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How's business?
Posted 7:00 AM on Tue-20-Jan-2015
After launching my business last year, well meaning friends ask me here and there, how things are going.  And the answer is, they aren't really.  I have had a query here and there but still only volunteer activities.  It's slow going, but with working full time and being a parent I have let it be that way for the last 6 months.Still, the goal of the whole thing was being able to eventually work from home if I wanted to in a few years time once the kids are both at school.  So sitting around and not driving the business isn't going to get me there.  Some of the feedback I got from initial queries was that my pricing was steep.  On the weekend, I bi Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Back at work
Posted 8:45 PM on Mon-14-Jul-2014
Back to the office today and the Mr took over the childcare duties that come with school holidays.  By all accounts they had a fab day.  I had a great one myself.  There is something quite refreshing about going into the office.  No one there insists on sitting on me, or throwing toys at me (apart from metaphorical ones ).  I can make a coffee, have a conversation that isn't completely one-sided.  Don't get me wrong, I completely missed the kids today.  But it was all so nice to be me for a few hours.  I got stuff done, there were no emails that caused me to scream ha ha. I'm sure the desire to be in the office will wear off by Saturday,
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
14 days in
Posted 4:30 PM on Sat-14-Jun-2014
I'm 14 days in from launch date for my business.  I have no leads and no contacts, but I have got a few followers in all my business pages.  I'm not terribly upset that it's slow going.  I think it's good to ease into it for now.  I have had a few people ask for my business card, and so we will see where that leads.  Right now, the focus is building networking and content for my business blog.  I'm enjoying writing in another style.  More corporate, and instructional.  But not as corporate as the documents I do at my day job.  I think I just love to write!  Well, I know I just love to write Plus there is a healthy am Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Getting Organised
Posted 10:59 PM on Tue-3-Jun-2014
As my life starts to fill up with work, and other work and other pieces, I am finding that my time management skills are not being 100% utilised.  I mean, I use a list at work and have a good strategy but that's only 40 hours of the week.  The rest of the time it's on a "if I remembered" basis.  Well, no more - I can not keep working like that.  As much as I have railed against boxing up my life like that.  I need to start really time-blocking.  I'm really not one for routine, but I need to do it.  I need my kids in bed at a set time.  I need to spend time with my husband, and have time to do all the bits and pieces I need to d Read More...
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Go Live
Posted 10:08 PM on Mon-2-Jun-2014
After months of work, and a fair bit of uncertainty and nerves popping up, last night I sat with family, an shared some cake and a glass of cider and declared my business launched.  Then I took photos and started my social media empire.  As I write I have 10 likers on my business page, which is fab.  7 of them I know, but hey - have to start somewhere right!  When I pushed go last night, I was full of nerves.  I thought I would burst, and I could hardly sleep.  I had a few fitful dreams where things went wrong, but so far the world has not ended.I have people patting me on the back and others offering support and to help me set up meetings.  I just have to
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Business Cards
Posted 7:02 AM on Fri-9-May-2014
My business cards have arrived a week early.  They look amazing.  My husband even commented that they look really professional and he liked some of the design elements used - he is a design geek of sorts.  I went with a gloss finish and the card stock is heavy.  It feels amazing to see my name in print there with my dream job title next to it.  Now to just launch the website so my QR code goes somewhere and to start handing them out!
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments
Posted 10:35 PM on Tue-29-Apr-2014
So, tell me I'm not alone in this!  I'm about to start a business.  The website will launch soon.  I'm standing on the edge of my doorstep so to speak.  My bags are packed and I'm about to trudge off into the unknown of owning a business.  And I'm stalling on a few things.I have hardly told anyone about this venture of mine.  A few people at work know, but I haven't really spread it around.I have business pages all set up, because I needed to do that to finalise the codes in the website.  But I haven't even sent out invites to the people I know because I'm worried about what their opinion will be.  I could add it Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Sometimes the squeaky wheel
Posted 1:09 PM on Fri-18-Apr-2014
Gets the cheese.Since coming back to work after Christmas I have been saying things like " I'm bored with my role" and applying for other roles, and saying how id love to stay but my dreams of project management seem to be going nowhere...then I talked up my study and other fabulous things I do...I went on an all out marketing campaign with the subject being ME. Yesterday I was asked if I would be willing to take over a governance  and reporting piece of work which will mean I get a very intimate view of the project management space. It's a great opportunity and I didn't hide my excitement. Though I did hide any doubt about the workload. Ha ha. Can't h
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Posted 7:44 AM on Sat-12-Apr-2014
Things at my work are in a mode of change.  It always is, but at the moment it has really ramped up and a lot of people I know and care about are making decisions to leave.  This week has been a tough one for me, because quite a lot of people had finishing morning teas.  And the speeches, were very heart-felt.  As a result I was completely drained by Friday.I had a meeting yesterday with someone that I figured might help me move my career forward.  It was a good and useful meeting where he told me that I should just use the stuff I know about projects, and the procedures and paperwork already in place and just do the stuff I am already doing as if they were small pro Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Go for Launch?
Posted 10:41 PM on Fri-4-Apr-2014
I have finally set my launch date for this business venture.  So it's going to be hard launch 1st June, but understanding that most of the online stuff will already be in place well before then because I have a few things that have to get made before I can do the next piece.  My note book now has a comprehensive list of things to do.  And very shortly, I will be adding a few "launch party" items.  Because who launches a new business with no party?  Not me Really it will just be an excuse to have a few friends over, not cook and have some cider.  But also to pat myself on the back once the initial "project" is out into the public.I was on Read More...
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