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Keeping Boys Busy
Posted 10:14 PM on Fri-25-Jul-2014
Keeping kids entertained over the winter can be rather hard at times. I'm finding that the little boys are finding it especially hard, and they want to run around and burn off steam. My little girls are quite happy to craft all day, however the boys take a little more entertaining.I have however found an activity that keeps them busy for hours. It was set up for the little boys, however the girls love it too.I have a container, which has small wood chips in it. I have a few small diggers and trucks, along with a range of small plastic bugs, dinosaurs and animals. The boys spend hours using the diggers moving the wood chips around, burying the animals and finding 'treasure'. It Read More...
Posted by SarahK 4 comments
Fizzy Ice
Posted 10:00 PM on Fri-25-Jul-2014
Over summer the kids and I had some fun with Ice. Fizzy Ice to be exact.Fizzy will need:balloonswhite vinegarbaking sodafood colouringStep one:This step is a good one for a rainy day. mix together some vinegar and food colouring, and fill balloons with as much as you would like, tie the balloons, and place in the freezer. This ice much easier and faster just using ice cube trays or containers. We decided balloons were the go this time. Make lots of different colours to add to the fun :)Step two:Once frozen the fun can begin! Cut the balloons off and discard. Place the ice cubes/balls onto a tray.Step three:Get the kids to sprinkle baking soda over the ice and watch the show! Add m Read More...
Posted by SarahK 4 comments
The reason why Are Ray Ban Sunglasses So High-priced?
Posted 3:01 PM on Fri-25-Jul-2014
In regards to the acquire of a new number of Ray Ban sunglasses, a great deal of individuals cannot assistance but working experience some sticker shock. Even at this time, even one of the most frugal buyers admit that you just simply just do frequently get everything you purchase. With Ray Ban, what you get is surely an picture that you just cannot put a price label upon. For some it truly is actually worth some additional bucks to remain front on the curve with regards to fashion and also elegance.It might be Ray BanTo put this merely, Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses are pricy simply because... they are Ray Ban certainly. There are several brands that are so ingrained in our way of li Read More...
Posted by randyswingen 0 comment
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School Yard Chats
Posted 10:14 PM on Sat-19-Jul-2014
So, in the last few days I have noticed something.  The word sex and sexy mean something to my 7 year old.  She asked about things that are sexy and I said well that is a description that doesn't apply to children or family.  She said "it's to do with marrying eh?" which seems to mean to her "making babies".  So I agreed.Then tonight we were watching Big Bang Theory and the characters were talking about sex.  As they do.  It's never been an issue before, but Miss stands there open mouthed "They are talking about SEX!" Yes they are, I agreed.  What do you think that is?  Was my next question.  "It&# Read More...
Posted by kymmage 18 comments
Hello all my old friends
Posted 9:24 PM on Tue-15-Jul-2014
Posted by thecoffeelady 16 comments
Watermelon cupcakes
Posted 9:31 PM on Sun-20-Jul-2014
As a last weekend of the holidays request, my daughter asked if we could get into the kitchen and bake some cupcakes to decorate.  So yesterday, we finally broke into the Lorann Watermelon flavour oil we bought from The Girl on the Swing baking shop here in the Tron.  Into a chocolate chip cake recipe, we added some red food colouring and 2 drops of flavour oil.  When I made the buttercream icing, I added a bit of green food colouring and a few drops of the oil as well.  So the whole house smelt of Watermelon yesterday and it was such a good smell.  Really made me feel summery!  Pity it was so ridiculously cold outside!Here are our creations:  L did a great Read More...
Posted by kymmage 15 comments
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