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He knows me too well
Posted 3:25 PM on Sat-18-Oct-2014
I have been under some stress at work lately.  I'm sure some of it is in my head of course, but I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to be awesome at something that is quite alien to me.  Basically imagine that you are in full fight or flight mode 4+ hours a day, with all the heart pounding panic that entails.  My husband, knowing me as he does, has been so supportive.  He has been listening to the vents and trying to find ways to keep me calm while I work.  So he decided that I need some Bowie music and organised three albums full to be available for me to listen to while I work - so sweet and great tracks too.And then he did this to the wallpaper of my sma Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Going to bed angry
Posted 9:57 PM on Sun-26-Jan-2014
I know this isn't a good way of life but it's something that happens at our house. Not very often but often enough. Tonight I am pissed off so this is a way to vent without hurting anyone.Hubby hates discussing things once it gets heated so it often goes like this, he will make a comment about something which hurts my feelings, I try to talk about it and he says forget I ever mentioned it and then ignores me totally, not caring that I am hurt or want to talk. Tonight we went to some friends house to dinner, I was having a great time and when we left hubby was annoyed with me because I didn't leave when he wanted to go, I had no idea he wanted to leave earlier but he claims he Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 1 Comment
Where is my medal?
Posted 8:23 PM on Sun-27-Oct-2013
I know I'm not the only one who does much of the day to day bits & bobs around the house which go largely unnoticed by everyone else. I'm lucky I have the best of both worlds, working part time for our own business, and being a stay home mum in the afternoons. However... Last night, I fell asleep on the couch at about 8.30pm. I'd had a biggish day just pottering around the house and with the kids yapping from the moment they got out of bed, until the moment they got back in. The Bloke spent the afternoon diving, which is great because if he hasn't got something to do he tends to get under my feet a bit, so secretly I'm happy when he's out doing what he Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 8 Comments
Sleepless nights
Posted 1:53 AM on Fri-11-Oct-2013
so what am I doing up at this hour of the night you ask? I wonder myself. I'm tired all right - 5 boys in the house all day today so what am I doing on kidspot in the wee hours?I shut everything off and went to bed a couple of hours ago and since then I've been lying awake listening to my lovely man snore. I broke rule number one and let him go to bed before me. By the time I snuck under the covers he'd worked up a good head of steam and has been serenading me with snorts, grunts, gasps and that particularly horrible wet gurgling sound ever since.At times like this I wish we had a spare room!Hope the rest of you are sleeping soundly  I'll just sip my milo and wait fo
Posted by ekubo 4 Comments
No man is perfect!
Posted 8:10 AM on Wed-2-Oct-2013
The Bloke would never claim to be perfect, but you know what? He's not far off. The two little things that drive me bonkers about him though are his snoring and his lack of ability to use a cellphone. He has a cellphone, in fact he's recently purchased himself a smart phone, trouble is, he's not party to using the sodding thing, and last night was a perfect example of why it is almost pointless him even having one! One of our workers family are away for school holidays, so, as Blokes do when the cat's away, he decided he'd go fishing & asked The Bloke along for the ride, and I'm cool with that, however they lose track of time when they're out Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 6 Comments
Couple Time
Posted 12:08 PM on Tue-1-Oct-2013
I haven't been online much for the last few days. On Thursday just been, The Bloke and I headed off for the annual conference. A full on few days in Queenstown this time around, and while not the usual tropical island get away we've had in the last few years, it was still enjoyable to have a short break away with just the two of us. We have realised the last few times that we've been away on our own, that as grateful as we are for the time away, we do miss the kids and can't wait to get home to see their smiley faces (and constant yapping). We spent an afternoon out and about where I finally convinced The Bloke to buy himself a couple of new pairs of shorts for Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
Falling in love over and over again
Posted 5:59 PM on Fri-30-Aug-2013
I realized this week, I am in a happy place....I am really and truly in love with my husband, even after 10 years of married life together. The best thing is , I keep falling in love with him over and over again.....I once had a colleague, who divorced her husband because she "didn't get butterflies" when he came home from work, or when they made love. At the time, she was 33, I was 29 - ish.. I recall inferring that love doesn't always have to entail butterflies...BIG MISTAKE...The reality is; I'm turning 33....and I am in a totally different place, and more convinced than ever that love doesn't always entail butterflies; and that when you have a need to feel t Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 3 Comments
Posted 10:16 AM on Thu-24-Jan-2013
As women, I think we can admit that occasionally we become a little wound up/grumpy/stressed/emotional. It seems to be one of the main differences between men and women. Men do all of these things too, wellmaybe not getting emotional, but the difference is they don't realise they're in a grump. Well The Bloke doesn't, and from a few quiet conversations with other like minded wives, I've discovered that there are other's just like him!Last night was the perfect example. The Bloke has been working all hours due to unforeseen circumstances landing us one worker down. He arrived home around 9.30. 14 hour day. I knew he would be tired.Trying to channel the 1950's hou Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 6 Comments
Something's fishy
Posted 9:02 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012
Yesterday after work, The Bloke decided to go out fishing. He's not been for some time, and I believe he was having what they call withdrawals.I was happy to hear of fish when he finally arrived home around about 10pm last night just as I was doing the lunches. The fresh sea air had taken a toll and he was [___________] that close to falling asleep on his feet. So I took pity and threw him a piece of steak in the frying pan and whacked together a makeshift salad on a plate.By the time all was devoured he pondered the idea of whether or not he should fillet his catch or wait til the morning. I convinced him that time was getting on a bit and the morning would be the better option. You se Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Oh where oh where has that manual gone
Posted 9:12 AM on Wed-12-Sep-2012
I don't get much 'me' time. In the morning after dropping Pocket & The Legend off, I quite enjoy my half hour or so (depending how fast drop offs go) of hearing nothing but the birds, the jug boil and my fingers typing.Things didn't go as per usual today though. As The Legend and I walked down the drive for school and headed into the alleyway, I heard a familiar sounding ute. It was The Bloke. I gave a slight wave and continued walking assuming he'd just forgotten his pager and had shot home to collect it. Wrong! He was on a mission. He'd apparently brought home an instruction manual to read through a year or so ago. It belonged to a high end item we sell wh Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment

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