Firstly my apologies for the late review.
My kids loved both of these products.
The 3 in 1 shampoo came in great especially in the last two weeks as I ended up in hospital with the new baby, so master 7 was able to wash his own hair with ease.
The bubble bath was a tremendous hit with even miss 14 using it, she commented on how her skin felt soft after using it.
AWESOME PRODUCTS that are now part of the shopping list.
We have had a good go at using these two products now. I have already done a review on first impressions.
I'll start with the 'Foam to the max 3 in 1 conditioning shampoo and body wash'
Unfortunately, we do not like this. It promises that it will foam. And foam it does. But then the foam sort of disappears into thin air - and doesn't lather. So I tried it on the kids hair first - but really didn't go well, because as soon as you put it on the wet hair, it disappears, and you are left rubbing wet hair. Not so nice.
We had the same with the body wash. Needed to use so much... and it still didn't lather. Heaps of foam though.
In the end, this is now sitting on the bathroom counter as a hand wash, as the scent is still lovely... but just doesn't do the job.
Right - bubble bath.
Really loved this product!
It is really bubbly! And it stays lovely and bubbly too! I found we didn't need to use much - just a small amount under the running tap.
Definitely will be getting again, as this is one of the few bubble baths that have natural ingredients that are readily available.
I will not be buying this produce
Thanks for the opportunity to trial these products. Mixed reviews for these.

Pear pop Bubble Bath - smells delicious, bubbles beautifully and is the perfect condiment for a kids bath - they all loved it and as I said, the smell is devine! Almost edible! Lovely but not too overbearing. Didn't seem to irritate my boys skin (eczema) as other bubble baths have in the past so he has been very stoked at 5 yrs old to finally have bubble baths! Product packaging is playful and exciting and a reasonable quantity to keep you going for a while but not taking up too much room on the shelf by the bath!

Wasnt so keen on the 3 in 1 product. Didnt seem to go as far as other body products I have used i.e. felt we needed lots to cover less body surface. Also, didnt foam/lather up as much as I/we like my body soaps to do. This also meant the kids used more than they would normally use as I think they gauge cleanness on being able to see the soap go on them. So perhaps personal preference but probably wouldnt purchase this one again. Was probably a bit let down by this after the wonderfulness of the bubble bath. Handy pump container though which is awesome for the kids to operate independently and again a good size to keep beside the side of the bath.

Thanks again for the trial. Will be purchasing the bubble bath once our trial runs out!
Here is part II of my review, this time for the Ecostore's Double Trouble Bubble Maker - again a huge hit in the household! Lots of bubbles for our Mr 2 to play with and such a delightful but not overpowering pear scent - smells delicious. It's gentle on skin as well which is a decided plus given our wee chap's eczema issues. The only side effect we are facing is that Mr 2 now does not want bubble bathtime to end, which is not a bad thing :)

Having tried both products I can thoroughly recommend both - will be looking out for them in our local supermarket. Thanks Ecostore and Mums Say for the chance to try them out.
The kids really get excited with the Pear Pop Bubble Bath. Lasting bubbles, soft scent and no irritation from strong scents that other products seem to use. A little goes a long way.
The 3n1 pear is very gentle that I did have my under two use it and had no irritation. The pump itself can be locked when you turn it. I love this function because you dont have to push down and waste product. My son was more confident washing his hair as it was already foamy and easy to use for him to use.
Highly recommend these products from Ecostore, its nice to know you are using something kind.
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