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267 milioni di smartphone distribuiti nel Q1 2014, guida Samsung
Posted 7:50 PM on Sat-19-Apr-2014
Secondo uno studio di mercato condotto da TrendForce, sono 267 milioni gli smartphone distribuiti nel primo trimestre del 2014: dato che, a parere dell'azienda è destinato a crescere ulteriormente nel secondo quarto, compreso tra aprile a giugno, tanto da portare la distribuzione globale a 284.5 milioni di unità.Come prevedibile, a dominare la classifica è Samsung con oltre il 30% degli smartphone distribuiti in tutto il mondo. Un traguardo che, a differenza di quanto si possa pensare, è stato raggiunto principalmente grazie ai dispositivi di fascia media e bassa, capaci di garantire grandi risultati in molti mercati. Cifre in calo invece per Apple, che dovre Read More...
Posted by kispoct 0 Comment
Nokia 225 et dual SIM version budget téléphones annoncés
Posted 8:21 PM on Fri-18-Apr-2014
Avec les nombreux Smartphones haut de gamme disponibles maintenant, il est facile d'oublier qu'il y a toujours grande demande pour les appareils bas de gamme et les téléphones de fonction. Les 225 Nokia et une version SIM dual vient d'être annoncés par Nokia, un portable chinois android de fonction 30 + série qui aura un prix très abordable d'environ 40 € pour la seule variété SIM.C'est équivalent à près de 55 $, £33 ou Rs. 3 315, bien que les prix peuvent varier de marché. Les 225 Nokia va sortir dans diverses régions du monde au cours des trois prochains mois. Read More...
Posted by kongkids 0 Comment
This is a selection of the finest bridal boleros.
Posted 2:34 PM on Fri-18-Apr-2014
You have opted for a cheap white dresses in the winter but dreaming of a wedding gown that reveals your skin... Nothing like so that build on a bolero elegant to have shoulders warm while highlighting your wedding dress. Who says marriage in the winter does not necessarily long-sleeved wedding dress. (Look at all the same these 17 2013 sleeved wedding dresses and the parade of wedding gowns with sleeves 2013). Brides dreaming of show their skin playing snow princesses, without to be frozen during the outdoor photo shoot, should build on a chic top bolero.This is a selection of the finest bridal boleros: If you are looking for a coat or a Blazer that go with your wedding dress 2013, Read More...
Posted by leopold 0 Comment
Sometimes the squeaky wheel
Posted 1:09 PM on Fri-18-Apr-2014
Gets the cheese.Since coming back to work after Christmas I have been saying things like " I'm bored with my role" and applying for other roles, and saying how id love to stay but my dreams of project management seem to be going nowhere...then I talked up my study and other fabulous things I do...I went on an all out marketing campaign with the subject being ME. Yesterday I was asked if I would be willing to take over a governance  and reporting piece of work which will mean I get a very intimate view of the project management space. It's a great opportunity and I didn't hide my excitement. Though I did hide any doubt about the workload. Ha ha. Can't h
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Moan moan
Posted 6:59 AM on Fri-18-Apr-2014
You know I actually think the world is against me.The last three days have been hectic. For the first time ever I travelled alone, albeit not far, but alone. As I have been a distance student with Massey for 8 months, my papers this semester have contact courses, in which you can meet with the lecturer and get a few hands on days of study. It was a great boost and a huge experience for me. I suffer anxiety, so the thought of travelling alone wasn't a great one. Fear conqured, next time I'll be fine. As it so happens, last year my friend and I planned a holiday away over easter weekend. At the time we didn't realise that it would literally fall the day after my classes end Read More...
Posted by SarahK 1 Comment
How to Be Creative When Painting Your Childs Room Or Nursery
Posted 10:17 PM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
Gone are the days when hues of blue were chosen for a boys bedroom and pink for girls. Modern parents are thinking out of the box and going for a splash of color in the most unconventional way. When selecting the paint shades for your child’s room, remember to co-ordinate the color scheme with the furniture of the room. Also always keep in mind that children grow up fast, so look for a theme that does not outgrow them quickly. Have a look at some themes that can be considered when painting your child’s room. 1. Be ArtisticA parent can be most creative in a painting a child’s room. He or she does not need to be a pro to make the room look fun and comfortable. Know what your Read More...
Posted by citywidedecorators 0 Comment
Not Wild about the Weather
Posted 9:34 PM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
Hubby got sent away yesterday for work, and then this storm rolls in.  Auckland was hit much worse than here, that's for sure!  But I have been worrying all day about him (he was in the South Island).  He got to the airport fine this evening, flew to Wellington and apparently had a very wild landing there.  Then he was delayed!So we had been sitting here hoping to have him home by 9pm and he has only just landed at the nearest airport.  He will be with us shortly, but it's been a long wait - and a hair-raising trip for him too.  No doubt he will be full of tales and I'll be glad I didn't have the technical skills to be sent on that particular
Posted by kymmage 1 Comment
Posted 9:30 PM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
With all the study and work and life going on at the moment, I haven't been as onto the housework for a few weeks.  Hubby has noticed but the kid has said nothing.  Tonight as I was pottering and thinking "best not start study with the darlings awake", I cleaned up the bathroom vanity and tidied some toys away.Next minute Miss almost 7 comes out from the bathroom and says "I like what you have done in there.  It looks great".  I said, I cleaned it and she says "Oh, that will be it!".  Cheeky monkey.
Posted by kymmage 0 Comment
Pregnant mummy guilt
Posted 8:52 PM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
Posted by thecoffeelady 2 Comments
Surely it's not Menopause !
Posted 11:02 AM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
For the past year I've been experiencing on and off hot flushes and sweats.  These have now progressed to every few days.  I'm 45 and we've come to the conclusion that I'm starting Menopause!  Sweats like you wouldn't beleive just doing nothing or the smallest of things. Hot flushes at the oddest times. Not sleeping (well I've always had trouble sleeping so maybe not that). Lack of interest in xxx (am ok for a couple of months on that front though since hubby's heart attack!). A racing heart for no reason. Feeling dizzy for no reason. The kids and hubby get me to sit down when I get these and fan me but to them it�
Posted by theboysmummy 4 Comments

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