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What ARE we doing for Christmas?
Posted 6:39 AM on Thu-20-Nov-2014
Our holidays aren't exactly planned this year and it's fast approaching.  My husband thought that he had booked in with one set of parents so I told mine what our plans were.  Then a few days ago, we were told the first set weren't that keen.  Fair enough, it's a lot to take on and plus they get a lot of people trying to stay with them all the over - their place is gorgeous.  So I talked to my parents last night and they are thinking of spending Christmas with my brother - and fair enough too - we weren't planning on spending the day with them after all.  Though we planned day trips since thankfully all our parents are within an hour of each Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Posted 12:18 PM on Wed-19-Nov-2014
So life has been quite hard for me recently. Besides the obvious stresses of single parenting, working full time and also trying to study part time, I've been having to try and deal with my ex and the children.My ex and I had an agreement that he would take the children on Wednesday and Saturday nights to give me a break. This has worked out not too badly however, as per usual, it's nearing Christmas, and he seems to think that because he is busy, he can't have the children as he has many events to attend, as well as work. What does that mean for me? No break at all. I even had to cancel going to my own work Christmas function, as he is busy. I don't really get a break as Read More...
Posted by SarahK 5 Comments
First Aid Certificate... Do you have one?
Posted 9:54 AM on Wed-19-Nov-2014
I've always considered it to be very important to have a first aid certificate. As parents I think its important, even to know the basics. But you never know when you will need it.Last night for us, was one of those times. We live on the corner of a rather busy intersection in Auckland. There are often minor accidents there, and we have been waiting for the day that something serious happens. Last nights accident, was a bit of a freak accident, but still very serious. Car vs elderly man on a mobility scooter, which he had lost control of.It was great to see that at the people in my area don't suffer from the bystander affect, which I have seen many times on the night time news were Read More...
Posted by SarahK 5 Comments
Coming out of my funk
Posted 10:59 PM on Tue-18-Nov-2014
As I have previously mentioned in my blogs, I do suffer from depression.  It comes in cycles and can sneak up on me.  Lately at work, things have been hectic.  I noticed that I was feeling trapped, having heart palpitations.  I noticed that I was started to feel sick whenever I walked into the office.  I kept pushing it down.I noticed when I suddenly couldn't enjoy my normal coffee.  When I had to change my diet because nothing tasted good or left me feeling sicker.  I noticed when I couldn't eat anything before 1pm.  And eventually, later than I should have, I put my hand up to say "okay, I'm drowning. Help"  And help cam Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Posted 10:10 PM on Mon-17-Nov-2014
Recently we have had some homework avoidance and a lot of "I can't do it" from Miss 7.  I know she finds reading tough.  She seems to read photographically.  This means that she reads the whole word, and has difficulty sounding or stringing sounds together.  Its frustrating for her and even though she is doing so much better this year than others...she still hates reading at home.So tonight when I got home, I asked if she had done her homework and she turned to me and said "I am awesome.  I am amazing".  I must have looked confused.  Hubby said to me "homework is about building confidence and the reader wasn't doing it, so Read More...
Posted by kymmage 6 Comments
Salt Dough gets Bling
Posted 9:54 PM on Mon-17-Nov-2014
Tonight, with the Salt Dough being baked and previously painted white by Miss 2.  I decided it was time to bling them for their Christmas Wreath.  So I sat toddle down, opened the sequins I bought at Kmart and made a small puddle of PVA for her to brush on:We had a pretty frustarting first 20 minutes because she couldn't understand what I was asking her to do.  And when I demonstrated she followed my lead exactly....and as I was trying my best not to do it for her, I wasn't doing exactly what I wanted her to do.  So in the end I had to stick a few on for her to get the idea.  She re-arranged them for me afterwards anyway, so I feel like she mostly did it he Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Shopping with a Tired Toddler
Posted 11:05 PM on Sun-16-Nov-2014
On Saturday, my toddler made her desire not to nap very the top of her lungs.  With that firmly in mind, on Sunday, I figured that we would go shopping for a few bits and bobs after lunch.  We got into the car and went to Spotlight.  Once there, we browsed the aisles.  She showed me a few lovely things she liked.  I picked up two wreaths for our Trees at Meteor entry - it's a new category and both girls are going for the wreath section this time around.  Yay - I suspect that it will be easier overall and they'll be more visible as well during the display week.Towards the end of our Spotlight trip, she found singing Santa and pushed his butt Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Salt Dough Creations
Posted 3:03 PM on Sat-15-Nov-2014
Every year we do this thing in Hamilton called Trees at Meteor.  This year, we decided that Audra could do a Salt Dough creation.  The reason I went with this, was that she loves baking.  She loves being in the kitchen, and dumping ingredients into a bowl.  She loves doing the mixing.  And today - I realised that not only does she love rolling dough out, but she loves using cookie cutters and given a task to do, she does brilliantly at following demonstrated instructions - like using a straw to make holes in her decorations.She really liked the heart and the star shapes as well as the tree.  She picked a clover looking one as well.  Look at her face, while Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Lost In space
Posted 6:29 AM on Fri-14-Nov-2014
I feel like I'm in la la land at the moment. And I feel Like I've missed out on a great deal.I've been so busy this past year, that not having so much to do have left me feeling rather odd.Study is over for a few days, my last exam is now out of the way, and I've had a week with the kids, getting to spend WAY more time with them than I have in a long time. Last night for example, I spent two hours helping miss almost 14 doing an assignment (one she didn't know about, yet was due a week ago.. odd). It was great just to be able to sit next to her and help her learn to use things on the computer, and learn to hunt for information on the internet effectively. I tell you Read More...
Posted by SarahK 2 Comments
She's here
Posted 7:41 PM on Wed-12-Nov-2014
Our baby has arrived :) Vaia Pearl.She's a chubby wee thing, was 8lb10 and has already passed the 9lb mark. apparently i'm a good breastfeeder :) anyway apart from the sleepless nights we're doing very well. XX
Posted by thecoffeelady 7 Comments

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