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9:09 PM Tue-15-Apr-2014 - 5 comments - [ post comment ]
My husband reminded us this evening that there was a lunar eclipse on and that the Earth was going to eclipse the moon and make it appear red.  So he went out to check the moon and sure enough there was an eclipse to view.  The kids got their shoes on and out we headed to see this amazing sight.  It was really cool!

We tried to get photos, but we have nothing good for taking night time space this is the best we could do:


After we had seen enough, we headed inside much to the disgust of miss almost 2 who was convinced we were going out on a grand family adventure.  It took the promise of chocolate before she would come away from the car.

8:55 PM Sun-13-Apr-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
I'm still in the new to driving club. It's been nearly 3 years but I'm still very nervous behind the wheel. I'm also not very car orientated. I just don't know much about it. So today when I jumped in my car and drove to get some cash out for an adventure with my girls, I didn't think too much about the petrol light being on.

I just assumed that there was plenty otherwise it would have been filled the night before by DH. The needle was on the line and I figured it was plenty to get us there and then back to the station after our adventure. I was wrong. Really embarrassingly wrong.

So I went to the cash point and parked on hill street...when I got back in the car, I started the engine and it seemed fine then it went really odd.  The whole car felt heavy and sluggish. Then the brakes stopped working. I coasted downwards and thankfully found that the park option still worked. Once at the bottom, I started the car again and it worked. Then it was a very prayful drive directly to the nearest petrol station. 

Afterwards, I said to L, wow I don't know how I managed not to crash when I lost control of the car like that. She was quite oblivious. I must have remained pretty outwardly calm then. Because inside I was a kid again freaking right out!!!

8:05 PM Mon-31-Mar-2014 - 5 comments - [ post comment ]
Omg, omg, omg! I'm going to Disney on Ice! And I'm just really crossing my fingers and toes that my children don't ruin this for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited that we are going as a girlie group morning of Disney fun.  But this is seriously been on my bucket list since I was a kid.  

I haven't  been brave enough to go to Auckland to see this in the past. Im still new to driving and I don't need that type of trial by fire. Christchurch always seems a long way to go for a show...but this time they are coming here! To our new Arena. Have I mentioned I am excited? 

Last time I was this excited, it was a trip to the ballet though. L did ruin the first act of that for me from being very disruptive.  So I'm packing tonnes of snacks and drinks this time. Oh please be little angels for mummy!!!

9:10 PM Fri-28-Mar-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
Had a great night tonight, in Garden Place. They had the baskets and burners set up. A band playing, and they did the controlled burns to the music. I think Seven Sharp were filming there as well. Saw the camera crew and Jesse Mulligan. 

My girls hung with friends and danced up a storm. I had a boogie too! Why not, it's not like I go out dancing on Fridays anymore!! It was a fun start to my weekend. 

 Tomorrow is the Night Glow. I'm probably not going. Miss A is just too active and doesn't understand that she has to stay with me. 

4:04 PM Sat-8-Mar-2014 - 3 comments - [ post comment ]
Recently on a friends Facebook page, she started doing 100 happy days. Each day for a week or so she's posted a photo or comment on something that makes her happy.

So being me I googled to see what it was all about. It's basically a challenge set that 70 odd percent of people fail because they're too busy to bother taking a moment to find something that made them happy in any one day.

Now my friend has been through chemo twice in the last 5 or so years so I figured if she has plenty to be happy about, then so do I!

I am on day three of 100 happy days. My first three posts have been JB hearing The Blokes voice on the phone for the first time, Finding my 21st key in the back of the cupboard & reading the comments on it and Pocket & The Legend reading to JB.

The real challenge is for photos every day but my friend has some days just put a comment so I am intending to do the same because sometimes all you need is words. You're also supposed to log in and use hash tags (which I just don't 'get' the point of or even really know what they're for), but I'm just doing it on my own accord, for me, for 100 days on my Facebook page.

Care to join me?

Go JO!

11:32 PM Sun-2-Mar-2014 - 3 comments - [ post comment ]

For a little fun today, and because it was Dr Seuss' Birthday, I made green eggs.  I used some of the Nestle White Melts and some fondant icing I dyed green.  My daughters couldn't get enough of them. Unlike Sam I Am alt

9:16 PM Sat-1-Mar-2014 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]
Finally the FreeFM 89 Chalk Art Festival was held in Hamilton today.  They had it in Garden Place/Civic Centre near the council building.  We arrived and completed pre-registration and were given some nice shaded sections to set up in.  This year I decided that Audra could do a square too.  I'm not sure it was the right call.  She did enjoy being involved but she didn't have the focus for a full square of her own.  We will see how she is next time.

Leandra set about sketching in her bugs and things in her square.  Then started picking colours to fill in the bugs. 


She got bored a lot quicker this year than last.  So I ended up doing quite a bit of bending over, filling in colour as directed by the artist.  I broke one nail - so that was a win.  Last time I broke 6!  Her square was pretty impressive and I was proud of our team effort. 


Though we didn't come away with a major prize, she was very pleased with the certificate, chalk and the chocolate bar she got. She wanted this photo the most.  I think it made her feel like she was going to her created world.


Audra enjoyed scribbling about on her square, and when she got bored she played with the chalk and the carry box:



In any case, it was a LONG day.  And when we got home I was asleep on the couch in minutes!  hee hee. 

10:35 PM Tue-11-Feb-2014 - 2 comments - [ post comment ]
We were having a laugh at work today, talking about what we would do if we ever won the big one. It's fun to daydream about, but then I have a sad because I'm not super rich lolz.

Mine was that I would create my own business, which I would only put in 15 hours a week to. The rest of the time I would do the kid pick ups and drop offs, play groups and the like.

My husband wanted to create his own brewery, and then go on to become a beer judge and travel the world for competitions.

Another person said she wanted to set up an orchard winery. All good dreams, all involving some level of work but much more life balance.

What would you do with the "big one"?

4:48 PM Tue-4-Feb-2014 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]


Gillymama blogs for The Magic of Play!

With summer in full swing this is a great activity for a warm sunny day. It’s easy and fun to set up and if you’ve got kids, you’ll probably have balloons somewhere in the house.

This is a fun activity but your kids can also learn a few things too, like weight (of water), pressure, strength, & limits (of the balloons).

They also really enjoyed filling the balloons from the tap, trying to blow air into them without getting squirted in the face & trying to tie them off.

What you’ll need:

  • 1x Packet of quality party balloons (normal size, different shapes are fine)
  • Water
  • String/washing line
  • Pegs
  • Willing children (ready to get wet)
  • Balls/bats/rackets
  • Large bucket / Washing basket (makes it easy to carry filled balloons outside)


Start by filling your balloons from the cold tap. Aim to have all the balloons slightly different with the amount of water & air. Fill some up completely with water and fill some 1/3, 1/4, 1/2 etc with water and blow air into them before you tie them off. If the kids are filling and blowing them up they’re bound to be random!

TIP: the more water the better the pop! More air the longer they take to pop.

Carry basket/bucket of filled balloons outside and peg onto washing line, or tie up a piece of strong rope.

We took turns pegging the balloons on the line (which was chest height for the children), seeing which ones were heavier and looked like they'd break. Some were really heavy yet did not break! (talk about the stretching properties of the balloon).


When they were pegged, we (yes me too) took turns hitting the filled balloons with different racquets and balls. I was surprised even with the strongest whack none popped! Fits of laughter and surprise emerged when the kids were hitting the balloons and nothing was happening. Especially if one of them pulled the short straw and had to stand in the firing line to get wet.


We tried throwing/catching the filled balloons. From a close up and further away distance. The kids dictated where they thought they’d have to stand to make them POP!. No matter how hard we tried SOME balloons just would not pop!!!! Even when thrown at a knarly tree trunk they bounced off, many popped in the bushes and a few popped on feet! Sadly none on the face [insert wicked laugh here].


Let your kids discover ... More air, more water, no air, less air, less water? So many combinations produced different results. We talked a lot about WHY they were all behaving so differently.

My littlest one had so much fun with his small blue bouncy wobbly balloon, it morphed into different shapes as it bounced on the lawn. In the end he went out onto the driveway area and tried the concrete path and the gravel driveway. To his dismay his little blue balloon would not pop. Luckily Dad came home and was able throw it high into the air onto the gravel… splat!


The easy & fast way to do this activity would be to fill them all up with water and they'd pop first go, but when you add less water & more air it ended up much more fun for the kids as they were really hard to pop! They threw them at each other in anticipation they'd get wet... But they bounced! From age 3 to 9 this activity was loads of fun!


Have fun, and of course don't forget to collect up all the broken pieces of balloon.

10:16 AM Mon-3-Feb-2014 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]


BubbeezMum blogs for The Magic of Play!

When the weather is terrible outside (or whenever) and you really wish you could go to the beach, you can bring the beach to you (with a good imagination). Play-Doh have made a Beach Creation bucket so you can go to the beach at home. What it comes with is x4 Play-Doh containers x3 regular playdough and x1 sand textured compound. A small bucket and spade, a starfish and lobster cutter, a fish head and tail and x3 ‘hats’ to make spaghetti like Play-Doh. All in a bucket you can reuse after you finished (it all goes back in).


Miss 4 and Master 1 loved using the beach creation bucket, they make sandcastles using the Play-Doh, starfish and lobsters with the cutters adding eyes and mouths to them as well. They also do very well with turn taking of the bucket and spade.


Master 1 likes using the big bucket (that everything comes in) and making balls or pulling the Play-Doh into small pieces and posting it in the big bucket, which is great for his fine motor as well as his hand and eye co-ordination.


Miss 4 liked creating different fish with the fish head and tail, sometimes she would make a flat fish like below other times she would roll in a ball and make a puffer fish, or her favourite a Nemo Fish. This was good for her as she added things (I noticed) each time she made a new one, like scales or fins, we looked at some Fish pictures too so she had more ideas of fish she could make.

She also used the fish to tell stories, which is really good for her imaginative play. One day a fish was on the beach out of the water and Miss 4 had to use the bucket and spade to save the fish. Luckily she managed to save the fish and it was happy swimming around in the water again.


The sand textured compound is amazing it really has a sand feel to it and like ‘real’ sand it stays on your hands a little, for a true beach like experience. So both kids are having a very tactile experience using the sand compound and Play-Doh. The smell is different Miss 4 and I think it has a flower like smell. It also leaves your hands feeling silky smooth. I am yet to find out if you can buy this separately because although we have managed to keep mainly separate from the other colours it has mixed slightly and I can see with more and more play it will mix and will need to eventually get more but I am not sure if that means buying a new bucket?

alt alt

Miss 4 has even enjoyed tracing around the cutters and colouring in the starfish or lobster and we have started making patterns with the cutters.

We really like the beach creation bucket and have had many ‘inside’ beach days at home with it with the kids having some great learning experiences with it.

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