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9:09 PM Tue-28-Oct-2014 - 1 comments - [ post comment ]
It was my birthday last week (the big 36) and I planned a Whovian (Dr Who) party for my friends.  I wanted something family friendly, fun and with a twist.  So I planned a dress up, a treasure hunt around the local gardens followed by dinner at a nice restaurant.  First up the costumes - everyone did pretty well.  Most of the ladies came as companions to the Dr.  One partner came as a male companion, another as an alien and a couple we know came as spider people.  All the kids came as Daleks or mega-Who fans.  And my husband dressed as one of the Doctors.  I was not quite dressed as I hoped.  I ordered a skirt online months ago and it's still not here.  Luckily by some miracle I met someone who was a costumer at a kid's party and she made me this AWESOME coat.


My girls have Etsy to thank for their cool clothes as well as Red Bubble for the Teeshirt design.  Miss A had Daleks all over her little dress:


And Miss L rocked her look:


The treasure hunt involved a few different challenges and things to find.  We got lots of fun photos to share with each other and there were lots of lollies to eat, which I know the kids liked.  Afterwards we did prizes as well, which were little Dr Who mini figures. 

At dinner I had a cocktail - first in a long while - this one had apple sourz in it as well as some blue stuff called Hypnotiq


I got this Tardis cake tin from Mightyape as well, and while it was a bit of a mission to get the cake right - a bit of advice at my local cake shop and some purchases of pre-made icing and I managed this masterpiece LOLZ


10:33 PM Fri-10-Oct-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
The next day of our Raglan escape, it was a lot colder and the sky was very overcast.  So we rugged up a lot more when we headed down to the beach.  The tide was way out as well and after some serious slipping and sliding in the mud by the water's edge, we came back up the beach to where the sand was drier and tried our luck at sand castles and other antics.

L did do some excellent drawings of angry birds and slingshots, but they came out quite blurry on my camera.  So here is A revealing her first well formed sandcastle ever (she tried about 8 times that morning and every time the bucket's handle knocked it over before it got a chance to stand tall). 


Here is L's hands and feet black with sand as she builds her own:


and lastly a shot of my girls buried though they protested that I stopped burying them too soon and they needed more, more, more SAND:


As we were digging about we did find some rubbish and glass.  I took care of the glass but my girls both turned rubbish collection into a bit of a game and they were both very tidy conservational Kiwis.  So proud.  Later at the dairy, Miss A found a lot of ice cream sticks that needed to go in the bin as well.

9:37 PM Thu-9-Oct-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
As we drove over the hill into Raglan I felt that old familiar feeling, I always get.  A feeling of peace that only seems to come to me when I arrive in Raglan for some reason.  It really has to be the most magical, serene places.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, blue skies for miles and so much warmth in the Spring day. 

We got down to the water around 4pm, and the girls had a roaring good time bucketing water from the shallow up to the beach and all over themselves:


The water however was freezing.  In and out they ran.  My eldest in a water suit at least, but the toddler in a rash suit.  I said to them, let's go back now...time to get out of the water.  There she was shivering and shaking like mad, and refusing - stubborn as a mule!!  Eventually we got her back to the unit and into a warm shower!


Once we were settled, we also went and explored the playground on site at the camp grounds.  I love Kopua Motor Camp.  They are so friendly there and they have great facilities, plus they are right there on the beach (at least the bit we like to go to).  Check out this awesome jumping pillow pad they have - the girls had a great time on it:



9:04 PM Wed-8-Oct-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
On the way to the beach last week, as a way to break up the trip I stopped at the Bridal Veil Falls track for lunch.  It's a wee way off the beaten track and my eldest was feeling pretty car sick by the time we got there.  But we had a lot of fun once we got there and had some food.  The track starts in bush canopy and was quite refreshingly brisk.  I love the cool of the forest!


We came out, into the sunshine and that's when the spring sun warmed us nicely.  We headed to the first look out, which is all on the same level. Last time I went, we had A in a stroller and that's as far as we got.  This time we decided we would do a bit more of the walkway.  There are a LOT of stairs:


But the track and boardwalks are all really well constructed.  Everything felt really sturdy and A was able to hold onto the railing the whole way down the stairs.  She had one or two falls but what surprised me was her complete determination to complete the walk all by herself.  So when she fell down, I would scoop her up for a cuddle and offer to carry her, but no way mum!  She had to do the lot herself including coming back up.  L was always miles ahead.


The view was amazing from every look out point we came to.  We didn't go all the way to the bottom because L decided not to, though I am convinced that A would have!  L loved all the rainbows in the water fall and I even managed to capture one here:


And of course, what is a walk without a snack break.  Here is a very suspicious A looking at me as they both munch down some vegan chocolate cupcakes.  L declared them to be excellent - no icing which she has decided is better.  So more of a chocolate muffin:


6:39 AM Fri-26-Sep-2014 - 1 comments - [ post comment ]
I am so tired. I can not wait for this weekend for hopefully some decent sleep.  Fingers firmly crossed of course!  This morning I was so tired in fact, that I made a very silly mistake.  I was about to brush my teeth, but I noticed that i needed to move some of the paste in the tube up.

Without too much thought at all, I pinched the bottom of the tube between my thumb and index finger and pushed them along all the way to the top.  In a dream, I watched almost every last bit of toothpaste in my almost new Sensadyne tube fly through the air and land on the other side of the bench.  It was almost graceful. the way it flew, but then kinda started to sink down the side of the basin like super bright blue slime.

I just stared at it for a while and the tube and thought "man, that was stupid".  Then I wiped it up and got on with my day.  My husband came downstairs just now, headed for the bathroom and then comes out looking awfully confused.  "Umm, did you use the toilet last?" Yup I say.  "Are you okay?"  Yup I say.  Then I realise that I didn't he is wondering why bright (like NEON) blue is coming out of me alt Yup, it's been a LONG week. 

6:41 PM Sun-24-Aug-2014 - 4 comments - [ post comment ]
between dieting (err healthy lifestyling), study and work, I haven't really left the house much over the last few months.

I've been not only suffering serious cabin fever, as I really only seem to see the house, the school and the supermarket, but I've been suffering serious mummy guilt. My poor kids have been largely left to their own devices while I get on top of study and assignments the last few months. And it saddens me that there is no end in sight, as the study and work must continue.

So tonight, I decided to change things up a little. I needed to get out of the house, but also spend some time with the kids, as well as get in a little exercise. So, with a treat dinner of pizza in hand, we drove out to Huia. It was great having a picnic pizza dinner, and get to spend to quality time with my kids, where the TV couldn't deter anyone from talking. After a bit of a walk, and a play in the park, and game of tag began. 

Its these moments, when chasing the kids around, I realise how unfit I actually am. But I pressed on, because, lets face it, no pain no gain right. I even managed to catch them a few times.

We definitely need to do it again. The kids had a blast tonight, and are already planning the next picnic dinner. So long as the weather plays along, Sunday night family picnics could be a new tradition.

10:14 PM Fri-25-Jul-2014 - 5 comments - [ post comment ]
Keeping kids entertained over the winter can be rather hard at times. I'm finding that the little boys are finding it especially hard, and they want to run around and burn off steam. My little girls are quite happy to craft all day, however the boys take a little more entertaining.

I have however found an activity that keeps them busy for hours. It was set up for the little boys, however the girls love it too.

I have a container, which has small wood chips in it. I have a few small diggers and trucks, along with a range of small plastic bugs, dinosaurs and animals. The boys spend hours using the diggers moving the wood chips around, burying the animals and finding 'treasure'. It like having a little mini sandpit inside.

I brought everything from either The Warehouse or K Mart, and it cost around $12 to set up. Well worth the hours of entertainment the boys have had from this!

So if your at a loss as to what to do with your wee guy on a rainy day, or you a studying mum and need some peace and quiet, give this a go!


10:00 PM Fri-25-Jul-2014 - 4 comments - [ post comment ]
Over summer the kids and I had some fun with Ice. Fizzy Ice to be exact.

Fizzy Ice....

you will need:


white vinegar

baking soda

food colouring


Step one:

This step is a good one for a rainy day. mix together some vinegar and food colouring, and fill balloons with as much as you would like, tie the balloons, and place in the freezer. This ice much easier and faster just using ice cube trays or containers. We decided balloons were the go this time. Make lots of different colours to add to the fun :)

Step two:

Once frozen the fun can begin! Cut the balloons off and discard. Place the ice cubes/balls onto a tray.


Step three:

Get the kids to sprinkle baking soda over the ice and watch the show! Add more if needed. This is a fantastic science experiment for small kids.


I highly recommend dark clothing for this experiment, due to the food colouring. Also, make enough to do this experiment several times, and just keep a stash in the freezer. It does take a while for them to freeze, and littlies aren't too good at waiting, so its great to have some ready to go at the last minute.

Have fun!

8:01 AM Mon-23-Jun-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
My kids had been stuck inside all day yesterday, so I decided we could open the Bird Cafe in our backyard.  It was one way to get Miss7 off Minecraft!  We made bird fairy bread with stale bread, peanut butter and wild bird seed mix:


And then we cut up the fruit in the fruit bowl that was passed it's best as well.  And opened the bird cafe!


Audra did a good scarecrow impression, which meant no birds at all. hee hee.  But nevermind, we went for a swing:


And eventually about 40 minutes after we went in, the birds came to feast alt

7:07 AM Fri-6-Jun-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
I had to get the car in for a WOF yesterday.  It's a pain in the butt every time it comes around.  We had an awful night of sleep for our youngest the night before.  In the morning, I dropped the kids at school/daycare and then drove to the garage and walked to work from there.  As I walked in, I knew I would be about 15 minutes late.  It couldn't be helped, but I also knew I was in for a HUGE day of meetings, and queries and times where I would want to pull my hair out (and I was right :P ).

However, as I walked through the main street, I started to notice something I wouldn't have witnessed otherwise.  I walked past the camping supplies store that has a piano outside.  The piano has been there for years with an invite to anyone to have a go.  Suddenly there was someone giving it a go.  And not in the way my daughter likes to give it a go.  She could REALLY play and she was belting out "It's a Wonderful World".  People slowed as they came to her, others stopped in awe.  As I continued on, I realised that the people around me were singing the song, like she had passed it on and they were taking it with them. 

It was just a little bit of magic, that kept me smiling for the day.  Because after all, it is a wonderful world.

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