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Fun activity for a Family Night
Posted 10:00 PM on Sun-30-Aug-2015
Miss 8 goes to After School care every day after school.  On Tuesday last week, they had puzzles that they could DIY as an activity.  She loved this and made four different puzzles with her friend.  When I picked her up, she was so excited to show them to us.  Once we got home, we waited for dinner to arrive (Tuesday night is Hell Pizza).  After dinner she got the puzzles out and we all had a go with one each.  Then we swapped and tried a different one.  It was a lot of fun.  We all struggled a bit because we didn't have a chance to see what we were making before hand.  And Miss 3 was desperate to do hers but it was a bit above her skill leve Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Purple Hair?
Posted 9:50 PM on Sun-30-Aug-2015
I bought this hair dye a week or so back, but I hadn't had a chance to use it because of sickness and various other things.  When I saw it I expected it to come out quite a vibrant purple, while still being in a "natural range" so to speak.  i.e. it wasn't going to be rock star vibrant.  Anyways, I gave the kids fair warning yesterday that I was dying my hair.  I went into the bathroom and started the process.  My eldest announced to my youngest that I was dying.  That led to some concerns from Miss 3, obviously!  But she was ay once she checked on me.Then my eldest blanked me for the whole 30 min process, right down to asking me how I g Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Not again!
Posted 10:08 PM on Wed-26-Aug-2015
11:30ish this morning, while I was about to jump into a new phone rang.  It was daycare and Miss 3 had just been sick.  I was both grateful (we had just spent two days solidly trying to get a pack together for a meeting and that was now out of the way at least) and annoyed (so much work backed up while I was working on the pack).  So off I toddled to get A who jumped into the car at daycare, only to be sick right through the car.This is where I am thankful I have a bad habit of getting the junk mail in and leaving it through-out my car.  Easiest clean up ever.  Once she got that out of her system though, she was pretty good for the day.  She sat on a b Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Hair Cut - So Far
Posted 9:22 PM on Tue-25-Aug-2015
So over the last few weeks I have been talking to friends about re-embracing my surreal-ness.  I don't know why, but I have become this person who is mostly just frumpy and kind of getting old before my time.  When inside I am weird as weird.  I like me, but the outside isn't reflecting the inside.  And that for me is the problem to solve.So first up we decided to change up my hair.  This is a picture of me before - kinda.  Look at my awesome hat!!And this is me just before the big chop.  I was so keen, I sat down and said "shave it off".  Luckily she didn't take me totally seriousShe opened up a book to show me pictures and to Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
The Sick House
Posted 9:45 PM on Fri-21-Aug-2015
After such a big week last week, I was not too surprised to find that my darling 8 year old was sick as a dog overnight.  She did 6 shows last week, and was at school til 8:15pm for three nights.  She slept super long on the weekend, but it wasn't enough to avoid this stupid tummy bug.  Poor hubby woke to her last night, so I didn't even know she was sick until 7:30am.  He even slept by her bed to watch over her.  I love that man!  So a day of washing bedding and towels today and watching movies.  She was very red of face tonight, so we are just watching and waiting to see if this fever breaks!  Then the next thing is, whether we get it or Mi
Posted by kymmage 3 Comments
How do I stop breastfeeding my 13month old????
Posted 1:37 PM on Wed-19-Aug-2015
I Need help!!! Any advice would be appriciated.So I have a 13month old baby girl called Lilly. She has been breastfeed her whole life. When she was a couple months old we mixed fed her but that made her super constipated and didn't help with her reflux. We eventually stopped after that point which I now totally regret now because we are both struggling to get her to stop. People often tell me just go cold and refuse her your boob BUT how do i just do that? i hate when she screams and gets hysterical because she wants the breast. I know the longer i leave it the harder it will get to wean her. so /within the next few weeks I want to stop for good. What kinda plan should i have in place?
Posted by Bundlebucket 6 Comments
Posted 1:17 PM on Mon-17-Aug-2015
Mr 5 came home last week with a newsletter stating that NE classes are having speeches in a weeks time! Now when i was at school i don't remember doing speeches until i was alittle older, and i personally struggled with it when they did come round, Their topic is "when i grow up i want to be...." Now Mr 5 already knows what he is going to talk about etc... and they need to be encouraged to talk for 1 1/2 minutes.I'm guessing i will have to write most of it out and he isn't up there with writing as of yet, let alone reading I have to say, I'm  alittle nervous hahaWhen was your childs first speeches, do you remember yours?
Posted by nummabear 6 Comments
School Production - All Over
Posted 7:08 PM on Fri-14-Aug-2015
Wow, what a week.  I'm so glad it is Friday!  As are my kids.  Wee A is wiped out on the couch.  Miss L is doing okay, but she did ask if today was a weekend this morning, and I really wanted to say yes...but couldn't.  So, the production was on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.  She needed to be at school at 6:15pm to dress in her costume and then the show went til 8pm.  Then she had to get re-dressed and home for bed.Each night, we had made the decision to let her have 30 mins on her computer afterwards.  While this did make it a later night still, I think it did help her a lot.  She doesn't do well if she gets no free play t Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
First cross country
Posted 11:56 AM on Wed-12-Aug-2015
So I went to my first school event this morning ...Feel like a real school mumma now! ha ha Mr 5 had his first cross country today, which i was actually dreading as he hates running for no reason, But he did so well! and thankfully the course wasn't as long as some mothers were telling me! As he was running down the home stretch, he saw me and just started balling, and ran straight to me, Bless him, So i had to run the last few meters to the finish line holding his hand, I think he just had enough and was buggered, It was funny as hes looking behind him to make sure he wasn't last, that then cheered him up! A few months ago we were told by the doctor that he has asth Read More...
Posted by nummabear 2 Comments
Slip of the tongue
Posted 5:54 PM on Tue-11-Aug-2015
With the cold weather recently there's been a bit of snow on the Port Hills. As we drive over the Styx bridge we get a good view of it and I often comment to the kids 'look at all the snow on the hills' or 'look, Mt Herbert is covered in snow today'. Well today as we drove over ds3 beat me to it. 'Wow Mum, look at Mount Pervert! It's all white with snow.' I almost drove off the bridge!
Posted by ekubo 2 Comments

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