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Having a go at making a bullet journal
Posted 2:37 PM on Wed-3-Jun-2015
Well the other night, when I was looking for something else, I came across an A4 book that an ex work mate had given me when they were clearing out their office and decided to use it to give bullet journaling a go. Admittedly A4 is bigger than what I would normally want but since this was free and had been sitting around unused for a few years now, why not give it a go.I am only using this for my volunteer work with the vet nursing association because if/when I stop being journal editor I will pass this on to who ever is taking over to help them get a handle on timelines, future plans etc, so I don't think they need to know when I was at work, kids had a Dr's appointment etc. Plus Read More...
Posted by oommii 1 Comment
Fix Your Fussy Eaters!
Posted 12:25 PM on Wed-3-Jun-2015
Posted by intelligentbiped 0 Comment
Zero minutes
Posted 10:56 PM on Tue-2-Jun-2015
I'm not going all out with the exercise at the moment, I just don't have it in me.  But since I added a pedometer and Google Fit to my phone, I have been pretty good at getting out for a walk or two during the day and trying to just move more.  I was having some pain in my hips in the last month and this has definitely helped somewhat!  A bit of movement, and my hips don't feel as tired as they did.This weekend I was determined to be productive and to also get out and enjoy it.  But the first day, was a fail.  I was offered some free furniture and that was being delivered though there was no timeframe.  L was getting a new-to-her desk and A was ge Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Where Did these Years Go?
Posted 9:07 PM on Mon-1-Jun-2015
Hi everyone!Its been a few years since I posted in my blog, and  I gotta say, reading my old posts brings back some memories that I had forgotten.How long ago it seems, that I was an expectant mum, waiting for my first, then second baby. Not knowing what awaited me.There were some challenges along the way-sleepless nights, colic, depression, uncertainty, and the shock that my life had changed invariably, forever. I lost my father two days before Oliver was born, and whilst my entire family mourned my father at his funeral, I was giving birth to my second son whom I named Oliver William Edward after my dad. It was both the most traumatic thing that I have ever gone through, and one of th Read More...
Posted by Hope 2 Comments
Posted 5:49 PM on Thu-28-May-2015
When you have 3 daughters, this is an awful awful word!I'm now itching to get in the shower and thoroughly go through my own hair.Ick ick ick, not a happy mummy!
Posted by Pommiegotlost 2 Comments
Bricks 4 Kidz - Hamilton
Posted 9:51 PM on Tue-26-May-2015
Bricks 4 Kidz is a cool group that run courses, and school holiday programmes and birthday parties, involving a STEM programme (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and Lego.  It's educational and fun, and I have been hoping to get my daughter involved in a course for a while.This term, her school decided to trial a 6 week lunchtime course.  So every Monday, she takes her lunch to a room and sits with other like-minded kids.  They watch a short video with instructions on the creation they are making for the day, have a power point on some of the learning topics and then get stuck in working alone and in groups to achieve the objective.  They also have a Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Who remembers Paint with Water books?
Posted 9:20 PM on Tue-26-May-2015
My mum found this paint with water book for Miss A's birthday and so she has been very keen to crack into it.  Another friend got her this beautiful art set, so she was begging me this afternoon to paint with the book and her new paints.  It was quite a mission trying to convince her that no paint was needed.There was in fact a full-on tantrum because I was getting a glass of water for her and not letting her open her paints.  Then I showed her the magic.  A dab of water and the paint just happens.  Of course it kinda just all goes a green/blue shade.  But it was just as magic as I remember it.Here she is - posing with her new paint book.  Very serious
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
Go away bugs
Posted 12:17 AM on Mon-25-May-2015
My poor baby came home from daycare early on Friday, throwing up.  She continued to be really unwell and throwing up until mid morning.  Then that stopped thankfully, but the other end started.  I had big plans this weekend, so I was a bit gutted about that.  Come Saturday, she was feeling much better and once it had been 24 hours since anything had happened, I decided to go out and enjoy the weekend with her.  We went to a cool one-off market that was close to home.  She loved it.  They had lots of neat little things, like hair clips, and upcycled vintage things and handmade banners and posters and things.  After the market we skipped, and jumped arou Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Me Do It!
Posted 10:18 PM on Sat-23-May-2015
Miss 3 is going through a huge independence phase at the moment.  She has for the last 12 months been very keen to work things out on her own, which is all part of that transition from baby to toddler to preschooler.  I know the mechanics of it all very well.  I hear "Me do it!" about just about everything - When it's teeth brushing time - me do it - means I hold the tooth brush and the tooth paste and I apply the paste to the tooth brush all by myself.  Of course this is fiddly, and eventually she allows me to help.When it's nappy changing time - me do it - means I take my nappy off myself, and then I put my own nappy back on even if this is even more Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Cold days
Posted 4:12 PM on Sat-23-May-2015
Last night i knew it was going to be cold today, so at 9pm last night i was peeling vegie's and making soup! Woke up this morning to rain and and coldness! So i finished my soup off and got it ready for lunch, and now its going to be for dinner too :) I was told it was horrible haha but actually i love it! More for me :) It looks like green vomit lol but tasty and warmed me up perfectly :) The others don't know what they're missing!All it is is, Kumera,pumpkin,Brocolli,celery,onion,stock... I love winter for soup...other than that i hate it! lolWhat do you do on a cold wintery day like today??
Posted by nummabear 2 Comments

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