Chux super cloth was a brilliant concept with the amount of liquid it could soak up in one go , especially with pre-schoolers spilling drinks , water paint so awesome and fast to clean up in one go.

Chux Multi purpose cloth. I found this brilliant on the kitchen bench picking up the tiny breadcrumbs , dust, food particle's. I brought one to use as a dusting cloth again found it pick up the dust with ease and so quick to dust furniture .As the funky colours of the cloth made it easy not to get it mixed up with other cloths in cleaning cupboard .
Wow was an amazing pack to review . I have to say I was very impressed will all in this pack.
Magic eraser , we have white walls and I have many pre-schoolers here during the working we , I found the magic eraser got of pencils marks , dirty finger ink prints marks and line marks from who know what. My wall look like it had a fresh paint look amazing . <br>Chux non scratch silver scourer .Ive been using steelo pads for my pots but this produced cleaned pots with ease not hard work involved and non scratching meant I was grateful not to wreck my pots . Worked well on bake wear especially taking off baked grime from cottage pie again with ease and no scratch marks.
Magic eraser - I like how it cleaned different surfaces in my kitchen that had sticky residue from cooking, from the window sills and frames to the window. It took it all off without any effort. I've already bought more!

The silver scourer cleaned up my pots and pans really well, a good size and shape to hold and also put in the dishwasher when needed.

The cloths were great, all multi purpose from dusting to wiping the vanity and bench. Best of all after a wash they were good as new and ready to use again.


Chux Magic Eraser Spot Cleaner- I loved the result I got when using these for smudges and marks on the white walls and doors, as well as the ranch slider, also used on whiteware and worked wonderfully . I currently do not have a child drawing on walls but I was not limited to finding other tasks to use these for, and they are so quick and easy to use which is great for a busy mum!

Chux Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cloth
Firstly I love love love the pretty design of my pink microfiber cloth! And love how it feels so soft and when wet it's not too heavy so easy to wring out and use and also not so thin that it doesn't go where you want it to! I loved using this for my bathroom where it worked well on all surfaces with hot soapy water, much better than some others I have used as they bunch up, also I found these rinse better than some others and it's easier to get all the dirt out and it doesn't stick! They wash well and still looks brand new after at least 6 washes. Have used dry to dust tv and this works great too as just gathers the dust easily

Chux Multi-Purpose Super Cloth Regular
this has been my no1 kitchen cloth every since receiving these! Have used to clean the bench and table on a daily basis and to clean whiteware and cudboard etc in the kitchen. I love how they are thick and soak up heaps of liquid which is great for me as I am a vigorous dish washer and end up with water all over the bench! Also great to have nearby when baby decides to kick over her cup of water on the table. Only downfall is it does take a long time to dry but as I am a clean freak I like to wash and dry my cleaning cloths often so this wasn't a problem anyway as I would just get a new one out

Chux Non-Scratch Silver Scourer
This was my absolute favorite and have already bought another although the one I was sent is still good to use I just needed another for when it's in the wash! It was so great on my non stick cookware and bakeware, my ninja blender cups (as using a dish brush scratches them!) And any other dishes with food stuck and dried on! Also worked great on stained cofee cups. Basically this has cut down the time it takes to wash the dishes by at least 5-10 minutes and has meant I no longer have to soak anything! Highly recommend this it's a must have unless you enjoy scrubbing vigorously for ages! Makes it an absolute breeze for clean dishes. It is much better than other items I've used like it of course because it truly is non scratch and protects your treasured kitchenware
I would have to say that I absolutely loved trialling the Chux products :) my favourite would have to be the "microfibres cloth" as it's makes dusting a breeze and the dust clings to the cloth as it's suggests with the lock in feature!! The non-scratch scourer also makes that dreaded clean up after a roast a breeze!! The magic eraser also works well but the size makes it difficult to use on larger surfaces, but nice trial size :) the super cloth is very absorbent however I think I will still buy the smaller Chux cloths and the wring out easier and don't smell after a few uses as the super cloth does!! Overall I am very impresses with these products and I will definitely be buying them in the future :) thank you kids spot for the opportunity!!
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