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Keeping Ourselves Safe
Posted 9:38 PM on Fri-1-Aug-2014
I love the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme that the police run through schools.  We are in our second outing of the programme and they are covering things in a bit more depth this time around.  We had a funny moment this evening though when Nana asked Miss 7 what she had been learning at school today.  The answer: Don't show your private parts out to boys.  You can imagine the silence - with no context, you'd be thinking "WTH?"After the call with Nana, I got miss talking about the lesson and gave her a little pop quiz.  If Daddy has friends over and you are in the shower, what do you do before you come and say hi?  (get dry and dressed).&nbs Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Ray Ban Sunglasses Overview - A Look at Probably the most Well-liked Pairs for Women as well as men
Posted 8:15 PM on Fri-1-Aug-2014
Ray Ban sunglasses are made by a business that is existed given that 1975. There are plenty of styles available for people each. These sunglasses are intended for sturdiness and comfort. Thanks to be able to particular technology, unsafe UV sun light are filtered out.Ray Ban is just about the most iconic manufacturers in the marketplace. Athletes across the globe wear these sunglasses. The brand is famed due to the superior lens technologies for sunshine eyewear and prescription eyewear each.Cheap Ray Bans Sunglasses for GuysThe sunglasses attainable for men come in a range of colours and styles. No matter whether you decide on classic black sunglasses or some thing additional colo Read More...
Posted by coleprater 0 Comment
Why Do Plenty of Film Stars Wear Ray Ban Sunglasses
Posted 8:14 PM on Fri-1-Aug-2014
Sunglasses trend designers now undoubtedly are a standing symbol, nevertheless, to become trendy in sunglasses, you don't should compromise on the top quality. Sunglasses style top notch in many cases are polarized to reduce glare via sunlight reflected on surfaces such as the highway, cars, water or compacted snow. Polarized sunglasses work by impeding the horizontal light reflections meant for let in vertical light experience. The polarization of designer Sunglasses makes stylish in other areas of existence this kind of as golf, boating, cycling, going swimming, fishing and aircraft flying.The sellers of designer sunglasses target small children who select the same tantalizi Read More...
Posted by coleprater 0 Comment
Fake Ray Ban sunglasses will not Are available
Posted 8:13 PM on Fri-1-Aug-2014
Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses two in one and classyKnockoff Ray Bans Aviator Sunglasses are attractive unique. The product was 1st launched whilst within the seventies. This product or service is really favored by those that absolutely need trustworthy sunglasses though getting in an exercise like sports. The very first pair positioned within the industry was the Jim Jannard with the many years the item has brought its swings and roundabouts.Nevertheless, it could be honest expressing this brand is now kids title. It is a good provide loved by Americans merely because this is often a homemade label and also right now a genuine pair have being created during the US. While this brand is Read More...
Posted by coleprater 0 Comment
Posted 10:40 PM on Thu-31-Jul-2014
At my day job I have been doing the same role for nearly 5 years.  Yesterday I signed my new contract and today it was announced to the wider team that I'm moving to another role.  I am nervous, there is so much work to do and so much to learn.  But I am beyond stoked as well.  I was ready for a shift.  The role I currently do, was never a career path for me.  And yet I did the same job for so long that even recruiters were calling to see if I would jump ship to work in the same field elsewhere.  That's when I really knew I needed to get out of that role.  New role is going to be lots of work.  Some serious juggling of my time.  But Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Thank goodness for Friday!
Posted 9:21 PM on Thu-31-Jul-2014
I'm so pleased tomorrow is Friday!This week hasn't been overly busy for me, yet I'm sitting here exhausted. And there is no real rest in sight as tomorrow night I'm off shopping for camp supplies for miss 16. Im hoping that after we have don't that I can sit in peace and enjoy a coffee and relax. And on Saturday I'm hoping miss 6 is kind and sleeps in past 8am.Fridays are my quiet day for work, which is a great wind down. I'm off to bed early tonight, minus the study I would normally do. I have learned the hard way more times than one that burning the candle at both ends always ends me in hospital. So tonight I'm listening to my body, and heading to be
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
The itchy and scratchy show
Posted 9:04 AM on Thu-31-Jul-2014
I have never before been more tempted to take someone elses child home, and treat them for head lice. My daughter, miss 6, has been infested with head lice for months. And even doing through them everyday doesn't seem to get rid of the little rats. What doesn't help is when miss 6 goes to her dads, he doesn't bother combing through her hair, and she returns to my place with extra.The other problem, a girl in miss 6's class is infested. And by infested I mean you can see them crawling through every strand of her hair, and you can see egg on top of egg on top of egg. She has been that way for months, and its even getting to the teacher. The poor wee girl must be misera Read More...
Posted by SarahK 6 Comments
Just one more?
Posted 7:52 PM on Wed-30-Jul-2014
Oh im soooooo clucky right now!There are babies everywhere and I'd love to have one more! Its actually not a nice feeling that I have to be honest. I'm very thankful to have been able to have my three girls, especially knowing that so many people try and are unable to be as lucky as I have been.But yet I still feel hard done by. I feel like my health issues ruined my marriage, and it certainly ruined any chances of me having any more children. Chemo and pregnancy just can't go together. After all the goings on that I had last year, my friends birth this morning, although im extremely happy and excited for then, has left me rather sad. Had chemo not gotten in the way, Id h Read More...
Posted by SarahK 2 Comments
Finally getting help!
Posted 7:43 PM on Wed-30-Jul-2014
Miss 13 has been having issues since she was born.When she started school we had her hearing tested, and visited several professionals who diagnosed her on the autism spectrum, and with CPD. Ever since then, we have battled with schools to get her the extra help that she needs. Since then, schools have blamed her learning disabilities in the fact I was a young mother, and called me lazy and unhelpful. I've spent years trying to catch her up on school learning at home, whilst also trying to hold down a job and deal with my own health issues. Since then, things surrounding miss 13's learning have been rather frustrating.Well I must say that I'm SUPER happy with her new high scho Read More...
Posted by SarahK 7 Comments
Disney on Ice - Review
Posted 9:38 PM on Mon-28-Jul-2014
I was so excited to go to Disney on Ice this month.  Seeing a Disney on Ice show has been on my bucket list for a few years now.  Every time it comes to New Zealand, I think ohhh!  But then I talk myself out of the travel and parking and stress it would involve.  Having it right here in Hamilton this time was absolutely brilliant.Parking was not an issue.  I have my secret spot a few minutes walk from Claudlands.  The kids were excited as we walked up and the number of people was amazing.  So many queues, but we all moved very quickly inside.  There were lots of little shops for merchandise and food, which meant that everyone moved through quickly.&nbs Read More...
Posted by kymmage 4 Comments

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