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Keeping me on my toes!
Posted 10:36 PM on Sun-19-Oct-2014
My beautiful 2 year old has been keeping me on my toes today!  Firstly, she found her sister's jewelry making stuff.  She wanted to "paint" and I said no.  Then she sweetly asked to "colour" and again I said no.  So she sulked, and I said "okay, okay, soon".  I walked out to the washing machine grabbed two shirts out and came to hang them out.  I hear a crack and I think "what was that?" go over to her and she has some nail polish open and is painting some of the jewelry - thankfully nothing important!  I was gone maybe 2 minutes (though it felt a lot less), and she had actually managed to open 5 bottles and used Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Time to Take the Plunge?
Posted 9:04 PM on Sat-18-Oct-2014
In the last few days my toddler has become very much a "monkey see, monkey do".  I don't know, maybe the week without her big sister was tougher on her than it appeared.  She suddenly needs to be doing everything that her big sis is doing.  Tonight we said it was bedtime and they both ran for the bathroom.  Little sister eager to brush her teeth like her sister does.  And then it was toilet time.  Big sis went onto the toilet and little sis ran upstairs for the other toilet.  So I rushed up with her and we got her onto the toilet.  I think in the excitement she had just been in her nappy but she managed to squeeze a little wee into the t Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
He knows me too well
Posted 3:25 PM on Sat-18-Oct-2014
I have been under some stress at work lately.  I'm sure some of it is in my head of course, but I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to be awesome at something that is quite alien to me.  Basically imagine that you are in full fight or flight mode 4+ hours a day, with all the heart pounding panic that entails.  My husband, knowing me as he does, has been so supportive.  He has been listening to the vents and trying to find ways to keep me calm while I work.  So he decided that I need some Bowie music and organised three albums full to be available for me to listen to while I work - so sweet and great tracks too.And then he did this to the wallpaper of my sma Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Movie date
Posted 7:39 AM on Thu-16-Oct-2014
So me and Ollie went on a movie date to spend some well needed time together, It was his first time to the movie's so he was so excited. We went and saw plane's, He really enjoyed It once he settled. He was a tad bit nervous and sacared as he didn't quite know what to expect.We were the only one's there at the beginning so he was rather happy he could run around and make alot of noise, once other's came he soon realised it was time to calm down.We took our own little bits of food, muffins, bar etc.. But I had to buy some water as I forgot to bring and I got him a little bag of chip's, because hes not big on pop corn anymore, and by crikey It was like $8 for just Read More...
Posted by nummabear 5 Comments
Restrain your child!
Posted 4:14 PM on Wed-15-Oct-2014
Ok, long story short.I went out for coffee with my mate today. The café has one long table with stools around it and a bunch of the usual tables and chairs. In the midst of coffee and chat my mouth drops open (hope no coffee dribbled out) and bestie turns to see what I'm staring at. Couple at the long table were letting their little girl run riot ON the table. She was literally sitting, standing, jumping, dancing ON the table. The table that other customers would shortly be putting their food and drinks on. In what world is that ok? The mother saw us gaping at her and still did nothing. I'm pretty relaxed about kids in cafes, after all mine spent a lot of time playi
Posted by ekubo 3 Comments
Posted 10:37 AM on Wed-15-Oct-2014
Who would of thought that I would ever enjoy running!!! I drop ollie off at kindy then on the bus i get to the hamilton lake, then as soon as i get there i start.... I feel like stopping but i tell myself to keep going you can do this! and I so can!!Today I ran the whole lake 3.8km without on stop (well maybe one,to tie my shoelaces) At the end I felt so damn proud, I mean this is coming from a woman who couldn't even walk up a darn hill without loosing my breath, now i'm running up them!!! once I finished round the lake, I then continued to run to the bus depot! haha Doing something new and out of your comfort zone really boosts your confidance eh, I know It has mine, for sur
Posted by nummabear 1 Comment
To cat or not to cat
Posted 9:42 PM on Tue-14-Oct-2014
We have been cat-less for 5 years.  It feels like forever.  I miss the smoochy snuggles.  I do not miss the early morning wake ups or the clean up duties.  But I do miss the smooches.  I have been toying with requesting a kitten for my birthday.  The only thing that was putting me off was the fact that all living things eventually die.  I know that shouldn't stop me, but I have been through one pretty traumatic cat loss in my time (dog attack) and I just don't know if I could handle losing another furbaby like that.  In any case, we were talking about it the other day, me and my eldest girl.  I said I would maybe call it David Meowie (af Read More...
Posted by kymmage 7 Comments
Day Two - Raglan escape
Posted 10:33 PM on Fri-10-Oct-2014
The next day of our Raglan escape, it was a lot colder and the sky was very overcast.  So we rugged up a lot more when we headed down to the beach.  The tide was way out as well and after some serious slipping and sliding in the mud by the water's edge, we came back up the beach to where the sand was drier and tried our luck at sand castles and other antics. L did do some excellent drawings of angry birds and slingshots, but they came out quite blurry on my camera.  So here is A revealing her first well formed sandcastle ever (she tried about 8 times that morning and every time the bucket's handle knocked it over before it got a chance to stand tall).  Here is L Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Day One - Raglan escape
Posted 9:37 PM on Thu-9-Oct-2014
As we drove over the hill into Raglan I felt that old familiar feeling, I always get.  A feeling of peace that only seems to come to me when I arrive in Raglan for some reason.  It really has to be the most magical, serene places.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, blue skies for miles and so much warmth in the Spring day.  We got down to the water around 4pm, and the girls had a roaring good time bucketing water from the shallow up to the beach and all over themselves:The water however was freezing.  In and out they ran.  My eldest in a water suit at least, but the toddler in a rash suit.  I said to them, let's go back now...time to get out of the Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Bridal Veil Falls Adventure
Posted 9:04 PM on Wed-8-Oct-2014
On the way to the beach last week, as a way to break up the trip I stopped at the Bridal Veil Falls track for lunch.  It's a wee way off the beaten track and my eldest was feeling pretty car sick by the time we got there.  But we had a lot of fun once we got there and had some food.  The track starts in bush canopy and was quite refreshingly brisk.  I love the cool of the forest!We came out, into the sunshine and that's when the spring sun warmed us nicely.  We headed to the first look out, which is all on the same level. Last time I went, we had A in a stroller and that's as far as we got.  This time we decided we would do a bit more of the walkw Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments

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