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Local Groups - Christchurch Earthquake Mums

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Leader: Gillymama
Views: 6675 views
Members: 16 members
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Last Update: 3 days ago
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Group Name: Christchurch Earthquake Mums

Hi - been thinking of all the families in CHCH that were affected - I'm sure there are some Mums on here with really badly damaged homes, I hope none of you lost your home!

I thought we could all come here and de-brief, share our stories, what happened at the time of the 1st quake, how your street/suburb is, how our kids are & how we feel in general.

Maybe we could meet up as well one day? I know so many in our City have gotten to know their neighbours and formed great friendships.

xx Gill


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allibelli87 - 5:30 PM on Mon-6-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hey. I was in chch but we moved in feb to hamilton. I hate it here and want to move back as all my family is still in chch but DF wanted to move out the the quake zone
tonilee - 9:46 AM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
Hi all i was in when the big ones happened but my 7 year old didnt cope well so we moved to westport. My daughter is much better now.
becznz - 6:59 PM on Sun-29-Jan-2012 reply | message
Hi there.Im new to this group.My youngest was born on feb 25th last year.very stressful.was wondering how other mothers handled the big one
Gillymama - 11:07 PM on Tue-10-Jan-2012 reply | message
Hi Starla, its pretty hard at the moment eh? I'd be doing searches on Trademe and getting listings emailed to me and also getting rental agencies to send you lists - then you can specify all your needs... but you are probably already doing that! Good luck, hope you find somewhere soon.
starla - 4:50 PM on Tue-10-Jan-2012 reply | message
Hi everyone, I'm in central chch and am currently looking for a new home for my partner and I and I'm due in july 2012.It's a bit stressful because there' s not alot of 2 or 3 bedroom homes in our price range available in feb ( that's when my lease runs out) we are currently living in a bedsit.<br>Any ideas guys??
Gillymama - 10:13 AM on Sun-30-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi Aussie Mum, where in CHCH are you?
Anonymous - 6:06 PM on Sun-9-Oct-2011 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Hi, I'm looking to meet Mums in Chch for a coffee or a picnic at the park with the kids. Just looking for adult company and conversation as I'm kinda lonely with all my family and friends in Australia.
Gillymama - 12:32 PM on Sat-18-Jun-2011 reply | message
Poppy10 -you are so generous! I'm not too sure who is in need. We lost a lot in the Feb earthquake and now again from the 13th June - but insurance will cover what we lost. Maybe you could post a question on the Forum and it will show on the home page?
Poppy10 - 12:05 PM on Sat-18-Jun-2011 reply | message
Hi there, I was wondering how chch mums were coping after the last round of quakes. As an Akl first time mum, I have been wondering how to help. Are there mums there who have lost a lot of baby kit? I have been fortunate enough to be given oodles of baby bits and pieces by my extended family, much of which we haven't even been able to use or have grown out of. Are ther Chch mums who need things? I am sure there are plenty of other mums up here who would also love to contribute, I would happily fly things down personally. Sorry if this seems like a trite idea, its very hard for us outside of the city to know how to help best :) From Poppy.
lilylie - 9:17 PM on Fri-17-Jun-2011 reply | message
Woodend playcentre is rented for parties and is safe. Has good equipment too. Other playcentres may do the same.
tammyd - 11:49 AM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi Cathw, have you thought about hiring your local plunket rooms for the parties? (If they're not damaged and are usable of course!) They have everything you need eg toilet, kitchen, etc including an enclosed playground so you don't need to worry about kids running off. Plus they're not very expensive, I think around $30 for half a day. Just an idea :)
Gillymama - 12:42 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I think a lot of us feel a bit like that - honestly from what we have experienced its hard NOT to look at buildings and assess if they are going to collapse. I'm out of town and I'm doing it constantly!
But we have to go on with life and not worry about every place we go. Do you have a friends house you would be comfortable to have the parties in? or a school pool if the council pools are closed? My brain is quite fuzzy right now but I'll have a think! What areas of town are easy for you to get to and how old are your kids?
cathw - 8:43 PM on Sun-13-Mar-2011 reply | message
hi everyone. time has gone on a bit now but just wondering is anyone else feeling scared to take kids to the usual places ie parks with big trees around, malls etc? My children both have birthdays coming up and all the things I had thought about are now no good ie swimming pool party, museum party, beading at arts centre, Fudge cottage at Arts Centre and so on aer now out. even going to a park is a bit concerning as would be responsible for other children I need to chill out a bit or what? any ideas re parties - not at home ok because we dont have enough room and our garage is about to collapse so not safe in our backyard. any ideas - not Macds!
Gillymama - 10:24 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
Hi Lotsakids,
I see we have kids similar ages -are they all ok?
lotsakids - 9:20 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
Hi there
i think that this is a wonderful idea as it has all affected us some how

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