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Feeling like I'm at my wits end
Posted 4:55 PM on Sun-27-Apr-2014
I'm feeling totally frustrated at the moment.I had baby number 4, just over 10 weeks ago. Love her to bits.My problem is my boy's keep waking her in the afternoons when they get home from school and daycare, just with the noise they make and the fighting, screaming etc.I'm continually asking them to keep it down because baby's asleep, but they can't or won't. The weekends are worse as she doesn't get to sleep much at all again the noise,door slamming etc.Their father takes one to work each Saturday as they fight way too much.And takes them out once he's home from work etc.But then I don't get a chance to leave the house and end up feeling house bo Read More...
Posted by Mardi 9 Comments
Mind your Child!!!
Posted 9:52 AM on Tue-3-Dec-2013
It's that time of year.Christmas - yes but also end of year activities and shows, prizegivings, dinners, award ceremonies and all else that is Merry and Bright! Along with this comes sitting too long in  uncomfortable seating, that is if you were early enough to get a seat, and having to peak over people's shoulders - or poking your camera in between fellow audience members, to capture that proud priceless moment of your child on stage! Let's face it, we want to enjoy and savor those moments , but all the hassle and frustration that goes along with tending these events make it that much harder! Yesterday, I attended my 8 year old's Gymnastics Awards Evening. I was ve Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 1 Comment
Posted 10:02 PM on Fri-8-Nov-2013
It would be difficult to escape the current Roast Busters news and related items in TV, internet, radio, etc at the moment.  The story is everywhere and like many of you, I'm horrified.  Not just that this group exists, doing so much harm to the girls who have encountered them.  But also to the reactions of people towards the victims.  It reminded me of another article not long ago, where a 10 year old girl was described as willing in a rape trial. I do find it hard to believe that nothing can be done, with or without a complaint laid.  Sex with anyone under the age of 16 is statutory rape at the very least.  Owning, and distributing objectionable mate Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Letter to my daughter(s) to survive a world filled with Estrogen
Posted 6:11 PM on Sun-20-Oct-2013
Girls can be mean!! We all know this, I mean, most of us have been there done that - got the scars to prove it!  Is it just me or does cattiness and plain old b@#$ness start way earlier these days?  I think I have officially entered that twilight zone of hormones, and emotional manipulation; blackmail, sarcasm and good old estrogen filled nastiness and truth be told, it is not going to get any easier! Here is what I want my daughters to know:Dear Daughter,First I want to say, I am extremely proud of you. I am proud of the way you handle yourself, and your emotions. I am proud of the way you verbalize what you are feeling, and most of all I am proud of who you are, and how you stand Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 0 Comment
Fuming! Advice needed.
Posted 6:23 PM on Mon-26-Aug-2013
So, how do I type this in fits of rage and still make it make sense.... On sunday my youngest daughter returned from staying the night at her dads. He's a great dad, so have never, until now, worried about my children in his care.After a few minutes of discussing how her weekend was, she proceeds to tell me the goings on. Im soooooo thankful I managed to stay calm and not act as if anything wrong had happened.Basically, miss just turned 6, caught dad, and his 23 year old girlfriend in the act. Ok, so I guess this could happen to anyone, but still. Miss 6 is miffed as to what was going on, but was satisfied with my explanation of them having a cuddle. But the thing that really pisse Read More...
Posted by SarahK 6 Comments
Single dad in society
Posted 5:18 PM on Mon-12-Aug-2013
I'm a single dad of a 3 year old boy,have been since word go.... now abit about me is that im into heavy metal music and wear band shirts that do not appeal to everyone's tastes. i would like to know does society judge a solo father on his parenting by the clothing he may wear as many consider heavy metal music as "evil"...say if dropping him off at kindy or generally out and what do you think when you walk past a man in a long black sleeved metal shirt,black pants and his young child hand in hand. or should i have to conform to another ideal in a modern society?
Posted by solodaddyo 34 Comments
Virtual Stranger Danger
Posted 11:54 AM on Thu-1-Aug-2013 this video was shot 4 years ago, but is still being used in UK schools today, to educate children about the use of social media. It only came to my attention today, and had a profound effect on me. This clip was done very well, and effectively and I will be watching it again this afternoon with my own children.The creators of this campaign did an excellent good job of demonstrating how kids would not talk to strangers or share personal information in real life scenarios; but when it came to social media, they all did so, sometimes without hesitation. ! I know many of my f Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 2 Comments
Are we creating a generation of Tech Addicts?
Posted 11:47 AM on Sun-28-Jul-2013
Observer: He sure seems to know his way around that device doesn't heMe/You: Oh, for sure, he knows it better than me!! Sound familiar? Yup, I am guilty as charged!!  My children (all three of them, including the youngest at only 3) know their way around the Ipad, the Iphone and the desktop, sometimes better than me! Miss 8 has taught me some tricks in PowerPoint, that I never knew existed!! Miss 7, likewise on the Ipad. Given, they receive instruction at school in using the above-mentioned devices and programs, however I couldn't help wonder, what role we play in our children's use of technology. This was prompted further by two isolated incidents in the past week.On Thu Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 1 Comment
My Pet Peeve
Posted 10:02 PM on Sun-7-Jul-2013
I will start this entry by saying, I don't mind how you as a parent choose to discipline your children.  I'm sure you have worked through the decisions on how, and have chosen what fits best with your family and your children.  As long as your children aren't been beaten black and blue, in a "it's not ok" way, it's really none of my business. My pet peeve (today, let's face it I have a few) is statements like "I bought you into this world, and I can take you back out again".  Or the one that got to me most recently, "If I spoke to my parents the way kids today talk to their parents, I wouldn't be here". Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Toilet Training Epiphany
Posted 8:50 AM on Fri-21-Jun-2013
Finally he came to in his own time, and started using the potty. Last weekend he went to the toilet independently by himself for the first time ever....and came running out to let me know he went toilet!! Very proud moment for him! During the week he has had ups and downs, some spills and accidents, some efforts of going to the potty, and some of going to the toilet..... I've just supported him all the way through, as I let him take the lead in this journey.He still has wet nights, most nights, and last night, (we had a family bed in because of the storm), he had a nightmare of some sort, and all I heard was: "No mine nappyyyyyy" - I lay awake for hours after, process Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 2 Comments

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