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10:14 PM Fri-25-Jul-2014 - 5 comments - [ post comment ]
Keeping kids entertained over the winter can be rather hard at times. I'm finding that the little boys are finding it especially hard, and they want to run around and burn off steam. My little girls are quite happy to craft all day, however the boys take a little more entertaining.

I have however found an activity that keeps them busy for hours. It was set up for the little boys, however the girls love it too.

I have a container, which has small wood chips in it. I have a few small diggers and trucks, along with a range of small plastic bugs, dinosaurs and animals. The boys spend hours using the diggers moving the wood chips around, burying the animals and finding 'treasure'. It like having a little mini sandpit inside.

I brought everything from either The Warehouse or K Mart, and it cost around $12 to set up. Well worth the hours of entertainment the boys have had from this!

So if your at a loss as to what to do with your wee guy on a rainy day, or you a studying mum and need some peace and quiet, give this a go!


10:00 PM Fri-25-Jul-2014 - 4 comments - [ post comment ]
Over summer the kids and I had some fun with Ice. Fizzy Ice to be exact.

Fizzy Ice....

you will need:


white vinegar

baking soda

food colouring


Step one:

This step is a good one for a rainy day. mix together some vinegar and food colouring, and fill balloons with as much as you would like, tie the balloons, and place in the freezer. This ice much easier and faster just using ice cube trays or containers. We decided balloons were the go this time. Make lots of different colours to add to the fun :)

Step two:

Once frozen the fun can begin! Cut the balloons off and discard. Place the ice cubes/balls onto a tray.


Step three:

Get the kids to sprinkle baking soda over the ice and watch the show! Add more if needed. This is a fantastic science experiment for small kids.


I highly recommend dark clothing for this experiment, due to the food colouring. Also, make enough to do this experiment several times, and just keep a stash in the freezer. It does take a while for them to freeze, and littlies aren't too good at waiting, so its great to have some ready to go at the last minute.

Have fun!

8:01 AM Mon-23-Jun-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
My kids had been stuck inside all day yesterday, so I decided we could open the Bird Cafe in our backyard.  It was one way to get Miss7 off Minecraft!  We made bird fairy bread with stale bread, peanut butter and wild bird seed mix:


And then we cut up the fruit in the fruit bowl that was passed it's best as well.  And opened the bird cafe!


Audra did a good scarecrow impression, which meant no birds at all. hee hee.  But nevermind, we went for a swing:


And eventually about 40 minutes after we went in, the birds came to feast alt

7:07 AM Fri-6-Jun-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
I had to get the car in for a WOF yesterday.  It's a pain in the butt every time it comes around.  We had an awful night of sleep for our youngest the night before.  In the morning, I dropped the kids at school/daycare and then drove to the garage and walked to work from there.  As I walked in, I knew I would be about 15 minutes late.  It couldn't be helped, but I also knew I was in for a HUGE day of meetings, and queries and times where I would want to pull my hair out (and I was right :P ).

However, as I walked through the main street, I started to notice something I wouldn't have witnessed otherwise.  I walked past the camping supplies store that has a piano outside.  The piano has been there for years with an invite to anyone to have a go.  Suddenly there was someone giving it a go.  And not in the way my daughter likes to give it a go.  She could REALLY play and she was belting out "It's a Wonderful World".  People slowed as they came to her, others stopped in awe.  As I continued on, I realised that the people around me were singing the song, like she had passed it on and they were taking it with them. 

It was just a little bit of magic, that kept me smiling for the day.  Because after all, it is a wonderful world.

9:13 PM Sat-26-Apr-2014 - 4 comments - [ post comment ]

1:55 PM Mon-21-Apr-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
This morning Miss almost 7 didn't speak up about breakfast so daddy told me to make her frog legs on lilypads.  She corrected him quickly afterwards asking for chocolate spread on toast.  She got a combo - I made frog leg shapes out of her toast and then a flower/lilypad.  She was grossed out.

Then at lunch I asked what she wanted and she declared a mouse made out of cheese.  She looked quite shocked when I managed it:


hee hee, I wonder what the next challenge will be!

9:09 PM Tue-15-Apr-2014 - 5 comments - [ post comment ]
My husband reminded us this evening that there was a lunar eclipse on and that the Earth was going to eclipse the moon and make it appear red.  So he went out to check the moon and sure enough there was an eclipse to view.  The kids got their shoes on and out we headed to see this amazing sight.  It was really cool!

We tried to get photos, but we have nothing good for taking night time space this is the best we could do:


After we had seen enough, we headed inside much to the disgust of miss almost 2 who was convinced we were going out on a grand family adventure.  It took the promise of chocolate before she would come away from the car.

8:55 PM Sun-13-Apr-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
I'm still in the new to driving club. It's been nearly 3 years but I'm still very nervous behind the wheel. I'm also not very car orientated. I just don't know much about it. So today when I jumped in my car and drove to get some cash out for an adventure with my girls, I didn't think too much about the petrol light being on.

I just assumed that there was plenty otherwise it would have been filled the night before by DH. The needle was on the line and I figured it was plenty to get us there and then back to the station after our adventure. I was wrong. Really embarrassingly wrong.

So I went to the cash point and parked on hill street...when I got back in the car, I started the engine and it seemed fine then it went really odd.  The whole car felt heavy and sluggish. Then the brakes stopped working. I coasted downwards and thankfully found that the park option still worked. Once at the bottom, I started the car again and it worked. Then it was a very prayful drive directly to the nearest petrol station. 

Afterwards, I said to L, wow I don't know how I managed not to crash when I lost control of the car like that. She was quite oblivious. I must have remained pretty outwardly calm then. Because inside I was a kid again freaking right out!!!

8:05 PM Mon-31-Mar-2014 - 5 comments - [ post comment ]
Omg, omg, omg! I'm going to Disney on Ice! And I'm just really crossing my fingers and toes that my children don't ruin this for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited that we are going as a girlie group morning of Disney fun.  But this is seriously been on my bucket list since I was a kid.  

I haven't  been brave enough to go to Auckland to see this in the past. Im still new to driving and I don't need that type of trial by fire. Christchurch always seems a long way to go for a show...but this time they are coming here! To our new Arena. Have I mentioned I am excited? 

Last time I was this excited, it was a trip to the ballet though. L did ruin the first act of that for me from being very disruptive.  So I'm packing tonnes of snacks and drinks this time. Oh please be little angels for mummy!!!

9:10 PM Fri-28-Mar-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
Had a great night tonight, in Garden Place. They had the baskets and burners set up. A band playing, and they did the controlled burns to the music. I think Seven Sharp were filming there as well. Saw the camera crew and Jesse Mulligan. 

My girls hung with friends and danced up a storm. I had a boogie too! Why not, it's not like I go out dancing on Fridays anymore!! It was a fun start to my weekend. 

 Tomorrow is the Night Glow. I'm probably not going. Miss A is just too active and doesn't understand that she has to stay with me. 

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