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Sometimes the squeaky wheel
Posted 1:09 PM on Fri-18-Apr-2014
Gets the cheese.Since coming back to work after Christmas I have been saying things like " I'm bored with my role" and applying for other roles, and saying how id love to stay but my dreams of project management seem to be going nowhere...then I talked up my study and other fabulous things I do...I went on an all out marketing campaign with the subject being ME. Yesterday I was asked if I would be willing to take over a governance  and reporting piece of work which will mean I get a very intimate view of the project management space. It's a great opportunity and I didn't hide my excitement. Though I did hide any doubt about the workload. Ha ha. Can't h
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Posted 7:44 AM on Sat-12-Apr-2014
Things at my work are in a mode of change.  It always is, but at the moment it has really ramped up and a lot of people I know and care about are making decisions to leave.  This week has been a tough one for me, because quite a lot of people had finishing morning teas.  And the speeches, were very heart-felt.  As a result I was completely drained by Friday.I had a meeting yesterday with someone that I figured might help me move my career forward.  It was a good and useful meeting where he told me that I should just use the stuff I know about projects, and the procedures and paperwork already in place and just do the stuff I am already doing as if they were small pro Read More...
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Go for Launch?
Posted 10:41 PM on Fri-4-Apr-2014
I have finally set my launch date for this business venture.  So it's going to be hard launch 1st June, but understanding that most of the online stuff will already be in place well before then because I have a few things that have to get made before I can do the next piece.  My note book now has a comprehensive list of things to do.  And very shortly, I will be adding a few "launch party" items.  Because who launches a new business with no party?  Not me Really it will just be an excuse to have a few friends over, not cook and have some cider.  But also to pat myself on the back once the initial "project" is out into the public.I was on Read More...
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Me Incorporated
Posted 9:45 PM on Mon-10-Mar-2014
I had a thought a wee while back, about how I keep looking for a certain type of job and I keep getting knock backs because I have too much experience.  That's basically code for, we can't afford you.  Anyway, in a fit of crazy, I went and found a business name I liked, checked it's availability and then got myself Incorporated.  I have a vague plan.  That is all.  It's quite scary to leap before you kinda looked.  But it's also quite thrilling.  I'm the sort of person who always takes the calculated risk.  At this stage, I don't expect things to take off right away.  I'll be selling a service rather than th Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Artisy craftisy
Posted 9:45 PM on Tue-25-Feb-2014
I work as a caregiver and soon Il be having a hernia operation, I was told that I would have to give up my job and find something less physical to do, so I thought that doing something artisy crafty seemed the logical choice.My mother always used to say, do something that you love to do, then find a way of making money out of it. I know that I need to make a product that has that wow factor in it. like wow I want that right now, and my mind is swimming with ideas, the only thing is where do I sell it, I thought of setting up a website but I dont know how and I dont know what to do to mantain or bring traffic to it. So maybe i need to be a little more creative and sell through the social Read More...
Posted by Aasiyah 3 Comments
Hard yakka
Posted 9:23 AM on Tue-19-Mar-2013
I get the impression that some people think business owners have it made. Sure, from the outside it looks all glitz and glamour, be your own boss, go on a conference, donate to charity, buy a new car, eat brand label groceries. True. It is all those things, but the behind the scenes hard work physically, financially & emotionally that go with it are what those with the untrained eye don't see.The pros such as the above far outweigh the cons, but when it's 'con season' I sure have days where I would happily give it all up for a Bloke who worked for wages.Take a regular day... Pocket & The Legend wake around 6am and come in for a cuddle. The Bloke and I try our hard Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 1 Comment
Back in the day.......
Posted 8:20 AM on Fri-18-Jan-2013
I'm always one for a good laugh. I often laugh at things others don't find quite as funny as I do. I have a slightly dry but silly sense of humour.Like everyone, we get plenty of gag emails sent through, in the form of hilarious cartoons or typed stories. And it got me thinking. Remember back when 'faxing' was all the rage. I remember at least once a day a joke would come through on the old facsimile - now there's a word you don't here often not unlike the word 'application' I suppose which has lovingly been replaced with 'app' - see we were cool back then too if you think about it.!The faxes were always marked for the attention of someone in Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 2 Comments
Bad mom goes back to work
Posted 3:16 AM on Fri-14-Sep-2012
babara neglect is many different forms, 1 being time while u are so concerned with having money and ur career ur bby loses that important time with u and instead spends it with a stranger every day. thats gonna be great for ur bbys development but allgood bby has heaps of material things to make up for all the time u spend at work Stupid words said to me during an argument on Facebook, FACEBOOK by someone who I wouldn't be able to tell from a bar of soap. But still, these words have hung on my heart all week. What is it about them that stings so much? Why is it that friends and even family seemed to side with what she said? Is it that I am wrong to work? Am I a bad mother to desire to b Read More...
Posted by rmns 8 Comments
Onwards and Upwards
Posted 9:10 AM on Fri-17-Aug-2012
It dawned on me last night, that this time last year, I was an absolute wreck. This time last year a few months had passed since sacking our staff member for theft. For a whole year prior things had been pretty tough. The books weren't showing what they should be showing considering the number of hours The Bloke was putting in. Slaving his guts off would be the saying that comes to mind, and as each 20th of the month rolled around, things didn't get any easier. We couldn't figure it out.In April or May, things came to light. Things that we just couldn't believe. But once things came out in the open, it was easy to see why all The Blokes hard work was getting us next to no Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
Posted 2:19 PM on Fri-11-May-2012
Hi all I am a Tupperware demonstrator  in Rotorua and was wondering if any one would be interested in seeing some of the products.I do this as I am a stay home mum of 3 children, Ages are 2years, 3years and a 1 month old baby girl. My older 3 r at school.If you are interested please leave a comment or email me and I will get back to you. thank you utana
Posted by utana 0 Comment

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