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Good moms have dirty ovens -part 2
Posted 2:02 PM on Mon-9-Sep-2013
(part 2)Following on from part 1.Thanks to the insistence of my husband, I went to see another GP at the same practice about my emotional well-being. I’d been seeing her some time with the kids, and she knew the stress I was under.  She was great to talk to and understood where I was coming from.Resigning didn’t really seem a viable option at the time, but we knew that I needed to get away from the toxic environment at work, as soon as possible, so I resigned. It has been 18 months since I walked out of my office. The sun, that I once wondered if it existed, did not fall from the sky, and the earth kept spinning.We had to cut back and give up on some thin Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 3 Comments
Good moms have dirty ovens -part 1
Posted 1:48 PM on Mon-9-Sep-2013
                                                                                               “My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it!”;“Messy house, Dirty Dishes, Happy kids”;“Excuse the Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 0 Comment
Curious Creatures - when what we cry differs from what we tolerate
Posted 1:54 PM on Sun-1-Sep-2013
So hubby and the kiddos really wanted to break in his Father's day togs at the local Leisure Centre. I grab my book and off we go, on arrival I settle myself on the benches and start people watching ( one of my favorite pass times!)Not long before I spot this 30 something mom to the right of me, long bottle blond extensions, emerald green nails. On her left hand ring finger she is sporting some or another bling green dress ring. She wears a black skimpy bikini top and a blue bathroom towel around her waist, typing away on her laptop, she occasionally peers over it at her kids splashing about.At some point her phone rings, she hold it up between her ring bearing finger and thumb - the ph Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 0 Comment
Posted 8:34 PM on Wed-21-Aug-2013
I'm writing this in red, because this afternoon & this evening I've been grumpy! I don't know why, maybe I'm tired, probably a few preggy hormones rumbling around, but good grief have I been snappy McSnap Snap.Ok, back to black, a bit hard to read the red on white! I haven't completely nutted off at anyone, but everything has been driving me crazy. I've kept it in mostly but the poor old Bloke (no bugger it, not poor old him, just him) copped it when he was only trying to make a suggestions. Whoops. It was one of those conversations where we were all sitting at the dinner table and Pocket & The Legend were harping on about something, and The Bloke and I Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
Posted 11:04 PM on Thu-15-Aug-2013
Hello there fellow kidspotters :) I  have been missing my fix of kidspot lately as I have spent 2 weeks in Waikato Hospital with Mr18 due to health problems. His transplanted kidney has decided to start playing up after 15yrs. Things have settled a little but are being watched closely and he will need a biopsy and possible CT scan to confirm what it is going on in the near future. He is back at school and feeling pretty good in himself and that is the main thing. We made it home from hospital on the day of Miss10's birthday which she was very pleased about, but then to have to race up the following week again :P! This time of year means we have&nb Read More...
Posted by mumof6 5 Comments
My bloggest fan
Posted 8:24 PM on Wed-14-Aug-2013
Nothing is sacred in the world of blog. Not even a phone conversation with my Ma. She only lives a few streets away, but we talk on the phone often.Today, realising that the homemade roasted nuts recipe I had text her about was too long to text me back, she decided to phone me. Of course the conversation moved on from the recipe eventually and she commented on how she (my biggest blog groupie hehe) was glad to see me back on Kidspot. (There you go Ma - I mentioned ya, you're famous )Ma commenting how great she thinks Kidspot is, made me realise that I take for granted the ability to discuss parenting issues with not only my friends and family, but my online friends also.Imagine how much Read More...
Posted by GoMummyJo 3 Comments
The life of a real retro wife
Posted 5:34 PM on Thu-25-Jul-2013
I read a blog post, at village voices by Wendy Tuohy, and decided to write her an open letter, about how it is to really be a retro wife......below is only an excerpt of the piece as it turned out to be more of an open referendum than a letter! oops Dear Wendy Tuohy,You got it so wrong, it is laughable!!I read your blog post about the trendy myth of the retro wife not once, not twice, but three times over to make sure I was getting what you hoped to convey.You almost sound resentful about the former financial services wizz turned stay at home mothers, who may or may not happen to be married to financial wizz husbands, with a better array of choices at their hands than say you or me Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 2 Comments
Delivery Day Make-Overs
Posted 5:28 PM on Wed-17-Jul-2013 haven't reacted in this way to an article for a VERY VERY long time!!! Apparently the newest trend is to have a pre-delivery make-over to look your best for the 'minute once bubs is born' snap!!! HONESTLY?!?! The trend is probably being further driven by celebrity moms tweeting immaculate post birth pics!!! The article describes how salons in the UK are getting quite popular for doing D-Day (Delivery day makeovers), with expectant moms booking a session anywhere from 2 months up to a couple of days prior to delivery to have a make-over, cut colour, blow Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 4 Comments
I don't love my kids the same!
Posted 3:49 PM on Mon-15-Jul-2013
Growing up, I always felt that my parents loved my younger brother more than me! I vividly remember, mum was still pregnant with him, and we went to our local version of The splashed out and got him an electric train-set in-utero...and I ..well... I got a pair of black baby doll school shoes Throw in me accidentally overhearing my mom tell my aunt one day that she had always put her heart on her first baby being a boy, and you have a recipe for years of therapy!! ha ha - not really though the combination of these two memories, shaped the rest of my life's anything about parenting!! Don't get me wrong, my parents, who had four kids, loved all of us dearly, and did t Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 3 Comments
When it's worth it
Posted 2:32 PM on Sun-7-Jul-2013
Being a stay at home mom is  hard!! It has proven my hypothesis that there is just no way of getting around motherhood guilt When I was working, I felt guilty for sending sick kiddos to school, and for not being able to attend school trips and functions, and for being too tired to spend quality time with my kids and for being short when I had had a bad day with colleagues who had no idea of the demands on a working immigrant mother with no support system!! Then hubby and I decided enough is enough..well actually my GP had some input too, and I resigned to pursue a business from home in photography. Needless to say,  once Mr 3 was home full time, this became really really hard, and Read More...
Posted by Bermabot 4 Comments

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