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Children in Business
Posted 10:07 PM on Fri-19-Sep-2014
My eldest who is 7 years old has expressed a desire to get a job this afternoon.  I wasn't sure what to tell her.  I know I had many get rich quick schemes in my time.  Some thing I did without even consulting my parents Lol.  So I asked what she would like to do.  She wanted to sell books she had written.  At this stage they need some work before I would agree to that.  So next I suggested housework and she asked if she could set up a business instead.  She is all about the creating and not at all about the cleaning hee hee.  So we settled I think on her making something to on-sell.  But now I need to find out all about taxes for sale o Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Election Time
Posted 9:19 PM on Fri-19-Sep-2014
Today during our lunch break at work, we stepped into an early polling centre in town and cast our votes.  It was a bit strange doing it, but the numbers there were very light and the weather promises to be a dog tomorrow.  So it's all done and dusted.  I can relax and watch the results sometime tomorrow.I read somewhere today that over 120 years ago, women didn't have the vote.  Seems such a short time ago, doesn't it?  What a beautiful time we live in, that we are more aware of equality and are striving for more every day.  I don't mind who women (or people for that matter) vote for, just as long as they make use of something that once we d
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Afraid of change
Posted 3:10 PM on Thu-18-Sep-2014
Right, So I've been seeing my partner for 2 year's now and he has become an awesome dad to Ollie, So It was pretty much time for him to make the big move...Eeekkkk after 2 year's i got pretty comfy with how it was, he'd come two week's then leave two week's ( he was caring for his ill parent's in auckland) Just recently, like monday just gone recent! He got a job just down the road from me, and now moved in! It's happened so fast its insane, like most people i hate change and it takes time for me to adapt  lolThere's no negative;s with it, only that i need to make room for him and share, haha im like a big kid, i don't want to share Read More...
Posted by nummabear 6 Comments
Rain rain go away
Posted 11:48 AM on Tue-16-Sep-2014
So its currently sunny as I type this, but the weather here has been terrible until about an hour ago here. So much so that my house is now sporting an indoor swimming pool.My garage, lounge and basement have flooded. The drapes in my lounge are soaked! Thankfully I have a dehumidifier running to dry things off a bit. And It looks like it will have to be going overtime tonight to try and dry my basement... which is where miss 16's bedroom is.Time to clean out my gutters by the looks. Having clogged gutters certainly can't of helped. 
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
Party planning
Posted 11:07 PM on Sun-14-Sep-2014
My birthday is coming up and earlier in the year I made a big thing of pre-booking the date and letting all my friends know. I had all these big plans, and of course now we get to the time and I have no money for this party and no real plans.  I did hope to book a venue and pay earlier in the year but they kept making it difficult - wouldn't discuss over email and were never available to discuss in person.  Anyway, now I'm starting to think about ways to have a super fun, interactive party.  Better than last year because I put so much time and thought into the food and costumes I didn't stop and think about people actually doing something or having fun.  At Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Kids - not for the faint hearted
Posted 11:00 PM on Sun-14-Sep-2014
Wow, my kids have been in fine form this weekend.  They have been for the most part completely lovely of course.  But there have been moments with both of them where I have thought "they are to lucky to have me as their mum".  Anyone else might have locked them in the Harry Potter cupboard by now (that's what we call our vacuum cleaner's home).  Example 1 - Miss 7This morning was my sleep in.  My first sleep in, in about 3 weeks.  So I was relishing it.  I was deeply asleep when she launched herself across the bed and landed her whole body on top of me.  I screamed.  My heart was thumping, my forehead was sweating in terror and Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Lazy sundays
Posted 9:31 AM on Sun-14-Sep-2014
Well Im sitting here typing this in silence. Yup. Not a child in sight.Thanks to grandmas, I was able to do several hours study at the library last night, and sleep in this morning. Lovely. The today is to pamper myself before the kids return. Then I'm thinking a games arvo with them is in order. And by games I mean the old fashioned kind, board games. My kids are pretty good at a round of monopoly .I'm also thinking some baking may be required. Sundays are always a good day to fill the tins and make some meals for the freezer.What's everyone else up to this lazy sunday? Hope its less wet and windy where you are!
Posted by SarahK 4 Comments
I can haz all the things!
Posted 10:37 PM on Thu-11-Sep-2014
I have a wee problem.  It's not a new problem, but it is one that has blown out a little lately as I come into contact with other mums in business.  You see, I love to buy my girls pretty things.  I don't do it terribly often, but a dress here and there from a local designer, is a luxury that I think is worth it.  It's fair to say they have better stuff than I do, but that's what I want for them.  Lately though, it's gotten bad.  Not maxed out credit card, bad thankfully!  But I have managed to spend a good amount of coin on clothes for Miss 2.  And now I'm starting to buy summery dresses for Miss 7.  I do love suppor Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Posted 6:30 AM on Thu-11-Sep-2014
I woke up in a hurry last night as my husband was frantically trying to clean up a sick toddler.  From 1am on, once we got her back into clean clothes and tidied up, it was not much sleep for either of us.  Every little noise she made jerked us awake.  Around 2:30am she was sick again.Another tense discussion about who goes to work, has lead to us splitting the duties today.  I have to go (my work load is urgent), he has to go (his team is low in numbers and needs him).  I just can't help but wonder why we are having to think about this so soon after the last time.  I have not had a full week of work in almost a month.  And I wasn't exactly feelin
Posted by kymmage 5 Comments
Posted 10:02 PM on Tue-9-Sep-2014
I have been feeling a lot stretched lately.  Work is full on with lots to do.  I come home and there is more to do.   I have been doing more housework than normal, and yet not made any dent.  In fact the whole house looks like a total tip.  This would not normally worry me, but I like my husband to feel comfortable in the house and when it's like this I know he hates it.  It's one of those times when I just feel like running away.  But the other day as I was feeling so down-trodden he turned to me and told me something that I really needed to hear.  He said "you are essential to this family".  Suddenly all that feeling like I w Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment

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