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Posted 11:01 AM on Tue-30-Sep-2014
Expectation is just the worse thing to have as a parent.  It is (at least for me!) the joy thief.  If I expect a full night of sleep, and I get woken once,'s as if the world has ended.  Overly dramatic, yes....but there it is.If I expect to have an annual leave day without a sick child in tow, then I better get my big girl pants on real quick.  This time around though, I kinda expected it.  I dont know why.  There were no signs.  I just thought, what would be real inconvenient for me right now? a sick child topped the list, so I braced for impact....and sure enough! She seems okay right now.  She is happily playing, making art and eati Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Sick again!
Posted 9:16 PM on Mon-29-Sep-2014
Good grief! My toddler came home from home based in a sedate mood, refused dinner and just as we worked out she was a bit hot, she threw up everywhere.  Then promptly ate a banana. So I guess she is home tomorrow. We missed our movie today so we will end up missing it tomorrow too. Miss 7 is such a germaphob that she wants to go to work with my husband tomorrow rather than risk getting sick. Please please, get better soon. We are heading off in a few days, just us girls and I don't want it ruined  :(
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
First Day Cupcakes
Posted 2:58 PM on Mon-29-Sep-2014
It's the first day of the holidays.  So I thought we would have a quiet and relaxed morning.  A little housework for me, a little computer time for her.  Then into the kitchen to create some beautiful cupcakes together and have a giggle, and then an afternoon movie.Well, she is still on the computer.  We missed our movie time because I was too busy pottering about to notice the time - I blame daylight savings!  That works doesn't it?  And then when I said "let's make cupcakes!" earlier, she said "you can!  I will have some for lunch.  Thanks Mum".  So basically, my time with her today has been the few moments I h Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Good Morning Fail
Posted 6:39 AM on Fri-26-Sep-2014
I am so tired. I can not wait for this weekend for hopefully some decent sleep.  Fingers firmly crossed of course!  This morning I was so tired in fact, that I made a very silly mistake.  I was about to brush my teeth, but I noticed that i needed to move some of the paste in the tube up.Without too much thought at all, I pinched the bottom of the tube between my thumb and index finger and pushed them along all the way to the top.  In a dream, I watched almost every last bit of toothpaste in my almost new Sensadyne tube fly through the air and land on the other side of the bench.  It was almost graceful. the way it flew, but then kinda started to sink down the side of Read More...
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Quietness comes to an end
Posted 9:36 AM on Thu-25-Sep-2014
My girls are coming home today!!! Yay! I've missed them so much! More than I anticipated I would as well.Its been strange not having them here. I have managed to do a little more around the house, and have done some study, however it took me a few days to get used to them not being here before I got into the swing of things, and now they are ready to return.Miss 6 missed me so much she ended up coming home for cuddles twice yesterday. Which is interesting, as sadly, when she doesn't see her dad for weeks, she never even asks about him, and I assumed it would be the same for me too. Sadly she hasn't had a shower or bath the entire time she's been away (5 days!), so th Read More...
Posted by SarahK 3 Comments
Vagina cookies for school shared lunch?
Posted 9:25 AM on Thu-25-Sep-2014
Here's one for the what the? files!!So, say the teacher suggests, as a treat for the class, parents could bring in some yummy home baked goodness to share with the class. What would you bring? Cupcakes with coloured frosting? Yummy chocolate brownies? Well not this mum.So she brings in a lovely plate of cookies, frosted to look like a labia. All kinda of different ones to be precise. She then gets offended when they are rejected, which is then followed by some crazy, rather abusive texts. This crazy story is well worth the read: Mom bakes vagina cookies for second gradersThough I am all for children learning about the body, this to me is a little over the top!Thoughts? What wo
Posted by SarahK 4 Comments
Brain go to sleep already!
Posted 6:18 AM on Thu-25-Sep-2014
Gosh I had a lot of trouble winding down last night.  I went to bed late, but lay there for ages. I think it was well after midnight when I fell asleep.  Then my eyes popped open at 4:30am and I couldn't get back to sleep.  My brain just suddenly started turning all my work stuff over in my head.  Don't you hate that?  My new role has a lot of finance elements in it, and so my one dream last night reflected my feelings quite well.  I dreamt that someone wanted payment of a very overdue invoice.  In acorns.  And I didn't know where to source the thousands of acorns needed and I couldn't find anyone to help me with the process, or who Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
One of those days
Posted 10:34 PM on Wed-24-Sep-2014
I had one of those crazy days today.  A day when I was feeling against the pump.  Some of the pressure was real, but quite a bit of it was not real.  The problem was, that I couldn't tell what was truly urgent and what wasn't.  I was on the edge for most of the morning and then I had to take my daughter to an appointment.Now this appointment was medical but it's basically calming therapy.  I was feeling quite flustered and selfish too - felt terrible for being there when I should be at work, and terrible for not wanting to be there because it's for my daughter and she comes before work.  Classic working mother's guilt of course, but I wa Read More...
Posted by kymmage 2 Comments
Getting Help
Posted 8:57 AM on Tue-23-Sep-2014
I'm not very good at accepting offers of help. Perhaps its because I'm a bit of a control freak that like the micro manage everything. Well I have conceded defeat. I have taken on too much, and with work, and three huge assignment due in the next two weeks, I'm feeling to full weight of my crazy decision.Miss 16 is away on camp this week, so a great opportunity to study earlier each night with out her constant distraction. However I do admit that I miss her conversation, even though she has only been gone two days.My ex last week, totally out of the blue, and character for that matter, offered to take my other girls for a few days to help out. I'm guessing the stress is n Read More...
Posted by SarahK 4 Comments
Taking the Leap
Posted 10:00 PM on Sun-21-Sep-2014
Well, she woke up after Friday's decision to have her own business, asking to work on it over the weekend.  We sat together and wrote out a rough business plan.  We talked about the cost of the items that we would need to buy, the amount the government might want to take as a portion for tax (I still am no wiser after an hour on the IRD site so I think I'll be calling them).  We talked about anything else we should consider and I was super proud when she suggested that we give a portion of the sales to the SPCA!  Love that kid.Yesterday we went and got some supplies, and she kicked into it immediately.  I'm not 100% sure about her style, but I have to Read More...
Posted by kymmage 9 Comments

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