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Afraid of change
Posted 3:10 PM on Thu-18-Sep-2014
Right, So I've been seeing my partner for 2 year's now and he has become an awesome dad to Ollie, So It was pretty much time for him to make the big move...Eeekkkk after 2 year's i got pretty comfy with how it was, he'd come two week's then leave two week's ( he was caring for his ill parent's in auckland) Just recently, like monday just gone recent! He got a job just down the road from me, and now moved in! It's happened so fast its insane, like most people i hate change and it takes time for me to adapt  lolThere's no negative;s with it, only that i need to make room for him and share, haha im like a big kid, i don't want to share Read More...
Posted by nummabear 0 comment
Rain rain go away
Posted 11:48 AM on Tue-16-Sep-2014
So its currently sunny as I type this, but the weather here has been terrible until about an hour ago here. So much so that my house is now sporting an indoor swimming pool.My garage, lounge and basement have flooded. The drapes in my lounge are soaked! Thankfully I have a dehumidifier running to dry things off a bit. And It looks like it will have to be going overtime tonight to try and dry my basement... which is where miss 16's bedroom is.Time to clean out my gutters by the looks. Having clogged gutters certainly can't of helped. 
Posted by SarahK 3 comments
Party planning
Posted 11:07 PM on Sun-14-Sep-2014
My birthday is coming up and earlier in the year I made a big thing of pre-booking the date and letting all my friends know. I had all these big plans, and of course now we get to the time and I have no money for this party and no real plans.  I did hope to book a venue and pay earlier in the year but they kept making it difficult - wouldn't discuss over email and were never available to discuss in person.  Anyway, now I'm starting to think about ways to have a super fun, interactive party.  Better than last year because I put so much time and thought into the food and costumes I didn't stop and think about people actually doing something or having fun.  At Read More...
Posted by kymmage 0 comment
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School Yard Chats
Posted 10:14 PM on Sat-19-Jul-2014
So, in the last few days I have noticed something.  The word sex and sexy mean something to my 7 year old.  She asked about things that are sexy and I said well that is a description that doesn't apply to children or family.  She said "it's to do with marrying eh?" which seems to mean to her "making babies".  So I agreed.Then tonight we were watching Big Bang Theory and the characters were talking about sex.  As they do.  It's never been an issue before, but Miss stands there open mouthed "They are talking about SEX!" Yes they are, I agreed.  What do you think that is?  Was my next question.  "It&# Read More...
Posted by kymmage 18 comments
Watermelon cupcakes
Posted 9:31 PM on Sun-20-Jul-2014
As a last weekend of the holidays request, my daughter asked if we could get into the kitchen and bake some cupcakes to decorate.  So yesterday, we finally broke into the Lorann Watermelon flavour oil we bought from The Girl on the Swing baking shop here in the Tron.  Into a chocolate chip cake recipe, we added some red food colouring and 2 drops of flavour oil.  When I made the buttercream icing, I added a bit of green food colouring and a few drops of the oil as well.  So the whole house smelt of Watermelon yesterday and it was such a good smell.  Really made me feel summery!  Pity it was so ridiculously cold outside!Here are our creations:  L did a great Read More...
Posted by kymmage 16 comments
Getting sick for your birthday
Posted 6:47 PM on Thu-7-Aug-2014
So tomorrow miss 6 becomes miss 7! However this exciting event may be about to be hampered by illness.As soon and she saw me this arvo she complained of having a sore tummy. And all afternoon, she has just lay on the couch. NOT a good sign at all. To top it all off, instead of buying her a gift for her birthday, I decided to surprise her with tickets to Disney on Ice tomorrow night. She has been begging to go, and I thought this was a great gift seeming she doesn't really need anything.I'm Hoping after a nights sleep she is fine, however at this stage its not looking like it, and its also looking like I'll be nearly $200 out of pocket, with no gift to give her :(
Posted by SarahK 15 comments
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