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How does one title this?
Posted 2:01 PM on Tue-27-Jan-2015
Well, just a wee update for those of you following my cancer story.So far, cancer 1, Sarah 0Test results are back on the cancer they cut out of me last week. And they are way worse than previously thought. Surgery number 2 is to be booked for early march. I have to wait that long due to already being on immune suppressants, which I can't be on or I wont heal. Here in creating another problem, My arthritis will come back with a vengeance. can't win.If this surgery doesn't work. Hello hysterectomy. Just as well I don't need those bits any more. Can't say I would miss having periods though. Did I mention Y'all should have your smears done. you really really sh
Posted by SarahK 1 comment
Summer is well and truly here!
Posted 12:07 AM on Tue-27-Jan-2015
It was so hot today and even now I'm sitting in the lounge at midnight with all the windows wide open.  Over at the Lake we recorded 30 degrees, but then when I headed to Frankton later, the temp was more like 27 degrees.  Still, the kids were gulping down cold drinks, ice cream etc and there was no relief.  Tonight when it was bed time A was so convinced that she was sick that she brought me the syringe (that we use for Pamol).  Then she brought me the thermometer!  So I took her temperature and then reassured her that 36.6 means that she is absolutely fine. This of course didnt stop her insisting that she wear clothing to bed or have her heavy winter blankie! Read More...
Posted by kymmage 3 comments
Nike Air Max
Posted 6:52 PM on Mon-26-Jan-2015
Je n'ai pas de tabou Vous aviez déjà exploré le traumatisme post Fukushima dans "Himizu" (inédit en France) et vous le traitez, de manière différente, dans "The Land of Hope". Chaque fois que je fais un film, c'est pour avoir un lien privilégié avec mon public. En Nike Air Max Vente revanche, je ne fais jamais un film pour plaire au public. Mes films reflètent tous ce que je pense et ce que je suis à certains moments de ma vie. "Himizu" a été tourné au mois de mai, deux mois après Nike Air Max la catastrophe de Fukushima. Je l'ai construit comme une Read More...
Posted by jin 0 comment
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The big C
Posted 4:59 PM on Fri-9-Jan-2015
Don't really know what to say. Have had odd smears in the past, and things have been fine. Just had a call from my Dr telling me they were making an appointment to see a gynecologist next week. They have recommended I go private as they don't want me to wait 6-8 weeks for the public system as they feel that is too long.Looks like scary times ahead for me.
Posted by SarahK 16 comments
Fallen of the wagon hard and fast.
Posted 8:04 PM on Sun-14-Dec-2014
As most of you know I'm on a weight loss journey and have done pretty well so far, 12 kg In 4 month's is pretty good in my book....But recently i've fallen off the wagon and broken the axle. I've pretty much eaten beyond fullness more than once in the past few week's ( and its starting to show ) I will admit I have no self decipline , Even though i quit a 15 year habit of full on smoking!!  How is it that i can quit something so harmful as smoking, but yet i cant quit something just as harmful as over eating and bad food choices.  I got Mr 4 some bikkies because we haven't had them for well over 6 months, He had one maybe two out of the packe Read More...
Posted by nummabear 12 comments
Wish me luck
Posted 6:50 AM on Wed-10-Dec-2014
I am studying at the moment and I have an exam on Friday morning.  I don't know what I am more nervous about - the exam itself (study is not going so well and if I pass I will barely scrape through) or the driving someplace I haven't been by myself and trying to find my way around a strange campus.I need to study more over the next few days, which of course makes for a quiet kymmage.  But then there is Christmas going on all around me.  So finding the balance between the tasks I need to get done for study, working and Christmas prep is giving me a headache.  Last night I did a practice exam and didn't pass!  This morning I faired a little better with a
Posted by kymmage 10 comments
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