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Mums Say Groups - Bakeworks Minis Gluten Free Cookies

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Group Name: Bakeworks Minis Gluten Free Cookies

Bakeworks have just launched a new range of gluten free cookies made with real ingredients such as real chocolate, organic free range eggs and natural raw sugar so they have a lovely homebaked flavor plus they have the added bonus of being gluten free for those with gluten allergies.


They think they are something special but would love to find out what everyone else thinks.

Mums Say teamed up with Bakeworks to offer 100 Mums Say members the opportunity to trial their new Minis range gluten free cookies. Trial packs include samples of each of the 3 flavours: Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate and Coconut Crisp.

Read what the trialing Mums thought.

Mums Say  -  helping mums make great choices.

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korton77 - 2:06 PM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
These cookies are amazing - so yummy! I love that they are bite sized and it is usually so hard to find good gluten free products - but these rock! I had to even take them to school for some of the gluten free teachers at school to try and they were very impressed! Thanks so much - I've already purchased more xx
angel7801 - 9:17 PM on Tue-31-Aug-2010 reply | message
I finally got mine well worth the wait. They tasted great. Bright packaging. Great taste and awesome for littlies
Mardi - 9:33 AM on Thu-26-Aug-2010 reply | message
YAY finally got our's.Wow these are truely good,hubby has taken & hidden the coconut crisp's,the boys didn't even get a look in lol.Huge compliment from him (he said they taste just as good as my baking) we don't buy biscuits from the supermarket offen due to cost & what's in them,so I tend to bake every week. Both Rohan & Sterling have been enjoying the choc chip & double choc chip & no complaints from either of them.

Big thumb's will continue to buy these as a teeat for the family,as a bit on the pricey side to buy every week.

Awesome product
2ndtime - 8:17 PM on Sun-22-Aug-2010 reply | message
I shared these cookies with gluten free family and they were a big hit (not too keen on the coconut) it's great to know I can actually pick up something as a treat to take next time instead of boring old rice crackers!
jace - 5:22 PM on Sat-21-Aug-2010 reply | message
Haven't seen these cookies in the market yet! Maybe I didn't notice it. Would like to try these gluten free cookies. I also bake Gluten Free Spinach and Carrot Muffins the other day...will post it up on my blog soon! I have the recipe too if anyone wants to try...
fishface - 7:33 PM on Sun-15-Aug-2010 reply | message
An update - we tried the Chocolate chip and thumbs up for that flavour too. I think our favourites by far though were the coconut crisp ones. Thank you Bakeworks for the great trial, I will be recommending these to others and keeping them on my shopping list!!
Mardi - 4:10 PM on Fri-13-Aug-2010 reply | message
Oh stink,I'm still waiting for mine to arrive :( I ended up buying some from New World as they seem to be the place that stock these,very yummy though.New world only seemed to have the Chocolate chip,so have been unable to try the other flavours,hopefully they arrive soon?
matted - 1:25 PM on Fri-13-Aug-2010 reply | message
We have a celiac child in our family, where can you get these so she can try them we live in a small town? I will save me baking and make her happy to have a non home made item in her lunch.
oz1bem - 2:01 PM on Thu-12-Aug-2010 reply | message
After weeks trying to find these on the supermarket shelves, I have finally found a place, and have purchased more of these for my sons pre-school morning tea/lunch, now I wont feel so guilty sending him away with snacks in his lunchbox. Just have to convince my local Woolworths in Helensville to stock them :)
soon2beMrsP - 6:58 AM on Thu-5-Aug-2010 reply | message
YUMMO!!!!!!!!!! The girls really enjoyed these biscuits, course I was quite partial to them also! Not a huge fan of coconut, but the coconut crisps were absolutely Lush and I'd definitely buy them again. They are the perfect size for little hands and the resealable packet was great to chuck in the baby bag on our outings. Thanks for letting us trial them, a great product that I can add to the list of my 2yr olds 'safe' foods so she can have treats too.
2mums - 2:53 PM on Wed-4-Aug-2010 reply | message
Poor poor DS only got to try the double choc and the coconut because I ate all the choc chip cookies! Yum! They make great wee dunking bikkies :) I've now bought more to have in the cupboard for coffee dates (if they last that long!)
DS 10 months is so impressed that he can fit the whole bikkie in his mouth! He loves them.
Our teenager daughter loved them too - except for the pre sucked ones that DS tried giving her - understandably I guess.

The packaging is great! As soon as DS sees them he chants bik bik bik.

And best of all our local New World has them on the shelf and a reasonable price too!

Thanks for choosing us! We love them.
lynleyg - 11:28 AM on Wed-4-Aug-2010 reply | message
We've since tried the other flavour of cookies. The double chocolate and coconut flavours were not as hard as the choc chip which was great. It made me wonder if the choc chip ones were meant to be as hard as they were as they were almost like rocks. The coconut ones were definately my fave and you would not know they were gluten free at all. All 3 flavours were a hit with my nearly 5 yr old. I would definately consider buying these especially when we have gluten free visitors. THanks for choosing us as part of the trial.
mjchase - 10:01 PM on Tue-3-Aug-2010 reply | message
My kids loved the choc chip and double choc biscuits even though they don't require gluten-free. I've tried some gluten-free things on occasion and sometimes the kids have said "Yuck!" I was happy to try them out on an adult friend who does need gluten free products and she especially liked the Coconut Crisp. My only complaint would be the high fat content in the biscuits, so I probably won't seek them out (and gluten-free stuff tends to cost more too).
simplesoul - 7:49 PM on Mon-2-Aug-2010 reply | message
Ok so obviously we were one of the 100 lucky members picked to review the bakeworks gluten free cookies. I have to admit some trepidition with these, as my sons once spent their entire allowance buying the most delightful and exciting massive chocolate cake when we were out shopping once. Rather than checking with me first, they went off and bought their cake and then came to find me and show me in all their excitement. They had purchased a gluten free double chocolate mud cake.

I admit that yes it looked devine, and I can understand why at 6 and 7 yrs old they would have wanted it. So after tea that night, they proudly got their cake out, put it onto a serving platter, and happily cut it into reasonably sized pieces. Smiles bigger than their heads as they sat happily with their cake. Tears bigger than raindrops when they realised that it was the worst purchase they had ever made. The cake weighed more than any food item ever should. It was so dense and absolutely awful. I felt so sorry for them, but also liked the idea that I could teach them a lesson too, lol. they tried to feed it to their dog...even he wouldnt eat it, lol.

However that aside, I can assure you bakeworks cookies definitely do not get a review like the above mentioned chocolate cake. Far from it infact.

Bakeworks gluten free cookies get the double thumbs up from everyone in this house: a toddler, a picky adult male, a tired mum, 2 school aged boys and a 17yr old teenager who will eat anything except veges anyway, lol

Picky adult make prefered the plain chocolate chips one, but said all 3 were very nice.
Miss toddler just loved them all, and if not love definitely liked.
The two boys thought they were awesome and couldnt believe they were gluten free the same as the chocolate mud cake.
The teenager thought they were just awesome.
And mum: very pleasently surprised. I couldnt believe something so tasty could be gluten free, lol, I really liked the shortbread coconut ones personally.

I do have to admit to having some difficulty in opening the bags, but then decided this was actually a good thing as it also meant so did everyone else, which meant less change of kids sneaking bikkies from pantry, lol.

The packaging was not boring and sad either, easy to read and easy to understand.

The bikkies so so cute, my toddler just thought they were wonderful and made especially for her which was pretty cool.

Would definitely buy them and have recommended them to everyone. Unfortunately couldnt share with friends as the bikkies only just made it to the following evening in this house, lol

Definitely worth it. thank you kidspot and thank you bakeworks. Really lovely tasty item, with a great texture, and a great look that the kids love! Yay 2 thumbs up for sure :-)
simplesoul - 7:34 PM on Mon-2-Aug-2010 reply | message
Hi everyone, I am so so sorry for taking so long to get on here and do this reviw. It has been a hectic few works here, having just started my utech course in psychology along with numerous specialist appts and other appts for master 8 and the death of my brothers wonderful partner. But anyway review is coming, thank you for your patience and not getting at me about why I hadnt added anything to here.
kiwikelly - 11:18 AM on Mon-2-Aug-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the biscuits - the chocolate chip and double choc went down well. They are small enough to feel like a good snack, but satisfying. DH said they didn't taste very much - and he didnt enjoy the shortbread texture of the coconut one - the crumbs tickle your throat. I like that there were no eggs in the choc chip ones so i could share them with my son. The sugar content was very reasonable - and tasted good to me, while the butter content was very high compared to other biscuits.
keznz - 6:35 PM on Fri-30-Jul-2010 reply | message
When asking my daughter Bella what she thought of her very special bakeworks mini gluten free cookies she said in a big voice - 'They were DELICIOUS!!!!' She really enjoyed them and in no time they were all gone. Even my daughter who doesn't need GF food enjoyed them. My eldest daughter who is particularly fussy did not share the same enthusiasm! I enjoyed the wee bite I had - but really wanted them saved for Bella as she is the only one in our family who needs a GF diet! Thank you SO much! will definitely consider getting these in the shop - it will come down to how much they cost for us! The taste is definitely there!! just the cost now! Does anyone know how much they retail for??
nessab2 - 10:30 AM on Fri-30-Jul-2010 reply | message
My family would love to try these cookies if there are any left!
lovelykids - 8:50 PM on Wed-28-Jul-2010 reply | message
Many thanks to Kidspot and Bakeworks for the opportunity to sample and review Bakeworks range of gluten free cookies. The cookies were absolutely delicious and you could really taste the difference between these cookies and ordinary biscuits - these were much tastier and resembled the taste of homemade cookies. We devoured the two larger bags and the smaller package of cookies within a couple of days and would highly recommend these cookies to not only those looking for gluten free but also anyone wanting to purchase cookies that actually taste like cookies should.
nikkih - 4:16 PM on Wed-28-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thank you for the samples these tasted great , very surprise how tasty these can be, so thank you . Kids loved it as well.
kindymum - 3:25 PM on Wed-28-Jul-2010 reply | message
These have got to be some of best GF biscuits I've had. You could really taste the real butter and I felt they had a really good crispy texture

Both my 2 and 4 year olds loved them- the coconut ones went down the fastest! All together I would highly recommend them.
Thanks for letting us try them :)
Armywife - 3:06 PM on Wed-28-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thank you so much for the lovely biscuits!! We really had a hard time telling that they were Gluten Free. The kids just loved them, and I have now gone and brought them in our groceries so that the kids have something yum and healthy to eat! Thank you again!
Bud - 3:33 PM on Tue-27-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the bikkies we got to trial we thought they were great you would not even notice they were gluten free (as you can usually with gluten free products). I pulled them out for coffee group today for everyone to try and comments were "they are yum" "what a cute size" "great to have a good gluten free biscuit finally" "where do we get more" "what else do they do" so I pulled out the brochure and everyone wants to try the christmas mince pies so there could be a few of these being brought at christmas time.
mumof2boys - 11:56 AM on Tue-27-Jul-2010 reply | message
Hi there, thanks for choosing us to be part of this trial. Absolutely fantastic would be my response. With two boys aged 4 and 7, and both dairy and gluten free finding yummy healthy snacks is always a challenge. The boys just LOVED these and yes I kept finding hands in the bags too! The mini cookies were a great idea, just enough to fill them up and great for snacks and lunchboxes. We will certainly be buying these from now on. Thanks again for the opportunity to trial these.
Nessa - 5:40 PM on Mon-26-Jul-2010 reply | message
Right am back with an update. The biscuits are a great hit in this house. Have even caught my husband with his hand in the packet. My daughter keeps asking if she can have more Rocket biscuits, hee hee. All the flavours were a hit. We brought them out at coffee group and they went down well with everyone too. Well done Bakeworks. Was interested to see the range of products available, might even have to try some of them.
amy - 3:00 PM on Mon-26-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thanks so much for the cookies, yum yum. They went down very well, and very tasty especially for a gluten free product. My nephew had a bit of difficulty with the coconut cookie because it is so crumbly he choked on it a bit (not bad but definately something to watch with him), he is 20 months. Both my niece and nephew asked for more - they loved them.
janinekiwi - 2:33 PM on Mon-26-Jul-2010 reply | message
What a lovely (and exciting!) surprise to receive these Bakeworks cookies in the mail! I have recently found out that my son is wheat (and possibly gluten) intolerant so have been trying to find alternative yummy options for him to snack on. Infact I had recently tried your bakeworks bread which was by far my favorite of all the gluten free breads Ive eaten, so was really pleased to receive your cookies, thank you. Whilst we really enjoyed all of the cookies received, the coconut one was by far the most popular with everyone in my family including my son. I would never think this was a gluten free biscuit if someone had given it to me (and I'm finding a lot of gluten free products to be less yummy than other wheat based products). A real find! Thanks again for the opportunity to trial your product.
Coring - 11:36 AM on Mon-26-Jul-2010 reply | message
thank you so much for the samples. our family enjoyed them very much especially my daughter. the packaging wasgood, the sizes of the cookies were very handy and convenient. we liked the coconut flavoured cookies. they were lovely. thanks heaps. i would gladly recommend them to my friends to buy.
angel7801 - 1:16 AM on Mon-26-Jul-2010 reply | message
Still havent recieved mine :( But I did move house
Stacey21 - 5:16 PM on Sun-25-Jul-2010 reply | message
My 3 and 5 year old boys voted double choc the best, my favourite was by far the coconut crisps - they were delicious and I would definantly recommend them. The choc chips were quite hard but the boys did not seem to mind that at all! I found the double chocs quite grainy, but like I said they were voted the best by kiddies. I would recommend these and buy them for lunch boxes (though only some made it to the lunch box stage as they got scoffed up too quick!).
kiwinutter - 11:10 PM on Sat-24-Jul-2010 reply | message
What a wonderful treat. Really like the packaging for these although, as is common for those resealable bags, it didn't rip well to open!
The kids enjoyed the chocolate chip ones best but I would find it hard to decide between them or the coconut. Although mini biscuits are a nice size for lunchboxes, you found yourself eating more due to them being so small! :)
It's nice that there is a lot more variety in gluten free and that they taste really nice! I also appreciated no added colours, preservatives or flavours as my children react to those.
Big Thumbs up to Bakeworks - wish you would send me a box a week! :)
Malonina - 8:26 PM on Sat-24-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thanks for these, they are SO good! Definitely will be buying more for a treat! They came in a nice box and packaged so they couldn't get broken or squashed and they taste really good! I havn't found many gluten free foods that actually taste alright but these you don't even notice the difference. And the best thing about them is that do actually taste like they're homemade. Definitely recommend!
sweetypieanna - 5:21 PM on Sat-24-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thank you so much for including me in this trial! The cookies arrived today - just in time for when some guests arrived! Everbody loved them and couldn't believe they are gluten free. The packaging looks great and the resealable bags are a great feature. I would have to say the double choc chip 1s are my favourite but it is very hard to choose as they are all so delicious. The size of these cookiesare perfect for little hands - my son gobbled these up so quickly he was a very happy boy. Would definately buy these in the future as long as they aren't too expensive.
Leckylocks - 8:34 AM on Sat-24-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the delicious sample packs of cookies. My 2 year old and 4 year old have loved munching on them (actually so have the parents!) It is hard to pick a favourite but I think that the coconut ones were my winner! The kids loved the two that had mention of chocolate.

As recently diagnosed as needing to be gluten free these were a very pleasant surprise as sometime gluten free baking doesn't quite hit the spot. These were great and as I was explaining to a friend the other day you would never guess they were gluten free.

I think that I would use them as lunchbox treats as they are a great little size and also as a coffee biscuit for adults. (Mind you - not sure we would stop at one!)

The kids loved the packets and are now calling them their rocket biscuits!

Thanks so much for sending the samples for us to try - we will definitely be recommending them to friends with kids and our coffee group.
Sparky - 10:28 PM on Fri-23-Jul-2010 reply | message
Was pleasantly surprised that these cookies tasted quite nice. I'm not normally a chocolate chip cookie person but I thought I'd give one of them a go and enjoyed it. They don't have that cheap chocolate taste that you can get with some - just a nice hint. I thought they tasted very buttery and was pleased to see on comparison with other biscuits that the fat/salt, etc wasn't much more, or was the same as other biscuits I give to my 2 year old.
No complaints from my little one - gobbled them up and kept asking for more. I noticed the double chocolate chip went down a lot faster than the normal chocolate chip one.
The packaging was good as can easily reseal it.
Just depends on the price as to whether I'd buy them in the future.
Shell - 4:55 PM on Fri-23-Jul-2010 reply | message
wow how can something so small have so much taste. The whole family loves them, I have hidden the chocolate chip pack for myself and left the coconut ones for everyone else. It's hard to believe they're gluten free and taste so yummy. I love the packaging it really stands out in the pantry. I will be keeping an eye out for the rest of the Bakeworks products to give them the taste test too. Thanks for the opportunity to taste test these wonderful cookies.
littlemiss - 1:08 PM on Fri-23-Jul-2010 reply | message
thanks for the samples. the packaging was bright and child focused. both my seven and 3 year olds loved them, and were a good size for children. i really enjoyed the coconut ones. they reminded me of a coconut shortbread, and were the best by far in my opinion. i liked the double chocochip, but the chocochip ones weren't for me - although the kids loved them all. would definately recommend these bakeworks cookies to young an old :) . and for myself being gluten free it was great to know i was enjoying something made with no wheat and "real" ingredients.
tenkyz - 11:08 PM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
thankyou so much for the samples of your yummy and my family enjoyed them!kids didnt even get hypo.u wouldnt think there gluten free they just taste so nice just like homebaked biscuits =) my fav was the coconut,then double choc,choc
the kids ate them all up before i could put any in their lunch box =)
loribradley - 5:39 PM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thankyou for the sample packs, I tested them on my family (incl, me, husband and 6 year old) I really enjoyed the coconut ones and miss 6 loved the choc chips, she however was not at all fond of the double choc ones. so the family opinion is that the coconut ones are awesome as are the choc chips ones but we werent so taken with the double choc. I liked the fact they were quite hard and the size was [perfect, the flavors were amazing (I jhave tried gluten free before and been so very disapointed, these were good!!!) so thanks again :)
Godzgirl - 5:11 PM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the sample packs! Our favourites were the coconut flavour. The chocolate chip flavour was very popular with the kids. Unfortunately they didn't like the double chocolate ones at all. The size of the biscuits was wonderful. They were very easy fot the girls to handle and no half eaten biscuits left around the house. Hubby said that although they were quite small in diameter he liked how they were thick to balance it out. There was also a decent amount in the full size resealable bags. They didn't run out in one morning tea!
The resealable packet was brilliant - I didn't need to find another container to store
them in. I love the idea of them being gluten free as we have alergies in the family and we could be sure these were safe. It's also nice to know whats available when having to cater for events where guests require gluten free food. They do seem quite pricey but I guess that is in line with most organic / gluten free products.
djapes2010 - 3:19 PM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
Wow they were so yum. I will buy them definitely. The kids loved them. Thanks so much for the opportunity.
piglet - 2:07 PM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
Well, ours are all gone now! My 6 year old daughter loved the coconut ones while my nearly 3 year old son enjoyed the chocolate chip biscuits (and the cool spacerocket on the packaging!) . My husband and I liked them all - would love to see a ginger or macadamia flavour too. I rather liked the texture and the fact that they were hard - must be the white rice flour that gives them that distinctive texture. Scanning the ingredients I was pleased to see all natural - pure nz butter yay! And being gluten free is great for our gluten intolerant visitors. The resealable bag that stood upright in the pantry was great too. So yes, I would buy them certainly.
JulieKidspot - 12:58 PM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
Hi all. You can find the list of suppliers of Bakeworks cookies on their website or you can purchase online (also on their website).
oz1bem - 12:52 PM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
Received these on Monday, they were delivered to my neighbour in error, lucky she didn't open the package up, we may never have got them, lol, My son liked the chocolate chip ones the best, took him a while to get through them as they're a lot harder than normal biscuits, he kept bringing the packet to me wanting more, for me I preferred the coconut crisps and will be definitely purchasing these two as soon as I find a store that sells them, cant find them in my local supermarket, and looked online to buy, but dont want to have to pay for P&P on top as they're pricey enough.
My partner didn't like them at all, said they taste like normal biscuits so why bother, but he's not much of a sweet tooth and has no concept of gluten-free, I loved the packaging, and that they're zip lock bags, we still have a few left, trying to hide them from my little boy, so we can have them later as a treat, Thanks for the trial, and once I find these on the shelves of a supermarket, I will definitely be buying these for my sons teddy bears picnic birthday, they're perfect
mumof3girls - 11:34 AM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the amazing trial packs.

We have waited a few days to post this because often my (wheat free) daughter's opinion changes!

My daughter is wheat free so we are constantly looking for easy snacks for her. We find the 3 main meals ok - but its the snacks esp when we are out and about that we really struggle with. Thats just a little background....

Anyway - we love the packaging. Its cool and appealing - often GF stuff looks very plain or wholesome (read boring!). Also like that its just the 1 bag - often biscuits have a tray and a wrapper. Love that its resealable - easy to store in the cupboard and easy to throw into a bag with some fruit for an after school snack to eat on the way to swimming, netball, speech etc. Like that it also stands up.

Daughter was excited to try because of the packaging - i was sceptical as she is very very fussy. Result - loved it! She loves all 3 flavours - prob double choc and coconut first = (she was unsure about trying this one and in actual fact loves it). She makes her own lunch in the mornings and the first thing she looks for is the biscuits. I am delighted. Without sounding a bit crazy it has solved a real problem for me! The only thing is, i cant find them in the supermarkets. Kidspot can you please ask where we can buy them?
samala - 8:36 AM on Thu-22-Jul-2010 reply | message
I like the packaging and the fact that they are gluten free. Found them a bit hard though, my son tried them but he didnt finish it.
lismnep - 10:57 PM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
We received our sample last week, they didn't last too long! Love the natural ingredients, big tick, great that it's a resealable pack, love the small size of the biscuits, perfect for little hands and don't feel like it's an overload when allowing the kids to have one as a treat. Also the kids, like me, are chocolate fiends so those were the fav in this house, but liked them all! Partner commented they were delicious but 'tasted bad for you' believing high butter content. Would buy in the future as a treat purely based on the natural ingredients and deliciousness of course, but sporadically (on a super budget in this house).
IceKiwi - 10:01 PM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
Received our samples today thanks Bake Works.
Favourite for me was Coconut Crisp Minis tasted like shortbread with coconut and was a real treat.
Kids verdict was that the Chocolate Chip Cookies were Miss 3 "Cool"(packaging caught her eye). Miss 5 "Yum, but they are hard" Mr 4 " I like these but hard on my teeth" "Look at the rocket" Mr 2 "Mmmm more pease".
Miss 5 "Could we dunk them in our milo next time" Will let her do this tomorrow for afternoon tea

Packaging fantastic for the kids, loved that you can reseal the pack and not waste cookies. Perfect size for young hands.

My opinion Chocolate Chip minis were very hard but would be perfect for dunking in a hot drink, the kids liked them overall and i noticed that because they were so hard it took them longer to eat (could have it s benefits).

As a mum with a wheat allergy these are a definate bonus to be able to eat and share with other friends with allergies.

Double Chocolate was okay but not as nice as the other two.

Will buy the Chocolate Chip mini cookies again but as a treat as these are quite pricey.

For me though I'll definately be getting Coconut Crisp minis in my next shop.

desmelee - 7:13 PM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
We tried the cookies and they are great. Especially the coconut crisp minis - definately the kids favourite and just the right size fo packed lunches too .
yomom - 4:07 PM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
Someone was asking abt the $... they're $5.95 per pack according to their website. Apparently, they're also selling in supermarket.
yomom - 4:05 PM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
Received our trial packs. Thks!

The moment I opened the box, my son (4yo) shouted out ROCKET! Eye catching packaging. Well done.

The Coconut Crisp cookies are yummy considering my lil boy n myself not liking usual coconut bickies.

The Choco Chip cookies are good too. Eventhough I found them a bit hard but I can't resist them. My son n hubby also luv them.

Haven't tried the Dbl Choco yet.

Overall, yummy cookies that I wld buy for my family. The small pack is good size for lunch snack.
annette - 1:30 PM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
We received our cookies yesterday, Thank You Bakeworks! My 3 year old was so excited about getting the package and when he saw the rockets there was no stopping him!! He loved the choc chip ones and best of all for me was that there was almost no crumbs on the carpet when he finished!!! I think this was a combination of him loving the taste and not wanting to waste it along with the consistency of the cookie. I personally love the coconut ones but am eating a choc chip one now with my coffee and that tastes rather good too! Are a great addition to lunchboxes in our house, thanks again
Tineke - 10:18 AM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
Excellent product. Everyone loved the chocolate chip ones. Even my husband who shuns GF was fooled - he had no idea they were GF until he saw our boy was allowed them! My boy also wanted the awesome packaging washed out so he could keep the 'spaceship cookie bags' to carry around full of toys. Will definitely buy regularly. The only downfall was being asked nonstop for more!!!
attila - 10:12 AM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
We've received our cookies the othr day. The packaging is really good especially that it is resealable.My son loved the rocket on the package :))). He said "Wow mummy!! That's so cool". As for the taste, my 4 year old son prefered the coconut ones and like that they were soft. He normally loves chocolate cookies but he said that the chocolate chip ones were a bit hard and compared them to rocks. I loved all the 3 flavours and so did my husband who is the one with gluten intolerence and said that they really tasted like normal cookies. Unfortunately I couldn't get my 9 month old baby to try because he has an allergy to eggs. I like that they've used free range eggs. Overall, it's a really good and tasty product and will make a great addition to my son and husband's lunchbox.

Thanks for letting us try them.
Libby - 10:04 AM on Wed-21-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thank you Thank you Thank you Bakeworks. My daughter has recently needed to be put onto a gluten free diet and it has been so difficult as she is 7 and many of the foods etc she does not like and I have struggled so much to find things she likes. She also hates to now feel different to her sisters and friends when it comes to snacks etc. Wow we were so lucky to be able to trial your new mini cookies and they were a hit she loved them and I as a mum was so relieved she also had friends around to play and they all had them as a snack and enjoyed them so she now feels normal and not different as she has something which can be enjoyed by all. I cant wait to hop on your website to see what other products of yours I can use for my family and these cookies are now a permanent fixture on our shopping list.
shird - 11:44 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
The products are packaged in bright and attractive bags which are re-sealable, which is very useful, since it means one is likely to eat a few at a time vs the whole packet at once! this would be difficult to do with the double chocolate ones! they had a delicious aroma and a strong chocolate flavour that made me wish there were more in the pack than 3! I found the chocolate chip ones a bit bland, although the coconut flavoured ones were even yummier than krispies! The bite sized cookies were a handy size for my 20month old who enjoyed eating the coconut ones especially. If I hadnt gutsed the double chocolate ones I am sure he would have enjoyed more! My girls werent that keen on them. Not sure why- most of our biscuits are home made- and the girls seem to like larger sized ones! My 4 year old liked the ones in a plain bag vs the packet they came in!
I would probably buy them if going to a mothers group get together or a trip away- think I might get some of those double chocolate ones for myself soon when i am in need of a chocolate fix!
I would love to try some of their other products-
wendy - 8:51 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Firstly I would like to that you for selecting me as a trialist for this product. I had no idea what the package was when it arrived and was so excited and surprised to wee what it was as I had forgotten!! So thank you for that.
We have tried all 3 flavours with great anticipation and some trepidation too as we all know how some products that are gf can be. However it was super exciting and so tasty.
We all loved the packaging, it was bright and attractive, the rocket ship also cute and appropriate also taking into account the 'out of this world' phrase. I love that they are re-sealable packaging, perfect for ensuring continued freshness of the product but also great for transporting around. Of course we also love that they are gluten free for the 3 of us that have digestive issues, but also free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Master 4 had no skin reaction to the cookies and it passed his food allergy test 100%.
4 of us 5 loved the double choco cookies, but I did wonder if they still had a bit of a floury aftertaste, tasty none the less, and got tastier with every cookie!
Coconut crisp were a hands down winner and so morish!
But the overall winner was the chocolate chip. Perfect size, perfect level of sweetness, not too chocolaty etc. I almost tasted a bit of a malty undertone with this cookie and the double choc also, and I love malt!
This is a product which I will be purchasing weekly with absolute certainty, and I'm so excited to have a (prepackaged) product that meets our requirements, which is so fabulous. Definitely a winner
debflynn - 8:19 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Summary: These are outstanding - double choc are the absolute favorite in this household followed by the choc chip and coconut ones.<br>Resealable bag: The resealable bag has meant that we can take them in the car for easy snacks with no mess. We also took them on a plane ride and had lots of interest from those sitting around us (as the resealable bag meant no mess - and quiet child!<br>Texture: They are harder than "normal" biscuits but we (DD and I) felt this was a positive not a negative.DH did struggle with the hardness - but did like the taste and size.<br>Size: Perfect bite size and great for lunchboxes/sharing.I think we consumed more because they were so small and tasty - but that's got to be good for Bakeworks.
Allergies/Ingredients - Fantastic to have a biscuit that we can eat and not be allergic to - and the free range eggs/natural extracts & gluten free aspects were huge pluses.
ssi8 - 8:02 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Unfortunately my kids love these cookies, the coconut ones are the definite favourite, I've only managed to sneak one. I love the size of these cookies - a treat I don't feel guilty about giving my kids even an hour before dinner. And the zip close packets are great - keep ants and hands out of this treat. The kids really like the spaceship packets and are clear that they want the spaceship cookies (over well-known brands !) I have tried baking with rice flour and my efforts were "adequate" but these cookies are gluten free and taste yummy.
Merphin - 6:32 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Our parcel arrived the other day....I had forgotten it was coming so was a great surprise. Mr 3.5yo had fun guessing what was inside the space ship :D Having had some nasty surprises with GF biscuits I was a little unsure but one bite of the double choc and I was sold. The Coconut ones are very sweet, but have a nice texture. The Choc chip ones are really good. The size of the biscuit was perfect for that light snack and the pricing on the website is very reasonable too!!!
I love the resealable package which is easy to use time and time again.....can't see the food inside lasting long tho - it tastes too good. I for one will happily add these to the trolley or order on line if not able to find them in shops.
THanks for the chance to trial them:D :D :D
Silverbabe - 4:40 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
We all loved Bakeworks Gluten Free biscuits. My husband tried them with some convincing saying 'are these gluten free?' with a look on his face. He loved them was hard to get him to share some with the kids. They did get some and both had different favourites. One loved the Coconut Crisp with its yum buttery shortbread flavour and the other one liked the Chocolate Chip ones. Myself I of course loved the Double Chocolate with a rich chocolate flavour.

They are a nice size and also love the resealable bag too. Will be buying them again, thank you.
fishface - 3:58 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
The kids and I opened up our parcel with great excitement - and on my part a little trepidation. We have in the past bought gluten free biscuits, raced home to try them and have either had to spit them out or I have ended up having to eat them all because the kids won't touch them... And so, here we come to the Bakeworks trial... how do I put it nicely?
My 6 year old said of the coconut crisp "these taste even better than your baking mum, maybe you should try and make some like this next time"!! High praise indeed.
We have also tried the Double chocolate and can say they are a hit too. Great for the lunchbox. As a mum I like the packaging, its easy to open and reseals well. Some resealable bags are rubbish but the Bakeworks one are great.
So far so good. Thanks Bakeworks!
We'll let you know how the Chocolate chip ones are soon...
janifa - 3:39 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Would love to try some :)
stumpie - 3:18 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
We recieved our biscuits and they are wonderful will be buying more. Thanks for letting us try them.
Love them.
Alyayde - 2:56 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
We recieved our Bakeworks cookies yesterday! YUM YUM. I got the kids to review them first...chocolate chip, double chocolate & coconut crisp, Miss 5 said they were yummy as! Miss 7 Said they were tasty and crunchy and liked all of the flavours, she also said they were the perfect size. I personally found them all hugely delicious the coconut crisp being my fave, having a lovely slight citrus taste to it and also being slightly buttery like shortbread. I think its great that free range eggs are used, and that there are not arificial flavours or preservitives, being gluten free is a bonus. I will definately get some of these as a back up for when i havent done the weekly school baking, I like to know what is going into my kids lunch boxes. <br><br>Thanks for the opportunity to try this yummo product i have already reccommended it to a couple of friends who are gluten free.
BrittanyJWilson - 2:55 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
So since becoming a mummy I have become a lot more aware of what's in our everyday products. I've always been quite intrigued by ge free food but Napier doesn't seem to have a lot of options when it comes to yummy ge food. Not only were these a fantastic size for my daughter but they tasted fantastic!! I can't believe they also contained vitamin c!! I am still amazed at how good these taste. Thought it would be a great little treat for my fifteen month old daughter to much on occasionally but I now find myself sneaking back to the bag to sneak a couple for myself! I will defintely be purchasing some of these from their website. Thanks again so much for letting me trial this amazing product!
cathw - 2:52 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
wow these are so delicious and taste far too good to be relatively healthy in comparison to their competitors! My 5 yaer old thinks all of them are delicious but particularly likes the choc chip My 15 month old finds the coconut ones easier to munch. I really really like all of them but find the coconut ones absolutely moreish and dangerous to have in the cupboard! the packaging is really neat and appealing to us all. the reseal packs are really helpful as we get sick of going in and out of containers. great size too.
Gillymama - 2:09 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Oh I nearly forgot - I was very impressed with the ingredients!!! Flax seed fibre, rosemary extract! Well done Bakeworks for using those extras and also for keeping ingredient the list so natural! The only thing that makes them store bought is the use of Soya Lecithin, other than that they are like homemade!!!
Gillymama - 2:06 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
My Bakeworks cookies arrived by courier this afternoon. Poor courier guy had to knock so quietly as per my note on the door "baby sleeping!" anyway I nearly didnt answer the door but I am glad I did!
YUMMY. I opened a mini single chocolate one first and then had a coconut one. They were both delicious and a perfect portion size for ALL ages I think. Very tasty and crunchy, couldn't tell they were gluten free and were a feast for me as I am a gluten free girl :-) I like the design on the packaging, reseal option and they are clearly marked Gluten Free in 2 places on the front of the packet. That is a great thing as you just want t scan the packets when shopping for GF and so that would help me if I hadnt seen them before. Just as well no one else is home right now, so I can go and hide them for a couple of days ;-)
katherinew - 1:30 PM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
We have only opened the coconut ones so far as I am scared I will eat them all before the kids get a chance! Love the fact the bag is resealable and there are a lot of cookies in the bag. They have a slight lemony taste and are delicious. I think the size of the biscuit is great as I don't feel I am giving the kids a huge big biscuit. Also love the fact they are gluten free and made with decent ingredients. I feel I am giving them a healthier treat. Both girls (3 &5)love them and are always asking for more. Am looking forward to opening the chocolate ones.
JulieKidspot - 11:42 AM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Check out the Bakeworks website where you can order online or find suppliers in your area.
karinlee - 11:25 AM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
That was the unmistakable answer when my G/F daughter and niece tried these biscuits. So i had to try them too my mum and I thought these were great especially the coconut ones. They were the kids favorite too. Great packaging and great size even for my 9 year old daughter to take to school, a couple of these in the lunch box is great.
They have gone down a treat. The only problem is I went on the website to order some products and there is a $25 courier charge to the South Island (only $4.50 to the North), which starts to make them very expensive. I would recommend these if you live in a center where the are sold, because otherwise the postage makes them out of reach. Which is a great pity because these are so great.
JenNicholls - 10:32 AM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thank you for letting us trial the (gluten free!) Bakeworks minis! These little biscuits are great, not only do they taste yummy but the size is just perfect for the little ones. I like the packaging with the resealable bag too, very handy. And although I am a real chocolate fan, I have to say the coconut minis were my fav! They reminded me of my grandmas coconut biscuits and they seemed to be a hit with the kids as well. I will definitely be keeping a packet handy in my pantry at all times. Thanks again
KGolds - 10:13 AM on Tue-20-Jul-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the trial of these yummy wee biscuits! By far the best gluten free cookies I have ever tasted. Bit hit with my 2 yr old & husband too! I can just about guarantee that served up amongst friends & their kids that they would never guess these were gluten free :)
The re-sealable pack is a bonus - you don't feel like you have to eat them all straight away (but you probably will anyway). Cute packaging for kids & best of all allergy friendly. Will definitely be buying these to stash away for when nephew comes to stay.
Thanks again & go out & try them mums!
kkellzz - 11:50 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
Me & my 21month old daughter trialed & demolished the chocolate chip ones over the weekend luved the homebaked look & taste, portion size & resealable bag! great with a cup of tea for mum & treat for wee ones. Thanks again
jaynine - 6:46 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
We got our packs of cookies, with 3 kids I was not short of taste testers. All 3 said yum straight away, my daughter said they tasted like home made cookies straight from the oven. Im not a big coconut fan but those cookies were delicious very soft like shortbread they were my favourite. They were a big hit here and will buy them.
Sweetness10 - 6:44 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
I am SO pleased that we got these cookies to trial! They were a HUGE hit in our house and are definitely going to be added to my regular shopping list in future! My 8-year-old had the snack pack containing 3 double choc cookies in her lunchbox and the first thing she said to me after school was "you know those biscuits you put in my lunchbox, can I have them everyday now? They're one of my favourite biscuits EVER!". This was accompanied by a big thumbs up and exaggerated licking of her lips. My 1-year-old and I tried the chocolate chip cookies for morning tea and I have to admit that I had one or three extra because they were the nicest chocolate chip cookies I've had for an incredibly long time! Not overly sweet, very crunchy and then they melt in the mouth...mmmmmm....I was also impressed that my daughter wasn't able to mush them up and stick them in her hair as easily as she usually does with biscuits and the size of them was perfect for her too. Later in the day I heard her trademark exclamation of "oh no!" coming from the dining room and found she'd helped herself to the packet out of the pantry and was trying desperately to open it. When she saw me she held it out and said "eat!" and then complained bitterly when I said she could only have one. Neither of my daughters or myself usually go for coconut biscuits but we all loved these ones. Once again, I loved them a little too much and blew my diet, but they were so worth it! The fact that they are gluten-free is brilliant for my eczema-prone 1-year-old and the ingredients are all good (you can't get better than organic free range eggs and REAL butter and REAL chocolate). We would all recommend them extremely highly. Even if the fact they are gluten-free isn't important to you they are exceptionally yummy biscuits!
jsmum - 4:49 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
Got our three packets of cookies today,and boy, was Master two beside himself! He was going "wow, wow, rocket!!!!" (he loves rockets) so the packaging was def very appealing to us. My son is on a gluten free diet so we are very pleased to be chosen for this trial.We gave him a biscuit straight away and he said" yummy biscuits!" and then he wouldnt give the bag back to me so he carried them to preschool! Gave me an idea though. We gave the biscuits to the cook at his preschool so that he can snack on them there for something different for a change. It will be nice for him to have something other than rice crackers for hisw morning tea! Love that the bag is resealable. He wanted more when he got ho,me from preschoolbut we said nocos they are more like a treat than a daily thing but at least we know he likes them. Will write some more after ive tried some myself. im curious as to what the retail for? Anyone know?
kirstenabakeworks - 4:44 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
Hi Mums and kids! Thank you so much for your feedback regarding our new minis cookies. All samples have been dispatched and you should recieve yours samples no later than tomorrow. Keep the feedback rolling, we are learning heaps about what you're liking and areas we can improve! Take care Kirsten - Bakeworks
stacleaning - 4:03 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
I got my cookies to trial today!! My daughter and 3 nephews all tried the double chocolate ones and they all wanted more. I also tried one and I enjoyed it also. A good thing is the size although smaller my daughter took a while to get through it which is good. It is a great prduct to get for my nephew who has allergies but unfortunatley not for my neice who is also allergic to butter etc. But over-all great product. Thank-you for the sample :)
JulieKidspot - 3:53 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
Got my cookies today (yes, I do get the occasional thing to trial!). So far I've had the coconut crisp and OMG! It was divine! Now, bear in mind I am a coconut nut :) but it had a wonderfully buttery texture, almost like shortbread. Just so yummy.
scampr - 3:28 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
We are really enjoying trying these cookies. They are all great and my twin 3 year olds LOVE them. My thoughts:
- great size, excellent for portion control but also importantly for little hands. My little one had great delight in putting one out for each of us when they arrived.
- eye catching packaging for kids
- really pleased to see no oil in the ingredients, but real nz butter
- good to see this is rice flour based with some tapoica, which importantly means, no soy or maize flour which is commonly in gluten free products. Which means this is good for those who aren't just gluten free but also avoiding soy and/or maize.
- Free range eggs! good on you
- Resealable pack (which you could re-use for something if so inclined)
- Looks like a aluminium free raising agent is used? awesome!
- ascorbic acid & rosemary extract over chemicals, awesome!

- I found them too sweet to personlly include as a daily inclusion in my children's diet, although would still be a good option for a party or special occasion treat.
- these remind me of 'healthy handfuls' which was a similar product I used to buy which had the added benefit of being organic.
- plastic packaging

Overall a big thumbs up! I think the choc chip was my favourite not as sweet perhaps but chocolatey, but they all were nice. I like how you have managed to get slightly different texture, size in the different flavours giving a bit of variety. I won't add into my children's everyday food list, but I am tempted for mine! A nice size to go with a cuppa for my personal treat. And a great choice for if we are going on a picnic, on holiday, to a party or having friends over.
Nessa - 2:48 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
We received our Cookies today. My 3 1/2 year old daughter loves the packaging, nice and bright and she loves the rocket ships. So far they have tried the Choc chip and double choc chip and both were a huge hit. Even my husband tried them and liked them. I didn't tell him they were Gluten Free till afterwards and he couldn't tell.
I love the size of them cause you can give the kids two biscuits and they not having too many. Will be great in the kindy lunch box too. Will serve some up at our Plunket group morning tea and see how they find them also. Will post more once we try the coconut cookies too. Great job so far :)
Aimz - 1:56 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
I recived my bakeworks cookies on friday and I had few friends around that afternoon, so we all tried the coconut crisp ones, there were 3 adults and 5 children everyone enjoyed them, My son almost 5 said yummy they taste like sugar, My friends said they couldnt even tell that they were gluten free and were just like homemade ones. I would have to agree with them they had a good texture a little crumbly and melt in the mouth. The chocolate chip ones were abit harder but still good, My kids nearly 5 and nearly 3 enjoyed them and kept asking for more. The double chocolate chip were alright they tasted abit like carab chocolate though but still good. Well done to Bakeworks for making a good all round biscuits that both adults and children can enjoy, and taste normal. The pakageing was nice and cool looking with the rockets on them and a good size too. thanks again for letting me try me.
Shirley - 12:32 PM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
Gosh , i have to be more disciplined! We received ourlovely box on Friday 16th July and as we had guest over that evening i put them away from some little hands. But, they have all disappeared over the weekedn
I did show my friends (guest)these yummy cookies. Now i am a mom ofthree girls and the packaging didn't catch my eye and would not draw me to the product unless i knew about itand it's yummy contents. But, my friend who is the mom of two boys immediately said what cool packaging!! Interesting the rockets etc.
Now i am not saying you should rush out and change your packing but maybe give it a think?

The contents, what can i say? the chocolate chip ones are over, kaput. It's been a long time since i have seen my girls devour cookies with such glee and abandonment.
My eldest Taihli(10) had this to say about the chocolate chip ones, "They are just like nana's, I can taste the butter, Delicious!
The 5 year old who has allergies was over the moon as here was a product she could eat and was great. they both want me to buy some more and it will definitely be on our shelves.The baby of the house loved them too, they were easy for her to carry and hold. As a mom who is constantly checking the fat content etc with the foods i eat, these are a perfect size for me. I could take 3 with my coffee and feel good, because they are not soft, it's easy to hang on to it for longer and savour them. I loved the Coconut crisp. The coconut is not overpowering , they have such a great crunch and i served my guest the coconut crispwith their expresso's after dinner.
The ladies enjoyed their's and i had to put the packet away as i wanted to enjoy this moment again on Saturday. Just my coconut Crisp, my coffee and Me....
On the packaging again, I liked the idea that they come in a resealable bag, they are easy to take as an after school snack, no extra containers to take along.
Thank you Kidspot and Bakeworks for the oppurtunity to try this great product.
Will definitely buy your bread too.
lynleyg - 10:10 AM on Mon-19-Jul-2010 reply | message
We have received our packs of cookies. So far we have only tried the chocolate chip ones but they were a definate hit in our household. My almost 3 and almost 5 year old really liked them and so did Mum and Dad. We found them very crunchy and almost too hard but I kind of liked that as it kept the kids in one place for a while :) And for the grown ups dunking in coffee or milo solves this! I like the size of the cookies for little hands and there seem to be a good number in the packet. The flavour was great and a real homemade flavour. Haven't tried the other flavours yet but will let you know when we do. I will definately keep these in mind when gluten free friends visit.
Mumofone - 10:42 AM on Sun-18-Jul-2010 reply | message
The Bakeworks Cookie Minis are so yummy, they have gone down well in this house and my husband asked if you are sending more! Vadim loved them and they are a great size for him, I liked that they come with a resealable pack to. One problem is I can't decide which is the best flavour they are all yummy. Vadim likes the packaging with the rocket and it is bright and colourful. I would buy this product as a treat and definately be keeping an eye out for these at our supermarket. Thank you for the tasty minis.
shucks - 10:18 AM on Sat-17-Jul-2010 reply | message
ours arrived just on afternoon tea time - excellent timing :)
The packets certainly got the 3 year olds attention with the rockets on them but he was quickly distracted by the contents. So far we tried the Snack Pack (3 biccies) of Double Chocolate, they went down well with DH saying "these don't taste like funny gluten free things" :), and the Coconut Crisp. I am not really a coconut person but I actually like these. We have not opened the Chocolate chip packet yet, will pop back on after we have tried them.
The 175gm packets contain a good number of biscuits and the biscuits are a nice size for the littlees. They are kind of pricey, but that is fairly normal for gluten free. I will keep these in mind for when gluten free family and friends visit.
cutiepie - 2:00 PM on Fri-16-Jul-2010 reply | message
My family absolutely love these, they were delicious and a great small size- so my son could eat them easily. However my partner and I did find them slightly too floury- but this was combated by dunking into a coffee :)!!!!! All in all, I did like this product- especially as my son didn't react at all!! Yay, so now he can have his own little cookies!!! I will definitely be buying some! Thanks Kidspot!!
erenakelly - 12:43 PM on Fri-16-Jul-2010 reply | message
YUMYUMYUM!!! We got our packets today and immediately my 2.5yr old demanded 'some, some' once he saw the packaging. Not sure if that has to do with his current Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) fixation or not, but hey. He gobbled one of the chocolate chippie ones down in record timing and immediately demanded a second. They're so good. Not too sickly, not to 'eat this, it's healthy' tasting, not too big - just right. Probably a wee bit pricey but worth it for the product. Thanks heaps for the trial!
hellyp - 5:12 PM on Thu-15-Jul-2010 reply | message
Oh my goodness yummy yummy cookies!! Being Gluten intolerant It can be hard to find food that actually tastes yummy and doesnt have that cardboard texture and taste,Im so glad i got to try these cookies they are seriously tasty, and slightly addictive. The chocolate chip cookies have the perfect amount of choc in them without making you feel ill if you can't stop at one :) The best thing about the mini cookies is they are the perfect size for my little one to hold on to, she loves them and better yet they dont upset her tummy, we will definatly be putting these in our shoppin trolley!!! Thanx kids spot and bakeworks :)
teresa1983 - 2:58 PM on Thu-15-Jul-2010 reply | message
I recieved my trial of cookies this morning,i got them personally delivered as the lady that makes them was just up the road from me how great was that :) 1 pack of chocolate chip one pack of coconut and a 3 pack of double chocolate chip AWESOME,these cookies are so so so yummy and the best bit is they are gluten free :) :),which is so great for not only myself who suffers from I.B.S but my little girl too,they dont have alot of sugar,fat or salt and the serving size of 3 mini cookies is just enough to not make you want more they are devine the best cookies i have ever tasted,i will be buying more for sure,my little girl loves them too,thanks kid spot for picking us :)
JulieKidspot - 10:25 AM on Thu-15-Jul-2010 reply | message
Sorry guys, there was a bit of delay in issuing these packs but they are on their way and will be with you early next week. Looking forward to reading the reviews!
Aimz - 12:21 PM on Tue-13-Jul-2010 reply | message
I got selected to try to these yummy looking biscuits, cant wait to post feed back on them
oz1bem - 2:06 PM on Mon-12-Jul-2010 reply | message
Yay, I got an email yesterday stating that I'm one of the trialist, I can't wait to get them in the post and see what my son thinks of them, he really loves his cookies, fingers crossed they're good as I have a teddy bears picnic party to organize and these little morsels would be perfect.
simplesoul - 5:16 PM on Fri-2-Jul-2010 reply | message
O how exciting, WOW 100 mums, awesome, fingers crossed im one of them, lol
MumsSayEditor - 12:14 PM on Mon-28-Jun-2010 reply | message
Thanks all you amazing Mums Say mums for registering your interest in reviewing these great products. We have enough Mums registered for this trial. Check your letter box soon!
janinekiwi - 11:54 AM on Mon-28-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial these cookies as my son is gluten intolerant (and currently seeing a specialist about this at starship hospital) so I get really stuck on what to give him as snacks so please do include me in your trial!! I can assure you we'll keep buying them..thanks!!
hellyp - 8:29 PM on Sun-27-Jun-2010 reply | message
Would love to try them, I myself am gluten intolerant and im beginning to think it is affecting my little one too, its so hard finding food for fussy eaters so it would be good to be able to try this yummy treat on her.
DavinaP - 2:06 PM on Sat-26-Jun-2010 reply | message
Just because they look good!
Mondo - 8:15 AM on Sat-26-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'd love to try these, they look delicious and I've always wanted to buy them, especially as we have many friends gluten intolerant. I've tried unsucesssfully to make gluten free things with polenta and rice flour, so I always get confused when I need to buy something without gluten.
Armywife - 1:55 PM on Fri-25-Jun-2010 reply | message
We have friends that have coeliacs disease, and it would be lovely to be able to make them something yummy to try! They are always moaning that gluten free things are not that nice!
kurst - 11:46 AM on Fri-25-Jun-2010 reply | message
wow great, my mum has coeliacs and I am awaiting test results myself, would be great to try these, they sound yum...
traceymckay - 9:47 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'd love to try the cookies. I've recently been told by my GP that I need to switch to a gluten free diet - but I have a serious sweet tooth so struggling to know what I can and can't eat. Love to try these - they sound delicious!
desmelee - 7:41 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
My 9 yr old daughter has 2 gluten free friends - it'd be great to let the girls have a testing session they next time they have a play date- and save their mums feeling like they have to bake and bring food round for them when they visit !
stumpie - 5:06 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
Hi we would be very interested in trying these cookies as we to have a child who has allergies, and I am gluten intolerant. Thanks heaps.
ajpickering - 4:26 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
These would be wonderful to share at my church morning tea on Sundays. There are a few children who are on gluten free diets and these would be a treat for them.
Unfortunately, I can't share them with my son who has a dairy and egg allergy. My daughter would gobble them up though.
erenakelly - 3:57 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
Hi; my son has food allergies and I'm always looking for things to tempt him away from the other snacks that most kids indulge in. Would love to give these a go!
ValerieL - 3:18 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
I've got 2 children and they are curious to try out how gluten free cookies taste like. Might be a great alternative to normal cookies. Thanks!
twinsandmore - 1:23 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
I've got a new 5yr old and would love to trial your cookies as a healthy gluten free option in my daughters lunch box.
nikkih - 12:42 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
Very much interestd in trying your product main reason coz it's Gluten Free
katherinew - 12:06 PM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
If you are still looking for people I am always looking for new healthy things to give my girls. Thanks
scampr - 11:58 AM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
If you're still after trialists, we'd love to try and offer our thoughts. I'm gluten intolerant and although untested my two daughters as well (they get upset tummies). Our whole household maintains a gluten-free diet so would be nice to have a treat we can eat! lol
soon2beMrsP - 11:24 AM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
Would love to try them, if theres any left! Just found out DD2 needs Gluten free diet, so am embarking on the hunt for excellent products!
Godzgirl - 10:27 AM on Thu-24-Jun-2010 reply | message
We'd love to try them if it's not too late...
Sweetness10 - 7:11 PM on Wed-23-Jun-2010 reply | message
These would be great to try! My youngest daughter is intolerant to gluten (she gets eczema) so these would be a wonderful treat for her!
djapes2010 - 3:09 PM on Wed-23-Jun-2010 reply | message
Because its hard to find food for my nephew as he is allergic to most foods which arent gluten free
kkellzz - 6:14 PM on Tue-22-Jun-2010 reply | message
would love to try better alternatives for my daughter
lismnep - 4:30 PM on Mon-21-Jun-2010 reply | message
Keen to give these a try
simplesoul - 3:59 PM on Mon-21-Jun-2010 reply | message
Really interested in these gluten free cookies and would love to give them a try.
tenkyz - 10:13 AM on Mon-21-Jun-2010 reply | message
would love to try somthing more healther for my kids lunch..
Shirley - 10:34 PM on Sun-20-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'm always at wits end trying to find products for my 5 year old who has allergies, we would be delighted to try these here's a line from Donkey (Shrek) " Pick Me"!!
Shell - 7:47 PM on Sun-20-Jun-2010 reply | message
I love trying new foods, maybe something new I can add to the lunchbox.
rodneyishot - 5:23 PM on Sun-20-Jun-2010 reply | message
yes we would love to trial these - sound yummy
loribradley - 8:19 AM on Sun-20-Jun-2010 reply | message
good quality gluten free snacks are very hard to fine, hence why I would like to trial these
cathw - 3:44 PM on Sat-19-Jun-2010 reply | message
please pick us as we are trying to cater for our young one who may or may not have problems with gluten but is sooooo keen on sweet things. we also have loads of friends who have children with allergies and it would be so nice to have something to offer them here at home
Coring - 5:19 PM on Fri-18-Jun-2010 reply | message
I like to try the product for my daughter to taste and to bring to kindie. I think variation in her lunchbox would be great for her. If ever, this would be the first time for her to taste a gluten free product. I just hope she likes them. thanks.
2ndtime - 10:08 AM on Fri-18-Jun-2010 reply | message
My family seems to have more than it's fair share of Gluten intolerant members. we are always on the lookout for new products that don't tast like chalk! haha
shird - 11:06 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
Would make a nice change from tiny teddies!
lovelykids - 8:32 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
We would love to trial Bakeworks Minis new range of gluten free Minis cookies as our youngest child has severe eczema and several allergies and these would be a great treat in her lunchbox. Both of our children love baking to make items to fill their lunchboxes - especially new things.
Leckylocks - 7:26 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to try them as I have been recently diagnosed with Coeliac and I am desperately trying to work out how to make this new diet work.
Merphin - 6:58 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
Mr 3yrs is GF and I always feel like he is missing out when he is stuck with veg and fruit (not a bad thing just sad) when everyone else is having biscuits, specially at daycare when all the kids around him a tucking in. He is so very good about it and doesnt seem concerned but I do.
teresa1983 - 6:17 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
i would so love to trial these cookie as i suffer from sever iritiable bowel syndrome and there is not alot that i can eat and it takes alot of time to make gluten free breads cakes etc,these look great and would be awesome if i could trial them thanks
littlemiss - 4:46 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
i am gluten intolerant, and bake gluten free for the family, so would love to give these a go please! thanks
Tineke - 4:35 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
Would love to try these please. Over son needs a gf diet but is not keen on many of the alternatives on the market. Bakeworks bread is awesome so I am guessing these will be too, but always awesome to try before you buy with such a fussy little eater.
shucks - 4:32 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
we would love to try some as my dad is Gluten intolerant, always on the look out for yummy thing to have when he is around
BrittanyJWilson - 4:22 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
It is so so tricky to try and find yummy gluten free baking! I would love to try these. Always nice to try before you start buying as well x
lynne - 4:20 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
would love to try these on my niece who is gluten and dairy free
lynne - 4:16 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
my niece is now gluten and dairy free - she is finding it hard to find something that is tasty and easily accessible. would love to give these a try
debflynn - 3:56 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to try these as so many friends children (and their parents) are gluten intolerant or have a gluten allergy. The products I have bought when they visit to date taste like cardboard (and there are always leftovers that I struggle through)- so trying these out would be great.
cutiepie - 3:17 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to try these! My son loves eating cookies but unfortunately ends up reacting to them! Not so good when Mummy wants a treat!!!
2mums - 2:45 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
We'd love to try these. DS, 9months, loves bikkies...but they don't love him! Damn food allergies!
JenNicholls - 2:25 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would like to try the bakeworks Minis because we have a family history of wheat intolerance/allergy which includes my sister & 3yr old neice who visit regularly and also we think my 9month baby is, who is breastfead i.e. my diet is currently wheat free. I already eat bakeworks GF bread as it's yummy and not hard like other GF bread so I'm keen to try these :o)
KGolds - 2:14 PM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'd love to try these to be able to suggest for my nephew who is strewn with different food allergies. Would be nice to know of something tasty and allergy friendly to have in the house for when he visits.
Aimz - 10:15 AM on Thu-17-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would like to try these GF free biscuits, as I have a mild intolerence to wheat, i would like to try something yummy like these for my children as well.
kiwikelly - 7:49 PM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
Yum yum, having handy packs of cookies to take with us on the go would be great! Would love to try these out
kiwinutter - 2:41 PM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial these products please. Any GF snacks are a great option for us.
Stacey21 - 2:27 PM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
Would love to try these, always looking for alternatives for lunch boxes xo
nikki - 2:26 PM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would LOVE to try these. I am always trying to find new yummy yet healthy snack options for lil mr. Its so hard to meet the full criteria, yummy for the child yet healthy that we want him to eat them.
issa - 2:21 PM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
my 6 yr old son loves cookies & i think he'll be interested to try bakeworks minis.
jaynine - 11:01 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
Be interested to try these, always looking fro new things for the kids.
Alyayde - 10:46 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
two of my close friends have children that are currently going GF, It would be good to get their opinions on them.
eb - 9:39 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
We host lots of things with friends who are gf and it would be great to see if these are something they would like
cumberpatch - 9:19 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
We have so many friends who are gf, we're dairy free (life threatening allergy) but it'd be good to have something to share with them. Thanks
Hy001 - 9:11 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
Ooh yes please... my 15 month old doesn't like my GF baking so he'd appreciate these no end!
sj513 - 8:07 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
My partner's son is going through a range of tests at the moment to try and figure out why he has severe pains in his stomach and doesn't eat anywhere near the amount a 10 year old should. GF is one option that has be suggested. We are trying to get him to eat more natural whole foods. So these cookies may be an option to give him a treat, that is good for him too. :)
amy - 7:34 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
I've tried GF before so know what it is like! my son has eczema and i may need to try GF again. it would be good to try different products to know what is tasty, in preparation.
ssi8 - 7:01 AM on Wed-16-Jun-2010 reply | message
I am interested in trying the se because I know my son has a mild wheat allergy but I wonder if it is really gluten intolerance - it would be good to see what effect (or not) these cookies would have on the excema that's the allergy effect.
my3girls - 11:05 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
Hi, i would absolutley love to trial these on my girls... esp my 2yr old Tayla, shes such a cookie freak! ha, she is very fussy eater, only likes biscuits, muslie bars, etc... (to my horror and surprise she's exactly like i was my mum has delighted in telling me!) so to feel less guilt about letting her have what she wants and me knowing that shes getting goodness out of a healty cookie with real choc, free range eggs, raw sugar etc... well that would be just fab! thanks :)
pom - 10:19 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial these for my daughter,she is 18mths old and was diagnoised with Coeliac 5 months ago.
Any on the go treats we can find are great as a distraction when my 3 yr old son has a treat,he might like these to.
nzchick - 8:44 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'd love to try these cookies - I'm finding it so hard to find snacks that suit both children as one has many allergies and sensitivities. Thanks Kidspot for introducing us to such wonderful products!
mumof3girls - 8:03 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
we are fructan free which effectively means GF cos fructan is in wheat onions and garlic.... would LOVE to trial!
jsmum - 4:58 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
My son is on a gluten free diet so would LOVE to trial these. We are always on the lookout for new GF products for him because being a toddler what he loves one week, he doesnt love the next!
angel7801 - 4:36 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
Would love to try Im sick of baking lol
Mumofone - 4:26 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
We would love to try these, I bake most of our treats but I am sure my toddler would love these.
sugapop69 - 3:15 PM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
i would love to try the new bakeworks minis and i bet my daughter would love to try them as well.
yomom - 3:25 AM on Tue-15-Jun-2010 reply | message
always love to try healthy snack for my kids ;)
korton77 - 8:01 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love the opportunity to try these cookies - I have IBS and an intolorence to wheat so therefore am always keen to try new products - especially ones that are made out of real ingredients - they sound great for the kids as well - YAY! x
fishface - 7:06 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
oooooh, yes please!! My daughter was diagnosed gluten sensitive this April (she is 4 1/2) and we are always on the look-out for nice tasting GF foods. We have tried several that are ok but not something we'd buy again. The best are our homemade ones but that isn't always possible in a house with a 3-month-old baby in it, sometimes we need quick, grab-and-go food. And if it tastes delicious - yeehar!!
Thank you Bakeworks for this opportunity...
carolhattie - 5:49 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would really like to give my kids a go of them bacause i have an intrest in gluten free food to see the diffrents in taste & if they have a better impacted on my 4 year old girl that has adhd.
Malonina - 4:42 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'd really like to trial these as I have just recently found out I may have Ceoliacs Disease and I have to go gluten free for a few months as a test and so far havn't found anything like this that's Gluten Free that I actually like, so maybe I'd like these!
IceKiwi - 1:22 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
Saw them at the gluten and allergy show fantastic, we have wheat allergies and these are perfect little treat and you feel normal!
Haven't seen them down our way yet so would love to be a sample tester!
oz1bem - 12:26 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting foods for my son to try as he's very fussy and as he loves cookies, this could be the answer for a healthier version for him
weefish - 12:08 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I am trying to ensure that my daughter ends up with a healthy attitude towards food by introducing her to a wide range of wholesome foods with a minimal number of processed ingredients. While home baking is great, it's not always possible in our busy lives so it would be great to know which products out there not only taste great but are also suitable for her & all her little friends.
sweetypieanna - 12:01 PM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial these gluten free cookies as I look after a wee boy with Coeliac Diseasse and am always stuck for treat ideas. I would love to be able to give these to him next time I look after him and if they are a success I will definately be stocking up!
Nessa - 11:52 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial these cookies for my daughters. We are always on the look out for healthy snacks for them. I do alot of my own baking but sometimes would be nice to have something as an alternative incase I am sick or need a break. Also a lot of kids have allergies so be nice to trial these so can offer to my daughters friends if they come to play.
keznz - 11:49 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
Hi, I would LOVE to trial these for my daughter Bella, she is one of four kids and the only one who has Coeliac Disease. She was diagnosed just after her 1st b'day so has known nothing but Gluten Free. Although she is really good with it, now that she is nearly 6 she does find it hard that she has to have different food to her sisters & friends, so treats like this make it all the more bearable for her. Her b'day is the 20th of June - getting to be a part of this trial would be a real treat for her! Thanks for the opportunity! Keren
karinlee - 10:56 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
My daughter has been gluten free for about a year, at the moment I have not found any biscuits she likes and have to bake every week. It would be nice to find some she likes so if I feel lazy I can just get some out of the cupboard instead of making time to do the baking.
mjchase - 10:23 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
My son has some friends who need gluten-free foods so it'd be good to have more options for them to eat if they come over to the house for a play.
lynleyg - 10:13 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to try these - I like my kids to have snacks with ingredients you can actually pronounce! And it is great that when friends/ family with gluten allergies come to visit they would be able to share these biscuits too.
Libby - 10:10 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I have not had my girls checked formally but coeliac disease runs in my daughers fathers family and i have always wondered if I should have them looked at my youngest daughter has mediterranian fever disease which gives her a sore tummy... maybe we should look at trying gluten free.
Sparky - 9:28 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I am always on the look out to vary the foods and flavours which I give to my 2 year old son. It is a constant challenge and would welcome this trial so we can try something new and exciting.
Nikki79 - 9:00 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
Coeliac disease is so common these days, it would be nice to know of a yummy biscuit I can keep handy for when we have friends over with a gluten intolerance.
attila - 8:53 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
My little boy has quite bad eczema and I think he has allergies as well. My husband has just recently been diagnosed with an allergy to gluten therefore I'm suspecting that my son has it as well. I've started him on a gluten free diet and therefore I'd like to try the cookies to check whether it makes a different or not.
wendy - 8:47 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I have recently been diagnosed as Gluten and Wheat Intollerant, and have been recommended to to have full Coeliac testing done. 2 of my 3 children may also be affected... What a learning journey this has become - so I would love to test these products in our family, and I hope they are as good as they say they are!!
Bud - 8:30 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
we would love to trial these - we have a lot of gluten free coffee group members so this would be perfect for us to trial one coffee group session!!
piglet - 8:06 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
These would be interesting to trial, our neighbour has just been diagnosed with coeliacs so will invite him over for a cuppa and bikkie!
stacleaning - 8:04 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to try Gluten Free cookies as my neice and nephew both have terrible allergies and it would be nice to try something new to see if I can buy for them. They do not have a huge range of goodies they can eat so we always try to find new cookies-lollies etc for them.
Mardi - 6:43 AM on Mon-14-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'm always wanting to try new thing's where the boys are concerned especially now that Sterling has discovered his sweet tooth,I always try to bake but being fulltime again doesn't always leave me enough time to do this.I really do like to know whats going into them & thier food
Silverbabe - 3:23 PM on Sun-13-Jun-2010 reply | message
Always wanting to try new Gulten Free products. Went to the Gulten Free Show in Auckland and tried lots of new stuff.
Zoe - 2:47 PM on Sun-13-Jun-2010 reply | message
I'm a mum and a kindergarten teacher, so am always looking for alternatives as half my son's friends has some form of allergy or another. we have no less than four kinds of bread in our freezer at any one time, plus we haven't had any form of nut-legume in our home for nearly four years now! Am keen to find something GF and YUM, would happily recommend to work as well as they are having a right old time finding appropriate suppliers!
Gillymama - 2:39 PM on Sun-13-Jun-2010 reply | message
Ohhhhhh Gluten Free cookies! now there's something I'd really love to try out! How exciting there is a new product out there. I can only eat GF food and great GF cookies are hard to come by. Most of the time you buy them at supermarkets or GF shops, come home to find they are inedible, dry and crumbly and fake tasting. I've tried baking my own, but no real sucess. I think the sound of chocolate, double chocolate and coconut sounds devine!
Why? because they sound great!
kindymum - 2:37 PM on Sun-13-Jun-2010 reply | message
YAY! New gluten free products :) We would love to try them!
samantha - 11:08 AM on Sat-12-Jun-2010 reply | message
I take care of a little girl who has allergies and cant have the same food as my daughter, it would be great to try something they both can enjoy. :-)
samala - 10:58 AM on Sat-12-Jun-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial these, my kids love cookies, it would be great to try something a bit healthier with real ingrediants and not full of junk.
annette - 8:05 PM on Fri-11-Jun-2010 reply | message
i would love to trial these, we had our three year old on GF diet on and off when he was a bit younget but found it difficult to find tasty snacks, would like to find suitable products - also have a friend who's daughter cannot have any gluten in her diet - would really love to be able to give to reccommend them to her
Anonymous - 1:18 PM on Fri-11-Jun-2010 reply | message  | delete  | edit
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