party and I thought, okay no problem.  Roll on Saturday, and I knew he didn't get to bed til 4am due to computer games.  So I did my best to get the kids up and ready for the party and out the door without waking him.  I made good use of Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Soo Tired
Posted 2:33 PM on Thu-24-Apr-2014
Wow its just as well its the school holidays and my kids are perfectly happy playing with their lego (they finally cleaned up the living room to get it back) and watching movies because i feel completely zapped of energy and would happily sleep for a year. I spent easter friday fidgety and ready to go do something...anything but as the weekend rolled on i relaxed more and more into the slow pace and enjoyed that my big girl could get the little one sorted with breakfast and entertain her until i was ready to get up, She's an awesome big sister despite her moments LOL.I think its going to be very hard for me to get back into the routine when back to school time rolls around, the kids wil Read More...
Posted by Pommiegotlost 1 Comment
You're looking really slim
Posted 11:25 AM on Fri-14-Mar-2014
I do wonder sometimes if people have forgotten the pre-pregnancy Jo.I am naturally a skinny minnie (well apart from the annoying tummy bump). I was skinny before I was pregnant. Chicken legs, no boobs to speak of and of average height.Now, the only thing that has changed is that I have boobs. Yay for breast feeding - the only three times in my life where I've had to purchase bras of a non embarrasing size.I don't mind people commenting, but as I've never really had any weight issues, I'm never quite sure as to what I'm supposed to say. I wasn't trying to lose weight, I was pregnant, and now I am not, thanks for noticing.The other thing I found a little funny was Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Any Mums feeling pressure from friends and family to be more than what you are?
Posted 11:41 AM on Mon-3-Mar-2014
Do you sometimes feel like you need to be everything to everyone but never can be YOU for yourself? Do you feel family and friends dont understand that the slightest request for them could mean climbing A Mountain for you?  I often wonder how mums cope out there with daily pressures from life, people, expectations, duties, obligations and daily responsibilities?! What does your internal voice tell you? Do you feel as though you are screaming and no one is listening? Or that if you scream you seem weak?I know these are really heavy topics to bring up.. but we are all human and even the best of mums get stressed and overwhelmed and i think its always good to share with one another so we k Read More...
Posted by micht 8 Comments
I love my hair!
Posted 11:17 AM on Sun-19-Jan-2014
I have had long long hair for quite a while, but my preference is always short hair. I grow it out mainly for hubby who likes it long. But with having had a baby, extended breast feeding and some nit treatment thrown in, my hair was looking quite bad. Broken, split and just so drab. I asked for a hair cut voucher for my birthday and yesterday I finally used it. I requested an angled bob, and off my hair came. It feels amazing! Light, healthy and more full. I'm so happy with it I just kept telling my friends ( who got me the voucher and watched the kids for me while I got it done) "I love my hair!" I really love my hair!! Here hee
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle
Posted 8:42 PM on Thu-28-Nov-2013
For those who have been following my journey to a healthier lifestyle will be aware that I have been on the Paleo way of life since July. It’s been a while since I did an update on my progress, so here goes.I have found over the last couple of weeks I have had to increase my water quite a bit. I was starting to suffer from headaches and my advice to my kids is always ‘Drink more Water” so I thought I better follow my own advice and drink more…water that is! I have started to have a glass of warm lemon water each morning with my breakfast and coffee and a peppermint tea early evening. It has all helped greatly.In terms of weight loss, I never really started doing t Read More...
Posted by Scamps 0 Comment

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