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How do I stop breastfeeding my 13month old????
Posted 1:37 PM on Wed-19-Aug-2015
I Need help!!! Any advice would be appriciated.So I have a 13month old baby girl called Lilly. She has been breastfeed her whole life. When she was a couple months old we mixed fed her but that made her super constipated and didn't help with her reflux. We eventually stopped after that point which I now totally regret now because we are both struggling to get her to stop. People often tell me just go cold and refuse her your boob BUT how do i just do that? i hate when she screams and gets hysterical because she wants the breast. I know the longer i leave it the harder it will get to wean her. so /within the next few weeks I want to stop for good. What kinda plan should i have in place?
Posted by Bundlebucket 6 Comments
The Big Latch
Posted 8:56 PM on Thu-1-Aug-2013
Back in August 2007 I was introduced to a wonderful shared breastfeeding experience known as the Big Latch.  Its an annual Guinness Book of Records attempt and mass support/awareness drive for breastfeeding worldwide.  My first and fairly new baby Leandra and I went along to a local birth centre and in a lounge with 27 other mothers, we latched and counted towards the record attempt.   I found the whole thing amazing.  I got to meet like-minded mums, chat about our babies, and feel comfortable about nursing in public.  I was gutted in 2008 when I couldn't participate because I was back at work.  So when I had Audra in 2012, I was very excited to p Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Posted 7:33 PM on Wed-24-Jul-2013
My right breast was sore all night, thanks to a couple of bite marks from my darling toddler.  By this afternoon when I went to express milk at work, I noticed the tell-tale signs of an infection.  I had a zig zagging red mark, the tender hot kind of pain and I was feeling "off" as well.  A headache and nausea.  So I called the doctor and got an appointment.  Sure enough I have an infection, so onto antibiotics I go.  Thankfully I had a tetanus shot in January so I didn't need another one for the "human bite" I received.   Breastfeeding Audra has not been the easiest journey.  With Leandra I feed her without incident for 1 Read More...
Posted by kymmage 8 Comments
Still having dental problems
Posted 11:03 AM on Tue-25-Jun-2013
So i have had dental problems throughout my pregnancy. But managed to get the 2 teeth taken care of that were causing me so much pain. But I was just wondering if anyone know's or has gotten a tooth pulled out after they have given birth and they breast-fed as well?
Posted by Arikipa04 1 Comment
3 Things I wished I had known about Breastfeeding - the early months
Posted 7:49 PM on Sat-22-Jun-2013
As a first time mum, I was keen to give this breastfeeding thing a go.  But I did find that there was information about breastfeeding that people don't volunteer.  There were therefore moments feeding my first born when I thought I was just useless at this feeding thing. So here I just wanted to offer some information, that I would have liked to have stumbled upon when I was going through it for the first time.   I'm not sharing these things to put people off breastfeeding, I just think sometimes we hide these bits of information from the unsuspecting first time mums and then they are left feeling like failures because of something that Read More...
Posted by kymmage 14 Comments
Tongue Tie and Lip Tie
Posted 9:59 PM on Fri-21-Jun-2013
I wanted to share this because I think that it is important.  Tongue tie and Lip tie are congenital anomalies in the mouth which can have an affect on tongue mobility, speech and dental health too.  Your baby can be born with these and they do not seem to be visible on any scans pre-birth.  A tongue tie is where the tongue is tethered to the floor of the mouth with a thicker membrane.  A lip tie is where a membrane of skin tethers the top lip to the gum, often in the space that will eventually be in-between the two front teeth.   When Audra was born, I counted her perfect fingers and toes.  I marvelled at her beautiful full lips and her stunning eyes.& Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Next time I'm breastfeeding until they start school....
Posted 8:21 AM on Fri-19-Oct-2012
As some of you know I finally weaned my daughter, (or actually she weaned me...) Just a few weeks ago. Since then sadly I have been gaining weight very quickly. It's hard to believe the difference it makes to my weight. While I was breastfeeding I was lucky enough to eat as much as I like without gaining weight, Infact I slowly but surely lost an extra 6kgs during the year I was feeding her. In the last three weeks I have gained three kgs! Scary.... very scary. So I need to do something about this otherwise I'm going to be looking like a giant marshmallow by this time next year which really isn't what I want. I've joined the weight loss group started on here and Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 4 Comments
Self weaning
Posted 9:09 PM on Wed-5-Sep-2012
Little miss one is precisely little miss 14 months and I have been wondering about weaning for the last few months, at first my goal was to breastfeed for 6 months and I was amazed and thrilled to have reached that goal then all of a sudden it got easier and the next thing I know she has turned one and I'm still breast feeding. She is quite a little girl and didn't eat much so I was thankful that she had that constant supply of nutrition from me. Nowdays she eats all day and has a suppy cup of water on hand all the time and in the last few weeks she has become increasingly grizzly during feeds, stops and grizzled and pokes and pinches  at first I thought it was just her mouth Read More...
Posted by thecoffeelady 15 Comments
OMG where have my Boob's gone!!
Posted 9:26 AM on Sat-25-Jun-2011
Well I've finally weaned my wee man off the boob,he's 21 month's now.I've breast feed all my kid's.Daughter was 22 months,oldest son 17 months & now youngest son 21 month's.After I'd finished feeding my daughter,I realised that I lost a full cup size of my boob's,but that was ok I still had ample ,so wasn't too worried.After I finishing feeding my oldest boy I hadn't lost any thing,but after feeding my youngest I discovered I'd lost another full cup size :(Now I wasn't big busted to start with,a C cup,now I'd be lucky if I'm an A cup.Even Hubby has commented on how small I am.Keep's saying he if had the money he&# Read More...
Posted by Mardi 7 Comments
The Strike is OVER!
Posted 10:06 AM on Thu-2-Jun-2011
Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee-  I'm so happy, relieved, thankful and a million other good feelings.The nursing strike is OVER... it lasted 4 days which is 4 days too long for me. I stuck by my bubs and gently coaxed him back. He's far too young to wean so I knew it wasn't that - but it was sure hard to be in that situation. He's 10.5 mths old.I had lots of positive encouragement from friends and read a lot of info about the difference between strikes and weaning. Glad I found those resources to help me thru it.I'm glad too, as the breastpump was a pain to use and you NEVER ever get all the milk out, so you tend to get into mind games thinking you don't have enough mil Read More...
Posted by Gillymama 5 Comments

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