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Surely it's not Menopause !
Posted 11:02 AM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
For the past year I've been experiencing on and off hot flushes and sweats.  These have now progressed to every few days.  I'm 45 and we've come to the conclusion that I'm starting Menopause!  Sweats like you wouldn't beleive just doing nothing or the smallest of things. Hot flushes at the oddest times. Not sleeping (well I've always had trouble sleeping so maybe not that). Lack of interest in xxx (am ok for a couple of months on that front though since hubby's heart attack!). A racing heart for no reason. Feeling dizzy for no reason. The kids and hubby get me to sit down when I get these and fan me but to them it�
Posted by theboysmummy 1 comment
The " # "
Posted 10:38 AM on Thu-17-Apr-2014
What is it with people using hashtag comments all the time, especially on facebook?  What on earth is  ‪#‎easterstartsearlyforhale supposed to mean on a post?  For goodness sake people if you're going to use a hashtag use it a context that can be understood!I posted a question on my facebook page yesterday asking who understood what a hashtag comment was and no-one who replied did ...... just to prove that I'm not old and out of sync with technology.Wouldn't it be nice to read a post, or email, blog that didn't have #'s in it.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  A hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the Read More...
Posted by theboysmummy 2 comments
Good Service
Posted 9:38 PM on Wed-16-Apr-2014
Today I went for a shop at Kmart for Easter treats.  I haven't been there before for Easter things, so I was interested to see what they had.  They had these great looking treasure boxes that were tin.  I got one dinosaur one and then tried to find a different looking one for A.  The more "girlie" ones were all either broken or they had been opened and the eggs either smashed or eaten.  So I took the least broken one to the front counter and said "I need two, and they need to be different looking but all of these ones are in a terrible state, do you have any more out back?"They sent someone to look and the guy at the counter was pretty upset Read More...
Posted by kymmage 5 comments
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Hello everyone
Posted 1:34 PM on Mon-10-Mar-2014
Hello my online friends It's a long time since i've been on kidspot regularly, my laptop has been playing up badly so i haven't been able to blog or even comment properly. Anyway just letting you all know i'm pregnant. only very early, just six weeks but i felt sick instantly so found out really really early. Wont be telling anyone else for awhile so at least I can share things with you guys. This was a surprise one, wasn't planned at all but never mind, i'm happy about it and willow will be 3 a few months before this one is born.  more later. XX
Posted by thecoffeelady 18 comments
Mum, I don't want you to die
Posted 9:06 AM on Wed-2-Apr-2014
Happy Birthday to me! Yes It's my birthday today. 32 years young.Though I don't like the idea of getting older, I've never been the depressed type on my birthday. Birthday means cake and yummy goodies, followed by a week of exercise and healthy eating to get rid of the extra gained weight.This morning started as any other birthday. The kids got up, wished me a happy birthday, and wondered what the dinosaurs were like when I was a little girl.This morning however, as the kids were wishing me happy birthday, Miss 6 asked how old I was. Usually I say 21, but before I told her Miss 13 pipes up the "Really old!". Miss 6 thought about this for a while, the comes up to me,
Posted by SarahK 13 comments
The Solo Mother Dating Game
Posted 12:45 PM on Sat-15-Mar-2014
Being a single mum surely doesn't make me the most desirable 'catch' at my age. Im almost 32, and have three children. Most people my age haven't even started their families yet, and as I can't have any more kids, this causes issues.The biggest issue for me though, is fear in all honesty. All the books say not to let previous experiences and relationships impact on current situations, but I just can't help it.After two relationships that ended in me being ignored for months on end, im now scared that anyone new will eventually do the same.I'm too scared to open myself up at all now. Its like i've built a wall and there is no way I want it to come down Read More...
Posted by SarahK 10 comments
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